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So here's another found floating 
belly up
it was entered in the contest
that's tough
who says that its a crime to bribe
a judge
i do lawns can walk dogs give
a good massage

whether Spin Selena or the Twas
i clearly bear them all no grudge
and so i'll close this simple ryhme
by thanking them for precious time.

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Great Performances
by juanwildone

"Well, I thought the special effects were good, especially in the
cave fight." I touched the back of Amy's wrist with my knuckles
and our fingers slowly entwined. 

"What'd you like best? Or who'd you like best   had to be Johnny
Depp." I mimicked a 7th grader's voice, "He's so cute and

"Well I think he can be really funny, you know,
like in "Bennie and Joon" or "Edward Scissorshands." Amy was
bumping my hip, her signal I was about to get lucky.

"I could use some scissors now." I made cutting motions with my
fingers across the spaghetti straps of Amy's top. 

"Stop that, someone might see you." 

She swatted my hand away and crossed her arms over her boobs. But
not before her nipples said 'hello.' Amy was as reticent about
public displays of affection as she was quite the opposite in

"Well if it wasn't Johnny then who had you squirming in your
seat. Someone had you all hot and..." I put a hand on Amy's elbow
and turned her toward me. "Please not Orlando." 

"Orlando Bloom is a very good actor I'll have you know." 

I leaned in close. "I've heard he's a gay as they come   total

She tilted her head a bit and shook it slightly; her classic
response that meant "Why do you have to be such an asshole

Hours later I collapsed across Amy and rolled onto my back. "Very
inspiring   two cocks up. "

Amy smiled. "Yes, I must say, I was inspired. You can thank
Orlando for tonight." 

"What do you mean 'Thank Orlando?' I was thinking of the girl,
Kiera Knightly, and that scene when she was all wet and her
nipples popped out."

"Her nipples - that's not acting!"

I just laughed.

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