The Girl in the Honeysuckle

(MF M+F+ oral piv toys rom magic) (meaning?)
by Maracorby, 2017-02-03


A light rain greeted Clover and me as we stepped out of the cab in front of our house. It was our first anniversary, and we had been drinking, so the cab ride home had afforded us both safe transport and a bit of kissing and touching in anticipation of the bedroom celebration that was sure to follow. The walk to from the curb started with Clover hanging on my arm, giggling; but in the final few steps before the arch in the tall stone wall surrounding our house, Clover's attitude changed. She let go of my arm and walked ahead of me briskly and with determination.

"Hi Clover!" Came the familiar voice. "Hi James!" Alison added once I stepped through the arch.

It's tempting to describe Alison as the most beautiful woman I've ever known: blond hair, green eyes that always manage to catch the light, a girl-next-door smile with a Girls Gone Wild body. That description, however, buries the lede: two bat-like wings sprouted from her back, and a serpentine tail dangled below the hem of her dress. Alison was a demon.

At present, she looked less glamorous than usual, bound to the wall by dozens of vines that live there. Her hair looked like it had been done up somehow earlier in the night, but between the rain and the vines it was an unflattering mess. Still, her spirits were high as she greeted us.

"I brought you a present," she said, and gestured with her head toward the bottle of Champaign that had rolled to the base of the fountain. The vines didn't allow her the freedom to point with her hands, it seemed.

"I knew it! I KNEW it!" Clover said excitedly. "The girls always tease me about spending so many hours each month renewing my protection spells. Well, this is why! You're mine now, bitch! James, bring me my sickle!"

"Hang on just a second, honey - let's not be hasty," I told my wife. "Alison, what are you doing here?"

"Something big is going down," Alison explained, seemingly unworried about her helplessness or the menace in Clover's voice. "It will take a pretty, fertile witch to stop it, so I figured I would pay a visit to my friends Clover and James."

"F... friends???" Clover stuttered. "Lady, I'm going to cut you up into tiny pieces and scatter them over my compost heap!"

I tried to play peace-maker. "Alison, you can understand why we wouldn't be happy to see you, right?"

"Oh, I knew that you might still hold a grudge...," she said.

"Alison, you disemboweled me," I replied flatly.

"Well, yeah, but I had a good reason for that," Alison hedged. "Anyway, all's well that ends well. You two are happily married and free from her family, and you've got to admit that that was all my doing."

I could tell from Clover's face that she couldn't think up a counter-argument. Neither could I.

Alison resumed: "Just listen to what I have to tell you, and then if you want me to leave, I won't bother you about it again."

"All right," Clover said suspiciously rationally. "We'll hear you out, and then I'll decide whether to help you, kill you, or send you away."

"Okay, good," Alison began. "You see..."

Clover cut her off. "But not right now. Whatever it is can wait. Right now, you're going to stay here in the honeysuckle, and I'm going to go inside and make love to my husband."

With that, Clover took my hand and lead me into the house. I shot Alison an apologetic look, and she gave me an understanding one in return.

I started toward the stairs, figuring Clover was eager to get to the bedroom, but she had other ideas. After opening the blinds, she pulled me right in front of the window where she removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. We kissed and removed each others' clothing in deliberate view of my demon ex-girlfriend.

I had never seen this alpha-female side of Clover before. While not a prude, Clover had always been demure. Now, she was marking me as hers: she was showing Alison where she stood in the pack.

Clover's body was fantastic, in a very particular way. While Alison's body made you want to fuck her, Clover's body made you want to impregnate her. Every single day since I met her, some animal part of my brain has screamed at me, "You must plant your seed in this woman." Her hips were made for procreation: pleasantly wide and perfectly shaped - the gateway to a well-tuned womb. Her breasts, while not unusually large, were round and full and springy and unignorable. Inbetween, she had a narrow flat belly that's hypnotic when she dances. Clover's face was... joyful. And her nearly-ginger blond hair was short and cute.

It didn't take long, standing there naked, kissing her and touching her, to forget about our audience and focus solely on getter our bodies ready for the animal act we were about to perform. I tested her pussy with my hand: it was warm and wet. We smiled at each other, both giving the other the unspoken "go" signal.

Clover left my embrace and looked around the livingroom - at first I didn't know why. Then she climbed on the thick sturdy handrail next to the stairs and flopped forward, grinding her crotch into it for my benefit.

"Come on, James - do me on the banister," Clover said, looking at me with hungry eyes. The stairs, too, were visible through the window.

"Seriously?" I asked as I approached. I ran my fingers across Clover's ass checks, causing them to momentarily tighten.

"It'll be fun!" She told me.

Clover managed to inch up the railing enough to give me space to join her on it, and then again to give my cock some maneuvering room. I enjoyed the feeling of her cunt squeezing and swallowing my cock while she slid back down the railing into me. Sadly, that's where the enjoyment ended. Her body was packed so tightly against mine that I had no room for in-and-out, and when I tried thrusting, the railing's end piece jammed painfully into my back. On top of all that, my scrotum pinched awkwardly with the wood.

"Honey, I love you, but this just isn't working," I told my wife.

"Okay," she said. "Thanks for trying."

We both climbed off of the railing. Clover stood on the steps, feet wide apart, leaned way forward and placed her hands on the stairs several steps higher. "Do you think you can do anything with this?" She asked, looking back at me with a coy smile.

"Oh, yeah," I said. I took position behind my wife, filled her pussy with my cock, and let my body go free.

Clover moaned while I pounded her: sincere, girlish moans. In the year that we'd been married, we had certainly had some mundane, going-through-the-motions sex, but that's not what this was. This time it was like we were completely rediscovering what we could do to make each other feel good. Her velvety slick tunnel was welcoming my cock over and over again, and I was filling her up with pressure and rhythm.

Still, for a split-second I found myself closing my eyes and imagining that it was Alison that I was fucking, her wings stretching out toward the sky and her tail sweeping across my chest. "Fuck yeah," I said as I opened my eyes and fucked my wife even harder.

"Oh that's it! It's coming!" Clover told me as her body was taken over by her climax. Her abdomen tightened in waves while her pussy pulsed around my cock. I let myself go and my own orgasm happened. I gushed into her, giving her throbbing cunt some seed to drink up. My body rewarded itself for a successful coupling and the good feelings spread through me. As my erection faded, I leaned in and rubbed Clover's clitoris to try to sustain her orgasm a few seconds longer.

Upstairs we each did our nightly routines, and then crawled in bed together naked. I was expecting us both to fall to sleep quickly after the energetic climaxes we'd both had, but Clover signaled otherwise by grinding her ass against my crotch.

I wasn't ready to go again, so I kissed her and rubbed her pussy. Clover squirmed under my hand and kissed me urgently. Before I could even get hard again, Clover was coming. It just went on like that forever: me rubbing Clover's pussy, and her panting, squealing, spasming, and leaking sex juice.

Finally she told me she'd had enough - she couldn't take coming any more. Just before drifting off to sleep, she said, lovingly, "I trust you, James."

I didn't fall to sleep. For an embarrassingly long time I listened to the rain, which had grown quite heavy, before I remembered Alison. After pulling on some sweat-clothes, I turned on the electric kettle and then went out into the back yard. I pulled the patio umbrella out of the table and carried it over to the front of the house, where Alison was still held against the wall by Clover's magic vines.

"You were always so sweet to me, James," Alison said as I set up the umbrella.

I don't know if Alison is even bothered by the cold, but seeing anyone there, battered by the rain, would have tugged at my heart strings. When it's a beautiful woman... Well, Alison is anything but helpless, but I was really feeling some strong damsel-in-distress instincts.

"I'm sorry that I can't let you out," I told Alison. "She's my wife. I can't go against her on something like this. But I think I'm safe offering you some basic human kindness."

"I get it," Alison told me. "She needs to let it all out - show me who's boss. She's a good person at heart. After six orgasms and a good night's rest, she'll be in a better mood tomorrow."

"I don't think it was six..." I said.

"Oh, it was six," Alison said matter-of-factly. "I was counting."

"Can I get you anything? A blanket or soup?" I asked. I decided it was better not to talk about my sex life any more.

"Some tea would be nice, if it's not a bother," she answered.

As I walked into the house to make the tea, I realized that my dick was painfully hard. I had better sexual chemistry with Clover than any human woman I'd ever known, but I'm haunted every day by the things Alison made me feel when I made love to her years ago in that abandoned water treatment plant. She told me then that no human woman would ever satisfy me like her, and she was right.

Alison's hands were trapped, so she wouldn't be able to lift a mug to her mouth. I ended up duct-taping a thermos to the umbrella pole and splicing together a few straws for her. Alison thanked me and then I went back to bed.


Clover was dead-set against allowing Alison into the house, but, as Alison pointed out, having a winged woman hanging around in our yard in the daylight might have drawn unwanted attention from the neighbors. We compromised by having our meeting in the garage. Clover even donated some gym shorts and an old Avril Lavigne T-shirt that she was a little embarrassed of while we ran Alison's wet clothes through the dryer. We had to cut long slits in the back of the shirt so that it would fit over Alison's wings.

Despite her more hospitable mood, Clover still made protective garlands for the two of us, and kept her sickle in hand.

"Here's the deal," Alison began. "There's a cabal that's been planning a ritual - a summoning spell - for a couple decades now. The final act will take place on a cruise ship, out at sea. Clover, I need you to be on that ship to disrupt that spell."

"Why?" I asked. "What are they summoning?"

Alison looked frustrated by my question. "There really aren't words for it that would make sense to you. If they succeed, it'll be really really bad."

"How bad?" I asked, equally frustrated.

"I can't say, exactly," Alison replied. "It will be world-changing, in a way that none of us wants. Look, I'll leave my notes with you to verify. I assume you've connections? A coven or at least a few friends who know the business?"

"Yes," Clover answered. She seemed to be taking Alison's claim seriously.

"Why does it need to be Clover?" I asked. "Why can't you do it?"

"I wish I could, but I sort of attract a lot of attention," Alison said, pointing at her wings. "I'd be dead within an hour of leaving port."

"But why Clover?"

"It has to be a pretty, fertile witch," Alison said bluntly.

"Why?" Clover asked.

"The ritual is based on sex magic," Alison explained. "They're basically setting the ship up to be a giant four-day Bacchanalia - an orgy. They'll be steering it through some convergence points and... Well, there's technical stuff. But the main point is that they're going to focus all of that sexual energy and use it to bring something that doesn't belong here into this world."

Alison continued: "I need a witch because it'll take some strong foundational skills to learn how to re-tune the sexual energy, not to mention protect against scrying. And she needs to pretty and fertile because it's imperative that lots of people want to fuck her."

"But, she doesn't have to actually fuck anyone, right?" I asked, incredulously.

"Of course she does. I thought that was clear when I said 'orgy'," Alison said.

"Wait, what?" Clover interjected. "How does that even make any sense? If the ritual is based on sex magic, how would me going there and having sex counter it?"

"Think of it like an orchestra," Alison explained. "If all of the musicians are playing on tempo and in the same key, it sounds nice and the patrons will shower them with donations. But if one of the musicians is playing in a different key, it sounds horrible, and the patrons won't support them."

"So you want me to go on the ship and have sex with people off-key?" Clover asked.

"In a different key, yes. If you do it right, it will spread from you to your lovers, and then to a lesser extent to their lovers," Alison answered.

"How dangerous is it?" I asked suspiciously.

Alison sighed. "They'll know that someone is working against them - at least at the end - but with the right precautions it's very unlikely they could figure out who the saboteur was. If they did figure it out, though, they would kill her. Or maybe worse."

"Fuck no! She's not doing it - find someone else," I proclaimed.

"James, I don't think you realize just how rare Clover is," Alison argued.

"The hell I don't!" I answered.

Clover touched my hand. "Let me see your notes," she told Alison.

Alison gave Clover a slightly damp notebook. Clover thumbed through the pages, which were full of drawings, diagrams, strange symbols, and notes. Once again, movies and video games had proven to be remarkably insightful about the world of magic and demons.

"I'll run this by my friends," Clover said. "I'll give you an answer in a couple of days."

Over the next few days, all of the research kept coming back supporting the threat of the cruise ship orgy ritual. Likewise, Clover's friends reluctantly all admitted that they didn't know anyone else who could do the job.

"I don't get it," I told Clover. "Surely of all the witches in the world, you can't be the only attractive one."

Clover's eyes begged me for understanding. "Well, yeah, I mean, there are thousands of beautiful 'weekend wiccans'. But this this is serious magic. I was raised by three generations of witches. Not many people have my pedigree, and those who do are generally pretty secretive."

"You're really that big of a deal?" I asked. Clover shrugged, blushed, and nodded.

"And there's no one else?" I asked, losing hope.

"The next best candidate is my mother," she said with a smirk. Clover's mother Hillary would definitely be nobody's first pick at an orgy. "Anyway, James, don't worry about it - I'll be safe."

"Okay, well, forget the danger for a minute," I said. "How do you feel about the sex?"

"Well...," Clover began shyly. "I've never been with another man. And you're completely wonderful, and under normal circumstance, I would be glad to go through life sharing my body only with you. But if I have to... I think it might be... kind of... exciting."

Clover waited for my reaction - as vulnerable as I'd ever seen her.

"Wow," I said, struck with the weight of Clover's admission. It made sense. She had had a very sheltered life when it came to men, before we ran off together. When I met her at age 20, no guy had ever even touched her boobs.

Finally I spoke again. "Clover, I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy every way I can. But you're right - there are some pretty good experiences out there that I can't give you. I guess, if you do go through with this, I want you to enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

She smiled at me. "And you know, you can enjoy sleeping with the other women there, too. We'll be like one of those couples who has a 'vacation doesn't count' rule."

"Wait, you want me there?" I asked.

"Well, yeah," Clover said. "This is going to be hard for me. I'm going to need some moral support. Anyway, I don't think I could totally enjoy it unless I knew that you were also indulging."

"Okay, then," I was surprised to hear myself say. "I guess I'll go with you on the Cthulhu Love Boat."

"Great!" Clover squealed. "But James - not with her. Never with her." I nodded.

Alison didn't want me in the room for Clover's first lesson, but as soon as they were done, Clover lead me by the hand into our bedroom. "I've got homework," she told me.

The foreplay was brief but effective: my hard-on was leaking pre-come, and her pussy was slippery and inviting. I climbed on top of Clover and slipped my cock into her cunt. My body was pressing down on her - just the right amount - and my hips were moving rhythmically. Clover's eyes were closed and she was chanting, softly, words I couldn't understand. I leaned in for a kiss, but she moved her mouth away from mine and continued her chant.

I tried touching her face, biting her neck, and a handful of other ways to try to get her to engage with me, but she never opened her eyes or said anything I could understand. It was clear that I was doing this alone.

I got up and dragged Clover's ass to the edge of the bed, and continued fucking her standing up. I played with her tits for a while, and a smile showed through her mumblings. I wetted my thumb in her juice and rubbed her, just below her clit. Her brow furrowed from the distraction.

I knew my wife well: I knew how to make her come. I plotted my trajectory and kept fucking and rubbing her. It became a game of sorts to me, to see if I could break her concentration without doing anything too unconventional. Sometimes her hips would jump when I flicked her clit a new way. Sometimes she would stutter when I shoved into her especially hard.

When it finally happened, Clover was gasping in between every arcane word while her body bounced around and her fingers clenched the bed sheets. She kept up her spell even when her body was finished, and then when I hit my climax and my cock twitched and erupted inside of her. Only when I was done did she stop chanting. She opened her eyes and gave me a look that only Clover could give me.

A moment later, Clover and I were cuddling when Alison came into the room without knocking. "Good! But I have some suggestions," the demon woman said. Immediately, Clover's attention shifted 100% to Alison.

Over the next few days, Clover had more lessons, and more "homework". Over time she learned to do whatever it was she needed to do while still being in the moment with me - or, I suppose, whoever her lover was.

Shockingly, Clover and Alison seemed to become friends.

As Clover's confidence in her new sex magic skills grew, the risk of the expedition seemed to disappear. By the time our departure date came around, Clover and I were excited about the trip and the new experiences it promised, even if we were still a little apprehensive.

The Cruise - Day 1

Alison had said that she had booked us some "nice" rooms, but that was a gross understatement. Each of us had a suite that was furnished like a million-dollar condo.

Our official story, we decided, was that we were brother and sister. We spent the first day enjoying ordinary cruise amenities and trying to meet people. Several times during the day, we talked privately about which guys Clover would like to hook up with. She always blushed.

That night we made love. I encouraged her to think about the guys we'd met during the day. She giggled a few times, and called out other guys' names twice. I was surprisingly okay with it. We slept together in my cabin.

The Cruise - Day 2

The second day seemed like more of the same. Clover and I tried out the rock climbing wall. There were a lot of guys checking out her ass while she climbed. We spent some time in the pool, and at happy hour the lounge had a trivia contest. We teamed up with another couple for that, and came in third.

The mood was generally more amorous, ship-wide. There were a lot of couples kissing in public, and sexual innuendos were slipped into most conversations by someone or another. Maybe that's normal on a cruise ship, once it's out at sea and people have had a chance to relax after traveling. Or maybe it was due to the cabal's magic.

I noticed for the first time that the passengers were generally pretty young, and all were attractive. The bulk of us were in our 20's but there were a good number of 30's and a few 40's. There were no children at all.

Clover had dinner that night with a tall guy with short dreadlocks named Joe. They spent a little time in the night club, drinking and dancing. She gave me a discrete I-love-you look as they walked off, hand in hand, toward her cabin.

I danced and flirted a little bit, but I didn't feel right about hooking up with another woman, despite Clover's encouragement. I was back in my cabin watching a movie on the TV when Clover messaged me and asked if she could come over.

"Oh my gosh, I had the best time tonight!" Clover told me excitedly. "Well..., not the best time - the best times are always with you. But it was fun!"

I chuckled. "I'm glad you had fun," I said.

"Okay! So, we went back to my room...," Clover started, but then she looked suddenly nervous. "I guess... Should I be talking to you about this?"

"You don't have to. But you clearly want to talk to a friend about it, so lay it on me," I told her.

"Okay! So, Joe's a studio musician - he's played on all sorts of famous albums. When he saw the piano in my cabin, he sat down and started playing - improvising, I think. But then he said there's something he's always wanted to do, and he lifted me up and placed me on top of the piano. So I was lying there like a woman from a detective movie while Joe played and sang. It was so cool!

"I was getting pretty excited, so I took off my blouse and skirt. He looked at me like he wanted to devour me, but he kept playing. So then I took off my underwear, too. He played a little while longer, but then he just stood up, pulled me to the edge of the piano, and he went down on me. It felt so naughty! As I was coming, I was banging on the piano and it clanged and vibrated.

"Then he picked me up again, and carried out onto the balcony. I got him stiff with my hand while we were kissing and he was playing with my boobs. Then he put a towel down on the balcony floor and set me up on my hands and knees, and he rammed me."

"He was... bigger than you...," Clover began, but paused to see how I would react.

I smiled. "It's okay. You can tell me about it," I said. "New experiences were part of the deal."

"Well," Clover went on, "it felt good to be stretched out a little more. So anyway, he kept doing it to me from behind, and it was fun, but it was weird because he kept making all these noises. Grunts, moans, that sort of thing, non-stop. I didn't think that guys ever made much noise during sex."

"After a while it was clear that he was about to shoot, and I found myself thinking, 'Another man is about to shoot sperm into my uterus', and that thought really excited me. It excited me enough that I came, and he came, and I swear to you that I could not hear the noises I was making over his."

"We made out on the couch for a little while longer," Clover finished up, "but then I couldn't wait to come here and talk to you." She waited, again, to see if her story had upset me.

"You know what?" I told her, pausing for a kiss, "Even if we weren't here to save the world, I think this trip would be good for us."

Clover asked it I had hooked up with anyone, and when I said no, she insisted of going down on me. It was fucking amazing. There was an extra little spark in her eye that I had never seen before, as if Clover's inner freak had woken up for the first time.

The Cruise - Day 3

Clover and I were both unusually horny on the third day, so we fucked for an hour after brushing our teeth. Then in the shower I was about to take her again - and she definitely wanted it - but she reminded me of our purpose. "We have to spread the key to other people," she told me.

We clearly weren't the only ones who woke up extra-turned on. Everywhere we went, there were hands down pants and up shirts, and deep, lecherous kisses - often in groups of three or four. People were openly talking about sex, and during lunch we spotted two under-the-table blowjobs.

Out by the pool, several guys swarmed around Clover after she took her blouse off, showing off her 22-year-old body in a bikini top and shorts. I didn't want to leave her any more than those guys did, but I figured she'd have an easier time hooking up with one of them if I weren't around.

When a pretty woman in a ship's uniform came out of a door marked "Engineering", I struck up a conversation with her immediately. Mariana was a thirty-something, with olive skin and long chocolate hair. Her well-muscled arms and her hard ass suggested that she was someone who took fitness seriously.

I followed her to an employee's section of the deck for her smoke break. I told her that I'm an engineering student and asked what working on a ship was like. She told me that the best part was getting to travel and meet all kinds of new people. It wasn't long before every word between us carried a hidden message of lust.

It was against the ship's rules, but Mariana took me on a tour of the ship's engine room, a huge room with all manner of computers and dials, and an engine the size of a small building. She ended the tour in a hidden corner behind the engine, out of sight from her colleagues. It was far too loud for us to talk. I knew why she had brought me there, and I was happy to do my part.

The first thing I did was lift up her shirt and reveal her 200-crunches-per-day belly. I was enjoying running my fingers over he well-defined abs, but Mariana wanted to move faster: she pushed down gently on my shoulders. Soon I was kneeling, grabbing her hard-bodied ass cheeks and pulling her muff tight against my face. I glanced up from time to time while I ate her pussy. Her mouth was open and her lips were moving, but there was no hope of understanding whatever she was saying over the engine's noise. I think she came, based on the way she smashed her hips against my face, and the ruthlessness with which she was pulling my hair.

A moment later Mariana was on her back on the cold metal floor, and I was on top of her giving it to her good. She was still wearing her bra, and her G-string had never been removed - just moved to the side. Every surface around us was vibrating as the ship's giant pistons tirelessly turned its crankshaft. Mariana and I fucked just as tirelessly, and to the same rhythm.

Again I was oblivious to the nature of Mariana's cries, but her thighs squeezed me and her fingernails raked my back. She took my face in her hands, looked me in the eyes, and mouthed words that she wanted to make sure I understood: "Don't ever stop".

I couldn't tell if we'd been doing it for 30 minutes or four hours. I just kept fucking her and feeling fantastic while she writhed underneath me. A uniformed man rounded the corner, waved to get our attention, and then tapped on his watched. Mariana nodded. It was time to finish with a bang. I doubled the speed of my thrusting - I know it was double because I was still synchronized with the engine sounds - and I pounded her cunt until I exploded into it. My insides ached as I shot out what seemed like pints of jizz into the ship's engineer.

There was nothing to clean up the mess with, so I licked the come out of Mariana's pussy. It wasn't pints, but there did seem to be more than normal - especially since I had already fed my wife's pussy earlier in the day.

Mariana's back was red and covered with a deeply-imprinted cross-hatch marks from the metal floor. My back was bleeding from her fingernails. More than that, my arms and core muscles were burning from over-exertion, and my insides ached from being drained of too much come. I went back to my cabin for a nap.

When Clover joined me in my cabin that night, she looked worn out. Her hair was a mess, her movement was stiff, and she wasn't wearing her bikini top under her blouse like she had been in the morning. Regardless, she was smiling.

"You got some!" She told me when she saw me. I don't know if that came being married for a year, or if her recent sex magic training had given her some supernatural perception.

"Yeah," I said, a little embarrassed.

"Awesome!" Clover replied. "Want to tell me about it?"

"You first," I told her.

"Well," she said sitting next to me on the couch, "I was hitting it off with this guy named Dean, and we decided to go back to his cabin. He asked if he could tie me up, and I said okay, so he blindfolded me and tied my arms behind my back. It was a totally different experience than I'm used to, as he touched me and undressed me!"

"So I was on my side on the edge of the bed, curled up in a fetal position. Dean was standing next to the bed with his penis in me, you know, doing it to me. And it was good, you know, something really different. Then I heard the door open and Dean said hi to someone."

"So Dean asked, 'Hey Clover, my friend Marco just came in. Is it cool if he stays?' Just a totally casual question while he moved his boner around inside of me. And so I said yes. And I just knew that Marco was watching - I mean, the cabin was small enough that there wasn't any way he could avoid it. I tried to imagine what he must look like, watching us have sex, but I just couldn't - I had no idea who this guy was. That made the blindfold thing so much more exciting! That was the first time I came.

"Then Dean said he was getting ready to come, and asked if Marco could take a turn when he was done. And I said yes." I gave Clover a reassuring pat on the hand when she paused.

"So Dean came inside of me, and then Marco slipped his thing in me. But he wasn't really going at it - it was like he was just take a dip to get it wet. And then he asked if I'm cool with anal. I said that I didn't want to try it, and he was cool with that, so then Marco started doing it to me again - to my pussy - and it was nice and relaxed and fun.

"But then Dean asked if I would be interested in trying out anal beads - just little ones, he said - and so I figured why not? It would be a nice tame to try out anal stuff - see if I liked it. They totally didn't feel small going in! But they didn't hurt. And then as I was getting ready to come again, Dean pulled the beads out. It was such a jarring experience, but it made me come so hard!"

"And then Marco came, but he didn't come in my vagina. He rolled me onto my back and climbed up over me and shot his wad onto my boobs. Dean started doing me again while Marco rubbed his semen all over my chest."

"Marco said that if I was cool with it, he had some friends who would love to join in on the fun. I swear, James, I would never do anything like this in the regular world! But we have a mission! We have to spread the key to as many people as we can!"

"I get it, hon," I told her.

Clover continued: "More guys came in, and they all fucked me, James. We changed positions a lot, but I was always blindfolded and my hands were always tied. Once, a bunch of them lifted me and moved me back and forth into one guy's penis, like I was a battering ram! And every so often they'd shove the beads back in my butt, and pull them out when I came. Sometimes when they came, they'd do it inside me, but other times they'd shoot it onto my body: my face, hair, butt, stomach, everywhere!"

"I don't even know how many there were. I think at least five. And while I was walking back here from Dean's room, I kept passing guys and thinking, 'Was he one of them?' I mean, think about it: we'll probably see these guys at the pool or at breakfast, and they'll know that they had me but I never will!"

"So basically," Clover finished with a sigh, "I'm the world's biggest slut, and I'm happy about it, and now that I've been talking about it, it's all I can do to keep from tearing your clothes off and forcing you inside of me."

Clover gave me an innocent smile, and I couldn't resist either. She insisted that I tell her about my experience with Mariana while fucking her. We came together, happy.

The Cruise - Day 4

Clover and I had gone to bed after room service, champaign, and half of a superhero movie.

At 4:00 AM, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I had to lean against the wall at a diagonal because my dick was way too stiff to point it down at the toilet while standing normally. It ached to fuck someone or something, right away. Clover wasn't in bed, but her cell phone was there on the night stand, so I figured she had gone back to her cabin to get away from my snoring. I went out into the hall in my boxers, thinking that I'd slip into her cabin and wake my wife up so that I could fuck her.

At the end of the hall, Clover was on her knees in her panties and T-shirt, giving some guy a blowjob. Another guy was standing close by watching them with his dick in his hand, anxiously waiting for his turn. My only thought at the time was that I didn't want to wait in line.

I wandered the ship looking for a hookup. I passed several masses of people, bodies all tangled together in every imaginable way. A group of men at the climbing wall were using the harnesses to fuck each other in novel ways. A number of naked people in the pool were trying to arrange a floating daisy chain.

It was on deck astern of the pool that I finally found an available partner. She was slender and elegant, with curly brown hair and glasses, wearing a red lace babydoll, stiletto heels, and no panties. She was searching about, too, and when our eyes met we walked swiftly toward each other.

We kissed passionately but briefly: soon after my tongue filled her mouth, she knelt and let my cock do the same. Maybe she thought she'd need to coax me to get me hard, but there was definitely no need - my dick was painfully erect. "Please fuck me," she said after a couple sucks, looking up at me with doe eyes.

I helped the brown-haired girl to her feet and led her to the railing, facing out toward the moonlit sea. I slipped my cock into her cunt from behind and thrust upward, making her moan and clutch the railing tightly.

Her nipples were so hard I thought they'd cut a hole in her lace. Soon she was gasping. "Say my name," she asked me.

"What's your name?" I inquired seductively.

"Rene," she said.

"Nice to meet you Rene," I said. "I'm James."

I kept grinding my hips against her ass, moving my meat inside her pussy - just a little, but enough. "Do you have a boyfriend, Rene?"

"Y... yes," she groaned.

"Is he here on the ship?" I pressed.

"No," she said. Rene was now fucking me back, shoving her ass against me to drive me deeper.

"Do you wish he were?" I teased.


"Does he ever make you feel like this?" I asked.

"Nothing in the world has ever made me feel like this!" Rene said excitedly. She forced me a step back and began to violently shove herself against me as fast as she could. I stood there and let her control the sex. She was mumbling something I couldn't make out right before she came, and then she let out a painfully loud shriek. I had to help support her while her orgasm spread euphoric chaos through her body and her knees went weak.

I took over the thrusting, getting ready for my own orgasm, when a blond girl in braids walked up to us. She was completely naked, and shorter than Rene even if Rene hadn't been wearing heels. She looked like she couldn't have been older than sixteen. Somehow we ended up turning so that Rene was facing the blond girl, steadying herself against her. First they kissed, but then the blond girl threw Rene's babydoll over the railing and sucked on Rene's tiny dome-shaped breasts. That's when I blew my wad. My come was overflowing from Rene's pussy, even as I pumped more into her.

I didn't go soft - not for an instant. The blond girl pulled me down to the floor and started riding me cowgirl-style, gleefully bouncing up and down on my cock. "I'm Robin," she said as she took me into her cunt.

"I'm Rene, this is James," the brown-haired girl told the newcomer. Rene knelt over my chest and made out with Robin while she gyrated on top of me. My chest was smeared with my come and Rene's wetness.

Rene scooted back until her crotch was over my face. My nose was deep in her cunt while I sucked her clit and make her shriek again.

I came again, filling up Robin's young pussy, but I was still ready for more. Things are kind of a blur after that. I think I remember Robin lying on a deck lounge chair, with my cock down her throat and Rene licking her twat. Robin laughed while she came. And somewhere in there a guy a guy walked up behind Rene, fucked her ass, and wandered off, quick as can be.

I woke up tied to a chair, naked. Clover was beside me similarly bound. The cabin we were in was nice, but nowhere near as large as our luxury suites. There was a desk overflowing with papers, and there was a bookshelf full of books, so I assumed that this was a crew member's quarters.

Two men in black T-shirts were watching over us - one holding a chef's knife. They looked more like ballet performers or gymnasts than the goons from TV crime shows, but there was no mistaking their purpose.

A sixty-ish woman with short gray hair wearing a ship's uniform walked up to us when she saw that we were awake.

"You..." she said to us, shaking her head and laughing through gritted teeth. "I regret that I don't have the time to show you exactly how I feel about the little trick you played - fingernail by fingernail, tooth by tooth." Clover gave me a look that expressed the same terror I was feeling.

"Before I kill you," the captain asked, "tell me, who are you working for?"

"We're not working for anyone! I swear!" Clover pleaded. "Please! We just got carried away with all the sex."

"Nice dumb act, kid," the captain said condescendingly. "No, you're working for someone. You might not truly know who's pulling the strings, but you're working for someone." She seemed to get angrier. "Do you have any idea what you've cost us? Humanity? No! If you had any idea what the stakes were, you never..."

Just then the door slammed open. Just like in an action movie, a man with a gun stepped in, fired three quick shots, and then our captives fell to the floor, dead. "Get dressed quickly," he told us as he untied us, "we need to get to a life boat immediately."

"Is something wrong with the ship?" I asked as I dressed in the less-blood-soaked of the thugs' clothing. Clover put on some shorts, a shirt, and a sweater from the captain's dresser.

"Yeah," our rescuer said impatiently, "I'm about to blow it up."

Lifeboats filled with confused vacationers covered the ocean. Our boat contained just Clover, me, and the eunuch Secret Service agent that Alison had arranged to be on board.


Alison didn't visit us again, but it was clear that she was looking out for us. Getting home and replacing our passports, cell phones, and credit cards was a pain, but all things considered, it went smoothly. As for our lost things, the insurance company paid us far more than their value, despite the honest accounting we'd given them.

Clover sometimes talks about Alison fondly, like a distant friend. That hasn't stopped her from putting some newer, trickier demon traps in place around our house.

She hasn't been talking as much to her old friends, the plant magic witches, but she has started to make new friends among sex magic practitioners. I'm a little bit scared of what this might mean for our marriage, but I love Clover dearly, so whatever happens, I'm all in.