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I wrote this in September of last year for, the first of
more than six tales that I have penned for them since Aftermath was
completed.  It was originally published by them on November 22, 2001.  As
many of you are aware, licenses the stories from their
authors exclusively for a period of six months.  The six month period has
just expired today so here is the story for the enjoyment of all.  Do be
advised that an illustrated version of this story, as well as illustrated
versions of many of my classic works and all of the new material I've
produced under the Al Steiner name since Aftermath is available at the


By Al Steiner

Steve Jackson's annual Labor Day party was something that many of the
employees of our city's civil engineering department looked forward to each
September. Jackson, a senior engineer who had been with the department many
years, was at the top of the pay scale and owned a large house in one of the
nicer parts of town. Steve spared no expense when planning his parties and
they were always quite lavish, with catered food, several kegs of beer, and
an open bar that he himself tended with a loose hand. Steve's plan of action
at his Labor Day extravaganza was to encourage intoxication and the errant
behavior that went along with it.

My wife Maureen and I were faithful attendees of Jackson's end of the summer
bash. I had been working for the department for nine years and we had been
to every one during my tenure there. It was one of those few occasions
during the year that we were able to let our hair down a little and step out
of the grind of working couple and devoted parents. Maureen especially
needed such occasions. A computer programmer who worked primarily from home,
she had developed into something of a homebody, leaving the house only to go
shopping or take the kids to school.

This year's party started off as they usually did. We dropped our two
children off at Maureen's parent's house where they would stay the night.
5:00 PM found us in the master bedroom of our house getting ready to go. I
was already dressed, having donned a pair of khaki shorts and a blue polo
shirt. Maureen, as usual, was still fussing over what she should wear.

Her upper body was bare except for a white underwire bra that restrained her
moderately large breasts in place. She had put on a pair of loose-fitting
Levi's and was evaluating how they looked on her. "Do these jeans make me
look fat?" she asked, turning and spinning so that I could check out her
form. Maureen, like many women, was unjustifiably obsessed with her weight.
True, she had put on a few pounds since our marriage and the two children
she had pumped out, but what woman hasn't? She was certainly not what anyone
would consider fat. Her hips were just a little wider than they once had
been, but all and all she remained a very attractive, pleasantly
proportioned woman.

"They look fine on you babe," I told her automatically, actually paying more
attention to her breasts jiggling beneath the bra than I was her butt.

"Are you sure?" she asked uncertainly. "Maybe I should go with the blue
slacks instead."

"The jeans are fine," I assured her. "Really."

She frowned a few more times and then reluctantly put on a patterned white
blouse. "How about my hair?" she asked as she buttoned up.

Her dark brunette hair was as it always was: hanging over her shoulders and
curled slightly with a curling iron. "It looks good hon," I told her. "Let's

We went, driving to the adjacent suburb where Steve's house was located. On
the way Maureen reminded me of my unpleasant obligations for the night.
"Remember," she told me firmly. "It's MY turn to drink tonight."

"Yes dear," I said, frowning a little. We were in the habit of trading off
on who would drink and who would drive when we attended functions where
alcohol was being served. As she had pointed out, it was my turn in the
barrel. The last function had been a 4th of July party and I had gotten
sloshed. "I'll just have a few beers when we get there and then I'll lay
off," I promised. I was of course a little perturbed by this. Half the fun
of Jackson's parties was getting drunk and doing stupid things. Staying
sober and watching everyone else get blitzed was a bummer. Little did I know
how much fun I was going to have that night because I DIDN'T get drunk.

We arrived about thirty minutes after the time specified on the invitation.
Cars lined every available spot on both sides of Steve's street for more
than a block in both directions, forcing us to leave our Camry on a side
street more than ten houses away. We walked slowly through the fading
daylight towards his tri-level custom built home.

Steve himself opened the door for us and greeted us when we entered. He
shared a hug with Maureen and then introduced us to a few people that we
didn't know. He shoved drinks into our hands - a gin and tonic for me, a
margarita for Maureen - and then disappeared back to his bar.

There were upwards of a hundred people present throughout his property. Many
of them were in the sunken family room just off the entryway. It was here
where the bar was located and it was also where a pool table had been set
up. Eighties music pounded from the surround sound speakers high on the
wall. A game of team eight ball was in progress while twenty or so
spectators watched and drank. We made our way into this room and greeted a
few of my coworkers, shaking hands with them and exchanging hugs with their
wives. We then made a trip through the rest of the party for form's sake,
stopping in the kitchen where food was being readied, in the backyard where
the smokers hung out, and in the living room, where dancing would later
occur. Once all of the niceties were taken care of we returned to the family
room, putting ourselves into the running for a game of eight ball.

As we waited, we found ourselves talking to Jack Noland and his wife
Samantha. Jack and I had been hired together and were fairly good friends.
We had been assigned together on various projects throughout our careers and
we sometimes played some golf on our off time. Jack's wife was a nice person
but she really HAD plumped up since her marriage, putting on more than
eighty pounds..

"Is that what's-her-name?" Maureen asked at one point, her gaze settling
upon Julie Pendelton, a female engineer who worked for our department. As
one of the only women in a male dominated profession, Julie had
understandably created quite an uproar amongst the wives when she'd been
hired two years before. This uproar increased considerably ten months ago
when she'd abruptly divorced her lawyer husband for no apparent reason.
Julie, despite claims that she'd been hired for affirmative action reasons,
was actually a very methodical and effective engineer and, in my opinion,
was much better at her job than many of my male counterparts. I however,
like most of my co-workers, was wise enough to not let my wife know when I'd
been paired with her. There was no sense inviting interrogations and

"Yes," Samantha said, her own icy gaze falling upon "that woman" as many of
the wives referred to her. "She's lost an AWFUL lot of weight since her
divorce, hasn't she?"

Her observation was indeed correct. Once a plump 180 pounds or so on a 5
foot 6 inch frame, Julie had shed more than fifty pounds since telling the
lawyer to take a hike. She was now quite slim and attractive, a condition
which had both increased the suspicion of the wives and prompted many of the
men themselves to ask her out. So far she had taken none of them up on the
offer, not even the unattached ones.

"She's actually looking pretty good," Maureen said, a hint of dejection in
her voice. "I wonder how she did it."

"I'll just bet she's taking pills," Samantha said assuredly. "How else could
someone lose so much weight so fast?"

Jack and I both knew that Julie's secret was not pills but obsessive
exercise and a radical change in diet. I had worked with her numerous times
and I could testify that these days she spent her lunch hours jogging and
eating rabbit food. But of course neither one of us was about to mention
this to our wives. That would imply that we had noticed her.

In truth, I had noticed Julie plenty, even before her radical, post-divorce
weight loss. She was a very pleasant person, easy to get along with and fun
to talk to. And of course, being a healthy American male, I had also noticed
her in a physical way as well. Her face was pretty with full, sensuous lips.
Her hair was a shade of light blonde that could only be natural. Her breasts
were well-rounded globes that did justice to the shirts she wore in the
field. It was particularly enjoyable to be partnered with her during the
summer months when she wore shorts to work. Her legs were smooth and tight,
toned by the exercise that she did.

I had never acted upon this attraction to her or to any other woman. I loved
Maureen and, though our sex life had stagnated a bit over the years - as any
married couple's tends to do - it had never gotten quite stagnant enough for
me to risk an extra-marital affair or a fling. But this certainly did not
stop me from fantasizing on occasion and I must admit that Julie had played
a part in more than one of these fantasies.

"She seems awfully interested in Bill over there," Maureen said. "Isn't he

It was actually the opposite that was occurring.  Bill - who was indeed
married - was interested in Julie. She was sitting in one of the barstools,
sipping out of a glass of white wine. Her light yellow sundress, which came
to just above her knees when standing, had pulled up a little, exposing
about half of her left thigh. Bill was continually finding an excuse to
touch her knee with his hand. He would laugh and slap it down seemingly
unintentionally. He had not quite worked up the courage to try his luck a
little higher on the leg but I was sure that he soon would. Julie seemed
uncomfortable with the contact even from my vantage point across the room.
She kept her body as twisted away from him as she could get away with. She
was not quite offended enough to say something or create a scene but she was
getting there.

"He's married all right," Samantha told Maureen. "I wonder where his wife
is? I'll just bet she'd be real interested to see THIS."

Jack and I both kept our comments to ourselves and soon the topic of
conversation shifted to other things. Eventually he and Samantha drifted off
to another part of the party and were replaced by another couple that we
were friendly with. Over at the bar Julie was finally forced to say
something to Bill when he let his hand drop onto her upper thigh. No one
heard what it was - she spoke only loud enough for his ears - but it was
apparent that it captured his attention. He paled a little and quickly found
some other place to go.


I finished the drink that Steve had given me and began working on a glass of
light beer. Maureen, on the other hand, drank down two more margaritas and
was working on a third by the time our turn at the pool table came around.
My wife did not drink very often and therefore the effects of the alcohol
were readily apparent. She was flushed around her face and giggly, her
movements not quite steady or coordinated.

"Having fun babe?" I asked her, rubbing her back affectionately.

"Oh yeah," she giggled, giving me a sloppy kiss on the lips, a little bit
more than normal affection. I smiled inwardly. One effect that booze had on
Maureen was to make her extremely horny, something that I planned to take
advantage of when we got home.

We won the first game of eight ball quite easily since our opponents were
drunk. Maureen was having considerable trouble lining up her shots but I,
being sober, was able to carry the game for us. As the new champions we were
required to take the challenge from the next participants on the list. Their
number was called out and they stepped up.

It was Jeff Black, one of our brand new employees, and his young girlfriend.
Jeff was a 23 year old who had just graduated from college the previous
year. A strapping young blonde kid of impressive stature, he had an
all-American grin and looked exactly like a living, breathing Ken doll. His
girlfriend Rhonda was young, maybe 21 at the oldest, and very attractive in
a skinny, wild looking sort of way. Her hair had been dyed pink and she was
dressed in a pair of tight shorts and a Brittany Spears style shirt that
showed off her smooth belly. A gold ring had been threaded through her belly
button and the tip of a tattoo - it looked like it might be a dolphin - was
just peeking out from above the waistband of her shorts.

Jeff spent the entire match calling me "dude" at the beginning of each
sentence while Rhonda talked loudly and drunkenly in her squeaky,
Minnie-mouse voice. It was rather pleasant to watch her bend and line up for
her shots however. Her shorts were so brief that the bottoms of her ass
cheeks would protrude each time. Maureen caught me watching this sight once
and gave me an exasperated slap on the arm. They beat us quite handily,
sinking the solids and then the eight ball into the various pockets with the
skill of veteran barroom shooters.

After our defeat we made our way out to the living room area. I spent some
time talking shop with a few of my co-workers while Maureen joined a
gathering of wives in the other corner. While she swilled down two or three
more margaritas with the girls I continued to sip slowly out of my light
beer, refilling it once but not gaining any sort of effect that could be
termed a buzz.

At some point, maybe an hour or so after the pool game, I looked over to
where I'd last seen Maureen and she was no longer there. The group of wives
was still clumped together, many of them munching on appetizers from the
buffet table, so I knew she hadn't wandered off with them. I didn't give the
matter much thought right then, figuring that she'd probably just gone to
the bathroom. It was only when she still hadn't returned twenty minutes
later that I excused myself and went to go see what had become of her.

To my utter surprise I found her seated at the bar with Julie, the two of
them laughing and giggling like schoolgirls. They both had margaritas before
them and Steve was pouring them shots of tequila. As I watched from across
the room they smiled at each other drunkenly and then drank down the tequila
shooters in one swoop, giggling some more. They slammed the glasses back
down to the bar and then high-fived each.

I walked over to them, curious as to how my wife had ended up a drinking
buddy to "that woman". Maureen's eyes lit up happily when she saw me.

"Eric!" she said drunkenly. "There you are!" She stood to give me another
one of her sloppy kisses but she stumbled on her unsteady feet instead,
falling into me. "Oops," she slurred, straightening herself up with a little
effort and holding onto my shoulders. "I guess there was a little earthquake
or somethin' there, huh?" She gave me a kiss, sliding her tongue briefly
into my mouth. It tasted strongly of tequila and lime.

"How many drinks have you had?" I asked her, amused at seeing her in such a
state. As I said earlier, Maureen was a very rare drinker.

She scrunched her face up in concentration for a moment and then started
counting on her fingers. She gave up when she reached eight. "A lot," she
finally answered. "Steve's been pouring 'em for Jules and I."

JULES? Had she really just called the thorn in every wife's side Jules?

I helped her back over to her stool and then grabbed the seat next to her.
Julie, whose eyes were quite glassy and whose face was quite flushed, smiled
at me. "I've been using your wife to keep the perverts away from me," she
said, her own words quite thick and slurred. "They won't come near me when
one of the wives club is with me."

"Yep," Maureen agreed. "Did you know that some of those guys you work with
are always coming on to her?" She punctuated each of her words with a jab at
my chest with her finger, as if I was personally responsible for that.

"I uh... might've heard something about that," I said, feeling I was on thin

"But not Eric though," Julie told her, reaching around Maureen to pat me on
the shoulder. "He's one of the nicest ones we got there. You should be..."
she burped a little, "... excuse me. You should be proud of him Maury. He's
a fine example of a man."

"I think I'll keep him," she said, hugging me close and giving a kiss on the

Julie seemed on the verge of saying something else, something profound. But
then her expression abruptly changed, becoming softer. "I gotta pee," she
announced, staggering to her feet.

"I'll go with you," Maureen told her, dragging herself off of her bar stool
as well. "We'll be back in a minute." With that they linked arms and
stumbled off. I watched them go in confusion.

"What the hell happened here?" I asked Steve, who had dumped out the stale
beer in my glass and was filling me up a fresh one.

He smiled. "It seems your wife and Julie have hit it off," he told me.

"No shit," I said. "How'd it happen?"

"Well," he explained, "Maureen came in here to freshen up her drink and they
just started talking. I think your wife was only being polite at first but
then Julie happened to mention something about her children. That's all it
took. Maureen started talking about your children and before you know it,
the two of them are downing shots together and calling each other

"Amazing," I said, picking up my fresh beer and letting a little slide down
my throat.

Steve leaned in a little closer. "Julie did you right too," he told me. "She
told Maureen that you're one of the few men in the department that isn't
constantly hitting on her. She said you're a perfect gentleman when you work

"She did?" I said, thinking that this was both good and bad. On the one hand
it let Maureen know that I was in fact a perfect gentleman. But on the other
hand I had worked hard over the years to give the impression that I never
actually had to work with Julie. That impression would now be destroyed.
True, Maureen didn't seem to mind at the moment while she had a pint or so
of tequila in her veins, but what would happen tomorrow? I decided not to
worry about it at the moment.

The two of them came stumbling back a few minutes later, their arms now
actually around each other's shoulders. They wasted no time in downing the
rest of their margaritas. "Light us up again Stevie!" Julie told him,
slamming her glass down on the bar nearly hard enough to break it.

Steve smiled and lit them up again.

An hour and three more drinks later the two women were still inseparable. I
sat with them sipping out of my beer as they talked of a variety of subjects
in their loud, drunken voices. There was little that was taboo in the state
they were in. Maureen gave a lengthy dissertation on the horrors of having
her period start unexpectedly while in a public place. Julie countered this
by telling of the time she had broken both of her wrists in a bicycle
accident and had to have her husband wipe her butt for her for a period of
three weeks.

"Now that's true love," Maureen proclaimed.

"Naww," Julie scoffed. "He was an asshole. He only did it 'cause he was too
fuckin' cheap to hire a nurse for me." She shook her head a little. "I'm
tellin' you. Don't ever marry for money. It's not fuckin' worth it."

This cracked both of them up for some reason that I wasn't able to follow.
They clutched each other's shoulders and nearly fell off the stools - would
have if I hadn't reached out and pushed them both back up.

"I wanna smoke," Maureen suddenly declared. "Let's go out back and get a
cigarette from one of them guys out there."

"Yeah!" Julie said excitedly. "Let's do it."

They staggered to their feet once again and started heading for the door,
their arms around each other's shoulders again. I stared after them in
astonishment. As far as I knew, my wife had never smoked a cigarette in her
life. Nor had I ever seen Julie imbibing in the habit.

"You'd better go follow them," said Steve, who had been quietly tending bar
throughout the entire thing. "It looks like they're in the mood for trying
new things. A man can have a lot of fun with that if he plays his cards

"Huh?" I asked, not having the slightest idea what he was talking about.

"Just go with the flow," he told me, giving a wink. "Let the currents of the
evening take you where they will."

With these mystic words echoing in my ear, I got up and went after them. I
caught up out in the backyard where they had found Jeff and Rhonda, both of
whom were smokers.

"Thanks," Maureen was telling Jeff as she accepted a Marlboro from his pack.
He lit it for her and she inhaled deeply, blowing the smoke out through her
nose and not coughing in the least. "Ahhh," she said with satisfaction.
"Nothing like a good smoke."

"Hell yeah," Jeff agreed with a grin as he pulled another one out for Julie.

He lit her cigarette for her and then offered one to me, which I declined.
Once they had them burning they staggered over to a small wooden bench about
three feet away and plopped themselves down. As she adjusted herself on her
seat Julie's summer dress rode up considerably. I caught the briefest flash
of white between her pretty legs before she crossed them and pulled the hem
back down. To my chagrin I saw that Maureen had noticed me noticing. Instead
of being mad however she was grinning.

"You pervert," she said lightly, kicking at me playfully with one of her

"A pervert?" Julie piped up, taking another quick drag of her smoke. "What
he do?"

"He was lookin' up your dress," she said, much to my horror.

But surprisingly Julie wasn't upset about this either. She only giggled
again. "It's a good thing I wore my clean panties today, ain't it?" she aske

While I blushed red at being both caught and informed upon, everyone within
five square meters had a laugh at my expense.

As the two women smoked their cigarettes they talked to Jeff and Rhonda,
both of whom were well into the land of intoxication themselves. It was
Maureen who first brought up the subject of Rhonda's belly-button ring. They
talked of how long she had had it (two years) and how much it hurt to have
it put in (a little more than a shot, a little less than a urinary tract

"It looks really sexy," Julie said, leaning forward to take a closer look at

"Yeah," Maureen agreed. "I've thought about getting one before but I was
always afraid of it hurting all the time."

I looked at her in surprise. This was certainly the first time that I had
ever heard her mention that she had thought about getting a belly button

"It doesn't hurt once it's in," Rhonda told her.

"Not even when you... you know... you're doing it?" Maureen asked.

"No," she said, shaking her head strenuously. "In fact, it feels real good."

"For who?" Julie wanted to know. "You or him?"

"For me," she said. "It's like there's this nerve path that runs from the
boobs down to the clitoris. When you pierce your belly button and put a stud
or a ring in there, it's like you're tapping into that nerve path. It's
electric in a way."

"No shit?" Maureen said, actually reaching out and running her finger over
Rhonda's belly button to get a feel of it. Rhonda didn't seem to mind. In
fact, she squirmed a little under the touch, something that definitely got
my attention (as well as Jeff's).

"Ooooh," Rhonda squealed, goose bumps clearly rising on the flesh around her
navel. "Don't do it too much or you'll get me going."

"Wow," Julie said, her eyes glowing. "Is it really that sensitive?"

"You have no idea," Rhonda told her, finally withdrawing from Maureen's
finger since Maureen seemed to have no intention of ceasing her diddling of
the ring on her own. "You know what the best part is though?"

"What?" both of them wanted to know.

"It's when someone licks the ring," she told them. "When Jeff puts his
tongue on it it's like... like totally bitchin. Instant wet panties if you
know what I mean. It sends tingles running up and down my body, all the way
along that nerve path." She shot an affectionate look over at him. "And he
knows how to take advantage of that now. Any time he wants to get me in bed
he just gives me a few licks on the ring and I'm his."

Jeff grinned at them knowingly, not saying anything but confirming her story
with his facial expression.

"I want a belly button ring," Maureen said, turning towards me. "Hon, I want
you to go with me to get one."

"Me too," Julie said. "I want a ring too."

"Let's go now!" Maureen suggested.

"Yeah!" Julie said excitedly. "Let's do it!"

I hated to be the bearer of bad news, especially since the idea of my wife
getting a belly-button ring was somewhat appealing (particularly in light of
the possibility that I could get her going anytime I wanted to just by
licking it), but I felt as the only sober person present in the discussion
that it was my duty to point out a few facts. "Uh... I don't think we can do
that right now," I told them.

"Why not?" Maureen demanded, putting a pout on her face.

"Yeah," Julie said, joining with her ally. "Why not?"

"I'll be happy to take you down to get a belly button ring," I said. "But
they're not allowed to do that to people that are drunk and I hardly think
that you two could pass for sober."

Rhonda started laughing at me.

"What?" I asked her.

"Sorry dude," she said apologetically, "but you really don't know what
you're talking about. They don't give a damn whether you're drunk, stoned,
under eighteen, or even breathing as long as you got good old legal tender
with you."

This immediately caught the two women's attention. "Really?" Maureen asked

She gave a knowing look. "Trust me on this," she said. "I have three tattoos
and three piercings and I was drunker than shit for every one of them. They
don't care."

While I was left to wonder where her other tattoos and piercings were - she
only had one of each visible - Julie anticipated my next argument and
articulated it for me. "Will any of them be open right now?" she asked,
looking at her watch. "It's almost nine."

"Bodyworks over at Douglas and Sunrise is open 'til midnight," Rhonda said.
"That's where I got all of mine done."

"Do you have to make an appointment?" Maureen asked.

Rhonda found this to be particularly funny. "No," she said. "Just go in
there and tell him what you want. Tell him that Rhonda Jenkins sent you.
He'll know who I am."

"Let's go," Maureen told me, pulling herself to her feet. She grabbed my arm
and used me to hold herself up. "Come on babe, take us down there! I want to
get a belly button ring."

"Take me too," Julie said, using my other arm to pull herself up with. Once
again I caught the briefest flash of her panties. This time my gaze went

With no more arguments to offer, I had no choice but to take them. We made
our way out of the house without saying goodbye to anyone. Probably the only
person that noticed our departure was Steve. He gave me a wink and a
mysterious smile as I escorted the two drunken ladies out the door.

We piled into Julie's car since it was the closest. It was a black
Volkswagen Jetta with a bumper sticker that read: ENGINEERS DO IT WITH
PRECISION. I climbed behind the wheel and, at Julie's insistence, Maureen
took the shotgun position. Julie herself crammed into the cramped back seat.

Douglas and Sunrise was in one of the seedier parts of our suburb and the
drive took about fifteen minutes. On the way over Maureen once again
embarrassed me by describing in exacting detail my vasectomy, which I had
undergone shortly after the birth of our second child and which she had

"The doctor put him in one of those stirrup chairs just like they have in
the gynecologist's office," she told her new friend.

"He didn't!" Julie said, laughing at the thought.

"He did!" she confirmed. "And then he tied his... you know... his..."

"His dick?" she suggested, making both of them crack up and making a fresh
blush appear on my face.

"Right," Maureen said. "He tied his dick up to his shirt with this gauze
thingy. And then he gave him a shot right in the balls with this little
needle. He made a tiny little cut on the sack with a scalpel and then...".

The description went on for some time, causing both of them to crack up on
many occasions. I said nothing and continued to drive. Their topic of
conversation finally switched from vasectomies to what sort of package
Rhonda's boyfriend Jeff might be endowed with. Their comments on this
subject were quite bawdy as well.

Finally I pulled into the strip mall that housed the tattoo and piercing
parlor that Rhonda had directed us to. In addition to Bodyworks there was a
liquor store, a porno shop, two dangerous looking bars, and a Harley shop. I
parked as close as I could get to our destination, made a quick check of the
area for security reasons, and then, deeming it safe to egress, shut off the
engine and opened the door. Maureen and Julie, both still using each other
as supports, staggered out and followed me to the entrance.

The inside of the shop was not terribly large. All four walls were filled
from ceiling to knee level with drawings of tattoo designs, everything from
dragons to naked women to rock group emblems. A display case near the rear
of the room contained a variety of earrings, studs, and other adornments
meant to be forcibly driven through human flesh. This case formed a counter
of sorts, behind which sat a man who looked like he had just walked out of a
prison. He was wearing a pair of tattered shorts and a wife-beater shirt.
His hair was long and greasy looking and practically every square inch of
exposed skin, including much of his face, was adorned with tattoos. He had
several earrings dangling from each ear and one hanging from his left
eyebrow. He looked at the three of us expressionlessly as we entered his
shop and I began to wonder just how good of an idea this really was. I had
no problem at all envisioning him raping and murdering each and every one of
us for no other reason than it was a slow night and he was bored.

"Evening," he said, his voice rough though polite. "What can I help you
folks with?"

"Belly button rings!" Maureen yelled enthusiastically. "We want belly button

"Fuckin aye!" echoed Julie. "Rhonda Jenkins sent us here. She says you'd
know her."

He smiled fondly at some memory. "Oh yes," he said. "I know Rhonda all
right. So who wants the piercing done? Just the ladies?"

"Just the ladies," I confirmed.

"Okay," he told them. "My name is Ray. I'll be performing the procedure." He
named his price and then told them to pick out the rings that they wanted
from the display. "Of course the law says that I'm not to tattoo or pierce
anyone who's been drinking," he warned. "You ladies haven't been doing any
of that, have you?"

"Fuck no!" Julie said, stumbling over her own foot and nearly falling.

"Never touch the shit," Maureen put in, trying to make a cross my heart
gesture but lacking the coordination.

"I didn't think so," Ray said, satisfied that the legalities were covered.
"Let's find you some jewelry."

Maureen picked out a small gold ring to adorn her new piercing. Julie, after
a few moments of indecision, finally settled on an exact duplicate of it.
"It'll be like we're sisters," she said, hugging Maureen to her.

"Yeah, sisters," my wife said, nearly teary-eyed with the thought.

Ray accepted their credit cards and rang up the purchases. Once the
transaction was completed he went over and changed the sign on the front of
the door from "open" to "closed."  "Who wants to go first?" he asked.

Maureen elected to take the plunge first. Ray led us all through a wooden
door and into the back room of the shop. Here a table that looked very much
like that found in a doctor's examination room was installed in the floor.
Just above it was a shelf full of antiseptics. A wheeled cart parked on the
other side contained needles and trays and a tattoo gun. On the far wall
were an autoclave and some other sterilization equipment. The smell in the
place was of rubbing alcohol and acetone.

"Okay," Ray told my wife. "If you'll hop up on the table and expose the
navel, we'll get started."

She staggered over to the table and planted her butt on it. Laying back on
her back she asked, "just how exposed do I have to get?"

"Just pull your shirt up to below your breasts and unbutton your pants. You
don't have to strip down or anything like that."

"Oh... okay," she said, actually sounding a tad disappointed.

She unbuttoned her jeans and folded them down just to the point where the
top two inches of her flowered panties were showing. She then hiked up her
shirt a little to just below her bra cups. This left her stomach and belly
button plainly displayed for the work that Ray was about to embark upon.

I must admit that I was pretty impressed by the piercing procedure. I had
expected Ray to just pull an old rusty nail or something out of his pocket
and run her through. Instead he donned a pair of latex gloves and spent the
better part of five minutes sterilizing the area around her navel. Once that
was done he wiped her clean with a sterile towel and opened up a package
that contained an 18-gauge needle. From another sterile package he removed
an instrument that looked like a surgical clamp (or a roach clip, depending
upon your upbringing). He clipped the clamp onto the flesh near the top of
her belly button and pulled, stretching it out and upward.

"Are you ready?" he asked her, the needle in his right hand.

"Give it to me," she told him.

"Gonna hurt a little," he said, touching the needle to the underside of the
skin. "Hold still."

Julie was holding her left hand and I was holding her right. Ray poked into
her flesh with the needle, the skin actually stretching out a quarter inch
or so before the tip of the needle came through the other side. Maureen
squealed a little and squeezed our hands.

"Goddamn, that hurt!" she said, although good-naturedly.

Ray pulled the needle free leaving a single drop of blood. He wiped it away
and then threaded her new ring through the hole that he had just made,
clamping it shut.

"That was so bitchin," Julie said, her eyes shining.

"Nothing to it," Ray told her. He wiped her down one more time, put a little
hydrogen peroxide on the ring and the flesh around it, and then covered the
whole thing with a piece of gauze that he taped in place. "Now keep that
bandage in place for at least 24 hours."

Maureen agreed to do as he said. She pulled her shirt back down, buttoned
her pants, and then Julie and I helped her off of the table. She gave each
of us a hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"My turn now," Julie said, staggering over to the table. She stopped at the
edge and looked down at herself, realizing for the first time that exposing
her belly button was not going to be quite as simple as it had been for
Maureen. "Oh my god," she said, suddenly embarrassed. "I'm wearing a dress.
How am I going to... you know?"

"You'll have to pull your dress up for him," Maureen told her.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, blushing a little.

"Either that or take it all the way off," I couldn't help but suggest.

Ray followed this conversation placidly, his face never changing expression.
"You can just pull it up to expose the area," he said clinically. "Believe
me, you don't have anything that I haven't seen before. I've done tattoos on
women's vaginal lips. I've pierced clitorises a thousand times. Just think
of me as a doctor."

Julie seemed to consider this for a moment and then she shrugged. "Okay. I
guess that's all right then." Now I of course was expecting to be banished
from the room for the duration of my co-worker's piercing in light of this
new development. But to my surprise she reached down, grabbed the hem of her
summer dress, and hiked it up to her waist, exposing her toned legs and her

"Julie!" Maureen chided with a giggle. "You're making my husband's eyes bug

"He already looked at them once at the party," she said, planting her butt
on the table and laying back. "I'm sure he won't tell anyone he saw me in my
undies, will you Eric?"

"Not a chance," I said, trying to make it look like I wasn't interested in
what she was showing while memorizing every detail. Her panties were the
plain cotton type, solid white, the name brand stitched across the
waistband. They were neither granny panties nor bikini briefs, just a
normal, everyday set of respectable women's underwear. They were stretched
tightly across her crotch, just a hint of a bulge showing from the pubic
mound beneath. A few stray strands of this hair, light blonde in color,
protruded from around the edges of the crotch. She positioned herself on the
table and pulled her dress all the way to her lower chest, just bringing the
bottoms of her bra cups into view. Her stomach was flat and tanned, a few
stretch marks visible just above the top of her panties.

"Girlfriend, we're gonna have to get you some more interesting panties,"
Maureen said, taking her left hand as Ray began preparing her stomach for
the procedure. "White cotton? Please."

"I'm an engineer," Julie told her. "We're methodical, practical people.
White cotton is cheap and lasts a long time. Besides, who ever sees them but
me?" She giggled again. "Except for now that is."

"Eric's an engineer," she countered. "He's got some black bikini briefs that

"Uh," I interrupted, "could we leave my underwear out of the discussion?"

"Why?" Maureen asked. "You look cute in them."

While they engaged in an animated discussion of how my ass looked in my
black bikini briefs, Ray went methodically and expressionlessly about his
work. He sterilized Julie's tummy and then wiped it clean. A fresh needle
was extracted from it's packaging. Out came a fresh clamp and then it was
time for the stab.

"Fuck my mother!" Julie screeched as the needle poked through. "That hurt!"

"All over now though," Ray said, wiping away the blood and picking up the
gold ring. He clipped it into place, gave Julie a moment to admire her new
piercing, and then covered it up with gauze and tape. A second later we
pulled her to her feet and my view of her panties disappeared from sight,
although not from mind.

The two women thanked Ray several times and he offered one last reminder
about the care and use of their rings. With that we said our farewells and
headed out the door, the two women once again leaning on each other for
support. We piled back into Julie's Jetta and I pulled out of the parking

"Back to the party?" I asked.

"Fuck that," Julie said. "I don't wanna go back and have all those drunks
try to get in my panties. Let's go get a drink somewhere!"

"Yeah!" Maureen agreed. "Let's go to that bar over by our house! You know,
the one by the mall?"

It was then that I remembered the words of Steve. Let the currents of the
night take you where they will. Steve was indeed a wise man. "I have an
idea," I piped up. "Lets go back to our house."

"Our house?" Maureen asked.

"It's not too far away," I said. "And the kids are gone for the night. I'll
stop at the liquor store and pick us up some booze."

They eagerly embraced this idea, making me quite proud of myself for having
suggested it. I stopped in at a liquor store and bought some tequila and
some strawberry margarita mix. Ten minutes later I parked in our driveway
and led the two drunken women inside.

While Maureen put on a CD of mellow music, I broke out the blender and mixed
us up a potent batch of margaritas, which I poured into glasses and carried
into the living room. The two of them were sitting next to each other on the

"Oh no," Julie said, pointing an accusatory finger at me. "Don't think
you're gonna get away with just drinking a margarita or two. You got some
catching up to do!"

"Damn right," Maureen said. "You need to take some fuckin' shots bikini

I went back to the kitchen and retrieved the tequila bottle and a shot
glass. They made room for me to sit between them and I took some shots,
slamming down four healthy ounces of Jose Cuervo and chasing them with my
margarita. This made my stomach burn in a pleasant way. By the time I poured
second rounds for everyone I was buzzing quite strongly.

"I want to see my ring," Maureen announced suddenly. She raised up her shirt
and began pulling at the tape that held the bandage in place.

"He told you not to uncover it for 24 hours," I warned.

"Awww, that's just liability shit," she scoffed, ripping it free. The area
around the piercing had swollen the tiniest bit and was reddened, but other
than that it looked like it had been there for years. "What do you think?"
she asked me.

"It's very sexy," I said quite honestly, reaching out to touch it. "Does it
hurt still?"

"It's a little sore," she said. "Not too bad. Move it back and forth a
little. I wanna feel that nerve path thingy that what's-her-name was talkin'

I wiggled the ring back and forth gently. As had happened with Rhonda,
little goose bumps broke out on the flesh around her belly button.

"Ooooh," she said, her eyes shining. "That DOES feel kind of tingly."

"Really?" Julie asked, watching over my shoulder. "Does it go up and down
from your boobs to your clit like she said?"

"Yeah," she told her. "It feels nice."

"Let me try," Julie said, leaning over me and putting her fingers on
Maureen's ring. Her thigh pushed into mine as she did so and her breast
rested against my upper arm, allowing me to feel the springy weight of it.
It was far from an unpleasant sensation.

"Yeah, just like that," Maureen told her, pushing her belly outward into
Julie's caressing fingers. "Damn, that's making my nipples hard." And indeed
it was. I could plainly see the swelling of them poking out through her
shirt and bra.

Julie suddenly pulled her hand away and leaned back into the couch. "I've
got to check this out," she said. With that she hiked her skirt up to her
waist, once more exposing her thighs and her panties to my gaze. This time
however, she didn't bother closing her legs, leaving them parted about ten
degrees. The cotton that covered her vaginal area looked just a little bit
darker than that covering the rest of her skin. She pushed the skirt up even
higher, baring her entire lower stomach, and then began to remove the
bandage over her belly button.

I took a glance over at my wife, expecting her to put an end to this game,
but apparently she had no such plans at the moment. She was smiling at me,
interest in the goings on clearly showing in her eyes. Her nipples looked,
if anything, even more prominent than they had a minute ago. My penis began
to stiffen in my pants as the lurid nature of the situation cleared the
circuits in my head.

"I don't feel anything," Julie complained as she moved the ring back and
forth. "It just feels like a ring moving around. Maybe there's something
wrong with my nerve path."

"Maybe it's like tickling," Maureen suggested. "You know? You can't tickle
yourself, it has to be someone else doing it."

"Maybe," Julie said thoughtfully.

"Eric," she told me. "Rub her ring for her. See if you can make her tingle."

This was certainly not an offer that I was about to turn down. I went with
the currents of the evening. I reached out and put my hand on Julie's soft
belly, my index and ring fingers resting softly against her flesh, my middle
finger touching the cool metal of the ring. I moved it around gently. The
effect on her was immediate.

"Oh... wow," she said, arcing her torso up a little to increase the
pressure. "You're right, I feel it now."

"Nice, isn't it?" Maureen asked, leaning over so that her chest was pushing
into my side. I was now very aroused, my penis stiffening up into a
full-fledged erection.

"I see what you mean about the nipple thing," Julie said. "They went up like
I just jumped into ice water."

Maureen giggled and then grabbed my free hand. "Do me too," she said,
putting it back on her torso. Who was I to complain? I took a soft belly in
each hand and stimulated the nerve paths of my wife and her new friend. A
husband's work is never done I guess. They both sighed and pushed their
stomachs into me. Between Julie's legs (where my glance just happened to
keep accidentally falling) there was now a definite patch of wetness
showing. I began to wonder just where this was all going to lead, knowing
that, as a man, I would let it go as far as the ladies wished to take it.
Would this develop into an all-out threesome? Probably not, I had to admit
to myself. Things such as that didn't really happen in real life. At some
point enough would become enough and either Julie or, more likely, Maureen,
would call an end to the festivities. But I would certainly enjoy myself as
much as possible until that happened.

My enjoyment soon kicked up a notch. Maureen pushed my hand away and grabbed
me by the neck. "Lick mine," she ordered, pulling at me. "What's-her-name
said that was the ultimate. I gotta try it."

I hesitated a moment. Enjoyment or not, I didn't want to be responsible for
giving my wife a nasty infection. "Are you sure I should do that?" I asked.
"You know, with it being fresh and all."

"I'm sure," she said, pulling harder. "Give me some tongue baby. I gotta
check this thing out."

"Yeah," Julie said, pushing at my shoulder to help propel me into position.
"Give her some tongue."

I gave her some tongue. Leaning over from my spot on the couch I lowered my
head and put my mouth on my wife's stomach, sticking out my tongue and
licking her just below the belly-button. I swirled it around the perimeter
of it, tasting a tang of the alcohol that had been used to sterilize the
area, but not actually touching the ring just yet.

"No teasing," Maureen whined, giving my hair a little tug. "Lick it."

I let my tongue slide gently over the edge of the ring, feeling the coldness
of it, tasting the metallic tang. I licked up and down, back and forth, my
fingers caressing the skin on her sides.

"How's it feel?" I heard Julie ask from behind me.

"Oh my god," she breathed, her fingers running through my hair. "This is
totally incredible. It feels sooooo erotic."


"You have no idea," she told her. "Ooooh, keep doing that baby. You're
making my panties all wet."

I assaulted the ring with my tongue, pushing it this way and that, even
driving the tip through the center of it. Seemingly of their own volition,
Maureen's legs spread apart until her knee was pushing gently into my
erection. It seemed accidental at first but soon she was turning her leg in
small circles, sending waves of pleasure out through my groin.

After about two or three minutes of this, Maureen finally lifted my head up
from her stomach. Her faced was flushed and her eyes were glazed over in an
expression that I knew well. It was an expression that she wore when she was
incredibly turned on; the same expression that she'd worn the time I'd
rubbed warm oil all over her body, the time I'd coaxed her into the bathroom
of an airborne jetliner, a dozen other times when the sex was particularly
good between us. She gave me a kiss on the mouth, just stabbing between my
lips with her tongue, and then she looked over at Julie. "You have GOT to
try that," she told her. "It is the most incredible sensation."

Julie was also quite flushed, her own expression one of naked arousal. A
quick glance down at her panties showed me that the dampness on her crotch
had spread considerably. And the fact that she was still sitting there told
me that she had not been offended by what was taking place. "You want ME to
try it?" she asked, her voice not exactly steady. "How am I going to do
that? You're not really going to let your husband lick another woman's belly
are you?"

Maureen shrugged a little. "A good point," she allowed. "I guess it's not
really fair to ask him to do something like that."

"No, it really wouldn't be," Julie agreed, although there was obvious
disappointment in her tone. She WANTED me to lick her belly. It showed in
her eyes, in the dampness of her panties, in the way her legs had opened, in
the way her nipples were pushing her dress outward.

"Now wait a minute..." I started. Things seemed to be moving off track here.
A second before I would've sworn I was well on my way to achieving every
man's dream. Now - bummer of bummers - they were bringing up doubts. I
needed to redirect their attention, get things back on the path they had
just been following. But before I could protest that I was willing to endure
ANY sacrifice, no matter how unpleasant, in the name of marital harmony,
Maureen put things onto an entirely new track.

"I guess I'LL have to do it then," she said. And before those words even had
a chance to sink into anyone's brain, she leaned over my lap and dropped her
head down to Julie's stomach.

As I watched in aroused astonishment, my wife's tongue shot out of her mouth
and began to lick up and down the ring in Julie's belly. She bathed it in
her saliva, stimulating it just like I had done to her own. My jaw dropped
down to my chin as I took this in. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever
envisioned Maureen licking another woman's flesh.

Julie seemed just as astonished by Maureen's actions. She giggled at first,
treating it like it was a joke, but that only lasted for about five seconds,
until the licking tongue stimulated those nerve pathways. Then her
expression turned from amusement back to stark arousal. "Ohh... ahhhhhhhh,"
she said, her voice a little higher in pitch than it had been. "Jesusssss,

"Mmmmm," Maureen said from around her ring. "Nice, isn't it?"

"Uhh huhhh," she cooed, her hand dropping down to Maureen's brunette hair.
"I never thought having a woman lick my tummy would feel so good."

"And I never thought another woman's tummy would taste so good," Maureen
returned, unleashing a fresh assault on the ring.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Julie said, closing her eyes and letting
the sensation take her away.

"Neither can I," Maureen told her. "But I kind of like it."

By now my dick was absolutely turgid and it was begging to be released from
its confines. The problem was that I wasn't quite sure how my two companions
would take that action. I was on unfamiliar ground here, ground where the
rules were unknown, possibly not even written yet. I kept my tool in its
case for the time being but I could not help pushing it up into Maureen's
breasts, which were conveniently sprawled in exactly the right place for
such an action. My hand dropped down to her lower back where I began to
caress the bare skin that had been exposed by her shirt riding up. Soon I
was pushing down the back of her pants with my fingers, feeling the tops of
her ass cheeks.

Maureen's hands soon became busy as well. They had been resting on Julie's
waist, just to either side of the belly button. As I watched, they moved
upward, trailing up her flanks and disappearing under the material of her
dress. Soon they were resting on Julie's breasts, squeezing and kneading
them through the bra. "You've got nice boobies Jules," she told her, her
words muffled by the belly button in her mouth. "They're so firm."

"Mmmmm," Julie moaned, her own hands covering Maureen's through the dress
and encouraging the motion.

This was apparently all the motivation that Maureen needed to move things
along a little. Her mouth left the belly button ring and began to kiss and
suck its way downward, across the flesh of her lower stomach, giving little
nips and leaving a trail of saliva that glistened in the light. Julie's legs
opened wider, acting seemingly on their own. By now her panties were
absolutely saturated in the crotch, the material almost transparent.

"What are you doing?" Julie asked, her eyes opening, a hint of alarm in her

"I'm going down on you," Maureen told her, gazing upward. "Pull your panties
to the side."

She shivered against us. "I've never... never done it with a woman before,"
she said, making no actual move to stop her.

"Neither have I," Maureen said. "But I've always wanted to try it. And I
think that you have too."

"Well... uh... a few times..." she stammered, her breathing heavy, "but I
don't know if I really... well... maybe we should stop and... you know...
think about this for a minute."

"Maybe we shouldn't," Maureen told her, rubbing her nose across the crotch
of her panties, putting a crease right where her vaginal lips were. Her nose
came away with a sheen of moisture on the tip.

 Julie moaned and shuddered at the contact. "Oh god," she sighed.

"Your pussy is soaked Jules," Maureen said. "I can smell how turned on you
are. Now pull your panties to the side and let me eat you."

With a trembling hand Julie reached down and grabbed the crotch of her
panties between two fingers. Slowly she pulled sideways, exposing herself.
Her lips were swollen and inviting, the blonde hair on the sides of them
matted down with her juices, the clitoris protruding from its hood. The
smell of her musk hit my nose and I moaned this time, grinding extra hard
into Maureen's breasts.

"Beautiful," Maureen sighed, giving a little nibble on her inner thigh. With
that she put her face forward and began to lick up and down the lips,
plunging her tongue inside. My wife was actually eating another woman's
pussy! And right in front of me as well! I nearly came in my pants at the
sight of it. Julie seemed to have a mini seizure at the first contact. She
removed her free hand from her chest and dropped it back to Maureen's head,
where she pulled her tighter against her.

"Ohhhh my goddd," Julie groaned, her pelvis rocking up and down against
Maureen's face.

"Mmmm," Maureen said, giving an extra long lick. "I love the taste of you."
She shifted her body off my lap and put her legs on the floor, twisting
around so that she was kneeling between Julie's legs. Julie opened them
wider - obscenely wide - and pulled the panties further to the side,
exposing more of her womanhood to Maureen's mouth. Maureen wasted no time in
diving back in, attacking her with her lips and tongue. Wet, slurping noises
began to rise from them.

"This is sooo perverted," Julie groaned, her fingers twisting roughly
through Maureen's hair. "But god, I love it!"

Maureen raised her head up for a second. Her face was drenched with juices.
"Lick her ring Eric," she told me. "Let's drive her crazy."

"Yes," Julie moaned, pulling Maureen's head back to her crotch. "Lick my
ring. Drive me crazy!"

I wasted no time in spinning my body around and dropping my head down to her
stomach. Her belly button and the flesh around it were still wet from my
wife's saliva. The smell of her pussy was very strong, almost overpowering
at this range, as were the wet sounds from my wife's mouth making contact. I
put my tongue on her new ring and began to lick, using strong, aggressive
strokes combined with the occasional soft suck. Her belly began to spasm
almost immediately.

"Oh my godddd!" she yelled, her pelvis slamming up and down now. "I'm
gonna... you're making me... ohhhhh!"

She came quickly and violently, her body contorting with such force that she
nearly bucked me off the couch. Her legs came up around Maureen's back and
tightened there, pulling her forcibly against her. She actually ripped a few
strands of my wife's hair out of her head with her clutching fist.

While she was still twitching and jerking with the aftereffects of her
orgasm, Maureen raised her head up again and grabbed the waistband of
Julie's panties. She gave a tug and Julie obediently raised her hips up,
allowing her to pull them off. She dropped them to the floor and then put
her face right back in her crotch, going back to work. Julie offered no
protests and it was only a second or two before she was happily moaning
again, working her way to the next come.

At this point I decided to take a little initiative of my own. I wanted to
get my hands and mouth on Julie's tits and this seemed like the perfect
opportunity to do so. I grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled upward on
it. She raised her arms up and a moment later the dress was on the floor,
leaving her in nothing but her plain white bra. I leaned forward and put my
mouth to hers, kissing her lips while my hands reached around her back,
searching for the clasp. She plunged her tongue into my mouth, kissing me
frantically, lustfully, sucking on my lips and swirling her tongue around
with mine.

I popped the clasp free and then pulled the bra off, tossing it over my
shoulder. Breaking the kiss I looked down at what I had revealed, drinking
in the sight of her bare breasts. They were the size of oranges, not too
big, not too small, and without the unnatural perfection that comes with
implants. Her nipples were blood red and very erect. I ran my hands over
them, feeling their weight and firmness. I squeezed them almost roughly.
Julie pushed them harder into me and moaned.

"Suck them," she told me. "Suck my titties."

I sucked her titties, attacking first and foremost those delectable nipples.
Keeping one in my hand and one in my mouth, I alternated between them,
sucking and licking and biting while Maureen continued to slurp away at her
pussy. Julie's hands dropped down to my ass, giving it a few squeezes, and
then ran upward, underneath my shirt to my bare back. Her nails scratched at
me lightly as her fingers palpated the muscles of my shoulders.

Soon the sensation of two mouths upon her drove her over the edge once
again. Her second orgasm was, if anything, even more intense than her first.
It certainly drew out a lot longer. I continued to suck strongly at her tits
while Maureen seemed to be concentrating on sucking her clitoris right out
of her body. She actually clawed into my back hard enough to leave scratches
as the spasms reached their peak within her.

When Maureen finally pulled her dripping face from her pussy and when I
lifted my head from her chest, Julie was red all over, covered in a thin
layer of perspiration, and panting like she'd just run a mile. She sat there
with her legs spread wide, her pussy gaping open obscenely, her nipples
standing out proudly. "That was... was..." She couldn't seem to find the

"Pretty good?" I suggested.

She laughed a little. "Yeah," she said, caressing the side of our faces with
either hand. "Pretty good. You two make a good team."

"Oh, but we're not done yet," Maureen said.

"We're not?"

"Not by a long shot," she said. She patted the floor next to her. "Eric,
come lay down here."

Unsure what my wife had in mind but knowing that it was unlikely to be
disagreeable, I quickly slid off the couch and onto the floor, laying on my
back, my feet towards Maureen. She wasted no time in reaching for the
buttons on my pants, which she quickly undid with a single yank. I kicked my
shoes off my feet and she pulled my pants and underwear down, baring my hard
cock, which was dripping with pre-cum. I sighed as it was finally released
from its confines. Looking up at Julie I saw that her eyes had riveted on it
like a child spying a candy bar.

Maureen tossed my pants to the side and then put her smooth hand on my
member, jacking it up and down a few times and smearing the pre-come around
to make it slippery. I was so on edge by the events of the last few minutes
that I nearly came just from this motion. Using the willpower and control
that regular marital fucking imparts upon a man, I managed to hang on and
fight the urge back.

"Come here," Maureen told Julie. "Come and sit on it." I let out another
groan, hearing these words. My wife was offering my cock to another woman.

Julie licked her lips a little but made no move to get up from the couch. "I
couldn't," she said, shaking her head a little.

"Sure you could," Maureen said. "Look at this nice hard cock. You told me
you haven't been laid since your divorce. Well, here's your chance. Wouldn't
you like to just sit down on it?"

Julie trembled a little, almost mesmerized by the sight of Maureen's hand
stroking up and down my shaft. It was very clear by looking at her face that
she desperately wanted to do just what Maureen had suggested. "But he's your
husband," she said softly. "I couldn't fuck another woman's husband. That's
what all those wives are always accusing me of."

"But I'm offering him to you," Maureen pointed out. "And I'm sure Eric
doesn't mind. Do you Eric?"

Me mind? Mind having my wife let me fuck my attractive, often fantasized
about coworker while she watched and participated? No, I didn't really mind
that much. "Not at all," I said, with just the right hint of casualness in
my voice, as if they'd asked if I minded switching the television channel
for a few minutes. I don't think I fooled anyone.

"You see?" Maureen said, grabbing Julie's hand and tugging on her. "Now come
down here and get some dick. Sit on his cock baby."

Julie allowed herself to be pulled off the couch. She swung her leg over my
body so she was straddling my waist, her head facing towards mine. At
Maureen's urging she slowly squatted down over me, her wet, still dripping
pussy slowly descending towards my erection. Her thighs squeezed softly
around mine and her belly button ring caught the light from the lamp on the
nearby table, glinting at me. Maureen, still stroking my cock, used her
other hand to push Julie down a little more until the head was touching her
lips. I felt the slippery membranes of another woman sliding against me for
the first time in many years. My hips began to pivot upward, trying to drive
myself deeper.

"Come on Jules," Maureen said, kissing her shoulder and rubbing her ass
cheeks. "Fuck him. Give him a fuck he'll never forget."

She took my wife's words to heart and slowly sank down upon me, engulfing me
in her warm, wet sheath. She was tight, probably from all of the exercises
that she did, but so lubricated that there was almost no friction at all.
Both of us sighed in sheer pleasure at the penetration.

"Yes," Maureen said, her eyes shining as she watched her husband's cock fill
another woman. She let go of her and began kissing the back of Julie's neck.
"Fuck him," she encouraged. "Fuck him hard."

Julie began to rise up and down on me, her sheath sliding pleasantly on my
shaft, gripping and ungripping. I put my hands back on her breasts as she
established a fast, almost desperate rhythm that had her juices pouring over
my crotch. "Oh god," she said. "It's been way too long."

While I fought to keep from releasing my load into her clutching body (and
believe me, it WAS a fight), Maureen stood and began stripping off her own
clothing. Her shoes went flying towards the staircase, propelled there by
two kicks. Her pants dropped in record time, followed quickly by her shirt
and bra. Last to go were her flowered panties, which she slid demurely off,
revealing her thick black bush of pubic hair and her protruding vaginal lips
peeking from within. Instead of tossing the panties to the side as she had
the rest of her attire, she kneeled down for a moment and rubbed the crotch
over my face. They were soaked with her juices, so saturated that it was
almost as if she'd peed herself. The smell of her musk - a smell that I was
intimately familiar with - was almost overpowering on them.

"Mmmm," I groaned, sticking out my tongue and giving the panties a quick

"I am soooo turned on right now," she whispered to me, dropping the panties
next to my head.

"Me too," I grunted back, raising my pelvis to meet Julie's downstroke.

"I ate her pussy baby," she said sensuously. "Did that turn you on?"

"Like you wouldn't believe," I answered.

Now that she was naked, Maureen quickly got back in the action. She stood
and walked over to Julie, grabbing her by the head and pulling her face to
her breast. Julie came willingly enough, taking my wife's nipple in her
mouth and suckling it. One of her hands then slid up Maureen's leg to her
crotch, playing for a second in her curly hair and then finally worming a
finger between her vaginal lips.

"Yes," Maureen told her, holding her by the back of the head. "Finger fuck

As she bounced up and down on my cock, she began to slide first one and then
two fingers in and out of Maureen's chasm. Juices began to run down her arm
and Maureen's thighs and Maureen began to grunt with pleasure.

At this point one of those nasty realities of screwing on the living room
floor began to take its toll on me. My lower back was starting to ache from
thrusting up and down on such a firm surface and the skin of my ass was
starting to get abraded from the carpet itself. It was time for a change of
position. "Let me get on top and fuck you," I told Julie, leaning forward
and grabbing her around the waist.

"Yess," she said, going with the flow. She didn't allow my cock to break
contact with her pussy as she leaned backwards to the floor but her mouth
did necessarily slip off Maureen's tit and her hand did necessarily slip out
of her pussy.

I adjusted myself over the top of her and began to pound in and out. Her
legs came up around my back and her left hand dropped down to my ass, which
she began to squeeze and stroke. Her other hand shot out and grabbed Maureen
by the thigh.

"Sit on my face," she told my wife, tugging at her. "I want to eat YOUR
pussy now."

"Oooh," Maureen said excitedly, quickly kneeling down on the carpet. "Are
you sure you want to do that?"

"Yesss," she grunted as I gave her an extra-hard thrust. "Sit on me. I want
to try it."

Maureen spun her body around and swung her leg up and over, straddling
Julie's face, her front facing me. This put her swollen, dripping pussy just
inches above Julie's lips. Julie reached up with both of her hands and
pulled her down, her tongue darting out to make contact just as those
slippery lips mashed into her mouth.

This was simply too much for me to take. I had been furiously trying to
control my orgasm ever since Maureen's hand had first started to stroke it.
Seeing my wife's familiar pussy being smeared all over Julie's face, seeing
that from less than eight inches away as I fucked in and out of Julie's
tight snatch, finally snapped the last remaining trip wire and blew the
final circuit. There was no more holding back. The glorious feeling of
long-repressed pleasure burst out of my crotch and spread throughout my
entire body, tensing my muscles. "I'm coming!" I yelled, my hips pounding in
and out with lightening speed now.

"Mmm," Julie grunted. "Mmm hmmm!"

I shot a tremendous load of sperm into her pussy, blasting jet after jet
against her cervix while her legs continued to pin me against her body. It
seemed to go on forever, but finally, as they always do, the spasms and the
pleasure that goes with them began to fade away. My cock wilted down a bit
and slipped out of her flooded channel.

Undaunted by my ejaculation, Julie nudged me off her and then, holding
Maureen by the waist, twisted sideways, bringing her to the floor. She
rolled my wife over onto her back and then put her legs up on her shoulders.
She then truly went to town on Maureen's pussy, lapping and sucking at it
like a woman possessed, making happy little grunting noises as she enjoyed
her feast.

"Ohhhh, mmmmmm," Maureen moaned, her eyes closed in pleasure, her hands
caressing Julie's tits. "Eat me Jules. Make me come on your face."

"Mmmm hmmm," Julie agreed, whipping her head back and forth aggressively.

Remembering the effect that doing so had had on Julie, and not wanting be a
mere spectator to the events on my carpet, I crawled up alongside my wife
and lay down next to her. Her belly button ring was gyrating up and down
with her stomach and I latched my mouth onto it, licking and sucking it once
more, activating the nerve path that had been tapped by its installation. As
it had been with Julie, the effect was almost immediate.

"Yessss!" Maureen cried, her pelvis slamming up and down, her fingers
squeezing into Julie's tits. "Yesss, I'm coming! I'm cominggggggg!"

Maureen had never been one to have terribly noisy orgasms. That changed on
this night. Her screams and moans were so loud that I had to put my hand
over her mouth to muffle her a little. She bit down on my palm nearly hard
enough to draw blood.

We disengaged from each other at that point and spent a moment looking at
each other. All of us were dripping with sex secretions, our organs of
pleasure swollen and bloated. Nobody suggested that we stop. We each took
another shot of tequila for good measure and then made our way to our
bedroom where we occupied the King-sized bed and put it to good use.

The two women got me back up to speed by giving me a double blow job,
something that I'd seen in porno movies a few times but that I'd concluded
never happened in real life. They proved this supposition wrong quite
nicely. I lay on my back on the bed and they laid across my legs, their bare
breasts pushing into my thighs, while they licked my shaft clean of the
sperm and vaginal secretions that had accumulated on it. Their tongues made
wet contact with each other from time to time and every once in a while they
paused in their work to share a tender soul kiss. It didn't take long under
this sort of treatment before I was rigid as a flagpole once again and ready
for action.

And action was what I got. I climbed between Maureen's widely spread legs
and, after Julie put me inside of her, fucked her for the better part of
twenty minutes. As I pounded away in her Julie laid beside us, kissing
Maureen's face, her neck, her tits, and finally working her way downward to
her clit, which she sucked as I slid in and out. Maureen came no less than
four times during this session. When I came inside her clutching pussy,
emptying another massive load, Julie replaced my cock with her tongue,
licking nearly my entire offering out of her.

I was able to produce one more erection on that wild night, two more than I
normally would have been capable under ordinary circumstances. In this case
watching the two women tenderly love each other by licking every square inch
of each other's flesh was what got the synapses firing in the right order.
Seeing what they had done to me, they got on their hands and knees next to
each other on the bed and, while they kissed each other, I alternated
fucking them from behind, giving each about a minute or so of stroking
before moving on to the other dripping pussy. At Maureen's insistence I
blasted this last load into Julie since it had been so long since she'd had
the pleasure last.

We all fell asleep shortly after that, the three of us tangled together in a
clump of naked, sweaty arms and legs. I woke up an hour or so later, still
unable to believe what had just happened to me, worried about how the two
women were going to feel when they sobered up. I pulled myself out of bed
and turned off the light that had been left on. I wandered through the house
for a few minutes, turning off other lights, locking doors, and feeling a
definite soreness in my nether parts. Finally, with nothing else to do, I
climbed back into bed with them, putting myself back in the middle. They
both were snoring drunkenly but both rolled up against me and put their arms
around me. A few minutes later I drifted back to sleep.

Needless to say, we really had to do some soul-searching the next morning.
We pulled ourselves apart at about 7:30 AM, both of the women extremely hung
over from their consumption the night before and extremely embarrassed by
what had transpired. Much to my relief they both had clear, unbroken
memories of the entire evening and neither one of them felt that I was to
blame for what had happened, something that I had feared would be the case.

"I have to admit," Julie told us as we sat in the living room discussing the
matter, after everyone had showered and dressed, "that I had always been
curious about what it would be like to... you know... make love to a woman.
I never thought I'd actually do it, but I'd always wondered what it was

"Me too," Maureen said, sitting cross-legged on the couch in a pair of
shorts and a T-shirt. She was sipping out of a steaming cup of coffee. "I'm
not a lesbian or anything. It's just that... well... I wanted to know what
it felt like. The idea never disgusted me. It was intriguing."

"And now we know," Julie said, sipping from her own coffee, her face flushed
with embarrassment.

"Yes, we do," Maureen agreed. "Thanks to the alcohol last night."

"And I also know what it's like to have sex with your husband," Julie
pointed out. "And I also have to WORK with him. What about that?"

"What about it?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation from becoming so

They looked at me, obviously waiting for me to make some point.

"Well," I said slowly, "what happened last night was something that took
place between three consenting adults. Does anyone disagree with that?"

"No," Julie said.

"No," Maureen confirmed.

"True, there was alcohol involved," I went on, "but everyone WANTED to do
what we did. The alcohol just allowed our inner feelings to come forth, it
allowed us to put aside the consequences of our actions and have fun."

"But now we DO have to worry about the consequences of our actions," Maureen

"Yes we do," I agreed. "And I won't lie to you and say that I would put a
stop to it if you two ever wanted to do that again. But I will promise that
things between Julie and I at work will remain the same as they always were.
I won't tell anyone what happened here last night and I won't be trying to
get Julie into some motel room without Maureen's knowledge. How about you
Julie?" I asked, looking at her pointedly. "Will you try to lure me back to
your place?"

"No," she said, genuinely appalled by the suggestion. "I would never do
anything like that." She looked at Maureen. "You have to believe that I
NEVER would have done anything with your husband if you weren't there and...
you know... participating in it. I'm really not that kind of person."

Maureen seemed to think about that for a moment. "I believe you," she said.

And so we agreed to nothing more than remaining friends with each other, to
keeping the status quo as it were. There were no promises to get together in
the future for a replay of the night's events, but neither were there any
vows to not let it happen again. Our agreement seemed to consist of just
letting life go on.

Things between Maureen and I continued on as they had been and we never
mentioned that night, not even in allusion. At work there was of course some
crude speculation about what had happened between myself, my wife, and Julie
since it was common knowledge that we'd left the party early together and
that our car had remained there until the next morning. But this speculation
was nothing more than the barbaric imaginings of some of our more
Neanderthal co-workers. Neither Julie nor myself ever gave them any sort of
encouragement for their tales and they were soon forgotten since no one, in
their heart, really believes that a man can bag two women at once. We love
to listen to tales about it, but no one really thinks they're true.

As for Julie and myself, we continued to work as we always had. We were
friendly to each other when in passing, and efficient and businesslike when
assigned to a project together. I must admit that I found myself glancing at
her a little more than I typically had, always remembering what her pretty
legs had looked like uncovered, how her breasts had tasted in my mouth, how
her pussy looked and felt. I never made any sort of reference to it, either
directly or indirectly, but I always thought about it. I'm sure that Julie
did as well.

And then, two days ago, I received a call from my wife while in my office. I
listened to what she had to say in numb disbelief, my body tingling a little
in excitement. Less than ten seconds from the moment she'd hung up, I was
walking through the halls of our building, heading for Julie's office.

"What's up?" she asked as I entered, a friendly smile upon her face.

I was a little nervous but determined to go forth with my request. "Well...
Maureen was wondering if... maybe you'd like to come over for dinner

"Dinner?" she said, her expression guarded.

"Dinner," I confirmed. "She said maybe we could... you know... have a few
drinks afterward."

Julie smiled, a light appearing in her eyes. "What time?" she asked.

Dinner that night was a rousing success. But that's an entirely different

Al Steiner - September 28, 2001

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