Author: Auntsuzy
Title: Retarded Young Wife Pt 2
Part: Part 2
Summary: Jim plants cameras and takes Yolanda to a porn store
Keywords: M/g , Preteen, Pedo, Molestation, Underwear, Cum

=== PART2 ===

They went to Yolanda's trailer and Jim proceeded to change out
all the smoke detectors with the new ones that had cameras inside
them and also wireless transmitters that he could pick up on his
system at his place. It took about 15 minutes for all of them.

"Now baby where does he usually molest the little 10 year old.
Beth is her name right?"

"Yeah Beff I know he does it to her in da lanudry room and den in
by his compooter in da back bedroom cause she tol me day watch
porn stuff on it and she does stuff ta him while he watchs da
porn on it." The retarded girl didn't seem upset about her
husbands infidelity with a little girl at all.

Jim installed a couple more hidden cameras in the back bedroom
that would show everything that went on at the computer. Jim
planned on coming back later and installing some software that
would let him track everything the computer did but right now
their time was limited.

"Now baby we have cameras everywhere and we'll know exactly what
he is doing to Beth."

Yolanda smiled happily "Yeah and da other girls too."

"WHAT?" Jim exclaimed "He's doing other little girls too?"

"Yeff da lady next door said she seen some odder little girls go
inside wit him las week."

"How old were they, do you know?"

Yolanda quickly replied "Da lady said dey was about 5 or 6 and
dere was anodder man wiff em."

"Hmm maybe he's got a friend bringing him little girls to molest.
He sure is a nasty pervert huh Yolanda?"

She nodded her dumb head as she stared at him.

Wow this could be a real good source of some porn videos Jim
thought to himself. "Well we will soon know who all is putting
out for Jack. And you still want to keep it secret right?"

"Yeah cause I don wanna get throwed out, anyways I gots you ta
fuck me now." She smiled brightly and clung to Jim's arm."Youse
is gonna be my boyfriend Jim and make a baby in me huh?" with
that she reached down and grasp Jim's cock through his jeans.

"Yes baby I'm your boyfriend and I'm gonna screw the shit out of
you everyday, even when we are watching the video of Jack
molesting the little girls I'll be squirting my jizz deep up
inside your hot, tight little cunt."

He pulled her to him and gave her a long french kiss as his hands
felt her nice young ass "Your my hot cumbag slut baby. Now let's
head to Wally World and pick up some stuff. Then we'll head to
the Adult porn store and I'll show you some good fucking toys."

They went over to the shopping mall and went in the big Walmart

Jim noticed several men checking her out as Yolanda's short skirt
was just barely covering her ass and the sluts tits, although
small, were bouncing around as she walked. Yolanda had said she
seldom wore a bra and today was no exception.

He took her to the drug section and picked up a package of
pregnancy Test strips. Now as Jim read the box a couple guys
pretended they were looking for things next to them.

Jack leaned close to her and whispered "Wanna make a couple guys
get a hard on? Lean over and get another box off the bottom shelf
so they can see up your skirt."

The small girl quickly bent over and pretended to shuffle through
the items as Jim looked the other way. Yolanda gave them a good
view and actually spread her legs a bit so they could see her
bare ass.

She then stood up and turned around to face the men. One guy had
disappeared but the other guy definitely had a boner that was
pushing out the front of his pants.

Jim pretended not to notice the guy and started talking to
Yolanda again pointing to the instructions which, of course, she
couldn't read.

"See baby with this ovulation tester it will tell us when you are
most fertile, which means when you can get pregnant when I screw
you. And then the pregnancy test strips will tell us when you
finally get pregnant."

Yolanda nodded her head and the guy took off as they turned and
walked towards him. Yolanda looked at Jim "He got's a good boner
Jim, I seen it. Dat was hot!"

Jim reached behind her and slid his hand up under her skirt,
feeling her nice ass. "We'll come here again some day and see how
many boners you can make. Would you like that baby, making guys
get a hardon?"

"Oh Yeahhhh." she replied as she let him feel her up. "I got's to
go pee Jim. Your hand is making me all tingly in my puthy."

"Alright baby let's head to the bathrooms in the back of the
store." Jim had an idea. "Baby I'm all horny and I can feel your
pussy is wet." He leaned down to her ear.

"I'm gonna fuck you in the bathroom baby. My big cock is going to
fill up your little girl pussy again with my man juice so you can
get pregnant. Would you like that honey?"

Yolanda giggled "Yefffffff." the young slut wanted to feel his
big cock inside her again, shooting it's hot jizz deep in her

They came to the restrooms and went in the one marked "Family"
that was for parents to change diapers and take care of their
little ones. Jim locked the door and looked around. It was fairly
big and had a long table along one wall for changing diapers. He
noticed a pair of panties laying on the changing table.

"Look here baby." he picked them up. "Some little girl peed in
her panties and left them here." He held them to his nose and
sniffed them.

Yolanda giggled "Dat's wat I'm gonna do too cause I got's ta go
BAD!" She stuck her hand in her crotch pushing the orange skirt
against her pussy to stop her pee.

"Baby you don't have any panties on to pee in." he reminded her.

"Oh yeah...huh."

"Come here baby I have an idea. We're gonna put these panties on
you and you're gonna piss in them too and then I'll fuck you with
them on." Jim checked the size on the worn out panties label.
Dora the Explorer adorned the front of the piss soaked cotton

"They are size 10/12 girls panties. It will be tight but they
will fit your little body." he commented as he leaned down and
helped her put the panties on, pulling them up tight into her
crotch as the previous little girls cunt juices and pee now
invaded Yolanda's slit while the wet pee soaked cotton crotch
disappeared inside the folds of the 18 year old's cunt lips.

Yolanda giggled a bit "Dey are cold." as the tight fitting
child's panties buried themselves inside her already wet crack.
"Beth wears dat size too." she mumbled as Jim's fingers were now
pushing them inside her vagina as he dropped his jogging shorts
and stepped out of them.

Jim had changed into the shorts without any underwear because he
wanted to be able to screw her anywhere they went and do it
quickly like now. Plus he liked to flash his bulge to young girls
in Walmart to get their reaction which was pretty good some

He had her pushed up against the table as she leaned back on it
with her elbows. "Oh Jim I got's to pee bad." she whined as he
stood in front her and pulled the wet panties crotch aside,
putting the tip of his raging hardon in the small girls wet

The man started moving it around getting the big mushroom head
slippery with her copious lubricating fluids. "Jesus baby you
sure get juicy fast." he commented as her cunt juice coated his
big prick.

"OOOHHHHHH" Yolanda moaned as Jim pushed inside her a bit, backed
out and pushed in again a few times wetting his cock shaft with
her cunt juice until he was fucking her with his entire length as
she humped against him loving the mammoth cock buried up inside
her vagina.

Yolanda wrapped her arms around him tight as his hands held her
buttocks and then he lifted her off the floor as her small legs
wrapped themselves around his lower body while he pounded his 9
inch cock inside the slut's small cunt.

"Fuck I got's ta piss." she moaned and then Jim felt it. A hot
sensation on his balls as she let go and started pissing
uncontrollably as his big cock filled her insides and forced her
hot pee out.

He felt the hot liquid covering his cock every time he pulled
back a bit and his balls were soaked with the fluid as it then
ran down his legs. It splashed up on his stomach to as it gushed
out like a faucet. All the beer she had drunk earlier was now
coming out and soaking them both.

Jim had never been pissed on before while screwing and the
sensation turned him on completely. "Baby your piss is gonna make
me cum." he groaned as he buried his cock deep inside her cunt
and started squirting his hot jizz inside her willing pussy.

Yolanda's head was flopping around with the fucking but now it
fell backwards a bit, her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging
out as the she felt the mammoth cock pulsing as it sprayed hot
sperm inside her giving her what her instincts were craving.

"Ohh fuck me Jim makes a baby in me." she commanded as drool ran
down her chin, her young body being ravished like never before.
This was exactly what her lewd desires had craved when she had
masturbated for the many previous years from the time she was a
little girl up until now.

After Jim finished ejaculating he pulled out of her sopping cunt
and his jizz squirted out a bit. They both looked down and
laughed. "You got's me all methhy." the retard giggled as the pee
and white jizz soiled both of them, their legs all wet with her

Jim got some paper towels and wiped them both clean and then he
grabbed a mop that was in one of those yellow washing buckets
with wheels on them that was over in a corner and mopped up the

As he put on his shorts he told her "Baby leave those little
girls panties on and they will help keep my cum from running down
your legs while we leave the store."

"Otay an den I kin gib dem ta Nack cause he likes ta sniff
panties." she replied. matter of factually.

"What?" Jim was a bit puzzled.

"Yeah he finds little girls panties when he is cleaning carpets
at da peoples houses and brings dem home and sniffs dem while he
jacks off at da compooter and squirts on em. I seen him." she

"Oh, well no wonder you're not getting pregnant, he's shooting
all his jizz on little kids panties." Jim commented as they went
back out in the store.

Jim again noticed she was walking slowly. "Still sore baby?"

"Yea and I's keeping my legs kinda closed cause your stuff is
leaking out."

Jim stood back a bit and looked at her thighs. Sure enough some
of his jizz was running down her thigh. He laughed "I shot a
pretty big load in you honey. Maybe I got you pregnant this

"I hope tho!" she quickly lisped, her eyes wide open, all aglow
at the thought of being knocked up.

They checked out of the store. "When kin I do da test?" she asked
as they walked to the car.

"Well all you have to do is pee on the tester and it will tell
you right now. Do you have any pee left after you got done
pissing all over me you hot little shit." he laughed.

"Yeh dat beer makes me have ta pith a lot." she laughed too at
the thought of how she had peed all over the man when his big
cock was inside her.

"Just squat beside the car and pee on it. I'll watch to make sure
no one see's you. Besides it almost dark."

Jim opened the box and showed the retard where to pee on it.
Yolanda squatted down between two cars and held the tester next
to her pussy. Then Jim heard the sound of pee hitting the ground
and Yolanda laughing.

"Dis is fun, I ain't never peed in a parkin lot." She stood up
and handed the dripping tester to Jim.

"Oh jeeze baby this shows you are coming into your most fertile
time for the next few days. We need to fuck as much as we can and
maybe I'll get you knocked up soon. Hell maybe those two loads I
pumped inside you today did the trick."

As she got back in the car Jim said "Let's head over to the porn
book store and get you some toys and stuff. We've got some
serious fucking to do baby and I want you to cum as many times as
you can cause it will help make you pregnant!"

"That get pregnant website said when the female cums her cervix
sucks up the sperm to help get you pregnant so I'm gonna get you
some vibrators that will help make you cum a lot." He knew most
women loved vibrators and he wanted her to become a slave to sex.

He took them to the adult store and parked in back of the rundown
building. "You ever been in an adult book store baby?" he asked
as they entered the sex shop.

Yolanda shook her head no as her eyes took in all the pure sex
items adorning all the walls and hanging from the ceiling. She
was almost hypnotized.

It didn't surprise Jim because he had found out a lot of
information from her in the past hour or so as they had talked
while he was driving her around.

She had been raised in a group home of girls that had similar
learning disabilities and they were closely watched by several
old ladies who made sure no men got around the easily seduced
half wits.

It turned out that Jack was the grandson of one of the old ladies
and the old woman talked Jack into marrying Yolanda because the
group home was bankrupt and going to close.

There was no place for the young girl to go. So it was a marriage
of convenience and Jack got a check from the government for
taking care of the mildly retarded girl.

Yolanda said they had been married about six months now and had
sex maybe five times but she didn't seem to care.

Apparently Jack was not too interested in her body as his
interests appeared to be in young girls and very young girls. Jim
wondered if the videos would show him with any toddlers.

Yolanda had never had a guy like Jim with a big cock and use it
like he did so she was in sex heaven with him.

Yolanda walked to the back wall right away where there was a big
display of dildos that included every size, shape and color. Jim
laughed and went to the front counter. "Hi Frank, brought you a
new customer."

"Oh yeah I already know her." Frank replied casually to his
friend's statement. Jim had been coming in here for a year or so
and the two of them shared sex related stuff constantly.

"WHAT!" Jim replied. Yolanda had just told him she had never been
in here, how could Frank know her he wondered.

"Well I never met her but her husband Jack comes in here all the
time and he puts up pictures in the video booths in the backroom
for guys to squirt a tribute on. She's one of the most popular
tribute faces in here not to mention all her dirty panties we

Jim was now completely puzzled. She had never mentioned selling
her panties nor letting guys jackoff and squirt on her picture.

He knew they sold dirty panties here and you had to pay extra for
them if there was a video of the girl wearing the panties.

Jim looked to make sure Yolanda was still out of hearing range
"Does he bring in videos of her wearing them?"

"Oh yeah they show her wearing them and also jacking him off and
squirting on them."

Jim looked incredulous. "Does it show her face or just the
panties and his cock?"

"Well it just shows her pussy area and her little hand jacking
him off till he squirts."

"So how do you know it's Yolanda if you don't see her face." Jim
challenged the man.

Frank smiled "That's easy. See that wedding ring she's wearing
with the small diamond? Well she jacks him off and the ring is on
her hand in every video. I used to sell jewellery and spotted
that ring the minute she walked through the door."

"So that's why you didn't check her age when she came in." It had
puzzled Jim why Frank hadn't checked her ID when she walked in as
she looked about 12 years old.

"Yep. I knowed it was her and I made Jack produce a video of her
ID card showing she was married. She looks like a little kid but
as long as she is married she's legal. We don't want no cops in
here cause we're selling underage pussy shots. We'd lose our
license in a heartbeat."

Jim watched Yolanda pick up a big black dildo and put it to her
lips as she turned around and looked him in the eye and then
slowly slid the big black cock inside her mouth.

Jim's cock went hard as his friend Frank laughed "Looks like she
found something she likes."

"Yeah." he mumbled as he headed over to the girl. He had a bunch
of questions for her now that Frank had filled him in. 

=== End Part 2 ====

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