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Footloose Females  (mc,FF, ft)   by Graphic Text

These sexy feet needed a pair of really great high heels to hold their own 
compared to the rest of my firm, curvy body, and a face even a superstar 
would envy. Not easily done because the calves just above my pretty ground 
mounts blossomed to full and delicious, and they connected to creamy, 
perfectly proportioned thighs that work outs in the gym kept strong enough to 
trap a head with a lapping tongue in just the right position.  My skinny 
waist accented my slightly smaller than normal breasts, and my golden blonde 
hair spilled down to tickle my nipples when I ran around nude. What chance 
did even the sexiest feet have if not presented in an eye-catching wrapping? 

The store itself looked immaculate and I felt surprised to see only one 
customer at the sales register with the lady clerk.  The young and ruggedly 
handsome man paid his bill and turned to leave quickly. Although I only 
looked at him for an instant before he went out the door, I could have sworn 
he had a full blown erection behind those trendy tight pants, and I know his 
ass had the kind of athletic fullness that makes me drool whenever I see one. 

"Are you closing," I asked?

"In a few minutes."  The saleswoman looked up from the register and ran her 
eyes up and down from my hair to heels. " Just let me change and lock up, and 
I'll help you with anything you need before I go," the tall woman with short 
black hair responded in a deep voice.

"I'd like to see some red stilettos," I said.

"Sure.  Just sit down and relax for a little.  Watch our store video, and 
I'll be with you in short order," she baritoned.

I sat in one of the large, fully upholstered armless chairs, and made myself 
comfortable.  On the wall, directly in front of me, a huge video screen 
flashed pictures of shoes with regular strong bursts of color in between.  It 
looked like words popped on the screen too, but they came so fast I couldn't 
make them out.  I focused intently on the beautiful shoes, and felt pulled 
along by the rhythm of the changing images.  I couldn't tell you how much 
time passed before I realized the female clerk knelt before me and almost 
reverently began removing my shoes from my feet.  I did feel very confident 
that I could depend on this clerk totally to satisfy my needs.

She cradled each calf gently in her hand as she slowly separated my patent 
leather high heels from the nylon pantyhose that luxuriously surrounded me 
from bellybutton to toe tips.  As if in slow motion, I watched the shoe drop 
from the rounded back of my foot.  It almost tickled as it slid along the 
bottom, across the high arch to lotion softened sole, and simultaneously 
revealed my toes from cleavage to passion red nails as if it were a curtain 
rising on an off color play with totally naked actors daubed with blazing 
body paint.

The clerk raised each shoe close to her face and paused the length of an 
inhalation - to read the maker's label I suppose.  Then she placed them next 
to each other almost ceremoniously, and looked up at me again, and spoke.  
She pointed to her name tag as she did.

"My name is Gillian and I'm here to serve you.  Store policy requires you to 
remove your pantyhose while I fit your shoes."   My ears took in what she 
said to me, but my eyes were fixated on her name tag, as if it provided a 
signal to me that anything Gillian said would be all right for me to do.  My 
gaze traveled from her name to the space between her loosely hanging breasts. 
 The tank top she changed into differed greatly from the formal blouse and 
jacket she wore when I entered the store.  Without a bra and additional 
covering, Gillian could be seen as having a muscular body that could rival a 
man's, but breasts only a transsexual or a stripper dreamed of having.  And 
right now the nipples were erect enough to show an inch beyond the 
tantalizing feminine curvature, and hard to the point of almost poking 
through the fabric.

Perhaps I should have realized something seemed odd, but I didn't.  I stood, 
and slid both hands behind my short skirt, and tucked them into my panty 
hose.  I enjoyed the feeling as they traveled across my butt, down my legs, 
and off my feet in one slow sweeping motion, no doubt flashing myself  
(because I never wear anything underneath) from labia to toenails at Gillian 
who sat strategically positioned at crotch level. The look on her face 
revealed her pleasure at viewing my long, firm and flexing legs as I slipped 
off the pantyhose.  Just to tease, I handed the hose to Gillian then 
proceeded to try to drive her mad with desire. I lifted both feet and hooked 
my heels on the edge of the chair front.  I spread my knees wide and reached 
between my muscular calves and rubbed my hands along the top of each foot.  
This fully flashed my genitals and squeezed my tits together underneath my 
tight sweater, and moved them out and back like balloons being blown up 
larger then released slightly.  The nipples became puffy and red and swollen 
on the out swing.  While making my breasts as inviting as possible with my 
upper arms, I repeatedly inserted my fingertips in the slits between my toes 
fanning and separating the luscious little lollipops as if to stimulate each 
one like ten little clits wanting to be masturbated to produce a machine gun 

Gillian's eyes jumped from my teasing titties to my deviating digits, and she 
brought her hand to her chest and extended her middle finger to catch a drop 
of sweat before it disappeared into the valley between her nippled mountains. 
 She checked to see I was watching as she casually placed her finger between 
her full red lips and sucked off the body brine like a baby to the bottle.  
As she removed the finger from the lips wrapped around them, a juicy suction 
sound signaled the separation.  Her tongue snaked from her parted lips and 
the finger gently circled the tip to deposit the last salty sensation for 
erotic delight - hers and mine. 

"Yes, you must feel so much better now," lovely Gillian suggested. " But let 
me take your foot now."  She reached out her hands and covered mine sending a 
thrill of contact through me as she indicated I should allow her hands to 
replace mine.  "Do you know there are places on the feet that correspond and 
control different parts of the body and different attributes of the mind," 
she asked?  "I have studied reflexology and accupressure for years to 
pinpoint locations and effects."

"No, I --I --" and her fingers palpated places that consigned my mind to a 
dreamy place where I watched Gillian examining my feet closely and touch very 
specific spots. I just loved the sexy feelings that happened as she 
manipulated my bare feet.  Her fingers sent a buzzing feeling to my breasts 
that radiated to the tips of my nipples.  She touched a place on the bottom 
of my foot that made my clitoris tingle, and like a morning clock when the 
alarm goes off my eyes went wide when a small orgasm erupted from my vagina 
and quaked through my body like a low voltage electrical shock.

"You look flushed --" she smiled obviously pleased with my reaction.

"Naomi," I obediently provided my name.

"You look flushed Naomi.  Since it's after hours and only the two of us here, 
I think it would be all right to take off your top so you'll be more 
comfortable.  And you want me to help with it, don't you?"

"Yes, please," I responded without reservation, and not surprised at my 
absence of hesitation.  But I didn't want her to be long away from whatever 
she was doing to my instep. 

Gillian stood, came around behind me, deftly slipped off my sweater and put 
it aside.  It felt like having my own personal maid, so attentive to my every 
comfort, so willing to see to my every need.  As she removed my top, I 
watched the pulsating video screen in front of me.  My tits sat high on my 
chest after the cashmere slid across them and my nipples stood at attention. 

"You feel better now don't you."  Gillian said.

And I did feel better having been freed from the troublesome clothing. I 
leaned back in the chair and sighed, and my head gently came to rest on the 
top of the backrest.  This gave me a breathtaking view of Gillian's hardened 
abdominals and massive mammaries.  

"You won't mind if I do the same.  We may as well both be comfortable."

"Yes, we should both be comfortable." And I couldn't help but want to see 
more of her wonderful breasts.

Gillian removed her tank top, and her breasts were even more magnificent than 
I imagined.  Twin globes of succulent femininity topped with cinnamon sticks 
that almost made me weep with desire.  Her fingertip went behind my neck and 
put gentle pressure beside one of my vertebrae.

"That's it, relax now Naomi.  Just relax.  Let your tension melt away.  Your 
satisfaction is very important to me, and I know you have important needs to 
be met.  You've come here for something new and I can help you, but you must 
release yourself.  My skills can be applied all over the body including your 
breasts.  The benefits are many, and I would be happy to give you a 
demonstration.  You'd like that wouldn't you?" As she asked her finger 
pressed slightly harder at the point of contact at my neck.

"Mmmmmmm --" was all I could respond.  Gillian's hands went to my breasts - 
squeezing, rubbing, pinching, kneading, smoothing, teasing, tempting, 
stimulating, exciting.  All the while her mouth watering melons swung a 
tongue flick from my face, back and forth, back and forth.  As her hands 
ratcheted up my libido with every stroke around my love globes and sweep 
across my tit tips, my eyes worshipped her perfect breasts, and my hunger to 
embrace and caress and kiss them mounted.  Finally, when I grabbed one of 
Gillian's breasts in both hands and sucked the stiff nipple so hard it 
touched the back of my throat - it seemed as natural as sucking cock.  As I 
left lipstick marks from hungry kisses and saliva trails from passionate 
licking, my body hummed with undeniable pleasure.  I couldn't imagine why I 
had never made love to a woman before this, and how I could ever stop now.

Gillian let out an audible moan " Ahhhhhh --Yes baby, mama likes that!" and her 
hands found a way to increase my enjoyment as well.  The time that passed 
while I suckled each breast in turn can only be measured in heartbeats of 
increasing physical bliss or tides of deepening lust.  As I worshipped 
Gillian's busty treasures with my mouth, her moans told me how much she 
enjoyed the oral attention.

Finally I had to stop for a moment to catch my breath and Gillian spoke, 
"Take off the rest of your clothes now Naomi," the Goddess Gillian dictated, 
and I eagerly complied.  While I did so, Gillian came around in front of me 
again and removed the loose shorts she wore and posed stark naked in front of 
me.  Her body shined like a weight trainer's fantasy.  Strong, large, 
well-defined muscles, almost masculine in their shape, except the huge female 
hemispheres crowning her chest, and the deep red aureoles with inviting 
stiffened, glistening projections in their middle.  And her shaved vagina, 
dripping wet with arousal and showing just the tip of an abnormally large, 
sex starved clitoris peeking between swollen vaginal lips. I could hardly 
wait to wrap my mouth on that sweet gherkin, and flick it with my tongue 
until I felt orgasmic shudders take control of that muscled frame.

Gillian knelt and picked up my foot and placed it on her breast while she 
manipulated different areas.  I used my other foot and began to curl my toes 
to pinch her nipples, and move my foot to caress her tits, while I 
instinctively began to stroke my clitoris and move my hips to please myself 
and tease Gillian on to more erotic stimulation.  Her thumbs went to the 
insteps of my feet and her fingers played the tops as she lifted my new 
erogenous zones to her mouth and used tongue and lips and cheeks and nose to 
provide new pleasure.  Her breathing quickened and I felt certain that for 
Gillian every square inch beyond my ankles were a sex organ.  She even made 
love with her teeth - nibbling and pinching as her enthrallment with my 
extremities raised to frenzy. 

I went dizzy with the reverberating waves of erotic fulfillment that swept 
across me too.  I twitched as her nimble fingers and knowledgeable tongue 
pressed spots that made my thighs tingle, my clit buzz, my asshole twitch, 
and my nipples sizzle.  At different times, my ear felt like it had a tongue 
wiggling inside it, and my mouth felt like it was sucking a coming pussy. I 
could swear my ass had an eight inch cock sliding in and out. One hand seemed 
to be fisting an Amazonian vagina, and the other jerking off a donkey.  The 
whole time I masturbated or brought my tit to mouth to lick my nipple, and 
finally I spit on my finger and slowly stuck it up my ass to the third 
knuckle and swirled it around slowly and lecherously. Anything to further the 
pleasure I felt, and seduce the woman at my feet.

Gillian watched me the entire time likely knowing the maddening ecstasy that 
filled my sweating body, and she became visibly turned on by my horny 
self-stimulation. She opened her legs wide as my free bare foot slid down her 
sinuous belly and began to rub gently at heaven's entryway.  Gillian's sex 
juice lubricated her portal of Venus and the steady motion of my burrowing 
foot allowed me limited entry to her liquid filled opening. Instinctively my 
first two toes surrounded her elongated sex willow and traveled from the base 
to the tip of the short shaft and back again. Her eyes closed in obvious 
focus on the toe stroking between her legs, and she let out a muffled cry of 
pleasure as I entered her love canal with my pedestrian erection.  Slowly and 
repeatedly, I watched her body respond to my patient and persistent strokes.  
Gradually, our give and take of lecherous cravings and wanton debauchery 
synchronized in an insane mutual pleasuring of ever increasing magnitude.  
Balanced on the edge of bliss, we pushed the threshold of explosion 
continually higher as we climbed the ladder of lesbian lovemaking to new 

When I thought I could take no more and would pass out, she stood up, and 
threw a leg over mine while still gripping one foot. Now her back was to me, 
and my leg passed between hers, my shin felt her breasts slapping from side 
to side, and she began to suck my toes like a candy starved sugar addict goes 
after tootsie rolls.  Flattening her tongue to maximize contact while she 
vacuumed in each tasty little digit as if it were a thick spaghetti strand 
she had to suck and slide across her wanting taste buds. Her sopping cunt 
humped against my leg, and I felt her giant erect clitoris sliding up and 
down as it kept cadence to Gillian's throbbing quest for orgasm.

My thoughts quivered to feed my ever increasing lust as Gillian ran her mouth 
up and down my big toe like she was giving a blow job to the devil's sex 
knob.  Pulsing waves of passionate hunger coursed through me as I buried my 
fingers in my dripping, throbbing genitals.  Then my gaze fell on the 
hypnotic pumping of Gillian's ass cheeks as she sought to bring herself to 
climax on my leg.  I couldn't help myself from grabbing her hips and biting, 
licking, kissing and sucking those rippling buttocks.  The smell of her 
nether hole called to something primal in me, and I pushed my cheeks into her 
butt crack, and her forceful flexing pulled me deeper.  My lips touched her 
puckering anus and immediately I began to tongue fuck her ass hole as if 
trying to reach her G spot from the backside. This drove her over the edge.  
As she orgasmed, she lapped with abandon between my toes, and put pressure on 
the ball of my foot so that I too came screaming and breathless in an orgasm 
that overloaded every nerve and pleasure center in my anatomy.  We both 
stiffened, and spasmed, and yelled - again and again and again - and then 
fell to the floor in a jumble of sweat soaked limbs, hair, and redefined 
erogenous body parts.  I lost consciousness with Gillian's enormous clit half 
way in my mouth determined to find a way to deep throat it while my tongue 
slurped and swirled with prideful depravity around the inside of her vagina. 

The next thing I remember is being fully clothed and seated in my car with a 
shoebox next to me.  When I opened the box, it held the most beautiful red 
stiletto heels I had ever seen, and they were perfectly fitted to my 
individual requirements.  I smiled to think of "customer satisfaction" being 
carried to a new level. I also decided I would need to return to the shoe 
store for some black leather thigh high boots very soon. 
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