Older-Younger Sex Stories

    Olive-(M/olderF, romanc)(January, 2005)
    Opal-(youngerM/olderF, rom)(October, 2007)
    Rosa-(MF, youngerM/olderF, rom)(June, 2007)
    RV'ing Fun-( older F/3M, inter, voy FM)(December, 2006)
    Spring Break-(M/FF, mature,inter, virgin, preg)(February, 2006)
    Tagalong-(M/F, M/FF, FF, virgin, impreg)(2001)
    Toys 1-(virgin, M/F, MM/F, MM/FF, voy)(2002)
    Toys 2-(virgin, M/F, MM/F, MMM/FFF, orgy, matureF)(2003)
    Toys 3-( 13M/F,anal, gb)(2003)
    Celinda-( youngerF/olderM, rom)(December, 2006)
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