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What follows is a work of fiction based somewhat but not
entirely on really life events.  The major characters have
been changed beyond all recognition by even their own
parents.  Many other things have been completely made up by
the fevered mind of the writer.  It is a sex story meaning
that it includes descriptions of sex acts and so you should
most likely not be reading it, especially if doing so will
result in prison, spankings, restrictions of privileges, or
excessive numbers of "Hail Marys."

In no way does the posting of this work on the Usenet imply
that the writer has waved any rights under international
convention and copyright law.  The use of this story on any
web site, both commercial and free, is prohibited without
advance permission.  The archiving of this story by ASSM
and Goggle is understood and encouraged.  Come-ons for
penis enlargement systems and hair replacements can be sent
to the address below, where they will be deleted without
being opened.  The occasional piece of fan mail will not be
deleted, but instead, will be read, answered, and saved

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

                          A Pepsi
                      Kenny N Gamera

She walked into the bar like...well just imagine her long
legs, tan and bare, no hint of hose, on top of a pair of
strapy heels that were sexy, but with moderate almost
conservative heels.  Her skirt was moderate with a slightly
liberal leaning, giving her enough chance to show off most
of the endless curves from her ankles to just about the
mid-thigh.  The skirt was black and again moderately tight,
designed to show the curve of her high, well-shaped butt
and stay within comfort at the same time.  Her white blouse
was in contrast quiet loose and flowed with her movements
as slowly slid from the door to the bar.

She took a seat at the end.   The very end, where she could
sit and worry only about one adjoining stool.  The
bartender came over, and she ordered.  As he prepared her
drink, she reached into her black pocket book and pulled
out a cigarette, which the bartender lit for her with a
lighter he pulled from his pocket.

She looked around the smoky room, glancing at each man in
turn.  Soon her gaze settled on a corner booth not far
where she sat, with six men dressed in suits.  Their ties
were in varying states of undone.  A few had their jackets
off and draped over the back of the booth. She gave them a
collective wink and took a sip of her cocktail.  Before
taking the glass from her lips, she passed her tongue part
way around its rim.  Several of those facing her shifted in
their seats.  A couple facing away, turned around.

One of the men, a convention goer, took his chance.  He
moved from the booth he shared with his friends and made
his way to the empty stool.  He sat down.  She turned to
him.  Her legs were crossed lady-like at the knees.
Somehow, this seemed even sexier than any display that he
had seen before.  She looked at him, her blue eyes hungry.

"Hi, do you come here often?" he said with a practiced

She smiled and brought her drink back to her lips.  He saw
the gold of her wedding bands. He swallowed.

"Sometimes."  She sipped.  "You?"

"No, I'm just here in town"

"Oh."  She placed her drink back on the bar.  "Business
business or monkey business?"

"Maybe a little of both."  He lowered his hand to her knee.
She did not object.  So, encouraged, he let it inch up her
thigh.  She still raised no objection.  "How about you?"

She placed her hand over his on her leg and brought it up.
"Definitely monkey business."

The bartender came over and looked at the two of them.  He
looked at the man's hand on the woman's leg and made a
face.  The man stared at the woman with a wolf-like grin.
The bartender cleared his throat.

Breaking contact with her guest, the woman looked up at
him. "Yes?"

"This guy bothering you, ma'am."

"No."  She smiled at the bartender and inched the hand a
little further up her leg so the fingers were under her
black skirt.  "Not at all."

"Very good."  The bartender turned to the owner of those
fingers.  "Can I get you anything?"

"An Amstel Light.  Another of those cocktails for the

The bartender went away to get their drinks.  When he came
back and placed them down in front of them, the woman gave
him a wink.  He just nodded his head and all but ran to the
end of the bar, where he watched them for a moment before
one of the waitresses gave him an order to prepare.

The man looked away from the bartender back to the woman's
leg and their joined hands.  Her hand just laid over his,
clearly displaying the twin rings of her marriage.  He
wondered where her husband was for a moment, but soon he
thought just of the woman and the promises she was making
to him.

"So you are here on monkey business?"

"Yes," she said and licked her lips.  "After all, girls
just want to have fun."

He smiled a deep smile and moved his face toward her.  He
moved his mouth to her ear and took a slight nip at the
lower part of the lobe.  She moaned.

"So you're looking for some fun."

"Yes," she said in a hiss.

"So are me and my friends over there."

She moaned out loud.

"There are six of us," he whispered.  "Do you think you can
handle us all."


She brought his hand further up her skirt so that it was
covered to his wrist and his fingers could stroke her mid-
thigh.  He began to softly move his fingers back and forth
along her skin.  He wanted to turn and see if his buddies
were watching, but he kept his mouth next to her ear.

"We can take care of you all night, slut.  Much better your
wimp of a husband."

She moaned then said softly, "he's not a wimp.  I just like
a little extra."

"Okay, slut.  But we'll still treat you right.  We know
sluts like you.  We can take care of you and all your nasty

"Can you?"

"Yes."  He moved his hand up so that the longest of his
fingers almost touched her pussy lips.  "We will fuck you
all night, and all day tomorrow, too."

"Sounds nice, but I need to be home at midnight.  The
sitter is waiting."

"Fuck the sitter, bitch.  In fact, maybe we will.  We can
party at your place instead of our room."

"What?" She sounded almost startled.

"Yeah, we can take you back to your place.  Especially if
the whore with your kids is as hot as you are.  More than
enough of us for two of you."

"Listen, I don't..."

The man took a hard grip on her thigh squeezing it just
hard enough to keep her from crying out.  The woman looked
at the bartender who shrugged and glanced away to another
customer who was ordering.

His answer was a low growl. "Yes, you do, cunt.  We know
all about you and your fucking needs.  Ain't one of us over
at that table who has been fucked over by our dear wives.
Well, you are going to be our little prize."

She tried to pull away.  He brought his other hand to her
head and kept it against his.  He bit not at all gently
into her ear, which caused her to yulp just a little.  She
looked at the bartender.  Her eyes were a silent plea.  He
came over in a hurry.

"Yes, ma'am?"

"Can I have a Pepsi?"

"Of course," the bartender replied as he pulled away her
half finished drink.  With out stepping away, he started to
pour her requested Pepsi and placed it in front of her.

"Buddy," he said as he did so.  "If you don't leave her
alone and go back to your friends right now, I'll have the
bouncer over here..."

"Who do you think you are?"

"The man who is about to get your sorry ass tossed from his

"Who do you think..."

The bartender turned to a near by waitress and said to her,
"Charlene, could you go get Tom?

"I'm going."  The man returned to his booth and his
friends.  He sat there and glared at the bartender and the
woman alternatively.

The bartender glared back for a moment before a large man
walked over to the bar.  They shared a few whispers.  At
one point the bartender pointed at the booth where the men
sat.  The bouncer walked over and spoke with them for a
moment and came back.

"I told them that if I saw them harassing anyone else that
they were out of here.  I'll let Jimmy know to cover their
table for Debby."

"Thanks, Tommy."

"No sweat, Steve," Tommy turned to the woman in the black
skirt.  "You okay, Charlotte."

"Yeah, thanks Tommy."


The big man walked back towards the door.  The woman played
with her straw for a moment.  The bartender hovered near

"Sorry, Steve."

"Don't worry, babe.  Things happen."

"I know that you wanted this..." she paused and restarted.
"They were going to rape me."

"Some other time."  Steve, the bartender, took her small
hand in his.  The one band of his hand matched of hers.
"We can do this again sometime."

"Thanks, hon." She smiled.  "It was fun for a while."

"I could tell."

She stood up from her stool.  "I better head home.  I think
that the rest have been scared off."

"Okay."  He grinned at her.  "Shall I bring Tommy home with

"No! Not with the kids home."

"Okay.  I'll see you after my shift."

The woman left as she had entered, but every one took pains
not to watch as she left.  She avoided the table of the six
men on her way out.  Though, she did check to see that they
were watching her as she kissed the bouncer at his station
before she stepped out the door.  She did not touch his
lips so they could see her tongue touch his.  Then, she was

Steve turned from the door to the patron that stepped to
the bar.

"Can I have a Pepsi?"

"Sorry, sir.  We only serve Coca-Cola products."

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