VoyeurKids - Erika's Naked In School (bg9, nud, exhib)

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Hi, everyone!

Erika wanted to thank you all for your nice comments from her last pictures. A couple of you wanted to see her in school. Well, thanks to my daughter and her friends, here she is. I wanted to thank Tara and Emma for making these pictures possible. Nice job, girls!

Picture 1

Nine-year-old Erika smiles for the camera while sitting very attentively at her desk at school.

Yeah, I saw this picture and knew that she wasn't the angel she's made out to be. She had that little smirk on her face telling me that she's about to get really naughty.

Picture 2

Sitting at her desk, Erika pulls up her t-shirt and flashes her nipples and belly at the camera. She has a devious little smile.

And she was off and running. Her tummy and chest looked fucking sexy. I had to put my hand down my pants again. Damn, she looked so fucking delicious.

Picture 3

With her middle covered again, Erika unfastens and unzips her pants, flashing some Hello Kitty panties.

Oh, I loved the undies, too! God, I couldn't wait to see what these ladies took. I hoped Erika got to have a lot of fun. She tugged on her undies for the camera. And I saw her pussy! Yummy!

Picture 4

Here's a quick close-up shot of Erika's bare little kitty.

Woohoo! There it was in all its' glory! Sexy looking slit, too! I looked through a few more of these and I saw that she stood up and dropped her slacks and Hello Kitty underwear. God, I wished I could have grabbed her ass that day.

Picture 5

Erika stands up and leans over her desk. With her pants down, her bare ass is exposed.

Tara told me this was when the teacher came into the room. The teacher saw Erika half naked and decided to make her fully naked for her punishment. So, she told my daughter to take her shirt off.

Picture 6

Erika stands fully naked in front of the class by the blackboard.

Shit, she looked so cute up there! I wished I could have see it for myself. Damn! The teacher had her turn around so the whole class could see my daughter's ass. Ooh! I made a rhyme!

Picture 7

Erika turned around and strutted her stuff for the teacher and the class.

Her nice caboose was on display for their enjoyment. After the picture, the teacher told her to turn back around and face the class again. Then she chose a boy from the class to go up to the front. I wondered what the fuck she was doing.

Picture 8

Erika and the boy stand in front of the blackboard, facing each other.

The teacher then ordered Erika to suck the boy's dick in front of everyone. She knelt down in front of him and undid his jeans. She pulled them down. Then she slowly pulled down his underwear. Tara told me the kids were shocked about this. That said, the girls approved the boy's penis. And the boys loved seeing Erika naked.

Picture 9

The boy is bottomless and his hard penis sticks out. Erika gets on her knees and holds the boy's penis in her fingers

Erika grabbed his penis and gleefully opened her mouth. She began sucking on it.

Picture 10

Erika was on her knees and sucked on the boy's penis in front of the class.

And that was just the first part of the pictures. The girls told me that not only did Erika give the boy a blow job, they also said she had intercourse with a couple of boys as well.

If you all want to see those, let me know in your comments. See ya next time.....Jacqueline.

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