Revenge of the Pred

Issue 016 - The End of Rainbow Woman

Interlude: Cheer Girl Field Trip - Part II - The Final Cheer

Moments ago...

Sparkle sat there on the cold floor in the display room, trapped
behind the glass door and crying at what was happening to her
partner and big sister on the other side of the partition. She
kept her head buried against her knees, the guilt at leading them
into this trap keeping her from wanting to see what was going on.
Her eyes hid from view and streaming with tears, the glass was
thick enough where no sound was entering the room. But, she knew
what was going on and what was happening to her sister at the
hands of the man that had set the trap for him. "I'm sorry,
Jo...please...I'm sorry..." She sobbed into her knees as she sat
there in a tight ball. Because she ran ahead of her sister -
desperate to help a teammate that had been missing for weeks -
the two became separate when the security door slid down into
place. And, because of that, she was forced to watch helpless as
the large man beat her sister with a familiar looking baton. Fire
- Joanie - was hurt badly by the beating, but now, she was being
raped by the man and Sparkle couldn't do anything to stop it.
When she saw her sister's bare breasts pressed against the glass
as well as her bruised ribs and broken nose, she couldn't stand
to watch anymore. She prayed to herself that help was arriving
soon, but feared it wouldn't get there soon enough to help Fire.
"Stop it!" She screamed into her knees, knowing she couldn't be
heard, but her 13-year-old mind slowly fracturing at the guilt in
knowing that a lot of this - if not all of it - was her fault.
And now, Fire was paying dearly for it as she was savagely raped
after being separated from her lone remaining teammate in the
Cheer Squad.

The room the 13-year-old heroine was trapped in couldn't be much
more ironic and it was obvious the night was set up to go this
way. The fourth floor of the museum was set up for military
history and the room where Sparkle found herself trapped in
displayed the various forms of punishment through history. There
was a display of stocks, a gallows, a pole from a firing squad
and even a cross. The young girl hadn't even noticed the room
much for, once she saw Brittany's cellphone laying on the ground,
she realized it was all a trap and that's when her and her sister
became separated.

The longer Sparkle sat there, the more her eyes hurt from crying.
She always thought she could handle anything that came with being
a heroine - that's why she practically blackmailed her sister and
Goldie into letting her join them. Now, she knew different as she
sat there in the punishment room alone and terrified - both for
herself and her older sister. She wanted to block out everything
and wish it all away, but a loud thump made her stop crying for a
moment. Was it help? Her heart leapt at the thought someone had
come to rescue her and Joanie, but, when she raised her head, she
heard a second thump and saw the back of her sister's body hit
the glass in front of her. "Joanie?" Her lip started to tremble
as she saw her sister being pulled back away from the glass. What
she could see of her sister's body scared her even more than she
was before as she could see the backs of Joanie's thighs covered
in blood and her gaping asshole. The youngest member of the Cheer
Squad realized her sister had been raped in the ass. Her mind
returned to the present as Joanie's body went limp as it hit the
glass a third time and a crack started to form in the door.
"Stop! Stop it! You''re hurting her!" She wanted to jump
up and try to help, but found she could not move. She was frozen
in fear as she saw him turn her sister around and could see how
Joanie was being help up. Her older sister's face was almost as
bruised as her ribs and she could see Fire's baton shoved into
her pussy. Sparkle shrieked as Fire was rammed into the door face
first, causing her forehead to split open. "No! Please! Stop it!"
She almost buried her head into her knees again, but could only
watch in horror as Fire's near lifeless body was flung into the
door. "Joanie!" She shrieked in her little girl voice as the door
shattered around her sister and Fire's limp body flew into the
room and dropped in front of where she was sitting.

The Pred's laughter filled the room as he stepped over the broken
frame of the door, his eyes focusing on the motionless body of
Fire as well as her little sister, who quickly crawled to her
sister who was facedown on the floor. "Your turn, kid." He looked
at the tiny redheaded heroine and smiled, knowing he had a couple
hours at the least to do whatever he wanted to her.

Sparkle really didn't hear anything he said as she quickly
crawled over to Fire, who was facedown and motionless on the
ground. "Joanie! Please...please be ok!" She barely glanced down
at her sister's gaping and raped asshole before rolling her over
onto her back. "Oh gawd! NO!!" Sparkle looked down into her
sister's eyes and saw nothing but a blank stare.
"" She sobbed as she felt for a pulse but
there was nothing - the final throw through the glass not only
cut her chest and face up, but had broken her neck as well. "I'm's fault..." She barely noticed the Pred step
closer to her as she looked down at her sister, realizing Fire -
Joanie - was dead. And, it was her fault. "" She
started to cry harder as she looked into the empty eyes of her
sister before a new horror came into her mind. She looked up and
saw her sister's rapist and murder standing in front of her.

The Pred laughed as he looked down at the trembling redheaded
girl as she held her sister's lifeless head in her hands. "Don't
worry, Sparkle, your sister was quite fun up until the end." He
looked down at the younger of the sisters, tears flowing from
under her mask as she slid back slightly away from him as he
stepped forward. "She was an even better piece of ass than her
friend Goldie was." He smiled as Sparkle stopped at the sound of
the name of their missing teammate.

But, it wasn't the Pred's name drop of Goldie that froze the
petite redhead in her tracks. "Oh my gawd..." She muttered to
herself as she saw it. Sparkle, who was less than seven days away
from her 14th birthday had never seen a man naked in person
before. Now, standing over the dead body of her sister Joanie was
the man that had raped and murdered her. Her eyes grew wide at
the size of the Pred's cock - both in length and circumference -
as it was still stained with blood from Joanie's anal rape.
"No...please...don't..." She scooted back a little faster as he
started to reach for her as she feared what he wanted to do to
her. Her eyes remained morbidly fixed on his cock, which looked
to be as long and as round as her forearm. "I'm just a kid..."
She pleaded for mercy as she scooted backwards, not realizing how
futile it was until her back hit the corner of the room as the
Pred stood just a couple feet away from me.

The Pred laughed and reached down, grabbing a handful of
Sparkle's wavy red hair and leading her up to her feet. Her face
was only about chest level with him as she stood there trembling
and the Pred enjoyed her fear as he felt his cock grow hard at
the thought of what he would soon do to the last and smallest of
the Cheer Squad. "Oh, is that so?" He laughed running his hand
along her cheek and grabbing the corner of her domino mask.
"Well, little kids - even if they are about to be 14 - shouldn't
go around dressing up, you know." He laughed and pulled her mask
off, revealing the terrified face of the young teen. "Maybe you
should have thought about something like this happening before
you and your friends put on these costumes, Casey Bell." He ran
his hand along the waistband of her spandex shorts, slipping a
finger just inside them to show how in control he was and how
helpless she was in turn. "Guess you can figure out what happened
to Goldie, huh?" He smirked as the young girl started to cry

Casey's eyes were filled with tears as she watched the Pred toss
her mask over beside Joanie's body. " raped her..." She
sobbed as she watched his hand ran along her flat stomach. "Then,
kill...killed her..." Tears flowed from her eyes as she felt his
other hand slide onto her hip.

The Pred smiled and moved his hand from her stomach to the top of
her head and patted her. "For a kid, you're smart." He smiled as
his eyes studied every inch of her small frame. Her frame was
thin, but she was in near perfect shape with only a hint of fat
on her entire body. "And, even being a kid, you have a beautiful
little body." The Pred smiled as he ran his hand along her
stomach which sported a small six-pack. The spandex seemed even
tighter on her body than of her sister, but he could see she had
a small, but nice little pair of breasts under her costume top.
"And, I have plenty of time to really enjoy making a woman of
you, Casey." He leaned in and kissed her forehead as his hand
slowly crept up.

The young teen began to cry harder as she felt his hand draw
closer to her top, knowing what he was going to do to her.
"Please..." She looked at him with pleading eyes as his fingers
slid under the bottom of her costume top. "Don't do this..." She
sobbed again as the tip of his finger touched the bottom of her
young breast. A heavy sadness sat into her mind as she closed her
eyes, knowing it was about to begin. "Please...I'm only..."

The Pred smiled as he pulled his fingers from under the bottom of
her top and pressed one against her young lips. "But, you're
going to be 14 next week, right?" He smirked as Casey slowly
nodded her head, causing his finger to touch her nose. "And, I
just bet no guy has ever seen you without your clothes, have
they?" The Pred smiled wider as the teenager shook her head
slowly. The Pred smiled and returned his hand to her top, sliding
his fingers under the bottom of it again. "I get to be a lot of
firsts for you, kid, over the next hour or so." He felt himself
grow harder than he had with Fire as he pulled Sparkles top
completely off of her in one motion as her a-cup breasts sprang
free. He wanted to just rip her shorts down now and take her, but
also wanted to make this painfully last for her.