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I'm a retired, Vietnam Veteran.  I come from a long line of West Texas story tellers.  Some might be so rude as to call me a bullshit artists, but I ain't afraid to wear that cognomen.  I've set for hours around camp fires listening to old cowboys spin fantastic yarns or lain on my back on a soft quilt pallet, on a warm summerís eve, looking up at the beauty of the universe, listening to family and friends tell wonderful tales.  For centuries it was a cheap, renewable source of entertainment which bonded people together.  Technology is a great thing, but along with it we lost a social setting necessary to create precious memories which can only be made by the tradition of story telling.  Perhaps, it might be argued, the Internet is the new medium for reinventing that tradition.

My stories are mostly unabashed, unapologized for love stories in the context of male/male bonding relationships; however, there are a few straight relationships explored for balance.  I write about bikers, cowboys, country folks, and male sex in rural areas.  My biker novels explore a little known subculture of American life of consensual slavery and the relationships of alpha-males and submissive personality types.  I expect my readers to be adult enough to make of them what they will.  They are not meant to preach or convert but to educate and entertain. 

Some of my stories make reference to the possibility of a greater power in the universe.  If such exists, I believe it is beyond our abilities to comprehend.  While Iíve witnessed some strange and seemingly miraculous things in my life, I neither subscribe to nor believe in imaginary friends or organized religion of any sort.  Any descriptions of such beliefs by my characters in my stories are for the context of the story only and do not reflect my personal beliefs or opinions on such matters. 

Story categories: Stories about outlaw bikers, cowboys, BDSM, Master/slave, and Science Fiction.
Sexual practices: Oral, Anal, Incest, B/D, S/M, WS. 

DISCLAIMER: If you are under eighteen years of age, it is against local laws in your area for you to read material such as this, or you find it objectionable, please, go no further!  Hit the 'back' button above to exit.  By proceeding further into this site you are acknowledging you meet the criterion within this disclaimer and are exercising your rights as an adult.  If you don't meet the above requirements and proceed anyway, please understand, the author will not be held responsible.                     

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