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NOTICE:  This story contains descriptions of sexual activity and excess 
drinking.  It should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.  Of course 
no one under the age of 21 should drink alcoholic beverages, especially 
Golden Virgins.  Any comments that the gentle reader has should be directed 
to me at:

My lawyer wants me to advise all readers that this story is copyright under 
17 USC Section 102.  Permission is given to download a single copy of this 
story for the purpose of reading it off line.  Permission is also granted to 
archive the text in its entirety on any non-profit web site.  Any other 
distribution including posting of this story to a commercial web site 
without the author's permission is strictly prohibited.

The Venus Triangle

by Allison George (c) 2002

- Well, what did he think?

- About what?

- Come on Ms. Chantal Bosselet, don't give me any of your silliness; you 
know damn well what I'm asking about.  After all, I was the one who talked 
you into going to see the laser doc.

- Oh, the laser doc; I thought you wanted to know about something else.

- No, I definitely do not want to know about anything or something other 
than his reaction when you flashed the remodeled honey pot.

- OK Ceci, I'll give you all the details but please let's order lunch first, 
I'm famished.

- Is this going to be a two or three drink lunch?

- At least two if you want me to tell you everything.  I'll need to get in a 
good loose mood!

- Ummm, that's what I like about you Chantal.  You've never been one to take 
it easy on the juice.  What do you want to start with?

- Well it is rather warm out today.  I'll start off with a Tanqueray and 
tonic, two wedges of lime.  It's been absolutely ages since I've eaten here 
Ceci, how's the crab salad?

- Really quite good; they do nice mustard dressing, not too garlicky.

- Here comes our waiter now.  Hi, I think we're ready to order now.  Ms. 
Bosselet will have a gin and tonic, but only if it's made with Tanqueray; 
you do have it don't you?  Good, add an extra lime wedge and I'll start off 
with a Golden Virgin.  Bring our drinks and then we'll finish giving you our 

- A Golden Virgin?  I can't believe that you drink that stuff too!

- Why not?  They're nice and yummy; the peach, mango, and strawberry juices 
give you all the vitamin C you need!  And of course there is the coconut 
dust and a nice Maraschino cherry to top it off

- That's just the problem Ceci.  You drink it down just like you're drinking 
a glass of juice and then ask for another.  Before you know it you're so 
looped that you can't even tell if it's day or night.  That's why I stick to 
shots of aged Kentucky sour mash.  You know what you're getting from the 
very first sniff to last lingering drop.  The only exception that I make is 
for lunch on warm days like today when I really need something tall and 

- Well Chantal, you can stick to your shots; I know what I like and that's a 
Golden Virgin.  Besides, almost everyone I know loves them.

- They may love them, but I can tell you for a fact that anyone who drinks 
them regularly doesn't remain a virgin for long.

- My God you're being pretty silly!  No one I know is a virgin.

- Ceci it's just a figure of speech.  Those drinks are really wicked.  The 
reason that your girlfriends like them is that they have a couple and then 
don't care what happens to them.

- Well you're no chaste virgin!

- That's not the point.  I love a hard cock just as much as anyone; I just 
want to be able feel the big O when it comes!  I learned this the hard way; 
forgive the pun.  I got so loaded at a party one night; I woke up the next 
morning with a quim full of come with no idea who the mailman was!

- Are you sure there was just one?

- Yes that I was sure of, because we ended up back at my place and in my 
bed!  I remember walking in the door and throwing clothes left and right but 
that was about it.  Next thing I knew it was noon; the bed was empty; and I 
was lying smack in the middle of the biggest wet spot that I've ever seen.  
I can't say for sure how many times we made it but I was still oozing down 
my legs when I went to the bathroom.

- Ummm, it sure sounds juicy!

- Well you can have all that juice if you want it!  I couldn't even remember 
the guy's name to call him back and thank him for the sweet load.  The point 
is I was so zonked from drinking too much that I didn't even know what was 
going on.  Let me tell you a story that's even more to the point.  You know 
Dawn Fatale don't you?

- Sure she's the buff blond with the pneumatic boobs.

- Yeah, that's her!  She's really rather sweet when you get to know her, but 
most everyone is just jealous of the gene pool that she came from.  While 
you may think she had a boob job, it's really all natural.  She's just one 
of the lucky ones who were blessed by our creator.  Anyway, we work out at 
the same gym and have become really good friends.  I'm not sure why, but for 
some reason she is really quite shy.  Maybe it's the way guys always look at 
her, tongues hanging out and drool collecting at the side of their mouths.

- I wish I had that power over men!

- Don't be so sure that's something keen to wish for Ceci.  Anyway, it was 
back in January, just before the Super Bowl.  We were at the gym and I 
mentioned that I was invited to one of the big parties that evening and 
asked her if she wanted to go.  She was a little hesitant but I was pretty 
persistent, telling her that we didn't need to stay long.  We'd go and have 
a couple of drinks, maybe meet some guys, maybe not; there really wasn't 
anything to lose.

- Let me tell you Chantal, I would have found something to lose.  You know 
how loaded some of those guys are?  I mean they come from all over the 
country to party for a week and watch a lousy football game.  You can really 
score big if you're so inclined.

- Well I wasn't so inclined, but was prepared to be reclined if there was a 
nice enough looking guy who treated me right!  Anyway Ceci, I told Dawn that 
I wouldn't take no for an answer.  We were both dressed to kill when we hit 
the atrium at the Hyatt.  It was pretty amazing; they had opened up the ball 
rooms and it was really a mass of people talking, drinking, and dancing.  
Being with Dawn had one big advantage; we got hit on right away by a couple 
of investment bankers from New York.  I swear to God these guys were young, 
hot, and loaded.  I really shouldn't have screwed around getting a 
psychology degree but headed straight for the MBA track.  From the stories 
they told it's like they have a direct line to the US Treasury.  Apparently 
their division had done so well that their year end bonus included the Super 
Bowl tickets with all expenses covered.  John, the one who was talking to 
me, said that fifteen of them had come down for the week.

- Shit Chantal, you should have called me right away!

- If you remember Ceci, you were down in Aruba lying on the beach.  You told 
me at Christmas that there was no way you were going to stay in town during 
Super Bowl week; too many drunks and weirdos if I remember your exact words.

- Ooops, you're right; I didn't want to put up with any of the nonsense.  
Who would have thought that there would be some good looking young studs?  I 
thought that only middle-aged farts were interested in the game.

- Well you certainly missed the boat this time!  There were enough stiff 
ones around to keep even you up all night.

- Argh!

- Anyway, Dawn told this guy Jim that she wanted a Golden Virgin.  He said 
no problem and ambled off to place the order.  I whispered in her ear to go 
slow with the drink and have some fun.  John picked up a couple of shots of 
Booker Noe for us and we headed off to a separate table to talk.  It turned 
out that he was a pretty decent guy, not terribly self-centered as I thought 
he would be.  I did have to feign a mild degree of interest in IPOs to get 
the conversation rolling.  Well it turned to other interests and I 
immediately got real jealous when he told me that he had a subscription to 
the Metropolitan Opera.  Here we are in the "cosmopolitan" southern town and 
our local company does exactly two operas a year, one of which is always 
Puccini.  Anyway, once we started talking about our favorite singers I 
immediately knew where the evening was headed.

- Oh boy, Chantal the sure thing, cheek to cheek and then head to cock!

- No, not always, but this guy was cute, smart, and I could tell that he had 
something in his pants besides some spare change.  It was getting pretty 
noisy and rowdy inside and I pulled one of my classic southern belle `I 
think I need to go out for breath of fresh air' routines.  He wasn't any 
dummy and picked right up on the cue.  I checked to see how Dawn was making 
out.  She was at a table with Jim and four other partners having a great 
time.  I couldn't tell if she was on her second Golden Virgin or had hardly 
touched the first.  Anyway, she looked pretty much in control of the 
situation.  It must have been just after nine o'clock when we left the Hyatt 
and it was really nice out.  January nights can sometimes be damp and 
biting, but not that one.  There was a hint of spring warmth that must have 
blown in off the gulf.  It was a shame that we were not within walking 
distance of my place.  I would have tied him to the bedposts and not let him 
out until a half hour before the game was set to begin.

- A little randy that night?

- Randy wasn't quite how I was feeling.  Downright horny was more like it, 
even the thong panties weren't keeping me cool!  I told him that I was still 
a little thirsty but didn't want to go back to the crowd at the Hyatt.  Old 
Booker doesn't bottle his best in pint flasks so I said I would spring for a 
fifth if he knew of a nice quiet place.

- Not too subtle Chantal!

- Not in the least Ceci, but then it was getting a little late and I wasn't 
about to be coy at this point.  Anyway, he laughed and said it sounds like a 
good deal:  a fifth for some good conversation; not that there was going to 
be much conversation if I had my way.  We walked back to the Hyatt and while 
it was still noisy inside, it appeared that the crowd had thinned out 
somewhat.  I guess those still there hadn't yet paired off for the night.  
Dawn was still sitting at the table with her admirers and a tall Golden 
Virgin in hand.  She looked a little flush, but it was warm inside or maybe 
she was getting a little hot and bothered as well.  Hey I thought, she's a 
big girl and more than capable of handling herself should the situation get 
a bit sticky.

- Maybe that's just what she was hoping for, a sticky situation.  I've 
always said that there's nothing better than the warm sticky stuff, 
especially when it's delivered by a hard cock right in the come chute.

- Keep your panties dry Ceci, I'll get to the warm sticky part in a just a 
minute.  Anyway as we walked towards the elevator I flipped Dawn the thumbs 
up sign.  I didn't want her waiting around for me if she decided that she 
wasn't in the mood to bed down with one of the guys at the table.  I took a 
final look through the elevator's glass wall and she seemed content enough 
laughing at what was probably an inane joke about accounting errors and 
taking a rather hefty swig of her drink.  We headed up to the thirty-fifth 
floor where John had this wonderful suite; God only knew what it cost.

- I think that you can multiply the standard weekly rate by four or five and 
that will give you a pretty good estimate.  Shit, it's probably more than I 
get paid in a month.  Damn, this Virgin is all gone!  I'm going to have 
another; you want a second G & T?

- Yeah, I'll need it the way this story is progressing!

- Too bad you didn't put the elevator on hold and do it right there between 
floors.  You might have given everyone below a nice show!

- Yeah, that thought has crossed my mind from time to time.  I always 
wondered if that's the real purpose for glass elevators.  Once you get above 
the atrium there's really not much to look at.  Anyway, while I was thinking 
about getting him on and in; it wasn't going to be in the elevator as there 
was an elderly couple sharing the ride up.  I'm sure they would have been a 
bit shocked if I hoisted my skirt and pulled out his cock!

- Hey you never know!  It might have turned them on.  Just last week I had a 
fifty something try to hit on me at work.

- Ceci, you're a magnet for trouble.  Good, here are our drinks; to your 
health a second time.

- And yours Chantal!

- Getting back to the story, as you might imagine it was all I could do to 
hold myself back when we got inside his room.  He went over to the bar and 
got a couple of glasses while I opened Old Booker.  I poured a couple of 
shots and told him that these would probably taste a lot better after than 
before.  I told him that I was craving something warm and creamy and knew 
just where to find it.

- Ummm, I'm beginning to get the same craving!

- At this point I knew by the look in his eyes that he was putty in my 
hands.  I figured a quick chug of his come and the second hard one would 
last long enough to get me off and fill up my hot little cunny.  Well I got 
the drink but that's when it all went south.

- Why, what happened?

- The room phone rang and thinking it was one of his banker buddies, I 
decided to answer it before mounting his stiff cock.  I figured that I would 
say something real cutsie like, John can't come to the phone because he's 
busy trying to come someplace else.  Well imagine my surprise when I was 
greeted by an icy woman on the other end telling me that the operator had 
put her through to room 3510 and she was expecting her husband to answer the 

- You've got to be kidding!  The guy's away from the wifey for a couple of 
days and gets a hard one for you!

- Well I'm certainly worth a hard one or two, but not from a married man.  
Boy was I ever pissed.  He knew he was in enough trouble back home and 
didn't try to stop me when I got out of bed and began to collect my stuff.  
I was so pissed that I just slipped my dress on, crammed my underwear in my 
purse and grabbed the bottle of Booker Noe, slamming the door on my way out.

- What a way to end the evening!

- Were that the way it ended.  As I got to the elevator, the door opened and 
Jim, the other banker, got off.  He told me that Dawn was waiting down in 
3345, ready to go home.  Well I didn't think anything about it, just 
figuring that they had been partying in the room and she was getting set to 
leave.  The door was open and I didn't see Dawn when I entered.  I wasn't 
sure that she had already left so I called out her name only to hear a 
giggle coming from the bedroom.  Well I sure wasn't prepared for the sight 
that greeted me.  There was Dawn lying splayed out on the bed, covered with 
jizz, mumbling incoherently, diddling herself.  I swear to God Ceci, she 
looked like she had been used as target practice by a set of high 
testosterone come missiles. I mean this was really major league stuff, the 
kind of wet dreams that a bunch of frat boys might have.  Well I did my best 
to clean her up to the point that she knew where she was.  She mumbled about 
wanting another drinky poo but I told her that the only thing she was going 
to have was the cup of coffee that I had just brewed.  Anyway, it seemed to 
have the necessary palliative effect.  I was able to get her up and walking 
to the point that I figured I could get her home OK on my own.  On our way 
out I stopped to ask the bartender if he remembered serving her Golden 
Virgins earlier in the evening.  He said that some guy was buying all the 
drinks and he had a special request that the Virgins be made with 151 proof 
rum.  I didn't bother asking how many "special" Virgins he had concocted for 
Dawn; she must have been floating on high after the first one.

- God Chantal, that's terrible!  Poor Dawn Fatale!

- The amazing thing is that Dawn didn't even know what happened to her.  I 
got her home and into bed and she was out like a boxer who just had his 
glass jaw readjusted by a right cross.  You can imagine how surprised I was 
when she called me at eleven the next morning asking if I wanted to go to 
brunch.  She wanted to tell me what a wonderful time she had with Jim the 
night before.

- You're joking!

- Swear to God!  She thought that Jim had just given her a sweet roll in the 
hay.  Well I wasn't going to be the one to tell her otherwise.  Oh good, 
here's our lunch.  You were right about the crab salad, it is wonderful.  
Anyway, that's my story about the Golden Virgin.  I'm sure that it has been 
played out in other cities across this fair country and that other delicate 
femmes like our fair Dawn have been equally despoiled without knowing it.  
Let that be a lesson to you Ceci; watch the bartender to make sure he takes 
the rum bottle off the bottom shelf!

- I'll take it to heart Chantal!  Now I'm not letting you out of this 
restaurant until you finish telling me the story that I came to hear.  How 
did the cosmetic adjustment go?

- Well it was really an interesting experience.  I thought that this laser 
stuff was too good to be true.  I mean they promise that you won't have to 
shave or wax anymore.  I figured that it was worth a try, particularly with 
bikini season coming up.  Well I went in for the consult and you were right, 
Dr. Ellis was really a sweetheart.  He asked what I wanted done and I said 
that I wanted my bikini line permanently fixed.  He laughed and said that's 
what all the women say.  Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed, turning a 
bright shade of carmine.  He immediately sensed my discomfort and told me 
not to worry; he gets that reaction all the time.  More to the point he 
said, did I want it all removed, or if not, what shape did I want left.  
Well at this point I was pretty flummoxed; I hadn't considered anything more 
than just zapping some of the edgy follicles.  Having it all removed seemed 
pretty weird to me.

- You'd be amazed how many women go all the way.  They seem to think that 
every man's fantasy is to fuck hairless pussies.  I'm not sure where they 
get the idea from unless they're dating weirdos who like idea that they're 
screwing little girls.  Ugh!

- My thoughts exactly!  Anyway, I was a little more at ease at this point 
and I asked him what the options were.  He said that most women like to 
leave a little something; his recommendation is that the shape and size 
should depend on how big the woman's hips are.  A long thin stripe tends to 
make the hips appear smaller, while triangles of various sizes can lead to 
the illusion of fuller hips.  Well, this was just what old beanpole Chantal 
wanted to hear.  I told him that the triangle sounded like the right plan 
for me.  So we masked out a nice shapely isosceles triangle that would 
appear to be floating delicately just above my honey slit, pointing the way 
to my little pleasure pot.  Except for some slight irritation following the 
laser treatments, it was pretty painless.  Everything is so smooth now that 
I get a charge out of putting on my panties each morning.

- What did Bob think?

- Well first of all it was a good time to have the laser shaping done as he 
was overseas for the past month.  I didn't have to worry about him noticing 
anything but the final product.  He got back a week ago Tuesday, but late at 
night.  I knew that there was no point in going over to see him that night; 
he was just going to crash and sleep for about ten hours.  Even I, the queen 
of the electric blow job, wouldn't be able to raise his cock.  He didn't 
have to go into the office the next day so I put in for a day off to spend 
some time with him.

- Not some time, only bedtime, I'll bet!

- Come on Ceci; give me a chance to tell the story!  You know the trouble 
with a relationship is that when the partner's away, you get pretty horny.  
I can't remember the last time I went five weeks without getting my quim 
stuffed.  Anyway, by the time I got over to his apartment my panties were 
already soaking wet from anticipation.  I could smell the delicate perfumed 
oils that were now beginning to coat my inner thigh.  God, was I ever a 
bitch in heat; thank goodness there were no men around when I walked over to 
his unit, I was ready to be jumped then and there.  I was already pulling 
the polo shirt off as I opened the door.  Jeez, it only took me a couple of 
seconds to strip down and head for the bedroom.  As I suspected, Bob was 
still out cold, lying on his back, sprawled across the bed.  He must have 
been thinking about me because his cock was nice and full, quivering ever so 

- Maybe it was the start of a wet dream about some long forgotten 

- Not likely, I've pretty much mesmerized him with my bedroom charms that I 
don't think he even looks at another girl without thinking longingly about 

- Pretty cocksure aren't you?

- Well I'm sure about his cock if that's where you're headed.  He's never 
had it milked by anything quite like my snapping quim!  I mean really Ceci, 
he is such a puppy dog, fawning all over me every time he sees me, you would 
have thought that I was the one who stole his cherry.

- Maybe you were, have you ever thought about that?

- Hmmm, not really; I just assumed he was like every other mid-twenties guy, 
experienced but searching for the one who turns him inside out.  Anyway, let 
me finish this story up, I've got a two o'clock that I can't be late for.  
As I was saying, he was lying there with this lovely looking love stick 
ready to be drained.  Even though I was ready to jump on the bed and start 
shaking him awake, I figured all he would do was mount me and spoil the 
surprise of letting him see the Venus triangle and my smooth soft quim.  I 
figured I could put some of the drooling love juice to work so I slipped a 
couple of fingers inside to stir up the honey and get my cunny button nice 
and charged.  Well I managed to get the fingers nice and coated so that I 
could start painting his lips with Chantal's special nectar.  It took a 
couple more quick dips and I had him under my power.  His breathing was 
hesitant, smelling something that wasn't quite supposed to be there, his 
tongue slipping out to taste the oily unguent that I had deposited on his 
lips.  His eyelids began to flicker with the realization that he was no 
longer alone.  With a couple of stretches of his arms and legs he finally 
began to come forth from Morpheus's sweet chains.

- Love the alliterations Chantal!

- Hey, they've always come easy to me.  Anyway, he looked at me with this 
great big smile and asked me what I what I was doing here.  I told him that 
he deserved a proper wake up call, having been away and that I had something 
to show him.  He looked at me quizzically as I was naked and it wasn't as if 
I had a new haircut.

- Oh but you did!

- You know what I mean silly!  As he tried to sit up, I pushed him back down 
on the bed and straddled his chest so that the lovely triangle was right out 
there, inches away from his astonished gaze.  Whether it was love's sweet 
scent or the dewy glow of my bare swollen cunny lips, it didn't matter; he 
pulled me up against his mouth and began to hungrily tongue off all the 
honey, slipping inside for more of the sweet stuff.  Well I was beginning to 
go crazy at this point.  He hadn't shaved in a couple of days and 
combination of his tongue and soft stubble from the beginning of a beard put 
me over the top.  I swear to God Ceci, everything down there feels so much 
more sensitive now that I had the laser job.  I should have listened to you 
last year when you told me that was one of the after affects.  Anyway, I let 
go with a climax that seemed to go on for an hour. I was shaking and rocking 
against his tongue as he tried to capture every last drop of love juice.  I 
finally fell off his face and onto the bed, telling him that he'd better 
stuff that cock inside my cunny that very minute.  As soon as it slipped 
inside me I had a second O.  He was so primed that my quick clasping quim 
sucked at each shot his lovely cock delivered.  He collapsed on top of me 
and we just lay in each other's embrace, kissing, licking at salty sweat 
droplets, and whispering of sweet love.

- Ummm, so I was probably right, you didn't get of bed, did you?

- Pretty close.  Oh my God, look where the time has gone!  I've got to get a 
move on.  Damn, my panties are wet again.  Every time I think about Bob, my 
nether region starts to get moist.  I've had to keep some clean panties in 
my desk at work so I can change.  I don't know if it's that Bob's the one, 
or that it's the Venus triangle but in either case it's a wonderful feeling.

- Go ahead Chantal; I'll pick up the check.

- You sure?

- Yeah, it's not a problem.

- Thanks, I'll treat next month.

- Great.  Oh by the way have you given any thought to completing the 
transformation and getting your boobs done?

- No way Ceci!  I like them tight and perky, just the way they are now.  
I'll talk to you soon, ciao.

- Bye Chantal.

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