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                          Games Galore
    I run a little shop, Games Galore, on the south side of our 
town's small square. The feathery jingle signaled entry, Bella 
and her little boy. She smiled, a slightly sad smile, and stood 
behind her son as he explored. "Something for his dad's birthday--
he picked this store, not me," Bella explained. I nodded.
    Back in high school Bella and I had been friends, maybe a 
little more than that. One night, barely sixteen, we'd kissed for 
hours on her parents' play room couch, our bodies clutching and 
quivering and clothed. The juicy crush of urgency overwhelmed us, 
but what could we do? Writhe recklessly, lips locked, skin 
sliding skin, until Bella broke away. I thought I'd gone too far. 
    "Touch it," whispered Bella. "You may."
    My prize was a chess set. The pawns, small elephants, I'd 
arranged alternately, black and white, ebony and alabaster. The 
boy's hand reached out, then paused. "Touch it," I told him. "Go 
ahead. You may." Bella sighed. Her smile stayed small and sad, 
but her eyes, I thought, went moist and lewd.

Games Galore
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

note: The key line in this, maybe my all time favorite from pornographic
literature, comes more or less exactly from an old porn novel--I'm not sure
about the title, maybe Autobiography of a Flea, which I've never read. The
authors of Pornography and the Law, which I devoured in secret, used the
passage as an example or illustration of something or other--I don't remember
what: I just know the idea of such an utterance--heck, the utterance itself,
never fails to arouse me. So this story, perhaps not good stroke itself, is
offered as homage if nothing else.
Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

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