Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Revenge of the Pred Issue 005.1 - Whatever happened to Jasmine? Five years ago... The strawberry blonde 13-year-old rushed towards the park, even though she knew it was closed. The text she had gotten from her friend Linda terrified her but she at least knew where she could find her friend. "Dude snapped and I barely got away," the text read. "Come to the park and help me. I don't know what to do." The thought of contacting either her's or Linda's parents, much less the police, never occurred to Jasmine. After all, the two young girls had planned to blackmail this guy Danny for whatever they could get - then turn him in anyway. Jasmine answered Linda's text back, "what happened?" and the only response was that she was in the women's bathroom on the far side of the park by the woods and she would tell her when she got there. And she was there now, standing at the gate of the park. Luckily for her, she was able to slip between the bars and quickly make her way down the path towards the bathrooms where her friend said she was hiding. It was a warm night and she had been in the shower when Linda text her. She quickly threw on a tank top and cheer shorts and ran out the door, her only concern was getting to her friend. After what seemed like forever to the 13-year old, she got to the women's bathroom and quickly went inside. "Linda, you in here?" she said as she got inside the bathroom, which was dimly lit. "Maybe she's hiding in the boys room." The young girl turned then paused in her tracks. She was not alone. Blocking Jasmine from the door was a large man. "You must be Jasmine." The man smiled as he shut the door and locked it. Terror filled Jasmine's mind. This had to be Danny. And, if he's here, where was her friend? "Wh-wh-where's Linda?" She shook as she backed up against one of the sinks. "What have you done to her?" Danny smiled as he stepped closer to the now terrified girl. He looked her up and down as he moved closer. "Afraid she will walk in on us here?" He replied with a chuckle. She was more than a little bit cuter than Linda, who'd he had enjoyed multiple times the night before and into the early morning for that matter. But, this strawberry-blonde girl didn't need to know about that...yet. Her blue eyes darted back and forth from him to the door. "Don't worry, we had fun but now its your turn, Jasmine." Her lips trembled and Danny loved the site of her freckled shoulders covered only by the slim spaghetti straps of the tank top she wore. Now, just a couple feet from her, he could just make out her small nipples poking into the fabric of her tank top. "Stay the hell away from me, you sick fuck!" Jasmine screamed as her fear turned into desperation as she lunged forward throwing all of herself into a punch. "Don't fucking touch me!" The punch, though not very strong, stunned Danny momentarily, allowing the five-foot tall teen to get by him and race for the door. He quickly recovered and laughed as he saw her struggling with the door handle - obviously so scared she forgot the door was locked. "Leaving so soon," he laughed as he reached her, grabbing her by the hair. "Hell, kid, we're just getting started." Jasmine yelped as Danny grabbed her hair but didn't have time to react more than that as he slammed her forehead into the metal door. Jasmine felt a rush of terror as she felt her hair being grabbed but that didn't last long, replaced by the pain in her forehead before everything went black. The teen slightly bounced off the door and back against Danny who held her for a moment before putting the next act in his plan into play. Rather than pick up the young unconscious girl, Danny simply kept the handful of her hair in his grip and drug her across the floor. Danny knew he had plenty of time but, considering what she and Linda had planned before their plot was thwarted, he really wanted to have fun with this little brat. He quickly drug her over to one of the stalls where a pair of handcuffs were attached to each side of the door frame. He lifted her up slightly and quickly cuffed her right wrist before repeating the process with her left. With an even more evil chuckle, he took Linda's red thong out of his pocket and used it to gag her best friend. "That should make things much easier than they were with your bestie." He smiled as he stepped back to take a look. Jasmine hung limp in the cuffs, her arms stretched out above her. Her head hung forward to the front, her strawberry blonde hair hanging in front of her shoulders and touching the top of her grey tanktop. Her tight, thin fabric stretched against her young breasts, her nipples still poking through. Her top was up slightly, her belly button exposed as Danny ran his hand across her bare stomach before grabbing her by the hair again. As he pulled her head back, her eyes started to blink. "That's right, Jasmine, time to wake up." As she opened her eyes she panic, trying to struggle. Fear flashed across her face as she realized she couldn't move her arms but managed to stand, though still slightly dizzy. "Mmmph!" She tried to scream, not knowing her best friend's panties were gagging her. A tear ran down her cheek as she realized she was at this man's mercy, and she whimpered at his touch. Danny smiled as he gripped her chin with one hand, making her look him in the eye. His other hand ran along her exposed stomach she the young girl continued to whimper. "I know you have to expect this is not going to be fun for you, kid." He smirked, his hand gripping her chin tighter as she closed her eyes and sobbed more. "So, the idea was for you and your buddy Linda to blackmail me, huh?" He laughed and ran his hand to her throat. "I should choke you to death right here." At those words, Jasmine's eyes flashed open again. Her whole body shook as her eyes begged for mercy. Truth is, it was all Linda's idea, even though she never tried to stop this from happening. But, now it was her, chained up with no help of rescue and no sign of her friend. She watched his hand move down from her neck to the top of her tank top, gripping the grey fabric. Danny laughed. "That would be too quick though." He gripped her shirt tighter and the girl whined as she felt his hand leave her chin and join the other one on her top. "And, you should feel the same way Linda did last night..." His smile grew as he tore her tank top from her body. "as I took from her what you two wanted to tempt me with." Jasmine screamed a sob into her gag as her tank top was ripped from her body. She had feared what had happened to Linda, but now she knew. She cried harder as Danny ran his hand across her face, his hand sliding down to her freckled shoulder and onto her young, b-cup breast. He raped her friend last night and now he was getting ready to rape her too. Instinctively, she crossed her legs tightly, her shorts now the only thing still remaining on her young body. Danny laughed as he saw Jasmine do this in her futile attempt to prevent the inevitable. "What, you don't wanna fuck tonight?" With one hand remaining on Jasmine's breasts, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out Linda's cell phone. He smirked as he looked at Jasmine, tears running down the girl's face. Her b-cups jiggled, her small nipples hard atop the pale, freckled mounds as she struggled with her bonds and sobbed. His eyes trailed down to her flat stomach and red cheer shorts, her thighs tightly together with her legs crossed. "Your best friend didn't want to last night either." He chuckled and turned the front of the phone where Jasmine could see it. "This is how it worked out for her." Jasmine's eyes grew wide and she sobbed even harder into her gag. On the screen was a photo of Linda from behind from the night before. She closed her eyes but couldn't get the image of her best friend, facedown on a bed. She knew Danny had raped Linda, but he had pictures to show her as well. Linda was naked from the waist down she could see and there was nothing left to the imagination. Her best friend's pussy was stretched open and there was a trail of wetness on the bed between her legs. She sobbed loudly into her gag, knowing Danny had hurt Linda. Danny ran his hand along Jasmine's stomach then onto the waistband of the teen's shorts. "So, the best plan for you would be to uncross your legs and make it easier on yourself." He smirked, his hand leaving her waist. "You're gonna get fucked tonight, girl." He gripped her chin harder than before. "But, keep your legs crossed much longer and I can make it hurt really bad." He pulled his hand back and laughed. "Make it easy or I will knock the fuck out of you, then really fuck your cute little brains raw." His hand reached down and he slowly cupped her ass through her shorts. "After all, I could just - as you and her put it - butt rape you like you wanted someone to do to me." Jasmine cried even harder, feeling him fondling her small ass. She knew she was helpless and, if she angered him any more, he would rape her anally. She closed her eyes and lowered her head, defeat and helplessness sitting in. She took a deep breath and slowly uncrossed her legs. It felt useless to put up a struggle to Danny. He'd tied up and raped her best friend. She was next but, if she didn't fight back, maybe it would be over with quick. Danny smiled as he watched Jasmine's legs uncross as she hung her head in defeat. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, but gentler than he had been. "So, you know what I am going to do next, right?" He chuckled as her teary blue eyes opened and she nodded. His hands reached down, fondling her breasts one more time before moving to her waist. "You know, you really are cuter than Linda." His hands gripped the sides of her shorts. "I bet you're an even better little piece of ass her." But, instead of pulling her shorts down, Danny tore them from her body. He stepped back and took in the sight of the young girl in front of him. As her shorts were ripped from her body, chirped out a squeal. Jasmine's eyes grew wide as she hung there naked. She sobbed slightly as her young breasts rose and fell. Her flat stomach led down to her lower region. Her pubic mound showed the evidence that she'd reached puberty. Having never had to before, she was unshaved, her pubic mound fairly thickly covered with strawberry blonde hair. Just below that, her untouched pussy lips were being seen by a man for the first time. She closed her eyes and cried again, terrified knowing she was about to be raped. Danny stepped back closer to her, his hand running from her neck down to her breasts. "Very nice, I must say." He smiled as she looked at him with terrified eyes. His hand slowly moved south, stopping at her waist for a moment. "Never been naked with a guy, have you?" Jasmine sobbed again, then lowered her head and shook her head. Danny chuckled, then put his hand on her chin, making her look at him again as she opened her teary eyes. His other hand slowly slid down, a single finger sliding through her young bush and stopping at the top of her slit. "Linda said she was a virgin, but I bet you really are, aren't you Jasmine?" He smiled as she slowly nodded her head. Linda blushed as she felt his finger slide between her young pussy lips. She'd only masturbated a couple times now this man - the one who raped her best friend - his finger slowly slid between her moistening folds. The teen was embarrassed at her confusion as she became wet at his unwanted touch. She sobbed as she felt his finger go up and down between her lips, but, the sobs began to sound more like moans. Danny laughed as he heard her sob turn into a subconscious moan. "Guess you're more like that whore of a friend of yours than you thought." He smirked and leaned in, placing his lips on her neck, biting slightly, but not enough to hurt her. He felt her grow wetter when he did that so he did it again. The second time, she moaned. Danny chuckled to himself. "That's right, enjoy this part, you little brat." He slid the top part of his finger into the teen's pussy and she moaned louder. "I am going to fuck your little virgin brains out in a minute." Jasmine closed her eyes as she felt Danny slowly finger her. The burning between her legs was both intense and embarrassing. This man raped her best friend last night and was going to do the same to her. She squealed into her gag as she felt his finger jiggle inside her tight pussy. Danny smiled and slid his finger out of the strung up teen. He sniffed her finger for a moment before chuckling. "Smells quite tasty and fresher than Linda's." He laughed and ducked down, as he stepped toward her then behind her. "Especially after I fucked the hell out of her last night." He felt his erection grow its hardest as he looked down at Jasmine from behind. Though only 13, she already quite the pale little bubble butt on her. "Nice little ass you got her, Jazzy." He laughed again and smacked her on her bare ass, the sound of his hand connecting with her skin followed by a sharp chirp from the gagged girl. Jasmine teared up again, just wanting this to be over. Had he tortured Linda like this before raping her? She closed her eyes and sobbed again as his hands returned to her teenaged breasts. She hated the feeling of him fondling him more and more though she could not stop him. His hands were a little rough and his tough likewise as he groped the teen before pushing her feet further apart as she nearly lost her balance. Danny smiled as he unbuttoned then unzipped his pants, his hard cock nearly touching the naked teenager in front of him. His hand returned to Jasmine's body, this time reaching underneath her and between her legs as a pair of fingers slid backwards the length of her pussy. "Nice and wet and ready fuck." Jasmine squealed in protest as his index finger slid back between her slightly spread asscheeks, teasing her tight little asshole. "You're going to be a nice little fuck, I am sure." Danny reached up and ran his still-wet finger under Jasmine's nose. Jasmine squealed again as Danny's finger slid under her nose as the smell of her own pussy filled her nostrils. She began to sob as she felt the head of dick touch her back as she remembered what Linda had told her after her friend's first visit to Danny's. "He might be a pervert," she heard Linda's voice in her head as she felt Danny's hands grab her hips. "But, he's got a huge dick." Jasmine started to panic as she remembered this, shaking her head rapidly, hoping for mercy that would not come. "No way I would let him put that fucking thing in me." The young teen cried out as she felt Danny's cock touch her virgin pussy. Those last words meant nothing now. Danny had raped Linda the night before. Her rape was just starting. Danny loved the feeling of the head of his cock pressing against Jasmine's tight little pussy. Before Linda and what turned out to be a setup, he'd never thought of fucking a 13-year-old before. As he pushed the head into her and heard her pained little shriek, she was to be his second in as many nights. He pushed in a little further, but Jasmine was very tight - much tighter than Linda. She sobbed out as he pushed into her, bit by bit, and her body trembled. Her pale asscheeks jiggling against him. He leaned into her ear, both hands on her hips. "So much tighter than that little slut was last night." Jasmine tried to pull away, but Danny held her in place. "But you won't be here in a minute." Danny jerked Jasmine's hips back, ramming as much of his cock into her as possible. As Jasmine felt Danny's massive cock force its way into her body, the teen screamed in agony into her gag. The pain screamed through her lower body, more intense than anything she'd ever felt. Her scream prolonged as her legs weakened then went limp underneath her. She sobbed as she heard her rapist laugh into her ear. Her sobs turned into a guttural moan as Danny slid almost all the way out then slowly pushed back in.