The Firm by Karen Blayne.

A letter arrived saying that since I’d inherited Great Uncle Arthur’s company would I like to come and discuss the matter.  Well having nothing on at the moment I thought why not.  Great Uncle Arthur was one of those tiring doing sort of people who revel in recognising a good deal.  I had fond memories of him taking me round street markets and pointing out when to haggle and who was most likely to bargain.  He taught me to shrug and to appear to walk away, how not to express direct interest in something, you know the little sort of things, and to always leave the seller some sort of profit in case you need to deal with them again.

I arrived at the second floor office above a war surplus store and introduced myself to Miss Fellows.  She showed me into my great Uncle’s office, the chair opposite the desk had seen better days, the desk had seen better days, and as for great Uncle’s chair well if I was kind it was shall we say a little battered but it seemed to fit with the rest of the very shabby office.  Miss Fellows started to give me an overview but very quickly it became apparent that I didn’t quite have the faintest idea of what she was on about.

“Slow down, since you were uncle’s secretary for a great number of years could you run the business and simplify my involvement?”  She sat and thought for a moment or two.  “Well I suppose most decisions these days are actually just taking a recommendation from one of the managers and rubber stamping it.”  “And if they get the decision wrong it’s their job or section that suffers?”  “Well we could try it and see how it works out.”

It seemed to work out fairly well.  I didn’t quite understand the company structure or why the company in Luxemburg took a percentage off all the other companies but whatever.  Miss Fellows wondered if I’d like to move offices to something a little more upmarket but I mentioned what we had worked, and sometimes it was better not to appear to be too affluent. 

Then one morning I felt inspired I would revitalise the company.  By 11 am Miss Fellows was in my office with an exasperated look.  “You simply can’t knock down the building and build an office block on the site.  You need all sorts of planning permission and permits.  Besides which where would we work whilst it was all being done?”  I confessed I hadn’t thought through all the details.  “What we can do is add a six story extension on the back with an elevator in place of the stairs.  I’ve had the plans prepared some time ago so we can just move them along a little.  Now if you want something useful to do you can go and visit one of our suppliers in Stuttgart and see if you can get them to move on this order quickly.”  I looked blankly at her.  She had something critical she wanted me to do all by myself?  She turned and walked out of the office returning shortly with a young student.  “This is Ashley who will go with you so you don’t get lost.”  She turned to Ashley, “Here’s the letter with the address on it.  Sort out his travel arrangements, go with him to make sure he doesn’t get lost, and he speaks to someone when he gets there.  When you get back I’ll see if we can find you something for the rest of the summer.”  With that she turned her back on us and walked out.

Ashley looked at me and I looked at her.  “I’m in her bad books today so I think she wants to get rid of me for a while.  I think we’d better do as we are told.”  I got Ashley to pull up the Air France web site and typed in Stuttgart.  Nothing was available today.  I picked up the phone and rang the travel agent we owned.  They’d call me back on my mobile but meanwhile could I get to the airport?  No cabs were immediately available but a couple of $50 bills in the right hands and the local delicatessen’s new Ford Transit van was soon carrying Ashley and myself to the airport.  The mobile rang, they thought they might have something on a standby basis.  We would be met at the airport and could she speak to my fellow passenger.  I passed the phone over.  Ashley went bright red “Are we going overseas for real?”  I nodded, she handed the phone back then started to do some very odd gyrations with her hands under her tee shirt.  As we arrived we were met, Ashley handed over her bra and we were hustled through the security screening.  I was fascinated by her nipples under her tee shirt, but didn’t dare ask.  “If you must know I was asked to remove my bra if it was underwired so we could get through security faster.”

The doors closed behind us, I took my seat in the front section, Ashley was strapped into a rear facing stewardess’s seat somewhere and we immediately set off.  The flight was comfortable, we arrived twenty minutes early, not bad considering we’d set off ten minutes late.  I handed the air hostess a couple of dozen free meal vouchers for the new restaurant one of our companies had opened in down town Paris which were discreetly carried away.  Stuttgart, what can I say other than when you’ve seen one airport you’ve seen them all.

We sat down at the conference table, Ashley and myself on one side, two Germans on the other.  If only I’d thought before sitting down it could have been me mesmerised by the sight of Ashley’s nipples rather than Herr Reiner.  He was terribly sorry but the model I wanted unfortunately had recently been upgraded and had not yet been recertified for North America.  However there was a different model available, he’d had a cancellation and had one sitting in the loading dock downstairs, the list price was 50% more but it did have four times the throughput additionally he could let me have it at 10% off list price.  I remembered the terms and conditions, 30% deposit.  “On a cancellation your client would have already paid you a 30% deposit, I think you go to 25% off?”  “Someone else may offer me more.”  “True but I can offer you payment in full today, if you give me another 2% off for cash.”  Steffen shrugged his shoulders and rattled off a stream of rapid German which Ashley later roughly translated for me as:  “I think we should talk to the Chinese, but go ahead call his bluff, accept his offer but only until lunch time.  He can’t get approval since they’re six hours behind us, nor can he get a transfer across the Atlantic by then.”  Reiner looked thoughtfully at Ashley’s hard nipples “We are meeting another client this afternoon but if you can get the cash to us before one pm it’s a deal.”

I called our Luxemburg bankers and after a brief exchange that included an enquiry after his ninety one year old aunt’s health arranged for a local transfer.  Steffen rattled something off rapidly in German much to Reiner’s amusement, “Steffen expressed surprise that your firm would give you so much authority or that you would have funds available locally.”  I shrugged, “I own the company.”  Reiner closed his eyes and laughed.  “I should have guessed shouldn’t I, casual clothes and a most unlikely looking personal assistant.”  He turned quickly to Ashley “Not that you aren’t charming of course but since you are in Stuttgart and our company’s box at the opera is available tonight may I suggest a visit?”  Opera, not quite my cup of tea but a glance at Ashley’s look of rapture in anticipation was enough for me to accept with thanks.

When we descended to the street Ashley drew out her mobile.  “Do you know if this will work over here to call my mom and tell her I’m safe in Stuttgart?”  I drew my own out and pressed speed dial to input the North American dialling code.  “Try this one, just dial the number as you would locally.”  We soon found a department store and I escorted Ashley to the ladies wear and requested the assistant help find her a suitable gown for the opera and not to let her be miserly about it, also she needed a nightdress, and a couple of outfits for daytime wear.  I wondered off and found gents outfitting and grabbed a change of clothing and something formal for myself.  There was a choice of colours and I decided to be daring with a colour coordination, so black, black with a white frilled dress shirt and a rather splendid silk waistcoat.

When I returned to collect Ashley she was having a discussion in German with the assistant, that’s when I found out she could speak the language.  “Why didn’t you tell me you could speak German?”  “It didn’t seem important and you seem to be managing, by the way want to know what they were saying at the meeting?”  The assistant interrupted us, “Which have you decided on?”  She held two bras in her hand, “Both” I replied and turned back to hear what Ashley had overheard.  “And the matching accessories?”  I waved my hand to add them to the pile.  Ashley paused in her recollection.  “I don’t think these would be much good without something to attach.”  The assistant hurried off and returned with a selection of stockings as Ashley and myself continued talking.  “Which.” I cut across her question with a wave to the growing pile that was assembled on the counter.  “Wievel kostet das?” I attempted waving my hand in a circular motion over everything, she quickly scanned everything in and I handed over my credit card.  “I didn’t know you spoke German.” Ashley interjected.  “I still don’t think he does, shall we tell him what he just ordered?” murmured the assistant keeping her head down.  Ashley just grinned.

We found a hotel and I put my head down for a snooze.  Around 6 pm Ashley rang.  “The curtain goes up at 7:30 so what time are we leaving?”  “We have to eat first so as soon as you’re dressed.”  She was at my door a few minutes later clutching the tickets I’d given her for safe keeping, just in time to sort out my bow tie for me.  We were within walking distance and on the way I’d noticed a reasonable looking restaurant so we stopped there to eat.  Ashley took her coat off and handed it to the cloakroom attendant.  It was the first time I’d seen the dress and my immediate reaction was “I think you should go back and change, it’s practically indecent.”  She curtsied, the dip showed even more of her cleavage than I thought possible.  “Thank you kind sir, but we don’t have time to buy another dress and eat before the performance.  Besides there will be lots of dresses which are much more revealing than mine.”  I scowled “But you won’t be wearing them.  That dress will attract too much male attention.”  “Oh wunderbar, I always dreamed of being carried off by a handsome German.  Stop being an old fuddy wuddy and let’s eat.”  She smiled at me, what could I do?

I don’t think I have ever seen such good service as we received in the restaurant.  We seemed to have a waiter permanently hovering where he could get a glimpse of cleavage.  I mean the cleavage wasn’t the worst, it was obvious no bra could possibly be worn under the dress, certainly not either of the two we’d purchased today, and Ashley’s nipples were beginning to harden under the silk.  Still Ashley looked content and the veal was superb.  We arrived at the opera house with ten minutes to spare.  Ashley looked down at our tickets to see where our box was.  At the side was a queue of students waiting for any last minute bargains.  She peaked at me “Our box holds five, we could squeeze in three students?”  I nodded and she motioned to the first three in the queue to follow us.

I was moved by the opera, I’d never thought I’d find it quite so enjoyable.  Ashley’s enthusiasm helped as did her whispered comments about the nonsensical plot which helped me follow it.  At the interval I dispatched the students with a few euro notes to see if they could find some drinks from the bar whilst Ashley and I had a stroll and people watched.  Ashley was quite correct there were dresses that showed even more flesh than Ashley’s but somehow they didn’t seem to have quite the same effect on me.  We were discussing the nonsensical plot when the students returned and handed me my change, they then joined in the discussion, it was important to practise their English they said, it was interesting the way they would question what I said if I used anything other than “standard” formal English, mine was corrected several times.

After the opera as we walked back to the hotel, Ashley swung round and hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheek.  “That was so wunderbar and you were very good taking me for I sensed you wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t for me.”  “Well I enjoyed it as well, we could probably fit one or two more in if you’d like?”  “But don’t you have to get back?”  “Not really, Miss Fellows does a much better job of running everything if I’m not there so we don’t have to return immediately.”  “How long do I have and how much can we spend?”  “As long and as much as you like or at least as long as I don’t get too bored, you need to be back at college in September don’t you?”  Her eyes widened and she cocked her head to one side and looked at me for a while before stepping closer and kissing me deeply on the lips.  I just wrapped my arms around her.  “So let me get this right, either we go back and I might or might not have a summer job or I play pied piper and lead you through all the opera houses in Europe until you get bored and get paid for it.”  “That just about sums it up.”  I agreed.  She took my arm and happily nattered all the way back to the hotel.

I was tired, jet lagged, it had been a very long day and so was in bed when she slipped in through the interconnecting door.  “Could you undo the hook at the back?”  She turned her back on me and I unclipped the hook and eye at the bottom of her plunging back line.  She gave a little wiggle and the dress pooled on the floor.  “Good night.”  I rolled over and dropped off.

Next morning I was having a very pleasant dream about a dark haired girl snuggling up to me in bed, it was so realistic I could feel the weight on my shoulder.  I blearily opened my eyes, “Oh good you’re awake, even better you’re up.”  Up? I wasn’t quite awake enough to follow the last remark but I could feel some one’s fingers caressing my erection and they certainly weren’t mine.  She threw the cover off and squatted over my hips, her breasts showed through her filmy nightdress and if my erection wasn’t fully erect before it was now.  “Do you like my new nightdress then?  I thought I’d spend your money on something totally frivolous that mom would flip her lid if she could see it.”  With that she lowered herself on top of me.  It took me a moment of two to realise just what was happening, but then I turned and flipped her on her back and did the male dominance thing of male on top.  Women’s lib has its place but not in bed.

Afterwards we lay in bed afterwards I gave her a look.  “Well I thought I’d bribe you with my body so you won’t get bored and if I’d waited until you were awake you’d be bound to find some excuse like sexual harassment or some such nonsense and we’d never get anywhere.”  She grinned again. What could you do with her?  I thought about putting her over my knee but I’m sort of lazy and it would be too much effort to catch her first.  We got up and dressed, moved all her things into my room and cancelled her room when we went down to breakfast.

After breakfast I decided being weary from the day before we’d spend the day in bed, just getting up for meals.  I got my revenge though, Ashley had sensitive ears, just thirty five minutes of nibbling her ears, stroking the back of her neck and showering her with nibbles and kisses had her beautifully flushed.  She actually called me a rat when I suggested we go for a walk, I can’t think why.  So instead I scooped her up and lapped between her thighs for another thirty minutes until my tongue grew tired which seemed to satisfy her.

We wondered round Europe for the rest of the summer, we watched operas, plays, went to concerts, found the most delightful shops for lingerie and generally enjoyed ourselves.  Ashley even found me a number of railways with steam engines once she discovered I had an interest in them.

On our return a Miss Fairchild met us at the office informing me that since Miss Fellows had taken early retirement she had taken her place.  She was tall, young, early twenties I guess but very businesslike and efficient.  In fact she ushered me off into the office saying there were papers that required my signature and she would take care of Ashley.  She was the sort of person you couldn’t imagine applying for a job, she’d simply inform you that she’d filled the position.  She wore long skirts with sensible flat shoes although I did catch a glimpse of ankle with a slight suggestion of a wrinkle.  After I saw her freeze some poor guy in the elevator for making a slightly suggestive remark I took great care to keep her at the distance she was so obviously comfortable with.

Miss Fairchild was a demanding taskmaster, we visited the many of the more than 150 separate companies that my great uncle had assembled introducing ourselves as being from central admin and asking was there anything we could do to make their life easier?  Some were quite small, others had grown.  Miss Fairchild had assembled a list of their value to us based on market trends potential growth and patents owned.  We moved all the patents into the central holding company in Luxemburg.  Each company was different and had its strengths and weaknesses.  I think my favourite visit was one where Miss Fairchild saw there wasn’t a microwave in the coffee room so went and brought one.  There were a group of engineers there who when questioned mentioned if she was waving her magic wand perhaps they could move back to their old offices and return to their interesting projects rather than the odd ideas the new micro managing manager had, who just happened to live on this side of the city.  “Would you like a new manager as well?”  “Patricia would be nice.”  Patricia was the new office junior which struck me as a little odd but as Miss Fairchild pointed out experienced engineers work best with the minimum of management interference.

“Tonight you will all work late and the moment the evil ogre has left for the day I’ll wave my magic wand.”  They looked sceptical but returned to their coffee.  Miss Fairchild had Patricia show her the local mall at lunch time, apparently she was very unsure if she was ready to be a manager, but on being reassured she could take some management courses in company time and at company expense she relented.  I was dispatched to see if the old offices were still available, they were, not only that but one of our property companies actually owned the building.  To say I was unhappy to find that out was an understatement.

The evil ogre left to play golf at 3 pm, by 3:15 we’d accepted everyone’s resignation, given them permission to take their outstanding annual leave so they wouldn’t have to return, set up a new company managed by Patricia in their old offices.  We gave them all an extra month’s vacation and a small pay raise to make them feel better.

We left copies of the resignations on his desk and “borrowed” the office files and sent them back to the main office, our attention.  Then we arranged a management audit on the office with a special note to be made of what back up arrangements had been made for the files etc.  We also arranged for his deadlines to be brought forward and made requests for project plans to updated.  Then we wandered onto the next company.

Needless to say Patricia turned out to be an excellent manager with a very low turnover rate and over time her band of engineers grew.  I wasn’t quite so taken with the flexitime ideas or finding work for spouses but Miss Fairchild over ruled me and the pool of spouses turned out to be a real asset.  Managers with a temporary workload problem would use them as a virtual work force and knowing that their jobs were safe whether they were working or not meant they were happier to do a wider range of jobs.  Since the pool workload was flexible Patricia let the staff work part time, some were happy to work when we had work for them to do.  We even hired in a few people to join the pool to give us even more spare capacity.

Eventually Miss Fairchild mentioned I really ought to take one of the management trainees to visit the Luxemburg office.  Management trainees?  I didn’t even know we had any and why did she have an odd sort of smirk on her face.  I eventually agreed to do it under duress when Miss Fairchild said the trainee would meet me in my office the following morning.  I hate trainees, they ask the most inane questions and when I rolled up to the office the next morning I wasn’t in the best of moods.  Miss Fairchild took one look at me and scurried away murmuring “I’m late, I’m late...”  The coffee machine for once in its life produced the perfect cup of coffee without a murmur as if it knew it could be replaced so very easily.

I sat down and browsed the news, another bank was bankrupt, yet another earthquake, and a foreign government had been forced to resign over a corruption scandal.  Nothing really earth shattering.  I said Hi to Ashley when she arrived.  “You look glum today?”  “Oh Miss Fairchild has me bear leading some management trainee to our Luxemburg office.  I didn’t even know we had any.”  “Oh you poor man.”  “I’m not even sure I agreed to do it either.  She just assumes and you find yourself doing it.”  “I know exactly what you mean.  I didn’t even know I was a management trainee until I went to pay my fees at college and found she’d paid them since I was working for you.”  “You are?  Follow me.” 

We arrived in Miss Fairchild’s office.  “Would Ashley be the management trainee I’m suppose to take to Luxemburg?”  “But of course who else would we send?”  “How long have we employed her?”  “Well we could hardly send her back to her parents with a large suitcase full of Luxxa foundation garments could we?  That would have raised far too many questions.  So I arranged for her to use one of the company’s apartments that was empty and paid her a small salary to look after it whilst she was at college.”  “It was really great, I could afford to invite my friends round at the week end and feed them.”  “Besides that way I could send the two of you off to do Europe again and let me get on with my work in peace.”  I looked at Ashley “I’m game if you are.  Glyndebourne, Salzburg and Ravenna are all looking very promising this year.”

I was saddened when Miss Fairchild told me Ashley had formed a romantic attachment at college in her final year and thus would be no longer available to gallivant round Europe.  Still life must go on.  The day to day side of running the business continued, with me doing as little as possible.  I was a bit surprised when one day Miss Fairchild mentioned she had someone she thought I ought to see.  I instinctively distrusted the word ought.   As far as I knew normally no one even knew of Miss Fairchild’s existence or mine still Miss Fairchild was returning ushering in our guest.

She introduced Mrs. Snelling as an accountant with one of our customers.  She was in her twenties and elegantly dressed, and obviously embarrassed.  “I don’t really know how to tell you but I supplied a start up Graphics Art Company and now it looks as if they are unable to pay their bills.  Which has a knock on effect in that we probably can’t pay you either.  I did the usual checks they had a contract to use the material first with Hammonds but the concern is to warn you and some of our other suppliers in the hope that it won’t bring you down as well.”  “How much are we talking about?”  “$150,000 but the difficulty is because of it the bank has decided to withdraw our line of credit as of Friday as well.”  I exchanged a look with Miss Fairchild.  She obviously had something in mind bit I wasn’t sure what and it appeared that Mrs. Snelling wasn’t aware of just how big we were.  “Perhaps you give us a few more details?”

I called the phone number for the graphic arts company and spoke to one of the two girls involved.  I asked them both to come in and see me.  Perhaps it was just a cash flow problem.  In any event Mrs. Snelling’s company was one with whom the group as a whole did a lot of trade.  We’d certainly made more than $150,000 profit off them in the last quarter alone so that wasn’t a problem.  We probably even had enough cash on hand to cover their overdraft, how generous did we feel?  Could we afford not to keep them going?  I saw Miss Fairchild gave a start when she saw the names I’d written down.  “I’ll get Miss Fairchild to organise a quick skim through your books but if it’s as you say then we can extend the terms on what you owe us and we can provide you with some working capital.”  Her face lit up.  “Miss Fairchild has a magic wand which can be waved occasionally.”  Miss Fairchild whispered in my ear “We currently owe Hammonds more than $150,000 so if we took the graphic company over we could recover that money on a journal transfer.”  So the stage was set.  At lunch time we had a call from Hammonds, was there a query on their invoices as we didn’t seem to have paid them in our usual 48 hour time frame.  Generally we pay within 48 hours often on the same day as we accept delivery, we find we get better service and the companies involved are happier to negotiate on price.

The two beautifully groomed and perfectly dressed girls came in that afternoon.  Milly showed them into my shabby office and as they looked round you could see them thinking they were probably wasting their time.  They took a seat without being invited.  “How may we be of service?”  The first one said in a rather bored accent.  I wondered at the absence of Miss Fairchild but she came through the door behind and sat on the sofa.  “How nice to see you both Danielle and Melissa again and after such a long time, now what have you been up to?”  She positively purred the words, I’d never heard her purr before.  Danielle and Melissa turned white as she spoke.  “No don’t tell me you set up a Graphics Art Company after all those expensive art school courses and a flower shop, using Danielle’s mummy and daddy’s house as collateral on one side and Melissa’s family home on the other.  Now just as you have some minor cash flow problems the bank wants their money and want to foreclose, Oh dear what a pity.”  There wasn’t an ounce of pity in her voice at all.

“Fortunately for you two I don’t still bear much of a grudge for the way you made my life hell at school and so for a price we’re willing to help you.  You’ll sell us your company for a dollar and we take over the liabilities.  If my boss is agreeable you’ll work directly for him for six months wearing and doing whatever we say, minimum wage of course.”  She got up and unzipped her long skirt and let it pool to the floor.  She followed the skirt with a slip and then her knickers.  She did wear stockings, I knew it.  “Now who’s going to be first, Melissa your tongue was famous lashing out at those two girls at school who were just a little too close, lezzies was your term for them wasn’t it.  Let’s see if you can walk the walk shall we, one orgasm from each of your tongues and then I’ll talk to my boss nicely to see if he’s agreeable.  Of course you don’t have to do it, but at the moment I can’t see any other way for Danielle’s parents to keep their home or even Melissa’s family home.  Think he’ll divorce you Melissa seeing as it was his hard earned inheritance that paid for it.  I think he’ll be bitter at the very least.”  She sat down on the sofa and spread her legs in readiness.

You could read the distaste in Melissa’s body language.  “Assume the position, kneeling on the floor bitch.”  Miss Fairchild’s voice hardened and Melissa jumped to obey.  “You’ll have to do better than that, I want to feel your lips and tongue wanting to give me pleasure.”  I turned to Danielle whilst this was going on.  “So did you know Miss Fairchild well at school?”  “She wasn’t really one of our set.  In fact we may have inadvertently offended her.”  Danielle muttered and then gave a shocked expression at what her friend was being forced to do.  “Inadvertently no way, you knew exactly what you were doing.”  Miss Fairchild’s voice drifted over from the settee. I could see her grab Melissa’s hair and rub her head against her crotch.  “Like the smell bitch?”  This was not the refined Miss Fairchild I had come to know and love.  Love did I think that?  Oh dear I’d obviously got too used to her and there was a scent floating in the air that I found quite attractive.

I watched fascinated whilst first Melissa and then Danielle used their tongues on my Miss Fairchild to bring her to orgasm and from the length of time they took it didn’t seem an easy task.  “Now I’m off to clean up, and sort out the paper work.  Whilst I’m away I think you should spend some time with my boss and see if you can persuade him to agree to the plan, after all it’s his $150,000 at risk.  I think both tongues on his pecker at the same time should do it, don’t you.”  She stood up and pulled her knickers back into place, followed by her slip and long skirt.  Next she waltzed of the office with her normal graceful movement.

I must confess having two tongues licking the length of my pecker was quite an experience, especially when you sensed that both were doing this under duress.  It was a mixture of sensation, and power, knowing I could direct them to do whatever I wanted them to do without having to worry about their sensitivities, so I had Melissa unbutton Danielle’s blouse and fondle her breast as she licked and slurped.  It’s amazing how easy it is to hold back ejaculating but thinking through next month’s projected sales figures, it gave me a real sense of power as the two girls desperately renewed their efforts to get my full attention.

“Now I think you ought to give him some visual stimulation so a quick or should I say leisurely 69 on the carpet with each other, whoever comes first gets six strokes of the cane by the other, unless neither of you come in within an hour which case I think both of you get six of the best from both of us.”  A look of total horror came over both their faces, smiling at them I reminded them “You don’t have to do this, you can just let the bank foreclose.”  They glowered at me and started to undress.  I could see some changes in underwear would be necessary to fit in with the office decor.  Their heads reluctantly dived between thighs, then as the thought of the punishment for not coming or coming first hit them they got a little more animated.  Each trying to resist each other’s tongue whilst at the same time bring the other to an orgasm.  It was really quite entertaining to watch especially when Melissa gave a little shudder and tried desperately to cover up her orgasm.  “Well done Danielle you can stop now Melissa’s nipples have just given her away.  You can cane her tomorrow when I have a suitable cane available.  Now sign here and you’re done.”

The poor quite exhausted things signed the papers quickly without even reading them.  “Right we’ll see you in the morning then at 7 am sharp.”  Miss Fairchild ushered them out of the room before they could protest, I got the impression they weren’t even aware that there was a 7 am.

She looked like a cat who has just found a whole bowl of cream.  “Now explain to me exactly what was going on there.”  “Let me put through the $150,000 first as a journal transfer with Hammonds and let Ms. Snelling know the money is now available.”  She sat at the computer and brought up two or three screens then picked up the phone to speak to Mrs. Snelling.  I caught the phrase “Well I’ll make an appointment for you to see him personally at shall we say 10 am.” Before she turned back to me.  “Ms. Snelling wants to come and thank you personally tomorrow morning.  She asked if you were into black silk stockings so I replied yes for you.  Oh and I heard on the grapevine that Hammonds might be up for sale at a bargain price, especially as we used the $150,000 they were slow paying to pay our bill.”

“I must confess I hadn’t realised you were into the lesbian scene.”  “Oh I’m not, but I knew Melissa and Danielle would be so horrified at the idea so I couldn’t resist.  It wasn’t too bad I just closed my eyes and pretended it was your tongue.”  I put my tongue out at her.  “Do we have anything for them to wear to suitably horrify them?”  “Well Ashley did leave two large suitcases full of Luxxa and other brands of European lingerie with me.  She thought her new young man might ask too many awkward questions about some of the more daring items unless he had selected them himself.  We get a double hit on the horrifying front, first its second hand and secondly they probably haven’t worn crotchless and open cup undergarments before.  I think they’ll be suitably horrified and since you picked most of the items out yourself I think you’ll like them as well.”  “Well I could ask Otis if he’d like to work part time for a few hours a day after he retires next week, I know his back has been troubling him and I’m certain he’d enjoy a daily massage but what happens if they find out about the journal transfer and want to quit.”  “I like the idea of them giving a massage to Otis, perhaps even a hand or blow job to finish with?  Close contact is supposed to make people more tolerant and racial tolerance never was a strong point with those two, but on the other point don’t be silly, they forfeit their homes to us instead even if they prove unsatisfactory we get their homes no matter what, plus I just happened to have left the video conferencing cameras running when they were in the office so they or someone might enjoy a suitably edited replay.  We can find them a few things to do as well as being our sex slaves and looking after Otis such as your niece’s wedding, after all they are good designers and your niece particularly wants to make a splash with her wedding.”

“And in six months time?”  “Well the program at Salzburg is particularly interesting this year so I thought the firm could look after itself for a few months.  Mentally reviewing my wardrobe and underwear drawer I’ll be in need of refreshing them and Ashley has given me a list of shops that simply can’t be missed.”  She smiled and I grinned looking forward to Europe in six months time.