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A Good Fit

    Pete, the freshman whose locker was next to Jenny's, was shy 
but cute. Just before Mr. Menke's third period study hall, Jenny 
took care that her nimble breast brushed his arm, that her sweet 
breath nibbled his ear, as she whispered, "I'm so horny, Pete. 
What if you make some kind of fuss in class so my boyfriend Boyd 
and I can sneak off for a quick fuck?" Instant blush. Instant 
boner. Adorable freshman boy. Jenny was as surprised as anyone 
when minutes into the period Pete lurched into a corner and 
collapsed on the floor, writhing like a dying animal. But Boyd, 
the big jerk, didn't budge. He just gawked like everyone else.
    That night Jenny couldn't sleep. She kept imagining Pete 
thrashing. Nude. Huge. Next day she found out he was suspended. 
She went to his house after school. "Hey," she said. "Brought you 
something. Your study hall homework!" Her smile turned lewd as 
she showed Pete the six pack of condoms. Almost enough, as it 
turned out.

A Good Fit
by Mat Twassel
2003 Bradley Stoke Flash Stroke Festival

Desdmona's Erotica Fiction workshop at

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