My Daughter Needs His Cock - pt1  (MFg9, pedo, drug, nc, inc, oral, anal, fist, mast)

by PedoMom [2013]

The day had finally arrived.  I spent the morning grocery shopping for fresh taco fixings. I figured, when she complained in the morning, I could tell her it was probably just the spicy food from dinner.  I met with him in the afternoon, on his smoke break. He gave me the pills and explained what to do with them, how much to use so that it would have the desired effect, but not damage her. He was a pharmacist; he would know.

When I got home, I'd hardly made it in the door before my pants and undies were off, and I was fingering myself to an explosive orgasm. I cleaned up, got dressed and put the groceries away, glancing at the clock.  She'd be home from school in under an hour.  I was nervous and fidgety. I knew I would go through with the plan, even if I felt guilty. She was my baby girl. She was 9, but to me she would always just be a little girl.  She was growing nicely, just getting slight bulges under her puffy little nipples. Her baby fat still gave the illusion of curves where there really were none. She was a little over weight, so her thighs were thicker and her bum was a perfect curve.  We always talked about how her curly hair, which fell to her shoulders, was really the colour of gold.  And her smile, her smile would break hearts when she was older.

How could I be thinking about violating my perfect baby girl? The question really was, how had I lasted this long?

When she got home from school we had a natural, normal evening together. Laughing and talking about her day. I'd been a single mom for her whole life, we were used to it just being the two of us.  Bedtime was a routine affair in our house, only tonight I made a slight change that went entirely unnoticed by her.  I ground up the pills between two spoons and stirred the powder into the warm soy milk while she was in the bath, getting all clean for bed.  I walked over to her dirty laundry hamper and stole her soiled panties, putting the crotch to my nose and inhaling deeply. There was hardly a smell, but I could tell it was her.  I hid them away for later.  After her bath, she chatted away, while I watched to make sure she drank her warm soy milk to the last sip.

I tucked my beautiful baby girl into her queen-sized bed, kissing her forehead and telling her I loved her. I watched her snuggle with her stuffy as I turned out the light and pulled over the bedroom door.

It seemed like an eternity, but was really just under an hour before the slight knock came to my front door. My undies were drenched before I even opened the door. I looked through the peep-hole to confirm it was him, even though no one else would knock at this hour.  I stole myself again, seeing how handsome he was. I knew that tonight he was not here for me, I was just a means to his darkest fantasy.  So it was with surprise when I opened the door that he immediately pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply, letting the door fall closed, he pressed me up against it and ground his hips into mine, proving he was just as aroused as I was.

"I'm not just here for her," he said, dispelling my earlier thoughts. "You have no idea how much it turns me on that you, her mother, is willing to share this experience with me. You are so hot to me right now. If I didn't want to save this for her, I'd fuck you so hard."

I blushed. I didn't know. I really thought he didn't care about me. We'd been talking for months. We met on a chat line and somehow trusted one another to share our fantasy. As the months passed, we got bolder and when he finally admitted his profession and that we could make our dream a reality, it was only a few days of soul-searching before I agreed. My clit ruled my decision. So long as she wouldn't know and wouldn't get hurt.

I didn't trust my voice not to crack, so I didn't say anything as I pulled myself from his grip and headed down the hall to her bedroom. He followed just as silently, as though we both knew this moment was sacred.

I picked up a small pouch as we passed the hallway table and then I pushed her doorway open.  There she was, passed out in all her glory. My beautiful 9 year old daughter. She was wearing her favourite baby-doll pj's, with fabric the stark white of innocence.  We paused a moment in the door and he reached out to squeeze my hand.  But then, knowing we were on the clock, we both entered the room almost in a rush.  I threw back her covers and she didn't even budge.  It was time.

I gestured for him to go ahead and remove her clothes. We'd talked about this before -- he wanted to feel like he was unwrapping his gift.  Once she was naked, on her back, splayed before us, we both shed our own clothing. He was rock solid. I knew my pussy juices would start sliding down my inner thigh, without my soaked panties to keep it at bay.

We both took some time to caress her naked form, her perfectly smooth skin. But we were impatient.  He ended at her head, positioning himself so he could rub his cock against her mouth. I watched for a moment as he rubbed his glans against her lips, causing them to open as her jaw was slack with drug-induced slumber.

But then I turned to the pleasure before me. I move her legs apart and knelt between them. I gently ran my fingertips across her puffy outer lips. I'd seen them her whole life, but this was the first time I was touching her hairless little mound exactly the way I'd always wanted.  I opened the bag I'd brought with me and got out a small tube of lube, setting it at easy arms reach beside me, and then I leaned forward for that first moment I'd waited too long for.  I licked my tongue across her perfect little girl pussy and I was lost. I started eating her with abandon. I nibbled on her labia and used my fingers to pull them back, exposing her deep red insides. I dug my tongue into her, pointing it and fucking it up into her tiny hole. This was heaven.

I stole a glance up at him, as he was still rubbing his cock against her mouth, now forcing it inside her moist lips. He was watching me intently.  His cock was only just thicker than average, no monster, but it would never fit in her cunt without damaging her.

I move my mouth down to her impossibly tiny little rosebud. This would be the hold for tonight.  I reached over and grabbed the lube, slicking my fingers, and then went back to licking her pussy.

My slippery fingers began to probe her tiny little anal opening.  First one finger working to penetrate her ass, as I continued to eat her beautiful pussy, flicking my tongue against her surprisingly well developed clit.  As I got the first finger impaled completely in her ass, I added more lube and pulled back, squeezing a second finger into her.  I knew I had to work her muscles open before he could penetrate her with his cock.

Once I'd worked her small back entrance open to taking three of my fingers all the way to the base, I knew she was ready.

Reluctantly, I stopped eating her pussy and looked up at him.

He knew it was time, and pulled her body around to the edge of the bed. She made a slight groan, but didn't even stir.  The drugs were working.

He tugged me forward and kissed me full on the mouth, searching inside my mouth as though looking for traces of her cunt. She didn't really have much taste, but we savored it together. He released me and we both turned to the exciting task at hand.

I reached forward and lined his cock up with her ass, pushing the head against her stretched rosebud.  It was finally happening. I was helping a man to fuck my baby girl.

I held his cock in place while he flexed his hips and forced himself inside her. Her anal opening stretched perfectly over the head of his cock and the muscles snapped tightly past his glans. He groaned at the exquisite pleasure of it. I could hardly take it myself, and I wasn't the one fucking my cock into the tight ass of a 9 year old girl.

I watched as he slowly sank the entire 6.5" of his cock into her body. He took his time, allowing her insides to move out of the way as he penetrated where no one had ever been before. I looked up at his face, and knew he was concentrating hard on not cumming right away. He wanted this to last as much as I did.  I reached over to my bag again and pulled out a digital camera. I took a few close-up snaps of his cock entering her ass, framing her cunt in the pictures too. I wanted a memory of this.  

I climbed up onto the bed as he pulled her body higher, her hips up off the bed, her weight resting on her shoulders, her legs bent and splayed obscenely. This angle allowed him to drive his cock straight down into her ass. I moved my position so I could pinch at her little nipples, but grabbed her hand and pulled it between my legs. I curled her fingers under and gripped her wrist tight as I forced her balled fist into my sopping wet cunt. I fed as much of her hand and little arm into me as I could, fucking myself with her fist.

"I don't know where to look!" he exclaimed. "Her pussy, my cock sliding in her ass, or her mother fisting herself with her own daughter's hand.  You're killing me here. I wanted this to last, but oh fuck baby, I'm gunna cum!"

With that he drove himself to the hilt inside my baby girl's ass and held himself there, grinding in as he groaned and came. 

I knew he was filling her bowels with his spunk and I cried out in my own orgasm, covering her hand and arm in my pussy juices.

My head fell back on the bed and I stared at the ceiling for a moment, catching my breath, as I slowly let her fist out of my cunt.

I sat up just in time to watch him slowly withdraw his spent cock from her ass, and move her body around on the bed to a laying position.  I admit, I was surprised she didn't wake at any point, with such a force penetrating her anal opening.  But my little girl looked peaceful, like she was dreaming of puppies and unicorns, not like she'd just been violated by her mother and a strange man.

He glanced over at the Barbie clock on the wall.

"There's so much more I want to do, I hate being on a time limit."  I watched as he stood and walked to my bathroom, cleaning himself before coming back to get dressed. I slipped my arms into my housecoat and walked him to the front door.

As he turned to kiss me goodbye, I slipped my daughters dirty panties into his hand as a parting gift.  He looked down at the balled fabric in his hand.

"I can't take these. What if my wife finds them? How will I explain a little girls pair of underwear to her?" almost unconsciously, he brought them to his nose as he was talking. "Oh fuck, they're dirty. Okay, I'll take them, I'll find somewhere to hide them. You know I'll be jerking off with them daily!"

With that, he kissed me deeply and walked out the door.

I stood with my back against the door, breathing deeply, calming my racing heart, before I had to return to my daughter's room and put all back into order.

I'd done it. I'd finally done it. I'd shared my baby girl with an adult cock. I'd lived my fantasy.  And now, I wanted to do it again!