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On my university campus

 From Emi Tsuruta <>

The other day, I sent out a letter telling how my boyfriend and I had
... well, you know, been fooling around in the park, and how one thing
led to another, and I ended completely naked there in the forest in
broad daylight. That was the first time that Ryosuke and I had ever
.. um ... made love, I guess, so I was pretty happy, but I was also
worried that we had gone too far, and were lucky not to have gotten

On my way home, I was still pretty jumpy, and I always had this
feeling that almost everyone I met had seen me and knew what I had
done. I tried to act as if nothing had happened, but half the time,
inside I was panicking. When I got home, my host mother asked,

"Did you have a nice day?" but I got all confused and didn't know what
to say, so I didn't say anything.

The next day when I woke up, I still felt like everyone had seen me,
so I decided to wear this big bulky sweater and baggy jeans to school.
Now that I think about it, that was kind of silly, but, at the time, I
felt so frightened and vulnerable. I wanted to hide my body as much as

By the time I got to school though, I began to realize that I was
overreacting. I saw Ryosuke in the hall, and he was joking with his
friends the same as always. I had been worried that he might tell
everyone what we had done, but they all looked pretty normal so I'm
pretty sure he didn't say anything about it.

I went to class, but I was still feeling pretty weird so I decided to
sit off in the back corner where not so many people would see me.
Usually I sit up at the front, but I couldn't get rid of the feeling
that the prof or someone had seen me walking around in my mini skirt
the day before. I tried to relax and concentrate on the class, but I
couldn't stop thinking about the other day.

The more I thought about it, the more embarrassed I got. I started to
feel hot. I'm pretty sure my cheeks must have been bright red from
thinking of how naughty I had been. The heat was starting to bother me
so I decided to take off my sweater. I accidentally pulled my blouse
up with it, and I could tell from the look on their faces that some of
the boys had noticed. A few of them kept glancing around at me and
staring at my chest. I pulled the collar of my blouse up tight to hide
my breasts, and I folded my arms to cover them up. That blouse is
actually pretty conservative, but I couldn't help feeling like I was
showing too much. I don't think I wrote a single word in my notebook
all class.

After class, I met up with Ryosuke again. He was chatting away
cheerfully about some movie he wanted to see. I couldn't believe that
he could be so calm after what we had done. I guess he could tell I
was a bit upset because, for the next few days, we just kind of hung
around in the cafeteria or library and talked about our classes and
stuff, like we always did. I began to feel better about the whole
thing too.

Time passed, and everything at school was going along just as usual so
slowly I began to forget about how worried I had been. I kept going
out with Ryosuke, but he was really cool about it, not pressuring me
or anything.

I guess what changed things was this one day when I came home from
school, and nobody was home. I thought it was kind of strange because
my host mom usually comes home pretty early to wait for her kids. I
guess she must have picked them up at school and gone out somewhere
because their car wasn't in the driveway.

I went upstairs to my room, and started to change into my casual
clothes. I took off my dress, and lay down on my bed, getting out a
book I had bought from my bag. It was about fun places to visit near
the town where I am staying.

I lay there a while leafing through the book and thinking about my
day. The house was so quiet. Usually when the kids are home, you can
hear them playing out in the backyard. I sat up and looked out the
window. Sometimes I can't believe how warm it is here. Here it is the
middle of winter, and there are still leaves on the trees.

I undid my bra, and slipped out of my panties putting them on the bed
next to me, when suddenly I could hear the phone ringing downstairs.
Oh that's probably Ryosuke. I grabbed a t-shirt out of my drawer,
slipped it on and then ran downstairs to get the phone. Sure enough it
was him.

"Hi Emi, what are you doing?"

"Not much. I was just looking through this book on travel." As we were
talking, I looked down and noticed that my t-shirt wasn't really long
enough to cover my ... well, you know my midsection. There was this
tuft of black hair sticking out from under the hem of the t-shirt.
"Listen Ryosuke, can I phone you back in a minute? I just gotta go
upstairs and ..."

"That's OK. It'll just be a quick call. I just wanted to ask you about
..." He kept on talking, but I had trouble concentrating. As I ran my
hand through my pubic hair, I noticed these people going by on the
street outside. Hurriedly, I backed up into the kitchen, and shut the
door. I began to feel like I had the other day in the park, sort of
this tingling feeling all over. My host family could come home any
second, and here I was standing half naked in the kitchen talking to

"So what do you think?" he finally asked.

"Oh, sorry. Listen, can I call you back?" I peered nervously out the
back window, pulling my shirt down to try to cover up.

"Naw, c'mon Emi, it'll be fun. Everyone will be there." I sat down to
try to hide, but the feeling of the chair seat on my bum was making it
hard to think straight. It's a bit embarrassing and all, but to tell
you the truth, I was starting to get excited. Before I knew, I had
lifted my shirt up and was twirling one finger in my hair.

"Ryosuke, why don't you just come on over?"

"Naw, you remember what happened last time. I don't think I want to go
through that again."

"It's OK. Nobody's home right now." I lifted up my shirt some more,
and I kind of jumped when I accidentally brushed against my nipples
through the soft cotton.

"Really?" he said clearly interested. However, before he had a chance
to answer, I heard a car drive up. Panicking, I quickly pulled the
shirt back down, and stood up.

"Oh no. They're back. Listen. I'll call you back in a few minutes." I
slammed the phone down and bounded up the stairs before they got to
the front door. I slammed my door shut and sat down on my bed
breathing heavily. I heard the front door open.

"Emi, we're back!" Drat. There goes my chance to be alone with

"Oh hi. I'm upstairs. I'll be down in a few minutes." To try to calm
down, I decided to take a shower. I took off my t-shirt, and started
going through my drawers looking for a clean towel. I was kind of
enjoying being naked. In some ways, it's really too bad we have to
wear clothes all the time because it really feels kind of nice walking
around with nothing on.

I wrapped myself in the towel and went into the hallway, and almost
went downstairs like that. However I changed my mind, had my shower
and got dressed. It was pretty warm out so I just put on this tube top
and a pair of matching shorts. I phoned Ryosuke and arranged to meet
him in the park after supper.

After eating, I biked over. I was so glad to see him, but I was too
nervous to tell him what I had done. I really wanted to kiss him and
make love to him again, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was so
nervous with all these people around, and I felt exposed enough in the
tube top. I was also a bit worried about what he might think. We
talked for a while, then kissed good night and headed back.

I was kind of confused and a little bit frustrated that things weren't
going better. I haven't really talked to him about it, but I am sure
that he is worried about being seen too. Guys get that feeling too,
don't they? Modesty or whatever?

Anyway, more time passed and I calmed down a bit. Then one day it
happened again.

It's kind of a long story, but basically, there is this garden on our
university campus which charges admission fees and closes the gates at
4:30. Ryosuke and I had got these free passes through the East Asian
Student's Union (It's just this club at our university). The garden is
supposed to look Japanese, but actually I've never seen anything like
it back home. Still it is nice enough with this gazebo, I think it's
called, sitting next to a pond, and a tea arbor at the back. Sometimes
after school we go and sit in the gazebo and enjoy the view till it
closes. Not too many people go there although it is supposed to be a
tourist attraction.

Anyway, one day after we'd be going for a while Ryosuke suggested that
we hide at 4:30 and let them lock us in. I thought it sounded pretty
dangerous, but he kept saying it would be safe so finally he talked me
into it. We went in as usual and once it started getting close to
4:30, we hid behind the arbor (It's like a little wooden shed). We
could hear the main gate squeaking as it slammed shut and the jingle
of keys as the porter locked it.

We waited for a little bit longer till we were sure the porter had
gone. Then we came out and checked the gate. Sure enough it was locked

"How are we going to get out?" I asked panicking a little.

"Don't worry. There is an emergency exit around the back." He took me
over and opened it to show me. I thought an alarm was going to start
ringing, but it didn't. It was quiet except for the sound of the
occasional car going by at the front. "C'mon. We've got the place all
to ourselves now." He was obviously pretty happy to be alone with me

I still couldn't quite believe it. I kept expecting the porter to come
back. We went back to the gazebo, and sat there for quite a while, but
there was no sign of anyone. Ryosuke sat close and put his arm around
me. I rested my head on his shoulder, and tried to relax, though my
heart was beating pretty fast.

Ryosuke leaned over and kissed me. His lips were so soft, and he had
this pleasant manly smell about him, not sweaty or anything but
definitely Ryosuke. I put my hands on his chest. He is not a big man,
but I could still feel the muscles through his shirt. It is kind of
nice to have these strong arms wrapped around me. I felt so safe.

We began to kiss, more and more passionately till my head started
swimming. It was like riding this wave of pleasure. I began to feel
his hands on my breasts, but I didn't resist. I just gave in and
enjoyed his gentle caress.

However, soon he started to pull up my t-shirt. I instinctively pushed
it back down, and remembering where I was, I looked around to see if
anyone was there. Ryosuke, giving up on the shirt, got a hold of my
jeans and undid the button. The walls of the gazebo were hiding our
lower bodies so I didn't stop him as he pulled down the zipper. He
motioned for me to lift my bum up which I did. I could feel the air on
my skin as he pulled my jeans and panties all the way down to my
ankles. I sat my bare bottom back down on the bench, and felt this
tingling run up my spine as he pulled my jeans and panties off
completely, my shoes falling off with them.

Ohmigod, I'm naked again.

Ryosuke had got his own pants down pretty quickly and he sat me on his
lap. I kind of expected this scratching sensation, but he just slid
right in. It felt soooo good. I kind of leaned forward to stand up,
and I felt him sliding out of me so I sat right back down. He must
have been pretty big because he went in so deep. I kept lifting my bum
up then sliding back down trying to get it deeper in each time.

The wind kind of rustled through the trees, reminding me of where we
were, but by that point, I just didn't care anymore. If anything, I
wanted to be seen. He pulled my shirt up, and I lifted my arms to help
him get it off. He pawed at my bra strap and finally got it off too. I
couldn't believe I was completely naked right in the middle of my

Ryosuke motioned for me to stand up, and got me to bend forward and
put my hands on the ground. He stood up too and kept plunging it in
from the back. I felt like an animal doing it in the wild. I almost
blacked out again, but this time I held on till my body was gripped by
this wave of pleasure. He must have come too because we both just sort
of fell over onto the dirt and lay there for a while.

When I finally came to my senses, I was even more shocked than I had
been the last time. I couldn't believe I had done it right there in
the middle of campus while it was still daylight no less. Over the
fence and through the trees I could see one of the buildings where our
classes are. I had this nightmare vision of my male classmates all
huddling around a telescope or something watching us. I started
gathering up my clothes and putting them on, but Ryosuke was just sort
of laying there his penis still in plain view. Once I was dressed, I
kneeled down and tucked him into his underwear and did up his zipper.
Both of us had mud stains on our skin and clothes.

"C'mon, we'd better go." Slowly he got up, and we headed for the
emergency exit. Luckily as we came out, there didn't see to be anyone
around. We went into one of the lecture halls to the washroom to get
cleaned up. Even though we didn't see anybody, I was so jittery I was
shaking. I cleaned up as best I could, but I was so shaken that I just
sort of stood there staring at my reflection in the mirror. I heard a
knock on the door.

"Emi, are you OK?"

"Uh ... yeah ... I'll be out in a second." I straightened myself up,
took a deep breath and went out. Ryosuke was smiling kind of gently.

"Um ... uh ... sorry," he said apparently regretting what we'd done. I
tried to smile, but I felt so weak I don't think it came out.

"Let's just go home."

I didn't have the strength to peddle my bike, so we waited for the
bus. He came as far as the bus stop near my house, but then said
goodbye, and got on the bus going the other way. I felt really sad to
see him go, and I went back to my room, and just kind of lay there for
a long time.

Now that I have had time to think about it for a while and write it
all down, I feel a little bit better, but at the time it was pretty
intense. I still don't know quite what I should do. I want to see
Ryosuke, and I miss him when he is not around, but I think this time
for sure we went way too far. I guess I'm just as much to blame as he
is, but at least we still haven't gotten caught or anything. Anyway,
if you've read this far, I would appreciate if you could drop me a
line and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Emi Tsuruta

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