Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Caught Wanking in the Woods (Mb oral anal reluc ws ped) By billy69boy Disclaimer: All of my stories, and all the characters, are fictional, and are not meant to resemble any real persons. No underage people have been harmed or otherwise exploited in the creation of this, or any, of my fantasy stories. I was 10 or 11 when my grandparents took me on a camping holiday. They were rather stuffy old geezers, and they didn't fancy me tagging along on their trip. I was lonely and bored, and I hated my mum for making me go with them. As soon as we found our campsite by the edge of the stream, I was off into the woods on my own, finally free of their disapproving glances and snarling voices. As I hiked further into the forest, following the small stream, I noticed a different feeling come over me. My body began to tingle, and my head felt light and free. Any lingering negative thoughts were washed away, and I was feeling...happy! I thought that perhaps this is what they meant by being "one with nature". For whatever reason, I decided to strip down completely, and allow my senses to absorb this new found bliss. As I walked deeper into the solitude of my surroundings, I also noticed that my virginal little penis was getting aroused and growing, even though I hadn't encouraged it in any way! I followed the stream for quite some time, enjoying the soft breezes flowing over my naked body, and being amused with my lively cock bobbing along in front of me. I wasn't worried about getting lost, because I knew I could just retrace my steps and follow the stream right back to the campsite. As I forged ahead, the woods grew thicker, and the trail vanished. This was true wilderness now, I thought. Perhaps I was the first and only human being to have ever stepped this way before, I mused. So it was quite a pleasant shock to come upon a patch of Kelly green moss growing under the boughs of a great tree that leaned out gracefully over the stream. The moss was soft and cool under my bare feet, and I tarried a bit, enjoying the damp lushness between my toes. I discarded my shorts, shirt, and sandals on the ground, so I could put both hands behind my head as I lay down fully outstretched. My feet dangled into the stream, as the water whispered by, and I felt so aroused that my boy rod stood straight up in the air. I gave it a few strokes, just to sort of say hello to it, but I was really paying more attention to the delicious feeling of the dark muck squeezing up between my toes. It felt clean, but slimy all at once. Finally, I closed my eyes and went about stroking myself with a little more purpose than before. Just as I was starting to give myself a more determined wank, I heard a branch snap. I suddenly sat up, and vainly tried to cover my immodesty with just my two hands. "Well, well, what do we have here, then?" the deep voiced woodsman inquired, leaning on his walking stick. He peered down at me intently, his devilish grin gleaming in the ray of sunlight that pierced the tree canopy above. "Such a young lad, making off with himself, and way out here as well!" He went on. I didn't know what to do, and I kept silent with my eyes lowered. The burly man laughed, as he prattled on: "That's a fine looking little friend you're playing with, laddie, but I'd hardly call it a cock. Now, this here's a cock, you can see the difference for yourself!" My jaw dropped as he reached into his shorts and proudly displayed the meanest, thickest, bumpiest pecker I ever did see. He began stroking it slowly, and before long it was even bigger and meaner than before. By then, my body was shaking all over, and it wasn't because I was cold. As the hairy man pulled me to my knees, he said: "Here laddie boy, don't be afraid of it...take it in your hand, that's it, and give it a good hard squeeze." I did exactly as I was told, as I didn't fancy I had much bargaining power, under the circumstances. "Good boy, now give it a good lick all around, that's right, use your tongue like you're licking an ice cream cone," he instructed. He groaned quietly, so I kept doing it, licking and slurping, lest the man decide to get angry with me. His breathing got deeper, and I could feel his thick hands grasp my head, as he guided his large helmet into my mouth. I could barely get my thin lips around the head, but he persevered, and soon he was pulling my head toward his loins forcefully. I was taking half his ugly cock into my mouth, and I couldn't help choking and gagging with each new thrust. This didn't have any effect on the man at all, and he continued to yank my head into his body, fucking my throat with complete disregard. He grunted and stood up on the balls of his feet, and shot thick gobs of spunk into my mouth without warning. Even as he held my head steady, and jammed his ramrod down my throat, I discarded his offering out the sides of my mouth as quickly as he tried to fill my mouth back up time and again. "Swallow, lad, drink my cum," he ordered, but it was too late, and I couldn't stand the thought of his acidy tasting spunk in my belly. When his body stopped convulsing, he released my head, and dropped to his knees. He slapped me once across my face, admonishing me for not swallowing. I was shocked, by I didn't care. He made me stand up, and he fondled my minicock, and my hairless balls, until I was stiff and horny. He put his bearded mouth up to the head, and swallowed my whole cock in one gulp. I could see his throat contracting, as he literally sucked my preteen cum right out of my ball sack, and down his throat. I had ejaculated without really feeling any pleasure. Next, I was told to turn around, and grab my ankles. I was confused, because I thought he was done with me. I was even more befuddled when he pulled my ass cheeks apart, and thrust his tongue into my brown hole! I had never even imagined anything like it. It seemed like a disgusting idea at first, but I had to admit, it did feel good, having him attack my asshole with his rigid tongue. Having my ass cheeks squeezed by his massive hands felt pretty good too. Just as I was getting all worked up again, he pulled me down onto my knees, and pushed my head down on the moss. He reached into the stream bed, and pulled out a handful of that black ooze that squished between my toes earlier. He slapped my ass a few stinging blows, and demanded that I spread my cheeks, which I did immediately. He commenced pushing wads of that black muck deep into my rectum. I didn't get the significance of this right away, convinced the man was suffering from some kind of mental depravity. Then, he stood up behind me, revived hard-on in hand, and pushed his cock head against my bum. I lurched forth, pulling away from him. I couldn't believe what he was trying to do to me. Surely it was impossible, wasn't it? The man angrily grabbed my skinny body, and placed me into position once again. He grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling my head back, and then, slapped my face repeatedly with his other hand. "Stay still, you nasty little boy-slut, or this will work out bad for you in the end," he threatened. With that, he guided his sex weapon towards my quivering rear end, and penetrated my ass with it. The pain shot through my entire body, and tears squirted out of my eyes. He had hold of my hair, and he was jerking my head back, so I could hardly breathe. I didn't know what felt worse, and I struggled against his strong grasp. But then, something strange happened. I began to realize that his firm ass reaming was actually starting to feel exciting and pleasurable. As I struggled less, his grip on me eased, and our bodies worked in unison. Here was this hairy, smelly old chap, fucking the life out of a slight, virginal lad in the ass for all he was worth. And here was this young innocent lad, shoving his ass back to meet the man's driving cock, goading him on and on with each new cock stroke. "That's right you dirty little pervy boy, take my man meat up your bum! Take all of it! Yes! I knew you'd like it," the large bearded man ranted. With that, he went even faster, slamming his considerable girth rapidly into my muddy bum. He began to grunt and groan, and his grip on my hips tightened, and I could feel his hot goo squirt into my ass, and fill me up. After he was finished, he pulled his cock out of me, and ordered me to turn around and face him. His big red cock was softening, and he told me to put it in my mouth, and clean the black mud off of it. I gave him a glare of disgust, and shook my head `no'. "Okay then, you disobedient young twerp, we'll do it a different way," he growled, as he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face closer to his dirty meat. He held my head steadily, and rubbed his slimy member all over my face, and in my hair, until most of the mud disappeared. "Look at you, lad, you're filthy! Now, I'll have to clean you up! Close your eyes; you don't want them to sting now, do you?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but something told me to do as he said, and so I closed my eyes. I felt warm liquid pouring all over my face straight away. It felt kind of soothing at first, until got a whiff of the odor, and I realized it was the man's own piss. I struggled to get away, but his grip on my hair was too strong. He urinated all over my face and hair, and told me what a dirty, filthy lad I was indeed. Just as I thought he was finally done, he put two fingers in my nostrils, and forced his thumb between my teeth. He pried my mouth open, and drained the last of his stinky pee into my mouth. "Swallow it! Drink it down, I say! You know you want to, you creepy little queer boy!" he commanded. Finally drained, he got me to my feet and spun me around, bending me over at the waist. "Just look at your dirty, muddy bum, laddie!" he admonished. He put one strong arm around my waist, then, he slapped my messy ass cheeks several times with his other hand, before he rammed his thumb up my bum and jerked it in and out roughly. I squirmed and thrashed around; trying my best to break his grip, but it was no use. He pushed his thumb up my sore bum as deep as it would go; then, he twisted it back and forth, back and forth, and I writhed in exciting agony. I say `exciting', because I could feel my small penis come back to life, even as the wicked old man continued to violate my tender ass. "This will teach you to go about wanking in public, you nasty little urchin!" he declared. He popped his thumb out of my throbbing bum and released his grip on me. As I stood straight up, he saw it: "Well, well, maybe you didn't learn your lesson after all!" he exclaimed, with his eyes glued to my erection. "Okay, then young man-lover, march over to the stream, and kneel down in that black ooze," he instructed. I obeyed him this time. "Now, stick your dirty, stinking bum in the mud. Good! Now, pick up a handful of that slimy ooze, and rub it all over your balls and your stiff little wee-wee. That's the way...go ahead, I'm waiting!" he announced cryptically. I gave him a quizzical look, and he cleared up my confusion: "Wank it lad! Wank it until you cum, that's what you were doing when I first met you, wasn't it? You were playing with yourself outdoors because you were hoping someone would catch you, weren't you? Well, I caught you, and now I'm watching, so get on with it boy!" I guess I couldn't argue with his strange logic, but it didn't really matter, because the old man knew he had control over me. I had only just begun to discover the unique relationship between my hand and my penis, but I never even thought of jerking off in front of someone else. I began to stroke myself slowly, as the sickening man stood over me with his arms folded across his chest, grinning. He leered at me the entire time, and it made me uncomfortable, no question. But, my hand pumping became more frenzied as I got closer to orgasm, and finally I spurted my load into the black mud. I felt humiliated, but strangely satisfied. I was anxious about what I would have to do next, but I also felt an inner calmness, because I was able to take everything the old buzzard came up with. "Get up lad, you look ridiculous sitting there in the mud playing with yourself!" the man declared, laughing heartily. He picked up his walking stick, turned on his heel, and tromped off into the woods. I watched him until he disappeared from view before I stood up. A quick wash off in the stream, and I was good as new. I gathered up my clothes, and made my way back to the campsite, following the stream back, just like I figured I would. I was sore, but I was smiling to myself as well. It was an experience I would never forget. It was scary, yes, but it was also incredibly erotic. I wondered what other adventures I might experience on this trip... Do you have any comments or thoughts to share with the author? All feedback is welcome. Just click on the link below. (Or copy and paste the link) Thanks for your time!