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Subject: {ASSM} [BSFSF] Happiness is a warm gun by Henrik Larsen
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(c) Copyright Henrik Larsen 2003

Comments are very welcome. You can reach me either through assd or by e-mail 

If, for some reason, you feel offended by erotic stories, then I don't know 
why you have opened this one. Maybe to be offended, so you can complain 
about how awful it is that somebody writes stuff like this. If that's the 
case, my advice is to seek professional help. You need it. If you are not 
allowed to read stories like this, I will not be held responsible, if you 
choose to continue. But don't worry; it's all fantasy.

Reposting or any other use of this story is strictly prohibited without the 
express, written permission of the author. This story can be put on the 
Bradley Stoke flash stroke festival page.

Happiness is a warm gun.

Lennon's voice ring from the speakers as Peaches steps in, naked and ready 
for her bath. Her breast is the size of big peaches, small but so firm.
"You know, that song is pretty ambiguous," he says.
"In more than one sense," Peaches knells in front of him and pulls down his 
boxers. "Here's my warm gun. Tonight, I want you to fuck me silly." She 
slurps his limb member into her mouth, engulfing the entire length. He 
spring to life and she takes full advantage, sucking and licking, sometimes 
just the tip, sometimes taking him impossibly deep.
"You are so good, Peaches," he groans. "I'll fuck you all night. Oh God, I'm 
gonna come."
She releases him for a moment. "Come on and shoot me."
Before she secures him inside her mouth again, the first jet hits her nose 
and upper lip. The rest goes into her mouth and she let it seep from her 
lips and drip down on her chest.
"I'd be a soldier any day." she smiles wickedly as she strolls to the 
"You can be my moving target all night. I'll stab and shoot you and make you 
surrender again and again," he promises.

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