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At the Violet Hour


Karyn walked in and looked around.  She was only an hour late, so
she was one of only a few people there.  Alison she knew, and her
boyfriend Tom.  Vera was there--she probably showed up on
time--tarted up in a vinyl black minidress.  Karyn wished she had
the guts to wear something like that.  She suspected Vera was
sleeping with Tom, and she wondered if Alison knew.  Heck, maybe
Alison approved.


Slouched on the couch was the person she didn't know.  His body
was a picture of contented lassitude.  Her gaze  traveled the
line from his boots, up the tight black jeans, lingering for a
moment at the bulge in his crotch before taking in the billowing
violet shirt, open at the neck. The shirt had ruffles on the
cuffs, making him look like he came from some other century. 
Finally, Karyn raised her eyes to his face.  His skin was smooth
and fair, his features delicate, almost feminine, his lips a
little too full, too red.  His hair was an almost-black shade of
brown, tousled, haloing his face in dark contrast to his light


His eyes were a deep smoky brown.  He knows I'm staring, thought
Karyn.  He's probably been watching me the whole time I looked
him over.  A flush came to her cheeks, and she turned away.


Alison approached, wearing a long black dress.  With a long,
burgundy painted fingernail she stroked Karyn's cheek.  "Karyn,"
she purred.  "So glad you could make it."


Karyn forced a smile.  "Wouldn't miss it," she said.


"That's a beautiful dress you have on, Karyn darling.  The blue
complements your blonde hair so nicely."


Karyn smiled.  "Um, thanks."


Alison leaned over to whisper something, but it was lost as the
stereo suddenly started blaring.  Tom had flicked it on.  The
conversation forgotten, Alison started to sway to the music. 
"This Corrosion."  Karyn imagined she'd hear it three more times
before the party was done.  She had been to Alison's parties


The table in the dining room was set with munchies and drinks,
and Karyn loaded a plate up with Nachos.


"Absinthe?" asked Vera.


Karyn shook her head.  "Ginger Ale," she said, and poured it
herself into a plastic cup.  She walked back, and settled herself
in the barca lounger.  Alison had draped it with black netting,
partially obscuring the beige upholstery beneath.


Karyn met the stranger's eyes once more.  He now held a wine
glass idly in his hand,  He sipped the ecru liquid within. 
Champagne, guessed Karyn.  He raised one eyebrow at her, his lips
twitching upwards in amusement.  Karyn tried to cock an eyebrow
back, but managed only to scrunch up her cheek before raising
both eyebrows together.


Alison danced between them, her body moving liquidly.  The door
opened, and two more people arrived.  Gwaed and Kyl, a couple. 
They matched, pleather pants and transparent lace shirts, hair
dyed the identical purple, lips painted the same black.  Only the
black demi-bra Gwaed wore beneath her shirt broke the twinning.


"Sisters of Mercy," said Kyl above the noise.  "Cool."


The stranger laughed quietly.  Gwaed sat down on the couch next
to him, and gave him a smile.  Even Gwaed didn't seem to know
him.  The stranger offered her a hand, and Gwaed placed hers in
his, backside up.  He smirked, bending and kissing the air above
Gwaed's hand before letting it go.  He resumed his relaxed
position on the couch.


Kyl had moved on to chat with Tom in the dining room, and Vera
was right there to make it a threesome, giggling and bumping up
against them with her chest.   "Bela Lugosi's Dead" started. 
Sexy voice, thought Karyn.  She crunched a nacho between her


Gwaed joined Alison on the hardwood floor of the living room. 
She whispered something, and Alison laughed, glanced at the
stranger, and whispered something back.  Karyn tried to remember
why she came, why she watched her friends mingle, laugh, drink,
and cry.  Habit, perhaps.  She and Alison and Valerie had known
each other since they were nine.


The stranger was staring at her.  She turned, looked at him. 
Caught you, she thought, thinking it was his turn to look away. 
But he didn't.  He just stared, sipping his drink, watching.  A
slight smile played across his lips, and he nodded to her almost


Karyn stared back, her brow narrowing.  He'll break, she thought.
 But he didn't, and finally she leveraged herself out of the
couch, broke contact, and wandered back to the dining room to
refill her drink.  She could hear Vera's laughter, and wondered
whether Tom or Kyl had made the joke.  They didn't seem to be
laughing at her, at least.  She walked back with a full glass.


Dead2U had arrived.  His real name was Jason, and he was an
accountant.  He wore black monk's robes that dragged on the
floor, and moved slowly so as not to disturb the line of the
robes with a knee or thigh.  The effect was somewhat like he was
gliding, Karyn supposed, when he moved properly.  At other times
he resembled a jerking puppet.  The cowl shadowed his face,
although the impish light caught his glasses to spoil theeffect.


"Karyn," he intoned as they passed.         


"Ja--Dead," she said, with an attempt at solemnity.  Out of the
corner of her eye, she noticed that the stranger was watching. 
She looked back to carry on the conversation, but Dead2U had gone
on to the chips and dip.


For a moment she stood there, and then she walked over towards
the couch.


"Didn't anyone ever tell you that it was rude to stare?" she
asked, shouting over the stereo rather than leaning to close the
social distance.


The stranger simply smiled.  "No," he answered, too softly for
her to hear.  She made out the word from the shape of his lips.


"Well, it is," she said.


"Oh," he answered voicelessly, without as much as a blink.


She leaned closer, "Who are you?"


"Vincent," he said, his hand outstretched.  His voice was deep,
yet silky smooth.   She shook it firmly, and was surprised to
find that he didn't let go.  Instead, his thumb gently stroked
the backside of her hand, and he rose from the couch with a
languid grace, setting his drink down on the end table.


"Um, Karyn," said she, belatedly.


He turned her hand over, and leaned to kiss it, his lips just a
little wet on her hand.  He smiled.  "Pleased to meet you,


"Um, me too."


"I look at what seems pleasing to me, and I make no apologies,"
said he, talking just loudly enough to be heard over the music if
she strained to hear him.


Karyn opened her mouth to rebuke him, and the shrugged.  Maybe it
was time to stop being such a wallflower.  He was cute, in a
strange kind of way, she guessed.


"It's okay.  You're cute," she shouted impetuously, just as the
music stopped blaring.  She could feel all eyes turn to her, and
then noticed that it wasn't her they were staring at.  She hadn't
been the only one talking loudly over the music.  She recognized
belatedly what Tom had just said.


"--I was tit-fucking her, and--."


Karyn watched as Alison, graceful, lithe, boyishly figured
Alison, whirled to face Kyl and Tom, a storm in her eyes.


"Uh-oh," said Gwaed.


Dead2U looked up from fiddling with the stereo guiltily.  "Trying
to equalize," he muttered.


"Tit-fucking who?" asked Alison, her clear soprano voice cutting
the air like a knife.


"Um," said Tom, "You?"


Vera backed away, catching her heel on a throw rug.  Kyl caught
her arm, and she righted herself.


"Like you've ever even asked to do that with me," said Alison. 
She seemed frozen in place, not able to move.


"Kyl's been fucking her too," said Gwaed helpfully.


"Hey," said Vera.  "I'm here, okay, don't talk about me like I'm
not here."


Karyn felt her hand being pulled lightly, and she let herself be
led away, still watching the tableau.


"Slut" spat Alison at Vera.


"You say that like it's a bad thing," said Gwaed.  Her favorite
phrase.  "Hey, take it easy."  She put her hand on Alison's


"Maybe some priestly counseling..." Dead2U was beginning, as the
cool night air touched Karyn's face and bare calves, fluttering
the hem of her dress.  Behind them, Vincent was closing thedoor.


"I should stay," said Karyn.  "They're my friends."


"They'll manage without you, I think.  You know how it ends,
don't you?"


Karyn shook her head, walking down the path with him, holding
hands.  He led her to the gazebo that stood half way down the
path to the street. Sheltered, yet visible to any guests that
might walk to or from the door, it was a good place to be with
her pretty stranger; safely public, yet romantically private.


"No," she said.  "How?"


"The girl with the cleavage--"


"Vera," offered Karyn.


"She takes the two guys home with her, and they make love in
every imaginable way."


"Then Alison will need a shoulder--"


"Which Gwaed will provide.  Hugging will lead to other things;
discoveries, adventures."


Karyn shook her head, laughing.  "You're crazy.  But you've quite
an imagination.  Is this before or someone kills Dead2U for
messing with the stereo?"


Vincent chuckled.  "The priesthood is protected from violence,
but alas, also under a vow of celibacy."


"I don't think it's a vow so much as a natural condition," said
Karyn, and realized she was talking as much about herself as
about Jason.


Vincent watched her for a moment before responding.  "Perhaps,"
he said.


"You left out someone," said Karyn.


"You," said Vincent.  "Your future is the most complex of all. 
Let me look again."  He turned over her hand again, and looked at
it, back first, than her palm.  "You," he said at last, "Will
listen to stories, while the wind blows through your hair, and
the moon shines through it, entrancing the storyteller with your


Karyn smiled.  "That would be you," she said.


"Yes, I suppose so."


"So tell me a story," said Karyn.




"Men!" shouted Alison.  She had retreated to her room, leaving
Tom to host the party.


"I thought you knew," said Gwaed, quietly.  She had followed
Alison.  She had admired the taller woman ever since they had met
a little over a year ago.  Without Alison's parties, she would
have never met Kyl.  However that turned out, she had no regrets.
 She lived in the moment.


She took in Alison's room.  The walls were a creamy off-white,
unobtrusive.  The windows were hung with layers of black tulle,
few enough that she could make out a streetlight through them. 
In the day , no doubt, they softened the sunshine to a comforting
glow.  For a moment, she imagined Alison in the morning, throwing
the burgundy covers from her naked body, bathed in gentle,
natural light.


Now, however, Alison was flinging herself to the bed.  Please
don't blame me, Alison, Gwaed prayed.


As if in answer, Alison gathered herself a little.  She sat up at
the edge of the four-poster and shook her head.  "No.  I wouldn't
have believed it even if you had told me."


Gwaed smiled slightly, and shrugged.  "That too."  She knelt on
the bed next to Alison.


"I feel so betrayed."


Gwaed touched Alison's shoulder gently, stroking her through the
velvet, and said nothing.


"You must feel awful," said Alison suddenly.  "I'm sorry, you're
in the same situation."


"There were no promises.  Kyl can do what he wants.  So can I."


"You think I'm close-minded, because I don't want Tom sleeping
around on me?"


Gwaed shook her head.  "No, that's not what I think.  Not at


Alison nodded.  "That's just not how we wanted it.  Not how we
said it would be.  Bad enough that he was fucking her, but I'd at
least expect he'd keep his mouth shut.  Not that I wouldn't
rather know than have them screwing behind my back."


Gwaed smiled, said nothing.


Alison shrugged.  "I hate her.  All she has to do is shake her
tits, and men come flocking to her.  No one looks twice at me."


"That's not true," said Gwaed.  "You're beautiful.  Andelegant."


Alison shook her head.  "Which is another way of saying I look
better with my clothes on."


Gwaed smiled wickedly.  "Well, I wouldn't know," she said, and
pinched the zipper at the back of Alison's dress.


"What are you doing?" asked Alison, surprised, as Gwaed drew the
zipper down.


"Finding out," said Gwaed.


"Fine!" said Alison petulantly.  She shrugged the sleeves off. 
She wore no bra, never needed one.  Her long torso, her beautiful
olive skin revealed.  Her stomach was flat and toned, her breasts
slight gentle curves, with large brown aureolae, pink nipples
protruding like pencil erasers.


"Beautiful," said Gwaed.


"You're just saying--ah!"  Gwaed's fingers were sliding along
Alison's collarbone, before meeting in the middle, just below her


Gwaed kissed the hollow of Alison's neck, "I've wanted you for a
long time," she whispered, "Don't say anything bad about the
woman I'm lusting after.  I'll start to think you think I have
bad taste."


Alison blinked.  "This is--"


"Shh... "  Gwaed said, bringing her hands slowly down to cover
Alison's breasts with them.


"When you and Kyl came in, I wished you weren't wearing that bra
under that top," Alison whispered.


Gwaed smiled.  She let go of Alison, pulled the top off her body,
then reached behind her back to undo her bra.  Alison stood, and
let her dress fall to the floor, wearing only her pointy boots
and black panties.


"You're exquisite," Gwaed told her.


"Well, I don't know what I think of your taste," said Alison
doubtfully, a twinkle in her eye.


"Look, low-self-image girl, you're the -"


"No, I mean I don't know how you taste yet," said Alison, running
her tongue slowly across her upper lip for punctuation.  She sat
back down on the bed, and pulled Gwaed to her, their lips and
bodies meeting.  She ran her hands through Gwaed's purple hair.


"Oh, Alison," murmured Gwaed, when Alison finally let the kiss
go.  In moments, they were naked, sweat-drenched, boots scattered
between floor and bed, their bodies intertwining.  Alison brought
her fingers, slick with Gwaed's juices, to her mouth, and licked
them off.


"I would say," said Alison slowly, "that you taste rather good,


Gwaed lounged before Alison's gaze, legs spread.  The door
openeda crack, and she saw Tom peeking in.            


"Fuck me," said Alison, not noticing, her long naked back to the


"Anytime," said Gwaed, sliding her hand between Alison's thighs.
She heard the door click closed.




"That's quite a story," said Karyn.  "Quite an imagination."  A
few people had come up the path during the telling, ignoring


Vincent simply looked at her.  "I have no imagination at all," he
said, rather flatly.


Karyn squeezed her thighs together.  The idea of making love with
Alison--or Gwaed, she mentally added--was more appealing than she
would have thought.  Or maybe it was the idea of another woman,
her body like hers, but not the same, knowing exactly what felt
best.  She had been with a couple of guys, if not recently.  That
would be nice, too.


Valerie was coming up the path, wearing a short black dress and
sporting a black leather collar around her neck with a huge
dangling O-ring.  Her hair is black now, thought Karyn, and then
realized it was actually a deep blue when Valerie came out of the
shadow of a tree.  She stopped at the Gazebo and grinned at Karyn
and Vincent.


"Hey, Karyn," she said, "Nice to see you having some fun for a


"I'm just listening to Vincent tell stories."


Valerie grinned.  "That's how it starts," she said, with a wink,
and added, "He's a looker.".  Then, her face suddenly serious,
she turned to Vincent.  "You treat her right," she warned, and
then turned and continued down the path to the party.


Vincent smiled, and turned to Karyn again.  In the background,
Karyn noticed that the light was on in Alison's bedroom.  She was
pretty sure it hadn't been, before.


"Another story?" asked Vincent, and Karyn nodded.




The music had started again.  It was something Vera didn't
recognize.  She stood alone, one foot on the floor, the other leg
bent at the knee, heel resting on the wall behind her. She
watched Tom, as he paced back and forth in the tiny dining room.
Alison, he was worried about Alison.  Not a word for her, never
mind that he had talked about fucking her tits loud enough for
everyone to hear.  In fact, he glared at her as if it was _her_
fault.  Except when he wasn't glaring at Dead, because it was
_his_ fault.  Nobody made you do it, thought Vera.  And nobody
made you brag about it.


Gwaed had gone off with Alison, having a sister to sister talk,
Vera imagined.  Now Tom had finally screwed up the courage, it
seemed, to go talk to her.  Vera shrugged.  Was she real to him,
or just some blow up doll?


As if to accentuate the point, Dead wandered up to her.  "Hey,
Vera, as long as you're screwing everyone, how about--"


"Fuck off," said Vera, harshly enough that he slinked away. 
Valerie was standing there.  She must have heard the  exchange. 
Alex, who came to the parties at most occasionally, always
lurking in the background, was with her.  He was thin, dark
haired, and wore a velvet tunic, over tight black jeans.  They
each gave her looks of sympathy.  Gee, pity, just what she


"Don't mind him," said Alex.  "He's just caught in a pose, taking
himself too seriously."


Vera blinked, surprised he spoke.


"Um, yeah," she said, an intended sarcastic reply dying on her
lips.  Their gaze met for a moment, and then Alex wandered off,
dodging Tom, who was shaking his head.


"How'd the big make-up action go?" asked Vera.


"It didn't," said Tom flatly.  "Listen, Vera, I - I'm sorry."


Vera blinked.  "You are?"


Tom nodded.  "I screwed up--I wasn't fair to Alison, but I really
wasn't fair to you, either."


A small, small smile formed on Vera's lips.


"If I were you," said Valerie, "I'd make him make it up to you."
With that, she moved back to the living room, joining in the


She looked back at Tom.  "You know, there is one thing--a fantasy
I've always had."


Tom raised his eyebrows.  "What's that?"


Vera grinned.  "This is for me, this time.  Which means--you'll
just have to wait in suspense."


She walked over to wear Kyl was lounging on the couch, and bent
over to whisper in his ear.  She knew she had him, from the way
he looked down her cleavage when she bent over.  He got up.  She
crooked her finger at Tom, gesturing for him to follow her, and
they both walked out the door, catching her arms as they stepped
down the porch and onto the path.


It was only a five minute drive to Vera's apartment.


"Gentlemen," Vera said as she entered, "Off with your clothes!"


Naked, they arrived in the bedroom after her.  She was waiting
for them there, still wearing her vinyl dress, crawling on the
black satin sheets.  She slid black latex condoms over first
Tom's cock, then Kyl's, admiring each in turn.  Like shining
plastic dildos, she thought.


"When are you going to take your clothes off?" asked Kyl.


"I'm not," she said.  She hadn't worn any panties, anyway.


She arranged them just so, one lying on his back--that one was
Kyl--and the other kneeling behind her.  She straddled Kyl,
sliding his ebony rod into her wet snatch.  Hands slid across her
slick vinyl dress, kneading her breasts and her ass.


Let `em think I'm a slut, thought Vera, as she felt the rise of
her first orgasm.  I'm having more fun.  Then conscious thought
left her, and she cried out her pleasure.




Karyn laughed.


Vincent simply leaned back, and was quiet.


"I can just see them all acting like that-- and Alex hardly ever
says anything.  How do you know Alex?"


Vincent shook his head.  "I've never met him."


"Well, you had him peg Jason just right."


"Did you like the story?" asked Vincent.


"Well, it sounds like they're going to have a fun time.  And
maybe have regrets in the morning, or maybe not."


"Regrets are part of living; the price of taking risks. 
Including the risk of never taking any."


Karyn thought about that, and slid closer to him.  The stories
had produced an ache between her thighs, and she wondered when he
was going to take advantage of the feelings he was arousing.  But
he just turned to watch three figures coming down the path from
the house.


Karyn watched as Vera, laughing, walked past the gazebo, one arm
nestled in the crook of Kyl's elbow, the other in Tom's. 
Speechless, she watched as they got into a car together, and
drove off.


"What's going on?" she asked Vincent, at last.  But he didn't
answer her, only smiled.


"Are you ready to hear a story about yourself?" he asked.


Karyn looked at him for a long moment, and then shrugged to show
she was unconcerned.  "Uh, sure.  Make up something good."





"Karyn," said Alex quietly, moving close so he wouldn't have to
shout .  "It's good to see you."


Karyn smiled, and replied warmly, "It's good to see you, too,"
she said.  "I was just outside, catching some fresh air,
listening to someone talk."


Alex nodded, pursing his lips.  "Lot of crazy stuff going on


"You don't know half of it," said Karyn.


Alex shuffled his feet, looked down at the ground for a while. 
"You're always just watching," he said.  "Kind of like me.  I was
surprised to see you outside with that guy."


Karyn nodded.  "That's a story for another day.  But I don't
think you'll ever really believe it."


"I'm glad you're back."


Karyn grinned.  "He wasn't as much my type as I thought," she


Alex looked her in the eye.  "I was sort of hoping that I might
be your type."


Karyn took his hand, pressed it between her palms.  "Dance?" she


A smile formed on Alex's face.  He nodded, and they danced,
swaying together to the insistent beat, moving slowly ever
closer.  At last, his arm was around his waist, her torso pressed
up against his, and their lips almost touching.


"Let's take a walk," whispered Alex, his lips brushing her ear. 
Karyn nodded, and followed him back into the cool air outside.


"When I saw you there with him, I wanted so much to be in his
place, talking with you.  He had your complete attention," Alex


Karyn nodded.  "He told some pretty erotic stories."


"Erotic?" asked Alex, looking surprised.  "Oh."


Karyn smiled.  "He's gone now.  And they were just stories.  With
you," she said softly, "I'd like to make a little reality."  She
stopped, next to the gazebo, and tilted her head upwards, meeting
his lips in a warm kiss.


"That was nice," said Karyn, "Is there more?"


Alex nodded.  "Yes," he said simply.


"It's a little public, right here," she said.  "But Valerie and
Alison and I, when we were little, had a hiding place.  To hide
from her parents, you know."  She took his hand, walking into the
wooded lot the other direction, winding her way around the trees
until she came to a clearing just large enough for three small
girls to sit and play games.  Or for two adults to sit side by
side.  She sat down, and Alex sat with her, putting his hand on
her knee.


She turned and kissed him, one of the straps of her dress falling
off her shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her to pull her


With the music from the house making a distant background, a
velvet shirt was lifted, a tongue slid along a chest.  Another
strap slipped, a dress was pushed down.  Hands traveled freely,
exploring breasts, muscles, soft thighs and hard cocks.  And
then, later, he walked her home, both of them swaying with the
effort of making forward progress while staying as close as




Vincent stopped, his eyelids fluttering as he looked at her.


Karyn raised her eyebrows at him.  "You skipped over the


Vincent nodded.  "You wouldn't want to hear them from me," he
said, simply.


"I was sort of expecting that you'd be part of the story," said


"No.  Even if that was what you wanted, no."  He stood up.  "My
time here is past, and it's time for me to leave."


"No more stories?"


Vincent shook his head, looking down at her.  "No more."  He
turned away, saying nothing more, and walked down the path, just
as Vera had.  Karyn sighed, watching him until he was out of
sight.  I never have any real luck with men, she thought to
herself.  Oh well.  She took a deep breath, shrugged to tell
herself she didn't care, and walked towards the house.  Maybe
they still had some Absinthe left.  She hadn't gotten wasted
since that once her freshman year of college.


The music was playing again, Dead2U dancing his awkward dance, a
black-clad couple trying to avoid his thrashing arms while moving
and keeping their eyes fixed on each other.  Valerie and Alex
were talking near the table where the snacks and drinks were, and
Karyn headed over there.  They spotted her, Valerie giving her a
little wave.  Karyn smiled in return.


For a moment, Valerie's eyes met Alex's, and her face went stern.
 Karyn half heard, half read her lips.  "Go for it," Valerie
said, and before Karyn could reach her, she slipped away to


"Alex," said Karyn, shortly, reaching for the Absinthe bottle. 
Damn Vincent and his stories, she thought.  I can't even look at
Alex now, for fear of blushing.


"Hey, um, Karyn," said Alex.  "It's good to see you."


Karyn looked up, withdrawing her hand guiltily from the bottle. 
"It's good to see you, too," she heard herself say.  "I was just
outside, catching some fresh air, listening to someone talk."


"Lot of crazy stuff going on tonight."


"You don't know half of it," said Karyn, a thin smile forming on
her lips.









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