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Welcome to the world of where sixteen-year-
old girls have nothing better to do with their time than
chase adults to have sex with. The characters and events
that follow are not real and are the result of my
imagination. My imagination works this way because I am
under the curse of Satan; please pray for the deliverance
of my worthless soul. Don't read further if you fear just
damnation by governmental, parental, or godly authority.
If you are allergic to sex with minors, avoid this.  The only
thing worse than writing pornography (or my spelling)
is stealing intellectual property. Unauthorized
republishing is not allowed and will result in an eternity
spent in the seventh circle of hell, living in crap, and
turning into unlikely and hideous herptiles. It just ain't
worth it.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

                   College Bar Party Time
                       Gamera N Gamera

He sat at the end of the short arm of the L-shaped bar.  He
glanced over at the longhaired blonde sitting on the long end,
just at the corner.  She smiled when she noticed that she had
caught his eye.  She mouthed the words, "Wanna fuck."

He nodded his head.  She picked up her wineglass and left her
seat, heading to an empty booth in the corner.  He followed her,
not quite believing that there was an empty place in the bar.
There wasn't; another couple was making out.  His cock was
sticking out of his undone fly, and the young girl was stroking
it as their tongues danced.

The blonde went to the empty bench, and he followed.  She turned
to him and attacked his mouth with hers as she fumbled with his
zipper.  His cock popped free.  The woman moaned as she felt the
size of it.  She squeezed onto his lap, facing him.  He felt the
lips of her pussy against the head of his cock.  She sank down
the shaft.  He grabbed her ass cheeks and fucked her hard.

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reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.
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