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This is not in the least true; it is a story with fictional
characters.  It is, also, a dirty story which has been
shown to lead to dirty thoughts.  If you are not allowed to
have dirty thoughts, please go elsewhere.  Otherwise, enjoy
to the limit of copyright law.  Don't repost or republish,
without my permission.  And if you make a buck offa it, I DO
GET A CUT.  Hate mail and viruses should be delivered to the
address below.  Fan mail could be sent there as well, I guess.
Cheques are welcomes, as are really hot Solvcians.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera\

                       My Daddy's Slave
                        Kenny N Gamera



I ran to my father in the airport, bumping into a couple of
little old ladies on the way.  One gave me a look, not
dirty, confused.  I can understand; there are not many
girls with the name Kenny.  Still, it can be just as short
for Kendra as it is for Kenneth, as I tell my newest

Plus, I love my daddy.  No, not that way, you perv!  In the
proper daughter sort of way.  Before mom got fed up with
him and his admittedly more irritating habits (he may be my
daddy, but he is still a man), we did a lot of the things
that a father and son would do, because my loser brother
was too interested in writing his depressing poetry and
hanging around with his equally loser friends trying to
turn it into equally depressing music.

Sigh!  I wish my friends would quit asking me to get him to
sign album covers.

After the old heave ho, we stayed close even if I stayed
with mom because of the more practical reasons (ie male,
irritating habits, that time of life).  I still wanted to
grow up to be an ecologist just like him, except more
reliable, neater, and less irritating.  But he had the
chance to become Chairman of a state college biology
department in one of the smaller schools on the opposite
side of the state during my first year of high school, and
he took it.

Letters, e-mail, phone calls, and vacations together were
nice, but lacked that certain something.  That's why I made
my first choice of college the little one he taught at.
That's how I ended up in this small airport bumping into
little old ladies and confusing them with my name.

When I reached daddy, I wrapped my arms around him and gave
him a big hug.  And the obligatory kiss on the cheek was
delivered as well.  I hadn't seen him all summer because of
the time I spent with mom and my friends.  Logic said that
he would be seeing me full time now and mom would need to
be satisfied with just the occasional visits; she deserved
the whole summer.

Daddy hadn't seemed all that sad about it, but I hoped that
had meant he had found himself a girlfriend.  He had been
without one the whole time since the divorce.  I could
never figure out why because he is cute.  Strike that he is
handsome about five foot eleven and one-eighty pounds when
he takes care of himself, which I could see he was doing at
the moment.

"Got a girlfriend, daddy?" I whispered in his ear.

"Just you, Pumpkin."

That got a dirty look from the old ladies, which means that
you are not the only perv I have to deal with, buster.  It
also meant that I would need to keep an eye out for a
classmate to introduce to him.  I knew of at least one old
classmate from home who had a taste for older men and
teachers.  I felt confident as I watched daddy effortless
carry my bags that I would have no problem at all.

Daddy had gotten most of my stuff from the room he kept for
me at his place and moved it into my dorm room before my
arrival.  That spared us the hassle that the other kids
were having, even if I still had the hassle of unpacking.
Plus, dealing with my roommate, the stuck up bitch from
hell.  Fortunately, her parents took her to dinner, and
Daddy and I easily got out of joining them.

We went home instead; though Daddy didn't seem as excited
as I was at the prospect of having me join him over pizza
just like the good old days.  I couldn't figure out why,
because the house looked a lot nicer than it had when I was
last here during spring break.  He had even switched to non
alcoholic beer which he shared with me as we ate.  It
wasn't as `beer-y' as the stuff he would let me sneak sips
of when I was younger, but that wasn't that bad.  After
diner and a little bit of the tube (Discover had a couple
of good programs that night), he drove me back to the dorm.

My first week in college went well.  The second week wasn't
all that hot, however.  The bitch from hell had apparently
been thrown out of hell for being a bitch.  She found a
boyfiend within a few days and the two spent most of my
study time trying to make a new crop of demons.  During the
week, I could spend time in the library, but on friday the
library closed at six o'clock.

The hell spawn had decided on a marathon session of doing
Satan's work.  As he fucked the seed of evil into her
cursed womb, a sat in the hall, leaning against the door
crying.  My equally as evil latin prof had decided on a
test that monday which I desperately needed to study for.
This was the last straw, and I gave into the stress.

After I had cried myself numb, I realized that I did have
an out and decided to visit my daddy.  I could imagine him
sitting home alone watching bad teevee.  Granted, I would
need to study, but having me in the home would cheer him
up.  An unempty house is a lot more happy; I know I feel
the difference.

I walked back in to my so-called room, packed my book bag
and decided that I didn't want to be seen on the bus in
just my study sweats.  I changed into a black skirt and
white blouse, as well as one of my nicest sets of panties
and bra.  Seeing as how I still had my summer tan, I choose
not to wear hose without fear of not displaying my long
legs to their best advantage.  A touch of makeup finished
the job.

I looked into the full length mirror and decided that I was
fit to be seen in public.  I mean, I may be daddy's girl,
but I am still a girl first.  I also gained the approval of
the boy-beast, who asked me to join them in their sexual
sabbath as he pumped his penis between her breasts.  I
rejected him as worse I could and rushed out the room.

After a quick bus ride and a short walk, I found myself
knocking on daddy's door.  And knocking on daddy's door.
And knocking on daddy's door.  Finally, he answered the
door wearing a short terry robe and a shocked look.

"Kenny," he said with heavy breathing.  "What are you doing

"The blond and the loser are going at it hot and heavy,
right now.  I need a place to study and maybe to crash."

"Oh.  Well, come in."

I gave him a hug.  He felt sweaty and warm.

"Oooo, daddy," I said teasingly, "Have you got a girl

"Uh, no!" he said quickly.  In a more natural voice, he
added, "I've told you that you were my only girlfriend,
Pumpkin.  I've been down in the basement doing exercises."

"In the nude, daddy?"

"It was good enough for the ancient greeks.  If you want,
why don't you go set up on the kitchen table.  Shall I
start you a pot of coffee?"

I agreed. I began to take my books out my bag.  I also
watched as daddy moved around the kitchen putting together
the coffee.  For the father of a college co-ed and a punk
rocker, he looked damn good.  Heck, only his shortly cut
salt and pepper hair really separated him from my preferred
boyfriends, men ten years older than me.  As I admired his
toned legs, the phone rang.

He answered and listened for a short while, before
swearing.  He hung up the phone in a rush and abandoned the

"Kenny, I need to head into campus.  There has been a
chemical spill in one of the genetics labs, and I have to
assess the damage.  Will you be okay by yourself?"

"Yes, daddy.  Can I help?"

"No, Pumpkin.  Stay here and study.  That's more

As I began my latin, daddy got dressed in a pair of jeans
that weren't too tight, but still tight enough to show off
his nice buns.  I kissed him and sent him on his way.
Then, I started to study.

The coffee quickly made its effect known, and I began to
squirm in my seat.  Finally, I decided to just give in and
go pee.  On the way to the bathroom, I discovered that the
always locked basement had been unlocked.

No big deal, I thought.  Daddies' deserve their secrets.

But on the way back, I heard a noise like a moan.  Then, I
had to have a peek.  I went down the stairs on tippy-toes,
even though I knew that I was alone in the house.

"Prof. Gamera?"

I was wrong, because in the middle of the room was a boy
about my age.  He was naked except for an eyeless leather
hood and strapped down to a plain table.  Being caught, I
quit trying to be quiet with my movements.  As I got
closer, his dick started to grow and get hard.

"Prof. Gamera?"

It was not the biggest dick that I had seen, but it did
impress me as being worth sticking in my pussy.  Without a
word, I walked right up to the table, and began to stare at
his sexy, young body.  I slipped a finger pass the elastic
of my panties and into my super wet pussy.

"Prof. Gamera?"

I moved my other hand to the dick and began to stoke it to
the rhythm of my pussy finger.

"Who are you? What's going on? Prof. Gamera?"

As he puzzled out loud, I took my hands away from their
tasks and lowered my panties.  These, I inserted into his
mouth to shut him up.  Then, I crawled between his spread
legs.  To the sound of his panty muffled moan, I took him
into my mouth.

I slowly swallowed his hardness twice.  Next, I pulled away
entirely so I could begin to lick at the head of his cock.
This met with his approval if the noises he made were any
clue.  So, I began to lick up and down his shaft, before I
began to use my mouth to fuck him.

While I did this, I kept a finger busy in my pussy and with
my clit.  I teased him with my mouth, as I kept things
strictly business with myself.  Therefore, I easily brought
myself off before he even began to think about cumming in
my mouth, which was good because I had other plans for him.

Oh, don't worry buster; I swallow, but that is something
for a boyfriend.  Sex slaves are something different,
entirely.  The place for his cum was in my pussy.  I began
to move forward to mount him.

"Have you ever fucked a girl, slave boy?"

He shook his head.  I think it finally dawned on him that I
was a girl.

"Well, slave boy, it's just me and you.  And you have no
one to protect your virginity from the big bad girl."

I sank on his cock and began to use him like a dildo.  As I
bounced up and down, I kept my hands busy with my tits,
mauling them through my blouse.  I came twice before he
shot his wad deep into my cunt.  A leaned down and gave him
a kiss on the cheek before I left to my homework.  The only
sounds were his questions trying to fight their way through
my panties.

I went to bed before daddy came home.  When I got up for
breakfast, things were a bit awkward at first, but things
returned to normal within a short time.  George turned out
to be a great guy and a good cook.  Daddy also relaxed
before I left.  When I did leave, I gave both a kiss and
instructions to George to take good care of my daddy.

I really liked my daddy's slave.

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