Author: lonewolf
Title: AA Index for LoneWolf 
Summary: A listing, in order of all 26 chapters for 'The Lollies of Eastwick'
         novel.  Plus a short summary.   

                           INDEX for LoneWolf

                      The Lollies of Eastwick novel

     The Lollies of Eastwick follows the adventures of nine year old
Lisa, her brother Tommy and his best friend, Greg.  It begins with 
some rough and tumble wrestling that leads to bbt sex.  All sex is
with kids only, no adult child sex at all in my stories.   Then Lisa 
finds lolita lesbian sex is hot in the sauna.  There are 2 beast chapters.
Then the kids make a music video while Greg finds some action with
Cinnamon.  In comes eight year old Sally and the kids begin lessons
in judo.  Then while Tommy is off on vacation Lisa unwillingly becomes
the neighborhood whore to be pimped out.  Heavy domination in the 
later chapters.  In Wolf's End everything has to be set right.  Three
chapters are interracial, half dozen gg parts.  Many chapters are wall
to wall sex.  Lots of boy girl sex through out the story.  All total
Lollies of Eastwick is 26 chapters, 190 pages about 95,000 words.  

Chapter                  Tittle 

    1                 Two vs One
    2                 Lisa Jumps in
    3                 Tommy Gets Some
    4                 Little Girl Seduction
    5                 Steamy Sauna
    6                 Doggy domination 1
    7                 Doggy domination 2
    8                 I Like the Night life baby 1
    9                 I Like the Night life baby 2
    10                I Like the Night life baby 3
    11                B to the 4th
    12                B to the 5th
    13                Sally's Debut
    14                Tally ho with Sally ho
    15                Mustang Sally   
    16                Simple as Black on White
    17                Mustang Sally 2
    18                Hot Child in the City
    19                Something Wicked this way cums 1
    20                Something Wicked this way cums 2
    21                Something Wicked this way cums 3
    22                Next Stop Slutsville
    23                Next Stop Skank-town
    24                End of the Line 1
    25                End of the Line 2 
    26                Wolf's End

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