Saint Frances Photo Club

(mf Mf Mff voy anal oral fdom hs blackmail) (meaning?)
by Maracorby, 2015-04-15

Day 1 - Friday

I'm starting this journal as a record of my investigation. The boys are up to something, and I'm going to figure it out. We've seen them, a couple times, huddled around someone's phone giggling and whispering. Whenever my friends or I try to peek, they quickly hide their phones and pretend nothing's going on. I think they're taking pictures of us, but there's clearly more to it than that.

My name is Lexi Green, and I'm a junior at Saint Frances College Prep. It's a small private high school - small enough that pretty much everybody knows everybody. It's a good school, and they only let in really smart kids. Maybe because of that people are a little more snobby and cliquish than regular schools.

The priests and nuns are super strict about appearances. It's not just that we wear uniforms; they've been known to measure the lengths of girls' skirts. And if a boy isn't clean-shaven, he's sent to the bathroom right then and there with a cheap razor and no shaving cream.

Anyway, like I said, today was the beginning of my investigation. As usual for a Friday, I was asked to babysit for Becca Rivers. It seems stupid to me to hire a babysitter for an eleven year old, but the Rivers' are over-protective like that, and I'm not going to turn down the money. Becca and I have fun together, so it's not really much of a chore.

Now, Becca's brother Ethan is one of the giggling ape boys I mentioned before. He wasn't home tonight, obviously, or else they wouldn't have hired a sitter. Okay, full disclosure, I used to have a crush on him. But then high school happened and he started hanging out with those guys and he became kinda a jerk. So tonight I installed a USB key logger on his computer. It's a little device that you plug into the computer, inbetween the computer and keyboard. It keeps a record of everything anyone types on that keyboard. With a little luck, it will tell me what the boys are doing.

Day 3 - Sunday

I stopped by the Rivers house to pick up the school book I had "accidentally" left there on Friday. I was able to sneak into Ethan's room and collect the key logger. It was still attached, so I knew it hadn't been discovered.

I've started trying to process the data, but that's a tricky job. The data shows you what people have typed in, but there's usually no context. You don't know what bookmarks they've visited or apps they've launched. But lucky for me, it looks like he uses the same password for everything: "MyDickGoesTo11". Somehow, I really doubt it.

A lot of the typing is boring stuff, like some World of Warcraft junk. Some of it is revealing though. It looks like he typed in some searches for "analbay", which consists of videos of girls being fucked up the ass, and "adam and eve", which is either biblical research or an online sex toy store. We covered the Old Testament pretty thoroughly in school in our freshman year, so you decide.

Day 4 - Monday

I was so tempted to tell Marcie about my project today, but I didn't. Loose lips sink ships.

Day 8 - Friday

I babysat Becca again tonight. I snuck into Ethan's room on the pretext of looking for calculus notes. I was right about his password, so I had no trouble getting full rights to his computer. I created a hidden account for myself while I was there, just in case. Then I started looking through his browser history.

Oh my god, he must have visited every porn site on the Web! Some of them he only hit once, but some of them had been viewed many times. I also noticed for the first time the waste basket next to Ethan's computer: it was filled with tons of crusty facial tissues. I found myself wondering for the first time just how many times a day high school boys masturbate? My hand strayed to between my legs as I thought about that, but I caught myself and got back to business. I dumped the browser history on a thumb drive and went back to the living room to hang out with Becca. I couldn't wait to get back home, though, to find out more about the perverted stuff Ethan is into.

I should probably go to bed now. But I think first I'll take just take one more quick look at the data.

Day 9 - Saturday

Bingo! I had to sift through a lot of porn before I found what I was looking for. I mean, a LOT of porn. And even though I was just watching it for research, I confess I gave in to temptation and rubbed myself to climax - once last night and twice this morning. Like, there was this one video where a handsome scruffy man wrapped both hands around the girl's neck as he penetrated her that just had me aching for relief. But it wasn't just the videos themselves that turned me on: it was knowing that Ethan had watched them and stroked himself. In part, I guess, we were sharing something sexy. But in part I was sorta violating him. Both parts kinda did it for me.

Anyway, I finally found what the boys have been up to: St. Frances Photo Club. It's a password-protected site where they upload up-skirt pictures of girls from our school. Each photo has votes and comments, and there's an overall ranking for every girl they have pictures of. The rankings seem to be pretty arbitrary. It seems to depend not only on how pretty the girl is, but also how artful and/or lewd the picture is. Some of the pictures were rather well done. The comments covered the whole spectrum of boasts, rumors, and speculation.

There were no pics of me. At first I was proud - that clearly meant that I do a good job of crossing my legs like a lady. But then I thought maybe the guys just don't think I'm hot enough to bother.

Based on the porn that Ethan watches, I think I've got an idea of what he's into. Most of it was regular boy-girl sex stuff, with some domination thrown in. A lot of it was anal, but I guess that's what all guys are into, right? It seems like he likes girls with straight blond hair. My hair is wavy and brown - not that it matters.

Oh, and the bit about Adam and Eve? He was visiting an online sex toy store. It doesn't look like he bought anything, but he was browsing through the butt plug section. Curious.

Day 11 - Monday

I really wanted to tell the girls what was going on, but I resisted the urge. I knew that as soon as word got out, my passwords would be no good. I wanted to do something with this opportunity. I wanted to punish the boys for what they were doing. Well, maybe not "punish" - maybe more like tease.

And I also wanted to know how I would rank, if they got a picture of me.

I wore red panties today, just in case.

Day 15 - Friday

Okay, I've kinda been obsessed this week with making the list. Every day I've worn panties that contrast with my uniform skirt, and I've made it a point to bend, stretch, and sit in ways that might expose me, when the opportunity arose. Maybe I went too far - Sister Jennifer chastised me to keep my knees together once.

Still, it worked. Today between classes they "caught" me. It's a pic of Lynn and me sitting on the steps of the B building. It was a bit windy and I guess the guys were on the lookout for flapping skirts. You can clearly see the blue and white striped panties on half of one of my butt cheeks. Trevor posted it today at 3:20.

Here are the comments so far:

"Nice composition. Great job capturing their hair." - Martin
"Stripes? What is she, 12?" - Owen
"I like to think they're about to make out." - Alvin
"They're about to go to class, dumbass." - Owen
"Pic is moot - she never puts out." - Jann

Jann and I had dated a little, Freshman year. I don't know what he's so bitter about - I let him touch my boobs.

I'm writing this while babysitting again. I'm hanging out in the livingroom watching TV with Becca while snooping though the firewall logs on my laptop. I would love to go look around in Mr. and Mrs. Rivers' bedroom, but I don't want to arouse Becca's suspicions. It looks like someone in the house shops at some place called "Good Vibrations" from a computer other than Ethan's. I bet there's a shoebox full of interesting stuff in there somewhere.

Day 16 - Saturday

More comments on the picture they took of Lynn and me.

"Leave a man his dreams, Owen." - Alvin
"You mean she never puts out for YOU, Jann." - Alex
"@Alex - You saying you fucked her? Pics or it didn't happen." - Jann
"God I want to cream all over her glasses. In fact .. just did. Does AppleCare cover jizz damage?" - Toby
"@Jann - No, I never fucked her. But you can bet someone has. Nerdy girls are freaks." - Alex
"I still vote for Lynn and Lexi and a strap-on. But you can throw in some animal costumes if you want." - Alvin
"Are you looking at the same picture as the rest of us, Alvin?" - Martin
"@Martin - No. Mine is much, much better." - Alvin

Honestly, I'm sort of flattered. It looks like the score has settled to about 7/10. No comments from Ethan.

Day 17 - Sunday

I downloaded Ethan's latest browser history. I can do that remotely now that I've got an account on his computer. He visited the page with my picture on the St. Frances Photo Club site 5 times, but still never posted a comment. Weird.

There was more porn, of course. Girls who squirt when they come - gross. And a couple involving paddling and ropes. And he did some more sex toy shopping - anal beads this time.

Oh, and I guess it was Mr. Rivers who was visiting a site called "Gothic Lolitas".

Marcie is coming over later today to put highlights in my hair.

Day 19 - Tuesday

Lucky break! Ethan and I are partners for an assignment for Speech class. This will give me a chance spring my trap! Mwahaha!

Day 21 - Thursday

OH MY GOD! I don't even know where to begin!

Ethan had wanted to do our research at the library, but I talked him into doing it at his house. He was at his computer and I was lying on his bed when my skirt "accidentally" rode up and exposed part of my butt. I could see him faintly in the reflection of my laptop, so I knew he was looking. When he did take the picture I turned to look at him and then "discovered" that my panties were showing, and I read him the riot act.

"Did you... Did you just take a picture of my butt?"

"No, I was just looking at an animated GIF Alex sent me."

"Oh my god, you are such a bad liar! You just took a picture of my underwear against my will. Do you violate people like this all the time?"

"Alexis, relax. Here, I'll delete it right now. No harm done."

"Oh fuck no, you're not getting off that easy."

Ethan just looked at me waiting for me to say something. He looked defeated.

"Drop your pants," I finally said. He didn't do anything so I repeated myself. "Drop your pants. You saw my underwear, now I want to see yours." He did as he was told.

Okay, I've got to admit it was pretty sexy to see him standing there in his dress shirt, tie, and briefs. Very Risky Business. I walked in a circle around him, looking him up and down. He was really embarrassed.

"Bend over the bed," I said. He looked unsure. "I want you standing next to the bed, bent over it, face down."

"Come on, Lexi," he tried to argue. But I gave him a stern look and he did as he was told. I had no idea what I was doing - I was making this all up as I went along. For some reason I walked up behind him, reached between his legs, and started stroking his package. He spread his feet further apart, to give me better access.

"Oh god, Lexi," he groaned. "Shut up," I replied authoritatively. His dick grew hard. I wasn't really wanking him - I was just moving my hand up and down the underside of his dick and balls, through the fabric of his briefs. He seemed to be entranced by the feeling. I know I was turned on.

"Stay right like that," I said. "Okay, now don't move your body, but turn your head to face me." That's when I snapped a photo of my own. In an instant Ethan was standing in front of me, grabbing my wrist hard.

"Give me the phone, Lexi," he said with menace in his voice.

"Oh, are we going to get violent now? Are you going to hurt me?" There was mockery in my voice. "Anyway, it's too late. It's already on the cloud and I'm not telling you the PIN to unlock my phone."

"Please," he said. He let me go.

"Nope! You took a picture of me, I took a picture of you. We're even."

"It's not the same!" Ethan pleaded. "My picture was just a pretty girl whose skirt got messed up. It's no more revealing than what you'd wear in swimming class. Mine is..."

I finished his thought for him. "Yours is you leaning over a bed in your tidy whities with a hard-on, looking like you're eager to be sodomized. Yes. That would be very embarrassing for you if it ever got posted online. So you should probably do what I tell you to."

"Fine. What do you want?" He said. His erection was still struggling against the confines of his underwear.

"For starters," I said in a sing-song voice, "I think I want you to lick me." I sat down on the edge of the bed. Ethan looked at my shoes uncertainly. "My pussy, silly."

I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties, and spread my legs. Ethan knelt down in front of me and put his mouth on my cunt. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this. It felt so warm and wet and hard and soft and I just got lost in the feeling. At first he was trying hard to delve into my vag with his tongue, but I guess he eventually figured out that the clit is where the action is, and started really driving me wild. I was breathing hard but trying to stay quiet because Becca was somewhere in the house.

At one point I felt Ethan's fingers crawling along my thighs.

"No fingers," I said in a half-dream, half-schoolteacher voice. He withdrew his hands and went on to give me an orgasm that hit me like a hammer.

As I was recovering, Ethan still kneeling in front of me, my foot brushed his balls. He groaned. His dick was still hard, and there was a tiny wet spot at the tip. I moved my foot back and forth along its underside and it twitched, and the wet spot grew. His body was shaking.

"How badly do you need it?" I asked. I guess I dropped the dominatrix facade there and I was talking to him more like a concerned friend. It honestly looked like he might die.

"There are no words..." he said with desperation in his voice.

I pointed at his desk chair. "You can finish yourself off." I thought he would be mad that I wasn't going to fuck him or blow him, but instead he rushed to his chair, pulled his cock out of his shorts, and started wanking himself. He was staring straight at my crotch, but my skirt had fallen back in place. I pulled it up again and spread my legs, and rubbed my fingers in tiny circles around my clit to give him a show.

Ethan was barely fast enough to grab a tissue to contain his eruption. Even so, I guess it spilled over somehow because it ended up all over his hands and underwear.

I pulled my panties up, gathered my things, and headed for the door. On my way out I patted him on the head. "When we're alone, you'll call me Miss Green. I'll see you Saturday morning at 9:00 to work on the speech, like we talked about."

Day 22 - Friday

Ethan avoided eye contact for the first half of the day today. At lunch I made it a point to go up and talk to him in the cafeteria. He was sitting with a couple of his guy friends.

"Hi Ethan!" I said, as friendly as ever. "Owen, Alvin." I added.

"Hey Alexis," he said, indifferently.

I dialed up the friendliness in my voice, almost to the point of being bubbly. "Is it still okay if I come over tomorrow to work on the speech?"

He paused a little awkwardly, but then answered totally casually. "Um, yeah, that sounds good."

"'Kay!" I said, and then walked away with a bounce in my step.

I'm not babysitting tonight. Ethan stayed home so they didn't need me. I've been multitasking: spying on Ethan's browser history and doing my homework.

The first thing he did when he got home was watch a bunch of dominatrix videos for a half hour. I confess I enjoyed thinking about doing those things to him. But I mostly stayed focused on my history reading. I guess he must have shot his wad, because then he switched physics-related searches.

He didn't use his computer for an hour around dinner time. Then he checked the Photo Club, but he didn't stay long. Then he started searching for, "cunnilingus how to" and read a bunch of articles. That was nice of him. After that he found his way to a bunch of Japanese sex cartoons. They were all about teen-aged brothers and sisters secretly doing it with each other. They seemed pretty formulaic, but despite that I couldn't help but rub my clit while reading them. After 20 minutes I couldn't take it any more and made myself come. Ethan is still reading them while I write this.

He hasn't posted the picture he took of my panties yesterday. I guess he's afraid I'd find out and retaliate. I kinda wish he would, though.

I'm bored. I think I'll call Marcie.

Day 23 - Saturday

Another big day! I showed up at Ethan's house at 9:00 and we went straight to his room. Today was Saturday, so of course we weren't wearing our uniforms. I thought about wearing jeans, but instead opted for a powder blue summer dress and my white fancy panties. This whole thing was about looking up skirts after all, right? Ethan was wearing a white polo shirt and beige shorts.

I held my hands behind my back and swayed, facing him, as I spoke. "So do you want to get to studying right away, or should we satisfy our needs first?" While I spoke I noticed that the LED on his computer's webcam was on. The monitor was turned off, but he was recording! Clever boy! It had a perfect view of anything on or around the bed. My face didn't betray my discovery.

"I was hoping you might say something like that. I got this!" He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a condom, and showed it to me. He switched to a sexy announcer type voice: "It's lubricated, and ribbed for HER pleasure."

"We might be able to put that to good use," I said, putting on my best devilish smile. "But first: assume the position."

"Wait, what?" He asked. I don't think this was part of his plan.

"Drop your pants and bend over the bed, like you did the other day." I said, patiently.

"No way."

I put my hand on his chest and moved in closer. "Do what you're told and I promise I'll get you off myself this time," I said.

"No pictures," he said, sternly.

I handed him my phone. (It was locked, of course.) He looked me in the eye for couple of seconds. Then he put my phone on top of a tall bookshelf. I wouldn't be able to reach it without climbing on a chair. Then he took off his pants and threw them in a corner, and bent over the edge of the bed with his butt sticking out.

"Boxers today?" I said as I approached him and caressed his ass. "I like you better in briefs. They make you seem more vulnerable." I grabbed the condom, a small flashlight, and the box of tissues from his desk and set them on the floor next to him. Then I knelt beside him and reached between his legs.

Like before, I rubbed up and down his cock and balls from underneath. Soon he was hard and I dropped his shorts down to his ankles. I reached around front and started jerking him off, slowly, with my left hand. With my right I rubbed his balls and taint, and up his butt crack - a little more with each stroke. When I touched his asshole straight on his penis twitched. I poked at it a couple more times and had the same effect. He was breathing heavily.

I kept wanking him with my left hand, and somehow I managed to get the condom out of its wrapper and onto the flashlight with just my right. It was a small flashlight - about five inches long and a half inch around. I'm sure it ran on AA batteries. When I positioned it at his asshole, he didn't say anything.

I guess lubricated condoms aren't really intended for anal use because it was kinda rough going in. I had to adjust it this way and that before the flashlight was ready to go in smoothly. Ethan grunted softly a couple times - I guess it was a little painful - but he never said a word.

My left arm was getting tired from the wanking so I repositioned and used my right. With my left I started pushing and pulling on the flashlight, fucking Ethan with his flashlight. The lube had started to work but it was still really tight and it was hard to get a grip on the thing. I found myself thinking, "I'm fucking this boy. I'm not letting him fuck me: I'm fucking him." He seemed to be enjoying it though; he was moaning quietly and his cock kept twitching.

"Can you feel the ribs?" I asked softly.

"I don't know," he replied.

"But you like it."


I thought about the webcam. Here we were, having an honest intimate moment together. But when I remembered the webcam, I couldn't help but feel a sense of victory. I turned and smiled and winked right at the camera, kneeling next to Ethan's plugged ass. I wasn't actually sure whether he was streaming somewhere or recording to a file, but I felt like no matter what I let him do to me later, I had won.

Ethan was clearly getting ready to burst. I had to slow down or else risk him ejaculating all over his carpet.

"Lexi, please make me come," he said desperately.

"I will, but not yet," I said, and I stood up. "And that's Miss Green. First you need to make me come. You're going to lick me. Leave the plug in your butt."

I pulled my dress up to my waist and lay down on my back on the edge of the bed. Ethan knelt in front of me. He touched the wet spot on my panties and I shivered. He pulled my panties down and all the way off, and put them on the bed next to me. And then he sucked my clit.

I thought I knew what to expect this time, but he had some new tricks. It was still a dizzyingly pleasant feeling. "That's new," I whispered between heavy breaths. "Have you been studying? That's good of you." I meant to tease him some more but I soon found that my mind wasn't working. I came and felt waves of cozy warm motion washing my body this way and that.

Once I had my mind back I motioned for him to lie on the bed. As he lay back, I pulled my dress over my head and threw it on the floor. The dress had a built-in shelf, so I wasn't wearing a bra. I knelt between his legs and grabbed his cock with both hands. It seemed like a nice size, although I had no first-hand knowledge to compare it to. It certainly wasn't the eleven inches that his password boasted.

"Ever come on a girl's face before?" I asked, playfully, while I worked his cock with my hands. I was thinking back to one of the comments on the my Photo Club picture, where a guy said he wanted to jizz on my glasses.

"This is all new to me," he answered dreamily.

I thought about trying to suck his dick, but I figured there was time to work my way up to that. I did release a little spit onto the head and rub it around with my hand, and that seemed to drive him wild. Then I remembered the flashlight in his butt. Since he was lying on his back I couldn't really grip it to move it in and out. But he responded favorably when I pushed it and tugged it around. He soon shot his wad, and I'm proud to say that I caught almost all of it on my face like I had planned. (Is that a weird thing to be proud of? LOL.)

I scooted up and straddled him for a moment, smiling at him through jizz-blurred glasses. He was smiling too, but with a look of disbelief on his face. He reached out and touched my boob.

"We'd better get cleaned up," he said. We extracted the flashlight from his butt, and I was surprised it came out pretty clean. We wiped the semen off my face and glasses, and got dressed. He bundled up all the tissues and the condom and wrapper and took them off to be disposed of elsewhere in the house.

I took that opportunity to remote into his computer and hunt for the webcam file. It turned out to be easy to find. I made a copy. I thought about deleting his copy, but I wanted to see what would happen. Even with selective editing, I wasn't too compromised: I got naked with a boy and gave him a hand job. I suppose it could be enough to get me kicked out of school if anyone showed it to the principal, but that's really not in anyone's interest.

We did actually study for the rest of the day - We're ready to give our speech when called on. And we cooked a grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch for ourselves and Becca. Becca was sullen through the whole meal, despite my efforts to bring her out of her shell. That's not really like her.

Day 24 - Sunday

Mr. Jennings says there's this hormone, oxytocin, that gets released during an orgasm. It promotes pair-bonding and makes people feel intimate with each other. So I guess that's why I've been sort of thinking of Ethan and me as a couple, and forgetting the whole cat and mouse game of extortion we've been playing with our sex life. (Okay, that's a really bad metaphor. I snuck a couple fingers of rum into my ginger ale. So sue me.)

Anyway, I was pretty happy with the way things were going, until Ethan sent me a text this afternoon.

U bitch
I said U BITCH!
Ethan, what's going on?
U knew about the webcam
Oh, that. Yeah, I knew. But I fooled around with you anyway. What does that tell you?
That ur a fucking sadist! U humiliated me!
I thought we both enjoyed ourselves. Please don't be mad.
I just wanted to have sex for the first time with a nice girl. You twisted it around into something from a prison horror movie.
You made me think I liked it.
Ethan, you did like it. And that's perfectly okay.
It's not like anyone will ever know. It was just a local recording, right?
Fucking psycho
I won't say anything.
Let's talk about this. Can I call you?

Okay, so I did not see that coming. I'm feeling hurt and guilty. Why am I feeling guilty? He's the one who tried to record us having sex. I just smiled at the camera. I could totally fuck up his life, but I'm not going to. So why should I feel guilty?

I waited until late to check the St. Frances Photo Club site. I was worried that too many logins from Ethan's account might arouse suspicion. He didn't post any new pictures of me. I'm not sure if I'd have blamed him if he had. But he did add a new comment to the picture of Lynn and me: "NOT WORTH THE CRAZY".

I need to talk to someone. Can I talk to Marcie about this? Can I give her a complete enough picture without revealing too many secrets? Probably not. And once those secrets are out there, I can't control them any more. So who else is there? Mom and Dad? Yeah, right. A priest? That would be something.

I can't get to sleep.

I still can't sleep.

Day 25 - Monday

I'm sure it goes without saying that Ethan avoided me at school.

I know Ethan and I are mad at each other, but I can't stop thinking about holding his cock in my hands. It was just such an exciting experience and I already miss it. Of course, I've also been imagining him lying on top of me and thrusting his cock inside of me. I really want it. I've been imagining printing out some embarrassing pictures from the webcam video and telling him he has to fuck me, or else. Okay, that's kinda evil. And even if he didn't hate me, and even if I'm ready to give up my virginity, I refuse to be a pregnant girl at a Catholic school.

I did talk to Marcie. She was cool barely being told any details, and just being understanding. Marcie is awesome.

There are a couple new pics up on the St. Frances Photo Club site. The first is some cheerleader I don't know, doing a cartwheel. 5/10. Most of the comments are arguing about whether the shorts cheerleaders wear "count" as panties. The second is a gorgeous senior named Mia. She's pulling up her skirt to show her hip, and giving a thumbs-up to the camera. She's wearing the St. Frances uniform, but also a thong, which is definitely not allowed. She scored a 8/10, but a lot of the comments claim that it doesn't count because it was posed. ("Anyone can post a picture of their girlfriend." "Oh yeah? Let's see yours!")

I've been thinking I need to obtain a backup login to the Photo Club. If Ethan ever changes his password I won't have any way in.

Day 27 - Wednesday

We got a fucking D on the speech. Mr. Hendrix said that we needed to learn professionalism; there was clearly some issue between us, but that part of adult life is working with people you don't like and getting the job done. It was totally Ethan's fault: I was cool and smooth and professional; he was passive aggressive and whiny. It should have been an A. This was a big part of our grade for the class. That fucker just scarred my GPA.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Hendrix called my mom. She wanted to know if I was all right and what was wrong. I told her that Ethan and I had started becoming close but then it didn't work out, and he was taking it badly. She kept prying for more details, which of course I wasn't going to give her. I changed the subject and told her I want to go on the pill. That shut her up. (I will need to revisit that topic soon though.)

A couple people have told me now that Ethan is talking trash about me. Nothing specific - just spewing anger. Whatever, dude.

Day 29 - Friday

Mr. Rivers called today and said they won't need me to babysit Becca any more. He said she's old enough that she doesn't need a sitter. Fucking liar! Then why is Max Kingsbury, Psychology grad student, using his laptop from your house right now?

Out of spite I decided to try to get into Mr. Rivers' computer. No password at all. Other than learning that he's into "Gothic Lolitas" and "Barely Legal Latinas", I didn't find much out. I did jot down the make and model of the three different vibrators they've bought in the last six months, just in case it comes in handy.

Day 30 - Saturday

I went to a party tonight with my parents. It was at the Aiello's place - beautiful house, huge yard. Becca was there, with Mr. and Mrs. Rivers. She scowled at me when I said hello. "Hey! We're still friends, right?" I asked in the friendliest voice I could manage. Becca just turned away and stomped off. I guess it runs in the family.

Martin was there, too. He was alone in a remote corner of the back yard, looking at his phone. I walked up to him, with my second glass of champaign in hand.

"What are you up to?" I said.

"Just catching up on some stuff online." He put his phone in his pocket quickly when I approached. I wondered if he had been looking at the Photo Club site. I decided to probe for more info.

"Probably some nudie pics! Am I right?"

"No, nothing like that."

"So, you're saying you don't like girls, then?" I teased.

"Oh, I like girls plenty. They just don't like me," he said, half-joking.

I responded reflexively. "Pssh. Any girl who doesn't see what a great guy you are doesn't deserve you."

His smile wavered a little. "That's nice of you to say, Lexi. I really appreciate it. But it's sort of naive. That's not how the world works."

Okay, I admit that Martin is not the sort of guy that girls set out to date. His hair never behaves right and his cloths are usually wrinkled. His body is big in an awkward way that's not fat, but not athletic. I've been in classes with him for years, but never really stopped to think about him. Having read all his comments on the Photo Club, I've come to realize that he's really sweet and really insightful. He never wrote anything mean or crass - just polite compliments for the girls and the photographer.

I couldn't think of anything to say. I felt like I should think of something - like this should be an eye-opener for me. But the champaign buzz was keeping me from deep thoughts. I put my hand on his shoulder and sat there quietly.

Martin broke the silence. "You know that Ethan is really messed up over you, right?"

"What did he say?"

"Nothing specific. Just that you two were hitting it off but then you started 'jerking him around'."

I replied. "That's not how I'd tell it. But I feel really badly that he feels that way."

Martin went on: "Well, it's creating some problems with the other guys. He's so insistent about how badly you treated him, but he won't say anything specific. People have started getting sick of it and teasing him about it. That's just making it worse."

"I don't know how to help him," I said solemnly.

More silence. This time I broke it. "So, tell me about the last girly picture you looked at."

"Really?" He seemed quite surprised. I nodded. "Well, it was a black-haired girl about our age. She was hiking up her skirt to show her thigh and hips, and very skimpy panties. And she was smiling at me - well, the camera - and giving a thumbs-up. It really did it for me." He was talking about Mia on the Photo Club site, of course.

"Neat!" I said. "Can you show me?"

"Oh, I don't remember where I found it." He lied.

"Where do you go for pictures like that, in general?" I asked.

"Just ... Google."

More silence. "Well, I should probably get back to the party." I stood up. "I'm going to think about what you said: about how the world works."

My head is more clear now that I'm back at home, and I have been thinking about it. Maybe it just takes practice to start thinking of guys like Martin romantically. I forced myself to think about Martin while I masturbated, after the party: him going down on me, and then mounting me, and coming inside of me. I did come, but it was difficult - I was uninspired. My mind kept slipping to other guys.

Day 31 - Sunday

During church, I decided that I'm going to fuck Martin - today if possible. It's just a matter of willpower: If I put myself in sexy situations with him, then the attraction will follow.

I invited him to hang out and he came over around 3:00. Nobody was home except Jody, the cleaning lady - but she's cool and she certainly has enough sense to avoid a teenager's locked bedroom.

Once we were in my room I explained the situation to him. "I've been thinking about it, and I really should give you a chance. I want to try to think of you romantically. So if you're up for it, I was thinking we could make out a little bit."

"I'd like that," he said and he took my hands in his. We sat on the edge of the bed and started kissing. He put one hand around my waist and the other on my knee, but then his hands seemed to freeze there. I guess he was afraid of going too fast, but honestly I got bored. I moved his hand to my boob to let him know it was okay. I had changed clothes after church so now I was wearing a light blue polo shirt and tan Capri pants. With the shirt and my bra there was a lot of fabric between my breast and his hands, but he seemed to enjoy the touching and squeezing. His finger tips even found my nipples, and they stiffened up nicely.

I got bored again. "You can undress me if you want," I told him. He pulled my shirt up over my head and rubbed his hands on my chest and belly. He kissed my neck and the top of my boobs. His fingers traced the boundary between my skin and my bra. Then he wrapped his arms around me and started trying to unhook my bra. He was clearly having trouble with it.

"You want me to..." I started to offer.

"No, I'll get it. This is an important rite of passage."

I giggled. "Are these your first breasts?"

"They will be if I can just get this stupid thing unlatched."

"Then my boobies await your rescue!"

He did eventually unhook my bra, and I lay back on the bed while he squeezed, rubbed, licked, poked, and sucked forever. It was nice. I especially liked it when he sucked my nipples, at least for a while. But again I felt like I had to nudge him along.

"Let's both get naked," I said. We both stood and took off our clothes. His cock came to life in my hand after a few strokes. It was a little longer and a little skinnier than Ethan's, and it bent curiously to the side.

I thought about pulling him on top of me and shoving it in me. I was wet. It was like my body was ready to go, but my spirit was reluctant. Anyway, I hadn't thought to pick up any condoms.

"You don't happen to have any condoms, do you?" I asked.

"I... no." It's probably for the best that we didn't have any; I would have regretted losing my virginity this way.

Plan B: I dropped down to my knees and attempted my first-ever blowjob. At first I grabbed it by the base and licked it for a while. He made some "Mmm" noises, but he also giggled a little. I guess it tickled. I worked my tongue and lips around the head for a while and then got ambitous and wanted to see how deeply I could take it - not very far, as it turns out. I've read some articles about giving head, but anything I thought I knew flew out the window; I felt like I was making it all up as I went along. Eventually I was just working the head of his cock with my mouth and stroking the shaft with my hands. He moaned and put his hands in my hair, and we even had a little moment where our eyes met.

But then it just kept going on; I couldn't make him come. We moved onto the bed and I tried a few different angles. That helped alleviate the fatigue, but that's all. Eventually I just asked, "Is there something else I should be doing? I want to make you come."

"I don't think so," he said with obvious embarrassment. After a moment he added, "Why don't we take a break from this?"

Martin wanted to spend some time just touching me: nipples and thighs and hips and face. When I closed my eyes and relaxed it felt good, but when I looked at him, part of my mind kept asking, "What are you doing?" I made it a point to say his name out loud, in part to get me into the right mindset.

Eventually he zeroed in on my pussy and pumped his fingers in and out of me - another first for me. It felt nice, but I wasn't getting too excited. Then he started kissing and licking my clitoris while fucking me with his fingers. That felt nicer, but it wasn't getting me anywhere near an orgasm and so eventually I asked him to stop.

We cuddled next to each other for a little while. I said, "I'm sorry I'm not very good at this. I guess sex is harder than I thought."

He replied, a little bit sad, "No, it's not you. I think there's something wrong with me - with my body. Girls take skill and effort, but guys are supposed to be easy."

"Can you come when you masturbate?" I asked.

"Well, yeah." He seemed embarrassed, which I thought was silly.

"Maybe you can get yourself most of the way, and I can finish you off?" I suggested. "Here. Show me how you do it."

He freed his arm from between us and started touching himself. His dick had gone soft during the cuddling, but it quickly became rigid after a little tugging. I studied his technique and asked questions. I took a turn wanking him from beside him and we worked out some guidelines for speed and grip pressure.

"I want to try something," I said, and I repositioned myself. I lay on my back on the opposite side of the bed, my legs on top of his, and pushed my butt up against his. His balls were resting on my bush, and his dick was standing up straight, just inside of arm's reach. I reached out and started wanking my surrogate penis with just my wrist, resting my arm on my thigh. Martin moaned and it looked like he was getting more and more excited.

My arm did get tired, so I told him to take over. He grabbed it without missing a beat. I stood up between his legs and put on a show. I danced, rubbed my hands all over my body, stuck my ass out at him - every saucy thing I could think of. His face was priceless.

Shortly, he told me, "I'm almost there." I dropped back down to my elbows and knees and sucked him the rest of the way to his orgasm. I had thought I was prepared to capture all of his come and swallow it, but most of it dribbled out and got on my hands and his balls. I licked enough of it up to avoid a mess.

"Oh god. Thank you Lexi," Martin said, gasping. I went back to cuddling next to him and we lay in silence for a while.

"Martin?" I began with a casual inquisitive voice. "Who runs St. Frances Photo Club?"

"How did you find out about that?" He responded, nervously.

I chose my words carefully to set up my next gambit. "I saw it on someone's laptop over their shoulder one day. I don't mind - boys will be boys. I mean, it's cool if you guys look at that stuff. But it makes me nervous to think that someone might hack the server and release pictures of my friends to a sea of Internet pervs who know what school we go to, you know what I mean? I just want to feel reassured that it's secure. I haven't told anyone about it."

Martin seemed comfortable with my explanation. "It was set up by a guy named Shane Williams, who graduated a year or two ago. He got his brother who works for Microsoft to set it up for him. These days it's run by Owen Carter. And there's a strict current-students-only rule. It should be safe."

I teased, "Is there a strict boys-only rule? Maybe I want to ogle girls behind their backs too!" I kissed him on the cheek playfully.

"I'm afraid so," he replied. "But if you want to ogle girls, might I suggest the girl's locker room?"

Martin wanted to go down on me again, but I just didn't feel like it. We watched some TV and went out to dinner. It was nice, although there were a lot of pauses where we couldn't find anything to talk about. I don't know if there's any point in trying make the romance happen again. (But I swear that I didn't blow him with the intent to pry secrets from him. It just worked out that way.)

Day 32 - Monday

Martin and I said hi when we ran into each other today. Surprisingly, it wasn't weird. That's a relief; I've got enough drama from the other guy I've been naked with.

I see what Martin meant about the other boys teasing Ethan. I tried to talk to him, hoping to smooth things over, but he snubbed me.

My main goal today was trying to find a way in to Owen's computer. He carries one of those ridiculously large, ridiculously hot laptops with horrible battery life. He fancies himself an eSports competitor, but I think he's just a poser. I asked his lab partner Anna to find out some things about it if she can: operating system version, web browser, and computer name. She was happy to help; she said whatever I was up to, he deserved it. I tried probing the open network ports, but I didn't get anything. A firewall on either the computer itself or the school network was blocking me.

There was a new picture on the Photo Club today: this time it's Marcie! It's actually really cute! And it was posted by Martin, if you can believe it. She's out of uniform and riding her bike. There might be a few pixels of undies there, but it's certainly nothing scandalous. So far it's rated 3/10, which is stupid because it's a really good photo and Marcie is really pretty. Owen rated it 1/10 and commented, "Why do you keep wasting our time with non-naked girls?!?"

Day 33 - Tuesday

Martin asked me when we can spend more time together. I told him that I had really tried, but that I just couldn't see him "that way". He argued that we had a rough start but that he's sure I'll fall for him if I just give him one more chance. I agreed to a date on Friday.

I talked to my parents tonight about birth control. I had studied up, and brought visual aids: printouts of statistics, FAQs, and pictures of sad pregnant teens holding medical invoices. My mom spewed all the usual cliches about waiting for that one special person, and so on. My dad was surprisingly cool and practical about it.

"She's a smart girl, and she makes good decisions," my dad argued, "but some day, she's going to choose to have sex whether we like it or not. We might as well give her all the tools we can to make sure it's a safe, positive experience." Well said, Dad.

Day 34 - Wednesday

I did some research for the problem of how to get into Owen's computer. I can't use the USB key logger that I used on Ethan, because there's nowhere to plug it in: the keyboard is built in to the laptop. My best chance is to get someone to run a spyware app from the computer itself while Owen is logged on. Hopefully from there I can get access to the server.

I found a malware framework online and customized it for my needs. I've put it on a thumb drive that I got for free at a convention. I wiped any possible traces of fingerprints from it - both literal and figurative - and I'm keeping it in a plastic baggy in my book bag. I don't think Anna can help me with this one - she's not likely to get unobserved access.

Day 35 - Thursday

I skipped History today to go see a doctor about birth control. The doctor was young - probably around 30 - and he seemed just a little too eager to ask me about my sexual history. I wanted an IUD but the doctor talked me out of it. We compromised on "the shot" instead.

Later I met up with Lynn and Anna at Anna's house, for swimming. We talked about blowjobs some - both girls are experienced - and they teased me about Martin. Apparently the whole school "knows" that I teased and then shut down Ethan, and then fucked his friend Martin. The girls said not to worry about the blowjob thing: it takes practice and he was probably just nervous. (Lynn suggested that the reason he was nervous was because I'm so far out of his league.)

It was after dinner and chores tonight that I checked the Photo Club. I was shocked. Ethan had posted an animated GIF of us, created from the webcam footage. It's a 4 second video loop of me leaning over his cock, naked, pumping it, and then getting hit in the face with a blast of goo. The camera is from my side and a little bit behind. You can't see much of my face, but between my hair, glasses, skin tone, and body shape, nobody will doubt it's me.

Here are the comments so far:

"Like I said, NOT WORTH THE CRAZY" - Ethan
"I don't know - that looks worth an awful lot of crazy to me." - Alex
"HAHAHAHAHAHA! All that drama over a handy? You are such a sad fuck." - Owen
"I want this to be an Olympic spot. And I want HER to be the captain." - Alvin
"Does she know you recorded this? Not cool, man." - Martin
"No! I wanted to be the one to jizz on her glasses!" - Toby
"@Martin - What do you mean? We take pictures of girls without their consent all the time. That's literally all this site is!" - Alex
"@Alex - Don't you think this is over the line? Way past panty shots." - Martin
"Didn't take @Martin long to be pussywhipped. Will someone cancel his account? Can't be trusted." - Jann
"Not just yet, but I'm keeping an eye on him. (@Jann)" - Owen

I've got all sorts reactions to this swirling around in my head. I'm angry, of course. And vindictive - I am seriously considering putting Ethan's nuts in the vise. But I also feel strangely empowered by the exposure. Based on the comments so far, it looks like it might backfire on Ethan anyway. I hope Martin doesn't put himself in a bad situation.

Day 36 - Friday

The jokes rolled in today. When I drank from a water fountain, one sophomore warned me to, "watch out for that initial spurt." His friends laughed hard.

When I was having trouble with the zipper on my book bag, Toby said, "It's okay Lexi. Just lean over it and give it a couple good tugs. You're good at that!" More laughter.

One freshman whose name I don't know walked up to me and said, "Hey, you're Lexi, right? You wanna go out some time?" I gave him a who-the-fuck-are-you stare and he backed down.

At lunch Martin approached me. "Are we still on for our date tonight? I mean, I'd understand if you didn't feel up to it."

"Why wouldn't I feel up to it?" I asked innocently. He just sort of stammered.

I showed up at Martin's house wearing a heather gray blouse, a navy pencil skirt, and just a little bit of makeup. He invited me in and led me to his room.

"Look, Lexi, there's something you need to know about - something that might ruin your evening." We walked to his computer and he showed me the handjob clip on the Photo Club site. He didn't protest when I sat down and started reading through the comments. There were plenty of new ones, but nothing worth repeating. When I got to the end I stood up and looked him in they eyes.

"Ethan's a prick." I said dismissively. "We're not going to let it ruin our evening. But don't defend me any more, okay? It was very sweet, but I don't want you to become an outcast over something stupid like this."

"No promises" he said with a wink.

Martin and I went and saw an action movie, and then had dinner at a Mongolian Barbecue place that I loved. Our conversation dried up a couple times, but it wasn't too awkward when it happened. I probably should have put an end to the date then, but I wanted to give the physical thing one more go, so we went back to his place and made out on his bed.

He was more assertive about getting us naked this time, which suited me just fine. After we were undressed I straddled him, pinning his dick to his belly and sliding my pussy back and forth along the shaft. I know I should have been looking him in the eye, but I found that I could only really enjoy it with my eyes closed. He didn't say anything about the slight, though, and after a little while I did have a mini-orgasm. When I opened my eyes he looked happy.

As I climbed off of him, he reached into the nightstand and withdrew a twelve-pack of condoms. His dick was at full attention.

He explained, "I bought these just in case we want to... Oh, wow. This really isn't working for you, is it?"

"What do you mean," I asked, confused.

"Your face just now. It was - I don't know - revulsion?" Look, Lexi, this time with you has been great; I'll remember it my whole life. But I don't want to taint it with regret. If you're still not into me, then maybe we should call it off."

I don't know if he could tell, but I was almost on the verge of tears. "I'm so sorry, Martin. I never meant to lead you on. I really wanted it to work. I hoped that I could choose to fall for you, but I just can't."

He took my hands and gave me a comforting smile. "It's okay. You gave me a lot of great firsts to remember: first kiss, first boobs, first blowjob."

I added in, "First break-up blowjob?" He was speechless so I pushed him down on the bed and proceeded to suck his cock. I guess I learned something the first time, or from talking with the girls, because I felt more capable. I was definitely pacing myself better. It took a lot of work and I had to take a few hands-only breaks, but I eventually had him exclaiming, "Oh god! Oh fuck yeah!", a bit too loudly. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all, and I kept sucking him until he was totally soft.

I think I should take a break from boys for a while.

Day 37 - Saturday

Girls' day. I feel like I've been a bad friend. Here I've been writing about every little bit of drama in my life and I've never once mentioned Marcie's troubles. She's had an online romance with a boy, Zeke, for almost a year. He was supposed to fly out to meet her face to face for the first time two weeks ago, but he canceled for no good reason. Since then he's barely been talking to Marcie and when he has he's been prickly. She knows it's over but she hasn't gotten through to confront him yet.

Today has been about baking brownies, watching John Hughes movies, eating sushi, and making pejorative generalizations about boys.

After a couple of wine coolers, I let slip the secret about the St. Frances Photo Club. I was trying to reassure her that boys really do like her and when she pressed me for details I had to tell her about the bike photo. Naturally she wanted to see it for herself, so we logged on.

"Three out of ten? Lexi, that doesn't sound like they like me!" she exclaimed.

"That's just because they can't see your crotch. The raunchier the photo the higher the rating. The comments are mostly pretty nice", I retorted.

"This one says I'm probably giving syphilis to my bike seat..." she frowned.

"Did Owen write that one? I know a lot of the comments are piggish, but trust me, compared to others these are very flattering."

Marcie clicked on the link to the main gallery. "Ooh! Who's the skank?" she said, clicking on the thumbnail with the most skin. Soon she was watching the video clip of me jacking off Ethan and taking a cumshot in my face.

"Oh my god, Lexi, is that you?!?" So I told her about the webcam video and soon we were watching that. She almost choked on her wine cooler at the part where I winked at the camera. I told her about Ethan's browser history, and his anal obsession and his denial.

"But why haven't you taken the photo down?" Marcie asked. "Sooner or later that's going to get out onto the Internet, and that'll be a disaster for you. You could be expelled!"

"It already has. Google shows it hosted on 34 different sites. But it's not that big of a deal - if you didn't know it was me, you wouldn't recognize me. And I don't think they can expel me: our uniforms aren't visible, and it was taken without my permission. Besides, if I pull the picture, Ethan will change his password, and then I'll lose access to the photo club."

Marcie puzzled. "So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to blackmail Ethan, of course!"

"This sure is a messed up world you've fallen into," Marcie said cautiously.

"I know. Isn't it fun?!"

Marcie promised not to say anything. We tried to think of ways to hack Zeke's computer, but without physical access or at least a site password or two, there wasn't much hope. Maybe when I'm done with all the boys at St. Frances, Marcie and I can take a road trip.

Day 39 - Monday

I went to Ethan's house after school. Becca answered the door. "He doesn't want to talk to you," she told me.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? He does nothing but talk about how much he hates you. It's so annoying. Did you like break his dick or something?"

"Please tell him that we need to talk about that picture he posted of me." Her eyebrows arched inquisitively at that, but when I didn't say anything else she fetched him.

"Hello Alexis!" Ethan's manner was smug and sarcastic. "What brings you by?" He stood in the front doorway. Becca was just inside.

"May I come in? This is something we should talk about in private." I was very business-like with my request.


"Fine. I know about the picture. That's kind of a violation, don't you think? A betrayal of the trust we shared?"

Becca chimed in: "What picture?"

I couldn't see her, but I spoke to Becca. "Becca, hon, I know you're curious, but this really is a private matter between me and your brother."

She replied, "How private can it be if it's about a picture he posted of you?"

Ethan told her to get lost in an angry older-brother voice. I heard her muttering that she'll just go search for it herself as she disappeared.

Ethan resumed talking to me. "I just wanted to show everyone what type of girl you are, Lexi." Still smug.

I spoke more aggressively. "I told you to call me Miss Green. So why didn't you release the whole video? Maybe everyone should see what type of boy you are - a deviant who likes taking it up the ass." I felt bad saying it - I really don't think there's anything wrong with it. But he does, and that's my leverage.

Ethan dropped the pretenses. "Well that's never going to happen. And anyway, I would just tell people I was humoring a psycho whore to try to get some pussy."

"They might believe you," I said. "At least until they learned what porn sites you visit." I handed him a best-of list from his browser history. "And see what sorts of shopping you do." I handed him a printout of the anal sex toys he had browsed. "But really, seeing is believing, don't you think?"

The final paper I handed him was an image capture from the webcam video. I had managed to find a frame where the flashlight could clearly be seen sticking out from his butt, and his face was showing unmistakable pleasure. I had cropped myself out of the picture, except my hand and my knee.

Ethan's face was ashen. I pressed the point. "You don't have to like me, but you do have to obey me. If you don't, I'll distribute this not just to the kids at school, but the dean, pastor Geoff, your dad's partners, the cashiers at the grocery store, and the entire damned Internet. When you go to college, I'll make sure that everyone in your dorm sees this picture. When prospective employers search for your name, this will be the first thing they find. Right now, you and I are the only ones who know about this. It can stay that way, as long as you do what I say. Now, are you ready for your instructions?"

"Yes Miss Green."

I shook the thumb drive out of the baggy into his hands. "You're going to plug this in to Owen's computer and run the program that's on it, from Owen's login. It'll ask you if you want to allow administrative privileges - click yes. Then you're going to give it back to me. You will not be caught, or even suspected. You will not say a word of this to anyone. You will not plug the thumb drive into any other computer; if you do I'll know. If I don't get the results I expect in ten days, I go nuclear."

"How am I supposed to get to Owen's computer?" he asked.

"You guys are friends, right? You have your video game parties? You'll figure something out. But hey, if all else fails, you can try distracting him by shoving a rigid object up his butt."

Day 40 - Tuesday

I guess people outside of the Photo Club have seen the clip. A couple bitchy girls made handjob motions at me and laughed. One freshman girl - Ryoko, I think? - told me that her 7th grade brother had seen it on some video game message board. She and I don't really know each other but she thought it was important enough to tell me. I thanked her.

Marcie and Zeke finally officially broke up. She's feeling down.

Day 41 - Wednesday

Now there's another photo of me, being passed around through email. This one is a fantasy drawing of a demon bird woman standing over two disemboweled men. My head was photoshopped on to the bird woman, and Ethan's and Martin's faces were on the dead men. The caption reads, "Who's next?"

Anna asked if I wanted to spend the long weekend with her, her parents, and Lynn at their house on the lake. I said I'd love to, but I can't leave Marcie alone; so then she invited Marcie too.

Day 42 - Thursday

Ethan must have changed his password for the St. Frances Photo Club, because I can't get in any more. He probably changed it for his computer, too, but I have my own login. I still have the credentials for the Rivers household WiFi, including admin rights to the firewall, so I can still spy on Ethan.

Ethan seems to be watching mostly dominatrix porn.

There were some searches from somewhere in the house for "Lexi Green picture". I guess that was Becca. It would be almost impossible for her to find it with such a broad search. Still, I wonder what she would think if she did?

Day 45 - Sunday

Driving to the lake house took much of Friday. The place is big - lots of bedrooms and all sorts of amenities. The Internet connection sucked, but that's okay. We girls went for a walk on the beach and then cooked stir-fry while Mr. and Mrs. Gardner did old people stuff like read newspapers. After dinner we watched Bluerays of old movies. Casa Blanca is so good! We went to bed fairly early, but I didn't have any trouble sleeping. Marcie and I shared a room with a king sized bed.

On Saturday after pancakes and a game of Trivial Pursuit we girls went out on the beach. It was sunny and nice, but the water was too cold to swim. I was wearing a blue one-piece bathing suit and some white cutoff shorts. Lynn, who is tall and leggy and has the shiniest straightest brown hair I've ever seen, was rocking a white bikini, sunglasses, and a hat. Anna was wearing a more modest baby-blue bikini. She's cute and super outgoing, but the shape of her hips and waist and boobs just don't line up somehow; it would look silly if she tried to go for super-sexy. Marcie was wearing a striped bikini top and gym shorts - an outfit that really showed off her curves.

See, Marcie is really petite, and her boobs - while not objectively big - look big on her. In effect it gives her a fantastic hourglass figure on a tiny body. And since her boobs really are pretty small, they never sag or lose their shape, no matter what she's doing.

After a while hanging out on the beach we noticed that these two guys on jetskis kept driving by and looking at us. Anna waved them over and they came ashore and introduced themselves. They were Jeff and Xander, and they were sophomores in college. Both were good looking, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jeff. He had dirty blond spiky hair and a smooth athletic chest, which was unfortunately partly covered by a life jacket.

When they offered to take us for rides I eagerly accepted. Lynn and I went first. Jeff insisted I wear his life jacket, which was fine because it meant that I got to wrap my arms around his bare chest. It was so cold, but so exciting, racing fast over bumpy waves, pressing my body against his. My heart was racing, and I don't think it was just from the speed.

After Lynn and I came ashore and the boys took Anna and Marcie out, Lynn gave me a look that said, "So are you going to hook up with him?" I can only assume that my face was answering, "Yes! Yes! Please, yes!"

We were all pretty cold so we went back to their place. It was modest - one bedroom, a livingroom, kitchen, and bathroom. But it was big enough for us all and cozy after the boys lit a fire.

We all talked for a while in the living room, but within 15 minutes, Jeff and I were touching each other so wantonly that Anna pointed at the bedroom door and said, "Oh, just go already!"

Jeff picked me up like a fireman, kicked open the door, and dropped me on the bed. I was laughing hard all the while. After closing the door, he pulled the top of my one-piece down to my waist and went straight for my nipple. His mouth and hands made a survey of my head and upper body that felt blissful; he could have done that to me for days and I never would have asked him to stop. Sadly, he stopped after just two minutes. He stripped and sprawled himself out on the bed, boner pointing skyward, and looked at me expectantly. In hindsight that seems a little presumptuous, but at the time I thought nothing about wrapping my lips around his cock.

After my experiences with Martin, I was prepared to go the distance. But after just a couple minutes, Jeff said, "Okay, I'm ready." He stood up and took off my shorts and the rest of my bathing suit. He ran his hand up my slit as if testing it.

"You are on the pill, right?" He asked. I shook my head no. Technically it had been long enough since I got the birth control shot that I wouldn't get pregnant, but I was worried about diseases. This was probably not the first time he had hooked up with a girl on the same day he met her.

"Damn." he said. "Let me see what I can find." I was expecting some degree of discretion, but I guess that's not Jeff's style. He cracked the door open, still naked, and said loudly to the livingroom, "Does anyone have a rubber? Lexi and I want to fuck."

I heard Marcie say that she had one. I remembered that she had been keeping it in her purse ever since Zeke made plans to come visit. Thank you Marcie.

Someone handed Jeff the condom through the crack in the door and then closed it. Jeff came back beside the bed, unwrapped the condom, and put it on his dick, all the while looking at my face. Watching him was so beautiful. There was no doubt that I wanted him inside me. A small part of my brain kept thinking, with wonder, "Now is the time when I lose my virginity."

Jeff sat down in a big easy chair, a little bit slouched, and helped me climb on top of him. Then I lowered myself down onto him and he filled up my pussy inch by inch and then we were having sex. He was very tender and I could tell that it was important to him that I was comfortable. We started off kissing while I leaned into him and rode his cock up and down. My hands were on his face and his on my hips.

After a while, Jeff broke the kiss and politely asked, "A little more bounce?" I straightened up and started pumping in longer strokes. At first he played with my boobs, but then he started rubbing my clit and it felt so good! Jeff said, "Oh yeah," and "Fuck, Lexi," and "I knew I had to have you the moment I saw you."

I knew I was getting close to coming, but my legs were also getting tired from the bouncing. I guess Jeff could tell. He said, "Here. Take my arms and lean back." I did like he said and then it was like he was suspending me, bucking his groin into me. He was doing all the work. Leaning back like that actually made me a little bit dizzy, but in a good way. We must have looked like a combination of an engineering diagram and the Kama Sutra, but it worked. I started moaning continuously, softly.

Jeff smiled at me. "Atta girl! Go with it! Shout if you want - we're all friends here." I was reluctant, but after Jeff's urgings when the climax hit me, I went with it and let out a roar. I could feel my body squeezing his dick inside me in waves. I could feel my blood flowing and a warm feeling sweeping over me. My throat was raw.

When Jeff saw that I was done he asked me to get up. He positioned me on my hands and knees on the bed, knelt behind me, and resumed fucking me. He was touching all new spots inside of me, and the idea of him being in such a dominant position over me felt deliciously savage. Jeff started moaning and grunting fairly loudly; so did I, but at a speaking volume. I was about two-thirds of the way to another orgasm when Jeff started pounding faster and shouting, "Fuck yeah, FUCK YEAH. My GOD Lexi, that CUNT!" Then he got quiet and after a more pumps, he stopped.

I peeled the condom off of him with fascination, and then licked his dick clean - although I didn't like the taste the condom had left. I would have liked to cuddle, but he got dressed and joined the others straight away, so I did the same.

Out in the livingroom everyone was laughing and telling dirty anecdotes from their past and having a good time. Everyone, that is, except Marcie. She clearly felt left out. I don't think she had ever done more than kissing a boy.

I whispered to Jeff, asking if him to try to include her more and he took charge. He showed leadership and empathy, keeping everyone engrossed in the discussion but repeatedly turning the spotlight on Marcie. Within a half hour she was downright chipper. If I hadn't been smitten with Jeff before that, I certainly would have been after.

On the way out to dinner with the boys we stopped by the Gardner lake house to change clothes. We dolled it up as much as we could with what we'd packed but only Lynn managed a real out-on-the-town look. We went to a trendy pizza restaurant/bar, where we ate, played darts and pool, and danced. I guess Jeff must have said something to Xander because he was fawning all over Marcie. Previously he had been focusing on Lynn, despite knowing that she had a boyfriend.

After a stop at the grocery store we went back to the guys' place and drank vodka and orange juice. Lynn didn't drink any, and Marcie only a little, but the rest of us had plenty. Marcie and Xander even started making out on the couch. I think Jeff was strategizing about grabbing the bedroom for us before Marcie and Xander escalated, but both parties were cock-blocked when Anna called her mom to come pick us up.

Back at the Gardners' Marcie spooned me as we were falling asleep. It was nice.

On Sunday morning Mr. Gardner took Anna, Lynn, and Marcie out on the lake on his little four-seat sailboat, while Mrs. Gardner and I did the breakfast dishes. She asked a lot of oblique questions about the boys from whose house she had picked us up. I couldn't tell if she meant it as a warning against college boys or if she was trying to live vicariously through us.

After that we drove home and I scrambled to catch up on my chores and homework.

Day 46 - Monday

Ethan handed me my thumb drive back without saying a word. He must have come through on his assignment, because there were encrypted files of key-logged data from Owen's computer waiting for me on a Russian server. I haven't had a chance to sift through it yet: I'm still catching up on homework that I should have done over the weekend.

Day 47 - Tuesday

After rummaging through Owen's key logger data I found his credentials for both the St. Frances Photo Club and his computer itself. He's smart enough to use strong passwords, and different ones for different computers. I can't touch his computer without being on the same network; hopefully at school tomorrow I can poke through his files. I did manage to create an administrator login for the Photo Club, though.

Marcie came over and we looked at the Photo Club together. There were four new pictures of Diana and Faith: two of the bitchy girls. They were playing pool in miniskirts, so there was a lot to see. It's hard to imagine how a guy could have taken a photo of one without the other noticing. The pics were rated 9 and 10 out of 10. The comments contained every imaginable innuendo about pool cues and balls.

When I was telling Marcie about how I had created an administrator login for myself, she excitedly said, "You should go work for the FBI after you graduate. You could be just like Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs!" I've got to admit, I like the idea. Marcie has started calling me Clarice.

Day 48 - Wednesday

I was able to sign into Owen's computer remotely on the school network. I didn't have a lot of time, but I did grab his browser history, bookmarks, and a couple random folders. Looking at the links now, it seems that he is way into tentacle porn cartoons. I just don't get that. He also reads some smut stories about mind control and non-consensual sex. So far there's nothing I could use to coerce him; I get the feeling he would proudly admit being into that stuff.

Marcie's comment last night had sparked something in me so I visited the guidance councilor, Ms. Simone, to talk about it. She's a pretty woman in her twenties who always wears a skirt suit. She has always struck me as very fake, but since this was the first time in my life I actually wanted career guidance, I figured I'd give it a try. I told her that I might like to join the FBI.

"Oh, honey!" she said, as if talking to a four year old who just spilled ice cream on her Easter dress. "You've got so much potential! You could be a lawyer, or a corporate executive, or a politician's wife. Why not leave civil service to those who are less capable?" The number of things wrong with her statement made me dizzy. I can't believe somebody pays her to give advice.

She did say something else though: that the FBI would make me learn to use a gun. That was a good point; maybe I should learn something about them ahead of time.

I talked the sponsor of the school gun club, Mr. Matheny. The club is just a place for discussion among enthusiasts - the school can't official provide any instruction or organize outings. Mr. Matheny suggested that if I want to learn, the person to talk to is my classmate August Daniels. His parents own a gun range and he's been shooting since he was eight.

Day 50 - Friday

I introduced myself to August Daniels today. He's a little bit tall and thin, and has a close trimmed haircut - almost military. And he has a very slight southern drawl. He's cute. But I'm totally not going to crush on him because I've been getting naked with boys way too quickly lately.

His parents' gun range does offer lessons, he explained, but suggested instead that I go out with him to his grandparents farm, where he can teach me himself. Gun ranges are loud, he said, making it hard to ask questions. And the official range pricing for lessons is pretty steep. We're going out there tomorrow. He reluctantly agreed to let me buy him lunch in return.

Marcie is staying over at my place tonight. She is so eager to get laid, I'm half-worried that she'll give it up to the first hobo she meets in a dark alley. "I just want to get it over with!" she said tonight. "At this point anyone will do. But I wish it could have been Xander." She knows we'll probably never see Jeff and Xander again, but I can't blame her for dreaming. I confess that the thought of another roll around with Jeff makes me weak in the knees.

Day 51 - Saturday

August picked me up at 10:00 and drove me out to the farm. He started me off with a .22 rifle, which seemed weird to me. "A rifle is your weapon of choice. A pistol is for fighting your way to your rifle." I laughed, but I think he was serious. He taught me very slowly and formally. He drilled me on the rules of safe gun handling. He made sure I knew what every button and switch on the gun did before he let me touch it. He coached me about stance and breathing. He was very patient. I started off shooting badly, but with his coaching I got measurably better.

He let me try a pistol, too, after teaching me about all of its switches and mechanisms. It was fun. I felt powerful.

When I had had my fill, I asked him to show me what he can do. He refused at first but when I begged him he relented. I couldn't believe the shots he was making. He was more accurate firing rapidly than I was carefully aiming every shot.

"Can you do the twirling around your finger thing that they do in the westerns?" I asked playfully.

"Nah. No responsible gun owner would ever try anything like that. Too dangerous."

"Well, what if the gun wasn't loaded?" I pressed.

"Ah, come on, Alexis - what was rule number one?" He wasn't going to let it go until I said it.

"Always treat every gun as if it's loaded," I said sheepishly. Then he gave me a smile that made me second guess the rule I had made about not crushing on him.

We had lunch at a burger place, and talked about a lot of different things. August has many strong convictions, but they seem well-thought out. He's way more aware of current events than I am. I might have to study up if I'm going to keep up with him. He tried to pay for lunch, but I fought him on it and won.

Marcie was still at my place when I got home. She was giving my mom some very basic piano lessons on a keyboard that had been sitting in our garage for as long as I can remember. When we were alone, the topic went back to Xander, and Marcie's vagina.

"Maybe we could go visit them some weekend," she said hopefully. "Do you think he'd be willing to do me, if we did? We could tell him it's my first time. Guys like virgins, right?"

"Marcie, I'm sorry... He lives 200 miles away, and a guy like that probably has college girls lined up around the block. If you start begging him for sex, he's probably going to think you're needy and that he dodged a bullet by not sleeping with you."

"But then there's no way to win!" she whined. "I certainly can't lose my virginity here. I've tried! There's not a single boy at our school who likes me who doesn't turn my stomach! Maybe I should just switch to girls."

"Trying to date girls at a Catholic school? I don't think you'll find that easier." I said.

"Well, at least there's you," she said, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips to emphasize her joke. At least I think it was a joke.

Day 52 - Sunday

Becca approached me after church. I motioned for my parents to give me a private moment.

"You were my friend first, you know." She said bitterly.

"Becca, I still want to be," I pleaded.

"It's too late. My parents don't want you around any of us."

"Did they say why?" I asked, a bit worried.

"No - just that Ethan hates you and they don't trust you." She added after a moment, "What was in the picture?"

What do you tell an eleven year old? "I was naked. He shouldn't have let anyone see it."


"Maybe after your parents calm down, you and I can meet for lunch. 'Kay?" She shrugged and hugged me and we went our separate ways.

So I've been spying on the porn habits of Ethan, occasionally Ethan's dad, and now Owen, for a while now. I'm not sure why I do it. Mr. Rivers' porn just seems silly to me. (Although if I sent Marcie to him in her school uniform, with pigtails and too much mascara, I bet that would solve her virginity problem real quick.) Owen's porn kinda disgusts me. But more often than not, when I'm flipping through Ethan's recent views, I rub myself - sometimes I go all the way. Is it because I still have an attraction to Ethan? Is it because I enjoy the thought of bossing around a man and humiliating him for sexual thrills? Is it because I'm getting off on the power I hold over Ethan?

I don't know what I'm doing with the Photo Club, either. At first I thought I was doing all this hacking to shut it down, but instead I'm almost participating like the boys. I'm not perving out on the pictures like they probably do, but when Marcie and I talk we judge those girls ever bit as much as the boys do in the comments.

Day 54 - Tuesday

August and I did some shooting at the range. I didn't have to pay for the lane or gun rental, but I did have to buy the ammo. He introduced me to his mom, who is really nice. It seemed like she was hoping we were dating, which I am definitely definitely definitely not going to do... yet.

There was a new picture on the Photo Club. This time it was Lynn, sitting on a toilet with her underwear down around her ankles, looking at her phone. 10/10. I have no idea how anyone could have taken this picture. I'm really torn about keeping quiet on this one. I need to come up with a plan.

Day 56 - Thursday

Marcie wouldn't let go of the idea of visiting Xander. She nagged me into negotiating with Jeff about it. Jeff said that Xander would be honored to take Marcie's virginity, and from the sound of it, Jeff liked the prospect of me visiting as well. He did, however, make it perfectly clear that this is a no-strings situation, not the beginning of a relationship. Marcie agreed - or at least said she did - and so we made plans to drive out and see the boys the weekend after next.

When Xander texted Marcie, "I look forward to our date", she was walking on air.

Day 57 - Friday

August asked me out on an actual date. He actually used those words: "Alexis will you go out on a date with me tonight?" Marcie did some fancy braid-work to my hair after school and helped me pick out some clothes: skinny jeans, a dressy tank top, and suede boots.

August and I went to dinner at a nice understated restaurant and then spent the rest of the night walking around the park and talking. The way he looks at the world is new to me, and beautiful. He also challenges me, which is stimulating, but a part of me wonders whether I'm good enough.

He kissed me when he dropped me off. I really liked it. We're becoming close, I think.

Day 59 - Sunday

Tonight I had dinner with August's family. They're an interesting bunch. They talk about all sorts of things over dinner - unlike my family who actively avoid anything other than smalltalk. I think they liked me. I hope they did.

Day 60 - Monday

Today's new addition to the St. Frances Photo Club was labeled Ms. Simone, although it would be hard to be sure. The picture was taken below a desk of a woman in a black skirt and stockings with her legs spread wide enough to see a crotch full of lacy white panties. The desk and clothing do look like Ms. Simone's.

Day 61 - Tuesday

August and I went shooting at the range again today. He kissed me briefly when we parted ways. Some of my clothes still smell like gunpowder, which makes me think of him.

August thinks it's cool that I want to work for the FBI. He says he's not sure whether marksmanship will help me get hired into a cyber-crimes team, but that it's a skill that every American ought to have anyway.

Day 64 - Friday

August and I had another date tonight. Again we had a nice quiet dinner and then walked around the park. This time we spent some time sitting on a park bench kissing. There was some light petting, too, but nothing that would cause angry parents to write letters. When he dropped me off we kissed a little more in his truck. I wanted to invite him inside and advance our relationship, but I figured I probably shouldn't since I still plan to fuck Jeff tomorrow. Nobody has said anything about being exclusive, but I'd imagine that at some point, it's understood.

Day 66 - Sunday

Marcie and I hit the road on Saturday afternoon and for four hours we sang and ate chips and smiled at people in the other cars. We were twenty minutes outside of town when Marcie got a text.

"Xander's dad died," she told me with disbelief. "He says he's sorry but he has to get on a plane to Florida tonight." I put my hand on her leg to comfort her. After a moment of silence, she spoke again: "I know I'm a horrible person for thinking of myself instead of Xander's family, but I just can't believe my luck!" She started crying.

"I'm sorry, hon," was all I could say. I kept driving, not really knowing what to do.

In a few minutes, Jeff called. I put him on the car's speakers. "Did Xander get in touch with you guys? How far out are you?" I told him.

"Why don't you guys come to my place like we planned. In the mean time, let me make some calls - I'll see if I can find a party or a friend worthy of Marcie's time. It might not be the kind of night you and Xander had planned, but you're still going to have a good time tonight."

We arrived at Jeff's apartment. It was sort of like you'd expect a college boy's home to be, but clean and uncluttered. He offered us each a can of beer. Marcie started sipping hers but I declined.

"Okay, here's the deal. There are no parties - midterms next week. All of my first choices of dates for you are busy, too. I can find a guy who'll buy you dinner, or I can find a guy who'll fuck you, but I can't find a guy who I would trust to date my sister - not tonight. Marcie, Xander was really excited about your date tonight and it killed him to have to break it, but his family is just really fucked up. So, the question is, what kind of night do you want to have, given the options? I am at your service."

Marcie didn't have a response, so I spoke up: "I hope this doesn't piss either of you off, but what if the two of you had sex? I can go find a movie theater and keep myself busy all night." Marcie spit up a sip of beer but otherwise stayed silent.

Jeff replied diplomatically. "We could do that. Marcie is a beautiful, exciting woman and any guy would be lucky to be her first. But what if, instead, the three of us did it?"

I glared daggers at Jeff.

"Think about it", Jeff said, undaunted. "The two of you are best friends, right? Your first time can be scary, and maybe painful, but having your friend there with you makes everything cool. It's like an ER visit or a rollercoaster. Plus, this is a memory you're going to want to talk about forever anyway; wouldn't it be better if it were a memory you shared?"

I couldn't believe Jeff was opportunistically trying to turn my friend's dire disappointment into a three-way. I looked at Marcie to gauge her reaction and she gave me a pleading look. She said, "I think that would be nice... if it was something you wanted." Jeff's face was totally selling his suggestion.

"Okay," I said, laying down my terms. "As long as it's totally about Marcie. She's the star: anything she wants; nothing she doesn't."

"All right." Jeff said. "Step one: we talk and relax. You sure you don't want that beer?"

Jeff asked to see pictures of us in our school uniforms, so we showed him a bunch on Marcie's phone and talked about what was going on when they were taken. Then he started asking Marcie about her masturbation habits and fantasies. Marcie got more relaxed with every sip of beer, and Jeff's voice had a sort of hypnotic element to it. Before long we were rubbing Marcie's feet. Then Jeff moved up to her thighs, and rubbing her pussy through her shorts. When he suggested we go to the bedroom, we were all eager.

Jeff took turn turns removing clothing from Marcie and me. He spent a lot of time kissing and touching and flattering us as each part of our bodies were revealed. Finally he lay down next Marcie, kissing her and rubbing her pussy, and he asked me to "get him started". I sucked his cock from half-erect to full boner.

"God, that's awesome, Lexi," he said. And then, handing me a condom, "Would you do the honors?" I unrolled the condom onto his dick, and then he shifted to flat on his back. "Well, Marcie, are you ready to go for a ride?"

Marcie stood over Jeff, taking my hand for balance. She lowered herself onto him, and I swear her eyes rolled back into her head at the moment of penetration. She made a little "eee" noise as she sunk down lower. After a few pauses he was all the way in and she was smiling.

"Congratulations, babe - you're balls deep!" I said.

"Oh god, I never thought that whole thing would fit inside me!" Marcie replied.

"God that's tight," Jeff groaned as Marcie started moving up and down.

I watched for a while, but then I felt like I should be doing something. I slinked up and started to kiss Jeff on the lips, but then he broke away. "I want to watch her," he said. "Damn, Marcie, you're like a fucking pixie goddess!" Have I mentioned that Marcie's boobs are god damned perfect? As Marcie bounced up and down on him, her boobs were preternaturally perky.

Okay, I was feeling a little left out. It was Marcie's first time, so that was cool I guess - but it's not like Jeff put this much effort into my first time.

I moved to where I was sitting next to Marcie, stroking her thigh with one hand and looking at Jeff's face. He was looking back at both of us, but it was impossible to tell exactly where. With my other hand I reached under Marcie's butt and started fondling Jeff's balls.

Almost immediately, Jeff said with some urgency, "Wait wait wait stop. Off." Marcie climbed off of him, confused. He explained, "If I had gone one more second I would have come. I'm not ready for that yet. Marcie, you're really something - I never come this fast." Hmph.

Jeff had Marcie lay on her back and he crawled between her legs and started licking and fingering her. I sat next to her, holding her hand.

"Having fun?" I asked, hiding my own disappointment.

"Uh huh" she breathed distantly.

"Lexi, why don't you play with her boobs?" Jeff suggested. I'm not into women, but when it's two girls and one guy, you kind of expect some of this. I knew what I had signed up for. I ran my hands over Marcie's boobs, and squeezed them, and fingered her nipples. I felt like everything I was doing was stupid - like I'm missing the chromosome that carries boob-handling instinct. But Marcie was cooing and writhing and I think that my touches were part of that. I tried licking and then sucking one for a while.

"Now kiss her" Jeff said in between slurps. He was working his fingers pretty fast now. I wasn't sure about making out with Marcie, but she nodded at me, so what the hell. I cradled her head and kissed her strongly. Our tongues danced with each other.

Marcie stopped the kiss so that she could breath. She was gasping and moaning - clearly getting ready to come.

"Not quite yet, Marcie!" Jeff said. In a flash he climbed on top of her and thrust his cock into her, and started fucking fast. Marcie starting screaming a high-pitched "eee", punctuated occasionally by "ah ah ah!". If she weren't my best friend I would suspect that she was deliberately trying to top the volume from my first time. She was coming and coming and it wouldn't stop. I just watched.

After - I kid you not - ten minutes of Marcie twisting and screaming and squeezing my hand in an orgasm without end, Jeff got his turn. He had been grunting a lot leaning up to it and finally said, "Catholic ... girls ... are so ... fucking ... HOT!" as his body tensed up. He collapsed on top of her, panting. She looked at me, trapped but happy.

After a number of seconds, Jeff felt around with his hand - still not moving the rest of his body - and patted my knee. "Don't worry, Lexi. We haven't forgotten about you."

True to his word, after catching his breath, Jeff started kissing and touching me, and soon had his fingers up inside my pussy, and his mouth on my clit. It was a relaxing slow ascent of feeling - I really hoped Jeff would take his time. Marcie didn't wait to be told - she jumped right in there and started touching me all over - breasts, belly, neck. When she kissed me it felt like she put more feeling behind it than I had done. And when she sucked my nipples, I can't deny that it added to the experience.

That slow relaxing feeling was transforming into a need. I wasn't ready to come yet, but I definitely wanted to.

Jeff said, "Switch," and then he was beside me, kissing me, and Marcie was going down on me. I was apprehensive - about to tell her to stop - but then Jeff looked in my eyes and said, "Hey," and gave me a look of reassurance that dissolved all of my misgivings. My best friend was sucking my clitoris and probing my vagina, while the gorgeous boy we barely knew was stroking my hair and giving her pointers. My orgasm hit me like a big slow-moving inevitable wave crashing over me. I wasn't loud - I didn't feel the need to be loud - but the others definitely knew that it was happening.

When I was done, Marcie slid up next to, her face an inch from mine, and teased, "I just made you come."

"Yeah," I said, like someone who had just lost a bet.

Jeff proposed dinner. "Do you girls like Cuban food? Let's go to a restaurant and talk loudly about all of the depraved things we're going to do to each other for the rest of the night."

At dinner, Marcie said she wanted to give Jeff a blowjob. Ever since my notorious video clip, she said, she's been dying to see a guy shoot come firsthand. Naturally, Jeff wanted to see the clip, so I told him some search terms to use and he watched it on his phone while we told him a highly edited version of the story.

Jeff whistled. "The guy's a dick for releasing this, but he's a fucking cinematic genius. This is some seriously steamy stuff. Lexi, you've got that naughty librarian thing in spades."

When we got back to Jeff's place we each had a beer while we watched cartoons. Marcie's eagerness got the better of her and she soon had her lips around Jeff's cock while he continued to drink and watch TV on the couch. I took over for Marcie when she got tired, at which time she started reading blowjob tips from fashion magazines aloud. The TV got turned off and Marcie and I alternated a few times. Jeff groaned a lot. He groaned even more when, on the advice of the magazine, Marcie shoved a finger in his butt.

When it was clear that Jeff couldn't last much longer, I started thinking ahead. "Hey Mars? Have you decided where you want him to come? I don't want your top to get ruined."

"Um, tits I guess," Marcie mumbled with Jeff's dick in her mouth. I unbuttoned Marcie's blouse and unhooked her bra while she continued to suck and stroke Jeff's cock. I felt like I was in a race. Actually getting the clothes the rest of the way off off without interrupting her rhythm was a crazy maneuver, but we pulled it off.

Moments later, Jeff said with some urgency, "Okay, now." He quickly pushed Marcie onto her back and knelt over her, where she stroked him for the last couple seconds he needed. Jets of white goo landed on Marcie's chest and neck from three good spurts. She licked his penis clean, and then my fingers as I scooped the come off of her chest and offered it to her mouth.

We went to bed after that. There was some more touching and kissing, but we all fell asleep soon.

I awoke to the sound of a faucet running; Jeff was in the bathroom, washing his hands. I saw that his cock was erect inside his boxers and I realized that I was horny again. I spread my legs invitingly and gave him a do-you-want-to look. He walked over, grabbed my chin, and whispered in my ear, "How do you want it?"

I whispered back, "I want you on top of me, like you were with her." We didn't want to wake Marcie, so we fucked on the floor, missionary-style. I liked looking him in the eye, and I liked his weight on top of me. The feeling of helplessness and trust flooded my brain with all kinds of feel-good hormones. He even pinned my arms some of the time, which I loved. I came twice, as quiet as a ghost. When Jeff came he groaned a little but barely made any sound.

When we finished we discovered Marcie lying on the edge of the bed, propped up on her elbows, watching us and smiling. When we returned to bed, Marcie shifted around so that I was in the middle this time instead of Jeff. I fell asleep in the middle of a spoon stack, with Marcie's hand on my boob.

I was the first to wake up in the morning so I helped myself to an English muffin and jam, and then took a shower. When I exited the bathroom smelling fresh, Marcie was face down bent over the edge of the bed getting fucked in the ass. "Hey Lexi," Jeff said. Marcie waved.

I tried to tease Marcie by asking her about school assignments and the route to drive home, but she didn't have the presence of mind to play along. Clearly the blood flow to her brain was minimal. She came like a banshee again and kept coming until Jeff was done. I noticed when he pulled out that there was no condom this time.

We said our goodbyes and drove home. I think Jeff was right - this will make a better memory for Marcie's first time.

Day 67 - Monday

August and I made plans for Saturday eventing: hiking and stargazing. Would you believe he has a telescope?

Day 69 - Wednesday

August pulled me away from the crowd between classes so we could talk. "I'm not one to listen to rumors, but this one has me rattled. Lexi, did you and Marcie really go to a college orgy last weekend?"

I gulped. "It wasn't an orgy. It was a double date - it was supposed to be, anyway - and Marcie's guy had to back out at the last minute. We sort of improvised."

August looked at me suspiciously. "You improvised what, exactly?"

"The three of us had sex together." I said plainly. "I didn't cheat on you. I had this date with Jeff planned before you ever kissed me. And we've never talked about being exclusive."

August was calm, which surprised me. "Nah, you're right, we didn't. But we were damned well heading that way and you know it. I can't help but feel disappointed."

I didn't know what to say. I frowned.

He went on after some thought. "Look, Lexi - I want you to be my girl, and I want to be your guy - your only guy. That's the only way it can be with me. Are you willing to commit to that?"

"Yes!" I said, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I was relieved that things were still good between us.

Day 71 - Friday

Becca called me out of the blue after school today. She said she had convinced her parents to let us spend time together. We went to the mall and window-shopped and talked. Some of the clothes that she looked at made it clear that she is trying to grow up fast. We talked about boys and relationships. She asked about what had happened between Ethan and me, but I just told her that we had fooled around a little - experimenting.

I parked on the street outside of the Rivers' driveway when I dropped Becca off: I didn't want to provoke anyone by getting too close to the house. I was reading a text from Lynn when, to my surprise, the passenger door opened and Ethan got in.

"I've been doing some soul searching." Ethan said. I waited for him to continue. "You were right - I did like it. You didn't change me - you just revealed some things I didn't want to face."

I put my hand on his shoulder reassuringly. He continued, "I'm not gay. I just like anal stuff. I've been experimenting - you know, on my own - and I can't deny it: it turns me on. Anyway, I just couldn't face up to it, and I treated you badly. I'm sorry."

I hugged him.

After a moment, Ethan said, "I miss you giving me orders."

I don't know what I was thinking - the urge just hit me. "Close your eyes," I said authoritatively. He did. I grabbed a fist full of his hair with one hand, and put the other around his throat. I wasn't hurting him - it was just the illusion of force.

"How does this make you feel?" I asked, still with a stern voice.

"Excited. Scared." He said. He was starting to get an erection.

"This makes you want to fuck me?"


"Do you think that's something I would do? Let you fuck me?"


"Take out your cock," I ordered. He unzipped and pulled the waistband of his underwear below his balls. I was glancing around making sure we weren't observed.

"Stroke it." I told him. He started pumping his dick at a medium-high speed. "Slow down." "Squeeze your balls" He followed my directions. "You can speed up now." I tugged and squeezed on his hair and neck slightly, which excited him.

"Do you want to come?" I asked.


"Do you think you deserve..." Just then I saw Mr. and Mrs. Rivers walking from their house toward the car at a brisk pace. "Oh crap - your parents are coming - put it away!"

Ethan got zipped up and got out of the car as they approached. I don't think they saw anything. "Dad, what's going on?"

Mr. Rivers was angry. "The two of you need to come inside right now."

No sooner were we inside then Becca charged at me, screaming, "What did you do to my brother!?!" She hit me - probably as hard as she could. Mr. Rivers ordered her to her room.

Mr. and Mrs. Rivers lead us to Ethan's computer where our webcam video was playing. "Explain this!" Mr. Rivers said.

I spoke up, "We were just fooling around - experimenting - just that one time. Oh god, did Becca see this?"

I can't begin to recount how things went from there. Ethan's parents yelled a lot. Ethan broke down sobbing. Nothing I said could defuse the situation. They were ashamed of their son for his unnatural acts, and filled with hate toward the temptress who preyed on his weakness. Mr. Rivers threatened to have me arrested under sodomy laws. Just when things finally started to calm down, Ethan spilled his guts about the Photo Club and the shouting and sobbing began anew. They sent me home at that point.

I was mad at Marcie for blabbing to the world about our "orgy", but I needed her after this. We talked on the phone for hours. I snuck enough Gin from the liquor cabinet that I hopefully can get some sleep tonight.

Day 72 - Saturday

I didn't know if I was really up for hiking, but I was looking forward to time with August to take my mind off of the Rivers drama. When I answered the door and saw the look on August's face, I knew that things with him, too, had somehow gone wrong.

"Did you give Ethan Rivers a handjob in your car yesterday?" I had never seen August so upset, and his voice was full of accusation.

"What? How did you know we were even in my car?" I asked.

"Casey Cameron saw you from her house. Did you?" August pressed.

"No! I never touched his dick." I said.

"Was his dick out?" August had his arms folded in front of him.

"Well... yes. But there's more to it than that!" I pleaded.

"God, Lexi. You're really something else," August said. He turned and walked away.

Day 73 - Sunday

The school called. They want to see me and my parents in the principal's office, first thing on Monday. My mom and dad asked what's going on. I told them a highly edited version of the Ethan story. Right now they think it's just a simple misunderstanding.

Day 74 - Monday

There was a police detective in the principal's office. They knew about the Photo Club, and the webcam footage of Ethan and me, and the video clip he had posted. They knew that I had blackmailed Ethan into compromising Owen's computer. They suspected that I knew more about the Photo Club than I was saying. They were going to be interviewing everyone involved. My dad said not to talk to anyone about any of this until we met with a lawyer.

The whole school is upside-down - the rumors are flying all over. Everyone knows about the Photo Club, now. They know that I'm somehow involved in this scandal, and they blame me for it.

Lynn confronted me about it. "You knew about this, and you said nothing? You knew that there was a picture of me peeing, and you didn't try to put a stop to it?"

"I couldn't say anything!" I begged her to understand. "Not until I had a plan. If I had said anything to anyone, word would have gotten out and I would have lost my access. I wouldn't have been able to spy any more."

"Mmm-hmm. You couldn't go to the police, or to the principal? But you could show it to that rug-muncher Marcie?" Lynn was understandably indignant. "How long, Lexi? How long did you sit and do nothing? Just the picture of me - forget all the other victims for right now."

I had to think back. "I guess... three weeks." I had no excuse - she was right.

Day 75 - Tuesday

I've been expelled: "conduct unbecoming a student".

The lawyer says the police are considering charging me with rape and extortion.

Marcie is my only remaining friend, but she's taking a lot of flak herself.

Rumor is, Ethan has been checked in to a psychiatric hospital. I can only imagine what sorts of issues are taking root in Becca's subconscious.

When I'm alone at night, I masturbate to the thought of straddling Ethan, fucking him while I squeeze his neck and his face turns blue.