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(c) 2001 by GMTH
If you enjoyed this piece, please consider dropping me a line to
tell me so!  :-)


We were weary. 

The day had been long and bleak. The sun had shown bright and
hot, yet to us, the day was black because we had buried yet
another comrade, this one dearer to us than any sister could have

Bill was sprawled out on my bed, one arm thrown across his eyes.
His dark suit jacket was hanging from my bedpost, and he wore a
dark shirt with the collar turned up. In deference to the
occasion, he had not tied his unruly hair back with the customary
bandana, but had insisted on wearing his best pair of jeans and
steel toed boots. He had also worn his dark glasses to the
cemetery, and they now lay on the bedside table where he had
carelessly thrown them as soon as we got back to the apartment.
Mud from yesterday's thunderstorm had dried on his boot heels and
was flaking off onto my bedspread, but I hardly took notice of

I stood with my back to him, looking at a framed photograph of
the three of us that sat on my bureau. Bill, Eve and I. It had
been taken a year or so ago, long before any of us had heard Gary
Steiner's name for the first time, and it was apparent from the
smiles on our faces that the idea that one of us would be dead
within twelve months had never crossed our minds. Eve and I had
our arms around each other's waists, and Bill had one arm draped
companionably around my shoulder while he mugged for the camera.
We looked like any three close friends anywhere in the world. It
was impossible to know the pain - and pleasure - the three of us
had shared just by looking at the picture. 

The night before, Bill had tossed restlessly in bed for several
hours, unable to sleep. I was a light sleeper by nature anyway,
and his every movement served to keep me awake with him. Finally,
he got out of bed and padded over to the bureau where the picture
sat. The light from a street lamp reflected from the mirror and
outlined every line and contour of his bare back and behind,
making the picture almost glow in the darkened room. He had told
me that afternoon that he could see Eve smiling each time he
closed his eyes, and now, in the reflected light, he could now
see her smile when his eyes were open, as well. When it became
too much, he finally got out of bed and turned the picture toward
the wall. 

He must have fallen asleep soon after that, for a while later, I
awakened and he had me wrapped in his arms. He held me tightly,
almost as if he were afraid I would leave him too if he let me
go. My back was pressed against his bare chest, and I could feel
his even breaths against the nape of my neck. 

I was always disoriented for a while upon waking, and as the feel
of his hard muscles became clearer to me, I wondered if we would
make love. We hadn't been together for several days, which was
unusual for us. For a moment, I couldn't remember why, and
snuggled closer to him in anticipation of the hour or so of
pleasure that would follow his waking up. My body began to tingle
and prepare itself when suddenly, reality crashed in, 

Today was Eve's funeral. 

Now it was hours later, and the task was complete. My eyes were
raw from crying, and it was torture to feel the tears prickling
in them again I slowly picked the photo up off the bureau and
studied it closely. 

"Put that away," Bill croaked. They were the first words I had
heard him utter since we left the apartment that morning, and I
turned toward him as though I had never heard his voice before.
He was sitting up on the bed, running his hands through his hair.
When I stood there, staring at him dumbly, he looked up at me and
said in a stronger voice, "Put that damn thing away." His face
was expressionless, just as it had been all day. I had always
envied him the tight reign he had on his emotions, and it had not
failed him this day. He had not shed a tear for Eve since the day
she died in his arms, though I knew he was torn in half by her

I opened the top drawer and slipped the photo into a pillow of
oversized woolen sweaters. As I closed the drawer on our smiling
faces, I felt Bill tugging on my hand. I turned toward him as he
whispered, "C'mere." He pulled me to him and wrapped his arms
around my waist, placing the side of his face against my belly.
His body was tense and I could sense that he was churning inside.
I stroked his hair with my fingers and rocked slowly back and
forth, cradling his head as I would a child. "It's OK," I
whispered. "It's OK, baby, it's OK." I bent at the waist and
kissed him lightly on the top of his head. 

He looked up at me then, his face contorted with the effort not
to weep. My heart wrenched at the sight of him, and my eyes stung
again with welling tears. "Oh baby," I murmured, and kissed each
of his eyes, then his nose, finally lingering softly on his lips.
He kissed me back, tentatively at first, but then with more
strength until at last, he claimed my mouth with his tongue,
breathing rapidly through his nose in his attempt to keep from

After a moment, he reared back and pulled away from me to sit up
in the bed with his back against the headboard and his legs
straight out in front of him. From this position, he grabbed my
hand once again and pulled me toward him, guiding me down until I
was straddling his denim-encased thighs. "I just need you near
me," he said brokenly. He placed my arms around his torso and
pulled my head down onto his chest until I could both hear his
heart beating and feel its throbbing against my cheek. He put his
arms around me, and for a long time we just existed together,
each lost in our own thoughts, trying to comfort one another
though there was nothing either of us could really do. 

I stroked Bill's craggy cheek absentmindedly with my thumb,
gaining strength from his fractured - but still vibrant - inner
power. He took my hand and drew it to his lips, gently kissing
each finger. I tilted my face upwards toward his, admiring for a
moment the way the light from the bedside table filtered through
his hair. We kissed again, and through his jeans, I could feel
Bill's cock beginning to harden against my belly. The juncture
between my legs began to quiver in response and the kiss
deepened, the embrace tightened. For a moment, I felt a sharp
pang of guilt as I recalled the sad events of the past few days,
but then I realized there was no more appropriate way for us to
celebrate Eve's life than for us to be together in the way the
three of us had been so many times. 

Bill must have felt the same way, for he shifted my weight so
that my shivering pussy, still hidden within my clothes, was
directly atop the pronounced bulge in his jeans. Almost
unconsciously, our bodies moved together, slowly building the
pressure. The pace was slower than usual, as if we had to get
used to our new roles. There was none of our usual urgency,
though our need for each other was as strong as it had been when
Eve had completed our threesome. 

Bill's hands moved up and down my back, from the nape of my neck
down to the base of my spine, until finally he clutched the
globes of my ass in his hands and pressed me down against him,
lifting his hips at the same time to grind our crotches together.
Slowly, he shimmied my black rayon dress up my legs until it was
gathered in a wrinkled bunch around my hips. I wore no nylons in
deference to the heat of the day, and Bill snaked his hands under
the elastic of my panties and palmed my bare ass, still pressing
up against me from beneath. 

Our tongues continued to dance in each other's mouths as Bill
traced the crack of my ass with his index finger. Then he broke
our kiss and pushed me back until I was in a sitting position,
fumbling with buttons on the front of my dress. "I've got to see
those pretty titties, baby," he gasped, opening my dress to the
waist and pushing it back over my shoulders. He slid his fingers
down my chest and across my aching nipples before cupping the
full weight of my bare breasts in his hands. His touch was so
familiar, yet it felt strange to have him handling me so early in
the game; when Eve was with us, she and I usually frolicked
together first while Bill looked on, waiting for the perfect
moment to push his dick into an eager mouth or a soaking wet
pussy. I couldn't remember the last time Bill had fucked one of
us without the other participating at the same time. 

Now he massaged my nipples, pinching and gently twisting them
into a delicious combination of pleasure and pain while my own
hands felt strange and useless without Eve's body to occupy them.
I opted for grasping the headboard of the bed and closing my eyes
to shut out the thoughts of Eve's beautiful tits, concentrating
instead on the touch of Bill's fingertips and the way each tweak
set my pussy aflame. I was desperate to feel his tongue on me,
and finally leaned forward a bit and grasped the back of his
head, guiding his mouth to one of my pink, enlarged buds. He took
it between his teeth and latched on to it with his lips, suckling
it like a demanding infant. 

I undulated against his rock hard dick faster as he sucked first
one nipple, then the other. Soon, I reached between our bodies
and worked to unsnap his jeans. It was slow going because of the
angle of our bodies and my need to keep Bill's mouth on my
nipples at all costs, but finally I managed to free his fleshy
rod. As always, I marveled at its size and girth, wondering for a
moment if my body would accept it, though it had many times in
the past. 

Sensing my need and uncomfortable in his jeans, Bill tugged on
the side of my panties and urgently whispered, "Take these off."
I rolled off of him to do so, while he sat up and quickly shucked
off his boots and pants. In another moment, he was back in his
position against the headboard, his cock hard and huge against
his lower abdomen. I climbed back up on him and lifted his head
to my tits once more, savoring the return of the delicious
suction his lips and tongue provided. 

I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around his hardness and
pulled it upright, then rose up on my knees to position it
between my hungry, wet lower lips. With a dull pop, my nipple
slipped from Bill's mouth and hardened even more fully as the air
cooled it. Slowly, I settled down onto his throbbing dick,
working it into my body carefully to enhance the pleasure for
both of us. Bill pressed down on my hips in an attempt to impale
me faster, but I knew from experience I had to work it in slowly.
Inch by inch, it disappeared into me until I felt his balls
bouncing against my ass. 

Then we were both moving, working the length of his heavy prick
in and out of me at an increasing rate of speed. Once again, his
hands found my breasts and held them like a lifeline. I sensed
that the tide was rising within him, and I clenched my inner
muscles with each stroke, enhancing the pleasure for both of us.
As our orgasms hit and Bill cried out in delight, I tilted my
head back, sticking my tongue out in anticipation of burying it
deep within Eve's wet snatch. She and I had often taken turns,
with one of us riding Bill while the other stood with her pussy
at eye level and a set of eager lips sucking off an engorged
clit. It came to me like a physical blow that I would never taste
Eve's sweet gash again, never feel her honey slipping down my
chin and into the furrow between my breasts. 

Bill had seen my tongue snake between my lips in this futile
search for Eve, and at that moment it hit both of us what we had
truly lost. I collapsed against him, juices streaming down the
softening cock still planted in my cunt, and we began to sob. I
don't know how long we remained locked together that way in each
other's arms, crying for our friend and lover. 

When we finally calmed, and his now flaccid dick had fallen from
my body, Bill took my face in his hands and kissed me tenderly.
"Gina," he said softly, his voice cracking, "I love you." I
stared at him, stunned to hear the words coming from this man who
never showed how he felt and never, ever talked about his
feelings. "I've never told you before," he continued, tears
slipping down his cheeks, "but I love you, I do." He rolled me
onto my side next to him and drew my face down on his chest,
encircling me with his arms. "I just needed you to know that," he
said, his words choked with emotion. He kissed my forehead, the
top of my head, and, when I turned my face toward him, my cheeks
and eyes. "Promise me... promise me you won't leave, too, OK? Can
you do that? Can you promise me you won't leave the way Eve did?"

"I promise, baby," I murmured, stroking his chest. "It'll be OK.
Everything's going to be OK." I whispered these words to him over
and over throughout the night, while we sobbed, and mourned...
and remembered. 


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