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[Author's note: This is complete, (at least it's as much as I intended
to write when I started) but there's definitely more to write about.
Comments/critiques welcome.

This story contains descriptions of adult sexual activity. It is
intended for adults only. If you are offended by material of this
nature, are under the legal age in your location to read this
material, or it is illegal for you to possess this material, go no

This story is copyright (c) 2002. All rights reserved. It may be
posted to free sites as long as no changes have been made to the
story, and the author's name remains attached. ]


Lisa, the Copier, and Me (mf, oral, anal)


 alex_storyteller at

It was a Friday. A Friday before a 3-day weekend. Late on a Friday.
The only people left in the office were me and the secretary. I was
stuck baby-sitting a cranky server and the secretary - 'Executive
Assistant' is what her actual title was, not that anyone really cared,
least of all her - anyway, she was busy making copies. Copies that had
to be done today, although no one was going to read the damn things
until about Tuesday or so anyway.

So there we were, alone in a small office. Nature took its course.
Her, a shapely college-aged nymphet and me, the studly computer guy.
Well I guess I don't need to say more. She looked at me with that 'I
want to fuck you look' that computer geeks get all the time and in no
time flat we were doing it on the floor. Yeah. Fantasy. Anything can
happen in a fantasy. But not in this one. Truth is, she was in her
late twenties and a single mother of two. I was in my thirties,
unattached, but normal in a geeky way - glasses, slightly out of
shape, shy around girls, awkward at sports. All still true, I expect.

To be honest, I was very attracted to her. I never stared (except when
I knew for sure I wouldn't get caught), but I looked plenty. They
recently published a study that looking at beautiful women affects men
the same way that drugs do. I know that's true for me. I love looking
at pretty women. And Lisa (the aforementioned Executive Assistant) was
all of that. Black hair; Green eyes; About 5'10" tall; Shapely; Sexy,
but not in an obvious way. A little Charlize Theron-ish, if you need
more than that.

Of course, this fantasy being grounded in reality, she had never
evinced the slightest bit of interest in me. They worked her like a
dog, being too cheap to hire her any help, so she really didn't have
time for any flirting at work. I had no clue what she did outside of
work, but I gathered that she spent all her time raising her kids. On
the few occasions when I was called to her desk to fix a computer
problem, I could never find any traces of any relationships. The only
pictures were of her kids. There were never any flowers from suitors.
She never talked about having a date. Never left early. Almost as
boring as my life, from what I could tell.

It was actually nice having her all to myself. I could watch her
standing by the copier, doing copying things, and not have to worry
about anyone else watching me watching her. I had swiveled the monitor
and my chair a little, allowing me to switch my view between her and
what was on my screen with no movement of my head required. That way,
if she turned around unexpectedly, I only had to move my eyes and she
would have no way of guessing that the split-second before I had been
trying to find the outline of her panties. Needless to say, my work
wasn't going as quickly as it could have been. Since I had no pressing
engagements and I could think of no better way to spend Friday
afternoon than watching Lisa bent over the copier, my slow progress on
getting the server 'unstuck' didn't bother me at all.

I must have given a pretty good impression of being engrossed in my
work, because I noticed in my peripheral vision that Lisa was spending
a good bit of her time looking over at me. Or in my direction anyway.
I couldn't tell exactly where she was looking, since I didn't want to
make eye contact, but it seemed that she was looking over towards me
more than idle waiting-for-the-copier-to-get-done would normally
require. Perhaps she was just bored and was hoping I would talk to
her. Or maybe she was hoping I would volunteer to finish the copying
for her. I don't know. Either way, it sure fueled my fantasies.

Have I mentioned that the copier was old? Did I mention that operating
it required lots of patience and a steady supply of four-letter words?
Lisa was surprisingly good at this. In between ogling her and not
getting caught ogling her, I was treated to a good variety of words
that might make the average sailor blush. "Work, you fucking piece of
crap." 'Fucking piece of shit. Your whore mother could make better
copies than this." "When you get done making these copies, I'm going
to rip out every fucking wire inside you and make a mobile for my son,
you worthless shitheap." All said in a matter-of-fact way in a sexy

Have I mentioned that my pants were a little snug for most of that
Friday afternoon?

I was busy typing away when I heard an "Ow!" from the direction of the
copier. Looking over, I was treated to an amazing sight. Lisa was bent
over the top of the copier, her left hand reaching down behind the
damn thing (obviously reaching for something) and her right hand
bracing herself on the top. She was standing on her left tiptoes, her
right leg off the floor and stuck out a little ways. After watching
slack-jawed for a few seconds I realized that she likely had her hand

I'm sorry to say that my most immediate reaction was one of "Well, now
I can find out if she's wearing panties." The fact that I couldn't
find any panty lines had been occupying me most of the afternoon. Lisa
had on a stretchy blue skirt that stopped a couple of inches above her
knees. It was pretty tight over her ass and yet I hadn't been able to
see any panty lines. It was driving me nuts.

I finally raised my eyes to her face and saw that she was looking at
me. She was smiling, sheepishly, so I figured she wasn't in any great
pain, but there was a little bit of strain to her features. After
surreptitiously adjusting my crotch, I got up and hurried over to her.

"Are you OK?" Just what I've always wanted to say to a damsel in

"I'm fine, but my hand is stuck. Can you help me?"

I should explain the reason that she was reaching over the top of the
copier: there were filing cabinets to either side. The filing cabinets
were full and were not going to be moved without a dolly. The only
solution to getting something out from behind the copier was to move
the copier itself. This normally required two people, but one person
could do it if they were motivated. It looked like I needed to get

Catching Lisa's eyes, I said, "I'll try to get the copier away from
the wall, enough for you to get your hand out. OK?"

She bit her lip and said, "OK."

Grabbing an edge, I yanked but the copier didn't move. I tried again,
but it didn't budge. "Seems to be stuck. I'll try to get it from the
bottom." It was either stuck or I wasn't trying very hard. You figure
it out.

I crouched down and stuck my hands under the right side edge, below
Lisa's dangling right foot. Looking up I was looking straight towards
Lisa's crotch. Her face was stuck far towards the back of the copier,
so she couldn't tell what I was doing. Figuring that this might be my
only opportunity, I moved my face closer to the recesses of her
skirt-covered ass. A thong! Lisa was a thong wearer. Not really what I
had been expecting, but a welcome surprise. I could see the bottom of
both globes of her ass and I could see the pooch of her pussy lips,
creating a mound in her panties, fairly well shadowed but definitely

I took it all in for a couple of seconds. Then Lisa said, "Could you
please hurry? My leg's getting a little tired." As she said this, she
raised her right leg up until it was resting on the front edge of the
copier, supporting some of her weight on it in order to give her left
leg a rest.

This was too much! I now had a direct view of her ass and crotch. She
must have known that I could see it. The only thing I could figure is
that she was so uncomfortable that she didn't care. I was dumbstruck.
It was like manna from heaven.

About this time, the copier started spitting out copies. Her right leg
must have hit the 'Start' button. A muffled '"Oh shit" from the top of
the copier got my attention and I quickly scurried over to the left
side and turned off the power switch. The copier went quiet and I
heard a sigh of relief from Lisa. "Thanks! Are you having any luck?"

Boy, was I, but not in the way I figured she meant it. "Just a second.
Let me try again." I moved back to my previous position and pretended
to pull on the copier, with accompanying grunts and groans. "It's
stuck. Let me try from the other side." I moved over to Lisa's left
leg and crouched down behind it. I moved my hands past Lisa's leg on
either side. My left hand brushed against her ankle and I thought I
detected a shiver in her leg as I did so. Could have been me or it
could have been from the strain of holding herself up, but I thought
it started a second or so after my arm had been in contact with her
leg. Either way, I pretended that this was the position my arm needed
to be in and maintained the very pleasurable contact.

In the meanwhile, I executed the main part of my plan. I moved my head
to the right a little, just past the hem line of her skirt and stared
directly at the crotch of Lisa's puffed out pussy, a mere 10 inches
away. An amazingly gorgeous sight. I still have that picture vividly
engrained in my memory. A flawless ass. Two gorgeous globes with a
thin streak of lavender panty running down the crack which was spread
a good little ways apart from her awkward position. Her panty was
drawn up tight but it was made of a fairly thick material, so other
than the general shape of her pussy, I was unable to make out any
particular features. I breathed in deep.

"Wow. Ripe!" I could smell aroused pussy smell. No confusing that. Did
being caught like this excite her? Or perhaps she always smelled liked
that. No way to know.

"What?" A question from the top of the copier.

Oh shit. Did I say that out loud? "Um, I can't get this damn thing to
move." I gave a few half-hearted tugs with what I hoped sounded
convincing grunts. "I'm wondering if the legs aren't caught on
something. The carpet maybe." Well, things did get caught
occasionally. And the copier had proved itself to be a bear to move on
occasion. There was no way to prove that I was lying, certainly not
from the position Lisa was in. "Give me a second to think."

I needed to think, alright. Think about why Lisa was aroused. Think
about why I was noticing a growing wet spot in the center of her
panties. (I had not removed my eyes from the sights available to me
under Lisa's skirt. Nothing could have torn me away at that moment.)

It would take a long time for me to recount all the things that went
through my mind in those few seconds. What excuse can I use for taking
her skirt and/or panty off? How can I get her to just lay there and
let me eat her pussy for an hour? Could I get away with lightly
running my hand over her pussy? Would she be able to feel it? Of
course she would. Idiot! I didn't want to go to jail and aside from
that, I wouldn't do anything that she didn't want me to do. I'm no
rapist. Why in the hell is her panty soaked, though? In the quiet
office I noticed that she seemed to be breathing hard. And now that I
let my gaze travel down her left foot, why did it seem like it wasn't
really supporting any weight?

Huh? Looking down, it seemed like the tension in her left leg was more
from maintaining contact with the floor than from supporting her. I
was guessing that she didn't really need to keep that foot on the
floor, that most of her weight was resting on top of the copier, which
from past experience was more than sturdy enough. Hmm.

This was getting way serious and aside from all my speculating, I was
in serious danger of filling my briefs with spunk. I couldn't remember
being this aroused before. Maybe sometime in high school. And Lisa was
aroused too. I was sure of it. There's no mistaking that smell.
Something was up and it wasn't just the thing in my pants.

I was spending far too much time crouching down here and not doing
anything. If this was all innocent, I didn't want to be labeled a
pervert by her, as true as that might be. I had to find out for sure.
I gave a few more half-hearted tugs and grunts and said "Lisa, I think
it's stuck. I'm gonna look underneath to see what it's stuck on."

Without waiting for a reply, I crouched down past the trays on the
left side of copier and moved my head towards the back of the copier.
There was just enough room for me to get my upper body back there and
allow my head to rest against the back wall. I could see Lisa's arm
dangling down the back. There was no way she was stuck! It was hanging
there, moving back and forth as she adjusted her position on the
copier. She was doing this on purpose! But why?

I guess most guys wouldn't have thought twice about it, but things
like this just didn't happen to me. She was gorgeous enough so that
she could have any guy she wanted, just about. And there had been
plenty of guys who'd tried. Almost every single guy in the office as
far as I could tell. Some of the married guys, even. So why me? Was
she just horny? Was she just having fun? Was she hoping for a sexual
harassment lawsuit?

I threw out that last one right away. Not her style, I thought. And
there's no way she was just having fun with me. Again, not her style.
But what was her style? I couldn't figure it out. All I could do, I
figured, was to go with the flow. I did get the feeling that if I
didn't do the right thing, I wouldn't get lucky. Luckier, actually.
The problem was in figuring out what the right thing was.

I knew that if I ripped her panty off and just fucked her or stuck my
face in her pussy, she would not like it. I had to play this game by
her rules. And I had to figure them out by myself and quickly. And, I
wasn't having any fun lying next to the copier looking up at a
dangling arm. Maybe if I got another look at that ass I would be able
to think of something. My pants throbbed to let me know of agreement
with the 'another look at that ass' thought.

I wormed my way out and said, "Looks like the back legs are caught
under the edge of the carpet. I'm not sure that I can move this thing
myself. How far do you think I need to move the copier for you to get

I didn't get an answer for a few seconds, so I walked around to where
I could look at Lisa's face, even though I wanted nothing more than to
crouch down behind her ass once again. Lisa looked up at me, with her
face scrunched up in (what I assumed was) faked discomfort. "Maybe
just an inch or so. Are you sure you couldn't try lifting it again? I
thought it moved a little the last time you tried." She gave me a
hopeful look, moving her eyes towards her ass, where she knew I would
have to crouch down to try again.

I tried to screw my face into a look of concern and compassion for her
obvious discomfort. "OK, Lisa. I'll get you out. Don't worry. Can I
make you more comfortable while I give it another try?"

She shot me a grateful glance and appeared to think for a second.
"Yes, I think so. If you could help me scootch up a little more onto
the copier, maybe I could give my left leg a rest. That would help."

"No problem." I moved to Lisa's left and looked for a place to put my
hand to help her 'scootch'. Problem was, the only place where I could
apply the correct pressure was her ass. Her exquisite, semi-covered
ass. Should I? Well, she asked, didn't she. If I was a real gentleman,
I would have put my hand on top of her skirt, but I was far too gone
at this point. I moved my right hand to Lisa's right ass cheek. My
little pinky finger laid right down her ass crack, pressing her thong
deeply into the cleft between her two cheeks. I could feel moisture
with the tip of my pinky. Touch had just confirmed what sight and
smell (especially smell) had already told me: Lisa was horny. I felt
that I was about two seconds away from spooging in my pants.

I removed my hand to try to regain control. "Sorry," I said.

"No. It's OK. Not much else to hold on to. If you just give me a
little boost I can get more comfortable. Please try again." There was
a telltale rasp in her voice. The situation was definitely affecting
her as much as me. I started to wonder if being (apparently) helpless
was what was turning her on. I had to get a grip on myself. Or, in
this case, on Lisa's ass.

I put my right hand back on Lisa's ass, attempting to move her thong
further out the way as I did so. I was only partially successful, but
I did have at least a portion of my little finger resting against
skin. I thought that her asshole was directly under the second knuckle
and if her thong moved out of the way, I could probably slide my pinky
right into her pussy. But, I didn't try to do that. I knew that that
would be moving too fast. I figured I was pushing it as far as I could
and we could both still pretend that this was 'innocent'. I put my
left hand on her back and applied some pressure to help her scootch a
little further up the copier.

She moved a couple of inches and said, "Thanks. That's much better." I
let my right hand linger on her ass for a few more moments, then
reluctantly removed my hand from her ass. I let my pinky slide up her
ass as I did so and felt the rim of her asshole just before I lost
contact. In my efforts I had managed to rearrange Lisa's skirt so that
I didn't need to get in an awkward position to get a full view of
Lisa's ass. I noticed that she made no effort to close the gap between
her legs and left her left leg dangling down the front of the copier.
She bent her right knee further up towards her face, ostensibly to get
more comfortable, but the effect was to further reveal her
panty-covered pussy mound to anyone watching. Since we were alone and
were higher up than any other nearby office building, Lisa could be
assured that I was the only one who saw her like this. Damn, she had a
nice ass.

I crouched back down behind Lisa's left leg, never taking my eyes off
of that sweet ass, drinking it all in. I still had this fear that once
I got her 'loose', everything would return to normal and I would never
get to see it again. For a second, I longed for a camera.

I moved my hands back underneath the copier, making sure to brush
against Lisa's dangling foot. Ah, sweet contact. Lisa allowed her leg
to maintain contact with my left forearm for a few seconds while I
adjusted my grip and duckwalked a little closer. I again pretended to
groan and strain in trying to get the copier to move. "Still won't
move," I said.

"Please keep trying. Yank at it. You only need to move it a little
bit." By the unspoken rules of the game, Lisa had to maintain the
appearance of being stuck and I had to keep 'trying' to get her
unstuck. Boy, this was fun.

I moved a little closer to the copier and prepared to try again. It
was then that the ball of Lisa's foot brushed against the crotch of my
jeans. Apparently innocent, but she made no effort to remove her foot,
instead starting a gentle up and down motion on my zipper seam.
Possibly still innocent if she didn't know where her foot was resting.
Who was I kidding? She had to know. I leaned forward to increase the
pressure of her foot. I wondered if she could feel the outline of my
dick or was she just guessing.

Then, several things happened at once. I moved my left hand to catch
the edge of the top of the copier and hold myself steady. I felt an
unbearable pleasure build up in my crotch. I allowed my head to move
forward and rested my left cheek against the top of Lisa's left leg.
More her ass than her leg, actually. This left my nose about half an
inch away from Lisa's pussy. I breathed deep. Lisa's foot kept moving
and after a few more seconds, waves of spunk were filling my briefs. I
felt dizzy. I tilted my head up until my mouth was just covering the
crotch of Lisa's panties. I clamped my lips down to trap some of the
fabric between them, then sucked as hard as I could to squeeze as much
liquid out of them as possible.

I stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity. My dick seemed
like it would never stop shooting into my pants. The throbbing
continued for a long while, but eventually I came to my senses. I
hoped that I hadn't mistaken this situation. If I had, I would be in
deep trouble.

An "Are you OK?" came gently down from the top of the copier.

I cleared my throat. "Yes, I'm fine. Strained my back for a second.
Let me try one more time." It was time to let the game enter its next
phase. Even if it ended here, I would be happy for a long while. I
replaced my hands underneath the edge of the copier and gave a couple
of sharp tugs. The copier obligingly moved a couple of inches away
from the wall. I stood up after a last lingering look at that ass. I
almost stumbled. My knees were a little weak.

Lisa pushed herself off the top of the copier and came lightly to her
feet. She started rubbing her left hand, although it didn't look like
it needed any rubbing. She smiled at me and said, "Thanks." Then her
gaze traveled down to my crotch and she said, "Oops." Her hand flew up
to cover her mouth and her eyebrows wrinkled as she gave me a 'What do
we do now, I don't think this is in the rulebook' look.

I bent to look at my crotch. A large wet spot covered the front of my
jeans. A very large spot. And it was spreading. I looked back at Lisa
and grinned. She removed her hand from her mouth, put both her hands
on her hips and grinned back. My grin grew bigger. So did hers. I
started to snicker and then laughed. She laughed also. She had a great
laugh. Loud and unselfconscious.

I had to sit down. This was too much. I felt very weak. I looked
around, spotted the nearest chair and collapsed into it. We were both
still chuckling. I was starting to wonder what would happen next. I
didn't feel that I needed to worry about this all being a

"How did that happen?" she asked me.

I stared at her. This was a continuation of the game. I still didn't
know all the rules, but I was beginning to understand some of them.
She wanted us to continue to pretend that this was all innocent. That
it was just a kind of sexual screwball comedy, where we both acted
innocently to all appearances but got ourselves deeper into trouble as
we went along. I could play that part, I thought.
I decided to dissemble. "Well, I ah, well, when you were lying on top
of the copier, I, um, well as I was trying to move the copier I, um,
you see my face was really near your crotch and your skirt was kind of
in disarray, and then you accidentally rubbed against my crotch with
your foot, and one thing led to another, and, well I had a little

She smiled at me. "A little accident?" I could tell she was having a
hard time keeping from laughing. I shrugged and pretended to be
embarrassed. "Well, you better take those off and let me clean them

I sat up straight. This was a new level in the game. In fact, I think
she skipped a few levels. "What?"

"Well, if I'm the cause of that, I suppose I should be the one to
clean it up." She tilted her head, hands still on her hips, almost

"What if someone comes in while you're cleaning it up?" I was thinking
quick, trying to keep up.

She smiled broadly at that. "It would be a little difficult for anyone
to come in right now. You see, the security system is on the fritz.
One of us would have to let them in."

"On the fritz?" She'd lost me.

"Yeah, on the fritz. I was over there a couple of minutes before my,
um, mishap, and I noticed that the 'Inactive' screen was flashing. I
was busy, so I didn't fix it, right then. I could now, if you want me

The ball was back in my court. I didn't need to do any thinking here.
"No, that's OK. No big deal. I'll look at it later."

We gave each other silly grins. This game was fun! Now what.

After a few seconds Lisa held out her hand. "Your pants."

"Um, OK." I decided that playing coy here might work to my
disadvantage. Besides, I had briefs on. I undid my belt, button and
zipper. As I pulled my pants off I noticed that I was wearing burgundy
briefs. A good color, I thought. Of course, they were soaked all the
way through also. I handed my pants to Lisa, meeting her eye. She
looked down, then back up, then held out her other hand. "Better give
me those, too."

"What, my briefs?"

"Yes your briefs, silly. They're soaked too. Wouldn't do much good for
me to clean your pants then let you mess them right back up."

She had a point. I stared at her for a second then shrugged and pulled
them off. I handed them to her. I watched her eyes, but she never
looked at my crotch. Damn, she was good. I know I wouldn't have had
the self-control. After she had both of my garments she pivoted and
disappeared into the lone unisex bathroom. She didn't close the door
and I soon heard the sound of water running. I moved over to our
coffee corner, pulled down some paper towels and cleaned the rest of
the mess off my crotch.

I was tempted to walk over and stand in the doorway of the bathroom,
but something was nagging at the back of my mind. I gave it my
attention. Camera! I did have a camera. A digital camera for doing
training videos. It was hooked to the lone Mac in the office. What to
do? It was ready to go, but did I really want to record this. Yes!

I knew that I didn't have long. Glancing at the bathroom, I could hear
definite washing sounds. The camera was already set up on a tripod,
hooked up to the Mac. I started the camera and the capture program on
the computer, trying not to make any noise. Where do I point it, I
wondered. Should I just get as much of the room as possible? I looked
around. Maybe back over by the copier. There was a clear space in
front of it and I had an idea. I focused in until I had narrowed the
field as much as I dared. Watching the bathroom, I hurried over to the
copier to see if what I'd done was noticeable. Damn! Fucking blinking
red light. Would she notice? Fuck. Probably.

I rushed back to my desk, looked through my drawers and found some
tape. Tore a couple of small pieces of paper off a notepad then taped
them over the blinking red light on the camera. Step back. Good
enough. Check the focus. OK. Back towards the copier. Everything
looked normal from here. I was hoping Lisa wouldn't notice the camera
had moved.

In a few moments, Lisa came out of the bathroom carrying my clothes. I
was standing in front of the copier, hands discreetly cupped in front
of my dick, which was starting to spring back to life. Boy, I felt
like a teenager again. She looked my way, smiled, then said "I think I
know how to get these things dry." She went over to her desk and
draped my clothes over her chair. She pulled a little space heater out
from under her desk, turned it on and pointed it at my clothes.

"That should do it. They should be dry within an hour, I hope." She
smiled as she walked toward me, drying her hands on a paper towel.

"I wanted to see what your hand had gotten caught on. I couldn't see
anything back there." I jerked my thumb towards the back of the
copier. I gave her an interrogative little look, then turned around
and leaned over the back of the copier. I figured she gave me a good
look at her ass, she should get a good look at mine. I stuck my hand
back behind the copier and pretended to feel around.

As Lisa came up beside me the pressure from thighs on the front of the
copier caused the copier to slide back to its original position. I had
bigger hands than Lisa. It was a little snug, but I could still move
it. Or could I? Let's see what she does. "Damn! I'm caught. I guess
the shoe's on the other foot now." I chuckled.

"Are you serious? You're stuck?"

I pretended to try to free myself. I didn't move. "Yeah, I'm stuck.
Stupid, huh?"

"No, not stupid. Remember, I did it a few minutes ago. Let me see if I
can move the copier."

I was a little taller than Lisa, so I didn't need to stand on my
tiptoe, but I'm sure my ass did stick out. Lisa pulled at the front of
the copier on both sides, but it didn't move. From my position I
couldn't tell whether she was really trying.

"Are you sure you're stuck? Couldn't you just force your arm out?"

"I could try, but I think I'd lose a good bit of skin if I did. Let's
leave that as a last resort, shall we?" I wasn't letting her off that

As I waited for Lisa's next move I spread my legs a little. My
position was pressing my dick against the edge of the copier and I had
to give it a little relief. Never having exposed myself to anyone
before, I didn't know what was a good position. I had no clue what
Lisa might like. I figured if she didn't like it, she could just move
the copier a bit.

I felt her crouch down directly behind me. And then I felt one of the
most exquisite sensations I've ever felt. Lisa's gentle breath on my
ass and scrotum. My dick instantly sprang to full attention. I had to
shift again, opening my legs up a little wider to keep from hurting
myself. As I did so, my left ass cheek brushed against something. I
couldn't tell exactly what it was, but I though it might be Lisa's

"Sorry," she said.

"It's OK." I replied. "It felt nice." Had I just overstepped the
bounds? It seemed like it could be interpreted innocently. I wished I
could see what she was doing.

I felt a slight shudder in the copier and what I was pretty sure was
fake grunting. "I can't seem to budge it. Let me try again." Hmm, my
words almost exactly. "Could you... could you move your legs a little
further apart. I need to get a better grip."

I spread my legs as far apart as I could, comfortably. This crushed my
dick against the front of the copier, but there wasn't anything sharp
and, as any guy knows, it's hard to hurt a dick with just blunt
trauma. I heard Lisa move around a little, then felt her breath again.
This time, it seemed like she was blowing directly on my asshole. The
feeling was excruciating. I tried to move my ass further back but I
had already moved as much as my confinement would allow. I had to get
more of this sensation, but I couldn't figure out how without just
asking her to blow harder.

Slowly, my free right hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, moved
backwards until it was cupping my right ass cheek, the fingers digging
into my ass crack. I slowly pulled on that half of my ass, opening up
my rectum to more direct sensation. It felt wonderful. I was just
about to end the charade by pulling my left hand out and using it to
pull on my other cheek when I felt Lisa's hand on it. I groaned.

"Poor baby. Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'm OK. It's just that, well, there's an itch back there and
it's driving me nuts." I really wasn't lying.

"I'll scratch it. Where is it?" I felt Lisa's other hand, what must
have been her right, on the top of my ass.

"Down a little, down." She trailed her hand down my crack, lightly
scratching with her fingernails. The whole time, I could continue to
feel her breath on my asshole.


"No, a little further." She had switched to using only one finger and
it was still a little bit above where I wanted her to scratch. Her
finger continued down until it was right on my asshole. "There. That's
it. Right there."

She started scratching all around, doing what would normally be a
pretty good job in scratching an itch. "Is that better?" she asked.

"Umm, yeah, but it's not really helping. Maybe a little harder." Is
this what I wanted? I thought so. I knew it sure felt good so far. She
started to scratch a little harder, then started pushing at my rectum.
I could feel the sharp corners of her fingernails, but it felt good.

"Is that better?"

"Yeah, that's better. Perhaps a little harder, if you could." I felt
the pressure from her finger increasing. She was wiggling her finger
all around, making slow progress in inserting her finger up my ass. I
grunted. "Harder. Please. Harder." I pulled on my right ass cheek to
give her what I hoped was easier access. I didn't know what to do. I
had never really done anything as, well, clinical as this. A little
touching down there from previous lovers, but nothing like this. I was
on fire. All my attention was riveted on what her finger was doing to
my ass.

"Hmm, I'm not sure I can do more without hurting you. Are you sure you
want me to push harder?"

"Yes, please. Harder. I'll do anything. I'll do anything for you.
Please. More. Harder." I was pretty much beyond reason by this point.
I had never felt anything like this before. It was as intense as an
orgasm, but this didn't seem to have the drawback of being over in a
few seconds. I didn't want it to stop.

"You'll do anything? Anything that I want you to?"

"Yes, anything. Please just don't stop."

"Are you sure about that?"

I sobered a little. "Well, I won't hurt anyone for you or do anything
illegal, if that's what you're asking. But if it's similar to what
we've done so far, yes, I'll do anything for you. Now would you please
keep, uh scratching?"

"Well, if you're sure that this is what you want, well... OK." With
that she seemed to have reached some sort of decision. "Can you get
your other hand out?"

I thought for a second, then pretended to strain and pulled my left
hand out. "Yeah, I, uh, guess that you moved it far enough on your
last try. Thanks."

Lisa stood up and moved into my view. She held up her right index
finger and said, "How many?"

I thought for a moment. "Two, I guess."

She said, "Are you sure? I could give you three?"

"I was getting a little nervous. "No. Two please. I've never done
anything like this before."

She gave me a surprised look. Then she took her middle and index
finger and stuck them in her mouth. She took them out again, covered
in her spittle. "Good enough?"

I just shrugged.

She gave me a broad, reassuring smile. "You're gonna love this. Now,
use both of your hands to spread your ass cheeks."

I reached back and did as she asked. She crouched back down behind me
where I couldn't see her. Again, I felt her breath on my ass. She was
definitely blowing this time. I felt a touch on the edge of my left
cheek, (her left hand, I assumed), then I felt the same pressure on my
rectum that I'd felt before.

"Is it still itching?" 

Were we back in our roles again? It seemed so. "Yes, it's still

I felt a finger entering my asshole again. It moved in much more
easily this time, a result of the extra lubrication, I figured. I felt
her left hand on the edge of my ass crack, opening me up just a little
wider. I felt pressure against my rectum as Lisa started to push with
her second finger. The sensation was different, this time. A little
more towards the painful side, but still very pleasurable.

She pushed the second finger in until both her index and middle
fingers were buried as deep as they would go. I groaned. She started
to slide them in and out, but there was too much friction for her to
do it very easily, I think. It felt very good. After a minute or so,
Lisa said, "Let me try something else. Let's see how you like this." I
figured it couldn't get much better. I was just hoping she wasn't
going to put more fingers in. I wasn't sure I was ready for that.

I felt her withdrawing one of her fingers (the middle, it turned out)
and continuing to saw her remaining finger in and out. Then, she
stopped the motion of her hand and just pulled a little to the right.
I felt the fingernail of her left index finger on my hole. It too, had
been pre-moistened. (I had a brief flash about how I had never figured
that my ass was the first place to feel Lisa's saliva, but I quickly
returned my attention to my nether regions.) Lisa increased the
pressure on this new invader and again, I felt two fingers in my

Instead of sawing both of these fingers in and out, as I thought she
would, she instead hooked both of her fingers to opposite sides and
used them to spread my rectum slightly apart. I didn't know where this
was going, but there still wasn't much in the way of pain and the
pleasure was definitely keeping any thoughts of stopping this at bay.

Suddenly, I felt Lisa's face pressing against my ass and an
exquisitely wet and sensuous tongue was probing the outer edge of my
rectum, in between her two fingers. Again, I groaned. Loudly. Very,
very loudly. I almost screamed.

Lisa began moving her tongue all around while occasionally pushing it
into my rectum as far as it could go. I slid both of my hands (still
holding my ass cheeks apart) back towards where I figured her hands
were. I grabbed both of them and started to pull them further apart. I
figured she didn't know how far she could pull, so I thought that I
would help her find the max I could take before I was in pain. It
wasn't far. She'd already applied just about as much pressure as I
could stand.

A few more seconds of the exquisite feelings she was eliciting from my
ass and I knew I was ready to come again. I let go of Lisa with my
right hand, leveraged myself up off the copier a bit in order to free
my trapped dick, then grabbed it and in two strokes I was coming like
a madman. Again, I screamed. Waves of pleasure filled my groin. Lisa's
tongue left my asshole to glide across my perineum, then gently
massage the back of my scrotum. I was glad that the copier was sturdy.
As the waves of pleasure receded, I was completely spent. Couldn't
move a muscle for several minutes.

While I was lying across the copier, I felt Lisa's fingers slide out
of my rectum and her hands left my ass. She got up and went to the
bathroom. I heard the water running in the sink and washing noises. I
was still unable to move. Had no desire to move, really. I was as
relaxed as I think I had ever been. "Shoot me now," and all that.

I heard Lisa returning. She entered my vision, standing on the right
side of the copier, her hands crossed on her chest, a playful smile on
her face. She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Satisfied?"

"Uh-huh," I managed to respond. Her smile got a little broader.

"Not still stuck are you?"

"Nope," I managed to reply. "Just can't work up the effort to move at
the moment."

"You might feel more comfortable sitting down."

"Can't really think of a reason why."

"Well, you're going to have to sit down at the Mac if you're going to
show me what you taped."

My head shot up. I looked towards the camera. There was no obvious way
to tell it was recording. "How did you...?"

She just cocked her head and looked at me. I believe I started
blushing at that point. I pushed myself off the copier (with my left
hand) and said, "Give me a minute." I went into the bathroom and
washed my hands, then wiped off my soggy crotch with some paper

After I had cleaned up as best as I could, I headed over to the Mac
and sat down. Lisa stood next to me. I brought up the capture
application and stopped it. Hmm, only 22 minutes. Seemed like it was a
lot longer than that. I looked up at Lisa. "Are you sure you want to
watch this."

She smiled and nodded her head. "Definitely."

"OK. But first, you have to take off your skirt." She looked at me
quizzically. "Hey, I'm here in nothing but a T-shirt. You should at
least be in your panties." I looked at her, trying to stare her down.

She thought it over for a few seconds. I thought she was going to
refuse, then she shrugged, unsnapped a couple of buttons and let the
skirt drop to the floor. I saw her lavender panties with my peripheral
vision but I continued to stare only at her eyes for a little longer.
I let a smile play over my face, then I turned back around towards the
monitor. "Let her marvel at my self-control," I remembered thinking.

As I brought up the video, Lisa picked up her skirt and placed it in a
neat pile on the desk next to me. I maximized the video on the screen
and hit 'Play'.

There was a minute or two of camera zooming and adjusting and me
moving back and forth, dick swinging. Pretty funny, seeing myself
naked on camera. A little different than when I see myself shaving in
the mornings. As I was watching, I realized that this video was really
all about me. I wouldn't really get to see Lisa in 'action', so to
speak. I rolled my chair back to see what Lisa was doing about the
same time the video me was bending over the copier and getting

Lisa had her right hand on the edge of the desk, half-turned towards
me, watching the monitor. She glanced towards me and gave me that
twitch of her eyebrows again, "Nice ass."

"Thanks. I think it's one of my better features."

She answered in a distracted voice. "Hmm, yes, it's definitely one of
your best features."

Now my eyebrows shot up in surprise, although Lisa was seemingly too
engrossed in the video to notice. She moved to place her left hand on
the desk too, apparently very intent on watching the replay of our
earlier activities. I took the opportunity to roll my chair further
back and to the side. Lisa sidled over until she was directly in front
of the monitor, bent over, supporting herself with her hands. I let my
eyes rove over her ass. My dick was coming back to life. I definitely
felt like a teenager again.

I divided my attention between watching Lisa's ass and watching her
watch the video. Watching my own ass on the video was somewhat
uninteresting, but I did congratulate myself on the focus and

About the time Lisa was putting the first finger up my ass on the
video, Lisa said, "You know, I don't know if it's the power of
suggestion or what, but watching this is making my ass itch, too. Do
you think you could give me a little scratching, to return the favor."
She looked at me over her shoulder, smiling in what I thought was an
extremely sultry manner.

Back into the game. Yes! "Any place in particular?" I asked.

"Just start scratching, and I'll direct you." She returned her
attention to the video.

I rolled my chair directly behind her ass. It was a little below the
level of my face. I adjusted the chair to its lowest setting. Just
right. I leaned forward and place both hands on her hips. I grabbed
both sides of her thong and started to pull downward. "Let's get this
thing out the way, shall we?"

She grunted her assent and I slowly pulled her panty off her ass and
down her legs. When the panty reached her feet, Lisa stepped out of
the right side and then took a big step sideways with that leg,
spreading her legs, allowing me full view of every crevice of her ass.
I could see her pussy lips, glistening with moisture, just below the
rosebud of her asshole. I was entranced. As good as anything I'd ever
seen in a porn mag.

I moved to re-center myself behind Lisa, then placed both my hands on
the cheeks of her ass. Lisa sighed pleasantly. I started massaging
both globes of her ass, while slowly allowing my face to get closer
and closer. When there were only a couple of inches of space between
my mouth and her ass, I asked, "Where exactly does it itch?" I darted
my head forward and gave a gently nip on the side of her right ass
cheek, near the crack. "Is it here?"

Lisa gasped. "No, not quite. A little to the left."

I nipped at the same spot on the other cheek. "Here?"

"No," she replied, "right in between there, though." She still seemed
to be watching the video, but I figured that a large part of her
concentration had to be focused on her ass. My hands were still busy
playing with the fleshy parts of both halves.

I stuck out my tongue, formed it into as sharp a point as I could,
then moved my head forward and let it spear Lisa's asshole. I didn't
try to get much penetration, but I did move my tongue around a little
to give her some sensation. It was Lisa's turn to groan.

I pulled my head back. "There?" A simple question. I grinned as I
waited for a reply.

"Yes. Right there. Please... please." I waited for a few seconds, but
it seemed that this was all Lisa was going to say.

I stuck my right index finger in my mouth and got it good and wet. I
used my left hand to spread Lisa's ass cheeks a little further, then
slowly pushed that wet finger into Lisa's waiting asshole. Her rectum
felt hot and tight. Lisa's ass started to move back and forth a little
as I heard little gasps of approval issuing from where she was still
staring at the video. I eased that finger in further and further until
it was buried as far as I could make it go.

Lisa slid her legs even further apart, then she removed her left hand
from the desk and started massaging her pussy with it. I had already
come twice. I guess it was fair that she should get to come, too. At
this point, I really, really wanted a taste of that pussy. The little
bit of pussy juice I sucked out of her panties earlier had only
whetted my appetite.

I turn my right hand to move it out of the way without removing my
finger, then moved my mouth towards her pussy. I latched on, greedily,
sticking my tongue out and worming it into her depths. A loud "Oh,
yes" let me know I was doing the right thing.

She let me continue to tongue her pussy for a few seconds, then said,
"Lick my ass, please. Rim me."

Well, I had gotten a good taste of her pussy, I figured. Besides, I
liked licking a girl's ass. Something about the perverseness of it
appealed to me. I never really minded the taste - there was never much
of it, anyway. And, of course, she had done the same for me. I pulled
my finger out of her ass, then used both hands to spread her ass
cheeks. I leaned in and drilled my tongue into her rosebud. My finger
had loosened her up a little and I could stick my tongue in as far as
I could get it to extend from my mouth. Lisa groaned with obvious
pleasure. I knew what she was feeling, having had the same thing done
to me only a few minutes before.

It didn't take long for Lisa to come. Her groans of pleasure increased
in volume very quickly. My tongue didn't have enough time to get tired
before Lisa started to shudder with pleasure. I kept moving my tongue
in and around her asshole as Lisa's orgasm went on for what seemed
like a minute or so.

Once I was sure that Lisa's orgasm was over, I removed my tongue from
her asshole and starting placing little kisses all over her ass as my
hands held her hips. Both of Lisa's hands were back on the desk,
holding her up. I could feel her legs shaking. I moved back in the
chair I was still sitting in and gently tugged on Lisa's hips,
motioning her to sit on my lap. She resisted for a second, then
half-stumbled backwards until she was sitting on my thighs. She turned
herself sideways, moving her right hand behind my neck. I put my left
hand around her back and the other over the top of her thighs. Her
eyes were closed. She snuggled closer, resting the right side of her
body against my chest. She sighed, contentedly.

I held her to me. We snuggled for about 5 minutes. I could swear that
Lisa was purring. Eventually I shifted and Lisa looked up. We stared
into each other's eyes for a little while.

"Will your legs hold you now?" I asked.

"I guess so. Why? Do you need to get up?"

"I do."

"I'm kind of comfortable."

"I know. So am I, but I need to wash up."

"Feeling dirty?" A quizzical look.

"Nope," I said. "I want to kiss you."

She thought about this for a second. A smile grew on her face. "We
haven't kissed yet, have we."

"Nope. And it's the next thing I'm going to do."

Still smiling, Lisa eased herself off me. I got up off the chair and
padded towards the bathroom. I closed the door, since I had to relieve
myself. I had to wait for a little while for the 'swelling' to go
down. Eventually, I was able to drain my bladder. After finishing, I
took the opportunity to study myself in the mirror. Still the same old
me, albeit with a really broad grin on my face that I couldn't seem to
get rid of. I turned on the hot water and washed my hands and face. I
wanted to be clean for my first kiss with Lisa.

I emerged from the bathroom to see Lisa propped up on the edge of the
Mac desk. When she heard the bathroom door open she looked at me and
grinned. As I began to walk towards her, her hands moved to the
buttons on her blouse and started to unbutton them. I slowed my gait
and watched her open all the buttons, then pull off her blouse. Now
she was clad only in a bra. A peach colored, lacy thing with a snap on
the front. Lisa undid that snap then slowly pulled the two halves
apart and let the bra drop off her shoulders and arms as I stopped
about 5 feet in front of her. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and
threw it towards my desk.

I drank it all in. I noticed she had tan lines, although from a very
skimpy bikini. I wondered where she tanned or when she found the time.
Her nipples were like pencil erasers, on the small side but definitely
aroused. She had her legs together, but I could see a neatly trimmed
bush, almost triangular, fitting just within the area of her tan
lines. There was a long, ugly scar down the left side of her belly. It
didn't detract from her looks. I thought she was the most beautiful
woman I had ever seen. Something like that must have shown on my face,
because she looked down and started to blush.

She extended her right hand to me. I grabbed it with my left as she
pulled me towards her. We came together in a warm embrace and our
mouths met greedily. There was very little of the coyness two people
normally have during a first kiss. It was like we were already very
comfortable with each other, like we had been doing this for weeks. I
explored her mouth, feeling her teeth, rubbing against and wrestling
with her tongue. My hands roamed over back, as hers rubbed mine. My
very erect dick was pushing into her belly. I wondered how that was
possible. I couldn't remember the last time I had come more than twice
in a day. Probably when I was in my twenties.

I let my left hand roam down her back to her ass. I grabbed the center
of it and crushed her groin into mine. Our tongues continued to
wrestle. One of Lisa's hands was on the back of my head, the other was
leaving deep furrows in back. I wasn't sure whether she was drawing
blood. We kissed for a long time.

Eventually, our kissing became less needy and forceful. I started to
notice the soft texture of her lips, the light strawberry taste, the
velvety feel of her tongue. I drew back a little and met her eyes.

"Wow," I said.

"Wow indeed," she replied. We smiled at each other.

We continued to just hold each other and look into each other's eyes.
If we weren't naked, it might have been considered romantic. The
insistent poking at Lisa's belly probably helped this moment from
becoming too sappy.

After a couple of minutes, Lisa asked, "What now?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. I know I don't want to stop doing stuff
like this with you."

Lisa looked over at the wall clock. It was almost 5:00. "I've got to
pick up my kids by 6:00. I could probably spend another half-hour
here, but after that I have to go. They charge me a fortune for being

I just grinned. "Well, earlier I was going to ask you to let me eat
your pussy for a couple of hours. How about you lie back and I keep
eating until you tell me to stop?"

Lisa cocked her head. "That's what you want to do with me?"

I nodded. Lisa looked down. "What about you? If you spend all your
time between my legs, aren't you going to be a little frustrated when
it's time for me to go?"

"Mr. Winky already got lucky twice today. He's fine."

Lisa barked out a laugh. "Mr. Winky?! It's name is Mr. Winky?"

"His. His name is Mr. Winky."

"You've got a name for your dick?"

"Of course. Most guys do. Don't you have a name for your pussy?" I

"No, not really." She thought for a second. "Tell you what. If you
make me come 3 more times," she held up the three middle fingers of
her right hand, "before 5:30, you get to name my pussy. OK?" She
seemed to catch herself. "I'm not being greedy, am I? I mean, I would
love to play with your dick... um, with Mr. Winky I mean. But you did
say you wanted to eat me, right?" She looked at me, hoping I wasn't
upset with her.

I smiled more broadly to let her know I wasn't. I flicked my head
towards the copier. "What about your copies? When are you going to
finish them?"

A mischievous twinkle appeared in her eye. "Oh, I finished those just
before my little accident."

I grinned wryly. It had definitely been a setup. Not that I minded.
"Is there anything you need to do before you can leave?"

"Well, I guess I need to put my clothes back on, but other than that,
I'm pretty much done for the day."

"Hmm. Well then. Three cums it is." I moved to Lisa's side and started
moving everything on the desk over to one side. I motioned her to lie

Lisa scootched herself up and leaned back onto her elbows. "I want to
watch," she said.

"Your wish is my command." I moved over and turned the monitor, which
was now sitting at the edge of the desk, to face us. I started the
video capture program again, then moved over to the camera. I moved it
to the side, made sure all of Lisa was in the frame, then turned it

"As long as you keep your right leg bent and flat, you should have an
unobstructed view." I smiled at her as I knelt down in front of the
desk in between Lisa's spread legs.

Lisa smiled back at me as she laid all the way back, turning her head
towards the monitor. I turned to look at it too. Looked like
everything was in focus. Nice that our boss sprang for a good camera
and a big desk, I thought.

I turned my attention to Lisa's pussy. I'd always loved to eat pussy
and had actually gotten pretty good at it, I thought. I had received
patient instruction from several (grateful) ex-girlfriends. It was
apparently something not every guy did well.

For Lisa's first orgasm, I figured I would stick to the basics, to
sort of get a feel for things. I started with a broad stroke of my
tongue from the perineum to the top of her little triangular pubic
patch. A long, languid sigh greeted my efforts. I figured at that
point that 3 orgasms was definitely an attainable goal.

I used the thumbs on both hands to spread apart her labia. I was
greeted with a few drops of liquid escaping her vaginal opening. I
darted my tongue forward to catch them. I continued the forward motion
of my tongue and buried it as deep inside her as I could get. Not the
most subtle way to start off, I knew, but I was on a deadline. I
licked all around the inside of her opening, causing Lisa to start
squirming on the desktop. I continued to swirl my tongue around as I
sensed that Lisa was quickly approaching orgasm. When I felt that she
only needed a little more 'encouragement', I shifted my head up a
little and put a liplock around the little nubbin of her clit. I
teased it gently with the tip of my tongue, making sure to keep my
teeth away.

Lisa's back arched off the desk. Screams of "Oh god" echoed throughout
the office. The frequency and timber of the screaming increased very
quickly until after only about 10 seconds of gentle ministrations, I
felt Lisa shudder through the first of my promised 3 orgasms. I knew
at that point that 2 more orgasms would be no problem. I hadn't even
had to reach into my bag of tricks yet.

I looked up from between Lisa's legs and met her gaze. I quirked an
eyebrow at her. "Are you sure you don't want to make that 5 orgasms?"
I appreciated the stunned (and happy) look on her face and since my
question was only rhetorical I almost immediately returned my
attention to Lisa's pussy.

I knew that a woman's clitoris is extremely sensitive after an orgasm,
so I left it alone. I started placing little nips down the inside of
Lisa's left thigh. This way, my tongue got a rest. When I got to the
knee, I started back up and then skipped right over her pussy and did
the same thing on her other thigh. When I made my way back to her
pussy, I knew that she would be ready for a little more 'eating'. I
immediately stuck my tongue back in her vaginal opening, sucking
greedily in order to get all of that delicious pussy juice out of
there. The corresponding "Ung's" let me know that Lisa was already
starting to make her way to another orgasm. I continued to suck for a
few moments, while letting my hands wander up Lisa's body to play with
her breasts and nipples.

Lisa's body language and groans let me know that the attention to her
breasts was appreciated. I tweaked her left nipple between my thumb
and index finger, not hard, just to see what kind of reaction I would
get. Lisa gasped and her pussy twitched. Definitely a positive sign. I
pinched her other nipple with my other hand. A bit harder, this time.
More gasping, pussy twitching, and some back arching for this one. I
was on to something here.

I placed my wide open lips over Lisa's clit and sucked in as much of
her pussy as I could. Simultaneously, I pinched both of her nipples
hard and pulled up on them. I gave them each a little bit of a twist,
too. Not enough to where it would cause pain, I hoped, but definitely
enough to let her know I had figured her out. My tongue beat a quick
tune all over her clit.

It was fortunate to have this all on tape, to be able to reconstruct
it all. Lisa's back arched to where only the very back of her head and
her butt were touching the desk. Her right hand went to the back of my
head exerting a steady pressure to keep me locked to her pussy. Her
other hand went over her head down the back of the desk, where she
started beating and clutching at the privacy panel. A wail issued from
her lips, quickly turning into a gurgling scream. Then she started
yelling, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" over and over.

I let go of her nipples to get a better grip on them. Again, I pinched
them, grabbing the meat of her breasts with the rest of my fingers. I
mauled them with my hands. I didn't quite know how hard I could go,
but it seemed that at this very moment, the sky was the limit. I
pinched hard and twisted. 'There's a fine line between pleasure and
pain,' somebody sang once. I hoped to take Lisa to the edge.

"You motherfucker!" Lisa screamed in a long, drawn-out wail. She
started coming. She was bucking all over the desk. "Don't you dare
fucking stop," she cried. I wasn't planning on it.

We stayed that way for a long while. (The total length of time that
Lisa's back was arched was 142 seconds, according to the video.) I
don't know how much of that was orgasm, but Lisa continued to scream
for almost the whole time. A lot of "Oh god's", a few more "fuck,
fuck, fuck's", some "shit's", the rest mostly incoherent. Eventually
her grip on the back of my head relaxed and she collapsed to the desk.

Once she let go of my head I looked towards the door to make sure no
one was trying to break it down because they were assuming that
someone in here was in trouble. After I assured myself that we were
safe from intrusion, I returned my attention to Lisa's crotch. I
realized that because my lips were locked to her clit the whole time,
I had missed most of the pussy juice that had leaked out of her
sopping vagina. Some of it had leaked onto the desk, but I was
determined to drink up the rest of it. I returned my mouth to her
pussy, used my tongue to spread her labia apart and sucked greedily. I
used my tongue to lap up everything. I put my hands under both her
knees and lifted up her legs. Lisa offered no resistance, doing a
pretty good imitation of a limp noodle.

I licked down below Lisa's vulva, gaining access to the exquisite ass
that started this whole thing. I lifted her knees all the way up, so
that they were touching her breasts. Lisa wrapped her hands around her
legs to help me keep them there. I licked all the way down Lisa's ass
crack, almost all the way to the small of her back. When I was sure I
had gotten everything, I worked my way back towards her asshole.
Somewhere along the way Lisa had started moaning again. Just over 15
minutes left. Piece of cake.

I returned my tongue to Lisa's asshole. I started by licking all
around it. I brought my right hand over and used my index finger to
add punctuation to what my tongue was doing. After I was sure that my
tongue had provided plenty of lubrication, I inserted my index finger
back into Lisa's ass. It slipped in easily. I moved it in and out for
a few moments, but I wasn't going to stop at just one this time. I
quickly moved to add my middle finger. I made sure that it would find
easy going by providing plenty of spit. As two fingers sawed in and
out of her asshole, Lisa's moans started to rise in pitch and volume.

"Oh god. You're going to kill me. Oh god. Oh shit." Well, she wasn't
telling me to stop and I had a pretty good idea she was enjoying
herself. I moved my left hand to the top of Lisa's pussy. Assuming
that enough time had passed to allow Lisa's clit to return to normal
sensitivity I used the flat of all four fingers to start a circular
motion over the top of Lisa's pussy.

This was merely a feint, though. The real action was at her asshole. I
figured she was about ready for another finger. Withdrawing the two
fingers in Lisa's ass until they were just about out, I lined up my
ring finger next to them. Again providing plenty of lubrication, I
started inserting all three fingers, twisting them back and forth.
Slowly, all 3 fingers started to disappear in Lisa's nether regions. I
watched in fascination as they gained ground, little by little.

Lisa started to make a new sound. It's difficult to describe, but
basically they were little yelps. It didn't sound like she was in
pain, so I continued my not-so-gentle ministrations. I was using a
good bit of force to get all 3 fingers to slide in. They finally
advanced to where they were all buried past the second knuckle. I
started slowly pistoning them in and out. I licked the edge of her
ass, around my fingers, to soothe any irritation. Lisa now sounded
like she was gargling. Interesting.

I looked up at the clock - 10 minutes. Hmm, time to get to work. I
stopped what I was doing with my left fingers. I considered whether I
should use my secret weapon this early in our relationship (if there
was going to be a relationship) but I knew that I wanted to bring as
much pleasure as possible to her.

I used the fingers of my left hand to splay the clitoral hood. Her
clit was in every way normal, as far as I could tell. For those of you
who have never studied a clit up close, I should tell you that it's
sort of built like a stick shift. A stem crowned by a little ball.
It's all sensitive, but the ball is the shiznit, the whole ball of
wax, the grand poobah of sensation. I was about to drive Lisa insane.
She had no idea, poor girl.

You see, I have a deformity that gives me great powers. There are only
a few men who have this deformity and I have never heard of anyone
else who used it for the purposes I was about to use it for. You see,
I have a gap between my two front teeth. Like Dave Letterman and
Alfred E. Neumann.

I used my left fingers to force Lisa's clit to pop up, brought my
mouth down to the top of Lisa's pussy, then wedged the stem of Lisa's
clit in between my two front teeth. I placed my left forearm across
the bottom of Lisa's abdomen, applying downward pressure to keep her
as still as possible. I shifted my stance to the left, allowing my
right arm greater leverage. I started pistoning my fingers in and out
of Lisa's ass faster and faster as I began to rub my tongue over the
ball of Lisa's clit, trapped just behind my front upper teeth.

Lisa sounded like she was starting to give birth, grunting and
yelling. "You son of a bitch. What are you doing to me, you bastard.
Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh my god. Fuck. Fuck." The audio of those couple of
minutes is quite erotic. The video is almost worthless - I had
inadvertently moved in front of the camera. Oh well.

Every time I jammed my fingers into Lisa's ass I twisted them back and
forth a few times. Then I would withdraw them and jam them back in
hard. Lisa tried to buck up but I held her down with my weight. No way
she was wriggling out of this. She was coming once more whether she
wanted to, or not. I started wiggling my tongue back and forth a
little faster.

I wasn't hearing any protests. "Oh yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me. Stick your
hand up my ass, you fucker. Do it. Fuck me." I was amazed at how
foul-mouthed she could be. Hearing her say all these things increased
my horniness to a fever pitch. I stopped my pistoning right arm, moved
my pinky finger next to the others, forming a little ring. By this
time her ass was well-lubricated from sweat and leaking pussy-juice. I
wasn't going to try to fist her, but I figured I would give her as
much of four fingers as she could take. I twisted my hand back and
forth again, forcing all four fingers inside her stretched asshole.

"Yes. Yes. You fucker. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Give it to me. Fuck me."
I was doing my best to oblige.

I was wishing for someone to pay some attention to Mr. Winky, but this
was Lisa's moment of bliss. His Winkiness would just have to wait.
"Shut up, you already came twice, you selfish bastard," I thought at
my crotch.

My tongue was a blur across Lisa's clit, my face pressing hard into
her pussy. I shoved my fingers hard into Lisa's ass, trying to get as
much penetration as possible as I sensed Lisa's orgasm approaching. I
stopped moving them in and out and just twisted them back and forth,
trying to get them even deeper inside her. I wasn't going to get past
my knuckles without hurting her, I figured, but I wanted to give her
as much sensation as possible. Lisa's moans would have corrupted a
saint. She was delirious, I believe. She kept saying "More" and
"Harder". From what I knew of anatomy and previous experience, I was
very leary of giving her more. I knew that there was a real
possibility of serious harm. Perhaps she just wanted something in her
pussy, too. I was in no position to oblige.

It was impossible for her to hold out for very long. This was my
secret weapon and it always worked. All of a sudden, Lisa's body
stopped trying to thrash around. It became very rigid and once again
her back bowed, the pressure of my arm notwithstanding. It was an
amazing sight, I imagine. Lisa's knees drawn up to her chest, nothing
touching the desk but her ass and head, an arm seemingly sprouting
from her ass and a guy's face buried in her pussy.

A keening sound came from Lisa's mouth. Like the eerie wail of some
long-lost woodland creature. She only paused in her keening to draw in
quick breaths of much needed air. I knew she was experiencing
something pretty good. I had no knowledge of what her past experiences
were in this arena. I was pretty confident of my abilities. This was
one of the things that I did best, if past lovers were to be trusted
on this point. After a little while with no letup in sight, I slowed
the movement of my tongue. It's difficult to keep your tongue trilling
over your teeth for any long period of time. I eased up on the
pressure I was exerting on her ass with my right hand.

When there was no change in Lisa's position, I carefully disengaged my
teeth and lifted my head up. I pulled my fingers from her ass. Her
hands were clasping each other in a death grip underneath both her
knees. I moved around the desk and knelt down next to her head. Her
eyes were wide open, staring at nothing.

"Lisa. Lisa, dear. Come back. Please. Come back." I wasn't really
worried. The body is pretty resilient and I had seen similar reactions
a few times in the past. After a few more seconds she drew in a deep
breath and started relaxing her body. She unclasped her hands and
allowed her legs to hang off the edge of the desk. She closed her eyes
and started breathing normally, sighing deeply.

I kissed her forehead, brushing the sweat matted hair away from her
face. I stood up and made my way to the bathroom. I glanced at the
clock. Made it with 5 minutes to spare. I washed my face and hands.

When I came out of the bathroom I moved over to where my pants were
drying. I turned off the heater and started to shake both my pants and
underwear, to cool them off. I put them on, then moved over to my
shirt and put it on, too. Lisa still hadn't moved. I would have let
her rest, but I remembered what she'd said about her kids earlier. I
moved over to her head again and knelt down.

"Lisa. Lisa, my love. It's almost 5:30. You've got to get up."

A surprisingly strong voice said, "I can't. You've melted all the
bones in my body. I'm a sponge. A noodle. A rag. Just leave me here.
I'll be OK. Tell the world I died happy. I suppose it will be of
dehydration. Do you think you could go get me a saline IV, so I could
linger a little longer. I've never been so contended." A big smile
appeared on her face.

I thought for a few moments while placing small kisses all over Lisa's
face. Ah, I had it. "OK. Well. If you're just going to lay there, I
guess I'll have to take advantage of you."

She opened her eyes and met my gaze. "You wouldn't!"

I smiled. "Well, if you aren't going to use this amazing body of yours
any more, I will. It would be a shame to have it go to waste."

She propped herself up on her right elbow and met my gaze squarely.
Very slowly, enunciating clearly, she said, "If you touch me again, I
will scream bloody fucking murder. You're a fucking monster. What the
hell was that, anyway?"

I smiled and shrugged, looking confused. "I don't know what you mean.
I was just, you know, licking you. Eating you, so to speak."

"That was not ordinary 'eating.' What the hell was that? Do you know
what you've done? You've ruined me for other men, that's what. What
the hell were you doing?"

Again I shrugged. I darted my head forward and planted a quick kiss on
her lips. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean. You're very
responsive, though." I thought I was pretty good at dissembling. I
stood up and moved away. "You'd better get dressed. You'll be late." I
looked at the clock.

Lisa's gaze followed mine and she sighed. She levered herself up and
off the desk. I watched as she pulled on her panties. My pants
throbbed. I figured I was in for a good masturbation session once I
got home. Possibly more than one, if my aging body could believe that.
Lisa's body excited me like no other ever had before. I contended
myself with the thought that I had a lot of this on video. Shit. The
video. I moved towards the Mac. I stopped the capture program.

Lisa was pulling on her blouse. "What are you going to do with that?"

I turned towards her. Smiling, I said, 'What would you like me to do
with it?"

"Can you make sure no one else other than us can watch it?" In other
words, she was trusting me.

"How about I encrypt it, then burn it to CD?"

"And no one will be able to decrypt it?"

"Not in our lifetime, anyway. Not unless you tell them the passphrase,

'What passphrase?"

"The one we're about to make up."

"Oh. And how do we do that?"

"Tell me the first thing that's passing through your head."

"Well, um, my ass feels like someone drove a truck through it."

I doubled up in laughter. "Are you sure that's what you want your part
of the passphrase to be?"

Lisa gave me that quirky smile and cock of her head again. "Well, if
I'm giving them the passphrase, they're going to be watching the
video, after which it will be clear what it means, right? If I like
them enough to have them watch the video, I doubt the passphrase will
be too smutty for them."

"Good point," I conceded.

"What's your part of the passphrase?" she asked.

I thought for a few seconds. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.
"My part is: I think I'm falling in love with Lisa." I turned to pick
up a post-it pad and pen, giving Lisa time to digest what I'd said. I
buried myself in technical detail, hoping I hadn't overstepped the
bounds of our little game.

I turned back to Lisa and walked over. I couldn't look her in the
face, too scared to find out what her reaction was. I stopped in front
of her, my eyes concentrating on the pad. "OK. Our passphrase is: My
ass feels like someone drove a truck through it I think I'm falling in
love with Lisa." As I said each word, I jotted down the initial letter
until I had written: 'maflsdattiitifilwl'. I tore off the top page,
then wrote the same word on the next sheet. I tore off that page and
stuck it in my pocket.

I looked up at Lisa. I saw that there were tears streaming down her
face, although she was smiling. Pointing at the piece of paper as I
was giving it to her, I continued, "That's a mnemonic. I'm only going
to use little letters, so we won't have to worry about capitalization
issues. It makes it less secure, but it's not like this is missile
codes or something."

Lisa was looking at me in a way I couldn't interpret. She stared at me
for a few seconds after I'd finished. She seemed to catch herself,
then used the back of her hands to wipe the tears off. She started to
walk towards her desk. "You're coming over," she said.


She stopped at her desk, took a pad of paper and started writing.
"This is my address. I'll expect you at 7:00. It's about 4 miles from
here. Friday is pizza and movie night. After I pick up the kids, we go
get some movies and a pizza. When we get home, we snuggle on the
couch, eat pizza, and watch movies." She finished writing, tore the
top page off the pad and carried it towards me. "Clear?"

Her tone didn't seem to leave me any choice. I wasn't sure I wanted a
choice. I had no other plans for the evening. She handed me the sheet
of paper, then pivoted smartly and headed to the bathroom. The door
closed. I was still dumbstruck. She wanted me to come over? We'd been
working together for over a year and now, all of a sudden, out of the
blue, she wanted me to come over? Me?

After a couple of minutes she came out of the bathroom, looking a lot
less disheveled. She came over to me, glancing at the clock. "I've got
to go. Kiss me." I did that. I crushed her to me. None of her passion
towards me seemed to have diminished, if that kiss was any indication.

After we broke our kiss, I held on to her. "About what I said..."

"I know what you said." She disentangled herself from me. "We'll talk
about it after the kids go to bed. There's a lot of things you don't
know about me. I want you to know them before we talk about 'love'. "
She smiled at me as she picked up her purse. "Don't forget to turn the
entry system back on. And burn a couple of CD's. We can watch them.
Adult TV after the kids go to sleep." She blew a kiss towards me and

I stood still for a little while longer, then shook my head to clear
the cobwebs. I headed over to my PC, going to work. After a few
minutes, my phone rang. It was Lisa.

"What do you like on your pizza?"

"I'm an omnivore. I eat anything."

"OK. See you in a bit." Her voice hesitated for a second. "About what
you said... well, I, I've been in love with you for a while." There
was silence for a few seconds. "I just wanted you to know that. Now
that I've told you that, you're going to have to tell me what the hell
it was you did to me, you bastard. I've never felt anything like that.
I was ready for you to shove your whole arm into my ass. I was ready
to let you do anything you wanted to me. You bastard. And my nipples
are sore. Hurry the fuck up and get your ass over to my house."
Another pause. "Please. Pretty please. I... I'll do anything for you."

Mr. Winky, that conscienceless bastard, came instantly awake at that.

"Yes, anything. I don't care if it's illegal or dangerous or what.
But... you... WILL... DO... THAT... TO... ME... AGAIN." That last part
yelled in what I assumed she thought was a commanding voice. It caused
me to smile. My secret weapon. Turns women weak at the knees. Although
I guess I didn't need it. Seems she was all ready in love with me. I
felt amazingly happy.

"I'll be over in a bit," I said in a calm voice.

"You better. I'll hunt you down. Bye. I... I... L... Bye." And she
hung up.

I wondered if I had time to go home and change. Looking at the clock I
saw that I did not. I shrugged.

While burning the CD, I cleaned up all evidence of what had happened.
Even after some spray cleaner, the Mac's desk still reeked of sex. I
hoped it would be gone by Monday. I also cleaned up the copier. Had to
wipe up some of my errant semen, which had dried. I picked up my
stuff, 'fixed' the entry system, and made my way to my car. Looking at
the sheet of paper Lisa had given me, I saw that she lived in a
not-so-nice part of town. I figured that it was all she could afford.
I started the car and headed south.
[Author's Note: This is a first effort. I really didn't know where I
was going to go with this. It just sort of came out this way. I didn't
intend for there to be two parts. It was going to be a self-contained
little story. The characters decided otherwise. I'm not sure I'm going
to be doing part 2 of this right away. There are a few other things I
wanted to write about first.

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