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 - Ever wonder why we aren't named 

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This is my first attempt at erotica, comments appreciated.


Not Right(M+F)
by Qickless(

My mirror talks aplenty, but it doesn't tell me anything I want to 
hear; at thirty two, my figure is past its prime, my eyes deepened 
and darkened by silent, sleepless nights, my skin toneless, my life 
lack-luster. The whirlwind of board meetings, sharp, hard 
deadlines, and the infuriating endless competition was long over, 
but it had taken a sick toll; now, when I can have anything I want,  
I can't have the things I want.

Lovers? Too many; they came for my money, stayed for my 
money, and left me for the damn money. The bastards never stop 
trying, and I never learn. The last year was a roller-coaster of 
engagements, heartbreaks, marriages, and divorces.

Money? Too much.


I slipped a slim shapeless gown over my naked frame, shivering as 
the dress nuzzled over me, nudging things back to where they 
belonged, holding it all in, almost giving me something that can 
never be replenished. I'd hidden behind a shadow all my life; the 
thick velvet over my face with holes in all the right places, a thin 
yellow-plated card for the admission and a trembling body beneath 
it all completed my outfit.

My limo dropped me outside five minutes later and I walked the 
few steps into that pale, slightly overweight apartment, the wine-
red carpeting beneath my steps almost nauseatingly familiar. Two 
knocks at the door later, I'm in, and I flop down, a stuffy waterbed, 
a sprawling TV, and shadows on the wall to keep me company.

They come in, they touch me. Hands stroke mine, quiet kisses at 
my ear and my neck, deep longing caresses - body against body, 
hard muscle melding with soft yielding flesh. My lips start battling 
furiously against the licking and raping of my face; rough hands 
maul at my breasts as my nipples harden and thrust out, eager, 
yearning for attention. Hands ripping away decency, lighting up 
my body, thrusting fingers into my pussy, latching onto something 
inside, wetness and hardness everywhere. I try to hold it back, but 
the incessant groping fills me, drowning out everything else, and I 
cry out. An almost stifled groan fills the room as the poundings 
begin, my cunt grunting hard to accept the ripping invader, 
thrusting it out on the way in, and clutching at it as it leaves, 
filling and leaving me again and again. The pleasure rips through me, 
one bite at my nipple when it seems to fade, and I was thrusting 
madly again, one timely lick at my clit, a sly finger into my ass 
keeps me going, but then it begins to pulse out. 

"More!" I breath, and I feel something pushed into my ass, a cock 
begins smashing into me half way as another leaves, they're 
struggling to rip me apart, the motions blurred, the sensations 
confused. My body jerks endlessly, my clit vibrating in sync with 
the rough groans that fill the room; I close my eyes and lose myself 
in the sweet agony, feeling my cunt and ass competing for the 
larger share, but again...

"More!" I gasp, and I see a dildo pushed inside my cunt, gripping 
my sore lips, digging into them and holding on as the blazing 
motions continue, there are three cocks inside me now, contending 
for the thick juice gushing out of my pussy, the girl-cum being 
lapped up by condoms, plastic and leather.

"More!" I yell, and I feel a sharp pain in my nipples, corkscrews 
twisting around my tender flesh, until the pain almost pushes the 
pleasure away and I yell out again, salt in my mouth, sugar on my 

They switch it on, and a surge flows through the cold metal, and 
the screws latched onto my flesh start pulsing as the pain tears into 
me, my mad body being held down by arms on my face and my 
breasts, my cunt-lips pinched by cruel hands, my ass violated with 
an impossible object in one single shaky motion as I scream, the 
pleasure and the pain merging into one long drawn out growl as 
my body shreds itself inside me and the world explodes all over.

When I wake up, the TV is switched on, and the mild hum of a 
distant show fills the air. I'm all bruises and pain. My pussy aches, 
and I can feel the blood on my tongue, and the stale sex in the air.

I stand up and walk to the mirror, a slut looks back at me, yearning 
for love.


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