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Note about the story: This is my first attempt at writing
erotic stories. I hope you'll like this one.
This story takes place in an imaginary world, where
people are quite similar to us, with one important
difference - the way they grow up.
Please forgive any grammatical mistake in this story. I'm
not a native English speaker, and it may reflect in my

If you have any comments on this story, you're more than
welcome to write me to my email address below.

The usual disclaimer: This story contains explicit
description of sexual situations, so if you're not a
grown-up .come back later when you are.
All rights reserved  to psychtales
( You may distribute it freely, and
post it at any non-profit site. For any commercial use,
write me.




"I wish I were a grown-up" said David, a small, skinny,
redhead boy.
"Yuck! Why would you want that?!" said Rob, a muscular,
black haired boy sitting next to him.
"Yeh- why would you want that . ?!" said Ben, "Grownups
are dis-guasting!".
" . grownups are not that bad . " said Jenny, in quiet,
unsure voice.
"Grown-ups are big and strong, and can do everything they
want. I'm sick of those grown-ups telling me what to do.
I wish I'd be a grown-up myself" Said David.
"Gosh, you really wanna be a grown-up? You know what
grownups do? They're fffackin'. man!" answered Rob, doing
a symbolic gesture with his hand.
"Yeh, they're f-ackin'. Fackin' fackin' fackin' all the
time! Its gross!" said Ben, repeating, as always, after
Rob's words.
"So what .? So what if they're fucking?"
"Oh man! You're sick, man! Totally sick! You know whats f-
uckin'? I bet you never saw grownups fuckin' . I tell you
how they're fuckin'. It's sooo grossss".
"Please, stop talking about it . " said Jenny. Her
childish pretty face wore a disturbed expression.
"Jenny, don't be a girl. You ought to know how it is to
be a grown-up. I've seen Debby and  Mark fuckin'
yesterday. Man, I couldn't believe it! Mark put his
peeenus inside Debby's thing. It was grosss. Super-gross,
and his peeenus was ."
"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" Shouted Jenny.
"Pleassseee!", she looked as if she was on the verge of

But Rob ignored her pleads. " . his peeenus was all
swollen, and it was so h-uge! Humongous! You wouldn't
believe it! And he pushed it all inside Debby, and she
was asking him to push it deeper"
"Yuck! Its sooo gross you make me puke!" said Ben, acting
"Hey, where did Jenny go?" asked David.
"Don't worry about her. She's such a crying baby. She's
the one that really need to know about being a grownup,
but she just can't take it".
"She's . she's going to be a grownup soon, doesn't she?"
Rob nodded, "yeh, I overheard the doctor telling her".
"You ass-ole!"
"Why do you care so much about that girl? I bet you want
to fuck her yourself when you're grownup. That's why"
"You're such a jerk. Rob! A jerk!" shouted David, and
left the two other kids.


In the meanwhile, Jenny was walking down the ally,
towards her room.
"Jenny?" she herd a voice behind her.
"Brian?" said Jenny, a hint of surprise in her voice.
"Brian? I haven't seen you for . gosh! You're a grownup
"Yes, my time has arrived. I've grown.". Jenny took a
step backwards.
"Hey, Jenny - where are you going? I'm Brian - your
friend, remember? I'm still Brian, still the same. I'm
just a little bigger now, that's all"
"You're - you're not the same Brian. You're a grownup.
You're different now."
"But I'm still your friend. Hey - you're going to become
a grownup yourself soon, don't you?"
She took another step backwards, as Brian took a step
towards her. "No." she said.
"I know you are. I see the signs all over you. Real soon
Jenny didn't answer.
"I can't wait for you to be a grownup! We can be friends
"Please, Brian! Stay away from me!"
"Oh, don't be silly! Kids can be so stupid. I can't wait
for you to grow up. You'll become such a sexy woman!"
"Stay away from me!" panic started to emerge from her
"Calm down, Jenny. I'm not going to do anything to you. I
love you. I just can't help imagining you as a grownup,
sexy woman. How it would be to fuck you".
"Don't touch me! Stay away from me, I said!"
"Ok, ok . I'm going. I was not going to touch you now.
See you soon ."
"I hope I'll never see you again, you pervert! I hate
"You're going to change your mind soon. Trust me. Bye for


"Jenny!" David said, looking at the young pretty girl
sitting on the sidewalk, her head bent down. Jenny was an
extremely pretty girl. Long smooth blond hair, delicate
face, big pretty eyes, cute nose. It was no wonder Brian
was so excited about her becoming a woman. She was going
to be one of the sexiest young adults in the
neighborhood, no doubt about it.
"oh, hi Dave"
"Jenny - you're crying ."
"Please Dave, go away. I want to be alone."
"Is it because you're . you're going to be a grownup?"
"I'm afraid, Dave"
"But why? Anyone is gonna be a grownup. There is nothing
wrong with that."
""I'll be alone. Without you or Kim or Johnny".
"Don't be stupid, Jenny. We still be your friends. We
could still play together. We won't leave you".
"You're the stupid, Dave. You won't be my friends. Kids
and grownups can't be friends they're different. We won't
play the same games anymore".
"We could be friends, I promise".
"No we couldn't".
"And besides, some of your friends are already grownups
now. You won't be alone. You'll have Keren and Brian ."
"I hate Brian! I HATE him!!!"
"No you don't, he's your best friend ."
"I said I hate him, OK? Go away now."
"Ok, ok. I was just trying to cheer you up."
"Well, you didn't."
"Why are you so mean, Jenny? I didn't say anything bad."
"I'm sorry, Dave. It's just that . I don't want to be a
grownup. I wish I could stay a kid. Forever."
"But . it's nature. We all going to be grownups."
"I know, Dave, I just wish. But you should really go now.
I feel it already begun. I got to hurry to my room".
"Ok, Jenny. Goodbye. I really mean it we could still be
"I know, Dave. Bye"


Jenny hurried to her room and locked her door behind. The
change already started to happen, she felt it. Her heart
started to beat faster, much faster than ever. Her skin
started to itch. She was starting to grow now. Starting
to turn into an adult. There's no way back. No way to
stop it. And she was really terrified. Terrified of
loosing, not just her friends, but everything else.
Becoming different person. She knew that in a way she'll
still be the same Jenny, still have the same memories.
But in countless ways she'll be a different person.
She'll act differently. Care about different things. Even
look somewhat different and sound somewhat different. And
then there was this thing about sex. Rob was right. Sex
was disgusting, repulsive thing adults do. And now, as an
adult, she would keep looking for sex all the time. It
sometimes seems this is all grownups care about. She
couldn't bare thinking about it.

The itching sensation increased, and she felt her body
starting to expand. Her clothes could no longer contain
her body, so she had to take everything off. She looked
at her image on the mirror on her room's wall. Is she a
grownup already? Does she think differently? Feel
different? Not yet. It was just the beginning.

Her body continued to grow. She grew taller and taller,
adding few inches each passing minute, but other than her
size, it looked as if nothing else changed. For a moment
she was just a 5'4" tall kid, with little girl's face and
little girl's body. And then it happened.
The itching sensation stopped, and instead, she felt
weird kind of warmth between her legs and at her chest.
She still remembered being highly disturbed few moments
ago, but now, when all kinds of hormones were flowing
everywhere in her body, she felt oddly relaxed. The
warmth became stronger, and then she noted another change
in her body. Her ass started becoming rounder, into a
perfect shape of adult, sexy woman's ass, some hair
started growing at her crotch, and then her breasts
started swallowing and growing. She looked at the image
in the mirror, wide eyed, with disbelief. She knew how
grownups look like, she knew what to expect, yet actually
seeing and feeling the change bewildered her. The warmth
in her crotch and at her chest increased. Her breasts
continued growing until they reached a respectable well-
shaped C-cup size. And then finally all changes stopped,
and Jenny was looking at the image of a young beautiful
woman reflected from the mirror in front of her. Maybe it
was the intoxicating effect of all the hormones flowing
inside her body in the process. Maybe it was because she
saw things now through grownup eyes. For some reason she
didn't feel bad about her metamorphose anymore. She liked
what she saw. "so this is the new Jenny" she thought.
"Hi, new Jenny", she giggled.

Jenny turned around, trying to examine her new body from
every direction. Her profile from one side. From the
other. A glimpse at her behind. Then her attention was
turned towards her breasts. "Quite a pair you got there,
missy", she told herself. She held her breasts with both
hands, examining them thoroughly. Then her hand
accidentally stroked one of her nipples. "Wow! That was
nice!" she thought. She did it again. And again, now
stroking both nipples. It was a new kind of sensation,
and she really liked it. She continued fondling herself,
and as she did so, she felt growing warm feeling down her
crotch. Without really thinking about it, her hand went
there. It was all wet between her legs. Touching her sex
organ released a new wave of pleasure through her body.
Her fingers started  slowly moving deeper inside her
pussy. And with each stroke came a stronger wave of
pleasure. She succumbed to her pleasure, that kept
increasing until she finally came. It was as if something
exploded inside her. Totally unbelievable. She hoped she
could feel this way forever. When it passed, she felt
quite exhausted. Quite a lot of things happened to her in
the last few hours, and her body needed some rest.


Jenny wasn't sure for how long she slept. It could be a
day. It could be more. When she woke up it was already
noon. She got up, and found that she's naked.
Unfortunately, she didn't have any clothes to fit her new
body. Just like most grownups on their first day, she
warped herself with a bathing robe that was the only
piece of clothing that would fit her body now, and went

Nothing is better for turning the attention of young
adult males than the sight of a beautiful woman in her
"first day bathing robe". There is nothing better in the
world, they say, than being the first to fuck a woman
that just got out of her childhood cocoon. Soon enough
two males noticed her, and sprang for action. "hey babe!"
one of them called, "come over here!"

She turn her head towards the voice, and noticed the
young grownups. It was the first time she saw any male
since her change, and the sight made her body react.  It
was quite a weird reaction. Those men looked real sleazy,
and she didn't want anything to do with them, but on the
other hand she felt uncontrollable attraction. A feeling
quite similar to the feeling she had the other day, when
she was stroking herself, came over her. Uncontrollable
horniness. She knew she had no choice but going to those
men, letting them pleasure her body. Rob words about
Mark's swollen penis going inside Deby echoed in her
mind. She imagined those men's penis getting inside her
now. God, how much she wanted it! Those men were
repulsive, but she didn't care now. She wanted them! No
she didn't. She hoped she could run away. She couldn't.
She felt a need growing inside her, an urge that must be
satisfied, and they where here to satisfy it.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing", she heard another
voice. "Get away from her". She recognized this voice.
She turned to face the speaker. It was Brian! She hate
him, she remembered. Brian was her best friend once, and
then turned into a repulsive grownup . he said ugly
things last time they met, talked about fucking her . oh

She looked at him. For some reason, now she no longer saw
a repulsive adult. It was Brian, her best friend. A
handsome man! Yes, he looked to her once again the same
Brian she used to play with. Her friend. And he was so
attractive! "Oh Brian, I've missed you so much!" she came
running to him, and gave him a hug.

"Jenny, I missed you too, you don't know how much! All
the time, since I became an adult, I kept thinking about
the time we could be friends again! At last you're here!"
he gave her a strong hug back. She felt so safe and
secure in his arms. She felt so good. And she also felt
something hard in his pants, between his legs. "Oh
Brian", she said, "Please - fuck me!"

"I thought you'll never ask!" he said, and took his pants
and underwear down. His large penis sprang, fully
erected, between his legs. "Its so beautiful!" she said,
stroking his penis gently. He took her bathing robe off,
and now she stood fully naked in front of him. "You're
beautiful", he said. "The most beautiful woman in the
world! And you got the most amazing tits!" he stroked
them, and then started sucking her nipples. "I want you
inside me. Brian. I want your dick inside me, now!" she
said, and he entered her. What she felt then was several
times better than the way she felt when she made love
with herself in her room. The feeling of her best friend,
her childhood's friend, his dick inside her pussy . "It
feel so g-ood being a grownup!" she said, "So g-oo-d! Oh
Brian! Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Fuck me harder! Fuck me
forever . !"

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