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This story is full of all sorts of perverse and unlikely things. It 
includes all sorts of bizarre things, which happen to turn some people 
on. Things like bondage, non-consentual sex, exhibitionism, and even 
incest. Minors need not apply. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. 
Delete from incoming box. (Like you'll listen if you're a minor... but 
at least you've been warned).

If this kind of writing causes you discomfort, if it bothers you or is 
even likely to bother you, please don't read it. Consider yourself 
warned. If you read it despite all these warnings and are offended, 
what the heck are you doing? Give yourself a shake.

I guess I should point out that this story is fictional. I have never 
figured out time travel and if I did, I suspect I wouldn't misuse the 
privilege nor would I engage in non-consensual sex or incest under any 
circumstances nor would I counsel anyone else to do so. These are bad 
things. <Does this really need saying? Isn't this common sense? Hello?> 
Any resemblance to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

Also, let's be clear about this. Archiving of the story is OK. But 
charging money for it (including charging for access to any archived 
copies) isn't cool. Needless to say, giving me credit for the story is 
not an option. This work is copyrighted by the author subject to the 
above stated conditions.

This is a work in progress. I will continue posting it as long as there 
is interest (both yours and mine). Any comments, good or bad, are 
welcome. Suggestions for the storyline are also welcome.

If you are still with me, read on and please enjoy.

- crimson


Chapter 117 - Time Out Of Time


By Crimson Dragon (


I quietly closed the door to the master bedroom. I was sure that as 
soon as I left, they'd begin talking. I didn't mind. As long as they 
were smart enough to stop when I returned. If I'd really wanted them 
silent, I would have left them gagged.

I walked quickly to the business room where Jane and Sheila were 
trapped. I twirled a pair of steel handcuffs around my finger as I 
approached. I set the key in the lock and took a breath. I wasn't used 
to Sheila yet, and though she had never shown outward aggression, she 
also had never seen me punish the other girls. She might have some 
ideas of how to incapacitate me. She had some weapons in there, and 
she might have released Jane to help her. I readied my time defenses 
and unlocked the door. Really, I should have left Sheila restrained.

I watched carefully as the door swung open. Sheila was on her knees, 
leaning back on her hands quietly talking to Jane. Sheila looked up as 
I entered, Jane tried to twist her bound body around to look at me. I 
watched as a look of hope crossed Jane's features, but she pressed her 
lips together, not saying anything. Her arms looked sore bent up 
towards the ceiling behind her. She still couldn't rise, and her legs 
looked tired. That was unfortunate, because she was going to remain 
there for a while, yet.

Sheila spoke softly as I approached.

"Please, master. This slave begs for slave Jane's release. She's in 

"I know. I'll let her out soon."

Jane groaned as she realized that she was in for further pain and 
punishment before I'd let her down. I crouched down beside Sheila.

"You didn't let her go?" I asked Sheila.

"You would have put her back up, and punished her twice as badly if I 

I nodded and reached for Sheila's wrist.

"Please. I've proven that I'm not going to do anything. You don't have 
to tie me up."

"You won't be as uncomfortable as Jane is. And it's not for long."

Sheila, realizing that any further protests would probably lead to 
further discomfort, allowed me to hang the steel from her wrist. I bid 
her lie down, which she did. I carefully attached her right wrist to 
Jane's right ankle, having her lie easily under Jane.

I addressed both of them.

"Girls? I don't want to gag you, but I want you to be quiet. Can you 
do that for me?"

They both nodded. Sheila from the floor, and Jane from her bent over 
posture. They didn't know why I wanted them quiet, but they knew 
better than to question it. They'd at least be quiet when I was 

"I'll be back in a while."

Jane looked like she wanted to say something, perhaps let me know in 
graphic detail how her arms were screaming, but she decided to keep 
quiet, not wanting a gag to extend her discomfort.

I stroked their hair gently and silently left them in the room. I 
carefully locked them in, though it was probably unnecessary with 
their restraints.

I took a deep breath, allowing the shakes to finally take hold of my 
body. I gripped the handrail until they receded. Taking another deep 
breath I got myself in motion, walking swiftly to the stairs and down.

I settled myself into the comfortable sofa and lay my head back 
against the cushions.

What the hell had happened to me? One second I'm teasing Christi, the 
next I'm lying overtop of her bound form, with Elizabeth taking care 
of me as though I was an invalid. I couldn't fathom it. What if it 
happened again? What if I didn't wake up? What if it was more severe? 
What if the girls decided that next time, they'd take a chance at 
freedom by incapacitating me while I was helpless? Like Amy was 
already suggesting? I couldn't blame her for that. She must be damn 
uncomfortable in that chair. My head swam with concerns.

I rose to my feet and carefully walked to the front of the house, 
letting myself outside. I looked up at the house from the front walk. 
Inside, I had five girls, completely dependent on me. Without me, they 
couldn't get back to their former lives. Without me, at the moment, 
they couldn't even get themselves free enough to move. They deserved 

I forced myself to clear my head and began walking. The clean air of 
the morning helped the fogginess recede from my being. It felt good to 
be alone, enjoy the sunshine, breathe the air. I was tempted to 
release the few people that I passed, just to play with them in the 
morning light. God, this timeline was idyllic. Except for that damn 
blackout. My thoughts returned to the girls, restrained inside, unable 
to enjoy simple things at whim as I did.

I hadn't traveled far before I spotted a sports car, stopped in the 
middle of the road. The driver was a young attractive brunette, 
concentrating on the unmoving road in front of her. If I chose, she 
could be mine. I could add her to the women I already had. Make her my 
slave. I fingered my gun, but I realized that I didn't need it. I 
could take her with a combination of time and brute strength. She was 
no match physically for me.

My mind snagged, a nagging suspicion entering my consciousness. I sat 
down on the road, staring at the cute driver, letting my mind wander. 
It hit me like a ton of bricks falling from a building under 
construction. Bad scene.

I leapt to my feet and ran around to the other side of the Mazda with 
the girl. I carefully exerted a minimum of will, allowing the 
passenger door to free from the time block. I slipped into the 
passenger seat, fighting the urge to take the brunette. She was 
exquisite. But I didn't have time. I rummaged through her glove box 
finding paper. I dug in her purse in search of a pencil or pen. 
Lifesavers. Tampons. Condoms. Kleenex. And a wallet. Her wallet had a 
fine gold pen buried in the fold.

I climbed out of the car and stretched out on the hood of her car. If 
I'd freed her now, I would have been in some serious trouble lying as 
I was. I feverishly scribbled equations and inequalities on the page, 
filling one, then another. The variables were complex, and almost 
unreadable, but after an hour or so, I read the last equation in 

I could control time, but there were limits. I knew that. I just 
hadn't bothered with the specifics because according to the 
assumptions, the limits should be far longer than a human life span. I 
knew more, now. Time control was taking some energy from my system, 
and that energy was fading. Not quickly. Not drastically. But I simply 
couldn't maintain this time line indefinitely. With practice, perhaps, 
but I couldn't yet. I knew that going in, but the line had proved to 
be so distracting that I had forgotten to keep my eye on it. According 
to the last equation, the controller might slip into a state of 
timelessness if the energy was to low. If the energy levels fell 
enough, then the timelines would collapse. The black out state was an 
attempt by my body and mind to conserve the timeline unconsciously. It 
would happen more and more frequently until the time line collapsed. I 
had a bad feeling what might happen to my body if the energy levels 
fell that low. Not to mention the effects on the people on this 
timeline. It might collapse into the primary timeline, but then again, 
it might not. The equations weren't that accurate.

I took a deep breath, the shaking now completely gone from my body. I 
was beginning to understand the realities of this. That is why I 
recovered so fast. It wasn't a physical affliction. Problem was, I was 
vulnerable when it happened, and so were the girls.

I slowly dropped off the car and sat at the side of the road holding 
the pages of numbers as a kind of bible. I couldn't know when, but it 
would happen to me again if I tried to maintain the timeline. And 
there was absolutely no way to tell how low the energy reserves might 
be in my system. I needed rest. And I needed it on the main timeline 
where I wasn't in control.

I stared at the numbers, wanting to be wrong. I would have been happy 
staying here for a few more weeks. Perhaps someday I could.

I really didn't want to let them go. This whole peaceful world and the 
girls. They were great creatures. They had adjusted so well, and it 
had been fun. Probably more for me than them, but they had their 
freedoms as well. As Jane had so aptly put it, on the prime timeline, 
where could they go where they could romp around without clothes or 
cares? No school. No work. No worries. Someone else looking after your 
needs. They might have to put up with my games occasionally, but that 
wasn't that bad a price to pay.

I hung my head, breathing steadily. I knew what I had to do.

I rose to my feet, hearing my own feet against the pavement in this 
silent world. I walked back to the house, dreading what was coming.

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