Author:   Peter Lag (Guest Author of Unclejimmie)
Title:   Single Moms Can Be Fun
Summary:  A guy picks up a mom and winds up molesting her 5 year
old daughter when they go to her place. He has the child eat out
her mother.
Keywords:  M/F/g5, Consenting, Pedo, Alcohol

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==================== SINGLE MOMS CAN BE FUN ===================

What an experience that was. Never thought that would happen, but
I'm glad it did. I was working out of town, which gave me lots of
free time in the evenings. I travel a lot so I have gotten used
to going out by myself. I am 40 and married. This particular time
I went to a local bar. Nice place but not too busy. I started
talking to a local lady who was about 35 I guess. She was well on
her way, and I shortly learned all about her hard life. Single
mother, crappy job,  and on and on. I took it all in though and
was sympathetic, which I suppose was all she wanted. We got quite
friendly over the course of about an hour and she invited me back
to her place for a drink. Well, that was the line and I jumped at
it. It was a short walk, about 5 minutes. She was very tipsy to
say the least. I walked with my arm around her, to keep her on
the sidewalk more than anything.

	At her door she warned me that she had a baby sitter but that
she wouldn't be staying. No problem there. We went in and it
turned out that the baby sitter was a very cute teenager. I would
have had no problem if she stayed. As it turned out she stayed
for about 10 minutes. They nattered constantly the whole time.
Rachel, that's the woman's name, was loud and her little
daughter, her only child, woke up and came into the kitchen.
Courtney was 5 and they both put her back to bed. I think the
baby sitter was a little reluctant to leave with me there because
Rachel seemed so drunk, but Rachel finally got rid of her. That
suited me fine. Actually I was wondering if it was such a good
idea for me to be there, but as soon as the door closed Rachel
threw herself at me, and that quickly changed my mind.

	 In about 20 seconds we were on the couch. I had a handful of
her tit and she had her hand between my legs. Rachel said, "let's
go to the bedroom". Fine with me. We stumbled down the hallway
and only bounced off the wall a couple times. Rachel sat down on
the side of the bed. I didn't see any point in being to romantic,
so I stripped off my pants and underwear while she struggled to
get her panty hose and panties off. She had a dress on but she
didn't seem to be interested in getting naked. OK by me. She did
manage to get those things off, although I had to help her get
them off her feet. In the meantime she flopped back on the bed. I
was afraid she was going to pass out, or at least go to sleep.

	I knelt on the bed over her, with a leg on either side and we
started kissing. Her hands found my cock in no time, and she
stroked me with both hands. I must admit that I really liked
that. I reached down between her legs, pulled up her dress and
massaged her pussy. She didn't seem wet, and I wasn't surprised
at that. I knew that she was too drunk to be much good. We played
like that for a minute and then I decided that I might as well do
what I wanted. She wasn't going to be much help. I slipped back
off the bed and knelt on the floor. I put my arms under her legs
and pulled her out towards the edge of the bed so I could get at
her. She didn't resist. Her eyes were closed and she put her arm
over her eyes. I lifted her dress up over her waist. I was
kneeling between her legs and her wide-open pussy looked very

	I leaned forward and smelled her crotch. That gave me a twinge
in the groin. I kissed her, sucked on her lips and then buried my
tongue in her. All in all, she tasted wonderful. I started
vigorously licking her and eating her out while slowly jerking
off. I figured that was the best I was going to get, which, when
you think about it is pretty good. Soon I heard her heavy
breathing. She was totally passed out and I figured she would
start snoring any moment. At that point I didn't care. I was
resigned to it and determined to satisfy myself anyway.

	That's when I got a bit of a start. I had this funny feeling and
glancing around I saw Courtney standing in the doorway. She was
leaning against the door jam watching. I don't know how long she
had been there. She was dressed in her pajamas and seemed very

	"What are you doing" she asked?

	I wasn't sure what to do, so I decided to just act casual.
 "Your mom and I are just playing. Having a little fun. How come
your up?"

	"Couldn't sleep" she said. After a pause she said "How come you
doing that?"

	"Well, because I like it and it makes your mom feel good." That
seemed a little lame but she was only 5 so I didn't know what to

	"Is she sleeping?"

	"Yeah, she's sleeping, but it still feels good to her. She likes
it." I was trying to be natural, but it wasn't easy.

	"If she's sleeping how can she like it?" she said

	"Well, she wasn't sleeping when I started." That almost sounded
like an excuse to me, so I added, "She still enjoys it even if
she's sleeping. There was a big pause. I wanted to say something
but didn't know what. I guess I was a little confused. I was
horny. I felt a little guilty for being caught and at the same
time it was a little erotic. Without thinking too much, I turned
back to her mom and licked her some more. To my surprise,
Courtney walked over beside me. I stopped and looked at her for a
moment. She didn't seem scared, just interested. I went back to
eating mom, licking her and sucking on her lips. I also started
stroking my cock again slowly. It was getting to be a very erotic
situation and I was starting to enjoy it.

	After a moment I leaned back on my heals, continuing to stroke
my cock which was in full view of Courtney. She seemed interested
in that too and watched me. I smiled at her and said "Have you
ever done this for your mom?"

	She first shook her head and then said "No". I knew Rachel was
totally passed out now. Her breathing was getting very heavy.

	I pretended to be very surprised. "Really?" I said. "She really
likes it. I thought you would have." I was starting to be devious
now. "She's never asked you to?" Of course I knew she hadn't but
I was trying to make it sound all very natural.


	"Has she ever done it to you?" I figured I might as well go all
the way.


	"I'm surprised" I said. "It's a lot of fun and it really makes
her feel good. Do you want to try it?"

	She didn't say no right away. She hesitated for a moment and
then said "No"

	"Why not. It makes you mom feel real good, and it's all ok.
Nothing to worry about." She said nothing. She looked at me and
at her mom's pussy and back at me. I put my hand on her waist. I
didn't try to push or pull her in any direction. I just put it on
her waist and held it there. I must admit I liked to touch her.
The feel of her reminded me how small she was.

	"You saw me do it. It's ok." I could almost see the wheels
turning in her head. To my surprise she put one hand on the bed,
leaned forward and gave her moms pussy a little lick. Not much,
just a taste. When she stood up, I looked at her for a moment,
smiled and said "Good, isn't it?"

	She just shrugged her shoulders to show indifference. I was
thrilled at the thought of this little girl licking her mother's
pussy.  At least she didn't have a negative reaction. I still had
my hand on her waist. I leaned forward and licked her mom's
pussy. I licked her slit, sucked on her lips and probed her hole
with my tongue. After about 10 or 15 seconds I leaned back.
Courtney was watching me intently. My cock was rock hard, but I
resisted my urge and only stroked it slowly. "Your turn" I said.

	For a moment she did nothing. Then she leaned in and licked her.
She licked her several times this time. She just lapped it like
it was an ice cream cone, but she showed willingness. I leaned to
the side to watch her. It was so erotic to see her head between
her mother's legs and her little tongue lapping at her pussy.

	When she leaned back I was careful to praise her. "That's very
good Courtney. You're a good girl. That was very, very good. Your
mother is so lucky to have a good girl like you." I know it was
corny, but she responded to it. She even smiled. I leaned in and
really gave mom a good tongue job for about 30 seconds. I probed
her hole and sucked on her lips, hoping that Courtney would get
the idea. Then I leaned back and without hesitation said "Ok,
your turn".

	 This time Courtney leaned in and put a little more effort into
it. She licked a little deeper and even sucked her mom's lips a
few times. As I watched her, slowly stroking my cock, I let my
hand slip down to her bum. I expected a reaction but didn't get
one, so I started to massage her cheeks. He bum was so small that
my hand covered the whole thing. I was so horny now with this
situation. Here was a little 5-year-old girl eating her mom's
pussy while I felt her ass and jerked off.

	When she leaned back I said, "This is really good for you
mother. She will really appreciate this. And it's fun too." I
said. "Just relax. I just want to put my hand inside." I slipped
my hand inside the waistband of her pajamas and cupped her little
ass. I was afraid she might resist that, but she didn't. I didn't
want to give her a chance to think about it, so I leaned in and
sucked on her mom's pussy. I ate her vigorously, still keeping my
hand down the back of her daughter's pajamas. I didn't move my
hand much, so as not to alarm her. Then I leaned back and said
"OK Courtney, your  turn."

	When Courtney leaned in to eat her mom, I used my hand to push
her pajama bottoms down. I didn't take them down all the way.
Just below her bum. I watched her licking mom for a moment and
then leaned over in front of her little bum. I put my nose right
between her cheeks and inhaled. Her child smell gave me another
sharp twinge in my groin. I couldn't help putting my lips on her
tiny cheeks, right in her crack and giving her a lingering kiss.

	When she leaned back I straightened up as well. The last thing I
wanted to do was scare her. I now had more interest in Courtney's
little ass than her mother's pussy, but I had to keep the
pretense going. "We're doing a good thing here Courtney. Your
mother is really going to appreciate this." I had my hand on
Courtney's bum again, and she didn't seem to mind having her
pajama bottoms pushed down. I used my other hand to push my
finger deep into Rachel's pussy. I probed it a bit, then took my
finger out, sucked it and leaned in to suck Rachel for a while.
Not too long though. I really wanted Courtney by now.

	This time, when I leaned back, I shuffled back on me knees a
little and said, "Come in front Courtney. She stepped in between
her mother's legs. "Go ahead Hon, it's your turn", I said. She
turned her back to me to face her mom and bent over at the waist
and started eating her. This was perfect. Courtney's little bum
was displayed right in front of my face. I wasted no time putting
my face between her little cheeks and smelling her. Her little
ass smelled a little like shit but it only made me hornier. I
spread her cheek the tiniest bit with my hands so I could see her
little hairless pussy and her cute little button asshole. I
couldn't resist slipping my tongue in. I licked, ever so slowly,
from her little pussy lips, to her tiny brown asshole and up the
crack of her ass. It was delicious. I did it several times. I
wanted to do it harder but I was being careful to go slow. It was
such a delight to lick that tiny ass.

	Courtney needed a break from licking her mom's pussy. She stood
up and tuned around. I stood up too and my cock was right in
front of her face. "Put your hands here and do what I was doing"
I said. I guided both of her little hands to my cock and showed
her how to stoke me. While she jerked me off I stroked her hair.
"You're the perfect little girl Courtney. I've never met a little
girl that was as good as you." I praised her shamelessly but I
think she liked it. I looked at her mother for a moment and
wondered what would happen if she woke up to this scene. That
didn't last long though when I looked back at this little angel
in front of me.

	"Watch this Courtney" I said. I moved around her between her
mom's legs. With my hand guiding, I rubbed my cock up and down
her slit, and then worked it into her hole. It wasn't easy
because the outside was wet with saliva but the inside was dry. I
did manage to get part way in though and pumped her a little.
Courtney watched with interest. I pulled out and turned to
Courtney. "Taste your mom here" I said. I put her little hand on
my cock and said, "Go ahead. Put your mouth on it. I like the
feel of that too." She hesitated so I put my hand behind he head
and gently encouraged her. She seemed reluctant, but then she
opened her mouth and put it over the end of my cock. I gently
pulled her head forward and the knob of my cock disappeared into
her mouth. She couldn't get much in, but the sight of my cock in
this little 5-year-old girls mouth was tremendous. I almost came
in her mouth. It was so erotic to see this that it was hard to
hold back. I put both her hands on my cock and encouraged her to
jerk me off. She didn't suck much but the sight of my cock in her
mouth and the feel of her little hands were enough to enjoy.

	After a minute of this I wanted more. As much as I hated to, I
pulled out of her mouth, knelt down and pulled her pajama bottoms
down to her ankles. She stepped out of them. I stood up with her
in my arms and sat down on the bed beside her mother. I lay back
on the bed beside Rachel, turned Courtney around and sat her down
over my face. We were in the 69 position and I moved her little
hands down onto my cock. She immediately grabbed hold of it and
started to stroke it. I put my mouth over her little pussy and
probed her with my tongue. My nose was pressed tight against her
asshole and I breathed in her child smell. I probed her pussy
hard with my tongue, and I was surprised how far I could get in.
I soon had my tongue as far into her as I could reach. She was so
tight, and her insides felt so smooth on my tongue. For a moment
I switched and pushed my tongue into her asshole. It was so
small, but I worked at it harder and managed to penetrate part
way in. My tongue was deep in her ass when I came. I clenched her
waist with my hands and held my tongue in as far as I could until
I finished convulsing.

	Then I relaxed. Courtney sat up. She was sitting on my face for
a moment before she lifted her leg over me and knelt beside me.
She had cum clinging to one side of her face. I couldn't help
smiling at her. I put my hand behind her neck and pulled her to
me. I gently licked the come off her cheek and gently kissed her
on the cheek. "You're such and angel Courtney." I kissed her
lips, lightly. Once, twice, the third time my lips lingered on
hers. I sucked on her lip for a moment and then probed her mouth
with my tongue. Her mouth was so small I could hardly get my
tongue in. I pulled her down so she was lying beside me with my
arm under her neck. I got up on my elbow so I was leaning over
her and kissed her again. This time very passionately. As I
kissed her I ran my other hand over her little body. I caressed
her little flat chest, down her legs and up to her crotch. She
felt so good. I started to get hard again. I took my cock in my
hands and started to pump it. This was such an erotic situation.
I was cuddling this little baby girl, French kissing her and
jerking off. It only took about 30 seconds of this for me to come
again and squirt more cum on her legs.

	I relaxed and cuddled Courtney. We lay there cuddling for what
seemed a long time but it was probably only about 5 minutes. I
knew I better make a move. I started to get up and said, "Well, I
guess it's time for you to go back to bed young lady." She never
complained at all. We both got up. I used Rachel' s panties to
wipe my come off Courtney's legs. "Better kiss your mother good
night Hon" I said. She started to climb back on the bed and I
said "No,  here" and I pointed between Rachel's legs.

	Courtney giggled and said "Oh yeah". She didn't just kiss her,
but she licked her, sucked on both of her lips and licked her
some more. I let her go as long as she wanted. When she finished
I said "How about me?" and I pointed at myself.

	She smiled and stepped up to me. My cock was completely soft.
She sucked it into her mouth. She could get a lot more in now. I
held the back of her head while she sucked on me. This time I
could feel her mouth working on my soft cock. She was a fast
learner. She worked on my cock for about half a minute before
letting it slip slowly out. She looked up at me like a little
angel and said, "Is that OK?"

	"That's perfect darling." I picked her up and held her in my
arms. "You're the best little girl I've ever met. Ever. I'm
really glad we met." I scooped up her pajama bottoms and carried
her back to her bedroom. I put her down on her bed, she pulled on
her pajama bottoms and I tucked her in. I gave her a very mature
kiss good night and went back to Rachel's room. Rachel had rolled
over on her side, which surprised me. I lay down on my side
facing her. I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and
went to sleep. I wanted to be there when she woke up. Somehow I
thought I would enjoy fucking her while I thought about what I
had done with her little daughter.

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