Title: Ate when she was 8
Author: auntsuzy
Summary: A young girl gets her introduction to sex and loves it.
Story Code: M/g , Preteen, Pedo, Molestation, Oral, Consensual,
Masturbation, Underwear, Corruption, Cum, Cum marking, Pantie


Angie laid on the floor in the living room giggling, her short
orange skirt flipped up over top of her dirty white cotton
panties exposing the fat mound of her developing Mons pubis
stretching the thin fabric to it's utmost.

Her legs were spread wide open in an invitation to his staring
eyes as she lay there unashamed of her blatant display of her
privates. And then Arty went for it.

"Grrrr I'm a lion and I'm going to eat you." Arty said in a
playful tone as he quickly got down on his hands and knees
pretending to bite her knees and working his way up to her thighs
with his teeth gently nibbling on her smooth skin.

Angie giggled and squirmed playfully but made no attempt to stop
him as she keep her legs spread wide open for him to do whatever
he wanted to her. As Arty neared her crotch his nose rubbed on
the cotton panties tentatively and it felt really good to her.

Arty noticed the 8 year old made no attempt to keep him away from
her pussy nor did she hide it from him as he now decided to go
all the way and started mouthing her crotch right on her fat
pussy lips. He growled and pretended to bite for just a couple
seconds and then backed off to see if she would object to his
molesting of her slit.

However the 8 year old just lay there letting him do his thing so
he went back to mouthing her as his hands came into play and held
her legs apart, obscenely licking her wet crotch and making it
clear he wasn't playing but feeling her up.

OMG he thought to himself. This little slut was letting him have
his way with her young girl body and he was on fire. Arty had
never done anything like this to a little girl and it was
thrilling. So nasty and yet so good.

Angie was loving it he thought as he kept it up for at least 30
seconds while she just softly giggled.

30 seconds is not a very long time but in the sexual situation
they were in it was an eternity.

As Arty nuzzled her crotch the first couple seconds pretending to
be a Lion, he was afraid she would object and push him away.
After about 10 seconds when she didn't try to stop him Arty
became more aggressive and made it clear he was not playing Lion
but just feeling up her pussy with his mouth and hands that began
rubbing her through the panties.

Angie wasn't sure what to do when he started pretending to eat
her and those first 30 seconds told her a lot too. She just lay
there passively letting him make her feel good and wanting him to
do more but didn't know if he was just playing or being nasty.

After those first 10 seconds he kept doing it but she noticed his
approached changed from a Lion into just feeling up her privates
in a very nasty way that she knew was being bad. It was so
exciting for the 8 year old!!

Now that the taboo sexual barrier was broken and the man knew she
would let him feel her up he became more aggressive, wanting to
take advantage of the situation before she changed her mind and
also to make sure she knew he was wanting to molest her, that it
wasn't just a fluke.

It was dangerous playing here in the living room because her mom
had just gone over to the neighbor's house to borrow some milk
and would be back soon. He sure didn't want to get caught eating
out her little 8 year old daughter who was letting him have his
way with her.

So Arty picked her up and carried her to the spare bedroom and
threw her on the bed. He had kept both hands on her ass and pussy
while carrying her down the hall and she loved it. For the past
few weeks Arty had occasionally pinched her butt while they
played and now he was able to really feel it up. She had such an
adorable ass and he groped her as much as he could now. This
little girl was HOT!!

Now that she was laying on the bed he climbed on the bed between
her knees and immediately spread her legs apart as he put his
face down to her crotch.

"Hold your panties to the side baby." He ordered and she quickly
obeyed exposing her bare pussy to him with her legs spread
obscenely apart.

"That's it baby." he murmured as he leaned his face into her
crack, spreading her pussy lips open with his fingers. Arty
started licking and sucking her little 8 year old clitoris with
the skills he had developed over the years and quickly discovered
she liked the side of her clit rubbed with his tongue. Every
female responded differently to various techniques and she
reacted with a moan when he found the right action on her clit.

Only a couple minutes had passed and already she knew he was in
charge of her sexually and would do whatever the man told her to
do. She and Arty had crossed over the sexual barrier together
into the land of complete sexual freedom where she could learn
and he could molest in any manner they desired.

His goal was to make her cum so she would be hooked on letting
him do nasty things with her little girl body but such was not
the case for now as they heard the front door slam shut and
instantly knew that her mom, Dora, was home.

Panic ensued as Arty jumped up from the bed while little Angie
simultaneously rolled over and pulled her skirt down. Arty they
roared like a Lion and stood by the bed pretending to be playing
Lion with Angie like they had done in the past so her mom
wouldn't think anything unusual was going on, just the two of
them playing like they always did.

Dora walked down the hall and into the bedroom. "Hi guys. You two
have to start getting ready to go to the party soon. Angie change
into your new outfit and Arty" she pointed to the bathroom "you
need to shower and get ready to go." The woman acted like nothing
had happened but little Angie, who was behind Arty so he couldn't
see the youngster, was nodding her head yes with a big grin on
her face.

"I'm going shopping for an hour or so and I want you two ready to
go when I get back." She turned and went out the front door
quickly, leaving the man and little girl alone together.

Arty held a pillow in front of his pants as he had a raging
hardon that was poking out the front of his jeans. He didn't want
Dora to see that but as soon as she turned around and left he
dropped the pillow and showed his bulge to Angie who grinned ear
to ear.

"See what you did to me?" he whispered in her ear as he took her
little hand and put it on his hard cock that was pushing out the
denim material. Angie giggled hard and her face turned red but
she was delighted with his obvious display of sexual excitation
she had caused.


Little did Arty know he was a victim of a plan to ensnare him
into taking care of the woman and her daughter. A well thought
out plan to provide a source of income, housing, food and shelter
to Dora and her little 8 old year girl.

Previously the woman had been living with a lesbian, Sherri, who
was molesting Angie with Dora's consent, more or less, so that
they would have a place to live. Sherri never said she was
molesting Angie but Dora had a pretty good idea that the lesbian
was messing with the little girl.

As long as they had a place to stay Dora didn't care what
happened to the 8 year old who was a drag on her life and a pain
to take care of so the woman decided Angie could contribute to
their needs by letting someone use her small body as long as they
didn't hurt her.

But now Terri was moving away and Dora had to find another place
to stay so she started dating Arty who was a married man but in
the process of a divorce. He had a lot of money and owned a farm
just out of town and Dora noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off
of her daughter Angie the first couple times they were together.

Angie did have a very nice ass and her body was well developed
for her age. Dora knew a lot of men liked little girls and if the
woman turned a blind eye towards his molesting of the girl maybe
he would have them move into his place.

It was worth a try and so she started setting up it up so he
would be tricked into molesting the young girl. Dora made sure
that Angie always wore dresses or just her panties and a T shirt
at bedtime. She also made Angie get ready for bed early when Arty
came to their small apartment so her little body would be on
display for his eyes to take in.

And it worked. He couldn't keep his eyes off the youngster as
Dora would play and wrestle with Angie on the floor in front of
the TV. The woman made sure Angie's panties were visible almost
all the time as they rough housed, taunting him, and she noticed
right away he couldn't keep his eyes off the child's privates.

Twice Dora put a pair of Angie's dirty panties in the laundry
hamper a certain way and after Arty had used the bathroom the
panties had been moved to a way different position. He must have
been sniffing them was the woman's thought.

One day she made Angie wear a bikini swimsuit of Dora's out in
the back yard that kept falling off because it was too big. Angie
complained to her mom it was falling off and Dora told her to
have Arty fix it while the woman went inside to prepare lunch.

As Arty started to tie the bikini bottom it fell to the ground
and exposed the little girl's pussy to the man. Dora was peeking
out the window and noticed Arty stared long and hard at Angie's
big Mons pubis as he helped put the bottom back on.

Dora also noticed Arty got a hardon while he fastened the bikini.
A telltale bulge in his swim trunks revealed his lust for the
young girl. She knew he was hooked. The next day they were to go
to his ranch and spend the weekend so Dora decided to see if she
could get him to molest Angie if she left them alone together.

That night the woman told Angie that she wanted the little girl
let Arty do whatever he wanted to do with her, like playing
doctor or sex games. She made it clear to Angie that if she let
him do things to her they would be able to go live with him but
that Angie had to keep it a secret.

So the next morning Dora picked out Angie's clothes...a very
short orange skirt with a thin white button up blouse and a pair
of very old cotton panties that fit extremely tight to show off
the 8 year old's fat pussy. "Now baby what I want you to do is
show Arty your panties every chance you get. Pretend to be
playing and roll on the floor with your legs wide apart so he can
see your panties' crotch."

She patted Angie on the head "It's lots of fun to tease guys and
if he likes you we'll be living with him in no time." Angie
really wanted to go live in his house with him so she agreed
quickly to the plan not knowing what would happen.

"I used to play doctor all the time with my Uncles when I was
your age. Remember Uncle Jim? Well he played with me a lot when I
was your age and I loved it."

Angie's eyes widened "Uncle Jim? " then she giggled. "I played
doctor with him too last month when he was here but he said not
to tell you." Dora smiled, she had never played doctor with him
but suspected he had molested Angie. This little trick of saying
she had done things, leading her on, tricked the little girl into
confessing things.

Dora then offered up another fabrication "Yeah and Terri likes to
play doctor too huh? She told me she really likes you . In fact
that's why we are able to live with her for free because she
likes you so much."

"Really?!" Angie replied, surprised at the news.

"Oh yeah she said you were a fast learner and liked playing with
her sex toys." Dora knew Angie had been messing with the many sex
toys Terri kept stashed in her bedroom because the youngster
mistakenly left a tiny dildo in her bed one time.

"Yeah I likes her dildi."

Dora laughed at the pronunciation " You mean dildo honey. It's
called a dildo and I agree they are lots of fun to play with."
She smiled at the 8, soon to be 9, year old. "I like playing with
those a lot when I'm alone."

The woman quickly began gently probing all of Angie's sexual
history now that the ice was broken and the young girl told Dora
all the things she had done with various adults and kids. They
talked for about 15 minutes and Dora was surprised at all the
sexual stuff her daughter knew, a lot of it gleaned from the

"Well honey tomorrow I want you to seduce Arty. Do you know what
seduce means" she asked with a grin.

"No, what does it mean?" the 8 year old asked anxiously.

Dora laughed "Well it kinda means you get a man to want to play
doctor with you. You know...make him get a hard on and squirt his
white stuff like you see the men on the internet do. Think you
can make him get a good hardon baby?"

"YEAH!" the child eagerly replied "An then we kin live with him
if I do?"

"I think so baby. I think so." Dora ruffled the 8 year old's hair
and put her to bed.


And so it was that Angie seduced Arty. After signaling her mom
that she was successful the woman had left them alone with enough
time for Arty to really get into the little girl's pants.

Arty ran to the front door and slid the deadbolt closed so they
wouldn't get caught in case Dora came home before he was done
molesting the little slut in the bedroom. When he returned to the
bedroom she was lying on the bed with her skirt pulled up and her
firms thighs spread wide apart. Her hand was inside her panties
gently rubbing her pussy as she smiled "seductively" at him as
her mother had told her to do.

Arty walked over beside the bed close to her. "Wanna see my cock
baby, see what you can make it do?" She stood up as he told her
to remove his pants. The 8 year old quickly grabbed his belt and
undid it and then unzipped his pants, tugging them down a bit.

His cock was pushing out the front of his tight white Jockey
underpants and the anxious little girl grasped the waistband and
pulled them down. Arty's hard cock popped out and stood straight
up in the air now that it was free.

It looked big to Angie's wide open eyes and yet was only about 5
3/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches thick. Certainly no monster but
to Angie it seemed big. Her mom wasn't real pleased with his size
as Dora had been screwed with cocks a lot bigger but she was
after money and security, she could find big cocks any time she

Angie quickly took his hardon in her hands and started feeling it
up. She loved how hard and hot it was as she explored the shaft,
squeezing and then slowly jacking him off. Her eyes never left it
as her pussy started to leak juice and chills ran up and down her

Then she looked up into the man's eyes "You gots a nice cock
Arty. I like it."

Arty was rock hard now as he watched the child exploring his
penis, her soft hands turning him on even more. "Thank you baby.
Cocky likes you too." He flexed his cock a couple times and she

Arty then started unbuttoning her thin blouse and slipped his
hand inside as his fingers found her tiny nipples. Very gently
pinching one and then the other brought them to attention
quickly, the nipples loving the molesting as he worked her blouse
clear off and dropped it on the floor.

Standing topless before him Arty rubbed his cock across the 8
year old's nipples a couple times as Angie giggled, not a bit
embarrassed at her breasts being exposed and caressed with his
manhood. "Dat feels good." she declared as he made her take over
while his hands went to her orange skirt and undid the button
that held it up.

The youngsters skirt fell to the floor around her feet and his
hand slid down the front of her tight panties and started rubbing
her slit through the thin cotton material which was quite damp
now. Arty was amazed that a young girl could get this wet. He had
never felt up a little girl before now so this fact turned him on
even more.

He remembered finding her panties in the hamper a couple times
and jacking off while sniffing them. So now, as he thought about
it, one pair did seem a bit damp but he thought at the time that
it was pee. Maybe it had been her juices. This was sooooo hot
having a little girl to do with as he pleased. He wondered how
much she had done sexually before now.

Now Arty gently pushed her down on the bed and spread her legs
apart as he worked his way down to Angie's pussy again with his
mouth and then started to pull her panties off. The little slut
quickly helped, putting her legs together and lifting her butt up
as he slid the wet cotton undies clear off and pushed them under
the sheet. He planned on keeping them to jackoff with in the next

"Spread your little pussy lips apart honey and I'll make you feel
real good baby doll." Arty told her. The little girl lay there
naked with her legs spread wide open and held her cunt lips
pulled apart with her small hands. He noticed she did it pretty
good and wondered if she had done this before. Little did he know
that Terri had her do the same thing when the lesbian ate the
little girl out.

Arty began licking and sucking her entire slit and then started
concentrating on her clitoris. As his mouth sucked her hard
nubbin inside and his tongue rubbed it she grabbed Artie's head
and began to hump against his mouth, a little moan escaping her
lips as she had an orgasm.

He kept licking her during her climax and then backed off when
she pushed his head away afterwards like all women did because
their clits became extremely sensitive right after their climax.
She had produced a lot of lubrication just like a full grown
woman which really surprised the man.

Arty didn't know little girls could cum and he was thrilled
knowing he had made her have an orgasm and it had only taken a
couple minutes. This was amazing he thought as he sat back on his
knees and stared at her swollen red vaginal area which she was
now gently rubbing.

"Did you get the really good feeling down there honey?" he asked,
still hardly believing a little girl could cum.

"Yeah" she almost whispered as she replied, a bit embarrassed by
the whole thing as she continued to rub herself gently, getting
all the good feeling she could as she closed her legs to enhance
the warm glow in her genital areas.

"Do you want me to put my nice hard cock inside you now?" Arty
asked, knowing all women he had made cum loved getting a load
squirted inside them after they came. But he didn't want to force
anything on her and it was a good thing that he asked because she
shook her head no.

"No." Angie told him. She was still afraid it would hurt like it
had when a 12 year old neighbor boy who was babysitting her
forced his penis inside her last month and made her bleed. "It
hurt when Tommy did it to me." she explained.

"OK honey I won't put my boner inside you." he quickly assured
the little girl. He didn't want to hurt her and figured he could
bide his time and eventually get her to want his cock. He knew
she wasn't a virgin because while he was fingering her he had
noticed she didn't have her hymen any more.

Arty pulled her panties out from the sheet where he had stuffed
them and headed into the bathroom, not letting her see the
panties in his hand. He closed the door, pulled down his pants
and started jacking off as he sniffed the little girl's dirty
underwear. He came very fast and shot a mammoth load all over his
stomach which he mopped up with her small size 8 panties.

He went back in the bedroom to find her looking around. She had
put her clothes back on and was looking for her panties. "I can't
find my panties." she mumbled.

Arty quickly slipped his hand under the sheet when she wasn't
looking and then said "Oh, here they are." and handed them to
her. "I thought I looked there she mumbled as she slipped the cum
soaked panties on just as they heard her mom's car drive up.

"Unlock the front door baby...fast as you can" Arty told her
before she could say anything about how wet her panties were.
Quickly she ran into the living room and undid the lock and then
sat down on the couch as she turned on the TV.

Arty went back in the bathroom so it would appear they weren't
doing anything. Unbeknownst to him the little girl was already
whispering the details in her mother's ear and Dora was elated
that he had molested the preteen. Now she had him.

"Good Job Angie!" she praised the little slut who would keep them
taken care of for some time to come.

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