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I Know What You Did

By Katie McN <>

Copyright 2003 Katie McN

Dryad let me read her story "Chasing the Light" prior to its
posting on ASSM. After we talked about the story for a while I
mentioned there were some blackmail possibilities.  She felt
the setting was too remote to really set up a blackmail
scenario.  That's all I needed to hear.  Dryad painted a
pretty picture and now I'll take a look at the sordid mess
behind the scenes.

You can find a link to Dryad's story here:


"I know what you did and I don't like it.  Do you want me to
tell your husband?"  Just those words on a white sheet of
paper.  Just those words, a picture of Will and an envelope
with no return address.

Most people would envy my life.  I have a husband who is doing
well in business and he still has time to be caring and
attentive.  My two children are beautiful and easy to love.  I
live in a nice home and have all the things my mother told me
I should want, but sometimes having everything is not enough.
Sometimes a guy like Will wanders by and one thing leads to

"Hello."  I picked up the phone on the second ring.  I thought
it was my husband saying he'd be a few minutes late coming
home from work, but I was wrong.

"Say nothing.  My name is Susan and  I sent you a letter and
two pictures."  Her voice was sweet, but her words terrified
me.  The pictures were a mistake.  I shot them a few months
back and foolishly took a few of Will, and worse, I let him
take a couple pictures of me.  I was there to film the
scenery, but I wanted to remember the day.  I knew it wasn't
going to happen again and I needed to keep the memory fresh.

"What do you want, Susan?"

"I said to just listen,  not talk."  She told me to meet her
at an upscale restaurant near the outskirts of town.  She
warned me not to be late and if I was she would send the
pictures to my husband.  She told me she knew everything.

"Laura, it's so nice to meet you in person.  I'm Susan, of
course, but why don't you just call me Sue."

Most people are taller than me so her height wasn't a concern.
I'd guess she was 5' 7", but she seemed larger than life as we
followed the hostess to a booth near the back of the
restaurant dining room.

"I hope you like the table.  I asked the hostess if she would
seat us here so we could talk privately.  I'm sure you don't
want anyone to hear what I have to say."

"Where did you get the picture, Sue?  What do you want?"

"It's more than a picture.  I have all the pictures from that
day.  All of them."  She smiled at me as if she just told me
about a recipe or a book.  "In fact I have an album with
hundreds of your pictures.  You're so photogenic."

"What do you mean an album?  How could you have something like
that?  Why would you want it?"

"I know this might be difficult for you to believe at first,
but I love you.  I learned to love you from your pictures and
I know you'll have feelings for me if you just give yourself a

"What are you talking about?"

She told me that she owned the photo shop where I had my film
developed.  Two years ago she saw a picture of me and found me
interesting.  She'd been making prints from the films I sent
in for processing ever since and knew all sorts of things
about me.  My address was on the processing order and so was
my phone number.  She saw where I lived, pictures of my
husband and photos of both my children.  She knew so many
things about me and worst of all, she knew Will was not my

"I sent you a picture of your lover so you'd know that I have
power.  I was surprised when I saw a picture of another man in
the last batch you sent for processing and guessed you were
fooling around.  When you showed up here, I knew I was right."

"So what.  You have a few pictures.  They don't show a thing."

"How will you explain a guy your husband has never heard about
showing up in your three-months-old pictures?  Do you think
he'd understand a picture of you standing in the same place as
the man in the picture I sent?  Do you think he'll care that
you never told him you spent a weekend with another man?  Do
you remember your pictures and the dates printed on the back
of each one?  They say so much about what happened on your
little trip."

Will was a business acquaintance.  There might have been a bit
of flirting before the day we took the pictures, but nothing
more than what happens between a lot of people who are having
fun.  I didn't tell my husband that I'd have company when I
left to take pictures of the countryside for the project I was
completing.  It didn't seem important.  I wasn't planning on
anything more than a few days in the country and when I had a
chance for some company, I decided to go for it.  It felt
daring and fun.

'You're so sexy.'  He was giving me a little boy look and I
didn't want him to know I thought he was cute.  'If I had to
describe a sex fantasy, it would be a tiny redhead with lots
of curves and a cute smile, just like you, Laura.'

'Be serious, Will, I've got work to do.'  I pretended his
words didn't mean much to me, but it had been awhile since I'd
heard stuff like that from my husband.

'You've got sexy lips and they look like they're ready for a

'I'm a married woman so get your mind out of the gutter and
back on work.  Just forget about sexy, kissing or anything of
the kind.'  Well, that's what I would have said if his mouth
wasn't smothering mine.  I would have pulled away, if his arms
weren't holding me tight.  I might have complained except I
liked the feel of his tongue forcing its way into my mouth.
Instead, I wrapped my arms him and held on for the ride.

I felt his hard cock pressing against me and liked being able
to turn him on.  I moved just a little so I could feel more of
his sex.  Yummy.  Touching someone new, someone interesting.
We were all alone and no one would ever know.

His hand hesitated, but eventually found its way to my ass.  I
liked being touched and the sound he made told me he liked
touching.  Our kiss went on for more time than I could count.
Our lips finally parted, but when we looked at each other
again his mouth found mine and I let my body take over.

Kisses and touches.

When I pressed into his body, I felt him pushing back.  I felt
his hard cock trying to rip through my skirt.  His hands found
my boobs and he tried to touch them everywhere.  My blouse
opened.  Hands explored my tits.  Gentle, firm, strong, tease,
more, more, more.

His fingers lifted the back of my skirt until he was able to
feel my bare ass.  He found out that I don't wear panties and
he seemed to like the idea.

I rubbed my breasts against his body as I lowered myself to
the ground.  My tits moved down his chest to his flat stomach
and finally were pressed against his thighs.  I let my hands
explore his ass while I knelt down in font of him.  I leaned
back and saw his cock trying to rip through the front of his
pants.  I pressed my face against his bulge and then pretended
to bite my new friend.  My teeth pulled at his dick like a dog
playing with a toy and I loved hearing all the little sounds
that sneaked out of his mouth when I shook my head back and

He wasn't wearing a belt and the zipper on his jeans was easy
to pull down.  I let my hands explore his long legs as I moved
his pants toward the ground.  His erection held up his briefs
until I gave them a final tug and got to watch his cock spring
free.  It was only free for a second before it found a home in
my mouth.

"Laura, you're drifting away.  Pay attention now so I can
decide what to do."

The three days with Will were beautiful, but the price was
beginning to be more than I wanted to pay.

"Sit closer so we can talk and let me look into your beautiful
green eyes.  Your freckles make you look like a cute little
girl, good enough to eat and real sexy."

"What do you want, Sue?"

  I felt her hand on my knee and didn't say anything when she
pushed up my dress enough to touch my bare thigh.

"I'm not rich and my husband will find out if I give you

"Don't be silly.  I don't want money.  All I want are a few
pictures of you to add to my collection.  Pictures that no one
else has."  She gave my leg a squeeze when she said this.  "If
you model for me, I'll give you the pictures from the little
sojourn with your boyfriend."

"You could have other copies, or make me pose and still not
give me the pictures.  How can I trust you?"

"Let me make myself very clear, Laura.  If you do what I say
you'll get the pictures back.  If you don't I'll give them to
your husband and let him know you had an affair.  Chose now."

"Okay, okay, I'll do it."  I felt her hand moving on my leg
until it traveled far enough to make a discovery.

"No panties.  How sexy."

Her finger briefly touched my pubic hair before she moved her
hand away.  It was a shock having another women touch me in
such an intimate place.  I was frozen in my seat until she
told me it was time to go.

"It's very important that you look like you're having fun,

We'd driven twenty miles into the country and she seemed to
have planned the photo session in detail.  She knew exactly
where the dirt road met the highway and found a quiet place
where she could pull off the road and park her car.  I was
standing on a little rise with my back to the sun.  I knew the
afternoon light gave her a view of my legs through the thin
material of my skirt, but I didn't care.  I just wanted to get
my pictures back and move on with my life.

"Why don't you wave and give me a big smile, sweetie."

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

  "Pull your skirt up and show me some leg."


"Undo a couple of buttons on your blouse so I can get a
picture of your cleavage."


"Turn around and look back at me.  Give me a sexy look and
show me your butt."

"I don't want to let you to take a picture of my butt, Sue,
it's embarrassing."

"Laura, it's just us girls.  Anyhow, it doesn't matter what
you want.  I'll decide on the poses."


I knew even at the restaurant that I'd eventually be posing in
the nude.  I tried to wish my mind to some other place and let
my body follow her directions.  Off came my skirt.


Next went my blouse.


I was left in nothing but my heels.

Click.  Click.  Click.

"This is so much fun.  Now why don't you play with you nipples
until they are nice and hard."


"Very nice.  Now let one of you hands move down toward your
bush, but not too fast."

Click.  Click.

"What if someone sees me standing her naked, playing with my

"No one is going to see you, and even if someone did come by,
they wouldn't know you so what difference would it make?  It
might be fun for you to show off your cute shape."

"When are you going to finish?"

"We have plenty of time, Laura.  Hold your pose while I put a
new roll of film in my camera."  Somehow I felt worse just
standing there than I did when she was taking pictures.  I
noticed something odd.  I was wet and starting to become

"Now let's have some fun.  Put you finger on your clit and
move it back and forth nice and slow."

"I don't want to do that, Sue.  I'm embarrassed."

"I don't really care.  You've come this far and it would be a
shame if your couldn't finish the session."

She took pictures of me teasing my clit and playing with my
nipples.  She had me try to put a breast in my mouth and lick
a nipple with my tongue.  She took close-ups of every part of
my body while I played with myself at her command.

"I want a picture of you having an orgasm.  Show me how you

"Please, don't make me do that.  I can't, I just can't."

"Oh, but you can and you will.  Don't try to fake it either
because I'll know and you'll be very sorry."

I wasn't sure I'd be able to bring it off, but I decided I had
to try.  I continued to play with my tits as my hand moved
over my pussy.  My clit was hard as a rock and my body
shivered each time a finger or my hand came in contact with

It was easy sliding one then two fingers into my well
lubricated pussy.  My middle fingers explored the warm hiding
place between my legs while the outer fingers caressed my
engorged labia.  I could feel my knuckles massage my clit as
my fingers moved relentlessly in and out of my pussy.  Slow at
first and then faster, faster, faster.  The camera was there,
but I no longer paid attention.  I concentrated on my own
pleasure and was lost to the world.  A gold speck formed in my
mind and expanded to fill my head and then moved to all parts
of my body.  I could hear myself cum and could smell the
substance that coated my fingers and inner thighs.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it?  As promised, here are your

I looked through the pictures to make sure all the important
ones were there.  I was no longer bothered standing naked in
the outdoors.  I wanted to be sure I had everything and then I
wanted to go home.

"I could hardly hold the camera steady when you got off. You
seemed to have enjoyed yourself quite a lot."

"There are two pictures missing.  What are you trying to do?
I knew you weren't telling the truth."

"Oh, yes.  I did hide a picture of you and one of Will in case
you decided to try and take them without posing.  I'm hurt you
didn't believe me."  I could tell by the look in her eyes that
she wasn't hurt.  She seemed amused and I felt like a fool.
"Since you doubted me the price has gone up.  Come here next
to me."

I walked over to where she was standing in the shade of an elm
tree and watched as she unzipped her dress.  When she let it
drop to the ground I could see she didn't have a need to wear
underwear and was surprised by the size of her breasts.  They
had to be a D cup and looked even larger showcased by  her
slender body.  She wasn't skinny, far from it.  She had the
shape of a fifteen-year-old girl with curves in all the right
places without a lot of flesh blocking the view.  She had a
tiny bit of hair above her bare pussy.  Just enough to say she
was a woman, but not enough to hide anything from my view.
Black seamed stockings and shiny high heels were all she wore.
Somehow seeing her like that was very erotic.

"Get on your knees, Laura, and make me feel god."

"Please, I can't.  I've never done anything with a woman.

"Yes, you can, of course you can.  Now get on your knees and
do what I tell you.  It can be our little secret."

She made me kiss her pussy and then pull her pubic hair with
my teeth.  I could taste her excitement when she had me lick
her clit.  She told me to gently move my hands up and down the
backs of her legs and then had me squeeze her ass while my
tongue traced a path over her slit.  I could smell her
pleasure and taste her warmth as it coated my tongue.

"Put your finger in my asshole and force your tongue into my
pussy now.  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.  Faster, faster,

I could hardly breathe as she thrust her pelvis into my face.
My tongue was lost inside her warmth and my finger moved in
sync with her thrusts and parries.  She moved like a possessed
woman and I was surprised how easily I learned to please her.
I should have just finished her, but decided to back off a
couple of times to show her who was in charge now.  Finally
she screamed out her orgasm and we both collapsed to the

"You doubted me, Laura, but here are the two missing pictures
just as I promised."

"When are you going to tell me about the second copy?"

"I told you I only made one print and you have all the
pictures to do with as you may."

"Thanks, now can you take me back to the restaurant so I can
get my car?"

"You didn't ask about the pictures I just took.  They're quite
provocative and I'm sure your husband would find them

"Yah, I was waiting for you to say something like that and I
don't care what you do with those pictures.  In fact you can
give me a copy and I'll give him a set myself.  No chance my
husband would be upset if I let another woman takes some
striptease pictures, not if I told them they were for him.
He'd just think it was me being me and probably love them.
Now how about a ride back to my car."

"I can't say it was nice meeting you, Sue, and don't count on
me seeing you again or bringing any more film to your shop for

"Oh, don't be so sure my darling.  Did you notice how careful
I was when I parked my car?"  I thought we were done, but she
was making me nervous.  "I had to get it just right so the
video camera in the trunk could pick up everything we were
doing. I'm sure the sound wasn't very good so all your husband
will see is two girls taking pictures and making love.  I bet
he doesn't know how well you eat pussy."

"Oh  , my god, what do you want now?"

"Same as before, I want you.  I want you to please me once a
week and if you do, your husband will never know.  If you
don't well it will change your life, won't it?"

I knew then that my life had already changed and wondered what
would happen next.

The End

Let me know what you think about my story

Katie McN <>

You can read the rest of my stories at my website
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