Exhibitionist Mom (inc, voy)

   I am a seventeen years old Indian boy named Tarun.  Besides my parents I
had a sister and a brother.  I also had two dogs that I love dearly.  My
father Sanjay is forty-four and he is a sales executive in a motorcar
company.  He is bald and an alcoholic.  He often tries to hide his wine
bottles from us but fails miserably.  My mother Rajni is a typical
housewife.  She is thirty-nine and very conservative.

   To an outsider we are a well-off happy family but inside things are not
as ideal as they seem from outside.  My father and mother don't see
anything as one.  They often quarrel over petty things like forgetting car
keys or buying something in super store.  But the greatest bone of
contention is religion.  My mother is a strong devotee of religion while my
father is almost a non-believer.

   My mother's conservativeness was apparent by many things.  She was very
rigid in dress code.  She dressed conservatively by wearing full sarees and
large blouses to conceal her body.  She never used bad language even when
she is angry.  My mother would scold my sister and me mildly even if she
considered something done by us as very inappropriate.

   How she looks like, as woman is, however, a different story.  She is
fair complexioned and had a very beautiful face.  She had a well-shaped
body with prominent bust and nice round ass.  Everybody agreed that my
mother is the prettiest woman in our area.  She was leading her life as a
mature, married, respectable wife and mother.  But there was an aspect of
her life, which was hidden from her family and relatives.  Even I come to
learn about it accidentally.  My mom was an exhibitionist.

   One fine morning I woke up early and saw my mother was already doing her
puja (worship) inside the home temple, which was a daily routine of her. 
Not to do anything, I decided to stroll in the garden in front of our
house. Pure air filled my nostrils and gave an undefined pleasure to my
soul.  After some time, I watched the milkman coming to our house.  Before
I could approach him to get the milk, he rang the doorbell.

   After a while, the door was opened and out came my mother.  I was
terribly shocked to see her dressing.  My conservative mother was wearing a
thin blouse without any bra inside.  The upper two buttons of her blouse
was not done properly.  Her petticoat was tied loosely about four inches
below her deep navel.

   The milkman's eyes were glued to her big boobs.  He could see my
mother's aureoles and nipples through the blouse.  As she bent to pick up
the milk, he licked his lips.  My mother's huge breasts were spilling out
more from her blouse.  It seemed to me, my mother took more time than
needed, to take the milk.  As my mother closed the door, the milkman left
the house, whistling a happy tune.

   I was completely confused.  Was it an accident or everything was
intentional?  Was my mother not aware that her dress was highly
provocative? I started to consider the possibility that, she might have
another side to her personality hidden from me.  My doubts were confirmed

   One day I had taken some of my friends to my home.  After munching on
some snacks at the kitchen table, we decided to play cards.  I left my
friends Kaushik, Chandera and Rethik in the kitchen and went into my room
for cards.  The cards were not in sight so I started searching for them. 
Meanwhile I saw my mother in the kitchen; she just came home from shopping.
I could hear her conversation with my friends.  After the standard
greetings exchanged between them, my mother asked them, "Where is Tarun?"

   "He is in his room for the cards" Kaushik replied.

   My Mother continued chatting with them, asking how school was, if they
needed more snacks etc.  I could see the black haired figure of my mom with
her back to me.  She had long black beautiful hair, down to her ass.  She
was wearing a pink colour saree, which covered her body entirely.  No
single part of her body was visible.  In addition to that she had an
overcoat above her saree.

   Then my mother went into the rest room, and I started searching again
for the playing cards.  As I found them, I noticed my mother coming back to
the kitchen.  I was totally demolished by the dress she was wearing.  Her
nightie was absolutely transparent and it revealed everything inside.  The
dress was so flimsy that my mother's bra and panty were clearly visible. 
That dress was equal to coming out with only bra and panty.  My friends
were all dazed.  My mother smilingly said, " I spilled something on my
clothes.  So I had better put them into the laundry basket."

   Saying so, my mother moved into the laundry room right opposite to the
kitchen.  All my friends were silent as they wathed my mother turn her back
to them and put the clothes in the basket.  Her ass was round and full.  It
looked like two pillows tied together.  My mother took her time in putting
the clothes and closing the basket.  Her plump buttocks bounced and swayed
lusciously at the slight movement of her body.  Then my mother turned
towards the door and gave the frontal view of her body.

   The guys turned their heads away as my mother re-entered the kitchen.  I
heard my mother say," See you boys later", as she walked upstairs.

   I could hear groans and exhales from my friends.  "Aunt Rajni acts like
respectable homely woman all the time...  But when Tarun is not around, she
does nasty things like that." Said Rethik in a low tone.

   "Man, she is quiet a sight," said Chandra and they all giggled.

   I was pissed and embarrassed.  How could my mother humiliate me like
that, letting my friends see her in panty and bra?  It was terribly upset
at the idea of to letting my friends look at my mother like that.  Before
this, I had never saw my mother putting on that filmy nightdress.  I did
not even know that she had these types of garments in her possession.

   By the time my friends left, my father and sister were home.  At around
7:00 pm, my mother came downstairs to prepare the dinner.  I looked at her
dress.  To my surprise, my mother was not wearing that flimsy transparent
nightgown then.  Instead, she was wearing a dress, which is made up of some
course material.  It covered her ripe body entirely, right from the neck to
the toe.  So I was led to believe that my mother dressed conservatively
only around her family but around others, she dressed like a slut.
I stayed at home one Tuesday due to mild fever.  It was quiet late in
the morning but I was lying in bed, then my mother came to check on me.  I
heard her coming down the stairs, and saw her standing in the doorway.  She
was wearing a proper saree and a blouse as usual.  She asked me how I was

doing, and I mumbled, "OK".

   "You are going to sleep down here all morning.  Right!"

   "Yes" I mumbled.

   "Fine" my mother said.  "The kitchen tap is leaking, so the plumber can
come any minute.  I will just be upstairs waiting for him".

   My thoughts started racing about my mother being alone with a plumber. I
wondered if she would provoke him too or not.  A little while later, I
heard the doorbell ring.  I opened my bedroom door slightly, and peered to
the front door.  My mother was holding open the front door, for the two men
carrying toolboxes.  She was wearing an overcoat above her body.  As the
two men came inside, my mother locked the door.

   "How do you tolerate this summer heat?" my mother asked them in a
concerned voice.

   Before they answered, my mother said, "But I could not".  Saying so she
removed the overcoat from her body, and put it on the sofa.  I was
bewildered.  My mother was wearing only a tiny gown on her full body.  It
was white cotton and very short.  It could not even cover her crotch.

   I was aware that only foreign women use this type of gown, called
'negligee'.  How could my conservative and religious mother use it?  I had
no idea.  The plumbers stood there staring at her ass and tits.  My
mother's bare thighs were also exposed to their hungry eyes.  As my mother
turned, I could see that, she was not wearing any bra under her 'negligee'.
Her melons like boobs wobbled as she turned, and the plumbers got a glimpse
of her sharp nipples sticking through the gown.

   My mother led the plumbers to the kitchen.  They followed my mother,
watching her big ass jiggling with each step.  "The leak is under the
sink," mother said.  She then bent over and started removing supplies under
the sink.  My view was blocked by now.  But I could guess that her gown
would be up, to expose most of her panties.  I just moved a little so that
I could have a full picture.

   Once again I was trembled to my feet.  My mother was NOT WEARING ANY
PANTIES.  She was showing these guys her whole, naked, white ass including
what was inside.  My mothers' each ass cheek was round and plump, separated
from the other by a deep crevice.  I could sense that the plumbers were
taken aback to see the size of my mother's butt.  Their cocks must be
growing hard under their pants.

   After clearing the supplies, my mother bent one more time to show where
the leak was.  The plumbers drank in every inch of my mother's rich,
glorious ass.  She said, "OK.  I leave you now.  I have some other work to
do".  With a mischievous grin on her face, my mother went to the laundry

   The two plumbers opened their toolboxes and looked at the leak, my
mother continued her exhibitionist show by continually leaning over the
washing machine.  She was not only showing her big buttocks, but also
exposing her huge breasts, as she bent over facing the men.  To me, it was
a loathsome scene.  How could an honorable mother of 3 kids behave in such
a repulsive way....  oh god!  My mother was a slut.

   The older man, may be my father's age or older, sent the other one, a
young kid, out to take something.  While he was gone, my mother entered the
kitchen and said, "So you brought a partner today."

   "Yes Miss," he said," I need him on the next job".  I got the feeling
that my mother was expecting the older plumber to be alone.

   My mother returned to the laundry room when the younger man returned. 
After a little more showing and sauntering, she left to her room upstairs.

   "Lusty," said the younger plumber.  "What an overflowing ass.  I found
it very difficult not to pat her glorious ass".

   "Yes", said the older one.  "A mean wife and a filthy mother!"

   I felt blows hitting my head on hearing those words.  Soon they left and
I collapsed in my bed, rather dejected and marooned.

   The next episode of my mother's odd behavior took place on a Sunday; I
was in my room, studying my English Book.  Suddenly the doorbell rang.  I
came out of my room to see our Dhobi (washer man) standing outside,
carrying a bundle of cloths.

   I went upstairs to my mother's room, and found her already compiling
dirty cloths.  This meant she was already expecting the Dhobi.  She was
wearing a beautiful black saree, which gave her a look of decent homely
woman.  Totally engrossed in her beauty, I passed the message to her
somehow.  Then I asked my mother politely, "Mom, Can I go to a movie

   I was not doing well as a student so I did not think that I would get
the permission easily.  But to my surprise, my mother allowed me to go
immediately.  I gladly came downstairs to move on for the movie.  All of a
sudden a thought took place like a flash in my mind.  How could my mother
give the permission to see a movie so easily?  I also realized that my
father and my sister were gone shopping.  Even my younger brother was at a
friend's house.  I decided to clear my suspicion.

   I collected my binoculars from my room, and took my motorbike.  I rode
the bike and parked it at the nearby supermarket.  I did this, because the
sound of the bike confirmed my leaving from the house.  As the Dhobi was
waiting in the hall, I entered the compound and hid behind a tree.  With
binoculars, I could see the interior of my house quite clearly.

   Time ticked by and finally I saw my mother coming downstairs.  Her saree
was changed as I had a closer look at my mother.  I felt a ton of bricks
hitting me at the same time.  My mother was not wearing anything underneath
her transparent yellow saree.  NO BLOUSE, NO BRA, NO PETTICOAT, NO PANTIES
NOTHING.  She was completely nude under her flimsy saree.

   My mother's big breasts and her elegant pussy hairs were visible through
her saree.  The Dhobi's mouth had fallen open at the pretty sight in front
of him.  My mother was also carrying an overcoat in her hand.  She asked
the Dhobi to unload the bundle of cloths on the floor, as she put the coat
on the sofa.  My mother told him that she would bring the notebook for
counting.  She walked up to the living room to take a notebook.  As she
walked back, the Dhobi looked at her backside.  He could not believe that
she did not have a blouse or bra on her.  Her back was completely bare
except the pallu (Side) of her saree crossed over her shoulder.  As my
mother walked, her big ass bounced and jiggled.  It seemed that she was
putting more pressure in her walk, to make her ass jiggle more.

   The Dhobi could see the curves and outlines of her spongy buttocks
through her saree.  Even my mother's ass cracks appeared like a crease in
her saree.  Now the Dhobi could realize that she was not wearing petticoat
and panties.

   My mother came with notebook and a pen.  The aureoles and nipples of her
boobs were clearly visible.  The dhobi fixed his eyes on her milky breasts.
I noticed that her left breast was partly uncovered up to her fat nipple.
But my mother did not bother to cover it and gave him a good show.

   Suddenly I saw a car entering in our house.  It was my father and my
sister, who returned from shopping.  As soon the car sound was heard, my
mother picked up the overcoat, and started wearing it.  On seeing this,
dhobi's eyes went wide with astonishment.  A smile crept on his face, as he
found that my mother's disheveled dressing was not accidental.  He
understood that my mother deliberately came in half clothing, in order to
provoke him.  By then my father and my sister had already entered the room.
My sister ran up to my mother, and displayed the things she bought for her
birthday party.

   Now realizing the truth, the Dhobi threw a nasty smile towards my
mother. But she pretended to be engrossed with her daughter.  I was
relieved a little.  Now the Dhobi got up and went outside.  As he was
slipping on his worn-out slippers, he looked towards my mother.  As his
eyes met those of my mother he again threw a filthy grin towards her.  This
time my mother also responded with a lewd smile.  He went away merrily
after getting a real feast.  He perhaps was hoping to do better next time.

   It was the birthday of my sister.  I could see a lot of my cousins,
aunts and uncles crowded in my house.  The whole environment was in festive
mood.  My mother was standing behind my father, just to the right of my
uncle Bhupindar.  My mother was wearing her typical attire.  A pink cotton
saree with matching pink blouse!

   Uncle Bhupindar was my father's elder brother.  But he was taller, and
in better shape than my father.  Unlike my father he was stern believer of
religion.  This was something common between him and my mother.  In the
past I saw them chatting about visiting famous temples.  But what surprised
me immediately was what my uncle was doing with my mother.  His shoulders
were brushing against my mother's.  He put his right arm around my mother,
and rested his hand on her right hip.  Everyone was in front of them so
their backs were hidden.  He lowered his hand further, and rested its palm
on my mother's right ass cheek.  Only I had the idea that he was squeezing
her bum slowly.

   My mother did nothing to stop this brazen move.  Bhupindar uncle's hands
started massaging my mother's big ass through her saree.  I watched with
growing anger at my mother and my uncle.  I also realized that my cock
began to stiffen.  As the cake was cut, they moved in different ways. 
Standing besides their spouses they were not even looking at each other.  I
tried to assure myself that what I saw was perhaps accidental.  Sadly once
again I was wrong.

   The very next day I came from my college for a short time because I
forgot to take a very important assignment with me.  There was a strange
silence in the house.  I asked the housemaid about my mother and she told
me that my uncle Bhupindar was visiting her and she took him to her room.
My sixth sense told me that there was something fishy going on.  Instead of
going to my mother's room directly I went on the back of our house. 
Through a crack in the window I peeked inside.  There they were.

   My mom was lying naked with her legs raised and my uncle was eating her
cunt.  He continued this for some time and then came up and started playing
with her boobs.  It was then her turn to eat his dick.  He had a big dick
and a thick one as well.  My mom started licking his dick and passionately
gave a nice blow job.  My uncle was moaning and calling her with all types
of bad words.  He then told mom that he is about to come.  My mom stopped
her job and told him to put in her pussy.  He started inserting his dick in
her cunt and started pumping vigorously.  All the while he was pressing and
sucking her boobs as well.  I was loosing my control as well.  They
continued that fucking for around 5 minutes and my uncle discharged his
full load of cum in my mom's cunt and she was crying in excitement.  Still
his dick was a bit stiff and my mom immediately took it in her mouth and
cleaned it up fully.  They then just lied there on the bed fully naked and
playing with each other body.  I went back and quickly had a whack.  I
jacked off once, then twice but it was not enough to cool me down.  I
couldn't get my mind on anything the whole day.  What surprised me most was
the fact that instead of lusting after my mother in my mind I now wanted
the real thing.  I wanted to fuck her myself.  Well I didn't blame mother
much; my father must be the one responsible.  He surely wasn't giving her
enough man meat.

   I did nothing immediately.  I waited for the day when she would be angry
with me for some reason.  Many days passed but nothing happened.  Then one
day I got some money for buying a thing or two.  I decided to hide the
money and tell my mother that I lost the money somewhere.  When I told her
this she was upset but said nothing much to me.  I was pissed but I was not
ready to give up easily.

   After dinner all of us went to our respective rooms.  My father luckily
was not at home that day.  After about ten minutes I went to my mother's
room and saw her watching the TV.  I asked for the permission to sit on the
sofa and watch her favorite TV serial with her.  Angrily she said to me,
"Go to your room and study,"

   "Please mom let me watch the serial," 'SAAS BHE KHABI BAHU THEE'

   "Why boy this is supposed to be a serial made for women"

   "I know mom but I want to watch it."

   "What you enjoy in it?"

   "All juicy beautiful women"

   "What?  Since when you started talking dirty with me"

   "Since I saw you fucked by uncle Bhupindar," I dropped my bomb finally.

   She was so stunned that she didn't say a word.  She was just looking at
me and I knew she understood what the consequences could be.  Looking her
in a state of shock I told her to getup and come close.  I thought maybe
she will yell at me, beat me or just walk away but she just obeyed me. 
This gave me a new sense of power.  As she walked and stood right in front
of me I just caressed her thigh over her saree from where I was sitting. 
She didn't say anything.  I put my hands around her and felt her plump ass,
oh so soft.  My mom had closed her eyes now; this made me feel more

   I turned her around and started lifting her saree with my trembling
hands.  Her white thighs looked overly sexy as I pulled up her saree.  I
almost died of heart attack when I first saw her ass.  They were two big
orbs, just sitting there to be caressed and squeezed.  I held her saree up
only till I finished admiring her wide panty covered ass.  I pulled the
panty down so that I could see her whole ass naked.  I ran my finger in her
crack right down to her pussy.

   I then turned her around and told her to hold her saree up.  She did as
she was told.  Now I could see her fleshy mound, all nicely shaven.  I
touched her lightly, and then applied little more pressure until I couldn't
help but squeeze hard.  I put my finger in between her thighs lightly
touching her pussy, to my surprise she was wet, and she was dripping on my
finger.  I shoved my middle finger in her wet cunt hole, feeling her hot
channel of love.  To my satisfaction she didn't say a word, hence, I asked
her to kneel in front of me.  Now she said, "I am your mother Tarun you
know you shouldn't be doing this."

   I said, "listen mom if you can lay your pussy out for others I too want
it for me.'

   She knew better not to argue.  She went on her knees in front of me as I
opened my zip and let out my hard cock out.  It felt so good to have my
man-meat out in the open.  I started to open her blouse, releasing her tits
off her bra.  I went crazy pressing her big boobs, pinching her nipples,
yes she was moaning like a bitch.  I was so charged up that as soon as I
took her right nipple in my mouth I bit her.  She let out a scream.  I was
going mad shoving my face into her cleavage and rubbing my face in between
her boobs.

   I guess she was also horny by then as she took my tool in her mouth
without forcing.  She was sucking me off as I played with her hair.  It was
too good to have her soft lips sucking in my cock.  I couldn't last too
long and came right in her mouth.  She gagged as she tried to swallow most
of my cum.

   I lay back exhausted.  My cock was shrinking but the urge to have more
of it was making me go for it.  She thought it was over and got up and
started walking away.  I caught her hand and pulled her back.  Once again I
had to make her hold her saree up and now I made her sit on my limp cock. I
made her sit in such a way that her legs were spread wide apart and her wet
pussy was touching my cock.  I made her rub her wet cunt over my cock and
slowly I started getting hard again.

   As soon as I was hard I made my mom get up and put her hands on the sofa
I was sitting so I had her ass facing me.  It was difficult for me to fuck
her face to face for the first time.  My mom stood up and put her hands on
the sofa backrest.  I had her whole ass in view with her cunt lips hanging

   I came up from behind and squeezed her ass cheeks, spreading them and
pinching them.  I held my cock in my right hand and with my left parted her
ass cheeks to place my cock right at her cunt lips.  Rubbing my cock head
there made it wet with her juices.  Then it was all easy going up her cunt.
Oh what a feeling.  I bent her a little more and I could see her red cunt
lips around my cock as I started with a slow rhythm, shoving my cock in and
out slowly.  I was getting more excited by the minute.  I held her waist as
I pushed my cock in more forcefully.

   "Oh boy.....y, your hurting me!"

   She started cumming at this moment, she was literally screaming.  It
made me feel so hot.  My cock was so covered with her juice, making slushy
noises as I slapped her ass.  I was at the brink of cumming again so I
caught her boobs from behind and made one final shove spraying my cum right
inside her belly.

   I just sat on the sofa and I don't even remember when I fell asleep but
when I woke up I thought it was all a dream till I felt my cock with all
the dried up cum and juice on it.

   Later I didn't talk to my mom about it and she also behaved as if
nothing has happened.  So it was better left as it was.  However, whenever
I get horny I just have to walk across to her and get her into the bed with
me and have all of her.