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Pale Blue
by Lord Malinov

Cats crept up behind the innocent, bringing gentle hands to the
drooping shoulders draped in pale blue.  Cindy buried herself in her
lover's kiss, overwhelmed by the attention, flush, muscles tensed,
breathing in the soothing tug of Cat's caress.  I moved behind Cats to
echo the massage on her petite shoulders.

Cindy in innocence lay back on the bed, her lover kissing her, Cats
kissing her and fondling Cindy's breast through thin cloth.   He
raised her dress and she pushed it back down but he raised it again
and she pushed it back down only not so far as before and after a
succession of iterations, a pretty nearly-shaved young woman pussy

Cats knelt between Cindy's thighs, kissing and licking the tender
folds of naive flesh.  I tugged off Cats' panties and pushed my tongue
in her sweet ass.  A cock found the mouth of the girl Cats was
sucking.  I added my rhythm with my cock in Cats cunt.  Cindy flashed
a heated smile, lust devouring her reason in waves of mad pleasure. 
"We've corrupted another one," I whispered to Cats.

Pale Blue
by Lord Malinov

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