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This is not in the least true; it is a story with fictional
characters doing fictional things that real people wouldn't
do, even on reality TV.  Also, it is a dirty story, which
has shown by the Meese Commission to lead to dirty
thoughts.  If you are not allowed to have dirty thoughts
because of your age, parents, government, or belief system,
please go elsewhere.  Otherwise, enjoy to the limit of
copyright law.  Don't repost or republish without my
permission.  Archiving by ASSM/ASSTR is understood and
encouraged.  Oh, if you make a buck offa it, I DO GET A
CUT; I got cats to feed.  Hate mail and viruses should be
delivered to the address below.  Fan mail could be sent
there as well, I guess, if you want to send fan mail which
I don't see why 'coz no one else does.  Cheques are
welcomed, as are really hot Slovakians.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera

                 My Daddy's Little Sports Ho'
                        Kenny N Gamera

It was the last day of the regular semester, and my
asshole, dick, bastard of an algebra professor had to give
us a Goddamned take home examination.  This may sound great
when you are a brand new and wide-eyed freshman co-ed such
as yours truly, but when you first see that it is going to
be ten pages and incomprehensible, you figure that is way
the upper classmyn started to groan at the announcement.  I
mean, could someone, like, explain to him that a take home
test isn't suppose to be totally impossible to do.

   At least, I knew that I could work on it that
weekend.  That left me only tonight, though, to study for
my big English Lit exam.  And, of course, the blonde, bimbo
bitch of a roomie had to choose tonight to study her new
major: black cock.  Mind you, I have no problems with
things like that.  I just had a problem with trying to
reread my Chancier notes while they go at it in the bottom
bunk; it is just a little to distracting.

   So after an hour or two of "oh, oh, oh!" and "take
that, bitch!" I need to give up.  The union and commons
were both to crowded for anything like studying.  And I
didn't have enough money to go to the coffee shop and nurse
a tea or something.  And the library was just full of
creeps looking for skirts to look up.  That meant that I
would have to make another trip to daddy's place to study
and maybe crash for the night.

   I reached over and dialed Daddy's number.  He
answered it after the third ring.  He sounded all out of
breath and tired, so I figured that he was working out in
his basement exercise room again.  For the last year or so,
he started to take better care of himself, and he had a
nice hard and sexy body.  If he was like that before, maybe
my mother wouldn't have divorced him when I was thirteen.

   "Hi, Daddy.  It's Kenny."

   "What's up, baby girl?" he asked.

   "Bimbo is whoring it up again and I have that test
in Lit monday."

   "Well, George was coming over and we were going to
watch the Mav's and Kings play tonight and have a few

   I said in a little girl pout, "and I can't come and
spoil the guys night in."

   "Oh, no.  Of course you can come over.  I just
wanted to let you know that I didn't have any big plans
tonight.  In fact, we were going to get a pizza so you can
share it with us."

   I let my daddy know that I would be there in about
an hour, so I could clean up and get ready.  I grabbed a
towel and a robe and took a quick shower.  I really needed
it because it had been really hot the last several day,
with temperatures at record highs.  I was all sweaty.

   I was also kind of hot from listening to and
watching my roomie fuck with her current man.  Before
soaping up, I leaned over and lifted my tits up to my
mouth.  I could taste the salt on my nipples as I gave each
a quick lick.  I enjoyed the taste so I sucked one of them
into my mouth.  I let go of the other one and dropped my
hand to my cunt.

   After an hour of watching my roomie taking a thick,
black dick in her shaved little white cunt, my poor pussy
was wet with frustration.  I slipped two fingers into it
really easy on the first try.  I began to frig my cunt with
those fingers and than slid another in too.  I could feel
myself get real close with each pump into me.  I decided
not to tease myself, and rubbed my clit with my thumb and
pinky.  I left my other fingers.

   Just as I was ready to cum, I bit into my nipple.
This sent me over the edge and helped keep me from
screaming out at the same time.  I felt my pussy walls
squeeze against my fingers still in my cunt.  It was a
sweet orgasm, but short which was good because that let me
finish my shower, so I could go visit daddy.

   I got back into my dorm room, wearing the robe and
the towel wrapped around my long wet hair.  My roomie was
on her knees trying to get her boyfriend back up for
another round.  Seeing as how there wasn't alot of room, I
had to walk around her legs as she knelt facing our bunk
beds.  He asked me if I wanted to join in as I dropped my
robe and began to put on a pair of silk thong panties over
my long legs still tan after my trip to San Padre.

   I told him no as I grabbed a pair of my tightest
denim shorts, because I had to go do some studying.
Besides, I like my men older, about the age of my daddy.
Nothing quite turns me on like a little gray around the
temples and knowing that they have the experience to treat
a girl right.  I didn't tell him this, though.  I didn't
want to hurt his feelings.

   I picked up the bra that went with my panties, but
dropped it.  It was to hot for a bra, and I just put on a
tank top.  It came down to just below by tits and showed
off my flat, hard tummy.  I grabbed my white sandals from
the closet and for that little extra to let my daddy know I
was still his little girl, I put on a little ankle bracelet
that he gave me that christmas.

   On the way to daddy's place, I flirted with the bus
driver.  He was a really cute older guy.  He was a little
out of shape, kind of like daddy before he got on his
exercise kick.  But that was okay, because he had a nice
strong face with kind blue eyes.  He spent so much time
checking my legs in the mirror that he almost drove by a
couple of his stops.  He looked real sad when he dropped me
off at mine.

   I just walked in, because by this time daddy had
finally given me my own key.  George was already there
making sandwiches in the kitchen.  George is an engineering
student that is working with my daddy on one of his
projects.  Daddy is an ecology professor, just like I want
to grow up to be, and he is designing some special
equipment to measure the atmosphere in the rainforest.
George is working on the electrical designs.  He is about
my age, but looks just a little younger in the face.  His
body is nice and hard thought and if I were into younger
guys, I'd be chasing him all over the kitchen.

   "Hi, George," I reached over and gave him a kiss on
his cheek.  After all, he is my daddy's friend.  He got all
blushy.  "I thought we were having pizza."

   "uh, hello, Miss Kendra.  This is just a little
something to snack on during the first half.  Prof Gamera
wants the pizza during half time."

   George always calls daddy Professor Gamera.  There
relationship is a little formal, despite the fact that he
can come over to watch the game and they work out in the
basement together.  It sometimes makes me giggle when I
come over and George is following daddy around the house
and going "Yes, Prof Gamera" all the time.

   He even calls me Miss Kendra in the same respectful
way, even though, I tell him to just call me Kenny like
everyone else.  I have always felt that Kenny is just as
good a nick name for girls as it is for boys.  Besides, it
reminds me of my days as a tomboy when I could chase
turtles and snakes without people wondering about me being
a real girl.

   Daddy came into the kitchen just as George finished
making the last sandwiches.  He had on a pair of
fashionably loose chinos and a nice white polo on that
showed off his firm arms.  I gave him a hug and wrapped my
arms around his tightly muscled body.  He smelled nice and
freshly showered.  Being 180 centimetres and so about 12
centimetres taller than me, he easily gave me a kiss on the
top of my head.  I held my head against his chest.

   "'Lo, Pumpkin.  How are you?"

   "Glad to be here with you, daddy.  Thanks for
letting me study here tonite."

   "Hey, I can't have my favourite girl friend
flunking out of my college."

   "You're favourite girl friend?" I asked in a
teasing voice.

   "Okay, my only girlfriend, Pumpkin."

   I reached up and kissed my daddy on the cheek.
"I'll stay in the kitchen and study, so you and George can
be alone with the game."

   "Okay, but if you need a break or maybe just get
lonely come in a join us in the living room.  We'll call
for the pizza towards the end of the first half."

   Daddy went out the kitchen with George following
with the tray of sandwiches.  After a moment, he came back
for a couple of the fake beers that my father has been
drinking lately instead of the real thing.  As he bent over
in the fridge, I admired his nice tight and shapely ass.
He turned around and blushed again when he saw that I had
been staring at him.  I smiled at him and he blushed even
more, before he almost ran out of the kitchen.

   Without the constant moans of the salt and pepper
couple that I have been sharing my dorm room with, my
studying went okay.  By the time the pizza got there, I was
feeling really confident that I was going to do well and
had went to the living room to be with daddy and George.
When the door bell rang, I started to get up saying that I
would get the door, but daddy sent George to get it

   While George paid for our food, I decided I needed
to go potty.  I also had spent the last few minutes of my
studying thinking about what I had seen in my dorm room.  I
felt that I needed a little relief.  I also thought a
little about daddy and George while I gave my clit a couple
of flicks with my finger after my pee.  Not enough to cum,
but a little to give me a feeling of things to come later.

   My panties were a mess however, seeing as how I had
just been thinking about sex and with the flirting on the
way here.  I thought that it would be too uncomfortable to
wear them.  Before returning to the living room, I went to
the kitchen and slipped them into my book bag.

   George had put the pizza box on the coffee table
and had even gotten me one of the fake beers.  We ate and
talked until the game start again.  Daddy and George were
having a little argument about who will win.  Finally,
daddy asked.

    "Humph!" said daddy.  "How would you like to make
a bet on that."

   "What will we bet, Prof Gamera?"

   He looked at me and winked.  "I'll think of
something, george."

   George made a big gulp, but didn't say anything
else.  The game started again, and I decided to take a
break for studying and watch the game with George and
daddy.  I sat on the couch, while daddy sat in his
favourite easy chair.  George sat on the floor next to
daddy.  Occasionally, daddy would send him to the kitchen
for another beer for one of us, but he would always return
next to daddy's feet.

   After a while, daddy kicked off his shoes.  George
began to give daddy a slow foot rub.  He would look over to
me every once in a while and blush to see that I was not
watching the game on teevee but the one going on in the
living room.  George's team slowly began to fall behind and
further behind.  He shifted uncomfortably as he continued
massaging my daddy's feet.

   "Take my socks off, slave."

   "Prof Gamera?  Please, your daughter..."

   "Has had you before, slave.  She knows and I think
that she wants to watch us."

   I shook my head as george began to slide the socks
off first one and then the other of my daddy's feet.  He
then took one of his big toes in his mouth.  He licked it
as my daddy held the foot out for him.  As he worshiped my
daddy's feet, his team began to inch back towards daddy's.

   "You better hope that your team can catch up, or it
will be about fifty with the crop."  Daddy looked at me.
"Does that sound fair, Pumpkin."

   I shook my head.  I was speechless, because daddy
never had used george in front of me before.  Ever since
the time I found george tied up in the basement and took
advantage of him, I realised what was going on between
them, but I never thought that I would get to watch.

   "What if they do win, Prof Gamera."

   "I'll let you cum tonite.  It has been almost a
week and I think that you might like that wouldn't you,

   I watched as george continued to clean first one
and then the other of my daddy's feet.  Suddenly, I heard a
sound of a zipper as my daddy took out his cock.  george
didn't hesitate and lifted his hand up and began to stroke
at my daddy's cock with it.  I looked at george's face.  He
saw me and blushed around the foot in his mouth.

   "Suck it."

   I've lived with the bimbo long enough that I've
seen blowjobs before.  I watched long enough to get a good
idea of what a teen boy's face looks like with a cock in it
and grabbed a slice of pizza.  I returned to the game and
saw that george's team had pulled ahead with only a minute
left to the game.  That was good.

   george had gotten fifty crops for letting me use
him that first time even though he was tied up and masked
and daddy had left him in the cold basement by himself.  I
didn't want him to get more over a silly basketball game,
besides I was getting a little hot again and I hoped to
talk daddy into letting me get him to cum.

   "Daddy.  george is winning."

   "So it is.  Get up, slave."  george complied and
daddy positioned him over the coffee table.  I barely had
time to move the pizza out of the way.  george put his
hands on the table and leaned down as my daddy unzipped and
pulled down his tight jeans.  he wore no underpants, so
daddy had no problem probing his butt with a finger.

   "Hmmm!" said daddy "I don't know if you used enough
lube back there.  Well, that's your problem, slave, not
mine."  He looked over to me and winked.  "Pumpkin, I
sometimes think that it likes me to take it dry."

   george blushed again.  He looked so cute bent over
like that as my daddy moved behind him.  he twisted his
face in pain as my daddy pushed his cock slowly up his ass.

   "My roommate doesn't have that much trouble," I
volunteered.  That made george blush again.  "Maybe, you
don't use him enough."

   "I use it as much as I want to, Pumpkin."  He
winked at me again.  "If you over use a slave boy, it gets
to being useless."

   I looked back at the game and watched as the last
seconds of the contest began to crawl by.  Fortunately, I
had practice at ignoring sex and took only an occasional
glance at the action going on over the table.  Still,
george's dangling dick was tempting, and I hadn't had any
since Dr Herbert's wife found out.  I reached over and
began to stroke it.

   "slave, stop her unless you want to be punished."

   "Miss Kendra," george began to beg me, "please
don't do that.  It displeases your father."

   I looked up at daddy with big sad eyes that I have
used all my life to devastating effect.  "Can I daddy.  Can
I, please.  his team is winning and you said he could cum."

   "You know that it doesn't like girls, Kenny."

   "So, he's a slave boy."  The whistle blew and I
turned to the game.  "He won, daddy.  Can I make him cum?"

   "Okay, Pumpkin!" said daddy.  "Let me finish with
it then you can take it downstairs."

   While daddy finished up with george, I cleaned up
our dinner and bottles.  Daddy came with a grunt as I threw
all the paper plates in the rubbish and put the beers in
the recycling.  george wasn't dry at all for the strap-on
dildo I found in the playroom.  But that is a different

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