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Subject: Ruthie's Glen Interlude (Mf, d/s, anal, consensual) [1/1]
From: RuthieBaby <>

Disclaimer: This story is strictly fantasy. Any resemblance to anyone living
or dead is purely coincidental and downright presumptuous. If you are under
the age of 18 or live in a community that prohibits this kind of free
expression, please stop reading here and do something else to occupy your
time, like knitting or bowling or reading "Winnie The Pooh."

The authors grant permission for private use of this story. Any other use is
prohibited. We gladly accept, encourage, and appreciate comments. Please send
comments to

Ruthie's Note: This story resulted from one of those impromptu writing
collaborations. Gary wrote the first part - his fantasy of our first meeting.
I wrote the second part - my view of the action. Gary gave me permission to
post his part. For other Ruthie stories by some of my favorite authors, please
see "ruthie's Story" (all 12 chapters, now reposted) by,
"Ruthie's Afternoon" by, and the Ruthie quartet ("Ruthie's
Sweet Night Of Passion," "Ruthie's Coffee Break," "Ruthie's Submission," and
"Ruthie's Defilement") by They are really super writers.

Copyright 1998 RG Publications. All rights reserved.

Ruthie's Glen Interlude

Part One: His Story (by Gary)

I was torn as I drove to Waterville. Titillated to be meeting Ruth and
apprehensive as to just what our first meeting would be like. It's like the
end of the Dating Game when the bachelor comes around the screen and the
camera zooms in on the woman's face. There's no hiding the disappointment if
he turns out to not be her type. I was also more turned on than I'd ever been,
wondered if I could walk with this hard cock confined in my pants ruining the
symmetry of my lap.

I pulled off the exit and waited, my car off to the side on the grassy knoll.
The window down, a warm breeze swirling throughout, too anxious to read,
simply wait. Out of the corner of my eye I see the white car floating down the
ramp, see the driver, but not well. My heart is pounding, my cock is
throbbing. I'm nervous and exhilarated.

She pulls up next to me, we open our doors at the same time and she peels her
long sensual body out of the car. I compose myself, feel a power grow within
me. This woman is mine. She's beautiful, poised, elegant, classy. Yet I can
see the heat, the passion in her eyes tempered by her barely perceptible
submission hinted at by her demure smile and the tilt of her head. The way her
eyes meet mine then lower themselves, I know. She is my whore now.

Ruth dressed to please me, as she will always from this point on. White cotton
blouse, buttons in front and buttoned up to the top. A midlength tailored
black skirt, black stockings and heels, her lips painted and nails to match.
And something extra, a black silk choker with pearl broach on her throat. She
is stunning. She walks with an extremely sexual air, her sensuality emanating
with every step. I stare at her, smile, feel the power within me growing. We
walk to each other, laugh nervously and clasp hands. I take her hand to my
lips, inhale her aroma and kiss her palms, my eyes never leaving hers.

We hold hands as we exchange nervous banter, the drive, so good to see you,
etc. Our fingers intertwine as we chat, her palm so silky soft, fingers so
strong. I suggest we take her car and drive to the woods, a dirt road I found
that goes to the top of hill, a secluded cemetery.

As she drives I notice her skirt ride up and see the black stockings held up
by garters and her thighs casually spread, relaxed. We speak of simple things
as we drive through the woods, a tunnel of branches, dark lush green, not a
sound or person around. I sit with my legs also spread, wondering if she
notices my hard cock growing down my left thigh. I tell her to turn left up
here next to the gnarled oak. We pull up and see we're all alone, overlooking
the hills and valleys of town. 

I tell her how glad I am to finally be here with her. She is indeed worth the
wait. More stunning, more beautiful than I'd imagined. She smiles, blushes. I
reach over and run the nails of my right hand down her cheek, down her throat,
finger her choker... gently draw her to me... and we kiss, our eyes closing at
the last moment. Her lips are so soft and succulent, moist and knowing. We
both moan as our tongues begin to caress each other. I reach over to stroke
down her left arm as our kiss grows deeper, passionate. I hug her to me,
whisper in her ear how often I'd rehearsed this moment.

I lift her chin, smile at her and say, "You're my whore now aren't you, Ruth."

Her eyes harden, she pulls away and says strongly, "NO!" She looks down and
whispers, "I'm your fucking whore," and with this she looks up and smiles...
starts to unbutton her blouse and we both laugh. I stop her, wanting to enjoy
her clothed, just a few buttons undone, to the top of her cleavage. I reach
out and stroke the tips of my fingers across her throat, down to the tops of
her breasts, over her blouse to nipples... first the left , then the right.

"Let's get out of the car," I say.

It's a hot June day, beautiful up here, secluded. I turn her to me and we
kiss, our bodies grinding into each other. She moans as she feels my hard cock
pressed against her belly, and I moan pulling her against me, my hands on her

We walk to the front of the car, the engine hot, the hood warm. I lean Ruth
over the hood. She feels the warm metal against her cheek, on her breasts, I
tell her to lay her arms out over her head, and I stand behind her, my hands
on her hips, feeling so strong. She's beautiful and all mine.

I run my nails slowly up the backs of each thigh, tease towards her pussy but
don't touch, across her ass, raising her skirt, standing so close she can feel
my cock pressed against her ass.

"Reach behind you and take down my zipper, my whore," I say.

She moans... her long beautiful fingers reach back... fumble to find me... and
slowly lower my zipper. Her cool fingers reach in, wrap around my cock and
squeeze. She moans, as do I. My cock throbs in her hands. I reach around and
pinch her right nipple as she pulls me out and strokes my cock, pre-cum oozing
out of the tip, onto her fingers.

I lean over her, kiss her throat, whisper in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you
Ruth, at last, my sweet fucking whore," and I rip her panties off. The sound
of the material ripping is like a rifle shot in this silence. She moves her
ass back against me, thrusting, and I find her wet hot pussy... and sink in to
my balls in one long slow stroke.

When I'm all the way in I just stop and enjoy it. Hold Ruth so she can't move
either, lay over her back and kiss, suck, bite her neck as I start to slowly
fuck her, my cock probing, moving side to side, slowly in and out. I know she
likes it fast and hard. I want to enjoy this, draw it out, make her beg me to
fuck her like a slut. Such a hot wet fucking cunt, drawing my cock on each
stroke, her ass moving tantalizingly back against me, her moans on each

I'm harder than I've ever been, moaning and fucking, biting her shoulder,
slapping her ass on each stroke as I pick up speed. Telling her that from now
on she's mine. My hot fucking whore. She's to dress for me, masturbate for me,
fuck me whenever I want, wherever I want.

I'm primordial, fucking this woman, owning this woman, slapping Ruth's ass.
Loving Ruth........

Part Two: Her Story (by Ruthie)

Early morning, bright sun, trees swaying, birds chirping… as in every happy
fairy-tale. Their first meeting, and he looks just the way he described
himself - tall, dark blonde hair, deep blue eyes, neatly trimmed mustache...
so sexy she can barely tear her eyes away from him. When they reach the quiet
glen, he fucks her… a most natural thing to do. He leans her over her car and
rams his cock into her. So simple, so primitive, as if he has been doing it
all his life… like breathing.

Now, legs apart, skirt bunched at her waist, she takes his thrusts in her hot
wet pussy. "Time to start our voyage of discovery, Ruth," he murmurs, and she
shivers with anticipation. He holds her firmly against the car with one hand,
steps back, and slaps her ass hard with the other. Thwack! She feels a
delicious burn. He spanks her hard a second time… thwack!... and again...
thwack!... then thrusts his penis into her pussy again. His cock has never
been so hard. It feels disconnected from his body, a product of his driving
mind. He is the man fucking her and at the same time the man watching her
being fucked.

She is incredibly turned on. "Who are you, Ruth?" he asks and she answers as
before, "I'm your fucking whore." How he loves to hear her say that. He thinks
his cock will burst right then.

"Take off your blouse and bra, whore," he says curtly, and she obeys him. He
strokes her bare breasts, feeling the nipples harden into little nubs. He
tweaks them hard and she yelps in surprise. He rolls them between his thumb
and forefinger, exerting more and more pressure until she feels spikes of pain
in her breasts. She cries "Owwww…," so he squeezes them again. This is what
they talked about so many times online, yet she seems loath to continue. She
brushes his hands aside.

"No, Ruth," he says sternly, "you can't stop. Our paths of darkness. Remember?
This is where we were meant to go."

He lays her down on the grass, lifts her skirt, and says, "Bend your knees,
Ruth." Her open thighs, framed by the black stockings and garter belt, reveal
her smooth, hairless pussy. She is the picture of lewdness, like a street-
corner cunt. He knows she is anything but that... except for him... right
now... in this place. She stretches out her arms and whispers, "Fuck me, my
delicious Captain... oh, please... please... fuck me..."

He kneels between her knees and inserts his fingers in her pussy, massaging
the spongy tissue at her g-spot. She is so wet her cream covers his hand. She
squirms in the grass, swiveling her hips and moaning softly. He quickly lifts
her legs over his shoulders and plunges into her hot wet pussy. She gasps and
for a moment remains perfectly still, absorbing the feel of his powerful cock.

She sees his hand movement only a few seconds before he slaps her breasts
sharply. "A sign of my love, my luscious whore… did you like that?" and he
slaps her breasts again, this time even harder. Her breasts are warm and
throbbing now, the heat mingling with the pain in her nipples. She arches her
back as if offering her breasts to him again, and he whispers, "This is where
you want to go... you said so... many, many times... that special place where
pain turns into pleasure... I will take you there, my Ruth."

He is deep inside her, picking up speed as if chased by demons. Her pussy is a
firebox waiting to explode. She closes her eyes blocking out his face. Now he
is a nameless, bodiless instrument designed only for her own pleasure. His
ramrod cock pumps rhythmically into her cunt until all she can do is scream in
the silent glen… scream and heave her hips… pull him towards her… into her…
feel the gut-wrenching contractions that go on forever… until she bursts
inside... and falls silent and still.

He watches her tenderly. "Was that good?" he murmurs, and all she can do is
nod and moan. The radiant smile on her face says it all. For a few moments, he
continues sliding his cock into her creaming pussy, then suddenly pulls out
and flips her over on her stomach. "Now, all fours, Ruth" he says, patting the
globes of her buttocks. "My hungry cock lusts for that ass."

She gets on her hands and knees, pulling her skirt up to reveal her asshole -
pink, puckered, and inviting. He bends down and licks it, then pushes his
finger inside and circles it around. "Mmmm... such a tasty ass, my whore." He
spreads her cheeks and positions his rock-hard cock against her waiting hole.
Slowly he pushes inside, forcing her sphincter muscles open, then pauses to
let her body get accustomed to his girth.

Now he grabs her hips and pushes deeper. She groans as the stretching pain
begins. He reaches around and fondles her swollen clit, knowing this will
distract her. Her pussy juices coat his fingers, and he rubs them on his cock
making it more slippery for what is to come.

He pushes further into her until Ruth begs softly, "Stop, please stop… no
more… you are splitting me," and he pauses again, knowing he will not stop
until his cock is buried there. He gives her a few moments to catch her
breath, then resumes invading her asshole. She whimpers and moans but takes it
all. He is in right up to his balls, and she is filled with the feel of him
and her own ecstasy.

At first his movements are long and slow, then quicken as her asshole eases to
meet his cock. Soon he is pumping in and out as if fucking her pussy… but so
much tighter… the ridges of the wall thick and clinging… so unlike her
slippery cunt. Between grunts, she mews constantly. She can barely stand it
much longer but never wants it to stop.

Soon she is cumming again, and this time he will cum with her. He rears back
like a bucking stallion and rams his cock into her with all his force. She
screams louder now, without stopping. "Come, baby, come again," he cries as
his cock throbs inside her and his body tenses. He is close to cumming, as is
she. He continues to pump as she wails, "Now… now… nowww," and he grunts back,
"Yesssss... nowwwwww..." and shoots a load of hot cum up her ass.

The sunlight hides behind a cloud for a moment as they lay exhausted in the
cool, high grass. Trees rustle and birds chirp, but time stands still. His
soft cock slips out of her ass. She feels both empty and filled, her pleasure
is so great. "I am your whore," she murmurs in half-sleep, "… only your
whore." He reaches from behind her, cradling her breasts in his hands...
pressing his body against her back... savoring the peace and contentment in
the glen... loving her.


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