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hi everyone!

here's a new story. this is kind of a new area, so if you'd like us to
continue, please let us know. :)

note: copyright 2002 celia batau. you may copy this story for personal use
so long as the author's name and this note are retained. permission to copy,
distribute, or display this work is not given to any website which charges
access to it. permission to copy, distribute, or display this work is given
to "no charge" websites with written consent of author.

this story was edited by Sam I am. yay Sam!

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Submission 113 (MF cons light bondage)

(C)2002, celia batau

Aragon lied.

The two-faced bastard. The keys didn't work, and I'd just about scraped all
the skin from my wrists trying to slip the chain from around my wrists.

He was going to pay.


Daniel Aragon, a name right out of a romance novel and a body to match. He
was the only bright spot in the dark purgatory of Computer Science 113,
where I'd been banished for Crimes against Ex-Boyfriends and their Majors.

At the break, the two Armenian girls sitting beside me got up, leaving me
alone to stare at my screen. A moment later, the bright spot sat down in
their place.

"Looks like you could use some help."

Like I said, right out of a romance novel.


Sitting up in bed, I stared at the digital clock beside the television.
4:45. I had been stuck in this hotel room for six hours. I wasn't even close
to getting myself free.

'Come on, Abby,' I told myself, 'one of these keys has to work.'

Fingering the ring of keys behind my back, I touched the one I had named
"number one" and counted three keys clockwise. I carefully turned this
fourth key in my fingers and aimed it at one of the padlocks locking my
wrists together. I slid the tip back and forth across the lock until I felt
it slip in. Then taking a breath, I twisted it.

It didn't budge.

This was getting hopeless. The ring was full of keys and I kept losing
count. But one of them should've worked. I tried the locks on my wrists, the
locks on the chain binding my ankles together, and the one I could reach at
the end of the chain looped around my neck that Daniel had fastened to the
frame beneath the bed. I tried them over and over, and I was still stuck
here naked and sweating ice water.

I looked at the courtesy phone sitting on the desk across the room. It was
all a matter of trust. I could scream until someone came for me. I could
maybe reach that phone and call the front desk or call my best friend for
help. Or I could trust that Daniel would come back.

And bring my clothes back with him.


"What? You're kidding?"

I passed the class, barely, and with a lot of help from Daniel. After the
final, we went to a café on the other side of campus to celebrate.

"No, I'm serious," he replied.

We were talking about sex, something we had been talking about more and more
over the semester. He hadn't even kissed me yet, but I was practically
trying out wedding dresses. I was hopelessly lost. That little voice inside
was constantly reminding me that falling for this boy was the exact kind of
danger that got me stranded in Computer Science classes in the first place.
But I wasn't listening, at least not until Daniel dropped his little secret
in my lap.

I took a sip of my shake. BDSM. Well, it wasn't exactly volunteering for
food drives, and there were probably tons of worse things he could've been
into, but I was having a difficult time reimagining my strawberries and
chocolate fantasies into steel and leather ones.

"And you like this?" I asked.

Daniel shrugged.

I watched him take a bite of his fries. I was melting just looking at him.
Well, I thought, I could live with it I guess. It wasn't as if he would want
it all the time like that, right? I really had no idea what he wanted. He
had always been vague when we talked. Now I knew why.

I smiled. "So, you want me to tie you up?"

He laughed.

"No, I'll be doing the tying."

"Oh, you will?"

"If you'll let me."

Oh, gods, be quiet voice, I can hear my heart just fine. He wanted to tie me
up. What if I don't like it? What if he doesn't like it with me? What if I
bore him? What if I like it too much? I looked down at my hands, at his
plate, at anything other than his face. I could do it, I thought. Daniel was
a really nice guy. I didn't think he would hurt me. And it wasn't like I'd
never thought about this kind of thing before. But could I really do it with

"How will I know you just won't tie me up and leave me someplace?"

"It's a matter of trust."


The light was growing behind the curtains. Trust. This was all about trust.
Trust that he would come back for me, trust that he wouldn't humiliate me in
public, trust that I could be safe with him. But the keys hadn't worked.

A short time later I heard someone at the door. It opened and Daniel stepped
inside, bending over to pick up the keyring I had thrown sometime during the
night. He set a black book bag in one of the chairs and came to the bed.

"You didn't use the keys."

"No, I did."

Daniel sat down beside me. His fingers brushed my shoulder but I turned on
my side to stare at the curtains.

"We don't have to continue."

"I know."

Daniel jingled the ring as he reached behind me to unlock my wrists. He
lifted one and kissed the sore skin.


"You took my clothes anyway."

Daniel let go of my wrist. I pulled my hands in front and hugged myself.

The bastard had come back for me. Relief washed over me with that
realization. "You came back," I whispered.

"I told you I would."

"I'm still going to kill you."


He took my shoulder and rolled me onto my back. "You'd kill your Master?"

I was still mad at him, but instead I smiled. "You're not my Master."

"Can I bribe you?"


Daniel got up from the bed and went to the book bag. Unzipping it, he pulled
a couple of things out and returned to the bed.

"For you."

They were a blindfold and a ballgag.

I stared at them. "You're drunk."

If I hadn't spent all semester falling for this boy, I would have gotten up
and left. Instead I sat quietly as he placed the blindfold over my eyes and
lifted my head to close the strap.

'You're as bad as he is,' the little voice announced. 'Shut up,' I replied.
The last thing I needed was a voice that was right all the time.

After the blindfold was set, I felt something hard against my lips. Opening
them, Daniel pushed the ball in and buckled the strap. I bit on the rubber
and breathed through my nose. It felt weird. I almost couldn't believe I was
going through with this, especially after sitting alone all night. But I
was. I was here, naked, exposed, and helpless. And I knew that Daniel, this
boy I had only known a few months, and not nearly as well as I had first
thought, was completely in control.

I was nervous and uncertain about continuing, but somewhere deep inside I
liked it. I liked that I was giving myself to Daniel. This wasn't like
changing my Major. This wasn't movie dates or making out in his car. Somehow
in just these few hours, he'd gotten past all that. Oh, he was still going
to pay for it, but I was beginning to see some really good ways he'd pay
that due.

"You know, Abby, when you become my submissive, I'll have to do this to you
a lot."

"Wanna bet?" I mumbled through the gag.

Daniel flipped me onto my front. "What was that? Did you say you wanted me
to tie you up more?"

I pulled my arms up to push myself from the mattress, but as soon as my arms
moved, Daniel sat on my back.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere." I could hear the smile in his voice, so I
tried to evade his hands as he grabbed for my wrists. "Give me those.

My wrists were locked behind my back again. Hadn't I already spent hours
like this already? Was I stupid?

"Stupid!" I screamed through the gag.

"Be quiet," he warned, and suddenly he was off me again. I took a deep
breath through my nose and was suddenly rolled back onto my arms. As soon as
I was over I brought my knees up to prevent him from climbing back on, but
his arm easily pushed them back down.

A moment later, I felt a kiss on my left nipple, then a tongue. I relaxed.
It felt nice. A hand went to my other breast. My own hands were pinned
beneath me and I could do nothing except moan.

Being handled as I was felt so new. I had heard about bondage, even read
about it, but the experience so much more intense. Every nerve of my body
was tuned to Daniel's mouth as it licked and sucked. And when Daniel brought
a hand down on my hip, I shivered. Every sensation was a thousand times
stronger. I couldn't see, couldn't speak. I really couldn't go anywhere, and
Daniel was all over me, touching, kissing and licking. I wanted him to do
this. I had wanted it since the first day he helped me in class. I just
never thought it would happen like this.

"Roll over."

I complied, and Daniel grabbed my hips and lifted my back end up onto my
knees. I tried to balance on my knees and head, but it was difficult. His
sudden touch between my legs made me lose it completely.

I fell to my side on the mattress. Daniel got off and I could hear him
remove his clothes. After a few more moments, he grabbed me again by putting
an arm around my waist and lifted me back up into position.

"Did you like that touch?"

I moaned. Then I felt it again. This time, Daniel's grip held me steady as
he pressed a finger along my wetness. It felt so good. I pushed back into
him, and he stroked me a little more, making long, slow lines along my
labia. I tried to feel for his arm with my bound hands, but my position made
it too difficult, so I kept grabbing at the air as his wet finger found my
clitoris. Oh, that was good. I moaned again. Daniel answered by stretching
his hand and pushing a finger into me.

"Yes," I groaned through the gag. Clitoris forgotten, he pushed another
finger into me and started thrusting them. I bucked against his fingers. I
wanted more. The fingers kept moving. I squeezed them. I could feel myself
rising, climbing to the edge. But before I reached it, Daniel pulled his
fingers out and almost immediately pushed himself in. Oh, that was better.
Much better. I met his new thrusts, supported by his arms that balanced me
as we moved. His knees were beside mine as he adjusted us to drive deeper
into my center. We started to rock, slowly, rhythmically together, and I
continued to rise. I pulled against my bonds. The helplessness pushed me
higher. I liked the feeling. More! I wanted more. He pushed, and I squeezed
and moved. Again and again. He kept going and I kept rising, until at last I
slipped and crashed over the edge. And exploded.

I breathed through my nose. I felt warm and soft. We collapsed together onto
the mattress and lay spooned as we caught our breath.

"Be mine."

I nodded.


Daniel had a long coat in his book bag. My blindfold was off and Daniel had
also removed the chain from around my neck. But the gag and other restraints

Pushing me to the side of the bed, Daniel laid the coat open on the
mattress. Then grabbing me, he put me in the center of it. Closed, the coat
came down to my calves.

"Shall we go?"

Huh? I looked at the bookbag. What about my clothes? It was morning already.
Was he crazy?

Daniel smiled. I twisted on the bed. There was no way I was going outside
like this.

Daniel grabbed me, holding me in place. He bent his head down to my face and
whispered, "Trust me."

I looked back into his eyes. He came back for me.

Reluctantly, I nodded.


The concierge stared at us as Daniel carried me out over his shoulder.
Fortunately there was no one else in the lobby. I looked back at the man,
embarrassed, apologetic, yet somehow also nervous and excited as Daniel
pushed open the front door and carried me out into a new day.



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