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Wendy's Charm - part 48 (MFF, MFFmffmf orgy, teen, mf inc)

Waking Up Nicely

In the early morning, I found myself half-awake in the big guest bed.  I felt around in the semi-darkness to find Justine's warm naked body next to me, sleeping on her side.  Scooting up behind her to nuzzle her neck, I could tell it was my little sister, not Wendy, by the shape of her dark hair, her scent, and the curve of her hips under my hand.  I just kissed her softly to avoid waking her, though she stirred and made some quiet noises, pushing her warm naked backside against me.  I closed my eyes to settle back down to sleep.  At some indeterminate time later, I was woken up by the feeling of her hand, reaching around behind her, seeking my cock.  She found it, and gently tugged at it, willing it to harden.  I let her stimulate me to hardness, then I aimed it between her thighs, just letting it slide between them gently.  She rocked gently in return, then I felt her hand again from the front, pressing my sliding cock upwards, trying to get it inside her.  I cooperated, using my hands to tilt her hips the right direction and spread her thighs a little from behind, getting my cock at the right angle and sliding half of it inside her.  She moaned softly, and rocked her body, trying to encourage me.  Both still half-asleep, we fucked that way for a long pleasurable time.

I knew Wendy was awake when I heard the sound of kissing, and felt another hand touching the underside of my cock as it slid into Justine.  Opening my eyes, I saw Wendy kissing her way down Justine's face and neck to her tits, and felt Wendy's hands reaching down to gently squeeze my balls, then moving back up to touch Justine's clit.  Slowly, the three of us had sex so gentle and affectionate that a romantic person would probably call it "making love."

After Justine had a small, quiet orgasm, she pulled away from me and Wendy rolled over her body.  I spooned and slid into Wendy, and we repeated the slow fuck, with Wendy getting her tits sucked and her clit teased by Justine.  I knew Wendy could come whenever and however she wanted, but instead she allowed herself a few minutes of this stimulation then had a small, quiet orgasm of her own.

"Now just you and me." said Wendy to Justine.  She pulled off my cock, climbing on top of my sister, kissing her and interlacing their legs together.

"No cock...?" said Justine in surprise.

"No... just my clit on yours.... like this."  Wendy rocked her hips gently.

"Oh.....!"  Justine's eyes widened, and her mouth opened.  "Yes!"

I saw Silke waiting patiently in a chair watching us, so I called her over to let her empty my bladder into her sucking mouth.  When she finished, I sent her off to serve the others in the house.  Next to me, Wendy and Justine built up to a sexual peak slowly over several minutes, relaxed, then slowly built up again.  I cuddled next to them, running my hand down Wendy's back, feeling their sexual energies moving within them.  After a long dreamy time, Wendy finally let her hip motion become a little stronger, grinding against Justine, and Justine gave a loud gasp.  I felt the orgasm distinctly, and it made my erect cock twitch.

"I could stay here in bed all day, but we have a lot to do today." said Wendy.  "Let's go shower and find the others."

We started our day, meeting up with my brother and his wife in the kitchen.  We chatted and made breakfast, and Jessica explained that she and Wendy had already made most of the plans the night before, speaking on the phone with Shauna.

"We have several objectives today." explained Wendy.  "One is for Rob to enjoy some more teenage pussy, adding to the pool of charmed girls down in this area that he can connect with."

"Excellent objective." said Rob smiling.

"Another is to grow the circle of charmed people around Shauna, giving her more outlets for her budding sexuality than just this household and her mother." continued Wendy.

"And for me to enjoy some hard teenage cock." supplied Jessica.  She looked up at the clock on the wall, then reached into her purse for her cellphone, flipping it open and dialing.  "Let's check where they are, and who all they've got.... Hi Shauna!  Where are you guys?  OK, did you pick up your friend?  OK.  Great!  See you soon."

"How many people are coming over?" I asked.

"Well, Shauna and her brother, James.  Also skipping school today is Shauna's boyfriend Mike, and her best friend Meredith.  And the news is, James is also bringing his girlfriend, Kay.  They all go to the same high school."

"How did she talk them all into it?"

"Her brother was easy, Sheryl gave them both permission to skip.  Meredith was easy too, she'll do anything her best friend is doing even if it gets them in trouble.  Mike was persuaded by the promise of sneaking off to fool around, he thinks he's going to get lucky, but he has no idea!"  Jessica laughed.  "Kay was the only challenge, she's a very straight student.  She was promised that the group of them was going to hang out and swim in our pool today, and she didn't want to be left out.  I'll bet she brings her swimsuit and towel, not that she'll need those!"  We all laughed gently with her.

"How old are they?" asked Jessica.

"Well, you remember Shauna's 14 and her brother's 17.  I think Mike and Meredith are both 15, and Kay is 16."

I heard a car pull into the driveway outside.

"OK, everyone." said Wendy.  "Just like yesterday, keep your clothes on and try not to shock them at first.  I'll warm them up slowly, just go with the flow!"

"Oh, this is so exciting!" said Justine.  "If there's a virgin girl, can I get first taste of her pussy?  Rob had Shauna yesterday."

"No problem." reassured Wendy.

"Everyone into the living room, I'll answer the door." said Jessica.

Teenage Sex Party

The teenagers filed in, and I tried not to stare.  Shauna looked ravishing, dressed in jeans and skimpy blue top.  Her brother was similarly red-haired, not as bright red, but his skin was as pale as his sister's.  He was skinny and very tall, probably over six feet.  Shauna's boyfriend Mike was a stocky young man, blond hair cut short, a friendly face and a muscular build.  Shauna's best friend Meredith was a somewhat chubby girl with dark hair, wearing leggings, a T-shirt, hazel eyes hiding behind thick glasses.  Finally there was James's girlfriend Kay, and the physical contrast between them was quite a surprise!  She was as short as James was tall, a petite Asian girl, light-skinned, medium build.  Kay looked nervous.

Introductions were made rapidly.  Jessica explained that we wanted to talk with them before they went out to the pool.  She offered them drinks, reassured them that they were welcome to her house any time.  Then Wendy touched her charm, waved at our guests, and began asking them personal questions.

Their sexual history was soon revealed.  Starting with Mike, we learned what Shauna had already told us yesterday, that he and Shauna had tried masturbating each other, and she had sucked him a couple times but never let him come in her mouth.  Meredith said she was a virgin, that she had tried masturbating but it was difficult for her to make herself come.  James reported that his first intercourse was with a girlfriend before Kay, and that he had done it with Kay a couple times, so neither of them were virgins, although both very inexperienced.  Kay explained that she loved it when James licked her pussy, but she was not enthusiastic about sucking cock and intercourse was uncomfortable.

Shauna sat there quietly as her brother and their friends told their stories, with a soft smile on her lips.

"Now how about you?" Wendy asked Shauna, coming around to her last.  "What kind of sexual experiences have you had?"

Shauna smiled.  "Um, should I really say?"

"What?  You're a virgin!" said Meredith.

"Don't worry." said Wendy.  "No matter what you've done sexually, everyone here will accept you completely, because sex is good!  Isn't that right, everyone?"  There was a chorus of "yes" replies.

"Well, I'm really good at masturbating." began Shauna.  "And I've sucked Mike's cock, like he said.  I've also sucked Rob's cock."  She looked over at him.

"You did!?" said Mike.

"You're not jealous." said Wendy pointedly.  "Aren't you really happy that your girlfriend has explored sex, the more sex the better, so that she can share what she's learned with you?"

"I... I guess so.  Uh, so what else did you do, Shauna?"

"I've had sex with a man.  Rob fucked me."

"No way!" said Meredith.  "You let him?  He's... like... old!"

"I'm only 29!" said Rob defensively.

"And she's 14... half your age!"

"She's old enough to make her own decisions about who she has sex with." said Wendy.  "In fact, all of you are old enough.  Please continue, Shauna.  Have you had sex with a female?"

"Yes."  Shauna's smile grew.

"Really?!" said Meredith.  "No way, you're making this up!"

"She's telling the whole truth.  She's your best friend, you know she wouldn't lie about something like this."

"You're right, she wouldn't.  Who did you do it with?  Was it someone at our school?"

"It was my mom."

That shut them all up for a long moment.  James looked the most shocked of all.

"Uh... you mean... um, you... and Mom... you did what?"

Shauna opened her mouth, and it poured out of her.

"I had sex with Mom, and with Rob, and Jessica and all of them..." she waved over at Justine and I, "... and a whole bunch more people.  Rob fucked me and he fucked me really nice.  He fucked my mom too, and I sucked his cock after that, that was the first time I tasted my mom's pussy.  Then David was fucking me, and then he put it in my mom's mouth, she didn't know it was in my pussy, so that was the first time she tasted me.  But then she really let me lick her pussy and I made her come, and Rob fucked both of us a lot more and I sat on my mom's face and she licked my asshole, that was so cool, and then I sucked her tits while Rob fucked both of us, and my mom had a slippery finger in my asshole, then I had this incredible orgasm then I did a 69 with her so we could lick up all of Rob's cum from each other's pussies!"

The other teens sat there, stunned.  Kay's mouth hung open slightly.  It took Wendy a bit more charming before they all accepted Shauna's story as true.  Full of questions, Wendy let them ask, and we all answered.  There was quite a lot of explaining to do.

"As you've probably figured out, I arranged for you all to come over to my house today to learn about sex." said Jessica.  "Mike, now that you've realized that your girlfriend is sexually experienced, would you like to try sex with her?"

"Would I!  Of course I would."

"So, why don't you take off your clothes, and undress Shauna too?  You should have sex right here, so we can all watch.  I think we would all like to watch."  She looked around at Meredith and Kay, who still looked astonished.

"Uh... uh..."

"They can't have sex right here, I'm her brother!" said James.

"I don't mind if you watch." said Shauna.  "You're my big brother, I don't mind if you see me naked.  In fact, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to touch me too.  But right now I want my boyfriend."  She pulled her blue top off, exposing her bra.  "C'mon, Mike!"  She stood up, and Mike walked over to her.  After a bit more discussion, he was soon persuaded to take off her bra, then undo her jeans and push them down to her ankles.  She impatiently tugged at his pants.

"Don't let them feel uncomfortable because they're naked and we're not." said Jessica, pulling off her top to let her superb breasts bounce free.  It took a bit more persuasion and charm, but soon Meredith had her T-shirt and bra off, James lost his shirt and Kay let James takes hers off, but she was still too shy to remove her bra.  I observed her little Asian body - Japanese? Chinese?  I couldn't guess - was stunning in its shape and proportion.

Mike and Shauna were now completely naked and laid out on the mattress.  Wendy and Jessica offered advice... "Warm her up first!  Lick her pussy!" so Mike got busy between his girlfriend's legs.  His cock, decent sized for a teen, dangled erect between his legs.

"Oh... my... God." said Meredith, staring at the couple in front of her.  James was roaming his hands over his petite girlfriend's body, but he was also stealing glances at his little sister's naked form.  The rest of the adults, including myself, were almost entirely undressed.  Justine still wore panties.

"Would you like me to show you how to masturbate?" she said to Meredith, moving over to the chubby girl.

"Um... OK?  I guess I have to take these off."  Meredith pushed down her black leggings, exposing pink panties.  Justine sat down beside her and pushed down her own panties, giving Meredith a view as she slid several of her own fingers through her own pussy lips.

"C'mon, Mike, fuck me, time to lose your virginity!" said Shauna.  Mike wasted no time in moving his muscular body up and sliding himself into her little pussy.  Both teens gasped, and he started moving inside her.

James had Kay's bra off now, and had one hand moving under her panties as they kissed.  Even as they were sitting on the sofa, he was so much taller than her that he had to bend significantly to kiss her.

"I'm going to..." began Mike.

"It's OK, you can come in her, it's OK." said Wendy.

"But... I don't want to get her pregnant!"

"Don't worry.  You won't get anyone pregnant today, not while I'm here.  Other times you can use birth control.  But today, for your first time together, just let yourself go naturally."  He cried out, an intense look on his face, almost comical, as he drained his balls into Shauna's little pussy.

"How is that possible, Wendy?" asked Jessica.  "I was wondering."

"It's just something I feel." explained Wendy.  "I can't control people's bodies.  But there is a mind-body connection, and through their mind, I can easily control whether a person will conceive or not.  I can't explain it, but I can feel it."

Shauna and Mike moved from the mattress up to sit on the sofa, where they kissed and cuddled in his post-orgasmic glow.  Jessica approached them and asked to lick Shauna's pussy clean.  As Mike watched in amazement, Shauna spread her legs and let Jessica go to it.

"James and Kay, you're next!" said Wendy.  "Come out here onto the mattress and show us how you have sex together.  We can offer advice and help you enjoy it more, Kay.  And don't be shy of your body!"  Kay stood still a little shyly, holding a hand over her breasts as James helped her up from the sofa.

"You have a beautiful little body, and I'm sure the men here will agree." encouraged Wendy.  "Come on, turn around slowly and show it off to them.  I'm sure they're all dying to have sex with you."

Kay stood and shyly turned, her small breasts and small butt nonetheless delightfully proportioned.  "Really?"

"Absolutely." said Rob.  I agreed.

"Repeat after me."  said Wendy.  "I am beautiful, and men are drooling at my feet.  I have the power to have sex with them, or not, as I choose."

"I, um, am beautiful..." began Kay.  Wendy boosted her confidence a bit more, then asked if she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend and really enjoy it.  Kay said yes, and the two went down onto the mattress.

Across from us, Justine was now in full make-out with Meredith, her tongue in the 15-year-old's mouth, her fingers all over the girl's virgin pussy.  Next to us, Jessica had moved from licked Shauna's pussy to giving Mike one of her famous blowjobs as the two teens continued to kiss and cuddle.

"I am dying to get this thing in my pussy." she said.  "It's so incredibly hard.  Do you mind if fuck your boyfriend, Shauna?"

"Of course you can, but it's sweet of you to ask." she replied.

"Wonderful!" said Jessica, turning around onto her hands and knees.  "You want to put him inside?"  Shauna giggled as she led her stunned boyfriend by the cock, putting him on his knees behind Jessica, and leading his cock into her.  She put his hands on Jessica's adult hips and he got the idea, quickly moving into a hard fuck.

Wendy was down on the floor with James and Kay, moving them from oral sex to penetration, and Kay gasped and sighed as she enjoyed it for the first time.  They didn't seem to mind when Wendy kissed each of them.

Rob and I sat watching, with hard cocks.  We knew that most of this pussy would soon be ours to share, so we were patient.  Shauna left Mike's side and went over to Meredith, who by now was gasping and moaning, completely naked except for her glasses, with her legs spread, as Justine ate her puffy little pussy.  I smiled realizing that my sister got her wish: first girl sex, eating a virgin pussy.

"You know, Merri," said Shauna.  "I always kinda wanted to do it with you."

"Do it?"

"You know, like you're doing it with Rob's sister now."


The two shared an intense look, then their mouths moved together for a kiss, their hands gently reaching out to touch each other's bodies.

Small Kay was crying out under James's tall body.  "Do it again!  Do it again!"

"Do what again?" asked a puzzled James, thrusting into his small girlfriend.

"Make her come." explained Wendy.  "You didn't notice the first time!  Pay close attention to her, fuck her steadily, and you can do it again."

The sex continued noisily until Meredith cried out in orgasm on Justine's tongue, Kay cried out her second, and James declared that he couldn't stop himself, coming in Kay's pussy.

"That was deeply satisfying." said Justine, getting up and kissing Meredith.  "Thank you for letting me be your first.  You want to take a turn, Shauna?  Go ahead."

Shauna got down between her best friend's chubby thighs, spread her labia with her fingers, and licked it all over before settling on the clit.  Mike, still fucking Jessica, gasped at the sight of his girlfriend going down on another girl.

"I've got a mouth free, James." said Jessica.  "Come let me suck you back to hard again.  Let me taste your pretty little girlfriend on your cock."  He scooted over to feed her his cock, while Justine moved down to hug Kay and ask permission to lick all her boyfriend's cum up from her pussy.  Kay just giggled - finally, fully relaxed, and let Justine devour her little slit.

"It's a wonderful day to lose your virginity." said Wendy, moving to Meredith.  "You can choose who you want to be your first.  You could try one of the men - Rob or his brother David, like Shauna did yesterday.  Or you can start with one of the boys."

"Um... um... I think James?  I always liked him and he's so cute!  But I don't want Shauna to stop, it feels too good!"

"Take your time, there's no hurry.  And you might want to try returning the favor and licking Shauna too."

"Rob!" called out Justine, from between Kay's legs.  "There's some excellent pussy here, are you interested?"

"I sure am!" he replied.  "You don't mind, do you James?  Since you're enjoying my wife's mouth on your cock so much, you could probably share your girlfriend's pussy with me."

"Uh... um... yeah, I mean, sure, if she wants to."

"I want to." said Kay, standing up, her shyness completely gone.  "How do you want to do it?"

"Come here and sit on my lap facing me." explained Rob.  "I'm a little bigger than your boyfriend, so we'll go in slowly."

Wendy led the girl over and helped her climb into Rob's lap, her skinny legs settling on his.  They guided her body, lowering it gently, easing him into her pussy.  Rob exclaimed about the tightness and kissed her.  She liked that and kissed him back.  She settled down, completely impaled, making out with him, then slowly she started moving up and down in a small bounce, a kind of quick little fucking motion.  He held her small boyish hips and sucked her small tits as they fucked.

Justine went over to Meredith and after the girls switched position, gave her tips on her first time licking pussy.  Meredith soon had the hang of it, so Justine moved up and straddled Shauna's face for a three-way.

Wendy, noticing my hard cock, came to me and sat down in my lap, her back to me, impaling herself on my cock.  This was a surprise, as we hardly ever have sex with each other when out having adventures.

"Mmmm, I can feel all your sexual excitement.  You're twitching in my pussy.  It was lovely this morning when your sister and I shared your body, but I knew you'd want to save your orgasm for later today."

I just held her body and kissed her neck as we watched.  The girl-girl pile moved around, with Justine in the middle, one girl licking her pussy and the other riding her face.  Mike and James switched, taking each other's places in Jessica's mouth and pussy.  Kay bounced her little pussy harder in Rob's lap, and they were both moaning.

"Who do you think should come next?" Wendy asked me.  "They're all close.  I could push any of them over the brink."

"I think Kay could use one." I said.  "I can tell you really love to play with their sexuality.  Like a... um..."

"Symphony conductor?" said Wendy.  "Yes, I was thinking the same thing yesterday, leading everyone through the sex by the pool."

"I was thinking the same thing!"  I gasped in surprise.  "Maybe you can read minds after all?"

"Maybe a little."  She smiled.  "OK, Kay will have one the next time she kisses Rob.  Then Jessica will come the next time both cocks hit bottom in her mouth and pussy at the same time, and Meredith will come again on your sister's face."

I hugged Wendy as we watched the scene unfold exactly as she planned.  Kay gasping in surprise as she kissed Rob and came around his large cock, Jessica moaning on her teenage cocks, and Meredith emitting a soft yelp of surprise as she flooded Justine's face with her girlish juices.

"Mike's about to come, but I recall Shauna never let him come in her mouth."  Wendy spoke up so that the others could hear us.  "Mike!  Don't come in Jessica's mouth.  Shauna, get your face up from that pussy, time for you to experience a cock spurting in your mouth.  That's a girl, get ready... OK Mike, pull out and give it to your girlfriend!"

Mike managed to move his cock just in time, and we watched Shauna latch on and suck, her mouth moving, her throat swallowing.  She stared up into Mike's eyes as she drank, sucking until there was no more.  Mumbling "I love yous" to each other, the moved onto a sofa and collapsed in a cuddle pile.  Next to them on the mattress, Meredith had slid down Justine's body and lay on top of her, embracing and kissing, lingering in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"James!" called Wendy.  "Time to stop fucking Jessica, there's someone special for you to fuck.  Meredith picked you to be her first.  She's in a good position there resting on Justine, go ahead."

"She just had a big wet orgasm, so she should be very slippery and ready for you." said Justine.

James came over, and Jessica came with him, explaining about starting slow.  Together they explored Meredith's pussy with her fingers, between her chubby thighs.  His cock was skinny but quite long, and soon he had it in position, the head of it in Meredith's pussy.    He had everyone's attention.  Kay rested and turned to watch, Mike and Shauna stopped kissing long enough to pay attention.

"Do you really want me to do it?" asked James, still a little unsure of himself.

"Yeah." said Meredith.  "You want to, don't you?"

"Sure!  I mean, you're pretty, and I think it's really nice of you to let me take your virginity."

"You really think I'm pretty?  Cool.  Well, go ahead and do it."

James pushed in, Meredith gasped, and Justine kissed her to muffle her cries as he started moving slowing in and out.  Wendy summoned Silke to go fetch a warm wet towel to wipe up Meredith's virgin flow.  Shauna, watching in fascination, remarked that she hadn't bled much at all yesterday, and Wendy explained that every girl is different.

"Mike, you've come twice already." said Wendy.  "Why not let Shauna go have some more fun?"

"Yeah!" she said, getting up.  "I want to try what Kay's doing!"  She went over to them, and helped Kay get up.  She settled down on Rob's cock, facing him with her legs on top of his, bouncing up and down gently to fuck him.  He moaned as he moved into his second tight teen pussy of the day.  Wendy called Kay over, and got up, offering her the place on my cock.  Kay accepted, straddling me the same way she had straddled my brother, and soon I had a tight little Asian teen pussy bouncing on my cock.  I held her boyish figure and kissed her small mouth as we fucked.  It was delightful.

"It's OK, James." Wendy was explaining.  "You don't need to try to make her come her first time.  She's still very new to this and sore down there.  Just go ahead and come in her when you feel like it."

"Wait, pull out a minute." said Jessica.  He pulled out, and she used the warm towel to wipe his long skinny cock clean, then wiped Meredith's plump little pussy lips, then sucked his cock quickly into her mouth to wet it, and helped him aim it back inside.  He didn't last much longer, grabbing Meredith's hips to fuck her harder, then unloading inside her.  She gasped again, and he fell forward on her body, hugging her, holding himself inside her.  The pile of bodies fell over, with Justine crawling out from underneath.

"I'm going to come soon." I told Kay, as she bounced on my cock.  "Have you ever let James come in your mouth?"  She shook her head no.  "I'd like to come in your mouth.  Will you drink my cum?"  She nodded her head yes.

"I'm going to come too, Shauna." said Rob next to me.  "You want to drink it too?"

"Yes, straight from the source!" she replied.  "Not like yesterday with my mom.  I remember yours tasted better than that other guy's cum."

"Let the girls come first." said Wendy, moving between us.  "They're both close.  Here you go."  She gently rested a hand on each other their hips.  Shauna had a silent, open-mouthed orgasm while Kay gave a little shriek and I felt my cock get wetter.  Wendy paused to give them a moment to recover.  "Now climb off, girls, and suck those big cocks as well as you can.  The boys are close, aren't they?"

"I'm... so... close...!" said Rob, as the teens scampered down and knelt between our legs, sucking our cocks into their little mouths.  "I'm coming!" he cried, losing it in Shauna's mouth almost immediately.  I looked down into Kay's face.  There was something really obscene about her small face on my large cock, her mouth stretching to accommodate it, the eager way she bobbed her head, trying to suck more in but not really succeeding.  I let myself come.  She tried to swallow, but was inexperienced.  The cum quickly overflowed her mouth, running down her chin onto her small tits.

"Shauna," I said, as my orgasm subsided, "I'm afraid I've gotten cum all over your brother's girlfriend.  You want to help clean it up?"

Shauna finished swallowing Rob's cum, and turned to us smiling.  "You want to watch me lick it up from her body, don't you?"

"I think you understand guys very well now."

She giggled.  "I do.  But I want to do it to too, especially if you taste as good as Rob."  She moved to us, licking Kay's chin, licking up the cum from her neck, then moving down to lick and suck her small Asian tits.

"You've never kissed a girl, have you Kay?" I asked.  She shook her head.  "Now's a good time to try it, I think."  She nodded her head, lifting Shauna's face up to her own.  They kissed, the taste of cum in both their mouths.  The kiss got hotter, and their hands came out to touch each other's bodies.  I moved aside to let them come up and sit on the sofa next to me, moving deeper into each other.

"Now each of the men has come once, and each of you boys has come twice." explained Wendy, addressing Mike and James.  "As for the girls, I think we've lost count, and that's a good thing."

"A very good thing!" agreed Meredith, cuddling next to James.

"So far you've learned a lot about sex, and you've tried a lot of the things that most people find very exciting.  Mike, you got to really fuck your girlfriend and come in her mouth.  Meredith, you got to experience a very experienced lesbian tongue making your come.  James, you got to fuck other girls and women other than your girlfriend.  You even got to fuck your sister's best friend, a virgin no less!  But, there are a lot more areas of sexuality to explore.  I lot more things that are sexy and perverted and exciting and I know you're going to love them."

"More things?" asked Mike puzzled.

"I don't know, I think fucking Meredith was the ultimate." said James.  "It's beyond my wildest sexual fantasies."

"I don't believe it." said Wendy.  "I'm sure you've got a lot of fantasies we haven't even touched on yet.  How about anal sex?"

"Whoa." said Mike.  "Uh, I mean, I've heard of that.  Doesn't it hurt?"

"OK, let me explain..."  Wendy and Jessica started explaining it to the teens.  Shauna and Kay also stopped kissing to pay attention.

"So we'll be sure to try that." concluded Wendy.  "Then, there is also incest."  The teens were stunned silent, except for Shauna.

"Like with my mom!" she said.  "That was exciting.  I mean, I love my mom and I know her so well, it was so exciting to make her come and stuff."

"But not... I mean, Shauna and I..." stammered James.

"You certainly could." said Wendy.  "Outside this room, you'd have to keep it secret from your friends and family and the outside world.  But there's no reason you couldn't enjoy each other, with the added excitement of breaking a taboo.  Do you mean you've never tried to sneak a peek at her naked?  Never imagined what she'd look like?  Come on, be honest."

"Uh... um... OK.  I admit, I did kinda think about it sometime.  But I always made myself stop thinking about it right away.  I mean, that's supposed to be sick and wrong."

"I don't think it's sick," said Shauna, "and Wendy's right.  If it's wrong, that just makes it more exciting."  She scooted her butt to the edge of the sofa, facing them.  "Look all you want.  You can even touch me."

"Go ahead, James." said Justine.  "You know that Rob and David are my brothers, and we've done almost everything together.  It is exciting, and wrong, and very very right.  Go ahead, touch your sister."

We all watched, the room still and silent, as James stood up, and walked as if in a trace to stand in front of Shauna.  Their pale skin and red hair were striking together.  He dropped to his knees, so his face was at the same level as hers as she sat on the edge of the sofa.  They stared into each other's eyes, then his eyes traveled down her body, over her tangerine-sized tits with their small pink nipples, and down to her soft red bush.

"Touch me." she said.

His hands came out, touched her neck, moving slowly down to her breasts, brushing over her nipples, and moved down to her sides.

"Kiss me."

He leaned forward, giving her a soft kiss on her lips.  She let him kiss for moment, then brought her arms up to his head, pulling him into a deeper kiss.

"I can believe I'm doing this with my brother." said Shauna, breaking the kiss.  "Do you want to suck on my tits?"  She held them out to him, and he sucked each in turn.  "Do you want to see my pussy?"  She leaned back, and used her fingers to lift and spread her pussy lips, exposing herself to him.  "Go ahead, you can look and touch me."  He lowered himself, and tentatively ran a finger around the circle of her labia, staring in fascination.

"Lick her pussy!" said Meredith, giggling.  "Lick your sister's pussy!"

"Yes.  Lick me." said Shauna.

"I want to see you do it too." said Kay, staring at his face.

James licked his sister's clit with the tip of his tongue.  Her body jumped

"Do that again!"

James settled in, and began to lick her pussy in earnest.  She cooed and moaned and encouraged him.  Smiles spread around the room as brother and sister calmed down and got comfortable with each other.

"That's incest for him." said Jessica.  "How about anal for you, Mike?  You want to try it with me?"

"Anal... sure!  I mean, do it just, I mean, put it inside...?"

"In my ass, Mike."  Jessica got on her hands and knees.  "I see you're hard again, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to figure it out.  You've already sampled my mouth and my pussy, go ahead and fuck my ass.  I'm more than ready for you."

Mike eagerly got down on the mattress behind her and sure enough, he figured it out quickly, a look of shock and delight on his face as he watched his cock slide inside her.  I was reminded of just how gorgeous a woman Jessica is.  Someone that didn't know them well might think that she was somebody's "trophy wife," a woman so beautiful that she's a status symbol.  Now, blond teenaged Mike was pounding his cock into the ass of this woman who looked like something out of a porn magazine.

"Oh fuck.. oh fuck..." Jessica moaned.  "My God you're so strong.  Keep doing that!"

"I wanna suck your cock!" said Shauna suddenly.  "Stand up.  Kay, you want to help me suck my brother's cock?"  Kay nodded, James stood up, his hard cock bobbing in front of their faces.  He stayed passive, letting his sister and girlfriend do what they wanted with his cock, taking turns sucking it.

Justine noticed that Meredith was sitting on the sofa with her well-fucked pussy not getting any attention, so she got down and kissed her way between the girl's legs.  Meredith giggled and pulled her legs up to give Justine access to her crotch.  Justine used her fingers to spread the chubby folds, and licked all the way from the girl's tiny little rosebud to the top of her slit.

"My legs... I can't stand up when you both are doing that!" said James, as Kay sucked his balls and his sister was trying to deep-throat him.

"Let him lie down." instructed Wendy.  The girls giggled and pushed James down on the mattress on his back, and resumed their oral attention on his cock.  I heard Meredith gasp, and saw that Justine had a bottle of lube in her hand, the other hand with two fingers in the teen's tiny asshole as she kept licking her slit.

"Time for you to try fucking your brother, Shauna." instructed Wendy.  "Kay, help guide his cock in."  Kay giggled, and Shauna gasped as she straddled her brother's body, gently lowering herself on his long, skinny cock.  We all watched as it vanished inside her.  James and Shauna just stared at each other, too overwhelmed by what they were doing to speak.  His hands came up to grasp her tits as she started gently moving up and down on his cock.

"Come over here and let them fuck, Kay." said Wendy, leading the girl over the couch and placing her next to Meredith.  "Let me taste you while you watch them."  Kay spread her legs the same way as Meredith, so side-by-side the girls got oral and finger attention from Wendy and Justine.

Mike was just moving in and out of Jessica's ass slowly, paying more attention to watching his girlfriend's incestuous fuck than where his cock was.  Seeing this, I called them over.

"Jessica, Mike, stop fucking for a bit, let's help Shauna have an orgasm.  Get some lube and small dildo."

We all moved over the brother and sister on the mattress.  We kissed her and caressed her body, and passed the lube bottom around, getting each of our fingers slippery.

"Grind your clit down on him when you move." advised Jessica, as I teased Shauna's rosebud with a slippery finger.  I got the tip in and wiggled it, causing Shauna to moan.  Then it was Jessica's turn, going a little deeper, then Mike took a turn fingering his girlfriend's asshole while sucking one of her little pink nipples.  We kept taking turns until her backdoor accepted our fingers readily, then we switched to the small lubed dildo, working it into her virgin asshole gently.  She never stopped moving gently up and down on her brother's cock, her small tuft of red pubic hair touching his.  Mike clearly enjoyed his turn probing Shauna's backdoor with the dildo, watching in fascination as it disappeared inside of her.

"I'm... Oh, fuck!  I'm going to..." began Shauna.  Behind us, we heard orgasmic gasps from the girls on the sofa.  I turned to see that each of them was also getting lubed dildo action in the virgin asses, while getting their clits royally sucked by the experienced women.  Their orgasms seemed to echo with Shauna's, coming quickly.  This time she was noisy, squealing and moaning loudly, her little pussy dripping visibly on her brother's cock.

"OK girls, you're doing great.  Time for all three of you to lose your anal virginity." declared Wendy.  "Kay, are you ready?"

"I... I think so..." said the petite Asian girl, her crotch messy with saliva, lube and her own juices.


"Um.. Sure!  After the way I just came, you can do anything you want with my body."


"Give me a moment." Shauna gasped.  "I'm still tingly from that orgasm."  The dildo was removed from her ass and she rolled off her brother.  "I'm... I feel so lightheaded.  But that thing in my butt... I really liked it, I mean, it was so crazy and perverted, and on top of fucking him..." she stared at her brother's cock.  It stood up tall, long and thin, dripping with her own orgasmic output.

"Hmmm, incestuous fuck juice." said Jessica, moving in to suck James's cock clean.  James just moaned.

"Here, Kay, let's put you in a comfortable position for your first time." said Wendy, leading the girl to stand up on shaky legs and turn around, kneeling on the mattress with her torso and arms up on the sofa for support.  Justine helped Meredith to turn around similarly, so that she was right by Kay's side, their asses sticking out and back in a welcomingly fashion.  Then we all helped Shauna to get up and take her place next to the other two girls, in the same position.  Their three asses were quite a contrast, from Shauna's shapely hips, Kay's slim Asian booty, and Meredith's chubbiness giving her ass more attractive bulk than a typical 15-year-old.

"Now boys, you know I've had you come a couple times each already, so that you could last this long." said Wendy.  "I'm going to assign you each a hole to fuck.  Mike, you're going to take your girlfriend's anal virginity.  Since you didn't get her other virgin hole yesterday, you deserve to share this time with her."

"Cool." said Mike, moving behind Shauna.

"James, you're also going to do the honors with your girlfriend." continued Wendy.  "First time anal sex can be a nice emotional bond for the two of you."

"OK."  Too surprised and turned on to do anything other than agree, he got up and moved behind Kay.

"Meredith, this is going to be a bit of a stretch for you, but I'm going to assign your anal cherry to the man of the house, Rob.  Rob, you're going to keep in mind that a teen girl's virgin asshole is a delicate thing, and start slowly with her."

"Yes ma'am!" said Rob, moving behind Meredith.

"Boys, move in, you can start to tease their backdoors with the heads of your cocks.  And remember: there is no such thing as too much lube."  The boys fumbled around, and the girls giggled with surprise, perhaps with nervous excitement.

"Shauna." began Wendy.  "There's only one time in your life when you'll be able to say this, so go ahead and tell Mike that he's welcome.  Say, 'Please fuck my virgin asshole.'".

"Oh!"  she giggled.  "OK.  That sounds so nasty.  Mike, go ahead, please fuck my virgin asshole!"


"Please... uh, please fuck me, in my virgin asshole?"


Meredith turned her head around and her eyes were wide at the size of Rob's cock.  "Please, fuck me anyway you like.  I don't know if you can fit that thing in my butt, but go ahead and try."

Slowly, all three cock started to press in.

"I love this part." said Wendy, moving between them and touching each person, cupping balls and stroking clits.  She paused behind Mike.  "I can feel your excitement, your lust, and a little bit of fear."  She put a hand on Kay's back.  "I can feel a small amount of shame.  Not enough to dampen your excitement, actually, it's feeding your excitement."  She moved to Meredith.  "Relax, darling.  I can feel your fear.  The more relaxed you are, the easier it is and the sooner you can enjoy it yourself.  I'm going to help all three of you relax."

Justine and I moved over to get a better look.  Mike was the most ambitious, getting most of his cock inside Shauna while the others just had the head inside.  It was fascinating to watch James's long, skinny cock, shiny with lube, vanishing into Kay's impossibly small backdoor.  Meredith moaned and made small gasping noises as Rob stretched her ass with his adult cock.

"Mmmm, that looks so hot, I want some of that!" said Justine, taking her place next to Meredith, assuming the same position with her ass thrust back.  I was hard from watching the action too, so I was happy to please my little sister by lubing my cock and working it slowly into her still-inexperienced asshole.  Now there were four full-blown assfucks going on, with Wendy moving between us gently to stimulate each girl, keeping them fully aroused and relaxed.

"Remember, boys." instructed Wendy.  "You can try anal sex with the girls again after today, but only on special occasions.  You should mostly focus on licking and fucking their pussies.  Anal sex is a special thing, and don't even think about doing it without a lot of lube."

"You don't need a special occasion to come over and fuck my ass." said Jessica.  "I'm an adult and I can take it any way, any time."

"Nice and tight, isn't it?" continued Wendy.  The boys just gasped and grinned.  Mike had almost his entire cock inside Shauna, fucking steadily, and James had around two-thirds of his long cock inside Kay.

"It's fucking incredible." said Rob, with about half his cock moving slowly in and out of Meredith's obscenely stretched little asshole.

"OK boys." continued Wendy.  "We don't want to wear the girls out on their first time, so you can pick up the speed a little bit and let yourself come.  I'm going to help each girl have an orgasm first, and I'm going to hold yours back until they've had theirs."

Wendy moved down the row, starting with Shauna, reaching under to caress the girl's pussy.  Shauna cried out her orgasm - noisy again, I noticed - then Mike yelped and pumped his cum into his girlfriend's asshole.  Kay was next, coming the moment Wendy's hand touched her clit, turning her face around with a look of surprise and pure lust, then James was coming in her ass.

"You better hurry - I can't hold out much longer!" cried Rob, moving a little faster and deeper into Meredith.  Wendy came quickly and gave Meredith her orgasm, and Rob was simultaneous, his second orgasm of the day deep inside a teenage girl, just as he wished for.

"Now you two." said Wendy, approaching Justine and I.  "David, you can hold your orgasm for later, but I think your sister could use a quick little anal orgasm."

"I... sure could!" gasped Justine.  "I can't believe how much it's grown on me, I really love the feeling of his cock in my ass.  I think I'm pretty close already!"

"Mmm-hmmm." murmured Wendy approvingly, using one hand to tease Justine's nipples, the other running down her back and around her thighs to reach for the clit.  I just focused on fucking my sister's ass steadily, focusing on her pleasure rather than my own.  "You two have a special bond.  I can feel it no matter what kind of sex you're having.  Go ahead and speed up, David, and we'll give her a nice one."

Around us, the kids were untangling and relaxing together, cuddling in pairs, watching us.

"That's really his sister?" I heard Kay asking.

"Yeah.  That's so hot." said Shauna.  "I bet it's just a matter of time before you fuck my ass, isn't it James?"

"Um..." said James.

"Don't be shy now." encourage Rob.  "David and I have both fucked our sexy sisters in every hole, and it's been fantastic.  If the idea of fucking your sister turns you on, go ahead and say it."

"Um, yeah.  The idea sounds really sexy.  I'd do it."  James paused.  "I'm sorry, I guess my mind is just totally blown by what we just did."

Justine was moaning louder, and I was all the way inside, my balls slapping against her pussy as I pounded her ass.  Suddenly she was coming, and this time I could feel it, as a pulse of energy moving through me.  I pondered that I hadn't felt it when the other kids were coming, but I sure could during the family sex parties the previous weekend.  Perhaps it had to do with the extent to which Wendy had charmed each person.

"Nice anal orgasm?" asked Wendy.

"Nice... anal... orgasm." agreed Justine.  "Wow."

"Now, I think you guys came over to use the pool.  You still want to do that?" offered Jessica.  "It would be a nice way to clean up all the sexual mess.  You don't even need to wear your suits."

"Sure!" said Meredith, giggling.  The naked teenagers grabbed some towels and headed out to the pool.  I called Silke over to us, to clean up my cock and Justine's crotch with her tongue.

We relaxed and dressed, then went into the kitchen for a little lunch.

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