Authors note: For those of you who don’t know I have decided to end this book with chapter 20.  That means chapter 20 will be a long one, instead of split over two chapters like I originally intended and as a result I’ve decided to split it into two parts like chapter 16.  This chapter has been a long time in the making and I think it is my best one to date.  There is a lot of sex, a lot of plot and a lot of character in it.  Mostly though, there is a lot of sex.  I probably could have called this chapter “Cum Games” for all the white goo in it but hey, you guys said you wanted more messy sex…  here it is!  Anyway, thank-you to everyone who has stuck with me this whole time, and to the new fans that have had the interest to keep reading. 


Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you thought about this chapter.  There’s some more extreme sex in this chapter than I usually put in this story because I really wanted to emphasize how low Andrea has come after the battle.  If any of the sex isn’t your thing (there’s a bit of scat and a few pages of bestiality), just gloss over it and skip ahead.


Anyway, I’m going to get to the story here.



Invid Invasion

Chapter 20

"Faded Dreams"


Six Months Later


            “Bright afternoon light filtered into the room from the large windows at either side.  The room was bare, except for a large four-post bed in its center, two nightstands and two people.  Andrea was naked and on her knees.  Her back was up against the headboard with wrists tied to the wooden bars behind her.  One of the pillows was between her legs and giving a bit of support to her butt.  The man in front of her was also naked, save for a dress shirt that was unbuttoned but still draped around his shoulders.  He was on the bed in front of her, also on his knees so they were face to face.

            “You are gorgeous, aren’t you?” he said looking her up and down from only a few inches away.  He could see her even tan, her long brown hair, and of course her dark nipples attached to her pert, upturned breasts.

            Andrea didn’t respond.  She wouldn’t know what to say anyway.  The man leaned forward and kissed her.  She responded by habit, kissing back and pressing her chest as far forward as her bonds would allow.  She felt her breasts mash in against his chest and her nipples began to get stiff.  His tongue slipped passed her lips and again, habitually, she met it with her own.  The man seemed to be putting enough passion into the kiss for both of them as he reached around and placed one hand on her ass, the other on the small of her back to encourage her to press into him.  Andrea felt his hard cock tickling against her abdomen.  She had a feeling the kiss wasn’t going to last much longer.  She was right.

            With equal intensity, the man pulled away from the kiss and slowly stood on the bed, making a point to drag the tip of his hardening dick along her stomach, ribs, breasts and neck before finally requesting entrance between her lips.  Andrea felt the cool line of precum he left up her body as she opened her mouth and took his half swollen member into her mouth.  He was still small and she had no problem taking him all the way inside.

            As she rocked slowly forward and back she felt his hands go to the back of her hair and when she took him all the way in, his cock now pressed against her throat as if asking a new permission.  This time, however, Andrea didn’t have a choice whether to grant it or not.  With his hands still pressed firmly on the back of her head, he continued to force his cock all the way into her mouth.  Each stroke, no matter the length of his dick, Andrea’s lips pressed hard into the pubic hairs at the base of it.  At first it was easy to handle, only entering her throat a half centimetre, but after a few thrusts, it was growing quickly, each time going in a little further.  One inch, two, then three forced its way down her throat each time triggering her gag reflex and forcing her to prevent choking on him.

            In another minute he was at his full eight inches, four of which kept sliding down her throat.  Andrea tried desperately to raise her hands up, but all she could accomplish was a clink-clink sound as the chain of the metal handcuffs grew taught and loose.  Andrea’s arms continued to flex but she couldn’t get her restraints to budge from its grasp on the bottom of the frame.  The man moved her head faster and faster, causing Andrea’s nostrils to flare as she tried to get enough oxygen.  She gulped his dick down each time it pressed against her throat knowing that was the only way she could do it without throwing up. 

            Each time he withdrew enough for her tongue to reach the tip of his cock, she flicked it across, trying to make him cum quicker but he’d only shove back in and make her choke again.  Saliva strung down from her lip and the man’s balls to her cleavage.  He pulled out briefly and she used the opportunity to gasp for air before he forced himself down her throat once more.

            A few minutes passed in the same manner and Andrea felt her eyes flutter.  Despite her best efforts, she wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  She forced herself to take one deep breath through her nose when he pulled out into her mouth but it backfired by throwing off her rhythm and the next time he shoved into her throat she couldn’t help but cough around the man’s dick, each time forcing it out of her throat, but each time he was ready and shoved it right back in.  Another few seconds passed and he pushed himself in as far as he could.  Andrea felt his prickly pubic hairs against her lips.  She couldn’t cough anymore, because she couldn’t take in oxygen.  Her throat clenched around the obtruding object and tried desperately to swallow it so she could breath again. 

Suddenly as Andrea was beginning to get light headed, she felt a spurt of warm semen hit the back of her throat.  Another one followed, then a third.  She could do nothing but swallow it and hope he was about to pull out.  Finally his orgasm subsided and he removed his cock from her mouth.  Immediately, Andrea started to cough again, spraying bits of his cum over his softening dick.

“Hey, watch where you spray that shit,” he said backing away.  “Bitch.”  He got off the bed and pulled on his pants.  Andrea was still coughing, but lighter now.  Her lips were wet with the man’s sperm.  “I hope the next guy is rougher with you.”

Fortunately, the man’s hopes turned out to be incorrect.  When the next man entered, Andrea immediately recognized him as Joe, a regular (and somewhat nerdy) customer.  He whistled quietly to himself when he entered the room and saw her naked and kneeling on the bed with her arms behind her.  “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone hotter than you.”

“Thanks Joe,” Andrea smiled.

            “They tied you up today,” Joe said matter-of-factly.  He started getting undressed.  He had done this enough times that it wasn’t too awkward.

            “Yeah.  I like having my hands to work with, but oh well.  A lot of guys like their helpless female I guess.”

            “Well I like it when you have your hands.”  Joe stood up on the bed, now naked and approached Andrea.  Andrea smiled at his comment and leant forward to take his soft cock into her mouth before he was even all the way over.  “Oh yeah, that’s good,” Joe said as Andrea worked his soft cock back and forth with her mouth.  He quickly got hard but he wasn’t the biggest of guys and Andrea was able to deep throat him properly, each time taking an inch or two of his member into her throat as her tongue licked at the underside of his cock.

            Joe reached down and cupped Andrea’s soft, firm breasts in his hands.  “Mmmm,” he moaned.  After only a few minutes, Andrea thought he was getting close.  She liked Joe so she didn’t see any reason not to extend his enjoyment a little bit.  She pulled her mouth off his dick and moved underneath to lick his balls.  As she took one into her mouth, his hard, wet cock bounced across her cheek, smearing saliva and pre-cum across her face.

            Joe still had a death grip on Andrea’s breasts, rubbing the soft mounds aggressively, when Andrea went back to deep-throating his cock.  His head was arched back and he shoved his hips forward and back.  Andrea moved with him to keep from chocking.  “Can I cum on your face?”

            “Mm hmm,” Andrea moaned affirmatively from around his dick. 

            “Thanks, babe,” he said quickly pulling out.  Andrea knew he was already coming, being able to taste the first bit of salty semen on her tongue as he pulled out.  The majority of the spurt caught her across the nose and lips.  The next few hit her right cheek and began slowly joining together to roll down her face and neck.  When he was done, Andrea licked the tip of his dick and sat back.  The sperm flowing down her body from her cheek was slowing down as it approached the gentle curve of her breast.

            “Thanks again.”

            “My pleasure.  Have a good day, okay?”

            “You too. Um… Do you want me to clean that up?”

            “No, that’s okay, the guys like to see it.”

            “Okay, um, see you.”

            “See you.”

            As Joe got dressed and headed out, Andrea took a minute to adjust herself.  After staying in one position so long she was starting to get a little stiff.  As Andrea propped herself up on her knees in as new a position as her handcuffs allowed, she realized she was really looking forward to getting off “work” and having a fairly relaxing stroll around.  She hadn’t felt much like leaving the building lately but the urge had been growing within her again for some time.  She was looking forward to some fresh air.

            She was taken away from her thoughts as the door opened for what was supposed to be her third and final blowjob of the day.  She could see her guard standing outside the door with arms crossed as the man walked inside.  It made her feel better to know that he was just outside if she needed him.  Normally she would have no problem taking any client that got out of control, but with her hands cuffed to the bed, it was another matter entirely.

            The blowjob went quickly and was soon over.  “Okay, that’s it,” she said to herself when the room was empty once more.  There was a new trail of warm sperm flowing from her cheek to her breast.  It copied much the same route as the previous one and between the two loads managed to make it down to her crotch before finally coming to a stop at her landing strip of pubic hairs.

            About five minutes passed and Andrea started to wonder if something was wrong.  The sperm on her face and chest was getting cold with the room air.  Andrea was looking down at her hardening right nipple.  The cold was encouraging it more than she would have preferred.  Finally, the door opened.  “Pearson, it’s about time.  I’m getting stiff as hell over here.”

            “Sorry sexy.  You just missed him.”

            Andrea looked up to find it certainly wasn’t Pearson talking.  She did know the man though.  He was a regular client.  He had always pressured her to do regular insertions but she was told when she got the job that it was purely blowjobs.  “Sorry J.  I’m done for the day.”

            “Your day hasn’t even begun yet,” the man she knew only as J said. 

            “What are you talking about?”

            “They’ve fired you.”


            “I guess they didn’t tell you when they gave you your hiring package, eh?”  J smiled and began undoing his belt.  He took it off completely.  “See, when customers start to get tired of a girl, they need to bring in new blood.  Don’t take it personally.  You’re real fuckin’ hot and you lasted a lot longer than most…  Still though, business is business.”

            Andrea looked at him confused.  “Quit fucking around J.  Do you have the key for these cuffs?”

            J laughed to himself.  “Oh those cuffs won’t be coming off anytime soon.  They’ve told me how dangerous you can be.”  J wrapped the buckle side of the belt around his hand once and moved over to the bed.  Andrea was still kneeling with her legs underneath her and her butt against her ankles.

            “What the fuck, J?”  Panic was starting to set in.

            “Oh, one more thing I should tell you.  On a girls last day, before she’s let go, they open up the floodgates and get as many customers in as they can.  They let them do all the strange perverted things that they promised the girl she’d never have to do.  Believe me, they make a bloody fortune.  I’m giving them 2000 creds, just for this half-hour.”

            “Come on J,” Andrea pleaded.  “You’re a decent guy, just go get me the key for these cuffs and I’ll see what we can do, huh?”

            “Tempting offer,” he said.  “But I’ve got a better idea.”

            THWAP, Andrea was caught off guard as he swung the belt like a whip.  It hit across her stomach.  “Aaahh,” Andrea moaned.  “J, don’t do this.”

            “Not to proud to let out a moan I see.”

            J swung the belt again.  There was another thwap and another moan of pain from Andrea.  “I don’t know what pride has to do with getting hit by a fucking whip,” Andrea said.

            “Very progressive of you.  Get up on your knees.  None of this sitting back on your ankles shit.”  Andrea didn’t listen.  She stayed sitting back.

            THWAP.  The belt came down again, this time across her left breast.  “Aaarrrrrgh,” Andrea moaned louder.  It was nearly a scream.

            “I’ll bet that hurts, doesn’t it?  Come on now.  Up on your knees.  I can make it a lot worse than that you know.”

            “You’re going to regret this when I get out of here,” Andrea said and rose to her knees.  The handcuffs clanked against the wooden headboard behind her as she drug them up with her.

            “That’s the spirit,” he said.  “Now you’ve blown me what, 17 times now?”

            “About that.”

            “And I’ve asked to fuck you about 25 times?”

            “At least,” Andrea didn’t know what he was getting at but she had a feeling she wouldn’t like it.

            “Let’s round it up to 30 just to be safe then.”

            “What does it matter?”  Andrea wished he would get to the point.

            “What does it matter?  Not too much I suppose.  I’m going to punish you.  I’m going to give you one lash for every time you told me no.  Not counting the first three of course.”  J smiled as he saw Andrea’s eyes go wide.  “I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.  Count out loud.”

            THWAP.  Andrea was silent, except for a stifled moan.

            “Still not cooperating eh?  Let’s try this again.”

            THWAP.  “Ahhhh,” Andrea moaned as the belt came down across her breasts again.  It caught her nipple at a bad angle and stung like hell.  “Fuck.  Two.”

            “Oh no.  You don’t count, or you lose track and we start over.”

            THWAP. “Aarrrgh, one.” Andrea moaned out. 

            “That’s better.”

            THWAP. Andrea hissed in.  “Two.”

            THWAP. She flinched with that hit.  It caught an already reddening mark just below her left breast.  “Errrr, three.”

            “Very good Andrea.”

            THWAP, “four.”  THWAP, “five.” THWAP, “six.”  Each time the belt hit it hurt more.  Her chest and stomach were completely red.  He hit her a few more times.  Andrea was starting to sweat and her body became slick and shiny with perspiration.  It also made the strikes hurt more.  THWAP, “AHHH,” Andrea felt dizzy, she had to think for a minute.  How many was that?  “Seventeen,” She said, thinking she was right.

            “Oh, I’m sorry Andrea.  That was eighteen.”

            “FUCK,” Andrea yelled at him.  “Stop this.”

            “Tell you what,” J said.  “I’ll make you a deal.  Or rather, a little wager.”

            “What’s that?”

            “You spread your legs…”  Andrea was waiting for him to finish but he looked at her angrily.  “Spread your fucking legs.”  Andrea, still forced to kneel, spread her legs out as much as possible until they were out wider than her shoulders and her pussy was exposed to the bed.  “Better.  As I was saying, you spread your legs, and I’m going to take only ten more tries.”

            “So what’s the wager?”  Andrea was still grimacing.  Her chest felt like it was on fire.

            “Well I’m going to aim the end of the belt for that lovely pussy of yours.  If I manage to hit it, I’ll stop right there.  If not, your thighs should absorb the ten blows and save you a bit of pain.  Don’t worry though, seeing as how it’s at such a bad angle, I doubt I’ll be able to hit it.  But,” he smiled.  “You never know.”

            THWAP.  “Unnnnnhhh, one.” Andrea said.  The end of the belt struck her just to the side.  Her thigh hurt like hell.

            “Good girl, still counting.”

            THWAP.  “Ahhhhh, two.”  He missed again.  This time he struck her a little too high, right in her landing strip.  It was still close enough to bring tears to her eyes.  She struggled against the cuffs behind her.

            THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP, THWAP.  “ARRRRRGH.”  Andrea’s lungs heaved.  “Eight,” she managed to sputter out.  Only two more to go. 

            THWAP, “AAHHHHH,” Andrea was outright screaming now.  The belt missed just to the top again and struck in almost exactly the same place.  More tears escaped her eyes.  “NINE,” she shouted.  She saw him wind up for the final blow.  She closed her eyes tightly and cringed back as much as she was able.  Her stomach tensed as did her legs.

            THWAP. “AARRRRRRRGGHHH,” the scream was the loudest yet.  J had gotten lucky and the tip of the belt came down between her legs and almost directly on her clit.  Andrea’s eyes darted wide open and she violently lurched forward as if to double over.  “AHHHH,” she screamed again.

            “Lucky me,” J smiled.  “Guess I got it.”

            Andrea didn’t hear him, she was in too much pain.  She bucked her hips and tensed her muscles uncontrollably.  Her whole body shook with the pain of it and she couldn’t stop.  “Unnnnnnnngh,” she let out a long moan.

            “Does it hurt?” J said cockily as he quickly took off his pants. 

            “Oh, Godddddddddd,” Andrea moaned as her body continued to buck and shake uncontrollably.  She pulled relentlessly at her handcuffs to try and double over but they wouldn’t budge.  She was still bouncing up and down on her knees, her body unsure of how to react in its confined state.  “Fuuuuuuuck.”

            Her eyes were clenched tight again and she was trying to slow down her breathing.  She didn’t even notice as J, now naked from the waist down, manoeuvred himself in front of her, also kneeling.  Without warning, he shoved his cock into her dry, swollen pussy and Andrea’s eyes shot open once more.  “I’ll teach you to say no to me, bitch.”

            Andrea couldn’t scream, she didn’t have enough oxygen left in her lungs.  She only let out a constant subdued moan, interspersed with gasps as she desperately tried to get air back into them.  She felt like she was going to pass out.  “I’ll fucking kill you for this,” Andrea said barely at a whisper.

            Suddenly, J stopped.  “What was that?” He said, obviously having heard.  “I’m not sure I quite caught that.”  He reached down between their bodies and grabbed her swollen clit between thumb and forefinger.  He squeezed.

            “AAAAAAAAGGGHHHH,” Andrea screamed as loudly as before and slumped forward, with arms fully extended behind her, into his shoulder and deeper onto his dick.  She had passed out.

            “That’s what I thought you said.”

            J quickly discovered he didn’t have any interest in fucking an unconscious girl that he couldn’t see the expression of.  Supporting her back, he leaned her away from him towards the headboard and gave her a few quick slaps to the face.  Slowly Andrea stirred.  She had a glazed look in her eyes and she still let out a constant, low pitched moan.  That was good enough for him.

            J pumped her mercilessly for another five or ten minutes while relentlessly playing with her reddened breasts.  Andrea heaved and breathed heavily but eventually she managed to get the pain under control and come to her senses again.  Just as she felt like she was distancing herself from it, J shoved deep inside her and she felt the warmness of his cum fill her insides. 

            J flushed and tensed and finally after a long moan of pleasure pulled out of her, leaned back and rolled off the bed. “That was the best fuck I think I ever had.   “Thank-you.”

            “Fuck off,” Andrea said.

            “Don’t mind if I do.  I’ll be back later tonight though.  I wouldn’t want to miss the festivities.”  J laughed as he saw her eyes go wide.  It was only noon and Andrea knew it.  “Later.”  J put on his pants and left the room.  The door shut behind him and carefully, Andrea arranged herself so she was lying on her back with her arms above her at the base of the headboard.  The position took a little of the heat off her loins and breasts and she closed her eyes and tried to think of something other than the pain.  Unfortunately, that was easy.  Was he just screwing with her, or did he really mean she was going to be at this all day?

            “Fuck,” Andrea said to herself.  She wondered what she had gotten herself into.  She knew three months ago that she should never have got a job here.  She should have listened to herself. “Fuck,” she said again.



            The door opened and Andrea looked at the clock.  It had been about two hours since J. had left and no one had come in since then.  The throbbing in her loins had gone down to something of a heightened sensitivity and her breasts and stomach felt fine.  They weren’t even red anymore.  Apparently the belt had failed to ever break her skin.

            Andrea looked over at the door.  An attractive woman was walking over.  She was dressed professionally and seemed to be in her mid twenties.  “Are you getting me out of here?” Andrea couldn’t help but ask optimistically.

            “’Fraid not girl.  I’ve got you for the rest of the day.”  Andrea’s mood lightened.  She wasn’t likely to be nearly as bad as J.  “Of course,” she added, “I do have to share you for most of it.  I’ve only got you solo for an hour now and an hour at the end.  But, it’ll have to do.”

            “You have a belt?” Andrea asked.


            “Then you’ll be a step up from the last one.”

            “Well that’s probably a safe bet,” she said.  “You can call me Faye.”


            “I know,” Faye said.

            “So you really okay with this?”

            “With what?”

            “With raping me?  Knowing that I just want to leave and these people here are taking advantage of me?”

            “I don’t pretend to be a nice person, Andrea.  But I do try not to be a malicious person.  Truth is, I’m one kinky bitch and under most circumstances I can’t get what I need.  Don’t worry though.  I’ll treat you well enough.”

            “Uh…  thanks.  I guess.”

            “Oh, my pleasure,” Faye said looking Andrea up and down.  “Wow, they weren’t lying to me.  You… are… hot.”  Faye stripped off her shirt to reveal a beautiful tan, two small upturned breasts with puffy nipples, and a well-toned stomach.  She was a small person.  Andrea was a little reminded of Kitty.  She tried not to think about it.

            “You’re not too bad yourself,” Andrea said, hoping the flattery would make the day go a little easier.

            “Well Andrea, we have a good eight hours together so I don’t see the need to rush into the heavy stuff.  Let’s just get to know each others bodies, hm?  We’ll get into the good stuff in a while.”

            Andrea was careful not to say anything.  She didn’t want Faye thinking it was okay to take advantage of her like this.  She was still hoping that Faye could be convinced to let her go.

            “No comment hm?  Good.  I like the strong silent type.”  Faye, still in only her skirt, leaned forward and kissed Andrea gently on the lips.  Andrea thought it would be wise to kiss back, at least for now if she wanted to elicit this woman’s sympathy.  It wasn’t hard after a minute or two.  Faye was a damn good kisser.  She kissed like...  “Mmmm,” Faye moaned as she pulled away.  “Very nice.”  Andrea smiled briefly and Faye went back to the kiss.  Throughout the next twenty or thirty minutes the two women simply made out.  Faye’s hands explored everywhere on Andrea’s body, including her pussy and ass.  By the time the half hour was up, Faye seemed to know Andrea literally inside and out. 

            “I don’t know about you,” Faye said.  “But I am getting really fucking turned on.”

            Andrea had to admit that she was a little wet herself.  She thought there must be a part of herself that liked being in these helpless situations.  Only on a few occasions had she actually tried with all her effort to get out of them.  “Me too,” she admitted. 

            “Well you,” she said, “are going to get all you can handle soon enough.  But as for me, I’ve got some catching up to do.”  She stood up and shimmied out of her tight skirt.  She didn’t have any panties on and was completely shaved.  Andrea could see how wet her pussy was before she was even all that close to it. She had no tan lines and lowered herself down to straddle Andrea’s breasts.  Andrea could feel the damp heat of Faye’s pussy in her cleavage.  As Andrea looked up, she saw Kitty’s long brown hair.  She closed her eyes and sent her mind elsewhere. 

            She felt Faye’s warm pussy lift off her before it came down on her left breast.  Faye began to rock her hips a bit and grind into Andrea’s tit.  Soon her breast was too wet with Faye’s juices to provide any real friction, so Faye moved over to the right side.  Andrea finally opened her eyes and was treated immediately to a view of Faye’s extremely thin waist and tight stomach flexing as she grinded into Andrea’s right breast.  Andrea could see her own nipple occasionally poke out from between Faye’s pink lower lips as they dragged across her soft flesh.  She noticed her left nipple shone with Faye’s juices and was about as hard as it ever got.  Andrea felt her own pussy begin to grow even wetter and looked further up Faye’s body to her cone shaped tits and long nipples.  She was starting to sweat and her chest was getting shiny with sweat.

            Faye reached down and gently grabbed Andrea’s hair with her small hands.  “I want to cum,” she said.

            Andrea couldn’t help a small smile.  That body was sure reminding her of Kitty.  “I don’t think I could stop you if I tried,” Andrea said.

            “I don’t want to cum on your breasts.  I want to cum on your mouth.”

            Andrea didn’t say anything.  She still was having doubts as to how much she should encourage her.  But regardless, Faye didn’t wait for a response.  She lifted her pussy off Andrea’s now soaking right breast and planted her sopping pussy onto Andrea’s lips.  She kept her mouth closed, but she couldn’t find it in herself to resist either.  She simply looked up at Faye’s flexed stomach as she ground into Andrea’s mouth.  Without meeting any resistance, Faye pressed her crotch into Andrea’s face harder.  Each thrust caused Andrea’s slack lips to part and drag along with the motions of her pussy.  Andrea quickly got her first taste and she had to admit, it tasted good.  Faye’s humping continued to get more and more intense.  She was moaning now and each thrust took her pussy all the way up to Andrea’s nose, covering it too in a thin layer of her juices.  All Andrea could smell was sex.  She smelled like Kitty too.  Andrea closed her eyes again.

            A few more minutes and Andrea was overcome.  She didn’t care if Faye wasn’t the one she wanted, she was close enough.  Andrea opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to find Faye’s clit.  A loud moan told her she found the right spot.  “Now that’s better,” Faye said happily.  “Eat me out girl.”

            Andrea was completely overcome with her emotions and arousal.  Her tongue darted around Faye’s sex as fast as possible, exploring it as thoroughly as it could, always trying to get deeper, or put more pressure on her clit.

            “Oh God,” Faye moaned.  “Don’t stop.” 

            Andrea wouldn’t dream of it.  She continued the assault, making Faye wetter and wetter.  She’d never met anyone that had such a soaking pussy before but she relished in it like some kind of a drug.  Beads of Faye’s juices ran down the sides of Andrea’s mouth.  Her tongue worked as hard as it could and dug deep into Faye’s sex.  She felt the interior walls of Faye’s pussy clamp down around it.  She moaned again and suddenly a stream of Faye’s cum burst out into Andrea’s mouth.  She jumped, more than a little surprised.  Faye was ejaculating as much cum as most guys, if not a bit more.  “Keep it in your mouth,” Faye said as it began to fill to the brim with Faye’s cum. Faye had her sex pressed so hard into her mouth she couldn’t have spit it out if she had wanted to.  She made sure not to swallow and without any other ideas, Andrea continued to tongue at Faye’s clamping insides.

Faye’s orgasm went on for quite some time thanks to Andrea’s continuous efforts.  Andrea noticed Faye’s stomach was not flexing as hard or as fast any more and was showing a return to normal breathing again.  Faye finally lifted her pussy off Andrea’s face and slid her wet sex down Andrea’s body until she was able to lie on top of her.  Andrea closed her mouth to keep Faye’s cum inside.  Faye pressed her sweaty body onto Andrea’s and looked into her eyes.  “Let me see,” she said.

Andrea’s face was covered in Faye’s cum.  Her lips, chin and nose were completely smeared with it.  It made her look somehow carnal.  Andrea opened her mouth to reveal it was nearly full.  “Wow, I haven’t cum that much in a while,” Faye smiled and lowered her lips to meet her partners.  Andrea opened her eyes wide in surprise.  Was Faye going to do what she thought?

Without delay, Andrea was proved right.  Faye pressed her lips to Andrea’s and dipped her tongue into Andrea’s cum filled mouth.  “Mmmm,” Faye moaned as she lapped at her own transparent cum.  Andrea eventually became overcome with the kiss and couldn’t help but meet Faye’s tongue with her own, forcing small amount of the liquid to trail down her cheek from the edges of her lips.  The two relished in the sloppy kiss for quite a while until they were eventually interrupted by an opening door.  Faye withdrew her lips, now equally covered in the stuff.  “So are you going to swallow that or what?” She said playfully. 

Andrea hesitated, but not for the reasons Faye thought.  Andrea didn’t want to swallow it because she didn’t want to loose the taste.  She was enjoying it more than she ever thought she would.  Andrea looked past Faye to see a large group of men entering the room.  “Come on, Andrea,” Faye said.  “They’ll be plenty more where that came from.  Besides, you’ve got to make some room for their cum.”  She smiled.  Andrea smiled back and after another short moment swallowed the mouthful of Faye’s juices.  “Good girl,” Faye said and gave her another deep kiss.  Faye got up and moved to the side of the bed.  After Faye moved, Andrea could clearly see the group of men that had entered the room.  There were a lot of them.  Maybe twenty or thirty and still more were coming in.  This was going to be a long day.


* * * *

            It had been a few hours and Andrea was starting to get tired, not to mention sore.  She’d had a cock in her pussy and mouth pretty much non stop and it seemed like the guys just kept coming.  Her face was so covered in cum that it was barely recognizable.  Pools of cum had collected in her eyes, ears and along her hairline.  She had given up on trying to keep her eyes closed an hour ago and had decided to just put up with the stinging sensation the cum gave her.  Fortunately, over the last fifteen minutes or so the burning sensation had started to fade.

            Her stomach, pussy and thighs were in a similar position and there was a fairly substantial trail of cum from all that she’d spit out that had travelled down her chin and neck, to collect at her collar bone.  Smaller little streams, especially around her thighs and belly button tickled her as they slowly rolled down her in various directions.  Faye had simply kept out of the way to watch.  She had left for about half an hour but recently came back.

            “Can I get a glass of water, or something?” Andrea said after spitting out the latest man’s cum. 

            “You don’t need water,” Faye said.  “Just start swallowing.”

            “You’re kidding,” Andrea said.  A look in Faye’s eyes told her she wasn’t.  “How about a bathroom break then?”

            “Which end?”

            “What?”  Andrea looked over at her.

            “Which end?”

            “I need to pee if that’s what you mean.”

            Faye smiled, got up, and moved to the foot of the bed.  She was still naked.  She moved the man that was inside Andrea’s pussy out of the way “Prop your hips up,” Faye said.

            Andrea looked at her strangely but used her legs to prop her hips about eight inches off the bed.  “Why?”

            “Cause you’re going to piss on me.”


            “Piss on me.”  Faye got to her knees on the floor at the end of the bed, only a foot or two away from Andrea’s cum soaked crotch.  She opened her mouth. 

            Andrea lowered her lips and looked at her from between her legs.  “You have got to be kidding.”

            Faye sighed.  “Okay, well make it interesting.  I’m only a couple feet from you.  If you can get it in my mouth before I count to five, I’ll make it worth your while.  If not, I won’t.”

            “What are you…?”

            “One,” Faye said.

            “I’m not going to…”

            “Two,” Faye said.  “You must really want to find out what’s going to happen at five.” She smiled.  “Three.”

            “Fuck,” Andrea said to herself.  “I can’t believe this.”  She lifted her hips back up again.  She’d been holding her bladder long enough that it came out hard and straight.

            “Four,” Faye said and felt the warm stream of liquid splash against her small breasts before flowing down her body in streams.  “That’s my tits,” Faye said, her smile growing.

            Andrea angled her hips to try and raise the stream.

            “Five,” Faye said and tasted the salty stream immediately after speaking the word.  She closed her eyes and swallowed the first mouthful.  The stream continued to hit her, sometimes in the mouth, sometimes on the forehead or cheeks.  The light yellow liquid soaked her body and rolled down her in all directions.  Her nipples grew hard and she opened her mouth again just before the stream tapered off and Andrea lowered her hips once again.  Faye closed her mouth, concealing about half a mouthful inside and still smiling, walked around the side of the bed towards Andrea’s face.

            Andrea looked up at her.  Her hair was wet and stuck to her face, neck and back.  She looked like she had just come out of the shower.  Andrea couldn’t help but picture Kitty stepping inside her tent, naked, after just being out in the jungle rain.  So when Faye moved in for a kiss, Andrea didn’t think of anything but meeting that kiss full on.  She parted her lips and gingerly stuck her tongue through Faye’s.  She didn’t even hear the hooting and hollering of the men.  Andrea broke out of her daydream as soon as her tongue succeeded in parting Faye’s lips and the urine contained inside rushed into her own mouth. Faye moved away and Andrea immediately spit out the gross, salty liquid dramatically.  It came down as a spray over her breasts and collected in her cleavage.

            “You are one dirty girl,” Faye said to Andrea smiling.  “I thought you would have resisted.”

            Andrea spit again, trying to get the last little bits out of her mouth.  This time they rolled down her chin.

            “Well you were close,” Faye said, “but you didn’t quite make it in five.”  Faye looked towards some of the men.  “Can a few of you stronger folk hold her arms for me?”

            Two men quickly came over from each side and held Andrea’s arms in place.  Faye walked around behind the bed and grabbing a key, undid the handcuffs.  “Okay, turn her over,” Faye said.  “We’re going to do doggy style for a while.”

            Andrea resisted, but she wasn’t much of a match for two men on each arm, and soon found herself kneeling towards the headboard.  Her hands were cuffed again and the men moved away.  Faye walked back around and pulled Andrea’s knees back until her arms were fully outstretched in front of her, thus giving enough room for a man to stand in-between them and still get a blowjob.  The position was awkward for Andrea, leaning so far forward with most of her weight on her knees.  She had to use a fair bit of arm strength to support her head and chest. 

            Andrea’s firm breasts hung down from her chest.  Cum and urine dripped off her torso and face. She spat again.  “Okay,” Faye said.  She pointed to one of the men that had helped her.  “You, get a blowjob.”  She waited for him to go and stand in-between Andrea’s arms.  He did so.  He grabbed Andrea’s hair and pulled her head back to give him clear access to her mouth.  She knew the drill and opened.  He was fairly big and immediately slid down her throat.  She gagged slightly but he pulled out and by the next time he entered her throat, she was ready for him. She relaxed her gag reflex and let him enter all the way inside her mouth.  She felt his coarse pubic hairs against her sticky lips and nose. 

            “Okay, and you,” Faye continued, speaking to another one of the helpers “get underneath her.  You get her pussy.”  The man complied, squirming his way underneath her until he was looking up at her throat, bulging with the large cock inside it.  Her grabbed her tits and began to squeeze hard.  Andrea moaned but was ignored by all involved.  Faye carefully guided Andrea’s pussy onto the man’s stiff cock until she was essentially riding him.  He was quite big too at about nine inches, but her pussy was still so wet from previous cum she had no trouble taking him all the way in one attempt.  She felt coarse pubic hairs in a new place now, this time against her cum matted landing strip.  When she lifted her hips off him, there was still enough cum to leave long strands connecting her crotch with his.  She lowered her hips back down on his cock again and tried to establish a rhythm with the two men. 

            “Okay, you’re next,” Faye said to another man.  He was equally large at about nine inches.  “You’re a bit of a big boy, hey?  Gimme a sec.”  Faye positioned herself behind Andrea and spread her ass cheeks with her hands.  She looked down at the tiny pink rosebud.  “You don’t need to take a dump too by any chance, do you?”

            “No,” Andrea mumbled from around the man’s cock.

            “Ah, too bad.”  Faye leaned forward and stuck her tongue against Andrea’s ass.  She moaned pleasurably as Faye’s soft mouth enveloped her nether hole.  With a little effort, Faye pushed her tongue inside, and spun it around the interior walls of Andrea’s ass.  Andrea moaned again.  Faye pushed her tongue in as far as she could, lapping as hungrily as she was sloppily in Andrea’s rear.  Andrea’s muffled moans permeated the room.  After three hours of being pounded, pussy and mouth, she was finally starting to enjoy herself.  Her sex made sloppy noises as it bounced up and down off the man’s cock, each time taking at least a few stringers with it when it moved upwards.  Faye had gotten her tongue deeper in her ass than anyone had before.  She made slurping sounds as she continually attempted to push it in further without any success.  Her ass was getting wet with saliva.  Andrea moaned in disappointment when Faye finally withdrew.  Her pink hole was puckered and quickly tensed as if trying to keep Faye’s tongue inside. 

            “Okay, now it’s your turn,” Faye said to the guy waiting.  She gave him a quick, sloppy blowjob to get his cock a little wet and then guided it towards Andrea’s ass.  Andrea felt the tip of his cock against her tight rear entrance and her eyes went wide with concern.  It didn’t feel like Faye’s tongue at all.  She instantly panicked, knowing she hadn’t had a dick in there since Cuba more than half a year ago.  She wasn’t interested in having one in there now. 

            “This is what you get for not making five in time,” Faye said and guided the man’s cock into Andrea’s ass.  The men in her pussy and mouth held still, each imbedded to the hilt inside her.  With a little effort, the man in her ass got his swollen head inside her.

            “Unnngh” Andrea grunted through the cock in her mouth.  It hurt.  With a little bit of in and out motion, the man inside her tried to get her to adjust to his girth.  Thinking incorrectly that she was ready, he thrust his hips forward and buried three inches in her ass.  Andrea felt like she had just been winded.  She tried to let out a hard breath but could only hack awkwardly around the cock deep in her throat.  She couldn’t concentrate on keeping her gag reflex under control and it started to try and expel the object.

            “I swear to God man, if she pukes on me…” it was the man underneath her talking.

            “Don’t worry,” Faye said in response, coming around so she was in Andrea’s line of sight.  “You won’t puke on him, will you Andrea?”  Andrea could only look at her and try to control her throats convulsions.  Faye leaned down and looked her in the eye.  “If you do, I’ll make you lick him clean.”  She gave Andrea’s cheek a lick, causing a clean line in her cum covered face to appear.  “Mmm, tasty.  Now where were we?”  Faye walked back around to Andrea’s ass.  The man’s cock was holding steady at three inches. 

            “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” the man said a little disappointed.  “She’s really fuckin’ tight.”

            Faye sighed.  “Do I have to do everything myself?  Okay pull it out.”  He did so with a schlock, wet vacuum sound.  The men in Andrea’s pussy and mouth continued their action and without the foreign object up her butt, Andrea managed to get her gagging under control.  She wished Faye would just go back to rimming her out.

            Faye had other ideas however, and took the cock she was trying to get into Andrea into her mouth.  She gave him another deep, sloppy blowjob, this time clearly able to taste Andrea’s ass on his cock.  Faye’s nipples grew harder and she forced herself to stop before the man came.   “Okay, try again,” she said.

            This time, the man went up to Andrea and immediately reburied his first three inches.  Andrea choked again and tried to concentrate on keeping her gagging under control.  The man in her ass gave another shove, getting about half of his nine inches inside her.  “It’s not gonna go,” he said.

            “Sure it is,” Faye said.  “There’s no way this is the first time she’s had a cock in the ass.”  She grabbed the man by the buttocks and shoved him forward, forcing him to bury another inch and a bit inside her.  Andrea grunted again, this time louder than before.  Her ass felt stretched inconceivably wide.  She could feel the two men’s dicks touching inside her, only separated by the two thin walls of her rectum and pussy.  “There,” Faye said.  “Already two-thirds in.”

            Faye guided him back out again and once more took him into her mouth.  “God that’s good,” She said pulling off him again.  She licked ravenously up the length of his cock on all sides before turning her attention back to Andrea.  Her ass hole was gaping wide open and Andrea could feel the cool room air against it. It was a pleasant surprise, when instead of a cock, she felt Faye’s tongue burying itself inside her once more.  Again, Faye eagerly and sloppily lapped at the inside of Andrea’s rectum, leaving even more saliva behind than last time.  Her tongue was cooling on Andrea’s burning ass and she didn’t want her to leave.  Unfortunately, she did, and she felt the head of the man’s cock against her once more.

            This time, with one good thrust, the man planted himself all the way inside Andrea’s ass.  “UNNNNN,” Andrea moaned through the dick in her mouth.  She gagged again, this time hacking more severely.  She barely managed to keep her stomach contents down, and only then because the man pulled out a bit.  She had trouble not biting him.  He pushed back in again and she gagged, once more making hacking sounds around his member.  A long trail of saliva drooped down from her lower lip waving back and forth with the man’s motions. 

            Then, adjusting to the rhythm of her throat fuck, the two men in her other holes slowly began moving in and out in tandem.  She had never felt as full as she felt when all three men were buried to the hilt inside her.  She moaned continuously, each time gasping for air whenever the man in her mouth briefly pulled out.  She felt a cramp in her stomach travel all around her side towards her lower back and she started to sweat.  She was having difficulty holding her head and chest up.  She just wanted to collapse to the bed, but the man in her mouth held her armpits and forced her to maintain the position. 

            Unfortunately with her more or less straddling the man beneath her in a sitting position, the men in her pussy and ass couldn’t thrust in and out more than a couple of inches.  It meant that the majority of their length was inside her the whole time.  It also meant they weren’t enjoying themselves as much as they could be.   “Come on, Andrea,” Faye said.  “Give these guys their monies worth.  You’re going to have to do some of the work here.”

            Andrea still couldn’t talk with the dick in her mouth but she didn’t start moving her hips.  Hopefully they would get the picture that she wasn’t going to help them.

            “If you do it, I’ll make it worth your while,” Faye said, the smile returning to her face.  “If not…”

            Andrea made a frustrated sound.

            “You’ve got ‘till the count of three to start.  One…”

            Andrea began moving her hips. Using her knees, she lifted her whole body towards the headboards away from the two men inside her lower half, while simultaneously deep-throating the man in her mouth.  When the heads of their cocks were just barely inside her two holes she stopped.  She could feel her pussy and ass contracting, thankful to have a little available space again.  She hated that it wasn’t to last.  She lowered herself back on their cocks, thus pulling away from the man in her mouth.  She breathed in.

            “Good girl,” Faye said as Andrea slowly lifted her hips a second time.  Her movements were slow and methodical as she tried to get the rhythm right so that no one slipped out of her.  She also had to time her breathing for when she was fully impaled on the two cocks in her pussy and ass, which meant her breaths were sharp and ragged.  After a few minutes she managed to get pretty good at it and managed to form a fairly stable pace.  Faye, apparently not wanting to be left out any more, came to Andrea’s side and leant down to lick the man’s cock, and the rim of Andrea’s anus, each time the two body parts started to separate.  It was a strong, pungent taste, but Faye seemed to relish in it.

            Finally, the man in her mouth came, and Andrea swallowed it like she had earlier been instructed to do.  Another took his place and Andrea continued pumping up and down on the two giant dicks beneath her.  Even after a good amount of time had passed, she still cringed each time she lowered herself on the two cocks.  Her cramp hadn’t gone away yet, but at least it was slowly fading.  Meanwhile, Faye continued to lick at her ass and the man’s cock, regularly adding some much needed lubrication. 

After what seemed to be an eternity, the men in her pussy and ass came simultaneously when Andrea was on the in-stroke.  She lowered her weight onto them, completely burying their members inside her body.  She could feel their dicks pulse as they each shot load after load of cum inside her nether regions.  The man in her mouth came not too far behind the others and she found herself taking cum in all three holes at once.  The man in her mouth pulled out first, followed by the one in her ass and pussy.  The man underneath her crawled away and Faye led the one that had been in her ass to the side.  She whispered something in his ear and he nodded yes.  The two came back.

Andrea was enjoying having a moments pause.  “Well Andrea,” Faye said.  “You did good. I’m going to give two of your holes a bit of a reward.”

Andrea nodded, happy to hear she’d get at least a partial rest.  “Your mouth on the other hand, gets to keep going,” Faye said.  The man that had been in her ass stepped in-between her arms.  His softening cock was still glistening.

“What?” Andrea was surprised.  “But I did what you wanted.”

“I know.  And that’s why you’re getting your reward.  Trust me, on the whole, you’ll enjoy yourself just fine.  But we still have to put a show on for all these guys you know.”  Faye moved around behind Andrea while the man in front of her grabbed Andrea gently by the hair and moved her towards his partially soft member.  Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and took him inside.  She was instantly relieved to realize the first thing she tasted was cum.  She gained a bit of courage and allowed him to enter all the way.  He was still soft so she could take him all in her mouth without bothering her throat.  Unfortunately it wasn’t long until the taste of cum gave way to the taste of her own ass.  She gagged, despite her clear throat but once inside her, the man wasn’t going to let her push him out.

Meanwhile, Faye was behind Andrea, spreading her cheeks.  Her ass hole was red and a little swollen and her pussy was still dripping cum.  Faye lowered her tongue to Andrea’s ass and stuck it inside once more. She was encouraged to see Andrea’s body instantly relaxed and she began to lap, this time sensitively, at Andrea’s open rectum.  “Mmm,” Faye moaned as she dug out the first bit of semen with her tongue.  “You taste good,” she said.  Andrea didn’t agree, but she was enjoying Faye’s attention.  It felt even better than before.  Andrea relaxed her pussy and ass, allowing Faye to dig out more precious cum with her tongue.  “I told you, you would enjoy this,” Faye said briefly before going back for more.

The pleasant ministrations continued for quite some time until Andrea could no longer taste herself on the man’s cock and he was once again hard.  She was sure Faye had dug out all of the cum by now but it wasn’t stopping her.  She was tongue fucking Andrea’s ass with passion and Andrea was getting close to an orgasm.  Faye gently inserted two fingers into Andrea’s pussy and curled them up to press against her G spot.  With the tongue constantly searching out new territory inside her rear hole, Andrea couldn’t help herself.  Her body shook and she came hard, clamping down around Faye’s tongue and fingers.  Her orgasm triggered the man inside her mouth and he added his own deposit to the contents of her stomach.  He pulled out and stepped away while Andrea was still shaking. “Don’t stop,” Andrea said wanting her orgasm to continue.  Faye complied, pressing her tongue into Andrea’s tightening rear as hard as possible and wiggling it around, trying to circle the insides of her rectum.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided and Andrea started to feel weak.  “Okay boys,” Faye said.  “Back at her.”

Three men took the same positions of the previous and slowly worked their way inside her.  Faye leaned over to whisper in Andrea’s ear.  “I’ll make you feel that good for every 12 guys you make cum.  And don’t worry, I think you’re already a third done.  Only about 55 more guys to go.”  Andrea’s eyes went wide and Faye smiled.  She gave Andrea’s earlobe a quick suck.  Andrea shivered at the pleasant feeling.


* * * *


Andrea was flat on her back once again but for the last couple of hours.  There was currently someone moving between her pussy and ass with each thrust.  One in the pussy, one in the ass, then back to her pussy.  It was long past uncomfortable.  Faye had returned to the sidelines to watch the days activities and currently, she was happy to only be dealing with two men, the second of which was in her mouth.  Her jaw was sore as hell, not to mention her pussy and ass.  If it wasn’t for all the cum acting as lubrication she’d probably be in outright agony.  Her stomach felt bloated from all the cum she had swallowed, but in reality, it was probably only about ten loads.

For most of the last few hours she had actually been serving four people at once.  The fourth man would straddle her chest and tit fuck her, eventually smearing his seed over her breasts and neck.  Apparently she was too covered in the stuff now and most of the guys stayed away.  She figured her cleavage was probably a little too gooey for them.  In fact, it was starting to get ridiculous.  After serving nearly ninety men, most of which wanted to cum on her instead of in her, she felt as if there were virtual rivers of the stuff covering her body.  Her vision was blurry from looking through pools of the milky substance.  Her chest and stomach were drenched, especially down the middle from her collarbone and cleavage all the way to her belly button.  A large pool had collected between her breasts that was probably about half an inch deep.  Her belly button was also a swimming pool. 

The men couldn’t help but be a contradiction, always avoiding to touch it while at the same time constantly needing to add to it.  Under Faye’s instruction they had long ago laid a plastic sheet underneath her.  Whether the reason was to collect the cum, or protect the sheets, Andrea wasn’t sure and was more than a little worried about finding out.  Nonetheless, the thick liquid had worked its way underneath her as well, coating her back in a thin, slippery layer. 

She was shocked, when the man currently inside of her ass pulled out, came over her stomach and then left the bed without being replaced by another.  She felt oddly empty without any meat in either of her lower holes and wondered what was taking his replacement so long.  Not that she minded the empty feeling.  It was actually kind of nice.  It just felt unnatural somehow.

Not too long later the man in her mouth pulled out and came over her face, adding to the pool in her eyes and forming a strand between the tip of her nose and her upper lip.  He got off the bed and got dressed.  Andrea lifted her head up and looked around the room.  The milky white liquid flowed down her face slowly and methodically.  Her hair was wet and heavy.  With the exception of Faye and the man getting dressed, the room was empty.  Andrea let her head rest back against the bed.  She breathed in deeply, another couple of stringers forming between her lips as she opened them.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” Faye said approaching the bed.  “You’re like some kind of sex Goddess, covered in spunk like that.”

Andrea noticed for the first time, a tripod set up with a camera on top not too far from the side of the bed.  “You taped this?”

“Are you kidding?  That’s why I had to leave.  I forgot it at home and there was no way I was going to miss having this on tape.  “I think you just became my new favourite video.”

“Great,” Andrea said exhausted.  “I’m honoured.”

“You should be.  I’ve got an awful lot on tape, but nothing like this.”

Faye straddled Andrea, and lowered her butt onto Andrea’s wet, gooey stomach.  Her hands moved to Andrea’s armpits and she rested them there casually.  “Do you think I’m attractive, Andrea?”

Andrea looked up at Faye’s tiny, tight body, then up to her face.  “You’re beautiful.  You remind me of someone I knew.”

“I know you’re tired, but if I undo your handcuffs, will you stay here willingly for the next hour?”

Andrea nodded.  She wasn’t going anywhere.  She wanted Kitty and Faye was the next best thing.  Faye smiled and got up off of Andrea, her crotch and thighs now smeared with cum.   She moved around to the other side of the bed and undid the cuffs.  Andrea moved her arms down to a more natural position and rubbed her wrists.  They were red and quite sore.  Faye resumed her previous spot on Andrea’s stomach but this time leaned forward and thread her fingers into Andrea’s wet, matted hair.  “Kiss me,” she said, only a few inches from Andrea’s face.

Andrea lifted her head, her lips red and engorged from all the sex.  She touched her lips hesitantly to Faye’s and pulled away slightly.  It felt electric and the two women stopped for a moment and looked into each others eyes.  Faye met no resistance as she pulled Andrea’s head towards her own and kissed her deeply.  Her tongue exited her mouth and searched out Andrea’s.  The two organs met by Andrea’s parted teeth and began a struggle for dominance, each kissing harder and with more passion.  Andrea wrapped her still dry arms around Faye’s back and pulled the smaller woman against her body tightly.  There was a squishing sound as the semen was spread between them and Andrea wrapped her in her arms even tighter, not wanting to ever let go.

They kissed for as long as Andrea’s tongue had the strength to continue.  Eventually, Andrea loosened her grip and Faye broke away.  Her lips weren’t gone for long.  They quickly returned to Andrea’s neck, slowly kissing their way down, each time taking a group of stringers with them when they moved to the next spot. Andrea gasped in pleasure as Faye slowly kissed down her neck, working her way towards her collarbone.  Her senses felt heightened and oversensitive.  As Faye continued to kiss down her neck, Andrea started to shudder almost imperceptibly. 

Faye extended her tongue into the pool of cum at Andrea’s collarbone before dragging it through and down her chest towards her right breast.  Her tongue left a clear line down Andrea’s body, from collarbone to nipple.  Faye enveloped Andrea’s nipple in her mouth and sucked on it hard, pulling it away from her body.  Andrea let out a more noticeable shudder.  Faye briefly moved to Andrea’s other nipple, giving it the same treatment before continuing her descent, kissing down Andrea’s stomach, lapping at the pool in her belly button and finally reaching her target.  With her fingers, Faye gingerly spread the outer lips of Andrea’s pussy.  It was still quite loose from all the action and she could see inside a good ways.  The bright pink gradually gave way to darkness and as far back as she could see, a river of cum, trying to escape.  She couldn’t keep her tongue away.

“Ohhhh,” Andrea moaned as Faye’s tongue split her pussy lips and entered inside her.  Just as before, it felt cooling to have her wet, soft tongue inside her.  Faye’s mouth quickly filled with load after load of cum Andrea’s pussy was expelling.  Andrea lowered her hands to Faye’s hair and pressed her crotch tightly against her face.  Faye’s nose was tickling her clit and an orgasm was already approaching.  “Don’t stop,” Andrea gasped.

Faye was forced to gulp down the full mouthful of cum.  Her tongue re-entered to finish the job and Andrea came.  Her pussy spasmed around Faye’s mouth and ejaculated everything it could of the men’s cum, now diluted with her own juices.  This time though, Faye didn’t swallow.  As Andrea’s orgasm winded down, Faye slid up Andrea’s cum slick body and moved her lips in for a kiss.  Andrea fell for it again, instantly lifting her head and slipping her tongue between Faye’s.  Her mouth was instantly filled with sperm and her own cum.  She nearly chocked, surprised by it, but to Faye’s astonishment, didn’t stop the kiss.  The cum didn’t gross her out nearly as much as her own urine, so instead of spitting it out so dramatically, Andrea pressed her tongue deep into Faye’s mouth, locked their lips and rolled over quickly so Faye was on her back and she was on top.

The mixture of cum emptied out back into Faye’s mouth and Andrea smiled at her.  The rest of the gooey white liquid on Andrea’s body began to drip down as well, stringing down from her face, hair, breasts and stomach and landing on Faye’s equivalent body parts.  “Tag, you’re it,” Andrea said with a smile.  The cum rolling off her face and onto Faye made it almost look like she was melting.  It was odd to see a smile through it. 

Faye smiled back with a mischievous look in her eyes.  Her own face was becoming covered in the men’s juices.  She slid her hands down Andrea’s sides and grabbing her by the waist, flipped her back over onto her back, effectively reversing their positions back to the original.  She forced a kiss on Andrea using her tongue to part her lips and managed to get must of the concoction back into Andrea’s mouth.  “I’m not going down that easy,” Faye taunted.

The two women wrestled playfully, each taking turns switching the mouthful back and fourth.  Faye spun Andrea around and grabbed her breast hard, forcing her to open her mouth with a gasp before spitting it out into Andrea.  Andrea spun them around again, this time inserting two fingers into Faye’s pussy and kissing hard.  The battle continued until Andrea eventually wound up on top, surprised to find when she tried to spit it out there was nothing left.  Over the last few minutes it had all spilled out in small amounts, out of the sides of their mouths, flowing down to their hair or ears.  “Looks like we both win,” Andrea said unable to shake the smile off her face.

“What?  I can’t hear you, there’s cum in my ears,” Faye said.

“Join the club,” Andrea smiled and lowered her mouth to Faye’s ear.  She stuck her tongue out and lapped at what was left, quickly removing it.  Faye shuddered.  Apparently the ear was a sensitive spot for her as well.  Andrea did the same to her other one.  “Better?” She said.

“Much,” Faye smiled back.  “I hate to say it Andrea, but my hour’s about up.  You’re done.”

“What, now that I’m finally starting to have some fun?  Uh uh, you’re staying.”

“I was hoping you would say that.”

Andrea smiled and kissed Faye hard on the mouth.  Her hands found Faye’s small breasts and with her right hand she pushed in hard, virtually flattening it against her chest.  “I love small tits,” Andrea said breaking the kiss briefly.

“At least someone does,” Faye said with a smile.  “Personally, I’d rather they look like yours.”

“No way,” Andrea said, admiring Faye’s puffy nipple between the fingers of her left hand.  The two women had been rubbing together enough that both their bodies were equally drenched in the men’s cum.  It still continued to pool on the plastic sheet around whoever was on the bottom.  Andrea grabbed Faye’s slippery nipples and pulled, forming her right breast into a cone, while her left was still flat against her chest.  “Although, you look a little lopsided there,” Andrea teased.

“Oh, so we’re playing the titty game now, are we?” Faye said grabbing each of Andrea’s nipples and pulling them hard towards her face. 

Andrea’s breasts stretched upwards into cones and she yelped.  She let go of Faye’s breasts, which let them bounce back into place, and slid up Faye’s body to try and relieve some of the pressure.  Before she knew it she found her tits hovering over Faye’s face.  “Ouch,” Andrea said.  “That hurts you know.”

“Oh, you mean kind of like someone mashing my breast as hard as they can into my ribs?”

Andrea smiled.  Faye had her there.  “Um, yeah.  Kind of. I guess.”

“Uh huh.”  Faye let go and reached around to Andrea’s back, pulling her towards her so that her breasts touched either side of her cheek and she was fully buried in Andrea’s cleavage.  Her sternum was still quite thickly covered in cum and Faye set about licking it clean, swallowing as she went.  She didn’t stop there though, continuing to clean first the sides of Andrea’s breasts, then over to the nipple.  When she was done, she sat Andrea back up by the waist and looked at her handiwork.   They were still slick with saliva but looked almost out of place, so clean and well formed versus the relative melting effect the cum gave the rest of her body.  “You’re ass still full of cum?” Faye asked.

“You have no idea.  Feels like a fucking sperm enema.”

“Why are you holding it in?”

“I didn’t want to gross you out.”

Faye and Andrea both laughed after she said it.  “You didn’t want to gross me out?”

“Yeah, I guess not,” Andrea smiled.

“Squat over my face,” Faye said with a bit of eagerness.

“Whatever you say,” Andrea said not entirely surprised.  She turned herself to face down Faye’s body and squatted over her mouth so her ass was only a few inches above.  She grabbed the other woman’s small breasts for support and couldn’t help but rub them in her palms.  They felt so nice and soft in her hands.

“Okay, give it to me.”

“Are you sure?  How am I supposed to know when to stop.”

“I’ll tell you,” Faye said simple.  “Come-on, don’t keep a girl waiting.”

“Okay,” Andrea said to herself still doubting.  She relaxed her anus and pushed lightly.  The cum immediately started to flow in a thick stream from her ass into Faye’s mouth.  She couldn’t see exactly what was going on but she heard Faye gulp down first one mouthful, then another.  There was more than she thought in there. 

Thinking she was probably about at the end of the cum, she tried to clench her ass and cut the stream but her rectum was still loose from all the large cocks she had just had in it.  The trail of cum sputtered, and she felt something slightly more viscous exit her, followed by a soft splash.  She heard Faye swallow again and once more she tried to tighten her sphincter without success.  Another load came out of her, followed by a third.  A fourth wave made its way out a little more slowly and Andrea knew she was done.  She was relieved she hadn’t gotten a signal from Faye.  She lifted herself up and immediately felt lighter.  It was easier to move and what had remained of the cramp in her side was now completely gone. 

“That feels so much better,” She said turning around.  She nearly jumped, seeing Faye with a mouth full of small, soft brown turds, swimming in a pool of light brown colored cum.  “I am so sorry, why didn’t you say anything?”

“I woulda if I needed too,” Faye said with a muffled voice.  She was chewing now. Forcing the fourth soft piece of shit into her mouth.  She swallowed some of it to make some room and spoke again.  “Gimme another mouth full of cum” she muffled through what was now almost entirely shit.

Andrea looked around briefly.  It was still deepest on the plastic sheet next to Faye’s body.  She dipped her mouth and nose into it and sucked in a full mouthful before hovering over Faye’s open mouth and letting it fall inside.  The whole concoction started to turn into a kind of light brown paste.  Faye finished chewing, and swallowed.

“Can I fuck you my way now?” Andrea said.

“By all means,” Faye said happily.

“Good,” Andrea smiled.  She slid her breasts down Faye’s body and kissed hard at the smaller woman’s nipples.  Each kiss left a bit of brown liquid behind but Andrea was more than happy to swap that out for the now rather comforting taste of cum.  She continued working her way down Faye’s body leaving a trail of light brown saliva as she essentially rinsed her mouth out with the cum on Faye’s body.  She dipped her tongue in the other woman’s belly button and could no longer taste the shit at all.  Content, Andrea moved into a sitting position and lifted Faye’s right leg high into the air. 

“What are you doing?” Faye asked.

“You’ll see,” Andrea smiled.  “If you’ve never done this, well… you’re not a very good lesbian that’s for sure.”

“I’m a recent convert,” Faye said.

“Really?” Andrea said surprised.

“Yeah.  About three months now.  What I lack in experience I make up for in enthusiasm.”

“That’s for damn sure,” Andrea said.  “Well, then hopefully I can show you something.”

Still in a sitting position, Andrea put her left leg on the outside of Faye’s extended right one, and her other leg, she rested across Faye’s hips and waist.  She moved closer until she was hugging Faye’s leg tightly up her chest and her pussy was pressed tightly into her lovers’.  Her pussy slid against Faye’s surprisingly easily. Faye was definitely wet.  Andrea smiled happily.  That meant less friction, which meant she’d get to enjoy this for longer.  She shoved her hips, and by proxy her pussy, into Faye’s and was immediately rewarded by the other woman’s shudder.

“Oh that’s sexy,” Faye said.  “You’re rubbing against my clit.”

“I know,” Andrea said smiling.  Continuing to hug Faye’s leg, she lowered her mouth and began kissing at her ankle, slowly moving towards her foot.  She licked up the underside of her foot, surprised to find that even that was soaked in cum after all their rolling around.  She dragged her tongue over to Faye’s toes and took one into her mouth.  She continued to pump her hips.

“Mmm,” Faye moaned.  “Fuck me harder.”

Andrea picked up the pace, grasping Faye’s leg with both hands she humped harder into her crotch.  She started to shudder, feeling the familiar sensations on her own pussy and clit.  For all the messed up kinkiness that preceded it, this was going to be one hell of an orgasm.

“Oh God, right there,” Faye said as Andrea tilted her hips a bit to get a better angle.  All the cum between them was squishing in and out from around their lower lips and adding a surprising amount of pleasurable sensation as strands formed between their sex, and then broke, slapping back gently against their engorged lips.  Andrea looked down at where their crotches were pressed together and watched as their lips rubbed into each other, fording them apart to rub, clit on clit.  The strands of cum formed surprisingly attractive strands each time she pulled away.  It felt as if there was a glue between them, trying with all its might to prevent their pussies from ever separating.  “Fuuuuuck,” Faye moaned.  “Harder, damn-it!”

Andrea leaned back so they were both flat against the bed.  “Grab my leg and pull it towards you,” she said to Faye.  Faye did so and Andrea did the same, forcing their gooey crotches together with even more intensity.  Andrea humped hard into Faye’s pussy, grinding her hips with as wide a stroke as possible so their pussy lips would stay separate and allow their clits to kiss.  Faye shuddered again and it forced one from Andrea as well.  “I’m close,” Andrea moaned.

“Just try and stop me,” Faye gasped as she finally started to get the hang of the rhythm and ground her own hips into Andrea in tandem.  Their stomachs flexed, their hips gyrated back and forth to reveal their abs and hip bones in each opposite direction, and their breasts shook with the effort, squished around each others’ slippery legs. 

Andrea felt the first sign of Faye’s orgasm, as she gripped her leg hard and tensed.  She stopped her grinding, froze in position and ejaculated a hard stream of cum directly into Andrea’s spread open hole.  She felt the warm liquid enter her body just like a man and her own orgasm struck her.  She clenched onto Faye’s leg for dear life and gave one last pump into Faye’s quivering pussy and clit.  “Unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh,” Andrea moaned loudly.

Faye’s pussy continued to pump out cum, sending warm spurts of liquid into Andrea’s pussy.  The second and third stream each struck her clit and Andrea gritted her teeth as her orgasm became more intense.  “Fuuuuck,” she moaned unable to help herself from pumping her hips into Faye another couple times.  She finally found the perfect spot, where her clit broke through Faye’s labia and fought hard against the other woman’s most sensitive organ for position.  Each pulse of warm cum caused her clit to rub against Faye’s in a new way without either of their lower lips able to get in the way. 

Their bodies continued to convulse against each other and thus so did their sex.  It dragged their orgasms out for a long time, until finally, Faye ran out of cum and the now quieted pulses of liquid allowed them to wind their bodies down.  Andrea gasped for breath, realizing she had barely breathed for the last few minutes and Faye found herself doing the same.  With all the effort she could muster, Andrea spun herself back around and laid on top of Faye heavily.  She rested her head on the other woman’s sticky neck and immediately drifted off into sleep.


* * * *


Andrea awoke a short time later, as Faye shifted beneath her.  Their bodies made a sticky schlock sound as they briefly stuck together.  “I have to go,” Faye said mater of factly.

“Don’t.  Stay with me.”

“I can’t stay here and neither can you.  They’ll kick you out as soon as I leave.”

“Then let me stay with you.  I don’t have anywhere else to go anyway.” 

“Don’t you have some friends to go to or something?”

“No, not since…” Andrea stopped herself.  “No, not really.”

“Look, Andrea.  I like you.  But I already told you, I’m not a nice person.  I don’t do charity.”

“Then let me do something for you.  Whatever you want.”

“Whatever I want,” Faye said sceptically.

“Absolutely.  Whatever you want as long as you let me live with you and keep me fed.  And if you keep up with the kinky shit you can’t seriously hurt me.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.  Deal?”

“Emphasis on the word serious.  I can still screw around a bit right?”

Andrea smiled.  “No broken bones, cuts, internal bruising etc.  You know.  Serious.”

“Right…” Faye thought about it for a minute.  “Okay, you’ve got a deal.”

“Really?” Andrea smiled emphatically and kissed Faye hard on the lips. 

“Why don’t you start by cleaning me off.  I don’t want to ruin my clothes when I get dressed.”

“Sure,” Andrea said.  “Tongue only?”

“You bet, girl.”


* * * *


The walk to Faye’s house was long, cold and painful, seeing as how she didn’t have any clothes and had had a cock shoved in all three of her holes for nearly the last 18 hours.  It was past midnight so fortunately the streets were fairly empty.  Faye had collected whatever sperm she could in a bucket for God only knows what reason, but she managed to scrape together almost three litres of the stuff.  Andrea wasn’t particularly worried though. She was looking forward to spending some time with her.  Not to mention having an actual house, to live in.

She realized immediately upon getting there that Faye must have been pretty wealthy.  To have a house in the suburbs of Trump Tower was really saying something.  “What do you do?” Andrea asked curiously.

“I trade weapons.”

“Ah,” Andrea understood.  Everyone always was willing to pay for weapons.

“Why don’t you grab a shower, clean up a bit.”

“You’ve got running water out here?”

“Yeah,” Faye said with a bit of pride.  “It’s hot too.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I wouldn’t kid about hot water.  I paid to have ‘em lay the pipes down.  I’ve got electricity too, Faye turned on the lights.”

“This deal is starting to look better and better,” Andrea said with a smile.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Faye said smiling back and looking up and down Andrea’s muscular naked frame.  “Go clean up.”

“Gone.  Thanks!”  Andrea left the room and managed to find the bathroom without too much difficulty.  She started the shower and got in.

Andrea came out, refreshed and clean with a towel wrapped around her waist.  Her breasts still glistened from what water remained on them.  “Sparkly clean,” she said to Faye after finding her in the bedroom.  “You got any extra clothes around I could use?”

“Oh, you’re not going to need any clothes.  In fact, even that towel covers up a bit too much for my tastes.”

“No problem,” Andrea said undoing the towel.  “I’m a bit of a nudist anyway.  But what if you get company or something.”

“Don’t worry about that.  It’s just trusted business contacts that come here, and believe me, in this day and age, having a naked slave walking around is nothing unusual.”

“Slave, huh?” Andrea said tossing the towel in the corner, revealing her trimmed bush and shapely hips and legs.  “You mind if your slave gets some sleep?  I’ve had a long day.”

“No problem.  You can stay with me as long as I don’t have company.”


“One more thing,” Faye said as Andrea crawled into bed.  “Call me Mistress, or Master.  It turns me on.”

“How ‘bout Master then?  It sounds a little less cliché.”

“Master it is,” Faye said and climbed into bed with Andrea.


* * * *


A few days passed and Andrea was surprised to find she had barely been expected to do anything.  She cleaned the house, had a lot of amazing sex with Faye, and did some cooking here and there.

Faye had gone out and Andrea was washing some dishes mid-afternoon.  She was pleasantly surprised, to find her “master” had come back early.  “Close your eyes,” Faye said.  Andrea shut them, her hands still in the soapy water of the sink.  “I bought you something.”

“Really?” Andrea said happily.  “What is it, Master?”

“You’ll know soon enough,” Faye said coyly.  She dipped what Andrea presumed to be her hand in the soapy water and knelt down behind Andrea.  With one hand, Faye spread her cheeks and pressed her tongue up to Andrea’s asshole.

“Fuck you’re good at that,” Andrea moaned, leaning forward slightly to give Faye better access. 

Andrea was disappointed when she felt Faye’s tongue disappear.  She was optimistic however, since Faye was still keeping her cheeks spread.  Andrea moved her legs apart a bit in encouragement.  “You ready?” Faye said.

“Ready,” Andrea said breathlessly.  She immediately felt something hard press against her ass.  “Ooo,” She gasped.  It was big too.  As wide as one of the bigger cocks she’d had.

“I got it specially made, just for you,” Faye said as she continued to shove the object in deeper.  It went in fairly easily for its size.  Faye probably dipped it in the water. 

“Oh God, how much more is there,” Andrea moaned, feeling it fill her ass deeper and deeper.  It felt like eight or nine inches.

“Almost there,” Faye said and gave the object one more shove.  Another two inches or so made its way inside and Andrea felt her sphincter close around the object.  It didn’t close completely however and she felt something tickle her rosebud from the other side.

“Damn it’s big.  What is it?” Andrea asked.

“Open your eyes and take a look,” Faye said holding a mirror.  Andrea opened them and looked.

“A tail?”  Rich brown hair that perfectly matched the color of her pubic hair flowed down from the butt plug in her ass.

“Real horse hair.  You’ll wear that 24/7 except when you need to take a dump, got it?”

“Sure, but…  It’s going to be a little uncomfortable.  It’s really big.”

“I know,” Faye smiled.  “Like I said, I made it custom.”

“Right,” Andrea said.  She reached behind her and grabbed some of it in her hand.  She moved it around so she could see it better and analyzed this seemingly new appendage she would have.  Odd, she thought.  She looked back at Faye, who was staring at her with ravenous eyes.

“I need to fuck you right now,” Faye said.

“You’re the master,” Andrea said smiling.  She had figured some sort of kinky thing had been coming, but she sure as hell wasn’t expecting a tail. 

Faye was naked in a flash and immediately pressed Andrea up against the counter.  Her butt pressed into it and she felt the plug move around inside her ass.  It actually felt kind of good, when she knew it was Faye that was responsible for it.  In fact, she was surprised to find she was getting turned on. 

Faye grabbed Andrea’s breast with one hand and pushed hard, forcing Andrea to bend at the waist all the way back until her shoulders rested on the counter.  She then lifted one of Andrea’s legs off the ground and wrapped it around her waist before raising her own opposite leg, and stretching it over Andrea’s rested it on the counter.  The result was that Andrea was supporting herself with one leg on the floor and her shoulders on the counter, while Faye, with one leg on the counter as support was still mostly vertical and was pressing her pussy into Andrea’s.

Ever since that first night, Faye had become obsessed with pussy on pussy sex.  She was always looking for new positions and ways to make it happen and it seemed as if she had stumbled across a new one.  She humped hard into Andrea’s crotch forcing a moan to escape the other woman’s lips and Andrea’s tail, hanging towards the ground, to sway back and forth with the motion.  Faye’s small breasts stood out firm on her chest, barely moving with the motions, whereas Andrea’s slightly bigger ones rocked back and forth in accordance with her tail. 

Faye grabbed the leg Andrea had wrapped around her waist and began to hump even harder.  Andrea was forced to grab on to the underside of the cabinets to keep from going anywhere.  Their clits began to mash together and Andrea felt her strength starting to leave her.  It was an awkward position and hard to maintain.  She didn’t want to let Faye down though and did her best to maintain the posture.  Faye continued to hump obliviously, all the while getting wetter and wetter.

“Come for me, girl,” Faye said.  With her free hand she grabbed Andrea’s breast and held it tightly.  Andrea tried to concentrate on the wetness she knew was coming.  She focused her mind on Faye’s small upright tits and puffy nipples moving perfectly with the rest of her tight body.  The plug in her ass sent enjoyable vibrations throughout her nether region with each thrust and soon, her body tensed and then began to shake.  Andrea bucked uncontrollably against her lovers sex as orgasm consumed her.  Her random thrusts and hard grinds that came with it, did wonderful things to Faye’s clit and she found herself on the verge of coming as well. 

Faye pulled Andrea down from her position and quickly moved her to her knees in front of her. Before Andrea could even think about tonguing Faye’s sex, it erupted, ejaculating the large amounts of cum Andrea had grown to expect.  The first wave hit her chest and splashed over her stomach and neck.  Andrea moved her head forward to meet it and the second spurt of girl cum struck her chin, also splashing over her body.  By the time the third wave struck, Andrea’s mouth was firmly attached to Faye’s pussy and she took it all into her mouth, immediately swallowing.  Another few mouthfuls and Faye’s orgasm subsided.

Andrea gave Faye’s clit one final kiss and backed away.  Her lower face and chest were completely soaked in Faye’s juices and they were rolling down her body towards her stomach and pubes.  “Wonderful,” Faye said with a happy face.  “Okay, I’m going to get cleaned up.  There’s a man that should be here pretty soon to meet with me.  I want you to fuck him while he’s waiting.”

“Sorry?’ Andrea wasn’t sure she heard right.

“You heard me.  Fuck the guy that comes to see me while he’s waiting.  I’ll be out in about 20 minutes.  Just keep him happy.  He’s a good client.”

“Uh, sure.  No problem,” Andrea said still a little confused.  Faye went into the bathroom and as if on cue, there was a knock on the door.  Andrea was still trying to figure out what to make of the situation when the knock came a second time.  She hurried up and ran to the door, quickly unlatching and opening it.

The man’s eyes went wide as soon as he saw her.  He was a balding, middle aged man with glasses and a belly.  “Wow, Faye told me you were beautiful but I didn’t expect this.”  He looked down, just catching a hint of hair from between her legs. “Is that…?  Turn around.”  Andrea lifted her arms in the air, raising her cum splattered breasts and turned around.  “Haha, it is!  She gave you a tail.  I always thought Faye would be one kinky bitch.”

Andrea just smiled and turned back around.  She pulled him into the room, closed the door and sat him on the couch.  “Not the talkative type are you?” He said.

“Not when I have a job to do,” Andrea responded, secretly a little disgusted with his appearance. Not that he was really any worse than half the men she had done in that whore-house the last few weeks.  She quickly slid off his pants and bowed her head over his cock.  She went to work.

After a quick blowjob, Andrea pulled away, before he was able to cum.  “Don’t tell me you’re a tease,” he said.

Andrea just smiled coyly.  She took a step back and began to gyrate her hips as if to music.  She spun, in a circle, the tail jutting out obscenely from her behind and smacking against his legs on the sofa.  She tried a bit of a gyration with her ass to try and cause the tail to spin in a circle but it didn’t work particularly well.  No matter, she thought.  If she could practice with him, she could surprise Faye with it later. 

After about five minutes of dancing, Andrea figured she had used about half of the twenty minutes Faye said she’d be.  With a slow, hip dragging walk, Andrea approached the man, and straddled him.  She gave him a lap dance, rubbing her pussy, still sensitive from her earlier orgasm against his cock.  “Are you enjoying yourself?”  She asked.

“Are you kidding?  Although I’d be enjoying myself a little more if I was inside you.”

“All in good time,” Andrea said, trying to be sexy.  She continued to rub her pussy against the length of his cock and simultaneously bent her head down to kiss him.  The taste of Faye’s cum was still on her lips.  She continued to grind her hips but broke the kiss and pulled her chest away slightly so she could massage her cum slick breasts in front of him.  She worked her nipples into an erect state and lifted her breast up as much as possible so she could bend her neck down and give her own nipple a long, seductive lick. 

Thinking she was at about fifteen minutes, she raised her hips off him, reached between her legs and positioned him at her pussy.  She knew she was quite wet from earlier so she simply sat down on him in one single motion, burying him entirely.  She was surprised at how tight it felt, having briefly forgotten about the large plug in her ass.

He wasn’t particularly long, so instead of moving up and down, Andrea elected to grind her hips in circles instead, effectively continuing the lap dance, but this time, with him buried to the hilt inside her.  The plug in her ass rotated as well, and made her tingle each time it hit a sensitive spot inside her, or collided with his cock buried in her other hole.  Andrea moaned, trying to fake an orgasm and attempted to clamp her pussy down.  The ruse worked, and just as Faye entered the room, now dressed professionally, the man was coming long and hard inside her pussy.  Pulse after pulse filled her up completely.  He must have been extremely turned on.

Faye disappeared into the kitchen and came back with an empty glass.  She came over to them and gave the glass to Andrea.  “Squeeze it all out into there,” Faye said simply and sat down on a chair across from them.  Andrea lifted herself off his cock and quickly put the glass under her pussy.  Globs of cum immediately rushed out.  She moved aside and tried to squeeze, encouraging as much out as possible.  “Come on now,” Faye said.  “Stick your finger in there and dig it out if you have to.” 

Andrea inserted the index finger of her free hand and it suddenly occurred to her that she hadn’t had her own finger in there in an awful long time.  It felt kind of strange somehow.  She dug out what cum she could and managed to fill the glass up about a third of the way.  “Good,” Faye said.  “Have a seat beside me.”  She patted the chair next to her and Andrea went over and sat down, cross legged, again, briefly forgetting about the plug in her ass.

“Ohh,” Andrea startled as the plug tried to imbed itself a little deeper in the sitting position.

“Why don’t you enjoy your drink while we talk,” Faye said.

“Of course,” Andrea said, trying not to give away her disgust.  She noticed the man was watching her intently as she lifted the glass to her lips and took a tentative, cautious sip.  Faye began to talk business and over the next five minutes, Andrea managed to choke down the man’s cum without being too obvious about her dislike for it.  She still didn’t like the idea of tasting herself in every sip.

“Oh, you’re done already,” Faye said not nearly having completed her negotiations.  Why don’t you refill it from the fridge.  The stuff I saved from the other night is in there.

“Uh, yes Master.  No problem,” Andrea said and got up.  The man watched her as she walked into the kitchen.  Her tail swayed behind her with each step.  She came back a moment later, this time with a full glass of the milky white substance.  Andrea sat down, and slowly began to sip once again.  She felt it coat her throat and stick to the insides of her mouth.  She made sure to time this glass better, so she had only about a quarter left when the negotiations finished.  Seeing the contract was signed, Andrea bottomed up the glass and chugged what remained.  “Mmm,” she said pretending to enjoy the taste.  In truth however, it wasn’t that bad.  She was getting quite used to it.  She almost actually was starting to like it.

With a little encouragement from Faye, the man left.  Faye watched out the window as he retreated to the seat and then ran over and gave Andrea a large kiss on the mouth.  “Well done,” she said.  “You had him so distracted, I got twice as much out of him as normal.  Hah!”  She made an excited noise. 

“Glad I could help.”

“How much cum is left in the fridge?”
            “I don’t know,” Andrea shrugged.  “About five more glasses?”

“Great, great.  I’ll set up five meetings for tomorrow and you’re going to help me get some more killer deals.  And in the meantime, you are going to get rewarded.”
            “Sounds good,” Andrea smiled. Faye grabbed her hand and led her towards the bedroom.


* * * *


“What’s this all about?” Andrea said as she entered through the decaying wood door.  She was still naked with an obnoxious fake tail up her ass and drawing a lot of attention as she walked through the city streets behind Faye.  At first it was awkward to say the least but after a couple weeks of following her new “master” around, Andrea barely noticed it anymore. 

“This is a barn,” Faye finally responded as she closed the door behind them.

“What are we doing here?”

Faye only smiled and Andrea felt her stomach drop.

“Seriously.  What are we doing here?” Andrea repeated.

“Something I’ve wanted to watch you do since we first met.  You’re going to fuck a horse for me.”

Andrea shook her head.  “No.  That’s too much.”

“Look, Andrea,” Faye said moving up close to her and pressing against her naked body.  “I don’t know what happened to you, or how long ago it was, but I’ve heard you crying at night and it’s not because of me, I know that.”

“So what?”  Andrea felt defensive.  She tried to back away but Faye had wrapped her arms tightly around Andrea’s waist.

“So you don’t know what to do with yourself.”

“And you think because of that I’ll just do whatever you say?”

“I’m giving you direction.  Even if it’s not the direction you may want, it’s the only one you can handle right now.  So yeah, I think you’ll just do whatever I say.”

Andrea looked over to the horses.  She stared for a minute and turned her head back to Faye.  The other woman was really close to her.  It made it hard to disagree.  “What if I don’t?”

“Well we both know you’re too useful and fun to just get rid of, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Andrea sighed as she heard the words.  It was a relief.

“But,” Faye continued.  “I am a damn kinky bitch.  You still don’t even know the half of it.  I’ll make things worse for you.”

“How?”  Andrea was afraid to ask but feared the answer too much to not know it.

“Well, for one you’ll be my new toilet.”


“That’s right.  Piss, shit, cum… whatever else comes out of me will go straight into you.  Every time.”

“No,” Andrea felt a little firmer.  “That’s just as gross.  I’ll leave.”  Even as Andrea said it, she knew she couldn’t.  The thought of having no one terrified her.

“No you won’t.”  There was a long pause as Andrea thought it over.  “Have you ever drank piss?” Faye asked.

“Sure,” Andrea said, not particularly wanting to remember the experience.

“No not tasted.  Drank.  A full stream.”

“No,” Andrea said.  “Not like that.”

“What about shit?  You ever ate shit?”

“No.”  The horse was starting to sound like the better option.

“Get down on your knees,” Faye said and let go of her.  Andrea obeyed immediately.  Faye left Andrea there, moving over to the entrance and locking it tightly.  She then proceeded to remove her clothes until she was just as naked as Andrea.  She walked back over and put her pussy up to Andrea’s face.  “Lick,” she said.

Andrea reached out with her tongue, happy for the change of topic.  Licking pussy was something she’d really come to enjoy over the last year.  It was way better than cock.

“Alright, I’m going to piss and you’re going to swallow every drop.  We’ll call it a test run.”


“Just get in position,” Faye said sharply.

Andrea was too used to obeying.  She moved her mouth over Faye’s urethra and just as she did so caught her first taste of the bitter, salty liquid.  She almost coughed it up but quickly opened her throat and began to swallow.  She felt like gagging and held it back to the best of her ability.  Faye was right.  It was different then an accidental taste.  The warmth of Faye’s piss slid down her throat while the smell assaulted her nose.  After an eternity, the stream finally let up.  To more small, quick jets of it and Faye was finally done.

Andrea swallowed the last few drops and coughed, a few drops of the yellow liquid still beaded on her lips.  “Good job.  How was it?” Faye asked.  Andrea looked up to her and noticed the woman’s erect nipples.  That must have turned her on.

“It came out of you, so it was wonderful.”  Andrea was still trying to hold back her gagging.

“Don’t lie to me.  You want to try the other end?  Or is it going to be the horse?”

Andrea hesitated, looking towards the horses and back to Faye once more.

“If it makes it easier for you, you’ve been drinking horse cum for the last two weeks.”

“What?” Andrea said astonished.  She stood up quickly and immediately regretted it.  Her stomach sloshed as she did so.

“How do you think I’ve refilled the cum-jar in the fridge so fast.  I just come out here, jerk a few of them off and fill it up.  Remember?  You told me it tasted different.”

“Fuck,” Andrea said.  Between that thought and the piss, she was ready to puke.

“So what’s it going to be?”

Andrea hesitated.  “Fine.  I’ll do the horse.”



“You’ll do all the horses.”

Andrea looked again.  “But there’s five.”

“That’s right,” Faye smiled.  “Hands, mouth, pussy, ass and tits.  I’ll leave the order up to you but I better see all five ways.”

“Fuck me,” Andrea said quietly to herself.

“Only after,” Faye said smiling back.

Andrea sighed and moved over to the first horse she saw.  “Are they going to kick me?”

“No, they’re all trained.”

Andrea sat down on a bunch of hay around the horse’s midsection.  “What do I do?”

“Just start pumping it.”

Andrea made a frown as she reached out with her hand and gently grabbed the horse’s cock.  It wasn’t even hard but it was already bigger than most men she’d had.  As she pumped it with her hand it quickly grew until it was pointing up large and hard.  Andrea looked at the spotted skin and wished she was somewhere else.  Why wasn’t she somewhere else?

“Point that thing at you.  It better cum all over you or I’ll make you do it again.”

Andrea frowned again, happy her face was away from Faye so she couldn’t tell.  Her hand couldn’t even fit all the way around it so she brought her other one up to help.  Two-handed, she brought them back and force along the horses cock until after a short time a large gush of white fluid ejaculated from the tip.  Andrea jumped, surprised at its force as it splashed across her cleavage.

“Face too,” Faye said as the second load drenched her stomach.

Andrea moved her face forward and closed her eyes.  The third stream connected with her right eye and splashed all across the right side of her face.  The fourth hit her left cheek and she felt the intensity of the streams diminish as the final few spurts covered her cleavage and stomach with even more of the white spunk.

The goo hung down from her nose across her mouth.  “What next?” she said, shaking some off and onto her tits.  It gathered with another glob and rolled slowly down the inside of her breast and towards her trimmed muff.  It tickled her flesh as it moved.

“One down, four to go,” Faye said.  “Whatever you want comes next.”

Andrea sighed and looked to another one.  “Fuck…” She slid out from under the one and walked apprehensively to the next stall.  Okay, what now, she wondered, sitting down beside the horse.  She reached out and touched its limp penis, waiting for courage to find her again.  She started jerking it to hardness.

“You’ve already jerked one off.  Do something different,” Faye said.  She was sitting on a barrel of hay with fingers in her crotch and another hand mauling her breast.

There was something of a hay shelf under the horse that was skinny enough for it to step around but still long enough to support Andrea’s body a few feet off the ground.  She slid on her back under the animal so its mostly hard dick was above her tits and used the hay barrel to support her at the shoulders in the horizontal position.  Reaching up she carefully grabbed the animal’s dick and pumped it a few more times to get it stiff.  She then arched her back and slid her sternum up to the giant cock.

The engorged tip of the organ slid across her chest, pushing sperm from the last one around her cleavage.  Andrea arched a little further and pushed her tits together around the giant cock.  She moved them slightly, providing a bit of friction for the animal.  It wasn’t long until it started pumping its hips and Andrea endeavoured to hold her balance.  The tip of the spotted dick popped out from her tits repeatedly making contact with her cheek.  She half thought she was about to lose an eye.  Meanwhile her body rocked back and forth with each thrust, bounding her slippery tits in her hands and raising her hips up and down slightly as she maintained her balance.  The cock tickled between her tits, like a fast massage.  It was warm and almost tolerable. 

Finally the animal came, covering her face and completely caking her nose ears and eyes with wet spunk.  The first blast hit her with enough force that it actually pressed in on her cheek.  The dick continued to twitch, pouring out gob after gob of the liquid over her collarbone and tits like a garden hose on low.  After about a minute the horse stopped and Andrea moved to wipe her eyes.

“No,” Faye said.  “Just open them.”

Andrea frowned but did so to an instant of burning pain.  Her vision was clouded through all the liquid and she raised her head to let most of it roll down her cheeks and out of her eye sockets.  The motion cleared up the blurriness but she still had gaps in her vision thanks to strands of spunk connecting her eyelashes to one another, or to her nose and cheeks.  “Pttsaw,” she spit out a bit that was collecting between her lips.  Andrea shimmied out from beside the horse and stood up.  An instant trail of semen rolled down her tits and stomach, sometimes continuing down her thighs, sometimes collecting in her matted muff and dripping off in long stringy lines.

“Three more,” Faye said.  She had two fingers in her pussy.

“I know, I know,” Andrea said.  “You better be fucking enjoying this.”

“Oh you have no idea.  Now get back to it. If I was a guy I’d be getting soft.”

Andrea groaned and moved to another stall.  Faye moved with her to make sure she had a good view.  She felt her lungs jump into her stomach this time.  She was going to have to put it in one of her holes now. 

The next barn didn’t have one of the hay shelves so she dropped to her knees under the animal and reached up with her sticky hands once more.  She clutched the soft dick and closed her eyes.  She took a deep breath.  With eyes clenched tight, she moved her head closer to the animals limp penis.  She felt her lips touch it and it jerked.  She pulled away.  She tried moving closer again but this time stopped short.  “I can’t do it,” she said.

“Yes you can.  Just wrap your mouth around it.  You’re no stranger to sucking cock.”

Andrea wasn’t sure if she should be offended or not.  It didn’t last long in her mind though before it wrenched back to the current situation.  Should be easy, she thought.  She still hesitated.

“Just open your mouth and put it inside,” Faye said.  “Instinct will take over from there.”

Andrea sighed.  The limp dick was still pulsing slightly between her slimy hands, sensing coming arousal.  She moved her mouth to it once more.  Once more it touched her lips but instead of pulling away, Andrea opened her mouth and took it into her mouth.  The musky taste hit her immediately and she pressed her tongue against the tip of it.  It started to grow.  Faye was right though; instinct did take over.  Her hands slowly pumped back and forth as the hardening cock grew in her mouth.  She tried to pull her teeth back and opened wide as the thick organ stretched her jaw.  It hardened completely and Andrea’s jaw was stretched to the max.  She continued to jerk it with her hands and slid her mouth back and forth across a couple inches of its tip, each time curling her tongue across its head.

Suddenly, the horse bucked its hips and jammed its cock deep into Andrea’s throat.  She gagged and spit out saliva as the horse pulled out before quickly jamming back in again.  Andrea coughed through the wide dick as it forced itself in and out of her mouth, each time gaining more and more ground on her throat.  She wasn’t ready for that.  Her throat couldn’t stretch that far.  It hurt.  But it didn’t stop.

Andrea coughed loudly as it pulled out again briefly before jamming into her mouth once more, this time nearly a foot into her throat.  Much further and it would be in her stomach.  Or her lungs.  Andrea’s gagging became louder and her eyes started to tear.  The salty water mixed with the other horses’ cum and rolled down her cheeks in thick globs.  She was sure she felt her lips and nose press against the horse’s furry stomach.  Thank God this one was smaller than the rest.   It didn’t reach her stomach. 

Andrea tried to hold her breath, a difficult prospect when she was constantly fighting the urge to cough and gag.  The pounding of her throat continued and she started to feel light headed.  She tried to distance herself from the animal a bit but she couldn’t react fast enough to beat the animal’s thrusts.  She reached her hands in front of her and pressed against its hind legs.  That seemed to help a bit.  She was able to take a deep breath before the horse pounded into her throat again.  She felt like she was about to throw up. 

After another few minutes of coughing and gagging through a giant cock’s relentless pressure, the animal finally unloaded its cum deep in her throat.   It was on an outstroke and what it didn’t dump straight into her stomach, it spread throughout the length of her throat and filled her mouth.  It tried to enter her again and this time her gag reflex would have none of it.  She managed to resist emptying the contents of her stomach but quickly pulled her head away from the spurting dick and spit out the contents of her mouth and throat.  It felt like the sticky liquid was clinging to the insides of her throat and she went into a coughing fit, each time spitting out little globs of cum.  Meanwhile the horse continued to ejaculate over her hunched body, drenching her hair in white liquid and even getting some on her shoulders and upper back. 

Andrea finally got her lungs under control and moved out from underneath it.  She couldn’t believe it.  She had actually just sucked off a horse.  And now she was about to fuck one.  She looked to Faye, whose eyes were closed, back was arched and she was squirting cum from out of her pussy.  It seemed as if Andrea had put on quite a good show.

Andrea just wanted to get the whole thing over with so she went straight to the next stall and still dripping with semen, got under the fourth horse and stroked it to hardness.  “Come on you little bastard, do this quick.”

There was another hay “bench” in this stall that she could lay on so she guided the horse over it and lay down underneath.  She spread her legs, grabbed a dollop of cum from her stomach and with her fingers pressed it into her pussy.  Within a few minutes her crotch was soaking with semen, inside and out and she looked at the horse’s hard cock.  It would be the biggest one she’d ever taken.  Probably 18 inches long and about as wide as her first.  “Fuck.”  She dipped three fingers into her pussy, trying to stretch it and get it ready as much as possible.

“Stick it in.”

Andrea jumped, surprised to hear Faye’s voice from behind her.  She had obviously finished her climax.

“Stick it in,” she repeated.  “We didn’t come here to see how many fingers you can get in there.  We’ll do that at home.”

“Yes ma’am,” Andrea said and pulled her fingers out.  She reached her wet hand over to the horses large cock and dragged it along the length of it, lubing it slightly.  She raised her hips, and guided the animals’ cock to her pussy.  It pressed lightly against the opening but didn’t move.  Andrea guessed the animal didn’t know where it was just yet.  Andrea clenched her teeth and moved her whole body towards the animals cock about two inches, forcing the head of the wide cock into her tight hole.  “Unnngh,” Andrea moaned as it stretched her more than she ever had been.  “It hurts.”

“Oh, but it’s so goddamn sexy, Andrea,” Faye said from behind her.  Strangely, the words acted as encouragement and Andrea moved herself another two inches onto the cock.  There was four inside of her now.  She new from experience that after about 11 it’d hit her cervix and either painfully force its way into her womb, or painfully press against it.  She wasn’t sure which was worse.  She couldn’t worry about that now.  Faye wanted her to continue.  And Faye truly was, the only friend she had.

“Unnnnnngh,” she forced in another few inches and she felt the pressure of the dildo tale in her rectum.  She had never felt so full.  She longed to take it out but knew that Faye wouldn’t approve.  Eventually, the horse finally caught on that it was in her pussy.

The animal pumped into her, burying another few inches before the friction of her vagina stopped it.  But it wasn’t done.  It pulled out nearly all the way and plunged in once more, this time ramming its fist sized cock all the way to her cervix.  Andrea felt a flash of nausea as it hit.  It wasn’t bad enough to cause pain.  Just the odd queasy feeling that she got when something rubbed against it.  Her fake tale put pressure on her anus, as if trying to push out.  Andrea clenched and tried to hold it in.  She didn’t want Faye to be disappointed with her.  “Oh, fuuuuuck,” she moaned as the horse’s cock pulled out and then slammed against her cervix once more.  She looked down and could actually see the imprint of the animal’s huge cock through the skin of her abdomen.  It pushed the hairs of her trimmed landing strip out and to the sides as it continued almost up to her belly button.  The bulge was enough to force some of the cum out of her belly button and to roll down the sides of her stomach until they got caught by the creases of her defined abs.  She wasn’t sure what else to say.  “Fuuuuuck.”

“What’s happening,” Faye said.

“I’m being fucked,” Andrea gasped out as the bulge in her stomach disappeared and the horse withdrew all of its cock except the last couple inches.  It ploughed back in again and the bulge returned.  Her fake tale flung back and forth with each new thrust.

“Fucked by what?” Faye pressed, wanting to hear the words.

“I’m being fucked by a horse,” Andrea said loudly, knowing it was what her lover wanted to hear.  The horse pulled out and pounded into her again, forcing the pools of cum all across her body to roll back and forth as Andrea bounced helplessly with the horse’s thrusts.  “I’m being fucked by a horse,” Andrea repeated quietly to herself in shock.  What was becoming of her?

The horse continued to fuck her hard, each time pressing against her cervix, trying to find a way past.  The tip of its cock started to make some headway but the gap was too small and it couldn’t get through.  Instead Andrea felt a new wave of nausea and clutched her cum slick stomach with her hands.  “Ohhhhhh,” she moaned.  “Urrrgh,” she moaned as it struck into her again.  “Urrrrgh, urrrrgh, urrrgh,” the animal wasn’t letting up.  Finally her ass lost its grip on the tail deep in her ass, waving back and forth madly and it plopped out to the ground.  “Urrrrgh, fuuuuuuuuuck.”  The animal pressed in again deeply and came.

With her pussy so full of cock, the horse’s cum had no where to go but to rush into her womb and out around the sides of her pussy, squirting out around the animals dick as if it had been ejaculated directly out of her.  The horse let another stream out into her, this time pulling out as it did so and filling her up completely.  Andrea was sweating profusely from the pain and from the nausea and the horse added its own liquid to the mix, eventually yanking out and draining the rest of its spunk over her tits, stomach and crotch.  Andrea’s hands, still on her stomach, because instantly buried in the substance as it piled up nearly half an inch thick over the front of her body. 

“Oh fuck,” Andrea moaned.  “Still one more.  Fuck.”  Her pussy gaped open, still streaming cum.  She stumbled out from under the horse and got to her feet.  She was wobbly but able to stand.  Her knees felt weak.  Cum rolled down her right thigh from her pussy like a river.  Some just dripped to the ground between her legs.  She was a mess.  Andrea looked at the fake tail, lying in a pool of  semen on the muddy ground.  “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it in.”

Faye was watching intently, still naked.  She looked as if she was mentally licking Andrea’s soiled body.  “That’s okay.  You did well to keep it in as long as you did.  I don’t think you need to wear it anymore.”

Andrea smiled and nodded.  “Thanks.”

“One more to go,” Faye said with a wicked grin.

“Yeah,” Andrea said.  She nervously looked to the side and reached behind her to touch her ass.  It was still gaping slightly from the dildo.  “Okay, let’s do this.”  Andrea walked to the final stall and looked inside.  “There’s no hay bench.”

“No,” Faye smiled.  “I was thinking I could help hold you up.”


“Well you bend forward at the waist under the horse.  And I’ll go in front like this,” she walked in front of the horse so she was bending down with her legs just in front of the horses front ones.  She leaned forward to hang onto the stall walls.  The position would have an interesting side effect of exposing Faye’s ass quite close to Andrea’s face.  “And you can hold onto my hips.”

“Alright,” Andrea said a little sceptical it would work.  At least making the logistics of the position work was taking her mind off the fact that she was about to have a horse cock in her ass.  She worked herself under the horse and quickly jerked it to erection.  She then raised her ass up, bent forward at the waist and with one hand grabbed Faye’s hip. Cum dripped off her in long strands towards the ground, gravity finally forcing it to part from chest, stomach and face.  Strands of her auburn hair clung to the side of her sticky face and matted there.  Her muff was also matted with cum and the hairs clumped together facing down.  With Andrea’s free hand she grabbed some of the cum as it continued to slowly glob out of her pussy and wet her ass with it, sticking two fingers inside to lube it.  She did the same to the horses cock and moved it slowly towards her nether regions.

Faye was looking over her shoulder watching Andrea’s expression.  Her face was just above her own ass and she looked nervous.  “You can do it,” Faye said.  “I want you to eat me out while he fucks you.”

Andrea nodded and looked up at Faye longingly.  She pressed the large hard dick to her hole.  The horse’s cock was just as big as the one that had been in her pussy.  “Here we go,” she said.

She felt the tip of the dick press against her rectum and she pushed back slightly.  She forced herself to relax and took the head of it into her ass.  It was even tighter than her pussy.  “Unnnnhhh, it’s big,” Andrea moaned.  She took a deep breath but before she could act further the horse felt the penetration and sprung into action, shoving forward hard.  Before Andrea could react there was close to ten inches inside her.  Andrea instinctively reached out with her second hand and clutched Faye’s other hip.  Her eyes went wide and her face contorted in pain “AHHHHHHHH!”

“It’s okay baby,” Faye said.  “You’re doing great.  Eat me out.  It’ll distract you.”

Andrea forced a nod and the horse withdrew.  She lowered her mouth to Faye’s ass, unable to easily reach the other woman’s pussy and put her lips to her puckered hole.  She liked eating ass.  Well, more specifically she liked the reactions it got when she ate Faye’s ass.  “Unnnnhhhhhh,” she moaned into the other woman’s rectum as the horse shoved in again, this time even further than before.  Her insides were burning. 

She didn’t know what else to do.  She tightened her grip on Faye’s hips, her white fingers dug into the soft flesh.  She stuck out her tongue, pressing it against Faye’s and slowly snaking it inside.  “That feels so good,” Faye said.  “Go deeper.”

Thanks to the next thrust of the animal, Andrea had no choice.  “Unnnnhhh,” her whole body lurched forward, trying to prevent the animal from going too deep.  Even still it was inside her more than a foot.  Her tongue moved out as if an extension of the effort to get away and slid deeply into Faye’s ass.  Her lips were tight against the puckered hole and her nose dug into the crack of her rear. 

“Yeah baby,” Faye moaned.  “Fuck my ass with your tongue.  Come on.  Deeper.”

“Unnnnhhh,” Andrea moaned into Faye’s ass again as the horse shoved deeper into her ass.  Her entire rectum burned.  Andrea’s knuckles got whiter.  Faye relaxed her ass and it let Andrea dig her tongue in a little further.  She started moving it, in and out in time with the animals thrusts, each time moaning the same way deep into Faye’s rear.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Faye moaned.  “Faster.”

Andrea tried to pick up the pace, moving her tongue in and out of Faye’s ass faster, each time unconsciously riding the horse’s dick at the same speed. 

“Oh God, that’s it,” Faye moaned.  Her ass clenched down around Andrea’s tongue and Andrea tried to slither the tip around, tasting all sides of the other woman’s insides.  Faye’s pussy squirted cum in spurts down to the ground.

Suddenly, Andrea bucked with the horse, putting even more pressure into Faye’s rear and Andrea felt warm liquid spurt inside of her own back end.  It had further to go though, compared to her pussy and penetrated deep inside her intestines.  Finally it filled her up there too and the force of the liquid forced the horse’s cock out of her ass.  It deposited the last small amount of its cum over her back.  Andrea’s gaping ass did nothing to stop the torrents of warm, thick cum from rolling down her pussy before finding a path along her legs.  A minute passed and the liquid still flowed freely from her rear.

Faye’s orgasm had finally subsided and Andrea pulled her tongue back into her mouth and took the opportunity to step out from underneath the animal.  She had done it.  It hurt, it was gross, but she had done it.  She felt somehow validated in Faye’s eyes.  “Can we go home now?”  Andrea asked.

Faye smiled.  “We can do anything you want.”


* * * *


“What do you want?” A dark male voice rumbled through Andrea’s mind.

“What?”  She looked around.  Irene’s house.  The one she first met her in.  Dozens of wax figures stood in various states of violent death. 

“What do you want?”  It was one of the figures speaking.  His intestines were spooling out along the ground but he paid no heed.

“I don’t understand.”

“You must decide.”  Andrea spun to the sound of another voice.  It came from another wax figure.  It had been struck by an energy pistol and half its torso was missing.  It was dripping blood.  “What do you want?”

“I don’t know,” Andrea insisted.

“What do you want?”  A third voice repeated the question.  Andrea fought back the fear.  She was surrounded by them.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you want?”  It was a fourth voice.

“I don’t know!” Andrea shouted.  Panic was setting in.

“What do you—”

“I can tell you what I don’t want,” Andrea shouted at one of them.  “I don’t want to see any more friends killed.  I don’t want to have to clean up the world because the people with real power are too selfish to do it.  I don’t want to see anyone else suffer from waaaay to close.  I don’t want friends.  I don’t want to fall in love with anyone.  And I most definitely don’t want to be here, with any of you.  I’m sick of prophetic dreams and psychic powers and all the other shit that’s been happening with me.”

“Are you sure about all that?”  It was a soft, female voice.  The figures were gone.  Andrea turned again to see Irene, dressed in a tight robe. 

“I’m sure.”

“It doesn’t sound like you,” Irene said.


“Well you haven’t seen me in a while.”

“That’s true.  I miss you.”

Andrea looked away.

“Don’t you miss me too?”

            Andrea still couldn’t make eye contact.

            “I see.”  Irene reached out with a slender arm and put two fingers under Andrea’s chin.  Andrea felt her chin lift up gently and she was forced to look at Irene.  Irene stared at her a long time before continuing, “so you really are broken then.” 


            Andrea opened her eyes.  It was dark out still and Faye was lying beside her in bed.  Andrea got up, not really feeling like sleeping.  She was surprised at how good, and odd, it felt not to have something jammed up her ass.  She walked slowly to the back door of the house and went outside, naked as usual.  It was a nice night.  Pretty warm with clear skies.  She looked up to see a shooting star streak by, then another.  Must be a meteor shower. 

Trump Tower stood tall to the east, glowing against the dark sky.   Another star, brighter than most exploded into flame before disappearing into dust.  It lit up the whole suburb.  “What do I want?” Andrea asked herself.


* * * *


            “I have another client coming by today,” Faye said.  “It’s been a while since he’s been in.  Months actually, so I want you to take really good care of him.”

            “No problem,” Andrea said from the kitchen.  She was making breakfast for the two of them.  “When’s he coming by?”

            “Any minute.”  Faye walked into the kitchen, clothed, unlike Andrea, and stood behind her lover.  She hugged her back and wrapped her arms around her.  It was rare that Faye showed much physical affection outside of sex.

            “Really?  I was hoping to get to spend the morning with you.”

            Faye reached around, turning Andrea’s neck and kissed her tenderly on the lips.  It was a long kiss with a hint of real emotion.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll have time later.”

            “What’s with you all of a sudden,” Andrea said smiling.  “The last time you kissed me like that you were trying to dig a load of cum out of my mouth.”

            “I guess after yesterday I just realized how much you’re willing to do for me.”  Faye gave Andrea’s hip a squeeze and walked back into the other room.  “You managed to get the whipped cream right?”

            “Yeah, no problem,” Andrea said.

            “Good.  You’re going to be our buffet table today.”

            Andrea smiled and shook her head.  That figured.  ‘Guess I’m eating late today,’ she thought. 


            There was a knock at the door.  Andrea was already in position so Faye answered it in the other room.  Andrea could hear muffled voices as the two exchanged pleasantries before entering the main room of the house.  Andrea had never seen the man before.  He was tall, muscular and good looking.  He was Caucasian too, with blond hair, which was fairly infrequent in the suburbs of the tower.  He took a look up and down Andrea’s naked body.  “You’ve prepared breakfast, I see,” he said.

            Andrea was lying on her back on a coffee table in the center of the floor.  Her arms were above her head resting casually behind her, her legs were splayed slightly.  One knee was bent, its foot on the table itself, the other hung off the end, grazing lightly on the floor.  Her breasts were doused in whipped cream, intended for dipping of the strawberries, cut pineapples and grapes in her cleavage all the way up to her neck.  There was a stack pancakes over her trimmed muff and warm syrup in her belly button and over a large part of her abs for dipping.  Finally. her rib cage was covered with cubed hash browns.  Just cool enough that they wouldn’t burn her, but warm enough she was sweating slightly.

            “Have a seat,” Faye said gesturing to a cushion on the floor to Andrea’s right.  Faye sat on the other side.  “We can talk over some food.”

            “Superb,” he said, looking up and down Andrea’s body from close up.  She’s a lot more beautiful than your previous playthings. 

            Andrea resisted the urge to speak.  She took a deep breath and her breasts rose slightly.  Faye noticed and spoke up right away.  “Thank-you.”  She grabbed a strawberry from Andrea’s neck and dipped it in the melting whipped cream on her tits.  “I haven’t heard from you in ages.  Figured something bad must have happened.  Glad to see you’re back.”

            “Yeah, I’ve been out of commission for a while.  But I’m planning a bit of a surge so I will need a lot of supplies.  You still have your military connections?”  He popped a hash brown into his mouth.

            “Oh sure,” Faye said.  She grabbed a pancake and dipped it in the pool at Andrea’s bellybutton.  “I can get you pretty much anything you want.”

            “The concern is more quantity than quality this time I’m afraid,” he said.  “Do you have any eggs?”

            “Of course.  Hard boiled right?”  Faye asked.  He nodded.  “I’ve been keeping them warm for you.”  Faye wet her fingers with the whipped cream and reached between Andrea’s legs.  “Spread ‘em honey.”  Andrea did as she was told and with thumb and forefinger, Faye reached gently into Andrea’s soft, warm pussy.  She stuck her tongue out in concentration.  “The only problem with this to keep them warm is they get so slippery,” she said with a smile.  Slowly, she pulled her fingers back out again clutching an egg.  “Here you go,” she said handing it over.

            The man took it and looked at it with a raised eyebrow.  “You can be very odd sometimes,” he said and then casually began peeling the shell off. 

            “Yeah, but you like it that way,” Faye smiled.  “Anyway, the quantity shouldn’t be a problem.  I can get quite a bit.  What type are you looking for?”

            “Oh, heavy vehicles: tanks, troop carriers and so on.  Also energy rifles, e-clips, heavy weapons and the like.  Looking for probably eight to ten thousand of the energy rifles.  Whatever heavy weapons you can rummage up we’ll buy.  That goes for the vehicles too.”  He dipped a pancake into Andrea’s bellybutton, sloppily spilling syrup down her side.  He used the floppy cake to scrape up the runaway drips and took a large bite out of it.

            “Wow,” Faye said.  “That’ll be expensive.”

            “I can pay.  Will gold as usual be acceptable?”

            “Yes that should be fine.”  Faye ate some more of the hash browns.

            “What would be an appropriate price?  How long do you think it would take to assemble them?  I’d prefer not to have Coalition styles.”  While he talked, Faye dug a second egg out of Andrea’s pussy.  Andrea gasped slightly.  “How many more eggs do you have in there?” He said.

            “Just the two.  No Coalition styles hey?  That’ll be tougher.  May take a little longer.  Probably a month?”  She started to peel the egg open.

            “We can wait.”


            “I.  I apologize.  My troops and I.”

            “Mm,” Faye knew better than to question.

            “So price?”  He lazily circled a piece of mango around Andrea’s breast, clearing an area around the nipple. 

            “Three quarters of a ton.”

            The other man raised an eyebrow.

            “It’s an awful lot of weapons,” Faye said.

            “Yes, I suppose it is.  Still, that’s an awful lot of gold.  Perhaps you could sweeten the deal.”

            “How so?” Faye asked.

            “I want her.”

            “You want to fuck her?” Faye said.  “I suppose I could grant you that.”

            “No, not fuck her,” he said awkwardly.  “I want her as mine.”

            Andrea caught her breath.  She looked wide-eyed at him and then at Faye.  This was not part of any agreement she had made.

            “No, I sell weapons, not people.”

            “Alright, include her and I’ll give you a full ton.”

            “One ton of gold?”  Faye’s eyes darted about as if picturing what she could get with that amount of money.

            Andrea propped herself up on an elbow causing melted whipped cream to roll down her rib cage.  “Come on,” she said.  “You’re not serious are you?”  She got no response.  “I’m only here because I agreed to be.”  There was still no response.  Andrea sat up the rest of the way, causing the remaining food to fall off her, and looked at Faye sternly.  She couldn’t tell what the other woman was thinking.  “Fine,” Andrea said.  A tear rolled down her cheek.  Andrea wiped it off.  “I’ll make it easy on you.  Fuck you.  I’m out of here.”  Andrea stood up, still dripping with cream and syrup and turned towards the door.

            “Alright,” Faye said.

            Andrea and the other man both turned to her, unsure of what she meant.

            “One ton and she’s yours,” Faye said.  The man smiled.

            “Forget it, I’m leaving,” Andrea walked towards the door but didn’t make it far before feeling cold fingers wrap around her arm.

            “I’m going to have to take her with me now,” the man said.  “I’m not convinced she’ll still be here when the transaction is ready.”

            Faye nodded silently and failed to get up from her seat. 

            “Let me go,” Andrea said to him.  “I won’t give you another warning.”

            “You’re not going anywhere,” he said and she felt the grip on her arm tighten. 

            Andrea tried to pull away but only managed to force him to move a few inches with her.  He was extremely strong.  “Let me go,” she said feeling more desperate.
            He yanked on her and instead of moving a few inches like she had caused him to do, Andrea was pulled several feet towards him. 

            “Fine,” she said.  She made a fist with her free hand and swung at him as hard as she could.  She connected square to his jaw and his head reeled to the side, but he didn’t release his grip.  Green blood trickled from his lips.  Andrea and Faye just stared.  “No…” Andrea whispered.  “You all left.”

            “We came back,” he said with a smile.  He wiped his mouth clean and looked to Faye.  “I don’t need to tell you what will happen if our arrangement gets out.”

            Faye gulped.  “Weapons dealing is confidential,” she said.

            “Faye no,” Andrea pleaded.  “You can’t sell to them.  Who knows what they’ll do with that many weapons.”

“I never said I was a good person,” Faye said.  Before Andrea could respond, she saw a fist flying at her.  She tried to move out of the way but she wasn’t fast enough.  There was a flash of pain and then, only darkness.


* * * *


            “Hey, you okay?”  It was a soft, pleasant voice. 

            Andrea opened her eyes.  The world was hazy but slowly came into focus.  A woman was leaning over her.  The woman was so close that her dirty blond hair hung down tickling Andrea’s cheek.  Her eyes, and lips, were only a few inches away.

            “You okay?” The woman repeated.

            “Yeah, yeah.”  Andrea moved her head left to right, trying to shake out some of the dizziness.  “I think I’m fine.”

            “Good ‘cause I can barely put on a bandaid, let alone deal with a head injury.”

            “You’re uh…” Andrea looked up at her still only inches away, “You’re kind of in my personal space here.”

            “Is that where I am?”  The Blond smiled at her.   She leaned in a little closer and brought a hand up as if to caress Andrea’s cheek.  Andrea was paralyzed, not wanting to move.  Her heart beat faster and her stomach tightened.  She anticipated the touch, her skin became taught and sensitive in longing.  She was disappointed when the hand moved past her cheek and into her hair.  The blond lifted it up gently.  “There, it was caught in a crack in the brick.  Probably would have hurt if you tried to get up.”

            “Uh, yeah, thanks.”  Andrea took a deep breath regaining control.  She was surprised at the disappointment she felt as the rush faded  “I already have a pretty good headache.  That asshole sucker-punched me.”

            “You’re going to have to be more specific.  There’re a lot of assholes around here.  My name’s Sandra.”  She lifted her head away so Andrea could get up.


            “Nice to meet you.”

            “Yeah same here.”  Andrea looked around.  They were sharing a small cell.  There was a bucket on the ground Andrea guessed was the toilet and a single mound of hay.  There were no windows but one of the walls was made of bars allowing her to look down a short hallway to a door.  Before Andrea could finish looking around she was drawn to Sandra’s naked body.  It was similar to her own, very athletic, average sized breasts, trimmed muff.  She was a natural blond.  She took a minute longer than she should of to stare.  Her stomach was well toned.  Somehow the dirt on her body from time in prison only added to her attractiveness.  It made her somehow mysterious.  “Where are we?”

            “Dunno.  They haven’t let me out. I’ve been here about a week.”  The door at the end of the hall clicked and began to open.  “Oh shit.”


            “Just do what they tell you to,” Sandra whispered.  She moved away from Andrea and sat down with her back to a wall.

            The man that entered through the door was the same one that had hit her in Faye’s house earlier.  He closed the door behind him, locked it and walked towards the bars.  He used another key to open the bars and slid them open.  He stood in the doorway staring at Andrea.  “If you don’t already know, my name is Dax.”

            Andrea stayed where she was and looked up at him.

            “You now belong to me,” he continued.  “You will do everything I say without hesitation.  If you don’t, you will be punished.  If you are punished enough times, you will die.  Is that clear?”

            Andrea nodded.  She wished she could somehow get smaller.  She debated fighting but only once was she able to take an Invid without weapons and only when she had caught him by surprise.  Not to mention the fact that the fight was broken up before her opponent really had a chance to retaliate.  Either way, fighting him now probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

            “Stand up and face the wall.”  Andrea did so. She looked over her shoulder at him and Sandra.  “Blondie, go check and make sure she didn’t try and sneak anything in here will you?”

            Sandra smiled.  “With pleasure.”  She swayed her hips as she walked the short distance to Andrea’s position.  Andrea watched as Sandra put two fingers deep in her mouth.  She pulled them out as she reached Andrea and lowered them to her waist.  Standing to Andrea’s side, she moved her hand between Andrea and the wall.

            “What are you doing?” Andrea asked despite already knowing the answer.  She felt two fingers push into her pussy hard and fast.  “Umph,” they moved so deep and with such force it nearly winded her.  She could feel the fingers squirming around inside her, pressing against the different walls of her vagina, even briefly scraping across her g-spot.  They weren’t gentle at all.  After a moment, Sandra withdrew them, now wet with Andrea’s juices.

            Sandra moved to the other side of Andrea.  “How was that for you?”

            “It hurt,” Andrea said.  “Couldn’t you have been a little more gentle?”

            “Could of,” Sandra said.

            Andrea felt the same two fingers move between her butt cheeks.  “Wait a minute,” Andrea said, but by the time she finished speaking, Sandra’s digits were already making their way inside her.  “Ahh, ouch,” Andrea moaned as the two fingers jammed into her ass with just as much force as they had done with her pussy.  Again she could feel them squirming, quickly pumping in and out, searching around for something that everyone knew wasn’t there. 

            Sandra spent much longer than necessary digging around in her ass, and was equally rough.  Finally she pulled her fingers out and shoved them immediately into Andrea’s mouth.  “Clean ‘em off,” she ordered.

            Andrea gagged, not expecting them in her third hole.  Sandra moved them around roughly, using her unwilling tongue and the inside of her cheeks to wipe them clean before finally extracting them.

            “She’s clean,” Sandra said.  Andrea glared at the other woman.  Five minute and she was already betrayed by someone she thought would be a friend.

            “Good, good.  Well done.  My turn now.”

            “Of course, sir,” Sandra said.  She grabbed Andrea by the arm, spun her around and forced her hard down to her knees.  Sandra then did the same, kneeling beside Andrea and reached out to Dax’s pants.  She undid the button, but Andrea was just kneeling there, not moving.  “Don’t just sit there,” Sandra said slapping Andrea across the cheek.  Help out.”

            Andrea was shocked into action.  She reached up with Sandra and helped to remove the man’s pants.  His stiffening cock popped out before his pants were even down his hips.  He was big and Sandra went straight for the base of it, licking at one side dramatically.  Andrea followed suit and went for the base as well, looking Sandra in the eyes as she lapped at Dax’s balls.  Sandra looked back.  She looked like she was longing for something, but for what, Andrea couldn’t tell.  She also looked hungry.  But again, hungry for what?

            While Andrea continued to suck on Dax’s balls, Sandra slid her tongue up the length of his dick and put it into her mouth.  She slid the tip in and out a few times before taking the whole thing into her mouth.  Her lips pressed against his pubic hairs and her chin against Andrea’s cheek.  Andrea nearly jumped at the unexpected touch. As Sandra pulled away she was disappointed once more, despite the other woman’s aggressive actions.  Once again her body tensed in anticipation of Sandra’s touch.  When it finally came and the other woman’s chin brushed her cheek gently once more, Andrea’s body shuddered.  She tried to remember when the last time was that she was so affected by someone’s touch.  She couldn’t think of one. 

            Sandra pulled back and off Dax’s cock.  It was dripping wet.  “She’s ready for your dick.”

            “Fuck off,” Andrea said to Sandra a little too loud.  Why did she always have to develop crushes on bitches and assholes.

            “I do believe you’re right,” Dax said.  “But no one likes a sell-out.  You’ll go first today Sandra.”  He looked to Andrea.  “Stand there,” he pointed.  “Back against the wall.”

            Andrea did as instructed.  She was glad Sandra was going to get what she deserved.

            Dax picked the blond up by the hair until she stretching up on her toes.  He whispered something into her ear and she let out a whimper that half satisfied Andrea and half created sympathy.   Andrea couldn’t help but look at the other woman’s tight, stretched body.  She guessed she was probably her same age or a little younger.  Maybe twenty or so.   She was a little more lithe but seemed just as muscular.  Her nipples pointed up with her breasts, partially because of her position and partially just due to youth.  Despite everything Andrea still wanted to feel them in her hands.

            Dax pushed Sandra towards Andrea hard until they came in contact hard, chest to chest, stomach to stomach and legs to legs.  “Umph,” Andrea grunted as her back absorbed most of the blow against the brick.  Sandra gripped awkwardly for some kind of support as one of Dax’s hands pressed hard into her lower back and the other did something she couldn’t see.  The blonde’s hands clutched at the brick wall of the cell.  One eventually found her shoulder and latched on.  Her face was so close to her own that Andrea could barely even focus her vision on the other woman.  But when she did, Sandra’s eyes showed fear.  Andrea could feel Sandra’s fast breaths against her cheek and lips.  She was becoming panicked.  All of Andrea’s satisfaction switched to sympathy. 

            Andrea felt Sandra’s stomach pressed hard against her own, expanding with each breath.  Sandra was biting her lower lip.  Her dirty blonde hair hung around her face.  She would have looked incredibly sexy in other circumstances.  “Don’t just stand there,” Dax said.  “Start making out.  Do something.”

            Andrea’s heart jumped.  Her lips were already extremely close to the other woman’s.  She was going to move forward when Sandra’s eyes suddenly widened and her hand clamped down on Andrea’s shoulder.  Dax had shoved his cock into her and from her expression, it wasn’t her pussy he was playing with.  As if for reassurance, Sandra instantly pressed her lips hard into Andrea’s.  The kiss was hard enough to bruise but that was certainly the least of Sandra’s concerns.  She moaned loudly, continuously through the kiss.  Andrea brought her hands to Sandra’s sides in an effort to hold her more tightly.

            The blonde rocked into Andrea hard with each thrust into her ass.  Dax was obviously all the way inside judging by the force Sandra was hitting Andrea with each time.  At one point when they broke the kiss, Andrea saw Sandra’s eyes were tearing up.  Shit, she thought.  She couldn’t let her keep going through that.  Before she could act Sandra desperately shoved her lips into Andrea’s once more, this time parting them so her tongue could participate in the action.  Andrea couldn’t resist, meeting the blonde’s tongue with her own and revelling in the pleasant feelings in and out of Sandra’s mouth.

            Finally, Sandra broke the kiss again to take a deep breath as Dax’s cock temporarily vacated her ass.  Andrea decided she had better act.  “I’m getting so horny,” she said to Sandra just loud enough that Dax would be able to hear it.  “Your tits feel so good mashed into me like this.”  Dax thrust back into her and Sandra’s breasts pressed against Andrea’s hard once again.  “Oh yeah, that’s good.  Put something inside me,” she was still talking to Sandra but Dax was listening carefully as he pumped the other woman.

            “I can’t,” Sandra gulped as the dick reached deep into her once more.  “I can’t reach,” she said as her tits ploughed into Andrea’s once more.

            “I can reach,” Dax said pulling out of Sandra.  “You two switch positions.”

            “Thank-you,” Sandra mouthed to Andrea before anxiously spinning them around.  She didn’t want Dax to change his mind.  Andrea quickly found herself sandwiched between Sandra and Dax.  Between the body heat of both of them Andrea immediately started to sweat.  She no longer had the cool brick on her back to keep cool.  She felt herself get slippery as she pressed hard into Sandra once more.  Again her lips were inches from the other woman, but this time, out of thanks instead of desperation, Sandra pressed forward, kissing Andrea passionately. 

            Midway through the long kiss, with Sandra’s tongue deep in her mouth, Andrea felt a wide object press against her ass.  She cringed, resisted the urge to bite down on Sandra’s lip and clenched her eyes tightly shut.  Dax’s cock slowly entered her rectum.  “Mmmmmph,” Andrea moaned as Dax went into her deeper. 

            “It’s okay,” Sandra whispered into Andrea’s ear.  She reached out with her tongue, gently pressing it against Andrea’s ear.  Conveniently timed with an outstroke on Dax’s part, Andrea shuddered in pleasure.  “So you like that, do you?” Sandra continued.  Sandra bit down gently on Andrea’s ear as Dax shoved deep into her ass again.  Andrea was pressed forward with more force.  She placed her head over Sandra’s shoulder and could smell the other woman’s hair in her face.  “Just ignore him,” she whispered.  “Focus on me.”

            Andrea pressed her palms to the wall to try and stop from being crushed into Sandra with each of Dax’s strokes.  It worked to an extent but her stomach still pressed into the other woman’s hard.  She pulled her head back, not rocking as much with her upper body and looked at Sandra.  Each time she was bounced forward with Dax’s cock squeezing between her butt cheeks and painfully stretching her rectum, her head moved close to Sandra’s and the side of her face brushed against the other woman’s as she moaned into Sandra’s ear.  With each outstroke, Andrea pulled her head back and met Sandra’s gaze, her sweaty face glistened in the soft light, her mouth stayed agape as she tried to regain her breath.

            “Ummmmph,” Andrea moaned as Dax slid deep into her once again.  She buried her head in Sandra’s neck, moaning repeatedly with each thrust.  “Ummph,” she grunted one final time as Dax shoved hard into her forcing her tits to sandwich into Sandra’s.  Except this time, he didn’t pull out.  Andrea felt warm liquid spurt deep into her ass and short jerks from Dax pushed her into Sandra’s now equally sweaty body.

            Andrea let out a long breath into Sandra’s hair, grateful that Dax was finally done.  She moved her palms down from the wall and placed her hands on Sandra’s hips, anticipating the pull out by Dax as her ass filled up with warm liquid.  She had forgotten just how much the Invid came.

            However, instead of pulling out, Andrea only experienced a brief lull of movement before unexpectedly being shoved into Sandra once more.  She was off balance and fell into the other woman hard as Dax’s cock attempted to get even deeper into her ass.  “Unngh, shit,” she moaned. He began thrusting all over again and Andrea realized she had forgotten something else about the Invid.  They could go multiple times without getting soft. 

            “You didn’t think I was done already did you?” Dax said over the wet squishing noises coming from her ass as his deep thrusts pushed the cum inside her either deeper, or out around the edges of his cock.  He shoved into her hard as if to prove his point.

            “Aaaagh,” Andrea moaned loudly into Sandra’s neck.  She put her palms back up against the brick wall but Sandra took one of them and moved it in-between their bodies so it was on her breast. 

            “Put it here,” Sandra said.
            “I can’t promise I won’t squeeze,” Andrea said as Dax rammed into her again.  There were more wet sloppy noises from her ass as a little more cum squished out from around Dax’s cock. 

            “I like it rough,” Sandra smiled.

“You better, aggghh,” Andrea squeezed Sandra’s firm tit tightly as Dax shoved into her hard once more.  Her other hand’s fingernails dug into the brick.  She started to get the familiar queasy feeling when someone fucked her in the ass way too deep.  The huge amount of cum being pushed deep into her rectum wasn’t helping matters either.


* * * *


            Andrea wasn’t sure how much time had passed.  It had been a few hours at least.  Maybe as many as five or six.  Dax was still pounding into her ass just as hard as he had originally.  Her grip on Sandra’s breast had loosened and her hand wrapped around Sandra’s waist limply.  Her other arm had drifted away from the wall and was draped over Sandra’s shoulder.  She could barely stand, only able to maintain her footing thanks to Sandra’s arms around her waist holding her up.  Her neck hung over Sandra’s free shoulder.  The world was hazy and she could barely keep her eyes open.  It was as if she were drunk.  She was sweating profusely, making her body slick against the other woman’s and her tits flattened and slid against Sandra’s effortlessly.  Her groaning had diminished to a light, barely audible, “umph, umph, umph,” with each thrust.

            Dax shoved into her deeply once more and held himself there, holding her tightly against Sandra’s firm body.  She felt more warm liquid enter her already soaking asshole.  Dax had probably already cum more than a dozen times.  This time though, he was grunting with each spurt.  His whole body shook and Andrea felt the warm liquid being deposited inside her with even greater strength.  More cum squished out around the sides of his cock, but most of it just travelled deeper inside her.  She felt like she had just been loaded with a king-sized enema and then had it forced even deeper inside her with a ten-inch butt plug.  She had been having cramps for a couple hours but had managed to tune them out.

            “Oh, Andrea,” Dax said weakly.  “That was the best cum I’ve ever had.”  He stayed deep inside her.  “But I think I’m beat so I’m just gonna skip to the best part.  Sandra,” he snapped his fingers.  “Snack time.”

            Sandra dropped to her knees and slid under Andrea’s body, between her legs.  She moved forward, just far enough so that her nose was in the other woman’s pussy and her mouth and tongue were at her ass.  She reached her arms up and latched on to Andrea’s hips to support her arched back and licked gently at Dax’s softening cock, still plugging Andrea’s ass.

            With no warning, Dax withdrew his dick and torrents of cum poured out into Sandra’s mouth and over her face, quickly coursing down along her cheeks before dripping onto her upturned tits and rolling further down her body.  “Ack,” she choked through the cum as she began to swallow.  Her mouth was filled to brimming once more after each gulp she took. 

            Finally, after about twenty seconds of constant stream, the cum from her ass sputtered and began to slow.  Only a few creamy dribbles continued to trail out of her gaping hole and as Sandra finally swallowed the last of it in her mouth, she pressed her cum coated face into Andrea’s ass crack and licked up the final trail.  Strings connected her lips and nose to Andrea’s ass and pussy as she pulled away.  “Ugh, fuck” Sandra shuddered.  She looked as if she was about to move away.

            “Oh you’re not done yet,” Dax said.  “Andrea’s not even trying.  I bet there’s still another mouthful in there.”

            Andrea looked over her shoulder at him disdainfully and Sandra returned to position.  “Sorry,” she said to Sandra quietly, and began to push.  Andrea pushed and a few new globs of pale cum came out and sunk heavily into Sandra’s mouth.  Her rosebud sputtered and a final stream of slightly darker, more viscous liquid forced its way out and into the blonde’s mouth.

            “More,” Dax said now leaning against the wall and watching with a smile on his face.

            “Sorry,” Andrea repeated to Sandra with a little more sincerity as she squeezed out a much thicker and pale brown cream from her ass.  Her ass relaxed and she pushed once more, this time ejecting a long, soft line that was a lot more solid than it was cum.   Andrea cringed, knowing that it had just crossed the line from gross into disgusting. 

            “Good, good,” Dax said.  “Now give it back to her.”

            Andrea’s eyes widened.  What did he mean?  She felt Sandra moving between her legs, and looked down to see her emerging between her and the wall.  Her mouth was closed but it looked full.  There was a lighter brown stain around her lips.  Before she knew it Sandra was standing directly in front of her, only inches away.  “No, no.  I don’t do this kind of thing,” she said turning her head to look at Dax pleadingly.  “Please…”

            Before she could protest further, Sandra grabbed her by the wrists, spun the two of them around so Andrea’s back was to the wall once more and her arms, held high above her head.  Andrea looked down at Sandra’s cum stained face and tits and once again, before she could act, Sandra was pressing her body hard against her, with lips touching hers.

            Sandra’s sticky breasts melted into her own and she immediately tasted the unpleasant mixture as Sandra’s tongue forced the cum saturated shit into her mouth.  She gagged.  Andrea struggled briefly but Sandra was just as strong as she was and the other woman had the upper hand.  Andrea’s mouth was soon full of the disgusting paste and her senses reeled with the taste of her own cummy shit.

            The French kiss continued for a while.  Sandra made sure to keep her tongue deep in Andrea’s mouth and Andrea tried to use her own tongue to shove out the intruder so she could clamp her teeth down and prevent the assault.  Sandra won the battle however and soon the paste turned into a wet mush.  Andrea tried to struggle once more but Sandra just pressed her chest harder into Andrea’s forcing her tight against the wall and gripped her wrists with extra force above her head.  Light brown liquid dripped out the sides of their mouths.

            “She won’t stop until you swallow Andrea,” Dax said.

            Reluctantly, realizing he was right, Andrea swallowed a small amount.  She felt it stick to her throat on the way down and she began gagging once more.

            “All of it,” Dax said.

            Andrea cursed Sandra’s tongue.  Something she had wanted inside all parts of her only a short time ago, and now she only wanted it to leave.  She gulped down a large portion of it, then followed with another, forcing it past her gag reflex through sheer strength of will.  One final gulp and her mouth was empty.  Sandra pulled her mouth away, “Ack,” Andrea hacked and coughed over the other woman’s shoulder.  She couldn’t believe she just ate her own shit.  She spat to the side and a yellow glob landed on the floor.  “Fuck,” she said.

            “So was that good for you?” Dax said smiling, now fully dressed.

            Andrea’s ass stung and her mouth tasted like she hadn’t brushed her teeth in a year.  “Fantastic,” she said with no conviction whatsoever.

            “Excellent.  And you?” he said to Sandra.

            “Wonderful,” she said with equal dedication.

            “Well,” he said.  “Now that you two have developed a taste for things you won’t be needing this,” he picked up the bucket that was on the ground for a toilet.  “If I find any piss or shit on the ground you’ll both be punished.  Severely.  I’ll be back in three days.  You two enjoy yourselves now.”  He exited the room and latched the bars.  His footsteps echoed down the hall before finally exiting out the main door.  Sandra let go of Andrea’s arms and dropped them casually to Andrea’s hips. 

            “Thank-you so much,” Sandra said.  She looked genuinely grateful.  “For taking over the ass fuck thing.  He was so big, I couldn’t have taken much more of that.”  Andrea didn’t respond one way or the other.  “I’m serious.  Thank-you.”

            Andrea brushed Sandra’s hands off her hips and moved out from between her and the wall.  She sat down carefully in the straw, her ass still extremely sore.

            “Is there anything I can do?” Sandra said.  “I’m really sorry about all that other stuff.”

            “What other stuff?” Andrea asked in a tone that made Sandra take a step away from her.

            “Um…  The fingers, the slap, the fact that it was you for 5 hours and not me…  The shit.  I’m sorry.”

            “You didn’t have to be so damned aggressive with it.”

            “Yes I did,” Sandra said taking a step closer.  “He is one fucked up dude.  He could have killed you.  He might still.  I was trying to keep us both alive.”

            Andrea sighed and closed her eyes.  She rested her head up against the cool wall.  She still felt exhausted and weak.  “He’s not a dude,” she said.


            “I said he’s not a dude.”

            “That big-ass cock of his sure says different,” Sandra said.

            “No, he’s an Invid.”

            “What?  Are you serious?”  Sandra moved over and knelt down in front of Andrea.  The cum that had covered her chest and stomach made her whole torso shine in the rough shape of a V  “An Invid?  I thought they were gone?”

            “I saw a meteor shower a little while ago.  Maybe that was them coming back.”

            “But why?  Why would they--”

            “I don’t know,” Andrea said.

            “What could they possibly want with us?”

            “Just fuck toys, I think” Andrea said dejectedly.  “They were buying weapons from someone I knew.  A lot of weapons.”

            “What would they want with human weapons?”

            “I don’t know.  They have tons of their own.  Maybe they’re trying to stage something.  Start a war.  I don’t know.”

            “Well then we have to get out of here,” Sandra said.  “Warn someone.”

            “How?  I can barely walk.  Besides, there’s nothing in here we can use to get out.”

            “We can’t just give up,” Sandra said.  She started looking around the cell for a large rock or perhaps a partly broken bar.  There was nothing.  “Maybe when he comes back we can overpower him.  You look pretty strong.”

            “He’s an Invid, Sandra.  We can’t overpower him.”

            “We’ve got to do something,” Sandra insisted.

            “No,” Andrea said quietly.  “I’m done doing somethings.”

            Sandra looked over at Andrea carefully.  “Maybe you’re part right.  Maybe it’s better if we just rest for the day and figure something out tomorrow.  He did say three days.”

            “Rest is good,” Andrea said.  She tried to get comfortable on the thin hay and against the brick wall but in every spot a new rock or piece of hay jabbed into her.  Sandra watched her a while before finally laying down beside her.

            “Here,” she said.  She rolled Andrea on top of her and slid her down her body slightly so Andrea could use her breast as a pillow.  “There.  Get some sleep.”

            “Thanks,” Andrea said grateful for the soft, if somewhat sticky, pillow she was offered.  She laid on her stomach on top of Sandra quite comfortably and with the other woman gently stroking her hair, quickly fell asleep.


* * * *


            “Alright girls, time to get up.” The voice was loud and booming and startled Andrea awake.  She looked up just in time to see a torrent of water flying through the air towards her.  She shut her eyes quickly and felt the water splash over her chest and face before rolling down her body in drops. 

            “What the fuck?” Sandra complained, also awakened in the same way.  Both women stood up and Dax, who had entered while they were asleep was holding another bucket.

            “Turn around,” he said and once they had done so splashed them with the other bucket.  “There, you two just had a shower.  Put your arms out.  Change of plans.”

            “Change of plans?” Andrea repeated extending her arms out in front of her.  Her wrists were cuffed, as were Sandra’s.

            “You two are going to put on a show today.  We’re doing a business deal and wanted some entertainment.”

            “What kind of entertainment?” Andrea questioned.

            “Let me put it this way,” Dax said.  “You girls have any wrestling experience?”

            Andrea frowned.

            Her and Sandra were led outside into bright daylight.  The ruins of Trump Towers suburbs surrounded them.  People stared as the two gorgeous women were led down the street wearing nothing but a few water droplets.  Their hair was soaked into curls and matted against their back and shoulders.  “This is so embarrassing,” Sandra said trying her best to cover her trimmed muff with her bound hands.

            Andrea walked on seemingly undisturbed.  “You get used to it,” she said.

            “No talking,” Dax said and grabbed the chain from both of their cuffs with one palm.  He pulled them forwards at a fast walking speed.  Sandra was blushing. 

Eventually, they were led into a large hall, built out of wood and thatching.  It was quite a nice building, something akin to a community center, and probably controlled by one of the gangs.  Maybe the Invid themselves managed to hang onto it somehow.

Inside, the building was equally lavish.  There were a number of tables set up around the perimeter and close to the door was a sort of pit, only a foot or so deep, that looked as if it was added in recently.  It was filled with mud.  “You two stand over there,” Dax said pointing to an area beside the edge of the pit.  Andrea walked over with Sandra close beside.  Dax went over to talk to another attractive blond man that looked as if he was setting up.

“What do you suppose this is all about?” Sandra whispered to Andrea.

“Maybe a celebratory thing for the weapons deal,” Andrea whispered back.  “Who knows?”

The women watched as Dax’s conversation intensified.  After a few minutes he turned away, glared at Andrea and Sandra, then turned back to his argument.  Finally he turned a final time and came over to Andrea and Sandra.  “All right, here’s the deal.  People come in, you stand there and look pretty.”  He wiped his nose with the back of his hand.  “Then, once everyone’s here, they start eating, I uncuff you, you two enter the pit, and wrestle your little brains out.  Best of five matches, pin count of three, I’m sure you can figure it out.  Try not to have it over with too quickly.  It’s gotta last all through dinner.  Then, when everyone’s done, you give ‘em a little dessert.  Anyone who wants you to suck ‘em off on the way out, you do it.  Any questions?”

The two women looked at each other and then back to Dax.

“Good,” he said.  He tied a chain to each of their cuffs, and walked out of the building.

“Could be worse,” Andrea said casually.

“Could be better,” Sandra added.  She leaned in close and whispered quietly, “when he uncuffs us we should make a break for it.”

“I’d really rather not get shot,” Andrea said.

“It’s our best chance.”

“That may be but it’s not a good one.  If I’m right, this place will be crawling with Invid.  They’re stronger and faster than we are.”

“But we’re smarter,” Sandra said.  “Come on, Andrea.  We can do this.”

Andrea looked at Sandra for a long time with hazy eyes slowly coming into focus.  She was going to go with or without her.  “Fine,” Andrea said.  “But we can’t make a break right away.  He’ll be expecting it.  We’ll have to do it mid-match.”

“You’re going to do it?” Sandra said smiling.  “Thank God.  I didn’t want to try it alone.”  Her posture straightened a bit as her mood improved.  “Okay, so in the first match, we’ll make a break for it.”

“Third,” Andrea said.  “They’ll be paying too much attention at the beginning.  We have a good first match, second match we slow it down a bit.  Try and get boring, lose their interest.  Third they’ll be busy eating, most won’t be paying as much attention.  It’ll give us an extra few seconds.”

“Okay, third it is,” Sandra said.  “In the mean time, you heard what he said.  Let’s not give him any reason to change his plans.  Let’s try and look pretty.”

“You don’t have to try,” Andrea said.  Sandra looked back quickly, with a little surprise.  Andrea avoided her eyes.


* * * *


Andrea fell to the ground with a splash and Sandra’s mud soaked breast left an imprint on her cheek as the other woman attempted to hold her down.  Sandra’s blond hair appeared brown thanks to the mud that caked it thick against the back of her head and along her cheeks.  Her breasts pressed hard into Andrea’s face, as if attempting to smother her with them.  Andrea’s arms were far above her head but she could feel the edge of the ring.  She pushed hard, sliding down the length of Sandra’s body until she was looking at the other woman’s mud-soaked crotch.

Andrea grabbed the blonde’s legs and flipped her onto her back.  “Umph,” Sandra grunted as more mud squirted out from beneath her.  Sandra’s face displayed only a few lines of dirt.  They had been wrestling a short time and so far neither woman was able to gain the upper hand.  “You’ve been trained,” Sandra said to her.

“So have you.”  Andrea reached for the other woman’s arms but Sandra slipped away and used her legs to flip the two of them over again.  Mud splashed up from underneath Andrea and Sandra got a good hold on her arm. 

“Say uncle.”

“Not a chance.”  The mud was slippery and Andrea easily slid out from a hold that would have otherwise ended the match.  She flipped Sandra onto her stomach and flopped down onto her back to hold her in place.

“Umph,” Sandra barely kept her face above the surface of the mud.  She cranked her neck to look up at Andrea as her attacker tried to hold her arms.  “Nice move.”

Andrea moved her face down so it was next to Sandra’s.  “You shouldn’t turn your neck like that to try and look at me.”

“Why?”  Sandra turned a little more as if taunting her.

Andrea couldn’t help herself.  The few streaks of mud and occasional droplets on Sandra’s face was too attractive.  Andrea leaned a little more and kissed the other woman passionately on the mouth, her body still holding the other woman down.  The fairly substantial group of Invid attending the event were quite focused on them.  When Andrea finally pulled away she only received a look of shock from the woman underneath her.

“Was that for them or me?”

“What do you think?”  Andrea asked, flipping Sandra onto her back and pressing her body down on her, once more holding the blonde’s arms above her head.

Shock still limited Sandra’s movements. “I don’t know.”

Andrea positioned her mouth only a few millimetres from Sandra’s.  She didn’t move away and after a brief hesitation, Andrea touched her lips to the other woman’s.  The kiss was deep, if short and Sandra’s shock still hadn’t given way to passion.  The lack of a return worried her and Andrea felt a lump in her stomach.  What if Sandra didn’t like her?  What if she only wanted to escape and then go on with her life?  What if she was straight?

“Now I know,” Sandra said breathily.

“Ten!” The ref said from what seemed like another world.  “Brunette wins.”

Andrea hadn’t even realized it but Sandra’s shoulders were technically against the ground with her on top.  She hadn’t even heard the ref counting. 

“Don’t kiss me like that unless you mean it,” Sandra said quietly.  Andrea looked into her eyes; she saw fear.  She had already forgotten about the crowd again.  She leaned down so her lips slowly approached Sandra’s once more.  But this time, before they arrived on target, Sandra lifted her head to meet them, kissing her hard and passionately.  Mud squished between their bodies as their skin sought each other out. Their arms wrapped tightly around the other and tongues intertwined to fold a meld that even the mud that surrounded them couldn’t crack. 

“Okay, looks like round two is starting early,” Andrea vaguely heard Dax say from that same other world.  Andrea felt a familiar tingling as her breasts mashed into her partners and her pussy pressed hotly into her lover’s thigh.  She felt the same heat come from Sandra against her own leg. 

The kiss continued and Andrea felt Sandra’s hands slide down her back.  She shivered and moved her own arms underneath her lover into her hair.  The hands on her back flowed like warm liquid to her butt where they gripped tightly and sent new tingles up her body.  Suddenly, Sandra lifted her shoulder up and rolled them over, placing Andrea on the bottom.  She deepened the kiss and then pulled away.  Andrea’s lips went with her, as if attached by magnet but eventually they were forced to separate as Sandra moved to a sitting position.

Delicately, Sandra grabbed one of Andrea’s mud coated legs and sliding a hand up through the muck, reached the ankle.  She lifted it high into the air, exposing Andrea’s mud coated pussy.  She interlocked legs, and with Andrea’s one leg held tightly against her stomach, chest and cheek, pressed her pussy into her lovers.  Andrea could feel the warmth immediately, even through the cold tack of the thick wet dirt.  With a sloppy “schluck” sound, Sandra ground her crotch into the other woman’s.

As more tingles of pleasure spread through Andrea’s body, she arched her neck, letting her hair immerse itself completely in the muck beneath her.  Sandra moved her hands up and down Andrea’s calf as if she were making out with a date at the prom.  Andrea rocked her hips in motion with Sandra’s thrusts to fully grind their pussies together despite the mud between them trying to create a barrier. 

Acting on instinct, Andrea grabbed the closest thing she could to her, Sandra’s leg, and pulled.  The unexpected motion forced Sandra into a lying down position opposite Andrea.  Their pussies continued to mesh as the two women clung onto each others legs tightly.  Their hips continued to gyrate together and Andrea began to sweat as she hugged Sandra’s ankle to her cheek tightly.  She began to thrust harder and drops of mud splattered out from between their tightly pressed crotches. 

The trib continued for long minutes; each woman rocked her hips into the other.  Eventually, it was Andrea’s turn to sit and Sandra did the same.  Their pussies still locked together, grinded slower now and out of synch thanks to the new mutual sitting position making the angles more awkward.  The new position did have one added bonus however and the women explored it aggressively as they kissed each other hard and deep.  The thrusting continued and as their tits pushed together Andrea felt a warm tingling moving from her pussy, up her spine and into her shoulders.  She shook and moaned quietly as an orgasm washed over her. 

Sandra humped twice more and with Andrea twitching in her arms was unable to hold off her own pleasure any longer.  She came powerfully with her cheek buried in Andrea’s neck.  The women collapsed into the mud, Andrea on her back, and Sandra on top of her.  The ref counted to ten again and declared Sandra the winner.  Neither cared.  They were given five minutes before the next match was to start.

“I’d forgotten what that felt like,” Andrea said quietly into Sandra’s ear.

“What, sex?”

“No, good sex.”

“Hah, well I’m glad to help,” Sandra said.  “So what do we do now?” she whispered.

Andrea looked to each side while still underneath the other women’s warmth.  The ref was dark haired and somewhat scrawny, so he probably wasn’t a concern.  Dax was hovering near the door watching them, probably worried about an escape.  He’d be a problem.  There were probably 10-20 Invid in the room if most of the blonde’s turned out to be them.  Another 30 or 40 humans watched from around dinner tables, including Faye.  Most notable however was the crates that had recently been brought in.  There were dozens, most likely filled with the weapons that the Invid had bought.  One of the lids was cracked open on the far side of the room and a few Invid were standing around it, reaching in to handle the contents.

“I don’t know,” Andrea whispered back.  “There’re a lot of them.” 

“We can’t back down now.”

“I know, but we have to be smart.”

“I think one of us should distract Dax and the other go try and get to one of the weapons crates.

“No.  We’d never make it across the room to the crates.  I think simple is best here.”

“Just try and get passed him?  Make a break for it?”


“What about his gun?”

Andrea looked over to see a laser pistol in a holster on his hip.  “Leave that to me.”

“Alright.  When he comes close or looks a little distracted.”

There was silence as both women thought of the risks they would soon take.  Andrea closed her eyes, trying to focus on the impending combat.  She hadn’t fought in months.  She hadn’t wanted to.  All she could think of was Kitty, dying in her arms.  One giant explosion wiped out nearly every friend she had made in the last year.  She couldn’t help but imagine their faces, contorted in pain, stuck endlessly in the moments between the shockwave and death.  Andrea’s hands were shaking.  She hadn’t shook before a fight since high school.  ‘Come on,’ she thought to herself.  ‘Get it together.  Get it together.  It’s just a few Invid.’  She clutched Sandra tightly, feeding off her calm.

A familiar voice broke through the silence disturbing her.  “Hey girls.”

Andrea opened her eyes.  It was Faye.  She looked back at Sandra.

“Andrea.  I’m sorry about what went down the other day,” Faye said.  “That’s really not what I meant to happen.”

Andrea continued to look at Sandra as she spoke.  She was still trying to soak up strength.  “I guess sometimes that happens when you deal weapons to the Invid.”

Faye knelt by the edge of the mud and leant forward.  “You think I want to?  If I don’t they’ll kill me and just go to someone else.”


“There’s no maybe about it, Andrea.”

“You’re weak,” Andrea said almost imperceptibly.


“I said you’re weak.”

“Me?  I’m weak?”  Faye’s voice deepened and she leaned in further.  “Look who’s talking?  You spent the last month being my bitch with a dildo up your ass.  You can’t even look at me.”

Andrea turned her head to make eye contact directly.  “You should leave now.”

“Or what?  You’ll sick your hussy on me?  Maybe she could mud wrestle me into submission.”

“Wait just a damn minute,” Sandra said, sitting up but still straddling Andrea’s hips. 

“Uh uh,” Faye said leaning back and gesturing to a 9mm on her hip.  “Don’t fuck with a weapons dealer.”

“Then don’t insult my friend,” Sandra said.

Andrea closed her eyes again briefly, still trembling in the mud.  She new the altercation would bring Dax over.  Their opportunity was making itself early.

“Look at her, she’s pathetic,” Faye said. 

“Don’t listen to her,” Sandra said to Andrea quietly.

Andrea took a deep breath.  Her chest rose in the mud and fell softly after.

“I came over here to apologize,” continued Faye, “but you know what?  I’m glad I ditched the bitch.  I don’t know who she thinks she is but she may as well get used to it.  She’s going to be someone’s whore for the rest of her life.”

Andrea opened her eyes.  A slow, methodical look to the right confirmed that although a few Invid seemed intrigued by the argument, most were either inspecting weapons or eating.  She looked to the left, equally methodically.  Dax was approaching, Faye was kneeling beside the mud pit.  Andrea put a gentle hand on Sandra’s hip and the other woman got the message, carefully getting off of Andrea and letting her up.

“Uh oh, I’ve got her mad now,” Faye said.  Andrea stood up and noticed a look of concern on Dax’s face.  Faye stood up as well but was seemingly oblivious to any danger.  “Don’t embarrass yourself further, Andrea.”

Andrea moved to the edge of the mud pit so she was face to face with Faye.  And she waited.  Waited for Dax to get closer.  Sandra stood as well.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Faye asked.  Dax was almost there.  “No?” continued Faye. 

Dax finally arrived a few feet from her.  “What’s going on here?”

Andrea looked up at the taller man.  “I think we’ll be leaving now.”  With lightning speed, Andrea reached into Faye’s holster and grabbed onto the weapon.  She spun quickly, catching Faye’s forehead with an elbow and sending her to the ground unconscious.  Simultaneously, she lined the gun in her other hand up with Dax’s head.  He moved his lips to speak.  She fired.

The loud crack of the gun and the louder boom of an explosion reverberated throughout the room.  Strands of fire and green blood rained down harmlessly around the two naked women still dripping mud in the pit.  Faye had loaded the gun with explosive bullets.

Nothing else needed to be said.  As Dax’s headless body slumped to the ground, Sandra grabbed his laser pistol and the two women broke into a run.  Andrea heard Sandra fire a couple rounds blindly into the Invid surrounding the weapons crates.  She glanced over to see one of them go down with a hole in his chest and the others dive for cover. 

They were in the doorframe when Andrea heard the crack, crack, crack of an automatic rifle, firing shots at them.  She shoved Sandra through the door and quickly followed but before she was clear felt the searing pain of a bullet passing right through her calf.  “Ah,” Andrea lost her footing and rolled out of the building.  She jumped to her feet again but the muscle on her leg must have been damaged.  She barely managed to dive away as more rounds whipped through the doorway and out onto the street.

“Come-on, I got you,” Sandra said putting one of Andrea’s arms around her shoulder.  The two women ran as fast as Andrea could handle.  Civilians quickly moved out of the streets, knowing another gunfight was just likely to get them caught in the crossfire.  Andrea looked behind to see well armed Invid filling out of the building.  She leaned to the side and forced the two of them to take cover in an alley only seconds before another barrage of bullets.

“We’re going to run out of ammo,” Andrea said.

“Doesn’t matter.  We need to get out of here.”  Sandra leaned around the corner and fired a shot.  “They’re taking up defensive positions. When they’re set they’ll charge us.”

Andrea looked down at her leg.  “I can’t outrun them.”

“Then we’ll outfight them.”

Andrea shook her head.  “No.  There’s too many.”

Sandra leaned around the corner and fired another shot.  “We’ll figure something out.”

“No.  You have to go,” Andrea said meeting the other woman’s eyes.

“I’m not going to leave you to die.”

“No.  You have to go.  I can hold them off long enough.”

“Andrea, I’m not going to leave you.”

Bullets splattered against the wall on the far side of the alley, chewing it to dust.  “Look at me,” Andrea said, placing a palm against Sandra’s cheek.  “One of us has to live.  Tell the Coalition what they’re doing here.  Whatever the Invid are planning, we need to stop them.  It’ll save countless lives.”

“But…” Sandra looked trapped.  Another round of bullets sliced into the wall opposite them and Sandra ducked instinctually.  “I just met you.”

“Hey,” Andrea said.  “You’ve made the hell I went through this last half year worthwhile.  But there’s no other way.  I should have died seven months ago with my soldiers.”

“What are you talking about?”

Andrea leaned around the corner and fired a shot off at one of the Invid brave enough to try and reposition himself.  The bullet exploded as it hit his chest and he fell over dead.  “I led the attack in Florida against the Regent’s Invid.”

Sandra’s eyes opened wide.  “What?”

“We don’t have time for this,” Andrea said.  “You’ve got to go.”

“But…  You’re a hero.  You should be retired with a dozen medals, not fighting for your life in a fucking alley.”

“Hah, won’t argue that,” Andrea smiled.  Sandra was still shocked.  She looked at Andrea with gaping mouth.  Andrea sighed and grabbed her by the hair, quickly pulling her towards her.  She kissed her, hard on the mouth, clutching her hair as if for her life.  After a few seconds she broke the kiss.  “I’m glad I met you Sandra,” Andrea said.  “Go,” she whispered.

Sandra paused a moment and then nodded.  Tears were in her eyes.  As she stood up Andrea quickly changed weapons so she had the laser gun and Sandra the 9mm.  “Go,” Andrea repeated quietly.

Sandra took off at a full sprint down the alley.  Andrea smiled after her and took a deep breath.  “Okay, here goes,” she said to herself.  She leaned around the corner and fired another shot, downing another one.  There were still 10 or more left, plus the humans that had come to back them up.  Before she could duck back behind the corner one of the humans fired and the shot hit her in the shoulder.  “Ah.”

“Fuck,” Andrea moaned.  “They’re getting close.”  She clutched her shoulder with her gun hand.  It was bleeding pretty heavily.  Andrea pulled the energy clip out of the weapon and with her fingernail changed a couple of settings.  “Let’s see if we can’t make them think twice about this,” she said to herself as she put the clip back in.  She pulled the trigger but no energy shot out.  The gun began to hum loudly.  She pulled the trigger again and the energy cell began to glow through the casing.  “Five, four, three…” with her good arm Andrea tossed the weapon out into the street.  “…One…”

A loud explosion rang out through the city, igniting anything flammable near it.  The blast reached up above the two story roofs and a dozen voices called out in pain.  Green dots splattered over the road near her and a quiet “clack” drew her attention to an automatic rifle the blast had carried forward.  It wasn’t too far.  Only a few feet out in the open. 

“I’m not going to let you fuckers kill any more people like this,” she said aloud.  The screams of pain continued from the street.  She took another deep breath, calmed herself and rolled out into the street towards the gun.  She felt the warm metal fibre in her hands and continued the roll into a standing position.  They began shooting.  Before Andrea even took aim, she felt a pinching pain and a burning from her stomach as another bullet struck her.

She took a step toward her assailant and took aim.  More shots rang out, this time from her weapon, and he fell down behind his cover.  The explosion had left a large hole in the middle of the street and a dozen humans and Invid were missing limbs nearby.  She found another target and fired.  The burning in her stomach was distracting.  It was hard to focus.  There was another automatic rifle on the ground.  She picked it up with her injured side and despite the pain, extended her arms away from her body.  She fired again, taking out two more targets.

Another crack of the gun, mixed in with all the others filled the night sky and struck her in the chest, piercing her lung and forcing the wind out of her.  She could taste blood in her mouth.  With a flick of her thumbs she set the weapons to fully automatic and held the triggers in.  Another half dozen gunmen fell to the ground but another that had somehow gotten around behind her fired hitting her three more times.  Her leg, her back and her arm all twitched and she heard the crack of breaking bones as the bullet split one of her ribs.  Andrea fell, dropped one of the guns and couldn’t breathe.  She spit out more blood and rolled to her back.  The remaining gun was kicked away from her and she looked up at an attractive blonde man, pointing a pistol at her head.  Suddenly, inexplicably, she pictured Kitty in her mind.  “I’ll see you soon,” she sputtered through blood.  Everything went black.


End part 20-A”


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