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A Little Naughtiness
(Mf, teen, mast, oral)

By Courtney Sweet

The main problem for me as a teenager during summer holidays was finding the
cash to have a good time.  One summer when I was sixteen I scored a job
cleaning cars on in a car sales yard.  The girls were encouraged by
management to wear bikinis with short sarongs and although it was a little
sexist nobody was complaining, due mostly to the soaring temperatures we had
been experiencing that summer.

The assistant manager Phillip, who always stood too close when he talked to
you, loved to watch us buffing the cars up.  He made it his job to
personally inspect the vehicles when we had finished; I guess this gave him
an excuse to have a really good perve at our little teeny bods.  I found he
had an unusually pleasant physical effect on me; he had a slight European
accent and sparkling gray eyes that seemed to take in everything about you.

I loved it when he inspected my work, he would lightly touch my arm or the
small of my back with his fingertips, guiding me around the car.  By the
time we had finished I was breathless, flushed and more often than not even
my panties would be damp.  I knew I turned him on, but he was so much older
than me I didn't think he would even be interested in someone so young and

Don't get me wrong, I had fucked around with boys my age, but I wasn't sure
I would be able to handle a real man like Phillip.  He made me feel so
unsure of myself, like a naughty little girl who got a rush from just
thinking about doing something bad.  We flirted around and teased each other
with silly conversation, throwing insinuations and false challenges to each

One afternoon Phillip asked me to buff up some of the sold cars out back,
they were to be collected on Monday and he wanted them looking especially
shiny.  I worked hard, keeping cool by wetting myself down under the hose
now and then.  By late afternoon all the other staff had left and I still
had one more car to finish.

Phillip came out and stood close to me while I worked, I looked up and he
glanced at his watch.  "Time to go home, I've locked up out front Anya so
when you have finished we can go".

 I knew he was looking at my arse and I felt a horny little shiver run
through my body, if only he could feel how much I wanted him to touch me.  I
sighed and kept working answering him over my shoulder as I worked.  "Won't
be long, I've just got to finish the roof and then the bonnet".

Phillip still stood behind me, but when he answered me I could feel his
breath fan the hairs on the back of my neck.  "I was hoping you would be in
the mood for a little naughtiness, if you are, just keep working and do as I
say" he whispered.

My breath caught in my throat but I didn't turn around, I swallowed hard
trying to keep my excitement in check and nodded silently.  Not exactly sure
what to expect, I kept buffing the roof like a mad thing, the next thing I
knew he was running his hands down my sides and over the curve of my hips.
I shivered again, my nipples hardening to tightly puckered peaks, I didn't
know how far 'a little naughtiness' would take us, but I was already so
excited I didn't care.

"Now spread your feet apart, but keep working, don't turn around or say
anything unless you want me to stop" Phillip murmured huskily.

I wondered if he was as excited as I was, and spread my feet apart leaning
forward slightly, I continued to polish the bonnet of the car busily.  A
gasp escaped me when I felt his fingers slide beneath the skimpy bikini
briefs I wore.  He had a gentle touch that tickled and his fingers were soft
and warm, I was breathing hard now and I knew he would feel the slippery
wetness that had gathered upon the lips of my cunt.

"Oh yes." I heard him whisper when his fingers finally slipped into my slit,
running along the full length of my pussy until they found my horny little
clitoris.  I leaned over the bonnet further, my butt pushed out towards him
now so he could finger me more easily.

"Keep buffing Anya, I want you to concentrate on your work" Phillip ordered.
I was a little surprised by this demand but carried out his request all the
same.  I began polishing while he rubbed my clitoris with his fingertips, I
was so horny I just wanted to hump against his hand, but I kept working.

Phillip knew exactly what he was doing, before too long my knees were
trembling and my pussy was buzzing inside like it was going to explode into
some kind of unbelievable kind of erotic sensation.  I panted in little
moans, trying to polish but finding it harder to concentrate when my body
was undergoing such intense feelings of excitement.

"That's it Anya, cum for me.  Cum in my hand baby" Phillip murmured, at that
moment my knees gave out and I fell forward onto the bonnet, my insides
contracting with such force it made my hips buck.  Phillip plunged his
fingers into my dancing pussy and gasped with amazement, I could feel my
insides grasping his digits and I released a long moan of release.

I had never had anyone bring me off with their hand like that before.  Most
of the boys I had mucked around with had just wanted to get their dicks wet,
so they didn't have much time for foreplay.  Phillip leaned over me and
kissed the back of my neck, his hands slipping around the front to grasp my
breasts gently and massage them.

"You liked that little bit of naughtiness Anya?" he whispered in my ear, his
lips brushing my ear sexily as he spoke.

"Oh yes, yes I loved it Phillip" I replied in a shaky whisper.

"Yes you did, you naughty little girl, but you still want more don't you
Anya?  Tell Phillip what you really want my sweet little honey and he will
give it to you" he murmured in his sexy accented voice.

I knew what he meant, I had no idea I could want someone to fuck me so badly
I would actually beg them to do it!  "I want you to put it inside me
Phillip, your cock. Please fuck me with your cock" I gulped feeling like a
naughty little slut but so excited I would have done anything to feel him
inside me.

"You are the horniest little thing, I bet you have all the boys chasing you
little Anya and a few have even caught you eh?" Phillip teased as he lowered
my bikini briefs to my ankles so I could step out of them.

He turned me around and lifted me so I sat on the edge of the bonnet, he
removed my bikini bra and kissed both my nipples, softly covering them with
his warm mouth and flicking them with his tongue.  I sucked in my breath
with a gasp at the sensation, lying back on the cold bonnet when he pushed
my legs apart with my knees up.

I exclaimed loudly with surprise when I felt his tongue delve into my pussy,
he lapped at me for a few moments, making my hips quiver and jerk.  He
raised his head and looked at me with a chuckle, "you have never had someone
tickle you there with his tongue Anya?" he asked.

I didn't trust my voice so I just shook my head, Phillip returned to lap at
my pussy, sucking my pink bits into his mouth and doing wonderful things to
me with his tongue.  I was in ecstasy, my hips started to move up and down
against the frantic movements of his mouth.  I was going to cum again, my
gasps and moans coming faster as I approached climax.

My head was thrown back, my body arching and just as I felt my insides reach
the peak of pleasure, the warmth of his mouth left me.  I cried out
franticly reaching for him, there was the sound of a zipper then in an
instant he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him.  I felt his cock drive
straight into my cunt, I cried out again arching against the massive size of
him squeezing and nudging its way right up inside me.

The plunging driving force of him bringing forth a massive orgasm, my whole
body shuddered and I moaned loudly until his mouth silenced me with a
passionate kiss.  "You are so beautiful when you cum Anya, I want to watch
you cum again" he murmured, his enchanting gray eyes staring into mine.

I just couldn't believe I had my boss on top of me, on the bonnet of a sold
car with his dick buried inside me; he was nearly twice my age with a wife
waiting at home for him.  I felt so naughty, but the total rush I was
experiencing was worth every minute.

Phillip started pumping my grasping pussy again; I could feel the tiny
contractions I was having inside squeezing tightly around the rampant
hardness of his cock.  I began moving my hips against his thrust, bringing
him deeper into my cunt with each stroke.  I groaned and moaned with each
thrust, occasionally opening my eyes to watch him while he fucked me.  He
looked like he was in heaven, sometimes he stared back at me with desire
filled hooded eyes other times he had his eyes closed as if reveling in the
feel of being inside me.

He pulled out of me after a while and rolled me over so I was bent over the
bonnet of the car, then grasping my arse firmly he pushed his cock back into
my waiting pussy.  I grunted with the force of his entry, and he started
hammering me from behind.  I couldn't believe the difference this position
made, Phillip was so much further inside me, his cock butting against me
deep within.

I moaned loudly now, sometimes feeling like I would have to climb onto the
bonnet to get away from the sheer size of him inside me.  Then I found that
if I clamped my pussy down hard on his cock he couldn't get so painfully
deep.  The action had a side effect that soon became evident; I could feel
him swell inside me and his cock actually seemed to be getting harder.  Then
I climaxed, my whole body shuddering beneath him my pussy rippling with
waves of pleasure filled muscle spasms.

Phillip exclaimed loudly in another language and pulled his cock out of my
quivering pussy, I felt his cum spray across my buttocks and back.  I hadn't
even thought about protection and let out a breath of relief that at least
he had the presence of mind to withdraw before shooting his load.

I rolled over and stood up as Phillip moved away to zip up his pants and
tuck in his shirt, he handed me back my bikini briefs and I smiled as I took
them.  In that instant he swept me up in his arms and pulled me against him,
his hands running up down my body again.  My feet were dangling inches off
the ground when his lips found mine in the most exquisite kiss I had ever

He placed me gently on my feet and smiled at me, "I will have to inspect
your work again Anya and perhaps we can have a little more naughtiness
 soon?" he murmured, playfully kissing the tip of my nose.  "Now go home, I
will clean up here," he ordered.

I changed and went home, my heart light and my spirits high, I had fucked my
boss Phillip and he still wanted more!  I didn't feel so inexperienced now
that I had fucked my first real man and I couldn't wait to tell my best
friend Libby, she was still a virgin. Maybe I could convince her to meet
Phillip, I knew she would be curious once I told her about how gentle and
how sexy he had been.

(C) Courtney Sweet 2001

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