This is one of Puppy's Stories.

Wendy's Charm - part 69

(MF+f+g+, Ffg inc, anal, preg, lac, first, mc)

David's 30th Birthday

The dinner table was full, with eight adults, Roland and Erica's four children, and the baby.  Jessica helped our servant Silke out with making dinner, while the rest of us chatted and caught up.  As dinner was ending, Wendy tapped a glass to get everyone's attention.

"Tomorrow David turns 30.  Justine and I have been planning something special for a while.  Our plan is to test David's limits, to see exactly how many partners he can have sex with in a single day."

"To put it crudely, we're counting holes." said Justine with a grin.

"That's right.  David's day will consist of mouth, pussy, ass - with as many girls and women as he can handle.  To speed it up a bit, I've developed a way, using my charm, to let David have a very small orgasm each time, and ejaculate no more than a couple drops.  My goal is to avoid draining him or wearing him out, so he can last all day.  I'll also be on hand to warm up the women, so that they'll derive some pleasure from being so briefly penetrated."

"I'm making a couple requests," I put in, "since it is my birthday.  First of all, I'd rather fuck people I already know well.  Anonymous sex isn't as fulfilling."

"No problem," assured Wendy, "There will be some fresh faces, but we've lined up lots of your favorites."

"Also, no virgins," I continued, "I don't want some girl's first penetration to be in some kind of fuck-fest."

"That's already arranged," said Justine.  "You're not going into any mouth, pussy or ass that's never had a cock there before.  That also helps with the logistics I've been planning, of getting so many women ready for you, which would be a lot harder if we had to deal with hymens and virgin backdoors.  In fact, I've developed a warm-up plan involving oral sex and lubed vibrators so that every hole you fuck should be wet and ready, comfortable and welcoming."

"You are amazing." I told her lovingly.

"Does that, uh, very small orgasm thing really work?" said Erica.  "You can make him come just a drop?"

"We've practiced a little, but we could use some more practice." said Wendy.  "Would you like to see a demonstration?"

"Um, sure."

"Good.  Stand up, lift your skirt, drop your panties, and lean over the table."

"Oh!"  Erica looked surprised, then smiled.  "Right here in front of my whole family.  OK."  She got up and shifted her clothes, revealing her nicely trimmed dark pussy hair.

"Let's say Erica here is one of your partners tomorrow," said Justine, getting up and finding a dildo from the cupboard by the dining room table.  "Either she'll tell you where to stick your cock, or I will.  In her case, there are no virgin holes, so you'll do all three.  I recommend the order of mouth, pussy, ass -- unless your partner is feeling kinky, in which case you could go pussy, ass, mouth."

"The regular order is good for me." said Erica.

Everyone remained sitting, watching with interest, as I got up and went to my oldest sister.  With her husband and four children watching her, she bent to take my hard cock in her hot mouth.  Next to us, Justine reached between Erica's legs with the lubed dildo, doing something I couldn't see.

"I recommend keeping it to less than a minute per hole, unless you're really having a great time." said Wendy.  "When you're ready to move onto the next hole, just say OK".

Erica bobbed her head, sucking me nicely.  It felt great.  Although I rarely come from oral sex alone, I felt close to coming.  I looked over at Wendy and her charm, and realized she was ramping up my drive, moving me closer to the edge.

"OK!" I gasped.

Almost instantaneously, I felt my cock pulse, and I felt just a bit of orgasmic rush.  Erica pulled her mouth away, moving her tongue with a curious look on her face, then she smiled.

"Yes.  I got just a couple drops!" she announced.

"Good.  Hole number 2." said Justine, moving away to let me get behind Erica.  I bent Erica forward further, and pressed into her pussy.  Sure enough, she was wet and ready.  I looked around at her family as I thrusted.

"I must say, Roland, for a woman who's given birth five times, your wife is a really nice fuck."  He nodded and grinned.

"I practice!" gasped Erica.  "Oh, God, that feels so good!"

I spent barely 30 seconds inside her pussy before saying "OK".  Right away, I felt her pussy muscles twitch and I felt my cock pulse, as we each had a brief moment of orgasm.  I knew I was leaving a couple drops of cum inside her, as I pulled out and lined myself up at her ass.

"She's really ready?" I asked.

"Yes.  Wendy's helping her relax, and I just lubed her up." confirmed Justine.

I nodded and pressed forward, my cockhead encountering the resistance of Erica's sphincter, then I popped through and slid in.  We both moaned.  It felt so good, I kept going for over a minute, enjoying Erica's little gasps and moans, as her family gave words of encouragement.

"She's been good at that for years." said Roland.

"Yeah, Mom!" said Katie.  "That looks hot. I know you like anal as much as I do."

"Are you going to let him leave a big load in his big sister?" asked Susan.

"No, we're still demonstrating." said Wendy.  "Are you ready, David?"

"Oh, OK." I agreed.  Erica gave a brief, sharp cry and my cock pulsed yet again, leaving a drop or two of cum in her ass.  Slowly, I pulled out.  Our servant Silke was right there, leaning forward to suck my cock clean, her favorite thing.

"So how do you feel, David?" asked Wendy as I sat down.  "Drained, overloaded, or ready for more?"

"I feel ready.  Wow.  That sure is fun!  I could see doing that a lot, although I don't know if I can do it all day.  I might get tired from all the thrusting."

"If you get tired, you can let your partners make the fucking motions." she offered helpfully.  "Now, no more sex for you tonight David, or at least no orgasms, I want you to save it for tomorrow."

"What about us?" asked Jeff.  "I've a mind to try those two little minxes Katie and Krista."

"Everyone else can suck and fuck to your heart's delight." said Wendy with a laugh.

They all went off to beds and other comfortable furniture.  Jessica and her mother Susan joined Roland and Erica for a foursome, while Jeff got his middle-aged hands on the teenage girls, and Justine watched the baby.  I went off to watch TV, interrupted a couple hours later by Katie and Krista bursting into the room, giggling and half-naked with cum trickling down their thighs.  They took turns kissing me and sucking my cock, getting me really damn hard and doing their best to take me deep, then just as I was able to lose it, they pulled back, giggled and ran away.

Later, when most of the guests had gone to bed, a car drove up.  It was my second-fiancé Leah, looking stunning in soft black velvet.  She felt so good in my arms, her kisses so sweet.  She followed me upstairs, and I fell asleep with Leah on one side and Justine on the other.

The Day Starts

A slowly woke up to the familiar sensation of a hot mouth sucking on my half-hard cock.  Without opening my eyes, I reached down.  Judging from the feel of the soft flowing hair on her head, and the surprising amount of cock she was taking, I guessed it was Leah.  I opened my eyes, and found the bed was crowded with naked girls and women.  My two sisters were on either side of me, kissing my face.

"3, 2, 1..." said Justine slowly.

"Happy Birthday!" said everyone together.

Just then, I had one of those mini-orgasms, giving Leah a couple drops of cum in her mouth. I felt the vibration as she moaned, then she pulled away and crawled up to kiss me.  With bleary eyes, I tried to look around her at the room.  I saw my nieces Krista and Katie, Wendy with her sister Jessica and their mother Susan.  I was surprised to recognize my brother's wife, an exceptionally beautiful woman also named Jessica, and next to her was Shauna, their teenage redhead babysitter, and Kei, Shauna's Japanese-American friend.  Next to them were a couple women who I recognized as their mothers.  It was a couple years since I last saw them and fucked them, so it took me a minute to remember their names.

"Shauna and Sheryl?" I said.  "And Kei, and ... Mrs. Yamada?"

"Call me Setsuko." she said smiling.

"Just lay there and let us start with you, OK?" said Justine, as Erica bent over to suck my cock, her large milk-laden tits dangling down to brush against my thigh.  Justine kissed me as my cock pulsed, giving Erica two drops, then Justine sucked for 30 seconds to get her drops.  She swallowed then climbed up to straddle me, sinking down to take me in her pussy.

"I'm your number one fiancé, so I get first fuck of the day." she declared.  I grinned and pulled Leah to me, kissing her as Justine gently bounced on my cock.  It felt great and I didn't want to stop, but I remembered the goal of the day.

"OK." I said.

Justine gasped with a mini-orgasm of her own as my cock throbbed inside her, then she reluctantly moved off to let Erica take her place.  Erica rocked her larger body on mine, her pussy muscle working to squeeze me, as I brought her tits to my mouth, sucking them and tasting her milk as I let myself come quickly inside her.  Next was Wendy and her sister Jessica, each giving my cock a quick suck then fuck, then Susan, sucking my cock clean of her daughters' juices then getting a quick fuck herself.

Next was my brother's wife Jessica, with stunning body and truly magnificent tits.

"Hi David!"  We kissed.  "Rob and I drove up early this morning.  We brought some teenage pussy from our neighborhood for you."  She bent down to suck my cock.

"And I came to make sure my daughter's pussy is nice and wet for you." said Sheryl.

"And I came because Wendy said there will be lots of anal sex." said Mrs. Yamada.

"Yes, but no anal quite yet." said Wendy.

I grabbed Jessica's naked body and rolled her over, getting on top in missionary and sliding into her pussy.  I kissed her and held her perfect breasts as I drove into her nice and hard, letting myself go a full minute before finally saying 'OK'.  Pulling out, I saw that Shauna was laying next to us with her legs spread, with her mother Sheryl eating her pussy.  I moved up and pressed my hard wet cock into Shauna's mouth.  She sucked hard.  In less than a minute, she got her two drops of cum as she had a little orgasm on her mother's mouth, then I moved down, with Sheryl helping by aiming my large cock into her daughter's little reddish-haired pussy.

"Are you 15 now?" I asked as I plunged into Shauna.

"Just turned 16!" she gasped as we fucked.

I let myself go a full minute before saying OK, then I moved to her mother's mouth, and then pussy.  Next to us, Kei and her mother were moving into a 69.  After coming in Sheryl, I moved over to plunge my cock into the  point where Mrs. Yamada's Japanese pussy met her daughter's mouth.  I found myself sliding into Mrs. Yamada first, bringing her to a quick sharp fuck-gasm, then only had to shift my angle slightly to enjoy Kei's mouth and give her two drops.  Moving around, I got into Kei's tight teenage pussy, made her come, then moved up into her mother's mouth.

I patted their naked bodies affectionately and pulled away.  The sea of flesh parted for me to get off the bed.  My nieces followed me into the bathroom and into the shower, giggling and stroking my cock.  Katie squatted in front of me to suck my cock while Krista helped wash me, then Krista bend over, with her hands against the wall of the shower, for me to fuck her from behind as we rinsed off.

"We picked out some clothes for you to wear, easy access." said Justine as I came back into the bedroom.  She and Wendy were fully dressed, while everyone else in the room was still naked.  I kissed her and accepted what she handed me - a loose soft shirt and baggy soft plants, no briefs.  She commented as she helped me dress, "See - no zippers.  Just one soft button so you can get your cock out quickly and comfortably.  Oh, and, by the way, you're at 20."


"20 holes you've had your cock in, assuming you had your nieces' available orifices in the shower?"

"I didn't get to suck him yet." said Krista.

"Oh!  OK, David, one more to make 20, then you can go downstairs."

Krista's perky tits barely bounced as she quickly dropped to her knees in front of me.  I smiled and grabbed her head, giving her a quick mouth-fuck as she did her best to suck.  On the bed next to us, it had developed into quite a lesbian orgy.  I tried to figure out who was doing what, and determined that Kei was in the middle of it, getting her pussy eaten by Sheryl, her tits sucked by Shauna and (the younger) Jessica, while her ass was tongue-fucked by her very anal mother.

I said "OK" and my cock pulsed to give Krista her drops of cum.  She squealed with excitement, got up to give me a quick kiss, then went to the bed to join in the orgy.

Wendy and Justine led me downstairs.  The house was full of commotion, and I caught sight of people still arriving, in the living room.  They led me into the dining room, and I was astonished to find it full of girls and women, sitting around the table - Leah's sister Lisa and mother Alice, Jason's sister Heather, our housewife neighbor Arlene and her middle-aged mother Rose, cute teenager Megan and her professional mother Sharon, then Sandra and all three of her daughters, Tiffany, Tori, and Tania.  Every single one of them was in some state of undress - topless, or an open blouse.  Finally, there was one man in the room, my brother Rob.  He had Tori bent over the table, giving it to her from behind.

As I came in, all heads turned and cried "Happy Birthday!".  Then they got up and started to drop their pants, skirts, and panties.

"You should fuck every pussy, then you can have breakfast." said Justine.

"I think I can manage." I said with a grin, moving behind Lisa, who bend forward, pushing her hips back and tilting them up to give me a good deep angle of penetration.

"I hope you don't mind I'm sharing some of your birthday present." said Rob, pounding Tori.

"Not at all.  I noticed that you and Jessica brought me some of your neighbors to fuck."

"Oh yeah, Shauna and Kei!  Where did they go?"

"They're upstairs with their mothers in the middle of a lesbian orgy."

"Oh, cool."

"OK, Wendy." I said.  Lisa cried out with a small orgasm, I left two drops of cum in her then I moved to her mother Alice.  Rob and I moved around the table, fucking each pussy in turn.  Megan, now 17, was a real sweetheart, always dear to me since I had taken her virginity at 14.  Her mother Sharon licked her pussy from behind to get it nice and wet for me, then Megan kissed me for the full minute I spent fucking her mother.  Heather was an enthusiastic fuck, pushing her wide hips back at me as I gave it to her.  After Sandra, I did her daughters in decreasing age, until I was finally able to sit down.  Silke brought me a plate of breakfast.

"Now, everyone take your turn sucking his cock while he eats." instructed Justine.

Girls and women lined up to duck under the table.  It was difficult to focus on eating!  Each had a different style and different level of skill at sucking cock, but each got her two drops of cum in less than a minute of sucking.  The last one was Heather.  She was so good with her mouth, I let her take a while longer.

"I'm sorry I'm so quick." I said.  "Each of you really deserves to be made love to, properly."

"Don't worry about it!  That fast fuck felt great, and we know it's a special day." said Sandra.

"Besides, we've got your sweet brother here to fuck us longer." said Tiffany, bending over and offering her upturned hips to Rob.

"That's 22 more holes you're been in, 42 total." said Justine.  "Don't worry about keeping count, I'll do that for you.  The next group is in the living room waiting for you."

I got up, buttoning my pants, kissing and thanking a few of the women by me, then Justine led me into the living room.  Our living room, you may recall, is made for sex, with two large mattresses with clean white sheets and a large variety of sofas and lounge chairs, all with soft upholstery and covers for easy cleaning.  The room was, incredibly, full of girls and women.  I scanned the room, counting heads and seeing who I knew.  There was the stunning blonde Stephanie, with her 13-year-old daughter Ariana, who had given me her virginity at 12.  The beautiful dark-haired college student, Beth.  The two women that we had switched husbands on, Trudi with her daughters Madison and Michelle, Andrea with her cheerleader daughters Marcy and Robin.  Amber, whose father had been fucking her for years before we met them.  The masseuse Christina and her young daughter Rachel.  A few single adult women - skinny Vicky, the fiancé of Leah's father's Steve, the gorgeous dark-skinned Monique, thin Chinese Lin.  A few more women and girls that looked familiar but I didn't recall their names.

Everyone in the room was largely undressed.  There were still a few shirts and skirts on, but nearly all the tits and pussies were exposed.  Several women had gotten an early start, eating pussy.   I realized that some of the girls were too young, virgins.  Between Amber's legs I recognized her little sister Sabrina, barely 10 years old, and I recalled that Michelle, who was eating her mother Trudi's pussy, was 12 and still a virgin.

A call of "Happy Birthday!" went around the room as they each looked and saw me.

"How do you want them - any particular position?" asked Wendy.

"Missionary would be nice.  I'd like to at least look them in the eyes and kiss when I fuck them."

"Attention!" shouted Justine. "Everyone with an available pussy, on your back!  Lay down in a row and spread your legs!"

There was a flurry of motion and giggling.  With their spread legs overlapping, one woman got the idea to hold the legs of the two girls next to her, and the idea spread down the line.  Three young girls, virgins, were left out.  I called them over to me and kissed each of them, then unsnapped my pants.

"You three suck my cock first, then it's your job to go down the line ahead of me and make sure every pussy is wet and ready, OK?"

"OK!  That's fun!" said Sabrina, pulling the other two girls down to bend over my cock.  Their mouths were so small, they rapidly settled on the idea of two girls each taking a testicle in her mouth while the third sucked the head of my cock.  I grinned and held their heads as they took turns on my cock.  One, Two, Three - each got some drops of cum in their mouth, then they squealed and ran over to eat pussy.

"Are you sure you don't want to take any virginities?" asked Justine, as she followed me to the first woman, Trudi.  Trudi's daughter Michelle, wearing only a skirt with no panties, was on her hands and knees, eating her mother's pussy.  Justine lifted Michelle's skirt, running her finger along Michelle's butt, down to her hairless slit, then used her fingers to gently part the small labia.  "Look at how beautiful she is."

"Justine, you're such a pedophile!  Yes, Michelle is adorable, but she's just not ready to take my big cock.  Michelle sweetheart, move down to the next pussy."  She scooted and I got on top of Trudi, sucking her tits as I plunged into her for a nice strong fuck.

"You could have her." said Trudi as we fucked, her voice thick with lust.  "You could have my baby girl's virgin pussy.  I'd love to watch your cock going into her for the first time."

"Thank you, but your adult pussy feels perfectly damn good."  I bottomed out, and she gasped.

"OK, OK." she said.  "Oh, God, just fuck me."

I let myself go an extra minute with her, before calling out "OK" to make her come and move onto the next woman.


More than half an hour later, I had fucked everyone in the room.  Skinny and plump, Black, White and Asian, adults and adolescents, mothers and sisters and daughters.  The ones I had already pussy-fucked came around to get their mouths fucked in turn.  I took most of them missionary, but the line started to break up so I took some on their side, some from behind.  As I was finishing, girls and women I had fucked earlier were coming downstairs and in from the dining room, sitting around the room to watch.

The last in line were two of my favorites, Christina and Rachel.  I fucked Christina on her back, then pulled Rachel over and put her in a 69 on top of her mother.  Christina's tongue helped guide me into her daughter's pussy, which was wonderfully tight, and just mature and deep enough that I could get all the way in without bumping into her cervix.  I held myself there, deep inside, holding Rachel's cute little buttocks.

 "Is this it?  Have I fucked everyone in the house?" I asked.  Underneath me, Christina was trying to suck my balls into her mouth.

"Yes, all except for the anal round." said Justine.

Rachel lifted her face from her mother's pussy.  "I don't get to do the anal round 'cause I'm a virgin there, so would you please take your time fucking me?"

"OK, darling." I said, and spent a couple extra minutes lovingly penetrating her 13-year-old pussy with long, deep steady strokes while Christina moved between sucking my balls and sucking her daughter's clit.  All around us, the room was re-arranging for the next round.  When Rachel came, it was no small orgasm, but a big, trembling, toe-curling event.  I changed my angle to thrust a few times down Christina's throat, then back and forth a few times, then finally said "OK" to give Rachel a couple drops of cum in her pussy.

I fell back on a sofa, sweating.

"This is fucking hard work!" I said, but I was smiling.  In one long row, a large fraction of the girls and women were on their hands and knees, side by side.  Justine was giving orders.

"Mrs. Yamada, Tori, and Lisa.  I know you're the biggest anal sluts here today.  I want you to go down the row and give every asshole a deep, wet tongue kiss."

"Yes!" said Mrs. Yamada eagerly.

"Anal virgins, grab some dildos and lube, medium size.  I want you to follow behind the sluts, warming up and stretching each asshole to get it slick and ready."

There was a flurry of motion as they all got ready.

"Would you like to do me first?" offered Justine.  "I've been ready all morning."  Standing up, she bent forward onto a sofa.

"Mmmm, David." moaned Erica, standing by my side.  "Can I put you into our little sister's ass?"

"Sure."  I kissed her then sucked on her large, milky tits as she lined me up and I sank into Justine's ass.  Wendy was right by our side, caressing Justine's body, boosting her anal pleasure.  I got all the way up inside Justine, then I pulled out and turned my cock to Erica.

"You want me to suck it - you want me to taste her ass?" asked Erica.

"No, I want you to squeeze some milk on my cock."

"Oh.  That's kinky."  She grabbed her tits and very thin spray of hot milk gathered on my cock, trickling down the shaft.  I moved my cock back into Justine's ass, now lubed up with our older sister's milk.  I thrust strong and steady.  Justine's moans were muffled when Rob came over and put his cock in her mouth.

"That looks hot." he said, watching me sucking Erica's milk and fucking Justine.  "Way to enjoy our sisters."

"You can take his place," offered Wendy.  "David's got a lot of work to do."

I reluctantly nodded, and suddenly Justine was having a small anal orgasm which set off my own cock pulsing.  I pulled out and Rob came around to get his milky sister ass-fuck.  I walked over to the start of the line of bend-over women, the first being Vicky, Steve's skinny 30-something fiancé.  I had to tap Tori, the most anal of Sandra's three daughters, on the shoulder to get her attention.  She had stopped using her dildo, and was apparently trying to get her tongue as far up Vicky's ass as she could.

"Be gentle?" asked Vicky, looking back at my erect cock.  "You're a little bigger than Steve."

"Don't worry." soothed Wendy.  "I'm going to help you relax that part of your body completely."

Sure enough, as I pressed my cockhead through Vicky's sphincter, into her relaxed, pre-stretched and pre-lubed ass, she took it just fine.  I held her skinny hips and wondered about how my cock fit inside her body as I started gently, then moved on to a nice steady fuck.  She was gasping and moaning but didn't seem to be in distress.  After a minute, she was gasping "Yes, yes, yes."

"I know it's very nice assfuck," said Wendy, "because I can feel what both of you are feeling.  But don't forget you have a whole line waiting."

"Oh, OK." I said reluctantly, my cock pulsing as Vicky had her small anal orgasm.  I moved onto my next partner, teenaged Amber with her long smooth-flowing brown hair, reaching around to cup her tits as I drove my cock into her ass.


As I moved down the line, most women took me from behind, but some found it more comfortable to be on their back with their hips raised.  Monique took me like that, so I could suck on her large dark tits as I thrusted up her ass.  I did Lin's Chinese ass from behind, and for Kei and Setsuko, I put Japanese mother on daughter and did them together, moving back and forth from ass to ass until each of them came.  Last in the row was 16-year-old Tania.  As she was the last un-virgin hole left in the room, there was quite a crowd gathered around.  I had her on her hands and knees, her mother Sandra on my right side reaching under to put some fingers into her daughter's pussy.  On my left side I had anally-obsessed Tori, with her head laying on Tania's hips so I could periodically move my cock up and give her a taste of her little sister's ass.  Finally in front of us, the oldest girl Tiffany was pushing her hips back at Tania face, until Tania got the idea and drove her tongue up her big sister's asshole.

"That's good." said Wendy.  "You can take an extra minute if you like."  She raised her voice. "Everybody in the room, masturbate or get someone's mouth on your pussy!"

I took the extra minute.  All around us, there was a sea of quiet moans and gasps.  Tania was wild with lust, actually pushing her hips back at me to take me deeper and stronger up her ass.

"OK", I said, and the room exploded.  I closed my eyes and I could feel it, like a wave, started at my cock inside Tania's ass, moving up to our brains, then radiating out into the room like a pebble dropped in a pond.  Everyone came together, and it felt big, not the little mini-orgasms we'd had all day up to that point.

I stayed inside Tania for a few minutes more, my cock throbbing, her body buzzing.  All around us girls and women were finding their clothes, getting dressed and leaving, many coming by for a kiss before they left.  Finally I pulled out of Tania and let her sister Tori suck me clean, and then Sandra gathered up her daughters to leave.

"We're leaving too." said Justine, taking my hand.  "The next stage is a short drive away."

As we went out the door, I saw the large number of cars that were parked along both side of our driveway and the road, with girls and women streaming out and pulling away.  One pair, however, was walking towards us, an attractive woman with a teen.  The woman spoke.

"Hi!  I'm Brooke, and this is my daughter Sandy.  I'm sorry we're late!  Is it over?"

"Hi David!" said Sandy, a cute redhead that I recognized from the high school graduation party last week.  She winked at me.

"It's over, but we could still use you," said Justine,  "Thank you for coming.  What holes do you have available for David?"

"Uh..." Brooke seemed a little taken aback at considering holes.  "There's myself and my daughter."

"So, mouth and pussy?  Have you had anal sex before?"

"No!"  Brooke looked shocked.

"I have!" said Sandy.  Her mother looked at her with astonishment.

"That's right," I said, "I remember you had three cocks in you, continuously through the end of that graduation party."

"Yeah!  It was fun.  Geez, Mom, don't look so surprised.  You know I'm promiscuous."

"So that's five holes." said Justine, holding her PDA and tapping on it.  "And... don't you have another daughter?"

"Emma, but she's only 11."

"Where is she?"

"Waiting in the car."

Justine was peering at her small screen.  "I see here that Wendy already visited you at your house, and introduced you and both your daughters to sex with each other?"

Brooke paused, then blushed a little.  "Yes."

"In fact, you've already taken your younger daughter's virginity with a dildo, haven't you?"

"She totally did." said Sandy.  "Now Emma's always got that thing.  She's always using it and a vibrator on her clit at the same time."

"Doesn't sound very to virginal to me." declared Justine.  "Go to your car and bring her."

Brooke's mouth opened and closed in astonishment, then she nodded and went off.

"You can start with me!" said Sandy happily, dropping to her knees, right there in our driveway.  I unsnapped my pants, my half-hard cock finding her mouth as I put my hands on her head, in her soft reddish hair.  Women and girls were still streaming around us, some stopping to watch, whistling with appreciation at the sight of me mouth-fucking this pretty girl in plain sight in front of my house.  By the time I said "OK" and gave Sandy two drops of cum, Brooke was back, leading a young girl by the hand.  She was cute as a button, but looked too young for my tastes.  I considered that she was used to having a dildo inside her, and went along with it.

"I'm going to fuck Sandy first." I told Brooke.  "Why don't you eat her pussy and get her nice and wet for me?"

"Yeah!  Eat me, Mom" said Sandy, reaching under her skirt to pull her panties off, then hopping up onto the hood of the car next to us, a large beige Volvo.  She lifted her skirt and spread her legs, showing her cute little pussy with a trim triangle of dark reddish hair.

"Are you sure?"  Brooke looked nervous.

"What's the problem?" asked Justine.  "You've had oral sex with both your girls, several times by now."

"Yes, but ... in the privacy of our own home.  There are people watching!"

"I think almost every woman here has had sex with their mother or daughter or sister, so don't be embarrassed." soothed Wendy.  "Go ahead."

"Oh... All right."  Brooke bent over and hesitantly started to lap at Sandy's pussy.  Sandy giggled.

"Hi.  I'm David." I said, taking little Emma by the hand, pulling her close and bending down to kiss her cute face.  It felt disturbingly like molesting a child, but Emma was all smiles, enthusiastically kissing me back.  "Have you ever seen a man's cock before?"

She shook her head.  "Only in videos."

"I'd like you to suck my cock.  Is that OK?"

"Yeah!  I've saw how it's done, I can try."

I let her take my cock in her small hand, feeling the weight and firmness of it, then she brought it to her mouth and sucked it in.  She was so young and petite that she didn't need to drop to her knees to suck, just bend forward a little.

"That looks so hot!" said Sandy, one hand on the back of her mother's head as she watched me with her little sister.  "Suck him hard, Em!"

I let Emma suck for two minutes before saying "OK".  After I released several drops of cum into her tiny mouth, I patted her head and thanked her.  Moving to my right, I patted Brooke on the shoulder to get her to move aside, then I lined my cock up with Sandy's pussy and went in.  Brooke gasped, Sandy moaned, I started fucking.

"Will you fuck Emma next?" asked Brooke, staring at my cock plunging into her older daughter.

"No, I'll fuck you.  Why don't you strip naked, bend over and let little Emma eat your pussy from behind, to get it nice and wet?"

Brooke hesitated again, then quickly pulled off her dress, bra, and panties.

"You know what to do, sweetheart?" she asked Emma.

"Of course, Mom!  Geez."

Brooke bent over the hood of the Volvo.  Emma separated her mother's buttocks and pressed her little face between them, her mouth seeking her mother's clit.  I reached under Sandy's T-shirt, pulling it up and off, and noticed her nipples, unusually large for a teenager.  With her mother right next to her, I grabbed Brooke's head with my left hand, one of Sandy's tits with my right hand, and put the two together.  Brooke immediately got the idea, sucking hard on her daughter's large nipple.

"Fuck, yes!" gasped Sandy.  I spent an extra minute, watching Sandy writhe in delight as Brooke's muffled moans grew louder.  When I said "OK", Sandy went off like a rocket, having a full-blown orgasm as I left a couple drops in her pussy.  I shifted them, moving over to fuck Brooke from behind, as Sandy hopped down and lifted her little sister onto the car, lifting her skirt and eating her little pussy.  Brooke started coming after barely 30 seconds, so I let myself come in her as her daughters lined up.  Emma sat at the edge of the hood with her legs spread, and Sandy bent forward pushing her butt back.  Justine handed Brooke a lubed dildo and explained about how to use it on Sandy's ass.  I got between Emma's legs, kissing her again.  I reached down to slip a couple fingers into her pussy, finding it tight and thankfully very wet.  She was basically hairless and looked immature.

"I can't believe you've having me fuck such a young girl." I said to Justine.

She stuck her tongue out at me.  "Stop complaining, she's ready for you.  If you like, pretend she's older."

"Yeah!  Pretend I'm grown up." said Emma.

I tried, but when I pressed my cock into her hairless slit, the tightness told a different story.  Her hymen may have been long gone and her pussy walls stretched a bit, but my plus-sized cock was definitely a challenge.  It felt great, but there was a look of surprise and alarm in Emma's eyes as I stretched her further.

"Wendy?" I said.

"I've got it," she replied, reaching around me and laying one finger on Emma's little clit.

The change was immediate.  Emma's expression changed from alarm to delight, and I could feel her pussy muscles re-configuring to contain me more comfortably as she simultaneously grew wetter.  Her delight was contagious, and I thrust happily deeper, stopping when I felt her cervix.  A  minute later, I reluctantly said "OK", and we both trembled with a small orgasm.

"One hole left?" I asked.

"Two.  Brooke's mouth before Sandy's ass." clarified Justine.  Brooke turned around and knelt, looking up at me.

"I hope you enjoy the taste of your little girl's pussy," I said, "because she just came all over my cock."

Brooke nodded and smiled, sucking me hard, swallowing the flavor.  I said "OK" quickly, eager to move to Sandy.  I was nicely wet as I slid into Sandy's well-lubed ass.  All she had left on her body was her skirt, bunched up around her waist as I gradually picked up speed and depth in her ass, as she moaned loudly.

"Wow." said Brooke, staring at her daughter getting vigorously sodomized.  "She likes it."

"She's had a lot of practice and careful preparation." I said.

"Maybe ... maybe I could ... would you like to be my first?"

I grinned.  "Thanks, but I'm not taking any virginities today.  Make sure that Justine gives you the appropriate equipment, and practice letting your daughters strap-on and fuck your virgin ass, OK?"

She smiled and nodded, then kissed me, her tongue seeking mine with excitement as I kept slamming Sandy's ass.  I broke the kiss to say "OK", felt Sandy come quickly, left two drops of cum in her ass, then pulled out, kissing each of them again as they fumbled for their clothes.

"Thank you for your, let's see, 7 holes."  I turned to Justine.  "Where are we at?"

"With these 7...", she tapped her PDA, "It's 98.  Way to go!"

Milk and Bulges

As our guests were still departing, Wendy and Justine led me to our "Love Van", with the tinted windows and spacious room in the back.  Silke served as our chauffeur.  I hopped in the back and found it already had occupants: Lucia and Linda, the gorgeous Latina twin sisters, 30-something years old, with light-brown skin and long dark hair.  They wore thin black tops, short black skirts, and a wide smile on their faces.

"Do you remember us from the Tupperware party?" asked one of them.  "Justine says we have 6 holes for you to fill before we get to our next stop.  Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you." I said, climbing in and closing the door as they peeled off their tops and the van started rolling.

I did them in the order of pussy, mouth, ass.  They both got noisy during the anal, so I muffled the sound by having each of them eat her sister's pussy during the assfuck.  It's an interesting thing, fucking identical twins.  It feels a little like fucking the same woman twice, but your attention is drawn to the little differences.  I had to ask which was which, but once I knew, I noticed how Lucia's ass felt a little tighter, her hips a little more padded, how Linda's smile was a little brighter as she clasped her sister's head between her legs.

Our first stop turned out to be Danny's house - Danny for Danielle, the super-skinny blonde woman.  It was at her house that I first met Lucia and Linda, at that Tupperware party that turned into a big lesbian orgy, including putting Danny and her 12-year-old daughter Evie together.  We all tumbled out of the van into the warm morning air.  Danny wore tight-fitting outfit over her firm body and almost non-existent breasts.  She greeted me warmly with a hug and kiss.

"And what do you have for me today, at your house?" I asked her.

"Come and see my guests!"  She led us inside.

In the living room, there were women and girls on all the chairs and sofas, and a mattress in the center just like at our home.  I recognized a few of them - Cathy, Erin, chubby Glenda, Danny's daughter Evie, our good friend Emily, a few others.  It was obvious what the common theme was.

"A lot of them are pregnant?" I asked.

"Yes, or they recently gave birth and are nursing, or related to someone who is." explained Danny.  "Including my sister Diana over there."

I looked and saw the resemblance, another skinny blonde woman, only with an enormously swollen belly.  Diana had her legs spread and an underage girl was eating her pussy.  In fact the whole room, after greeting me, returned to some kind of lesbian coupling.  The nursing women had their babies with them, suckling them even as they gave or received oral sex.

"Danny and I worked together on the arrangements." said Justine.  "Every woman was invited to bring a female relative.  Some of the daughters are too young for you, I know, so just ask.  Also, some women have given birth recently enough that their pussies need a rest, so you'll only be doing them in the mouth and ass."

"I also brought my mom, Suzanne." said Danny, pointing to a large-breasted lady with dark blonde hair who was holding Evie in her lap, kissing and fondling the girl.  I put it together that it was Evie's grandmother.

"I guess you didn't get breasts from her side of the family." I joked.

Danny grinned.  "Yeah, my dad's is the little-tits side.  Go ahead, everyone knows what you're here for."

I nodded, unsnapping my pants and moving to the first group, chubby Glenda who was getting her pussy eaten by another chubby woman.  Glenda was clearly pregnant, not just fat.

"How far along are you?" I asked, kissing Glenda and feeling her large tits.

"Just over 8 months."

"Where should I do you?"

"Mouth, pussy, and ass.  My sister there," she pointed between her legs, "only mouth and pussy."

I nodded and sat up to straddle Glenda's chest, putting my cock in her mouth.  After fucking her attractive fat face and giving her two drops to swallow, I took her sister's place to fuck her very pregnant pussy, holding her swollen belly as I thrust, finding an angle that gave me pleasure in her loose wetness.  I said "OK" to make her come, moved my very wet cock to her sister's mouth, then fucked the sister as she went back to eating Glenda.  I told Glenda I'd do her ass later, and moved on to Suzanne and Evie.  I called Danny and Diana over as well, to get the family together.

"I heard that Evie's no longer a virgin?" I asked.

"That's right," said Danny.  "She let her boyfriend do her on her 13th birthday, and since then when she joins me and my boyfriend Hank in bed, she lets him fuck her too."

"Who's had anal sex before?"

"Me and Danny." said Diana.  "We're already stretched and ready for you.  Evie's too young and Mom hasn't ever."

I nodded and did them as a family, in order from oldest to youngest, arranging them for fun.  Justine gave me a look and tapped her watch to remind me to hurry, but as my first time with Danny's sister and mother, I wanted to fully enjoy them.  I sat on the sofa with Danny and Diana on either side as Evie and her grandmother got between my legs to suck my cock, passing it back and forth between their young and old mouths until I gave each of them some drops of cum.  I had Suzanne climb onto my lap and fuck me as her daughters sucked her tits and Evie sucked my balls.  I let her daughter suck me clean, then I fucked them - Danny, letting her athletic body do the work of bouncing on my cock, then her pregnant sister, letting her rock gently, her belly rolling back and forth as she took me deep and ground her clit against me.  Getting up, I put Danny and Diana side by side kneeling on the sofa, and did each of them up the ass.  I noticed that the rest of the room had turned to watch with interest as I worked my cock into Diana's ass, made tighter by her pregnancy.  Danny surprised me by offering to suck my cock clean after I came in her sister's ass, then finally I fucked little Evie as her grandmother sat on her face and her mother and aunt sucked her tits.

"I know it's your birthday, but I'd like you to fuck a little quicker and simpler." said Justine, who was busy lining up the other women and girls in the room, in a row on their hands and knees.

I shrugged and nodded, moving down the row of faces, thrusting my cock into each mouth.  Some of the youngest girls weren't in line, presumably too young to suck cock, so they were kneeling behind eating pussy.  After giving every woman and girl a little taste of cum, a few dropped out (having given birth recently).  I moved down the remaining line to fuck each of them, feeling the different between each pussy, young and old, plump and skinny, most of them pregnant.  When I finished, they shifted again to line up everyone who could take anal sex.

"Could I do them on their backs?" I asked.  "I'd like to taste the milk of the lactating women."

Justine nodded and gave directions.  Pillows were brought forth to make each woman comfortable, putting her body at an angle so she could raise her hips.  I lay on top of each, worked my cock into their well-prepared asses, and sucked on the offered nipple.  Some of the pregnant ones weren't lactating yet, and the recent mothers had a baby on one tit as I sucked the other.  I got down to Glenda, my hands on her fat tits, and I swore I could feel her baby turning in her belly when my cock was deep in her ass.  My goodness, the amazing noises some of them made as I pounded their assholes and brought them to anal orgasm as they nursed me and their baby together!

At the end of the line, there was a chubby pregnant woman with three very young offspring - a baby boy and two girls, 3 and 4 years old.  She was laying on her side, nursing the baby on one swollen tit.  Her older daughter was eating her pussy.  I recognized her as Jolene, a woman from the neighborhood I had fucked a few times before in her pregnancy, although I had never met her small children.

"Hi David!  Breastfeeding makes me horny." she said, smiling and reaching down to press a couple fingers into her own ass.  "I'm so glad you can do my ass when I'm with my children.  I can't bring them into bed with my husband."

"I can understand your husband," I said.  "It does seem a bit weird fucking you with your young children.  They aren't sexual creatures to me."

"But they are sexual to me," she said.  "See?  Put your hand in me, sweetie."  The 4-year-old girl between her legs made a fist and pressed it comfortably into her mother's pussy, then resumed sucking her clit.  "And I just love licking my babies all the time!  Come up here, cutie pie."  The 3-year old scampered up and climbed onto her mother's face.

I took into the perverted sight, then went ahead and worked my cock into Jolene's ass.  I cradled her pregnant belly with one hand and her spare tit with my other hand, as I slowly began thrusting.  Jolene happily slurped her 3-year-old's little girl-slit and nursed her baby as her older daughter fist-fucked her pussy steadily, in time with my cock up her ass.  As I sank deep, Jolene's body shook with each anal thrust, wiggling everyone, her baby, her two girls, and the unborn child inside her.  I bent down to suck at her available nipple, drinking her mother's milk as I took an extra two minutes, enjoying myself thoroughly.  To my surprise, Jolene's orgasms started before mine.  After the first minute, she was coming almost continuously, as much from her clit-suck and fist-fuck as from the anal slamming.  When I finally let myself come, even her daughters gave a shriek of surprise.  Could they experience anything like an orgasm?  I could barely imagine.

"Let me ... let me suck it." gasped Jolene as I pulled out.

"You want to suck me clean?"

"Yes please!  Let me taste... put it down my throat, choke me with it..."

I turned to my sister, gesturing to my wrist to ask if we had time.  She nodded.  I moved around to position myself at Jolene's mouth, her 3-year-old moving down to suck the available tit.  To my amazement, her 4-year-old pressed her left hand into the void I had just left, in her mother's ass.  Jolene was sucking and slurping the head of my cock wildly, then I gave what she asked for - a choking throat-fuck, my cock probing the back of her mouth so she couldn't breath, as her daughter's left and right fists plunged in and out of Jolene asshole and pussy, together.   Jolene started coming, again, and I let it go on for a full minute until I finally pulled back and let her have a couple drops of my cum.

I kissed Jolene, then stood up.  I had worked up a sweat.  Wendy, Justine and I thanked everyone, I buttoned my pants and we went back to the van.

It was lunchtime.  Our van went downtown, to the fancy restaurant that we often used for our outings, because Wendy had charmed the entire staff, so she could arrange special events where only people on a guest list were admitted.

The place was already crowded and noisy.  I looked around, seeing many familiar faces, most of my friends and family that I'd already fucked that morning, and a number of new faces.  No sooner had I sat down then a handful of girls were lining up to crawl under my table and suck me off through the meal.

"This is going to be distracting again," I complained, "but I guess I can handle it."

"A lot of these girls have been looking forward to sucking you for a while," said Justine, "so please let them taste."

The pretty red-headed waitress came over to take our order, naming a few specials, which sounded delicious.

"Another special today is my tight backdoor," she said sweetly, looking at me.  "I was an anal virgin until last week, but when I heard about your birthday coming up, I've been practicing with my boyfriend so that I'd be ready for you."

"That's very sweet," I said.  "I'll happily order your special."

The food arrived, delicious.  At my table I had family - Leah and Jason, both my sisters and Rob, Wendy, Silke, and my nieces.  We chatted about family stuff and also how my day was going.  Justine, who had her PDA sitting out for her to tap it, claimed I had just passed 160 holes.

The table was cleared away and the pretty waitress came back with a small cake with fluffy whipped-cream topping and a single candle.  The whole restaurant slowly sang "Happy Birthday" as the waitress climbed right up onto our table in front of me and seductively stripped, first down to her green panties, then completely naked.  On her hands and knees she crawled forward and dangled her nipples into the whipped-cream, which she offered to me to suck clean.

"How should I do you?" I asked.

"Right here on the table!" she said cheerfully.

I nodded and climbed up.  The whole restaurant watched and cheered as I face-fucked the waitress on her hands and knees, getting a surprising amount down her throat, then rolled her onto her back and fucked her pussy strongly for a couple minutes.  My family clapped and made comments as the waitress came wetly on my cock, then it was time to put her back on hands and knees for anal.  She was quite a sight, looking back at me over her shoulder, her wide hips perfectly angled, one hand reaching back to plunge two fingers into her own pre-lubed ass as she smiled big.  I replaced her fingers with my large cock, and she took it well.  One, two, three inches, then my entire cock sank into her.  It occurred to me her boyfriend must be just as big, because I was able to penetrate her ass to the hilt, my balls slapping against her pussy on each thrust.

I gave her a minute of ass-fucking, her happy gasps drowned out by the sound of chatter and cheering around us.  As I reached my own mini-orgasm, I held myself deep inside her and looked around at the room.  My brother and sisters, my nieces, my friends and other family, most of the people I knew, all happily applauding as I completely possessed this pretty waitress's body.  Directly across the table from me was Wendy, looking at me with a mysterious smile, feeling every tiny sensation in my body, and the waitress's body as well.  It felt ... good.  Natural.  Like I was doing what I was born to do, my secret calling being discovered and nurtured by Wendy.  Finally I released the waitress, who slipped gently forward, trembling with her own anal orgasm.

"There's a few holes here you haven't fucked yet," said Justine as I sat back down, "but don't worry, they'll be at the big event this afternoon."

"What big event?"

The Event

The event turned out to be at the local university, in a lecture hall.  A few burly guys were running security, checking IDs, letting in a long stream of girls and women.  Justine, Wendy, myself and our entourage were greeted and whooshed through, into the hall.  The seats of the hall were already half-full, easily a hundred females, with more arriving continuously.  In the center of the hall, in front of the giant blackboard, was a simple bed with king-size mattress and crisp white sheets, and a line of soft padded chairs on either side.

Near the bed was a groups of girls in uniform that looked too young.  I pointed them out.

"Oh!  That's the younger girl scouts.  Juniors and Cadettes are ages 9 through 14.  Just a few of the older girls aren't virgins.  They're in the audience for you to fuck.  The virgins are here, in uniform, to help you!"

"Hi David!" said the girl scouts in unison, coming over to mob me with hugs, many trying to kiss me.  I smiled and playfully kissed many of them.

"How are they going to help me?" I asked Justine over the sound of giggling.

"They've all been practicing eating pussy, some of them for just a week, some for much longer.  They're going to be the fluffers, warming up each hole for you."

"Yeah, we earned our badges!" said one of the girls.

"Hey!" I said, recognizing one of them.  "Sabrina!  You're a girl scout?"  I remembered doing her older sister Amber in all three holes earlier in the morning.

"Hi!" she said.  "Didn't recognize me in my uniform, huh?"

"How old are you now?"

"I'm 11, and I'm still a virgin in my pussy, even though I do all that stuff with my mom and dad and sister. You know how much I love to suck, can I suck you?"

I nodded agreement and went to sit on the edge of the bed.  Sabrina and two other scouts, in their full uniforms, knelt in front of me and took turns trying to swallow my cock with their small mouths.  Hopeless, but adorable.  Next to us, girls and women were lining up, some sitting down in the chairs.  Justine went to give instructions.  Each woman spread her legs, and a girl scout knelt in front of her and latched onto the woman's clit.  I noticed each woman wore some kind of outfit.

"What's with the clothes?" I asked Justine.

"That was my idea, to give you an idea of who you're fucking.  You said you didn't want anonymous sex, right?  Each of your partners today is dressed as they work or play.  For example, your very first is Kristen here."

I looked at the chair next to the bed, and a voluptuous college-age blond woman smiled and waved at me.  I looked at Kristen and noted her loose thin top and the kneepads.  Her shorts were already down around her ankles as a scout ate her.

"Kristen is a student here at this university, on the volleyball team.  That's why she's wearing a volleyball uniform.  Are you ready to start?"

I nodded.  The scouts pulled away from me and Kristen came to the bed.

"Hi!  I'm so honored to be your first!"

I nodded, pulling her top off.  She helped me, and I appreciated her excellent tits and bright smile.

"Mouth, pussy, ass?"

She nodded.  "Yes, my pussy first, and please don't hold back.  I like rough sex!"

I nodded, pulling her roughly onto the bed and leaping onto her, ramming into her wet pussy.  She squealed with delight, and I gave it to her hard, filling her deep and making her whole body rock.  In a minute she was coming, so I pulled out and roughly turned her over, the head of my cock seeking her ass.  After a few seconds to line up and get through the sphincter, she was taking her ass-fuck just as well.  I reached around her to roughly pinch her nipples, the weight of my body forcing her down to the bed, my cock deep in her ass.  She moaned with delight at the forcefulness.  I said "OK" and she trembled with orgasms as I left some drops of cum in her, then I turned her over and fed her my cock.  I was happily mouth-fucking her when another girl in a volleyball uniform, a cute Asian, came up and started eating Kristen's pussy.

"Hi, I'm Ellen, I'm Kristen's best friend." she said, between slurps.

"Mouth, pussy, ass?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you, in that order." she climbed up and took over sucking my cock.

I long blur of girls and women followed.  Many wore some kind of identifying outfit, some were just public high school or college students.  The private school girls were fun to fuck in their school uniforms, minus the panties.  I got a number of goths, pale young women, some skinny, some fat, with black hair and piercings and blood-red lipstick.  To my surprise, most of the goths got anal, while very few of the cheerleaders did.  I got a number of waitresses, a few members of the faculty, a biology professor, and several lawyers, in fine formal business suits.  (Only one lawyer took anal).  There were two policewomen, including one nice lady that had already been to our house a few times for sex in uniform.  I fucked real estate agents, housewives, postal workers.  Several good-looking women in their mid-20s turned out to be professional strippers.  Justine kept the ages mixed up, with a few mature women followed by some tight young teenage pussy.

I was steadily fucking some pretty young redhead in missionary when Justine, wearing just a miniskirt, came by to check on me.

"How are you holding up?"

"I'm doing OK!  Jesus, how many more are there?"  I looked over to my right and there was a line of women, several already seated, getting their pussies eaten by girl scouts.  Many were also getting anally probed to loosen up and get ready for me.  In the lecture hall audience, there were many familiar faces I had already fucked, but many more I didn't recognize.

"Just keep going as long as you can.  This is, let's see ... Natasha?"

"Yes, that's me!" giggled the redhead I was fucking.

"Right.  Already charmed bisexual.  Very pretty face."  Justine climbed onto the bed and sat down on Natasha's mouth, facing me.  We looked into each other's eyes for a minute as I fucked Natasha while she ate Justine.  "By my calculation, you've already lost as much cum as you would normally by coming twice.  I'm sure there's a third and forth in you."

"This is becoming an intense physical workout." I protested.

"Don't worry."  Justine smiled and leaned forward to kiss me.  "I've scheduled plenty of athletes for the end.  If you need to, just lay back and they'll do all the work with their mouths, and pussy and ass in cowgirl position."

"Natasha takes anal, right?"  I sighed.  "I'm struggling to keep track."

"Yes she does.  Just lift her hips when you're ready."

I nodded, feeling myself have a little orgasm as Natasha's pussy trembled around me.  I pulled out and lifted her legs, adjusting my angle slightly and entered her ass.  Natasha groaned into Justine's pussy as I worked my way in.

"Damn, she's so tight, even with the preparation."

"That's because she's only had anal once before, when she was younger, with her driving school teacher.  She just went along with it and let him do it, semi-consensual.  Don't worry, you're giving her a much more positive experience with anal sex now, even though your cock's a lot larger than her teacher's."

I nodded and spent an extra minute slowly sodomizing Natasha.  Finally Natasha came, I came, then Justine came and climbed off.

After a few more women, I took Justine's advice and just lay back.  I got the entire slate of track and field athletes, the water polo team, and a large number of gymnasts.  The gymnasts were so cute, I started taking them two at a time, kissing and sucking one girl while the other worked at taking me in her mouth, pussy, and sometimes ass.

Justine came back and announced it was 5 o'clock, and I only had twelve women to go.

"And they're all related!" laughed Justine.  "Gina's family.  You remember Gina, 12 years old?"

I looked over at the group waiting, and nodded.  "She looks familiar, and her mother too.  Is that her grandmother?"

"Yes, it was a couple months ago we did that scene at her house.  From Gina to her great-grandmother, you remember?  Well, I found some of Gina's aunts and cousins and more, all blood relatives.  If you can get through them, then you can take a rest and we'll have dinner soon."  Justine clapped her hands.  "Line up please."

They lined up, in order from oldest to youngest, and that's how I took them.  It felt strange fucking some elderly women after all the young pussy, but they were sweet and willing and seemed grateful for the attention, not to mention the small orgasm.  As I worked my way down the family tree, Gina and her mother Charlene were close by my side, licking or dildoing their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, assisting me in penetrating each available hole.  Finally I got down to fucking Charlene (with anal), then her sister (no anal), and next was little Gina's turn.  She gave me a quick suck, then hopped up for me to enjoy her tight little pussy.

"Just mouth and pussy, right?" I asked, as our brief mutual orgasm arrived.

"No way!"  Gina smiled.  "I get anal too.  You know, you saw me do it with my twin brother."

I shook my head.  "Sure, but his cock is a lot smaller than mine, and you're a pre-teen."

"Oh, we've been practicing." said Charlene, picking up a hefty dildo and strapping it on.  "Gina sweetie, let's show him."

Gina, naked except for a skirt, hopped off and got next to me on her hands and knees.  Charlene got behind her.  They both looked at me with smiles as Charlene lifted her daughter's skirt and pressed her dildo first into her daughter's pussy for a few strokes, then placed at the little anal pucker.  Gina's mouth widened with a gasp as her mother pressed slowly inside.

"That's incredible." I said, "How can that be comfortable?"

"Oh, she's been practicing for a while," explained Charlene, "starting with her brother, then trying larger and larger dildos in her ass.  Then she asked me to strap-on and do her, so she could be certain she could take you.  As you can see, she's ready."

I nodded.  Charlene carefully pulled out and helped Gina move over and sit down, holding my cock straight upwards as Gina sat down on it, carefully aiming it up her impossibly tight little ass.

"You didn't have to do this, sweetheart." I said, kissing Gina as she moved up and down slowly, a look of concentration on her face.

"I know.  I want to."  She sped up just a little.  "It's so intense! But I wanted to make you come this way, you know, for your birthday."

I kissed her again.  "Thank you, darling."  It only took a minute.  Charlene moved from coaching her daughter to moving down to gently suck my balls and stroke the part of my shaft that didn't fit inside Gina's ass.  Very quickly I came.  Gina gasped and wiggled her hips as I throbbed inside her.

To my surprise, the whole hall erupted in applause.

"That's it." said Justine.  "You've just passed 400 holes, and you've had every available hole in the room."

I sighed with pleasure, cuddling with Gina, Charlene and Justine as everyone else started to file out of the room.  Three girl scouts came forward with warm, soft washcloths to wipe me clean of all the sexual fluids that coated my body, then helped me into my own clothes.  I stood up on shaky legs and followed Justine, Wendy and our core group outside into the bright sunlight and down the path through the University.

Waiting for me at the curb was a limousine, which Justine indicated would take us home for dinner.

"No more fucking, right?" I asked.

"Only a little more." laughed Justine.  "C'mon, you can do it."

The Limo

The limousine side door opened and Megan tumbled out, completely naked except for a red bracelet.  Her skin looked shiny as if from some kind of oil.

"Hi David!" she said.  "Me and my girlfriends are taking you to dinner."  She took me by the hand and pulled me towards the door.  I peeked inside, and the limo was completely packed with naked teenage girls.

"Oh my God." I gasped.  "That's very nice of you, Megan, but you know I've been fucking all day.  I'm tired!  How many girls are in there?"

"There's 30 of us, for your 30th birthday.  They're all girls from my school.  I picked them for you, the cutest and most sexually experienced.  Don't worry!  We've been massaging each other and now we get to massage you.  Let us do all the work!"

I nodded and let her pull me inside.  Wendy moved up to sit in the front seat, next to the driver.  A chorus of giggling erupted as a dozen girlish hands gently removed my clothes and I body-surfed into a pile of warm, slippery naked girl-flesh.  My cock went immediately into a mouth.  Other mouths and hands gently caressed me and sucked my nipples.  The limo started rolling, as Wendy observed us through the window between the front and back of the vehicle.  The air was thick with the scent of massage oil, pussy juice, and alcohol, as it appeared that many of the girls had been drinking for a while.  Megan was by my side, saying the name of each girl as they crawled forward, one by one, to take my cock in their available holes.  Some girls took my hands and gently fucked themselves on my fingers while they waited.  There were around five girls who took me in their ass, including one particularly cute blonde girl, a little chubby, that Megan introduced as Melinda.  After riding my cock, Melinda turned around to lie down on my body.  Another girl helped guide my cock into Melinda's ass, and ate Melinda's pussy as I slowly sank inside.  I had to pull my fingers out of the pussies they were in, to reach around Melinda's body and hold her chubby teenage tits, for balance, as we helped her find a rocking motion that moved her hips.  All around us, girls were kissing, eating each other's pussies, sucking nipples.  I kissed Melinda's neck as she did all the hard work.

Wendy watched us through the window from the front seat, smiling at the debauchery.  She caught my eye and gave me a wink as Melinda started coming hard.  I could actually feel Melinda's pussy juices flowing, around the tongue of the girl eating her, down the shaft of my cock up her ass.

"We're home." said Wendy.  "Girls, you've got to let him go."  There was a chorus of groaning and mock complaint, as the bodies wiggled aside to get me towards the door. I kissed Megan and tumbled out the door, caught by Justine who handed me clothes.

 "However, you can keep partying in the limo." said Wendy to the girls.  "I've got some fresh cock for you!"  Standing there with a big grin on his face was Aaron the studly fireman, and two other young men I recognized as his coworkers.  They each shook my hand, then crawled into the limo as the girls shrieked with joy and peeled off their clothes.  The door closed, Wendy got out, and the orgy-mobile rolled away.

"Dinner is here at home, with just friends and family." said Justine, as we walked up to our house.

"Thank God." I said.  "I don't think I could handle any more sex, and I think you've already had me fuck everyone I know and all my relatives."

"Yes, you get a little rest." laughed Justine.

Dinner and Trish

Dinner was served in our dining room with family - Rob and Erica with their spouses and children, Jason and Leah with their families.  There were a couple professional chefs in the kitchen, so Silke only had to serve us in her maid's uniform.  Al the guests were dressed up in nice clothes.  Leah and Justine were in stunning dresses and both wore sparkling diamonds around their neck.  It was nice to just eat and chat.  At the end of the meal, a simple birthday cake was brought out with 30 candles.  The guests sang, and just a moment, it felt almost normal.

I was prompted to stand and speak, so I started by thanking everyone - Wendy and Justine for pulling off such an enjoyable fuckfest for my birthday, all my other guests for attending and helping out.

"Did we leave anything out?" asked Justine.  "Any kind of sex you'd like to have that we didn't get to?  You've still got a few hours left."

"Well, let's see."  I smiled.  "You'd had me fuck women and girls in every conceivable way, from barely pubescent to senior citizens.  I've fucked rich and poor, fat and skinny.  I've fucked pregnant women, mothers and daughters and sisters.  You've had me put my cock into the tightest of places, and every single woman got off.  If I'm going to have any more sex today, there's only one thing I'd like."

"What's that?"

"You, and our closest ones.  Proper, long, slow lovemaking, not the 1-minute quickies we all did this morning."

"Wonderful.  Who would you like?"

I looked around at the smiling, supportive faces.  "You, Wendy, Erica, and Leah.  And Rob, I'll need you to help fuck these women properly, because I've been working so hard all day.  Oh, and bring your wife too."

"Because I'm fucking hot." said Jessica with a mischievous grin.

"Yes.  Because you're fucking hot." I agreed.

"Can I come too?" asked Wendy's sister, the other Jessica.

"Sure." I nodded.

"Me!" came a high-pitched voice.  We all turned to look.  It was Rob and Jessica's daughter, my niece, Trish.

"OK, Trish."  I grinned at her enthusiasm.  "You can be with us in the bed."

She shook her head.  "No, Uncle Dave.  I want to give you my virginity as a birthday present!"

That caught me by surprise.  All eyes turned to her.  "I think you're too young, sweetheart.  You're still 10, aren't you?"

Her mother Jessica piped up.  "She had her first period last month."

"Yeah!" agreed Trish.  "I'm a woman now!"

The guests at the table looked back and forth between me and Trish.  I tried to let her down gently.

"I'm probably too big for you, sweetheart.  You should lose it with some boy you like, somebody closer to your age."

"But the boy I like isn't a boy." she said matter-of-factly.  "It's my Dad.  And the rules say I can't do it with him, and you're just like my Dad, and I think you're really cool and sexy."

I looked at Rob.  He shrugged and smiled.

"She's been asking me for a while now." said Jessica.  "It would mean a lot to her."

"OK, OK."  I laughed.  "I give in.  Trish, when we get together as a family tonight, we'll try taking your virginity very carefully."

Trish let out a squeal of excitement and joy, and everyone at the table applauded.

The table was being cleared, and everyone had fallen into groups chatting together.  I made my way down the hall, only to be caught by Trish, who gave me a strong hug.  She was more than a full head shorter than me.

"Do me, Uncle Dave!" she said, giving me a look that was, surprisingly for a 10-year-old, smoldering.

"I don't know if I've ever even properly kissed you." I said in defense.

"Then kiss me!"

I nodded and led her into the master bedroom, sat her down at the edge of the bed, and we kissed.  She wore a white blouse and short white skirt.  Her passion was evident, and her hands were all over me.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that?" I asked.

"From Mom, mostly.  I tried to teach my brother, but he doesn't get it.  He's too young.  I've seen my mom and dad kissing, like when they're fucking, but I'm not allowed to practice with my Dad."  She pouted for a moment, then returned to kissing me.  Her hands undid her blouse, tossing it away, and to my surprise she wore a bra, which she also quickly removed.

"Do you like?" she asked, pushing her naked chest forward.

I took in her breasts, which were in fact surprisingly larger than I had last seen.  Perhaps an A-cup.  Adorable little nipples.

"They're beautiful." I said truthfully, and spent a minute sucking on them, making her giggle.

Rob and Erica came into the room, saw us, and sat nearby to watch.  Then Jessica came by the door, holding a small bowl in her hand.

"You're missing the rest of dessert." she said.  "There's ice cream."

"Bring it here." I said.

"Oh, that should be fun."  She came over and sat down next to us.  "Quite lovely little tits she's developing, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh yes."

Trish beamed at me.  "Am I going to be fucking hot, like Mom is?"

"I'd have to say, you're well on your way."

She beamed at me.  I reached for a bit of ice cream, and dribbled it on Trish's nipple.  She shrieked.  I sucked it off, then Jessica did the same.  We spent a few minutes playing, then Trish impatiently lifted her skirt and pulled my hand between her legs.  I found no panties, just wet girl slit, with almost no hair.

As Jessica and I worked together on Trish, the others arrived in the room.  They sat or lay around watching, partly undressing and caressing each other.  Jessica was first to trail kisses down to lick her daughter's pussy, while I focused on caressing Trish's body and kissing her, then we switched so I had a turn at eating her little pussy.  Trish murmured and gasped her pleasure at the oral attention.  I didn't just focus on her clit, but also probed gently inside with my tongue, feeling her hymen, the limits of her elasticity, trying to imagine my cock going in there.

"I'm ready!" said Trish impatiently.

"No, you're not." said Wendy firmly, watching us.  "We need you completely dripping wet, relaxed and aroused.  I could simply put you there with my charm, but I don't like to use it so strongly with close friends and family.  So, I recommend that everyone in this room take a turn at eating your pussy."  She turned to us.  "Except Leah, you're excused on account of being straight, and Rob, you're still off-limits as her father."

"Aaaaawww." moaned Trish.  "Can't my daddy eat me too?"

"It does seem reasonable, with all the times she's been with us in bed." said Jessica.

Wendy looked around at us, then turned to Rob.  "What do you think?"

He shrugged.  "Oral sex seems pretty harmless.  I don't think it will change my relationship to Trish as her father."

Wendy nodded.  "All right.  We'll grant you an exception to the rules, but oral only."

"Great!  I'm next."  Rob moved over to kiss his little girl hotly, then he trailed kisses down to take his wife's place, getting his very first direct taste of his daughter's pussy.  We all watched for a minute, then started having sex while we watched.  Wendy and her sister Jessica were already embracing, in frottage, so I got behind them and moved back and forth giving them both a strong, deep fuck.  Erica and Justine were also in a sisterly embrace, so Leah moved her hips between their faces, letting Justine eat her virginal pussy while Erica put her tongue up Leah's virginal ass.  One by one, the women rotated away from the orgy to take their turn eating Trish's little pussy.  When Rob was free, I called him over to help me.  We gave Wendy a nice long double-penetration, with myself up her ass, then we gave the same to her sister.  With Erica and Justine, each sat carefully down taking Rob up their ass, while I fucked them in their pussies, enjoying the extra tightness in the brother-sister sandwich.  This was the kind of long, slow, deep fucking that I hadn't been able to do all day.  Finally we gave Leah some attention - with my cock in her mouth while Wendy ate her pussy.

"Could I let her have some cum?" I asked.

"All right.  I'll let you go a little," said Wendy, "but I'm leaving your last load for your little niece."

Suddenly I was coming, and for the first time that day, I released a decent amount of cum, which went into Leah's sucking mouth.  Leah moaned with delight as she got her mouthful.  Slowly I pulled out.

"I'm so ready for you, Uncle Dave." gasped Trish, trying to push her aunt Erica away from her pussy.  "I don't even know how many times I've come already!"

I nodded and moved over taking my place between her small legs.  Her little slit was absolutely, completely dripping wet, both with saliva and her own juices.  I put the head of my cock up to her entrance, and it looked impossible, like it usually does with a pre-teen.  I paused, looking into her eyes, seeing mostly excitement, not much fear.  Jessica was right by our side, holding Trish's hand.  Rob came over also, and Trish reached out with her other hand to hold his.  The others gathered quickly around us.

I pushed forward, encountering strong rubbery resistance.  I looked down at her small body, with just the hint of hips, the small breasts, then I looked at each of her parents.

"Are you sure we shouldn't wait until next year?" I asked.

"Aaaaah!" gasped Trish.  "Don't tease me Uncle Dave, just do it!"

"Go ahead." said Rob.  "Unless somebody takes her virginity, she's going to keep bugging us about it, every time we have sex around her."

"She can take it." said Jessica.  "I've already stretched her many times with my fingers, so there shouldn't be much hymen left."

I nodded and pushed again.  The head of my cock popped through the tight ring, and Trish gasped.  All eyes were on the point where my cock went inside her.

"Keep going." said Jessica, her voice heavy with lust and emotion.  "Make our little girl into a woman."

I pulled out a little to re-wet my cock on Trish's wet labia, then pressed in again, going farther.  A few more trips, and soon I was all the way, with around two-thirds of my cock inside her, when I could feel myself bottom out, the tip of my cock brushing against her cervix.  I kept myself at that depth to avoid bruising her, and very gently moved in and out.

"There you go, sweetheart." I said.  Trish's mouth was open in surprise, breathing heavy.  I leaned forward to kiss her small mouth as I gently ploughed into her.  Trish kissed me back eagerly.

"That's so beautiful." said Jessica.  "God, I love you both so much."  She took her turn to kiss Trish, then kissed me as Rob leaned in to kiss his daughter.  All of us kissed and caressed her small body tenderly as I allowed myself to pick up speed.

"Does it feel good, Uncle Dave?" asked Trish.

"It feels very good," I assured her, "Your hot, sweet, tight little virgin pussy is a wonderful gift for my birthday.  But what really makes it special is you.  The way we love each as family makes it feel very, very good."

"Are you going to come inside me?"

"Oh, yes.  But I want you to come too.  Let's focus on making that happen."

I slowed down my thrusts.  At Wendy's suggestion, Jessica wet her finger and reached down between our bodies, making small quick circles around her daughter's clit.  This continued for several delicious minutes.  I was rock-hard and right on the verge of coming, and Trish seemed to be very close as well.

"Let me taste her." said Jessica.  I nodded and pulled my cock out, dripping with pre-sum, Trish's juices, and a just a hint of blood.  Jessica swallowed me eagerly, sucking hard to taste her daughter's essence.  Jessica left plenty of saliva on my shaft, so that I went back into Trish smoothly.

In typical circumstances, the chance of a 10-year-old virgin girl having an orgasm during her first intercourse is practically nil, but with all our efforts, and Wendy's charm supporting us, we did it.  Trish's little gasps got closer together, then she went quiet.

"She's coming." said Wendy softly, with pride in her voice.

"You did it!" said Rob happily.

"Oh baby, I'm so proud of you." said Jessica.

"Yes!" squeaked Trish.  "Wow."

There was a flurry of kissing and caressing.  I was still thrusting quickly into her impossibly hot, tight little hole.

"Um, I'm still really close." I said.

"Oh!" said Wendy.  "Yes, David, sorry - you can come now."

She touched her charm.  My orgasm had a long build-up, a plateau, then I was shooting what felt like cups of cum inside Trish.  Trish squealed with surprise at the new sensation.  I leaned forward to hug her little body until my cock stopped pulsing.

"Happy birthday, Uncle Dave." said Trish softly.

"Thank you."  I kissed her again, staying inside for a minute as we just held each other, then finally I pulled out and rolled back on the bed.

"Oh, God, I want to drink it from her." said Jessica.

"Go ahead." said Wendy.

"But save some for me!" said Justine.

The women set about drinking my cum from Trish's overflowing pussy, sharing it with each other via sloppy kisses.  Leah came to me and swallowed my half-hard cock, sucking it gently through my afterglow as I watched the cum-swapping.  Trish giggled as she felt their tongues reaching inside her to get every bit.

"But I didn't get to taste any!" complained Trish.  "Can I taste my daddy now?"

We looked down to where her small hand was wrapped around Rob's hard cock, stroking it.

"Uh, I don't think that's allowed, honey." said Jessica softly.

"Yes it is!" claimed Trish with a pout.  "Wendy said oral was OK with me and Dad!"

"Well, we were thinking of the other way." said Wendy.  "But what do you think, Rob?  Could you handle putting your cock in your daughter's mouth?"

Rob swallowed.  "I guess so."  He looked over at his wife.  "Sweetheart, what do you think of it?"

Jessica paused to think.  "I can't see it being a problem.  And the idea turns me on.  So yeah, go ahead."

"Yeah!!" cried Trish.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." said Rob, moving up to kneel by Trish's head, his hard cock dangling over her face.  Trish grabbed it and led the head to her mouth, making a suction-lock.  She could barely take a couple inches inside.

"That's so beautiful." said Jessica, moving down to cuddle on Trish's right side.  She reached for Rob's cock, gently pulling it from Trish's mouth, gave it a hard suck, kissed Trish, then put the cock back in Trish's mouth.  Trish held the shaft of her father's cock that didn't fit in her mouth, trying to stroke it.  We all watched for a minute, then Jessica took over, stroking Rob's shaft, masturbating her husband's cock into their daughter's mouth.

"That's so sexy." gasped Erica, touching herself as she watched.

Wendy let it go for a minute, then Rob groaned the flooded Trish's mouth with cum.  She squealed with surprise, doing her best to swallow. Finally she let go of the cock and allowed her mother to help swallow the cum that filled her mouth and ran down her chin.

"I'm so fucking horny right now, could I please come too?" asked Jessica.  "Dave and my husband are out of probably too drained to fuck."

"Don't worry." said Wendy.  "How about us girls strap on and fuck you while Trish puts a dildo up your ass, then Trish finishes you off with her fist in your pussy?"

"Fuck, yes!"  Jessica lay back and spread her legs.

"That sounds like fun to watch, but I'm beat." I said.  "Good night, everyone."

"Good night." said Justine.  "Oh, and by the way, 466."


"That's how many holes you were in today, counting Trish's virginity."

"Wow."  I took Leah with me and went off to bed, cuddling and kissing as I fell asleep, exhausted.

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