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Welcome to the world of where sixteen-year-
old girls have nothing better to do with their time than
chase adults to have sex with. The characters and events
that follow are not real and are the result of my
imagination. My imagination works this way because I am
under the curse of Satan; please pray for the deliverance
of my worthless soul. Don't read further if you fear just
damnation by governmental, parental, or godly authority.
If you are allergic to sex with minors, avoid this.  The only
thing worse than writing pornography (or my spelling)
is stealing intellectual property. Unauthorized
republishing is not allowed and will result in an eternity
spent in the seventh circle of hell, living in crap, and
turning into unlikely and hideous herptiles. It just ain't
worth it.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

                           I wiggled a finger at her
                               Gamera N Gamera

Looking up from her novel, she shook her head and went back to
reading. She made a show of it, even let her lips move as her finger
traveled over the print.  I leaned over and tore the book from her
hands and flung it across the room.  I didn't see it land.  I didn't
hear it land.  I didn't give a damn.

I rolled my body on top of hers and pressed my mouth to her lips.
She didn't protest.  Her tongue eagerly danced with mine as I reached
for the hem of her nightgown and lifted up.  Her fingers worked each
button of my pajama top through its respective hole.  She slid her
hands through the sparse hair on my chest.  I pinched her nipples.
She pulled her mouth away from me.

She pulled my cock out and ran it over her pussy lips.  I thrust and
sank to the base in a stroke.  My tongue in her mouth, I began to
fuck her hard.  She moved her lips away and whispered my name in a
rough voice.  My cock slid quickly in and out of her wet pussy.  I
felt her pussy clench around it.  I shouted as my cock released into

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