Author: Daddy Walker
Title: Never Trust a Daddy
Keywords: Mg nc rape anal tort ws snuff


Never Trust a Daddy

I still remember how wonderful and helpless her naked body
looked, taped to the kitchen table with the lamp shining down
like a spotlight from above. I didn't know anything about her
at the time other than that I would fuck her, and then I would
watch her die around my cock. I found out later that she was
just ten years old.
It happened on a car trip with my wife and children late last
spring. It was my first real day off for months. We were on
our way to five days in a rental cabin up in the region where
my wife's mother lived. I had been caught up in the usual work
crap for ages, and then vacation had hit me so fast that I
hadn't believed it was real. Now, the sun was out, and I had
beer in the cooling bag. The car was full of commotion, but
suddenly I was floating on top of that in complete inner peace.

I suppose the story really starts at the moment when we passed
a little-girl football team in afternoon practice.

I found myself staring at them with my cock swelling in my
pants. I could feel myself giving in to temptation... There
would be no amount of beer, sunshine, or plunging my cock into
my wife's pussy that would ever satisfy this urge. I needed to
watch one of those bald little cunts open up around me while I
forced myself into its tightness!

Over the coming days I took every chance I had to lock myself in
the bathroom and jerk off into the toilet bowl, imagining those
slender little bodies abused in every way possible. The toilet
was part of some special system for the cabins. The bowl was
made of metal, and it had no water in it. You simply filled it
up from empty as you started, and then you opened some kind of
hatch at the bottom to flush. My fantasies kept getting more
and more vicious, and each time when I was done, I watched my
sperm sinking through my piss, and I wondered just how long I
could wait.

Three days before we were leaving to go see Grandma, I told my
wife that they had called from work and sent me something
urgent, and maybe it would be better for everyone if they left

There were no protests.

I drove them all off in the morning, and on the way back I was
hit by the final, almost all-overpowering arousal.

I was going find myself a little bitch, and I was going to fuck
her apart! I had almost 48 hours to myself in the cabin. There
wasn't much of a plan, but I had my emergency solution, an
electric self-defense stun gun, which I carry with just this
sort of situation in mind.

In the afternoon, I finally arrived back at the football field.

I spent about an hour in the woods, finding my way between a
running track and the nearest road. Then I sat down, looking out
over the sunlit track from the top of a slope.

Cunt after cunt passed by, moaning and sweating, tit-bags
bouncing. My cock was out of my pants, and I was stroking myself
slowly while I watched them. I waited for what must have been
hours, knowing what I wanted.

Then, finally, she came running around the corner, all alone. She
had long, straight, black hair, and wore a red and black training
suit. Her face was thin and very determined.

I leapt down the slope, and after a brief struggle I got to her
neck with the zapper, and I felt her body relax in unconsciousness
into my arms. Within seconds, I was back in the forest, carrying
her over my shoulder.

Half an hour later, I stopped the car by the roadside where I had
hid her. She was still taped up and gagged in the brushwood. It
wasn't until at that point that I gave in to the temptation of
slipping a hand in under her panties. The little baby-face stirred
and mumbled in protest, but between her legs I found a perfectly
soft, hairless little baby cunt, waiting for me.

Oh yes, I was going to have some fun tonight...

It was past sundown before she was bent over on her stomach on the
kitchen table, facing the window. I had silenced her with a strip of
silver duct tape over her mouth, and her hands were taped around her

She was smaller than I had first thought, just between 4 and 5 feet
tall, but you could still see signs of puberty waiting to kick in.
Her hips were slightly wider than the waist, and there were hints of
tits under the sweater jacket.

She seemed too scared to move, or to make any kind of noise besides
loud breathing through her nose.

I caressed her ass through the sweat pants, wondering how much of
my fat, 8 inch cock shaft I would be able to press inside her,
prying apart the joints of that smooth, delicious candy-crotch.

I felt the swelling rape-flesh in my underwear, and I loved the
sensation. Then I pulled her pants down and returned my hands to
the soft, white cotton panties. I could feel her helpless little
cunt right through them...

Slowly, I started working the hem of her panties down, revealing
the cleavage between her smooth baby asscheeks. When I first laid
eyes on her undeveloped little pussy slit I could feet my heart
beating faster. I couldn't believe how much I wanted this right

I took the last of my clothes off, although I remember keeping the
socks on since the floor was a little chilly. I started to jerk
off, making my intentions clear to her. She was making attempts to
scream through the tape now, and watching her complete horror made
me grow rock hard in a matter of seconds.

This was the moment I had been waiting for.

When I started lubing up her rape-slit, she began kicking through
the air in protest. I had to hold her down while I finished with
one hand, and then aimed the tip of my cock towards its target. I
held still against her soft fuck lips for a second, allowing them
to welcome me with a kiss.

Sometimes it's especially difficult to get inside a small cunt
when you bend them over like that. It's probably something with
the angle. It makes them even tighter. I prodded her for a few
seconds, looking for the spot, before I finally felt my cock-
head squeeze through the tight opening.

I grunted, and I watched in fascination as the bald, puffy little
baby-cunt stretched out around me. Her entire body immediately
tensed up. She made no sounds. She just lay there with tearing
eyes pressed tightly shut.

I was going slowly at first, feeling the tissue of her fuck walls
straining around me. After I had pressed forward an inch or two,
I could feel something inside her break, and there came a sudden,
tortured cry from her mouth. This was too much for me. I couldn't
hold back any longer, and I shoved, forcing myself in brutally.

I looked down at the screaming little creature. On some other
night I could have felt sorry for her, but right now she had
become nothing to me but a perfect, baby flesh cum-hole.

I grabbed her hair to fuck her harder. I was pounding her as hard
as I could with every thrust. She was screaming, but her inner
walls were gradually loosening up to accommodate me. I tried to
press my hand over her gag to keep the noise down, but it was
impossible to conceal the slamming of the table.

By the time I felt my orgasm building, she was just taking it
without any resistance. I leaned on my arms above her body. When
I couldn't hold back any more I gave her a last, hard push, and
then I collapsed on top of her, shouting into her face while my
cock erupted inside her squeezing cunt.

After I got up, she stayed staring with empty eyes towards the
curtains, acting almost as if she wasn't there. I took the
precaution of taping her thoroughly to the table, and then I
grabbed a beer and started making some dinner.

I sat down to eat with her ass right next to me. Soon I was
circling her wrinkled hole with my finger tip. The little slut
hardly reacted to the intrusion of my finger in her warm anus,
and I played around inside her while I chewed my food.

After eating, I stepped out to watch my piss filling up the
toilet. I left it unflushed and returned to bring some life back
into my plaything.

I grabbed my fork and knelt down behind her. Then I took her left
foot in my hand and pressed the teeth of the fork softly against
the arc of the foot. She let out a nervous whimper that brought a
smile to my lips.

I pushed the fork all the way into the bone, and there was a long,
agonized cry. She was quite a sight, twisting and kicking, but no
matter what she did, the fork was lodged firmly in the sole of her

I stood up, stepped up behind her, put my swollen shaft against her
exposed asshole, and pressed. Her sphincter resisted for a second,
but as I drove her entire, clenched opening about an inch in, the
tension suddenly broke, and her puckered ring slid out into view
again around my cock-skin. There was a muted cry of unbearable pain
from her lips.

Leaning up over the slut, I started licking her ear, grunting into
it. I lay down on top of her warm body, driving myself deeper
inside, and she cried helplessly.

After a while, I was pressing my crotch against her smooth
asscheeks. The tiny whore body was taking me all the way up through
the belly. I have to say, it's the feeling you can never get enough

I noticed that she was fighting for breath, and I assume it was
because of the pain. Every internal organ she had must have been
pushed around, massaging my rigid pole.

I worked up my thrusts, and as I got closer to my release she
relaxed a little around me. I was forced to give her longer
strokes. I stood up again, having to put both my hands on her head
for support, pushing her into the table under my weight. By now I
was pulling my cock out and punching it back in, smacking my
crotch against her butt-cheeks. I worked up a perfect rhythm.

Half a minute later, I was lying collapsed on top of her once
again, breathing and moaning into her ear while I emptied my
balls into her silky bowel.


I kept her until well after midnight, but I really spent most of
that time drinking beer and filling up the toilet with piss. I
needed to regain my strength.

When the time came to finish my work, I spent a good quarter of an
hour on simply breaking her fingers, one by one. Her screams were
perfect, but I was working with a purpose as well. I was making
sure there would be no scratch marks to explain when all this was

There is no such thing as too much warm-up when you kill a cunt
for pleasure. So I decided to grab a lighter and hold it up in
front of her eyes. I asked if she wanted to play with fire, but
she simply stared back with glossy eyes, almost as if she wasn't
there at all.

I moved the lighter down to her crotch to see if I could get a
reaction. I began jerking off, holding the lighter just below
her messy fuck lips. Reality must have caught up with my little
rape doll, because she started to groan in an anxious voice.
When I asked her if she was ready, she surprised me with a clear
reaction, shaking her head vigorously.

As I lit the flame, her groans turned to shouting. Within
seconds, she was screaming like crazy. I kept the lighter still.
Something between her legs began sizzling. There was nothing but
absolute terror in her voice. I started tracing the flame up and
down her slit. After a while, I could actually smell frying meat.

There couldn't have been a more perfect time to end this little
bitch's life.

After dropping the lighter and dumping a final quarter gallon of
piss into the toilet, I walked back, cut her loose, and started
pulling her over to the bathroom by her broken fingers. I was
making her walk slowly forward on her own. It was a good moment,
just looking at each other. She must have known what was
coming... Her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears, her face
was swollen from crying, and a river of snot was running across
the tape over her mouth.

She didn't resist me, not even when I put her down on her back on
the floor in front of the toilet. I simply sat down between her
legs, lifted them over my shoulders, and held her in place. I had
a clear view down to the burnt, sore looking fuck lips.

Moving my cock down past the charred cunt, I positioned myself
against her asshole once more. She was softened up, and the
slippery shit-tube simply swallowed me up as I pushed. When I was
inside her bowels, I grabbed her hair and lifted her entire body.
I turned us towards the toilet and put the back of her head on
the bowl.

I got on my feet and lifted her still impaled ass with me. I told
her to take a deep breath, and before she had time to react, I
reached down, pulled the piece of tape away from her mouth, and
shoved her head down into the bright yellow piss.

Her head filled almost the entire space down there, forcing the
liquid up around her. In the end, there were three or four inches of
tepid urine between her face and the air.

For a short moment, she did nothing but look back up at me with
confusion in her eyes. A stream of bubbles escaped her nose, and you
could see her open her mouth wide. Then her chest moved, and the
level of piss sank.

The room was strangely quiet, but her little body was tensing up
around my straining erection. She was fighting against my hand, and
under the surface you could see her choking violently and swallowing.
Her arms were flailing through the air, making her broken fingers
stroke against the muscles of my chest.

All I had to do was to slide my cock in and out and watch my little
baby drown. After a while, I could hear her head thumping against
the bottom of the toilet bowl with my thrusts.

She was squirming, spreading her legs wide and pressing her naked
girl crotch up against me. Every once in a while, a few more bubbles
of air came from her face.

It took about a minute before she gave up and slowly stopped

The last thing I saw her do was to open her mouth wide once more.
A final look of bewilderment came to her face, another series of
bubbles left her nose, and then I felt a short spray of her warm
piss against my stomach.

The slut was finally dead.

After some waiting, I took her out of the piss and put her down
on the floor. As a last precaution, I twisted her jaw until it
dislocated with a crack. Then I put my cock between her lips and
simply pressed myself down her throat.

I leaned forward and moved my hands to her ass, getting ready for
the final, long awaited release. I worked a pair of fingers from
each hand into her shitter and pulled, stretching the tiny, dead
opening to its limits. Then I lay down on top of her, closed my
mouth over her grilled cunt, and let loose completely.

In the end I fucked the little whore bitch so hard that her skull
was making crushing noises, pounding against the floor. I grunted
into the dead pussy, sliding my tongue between the swollen,
roasted cunt-lips. I thought I could notice a hint of grown-woman
cunt smell. I laughed to myself, wondering if she had actually
responded to death by lubricating.

When my orgasm started to build, I sunk my teeth into her


It was a busy night. I dug her down in one of the hundreds of
bogs around the area. I can't imagine anyone else finding their
way out into a mosquito-hole like that, so my guess is that her
bones will stay safely buried.

In an effort to tie up loose ends, I will say that I managed to
finish a satisfying vacation with my family, behaving just like
a good Daddy should.

Sometimes I think back to this little baby mistress. To me it
seems pretty likely that if she had never met me, she would
have wound up like everyone seems to do these days, longing to
be known and noticed by as many people as possible.

When you think of it like that, it's a shame that the little
fuck-hole can't hear the quiet, sloppy sounds of cocks being
stroked and cunts being fingered out here now, just for her.