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I thought I'd try my hand at writing something for this.  MUCH harder
than I thought.

I hereby grant permission for Mat Twassel to use this however he
wants.  I'm pretty easy that way.  :)

Moving Day
 by Kenn Ghannon
[Dedicated to Katie McN with lots of thanks]

The rolling door crashed loudly in my ears.  I turned to cry a
protest, but the feeble glow from the dirty skylight presented the
shadow of a woman to my adjusting eyes.

She closed the distance between us before I knew what was happening. 
With one hand over my mouth, her other trailed down my body.  She
unbuttoned and unzipped me in almost one motion.  A wave of lust ran
through me as my pants fell around my ankles.

The woman dropped to her knees.  She pushed me back against the boxes
as her tongue trailed through my pubic hair.  I gasped as she sucked
me between her lips.

The suction of her mouth, the swipes of her tongue, the chance of
being caught by my family and friends...I was quickly peaking.

As I came, the rear door opened.  I looked into my husband's grin. 
"Having fun?" he asked as Jill released my clit from her lips.

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