Chi Omicron Faculty Brunch

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by Maracorby, 2015-10-08

Sunday October 12

This is my revenge journal. Things were finally going well for me again, but that bitch Bevin fucked it up for me. That can't go unanswered.

After being expelled from Saint Francis Prep over the Photo Club scandal, I had to go to a public school for my senior year. Gone were my hopes of racking up a bunch of advanced placement credits to get ahead in college; between incompatible transfer credits and court-ordered community service, I had to scramble just to graduate on time.

I lost all of my friends, too: the name Lexi Green was toxic. Even Marcie and I drifted apart. The only people who wanted to know me at the new school were the ones who knew my reputation and were drawn to me for the wrong reasons.

But then I started college, and things were looking up. I've finally got some coursework that doesn't bore me to tears, for one. I'm double-majoring in Computer Science and Accounting, in the hopes of working for the FBI some day. A lot of the material is remedial so far, but nothing like that crappy high school. And I made friends, too: a couple kids from the dorm and I have been hanging out a lot - watching movies in the rec room, listening to music, and staying up late talking.

Bevin is the peppy alpha type girl. She's a bit short and has a little baby fat, but she's pretty and has an infectious enthusiasm. Cricket is the pseudo-spiritual type. She was an only child and was clearly told how unique and special she was every day of her life. Adam was a swimmer in high school, and it shows when he wears tight T-shirts. His eyes are so blue. James fancies himself a philosopher. Often he comes across as pretentious, but sometimes he manages deep.

Bevin and I have been in an unspoken competition for Adam's affection. Everybody knew it, of course, and it was no big deal - certainly nothing to go nuclear over, or so I thought. Bevin clearly thought differently.

To be clear: I am prettier than Bevin. But I'm pretty in a very average way: average height, average build, average chest, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, glasses. Sure, I have a flat belly and a symmetric face, but there's really no particular quality to single out about my looks. Bevin, on the other hand, has that sort of gymnast-with-boobs look that some guys go for.

Last night we had all been hanging out in James' room, playing "Never have I ever". It's a drinking game where you take turns making statements beginning with "never have I ever", and anyone who has done that thing has to drink. There was maybe a little bit of tension in the room: Adam's roommate was out of town for the weekend, and it seemed likely that some lucky girl would get to spend the night with him. I, for one, could have really used it: I haven't had sex since the time with Marcie and Jeff in my junior year. I haven't even gotten myself off since college started. My roommate is almost never home - she's pledging some sorority - but I'm always afraid that she could come back at any moment.

The game started pretty typically. Adam began: "Never have I ever gone out in public without underwear." Cricket drank, to a chorus of ooh's and ahh's.

Cricket asked the next one. "Never have I ever kissed a member of the same sex." I drank. They wanted details. "It was when my best friend Marcie lost her virginity," I explained. "I was there to help."

"Never have I ever done illegal drugs," James continued. "Alcohol doesn't count." Cricket, Bevin, and Adam drank.

Then Bevin was up. "Never have I ever distributed child pornography," she said. Nobody drank. "Are you sure, Lexi?" Bevin asked. I shrugged it off.

Everyone ignored Bevin's weirdness, and the game continued. But then when Bevin's turn came around again, she became more aggressive. "Never have I ever anally raped a minor." Again, nobody drank, and again Bevin challenged me on it. "Drink up, Lexi!" she said with a bubbly voice.

Clearly, Bevin wouldn't be ignored. "It was consensual, and we were both 17," I explained with a sigh. "Is there something you'd like say, Bevin?"

She replied, still with a bubbly voice, but with steel in her eyes. "It says here that you blackmailed that boy into letting you violate his rectum. That makes it rape, doesn't it?" She made a show of waving her phone's web browser in front of everyone.

I knew exactly which article she had been reading. "Mr. Blume's research was flawed. The Post has issued a retraction and the libel suit is expected to settle this month. What's your fucking problem, Bevin?"

Bevin ignored my question. "No matter - there are plenty of other articles. Here, let me send them to you guys." She tapped on her phone and suddenly everyone else's phone chimed, signaling new email.

Cricket got up. "This is fucked up. I'm going to bed."

"Yeah, we should probably call it a night," Adam agreed. We all went back to our respective rooms.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn't, so I went for a run instead. When I returned, I heard sex noises coming from Adam's room as I passed by. Clearly I've lost Bevin and Adam. I was hoping to at least keep Cricket and James as friends, but they were both cold toward me this morning, despite claiming that nothing was wrong.

I need to punish Bevin for this betrayal. I need to find some dirt on her. Everyone has their secrets - their shames. I just need to find hers.

So here's the plan: I'm building a fake social media web site to trick people into giving me their email passwords. It's just a professional-looking registration page and some "about us" junk, and then a "down for maintenance" page. I'll put up fliers around the dorm to get the word out. I'm pretty sure Bevin will fall for it - she's the type who loves to say she was into something before it was popular. She might give up her email password voluntarily, when asked if she wants to import her contacts; but even if not, there's a good chance she'll use the same password for the site itself. People are really really stupid about passwords.

Monday October 13

Bingo! The treacherous little cunt Bevin fell for my password trap. I must say, she is very organized: she has email folders for credit card statements, medical files, schoolwork, and of course, "private". That's where she keeps all of her many naked photos. Bevin, honey, people with as many skeletons in their closet as you really shouldn't go making trouble for others.

So I'm putting together an infographic - a timeline of the most embarrassing parts of her life that I can find, complete with supporting documents. It includes her four abortions, her DUI, her shoplifting arrest, her alcohol overdose, and her affair with Mark, a co-worker of her father's.

Mark is the one who introduced Bevin to bondage, it seems. There are tons of pictures of her tied up in sexual situations. One is her on her knees, blindfolded and tied, sucking on Mark's dick while he makes party-dude gestures at the camera. In another one she's sucking on two dicks at once. That picture is shot from one of the guy's perspectives, and she's not wearing a blindfold. You can really see the eagerness to please in her eyes. My favorite picture, though, is Bevin tied up and suspended by ropes, being fucked by a dildo on the end of a long pole, held by someone off-camera.

I'm putting those pictures together in a collage, along with her prom photo, yearbook photo, and one from some sort of church function. I'm including her name, high school, email address, and various social media IDs. Once this gets out, she'll probably want to retire those accounts.

Tuesday October 14

Okay, so I was beginning to think that maybe I was overreacting. Did Bevin's betrayal really warrant this hard of a reaction? The guilt was getting to me. But it wasn't too late - I hadn't pulled the trigger yet. Then I ran into James and Adam talking outside the dorm.

"Hey guys!" I said as I walked up, trying to put out a positive vibe. "Look, about the other night..."

Adam interrupted me. "Lexi, you should probably find some different friends." I looked at James to see if he shared Adam's attitude. He kept silent and avoided eye contact. For some reason, James' rejection hurt even worse than Adam's. I walked away, not wanting to risk crying in front of them.

I was at the rec center swimming when the dirt on Bevin hit the Internet. Lots of people, cameras, and ID trackers can confirm that I was in the pool, nowhere near a computer, at the time. A script running on a Russian server posted my pictures to Bevin's Facebook and Twitter, as well as numerous image-sharing sites. It also emailed highlights of Bevin's correspondence with Mark to her father and his company's H. R. department. Finally, it changed all of her passwords. She'll be able to get back into those accounts in a day or two, of course, but by then it will be too late.

When I got back to the dorm, Bevin was crying on a couch in the rec room, and Cricket was comforting her. Cricket rushed to confront me as I passed by. "You shouldn't have done that, Lexi," she chastised.

"Hmm? Did something happen?" I replied. "Did someone dig up Bevin's painful history and put it on display for her own petty reasons? Wow, what a bitch thing to do!" I leveled a menacing gaze at Cricket. "But hey, at least she's got a good friend like you, Cricket - someone who will hear her out before snapping to judgment. Bevin is lucky to have you!" Cricket's look of righteousness gave way to uncertainty. She was broken.

Adam is right - I need to make some new friends.

Wednesday October 15

Everywhere I went on campus today, I heard the name "Bevin" whispered. Twice I caught glimpses of the naked Bevin photos on people's tablets and laptops. I suspect that right now, she's the most famous person on campus.

Thursday October 16

You would think that after it became known that Bevin's accounts were hacked, people would have had enough sense to change their own passwords, but many of them haven't. In fact, new people are still signing up on the social media site. I've been bored - no friends, remember? - so I've poked around a little.

Ron, one of the residence assistants here in the dorm, is also a teaching assistant for my English 101 teacher, Dr. Welsh. Dr. Welsh is going out of town soon, and he wants Ron to respond to questions from students for him, so he sent Ron his own email password. Maybe I'll take a look there some day.

My roommate Hailey signed up, too. She apparently writes emails to herself as a kind of diary. Check out what she wrote a couple weekends ago:

Lexi was asleep when got home last night. Her blanket was only partly covering her: there was an inviting opening between the blanket and her back. Her shirt was bunched up, so I could see the naked small of her back, and her adorable stripped panties. I wanted nothing more than to crawl into her bed with her and press my body up against hers.

Can you imagine? She'd probably cut my throat on the spot. She's usually pretty nice, but she also has this hard edge about her.

So I guess my roommate has the hots for me. I'm straight, but I guess it's nice to be wanted.

Saturday October 18

I went to a frat party last night. Malik is one of the smarter guys in my Computer Science 101 class. I've been sizing up all of my fellow students in case we have to do some kind of group project. I don't know whether to call him black or middle-eastern. He's got cocoa skin and curly black hair - although not quite afro-curly. He probably has the brightest smile of anyone I've ever met, and an air of ease about him. He joked that the brothers in the fraternity he's pledging had threatened to blackball him if he didn't bring a pretty girl to the party. I'm not much for parties, but I do need to rebuild my social life, so what the hell.

I showed up at the frat house wearing blue jeans, a white strapless top, and some casual wedges. Malik introduced me around. "I guess we don't have to blackball you after all," said one of the brothers after overtly checking me out. We drank some beer and talked to people, drifting from one conversation circle to another. It was a pretty good time.

One of the fraternity members wouldn't leave me alone. He kept trying to edge Malik out of the conversation and get me to leave the party with him. I found it tasteless. Eventually I flat-out told him, "Thanks, but tonight is my time to spend with Malik." And then, to Malik, "Is there somewhere a little more private we can go?"

As Malik lead me up the stairs toward the bedrooms, I softly informed him, "We're not going to have sex. I don't want to lead you on; I just had to get away from that guy, and show him that I choose you over him."

"Cool," he said.

We sat on the bed talking - about programming languages, clueless teachers, and the history of beer. I told him about August, a boy from my past. He told me about Wendy, the girl he had dated all through high school. At one point, on a whim I said, "Can I hold your dick?"

"I thought you said we weren't going to have sex," he questioned.

"We're not," I replied. "It's just - sometimes it's nice to just hold a dick." He shrugged, took off his jeans, and threaded his dick out the hole in front of his briefs.

As stupid as it sounds, I didn't actually mean in a sexual way. But as soon as I grabbed his dick, the situation started feeling pretty damned sexual to both of us. His hard-on grew in my hand as I squeezed it and hefted it around. It was nice just to hold it for a while; it had been a long time since I had touched one. It twitched every once in a while, like a dog on a leash, begging to be taken for a walk. Eventually I just found myself stroking it, and Malik lay back and groaned. I thought about putting my mouth to it and turning this into a proper blowjob, but for some reason after making a big deal about not having sex, I felt like I couldn't.

"Tell me about your last sexual fantasy," I said, sliding my hand up and down his shaft with the patience of the ocean.

"Ah, okay. Well... there's this girl in one of my classes - really cute, really smart. Brown hair, glasses, fantastic hips...."

I cut him off. "Not about me."

"Okay," Malik said with a chuckle. "Well there's this blond girl who works at the sandwich shop..." He told me his fantasy about going into the back room with this girl on her break. It was whimsical and sexy. There were flour-dusted boobs, and salami innuendos. I kept pace with the story, stroking him faster and squeezing harder as the heat of the story picked up. Right at the end, I spit in my hand and rubbed it on his cock head, making him come in perfect sync with his story. I caught all of his semen in my hand, and cleaned us up with some tissues.

"Will you let me return the favor?" Malik asked after he caught his breath.

"Not tonight, but thanks. I need to get going. I had a fun night!" I said.

Malik chuckled. "Me too."

I should have fucked him.

Sunday October 19

So I snooped on Dr. Welsh's emails today. They were boring. There were a ton of questions from students, of course, and some business stuff with school administrators and other teachers. There were a few about coordinating his vacation with his wife.

There was, however, a chat log with another teacher that caught my eye:

Dr. Welsh
God, I want to fuck Jenny Hu. That girl has the most spankable ass I've taught in years.
Dr. Pace
She's at the top of my list, too. Nelly Amir comes in a close second, though. I wish she'd stop wearing thongs with low-cut jeans. She makes it really hard to stay professional.
Dr. Welsh
You don't really want her to stop wearing them...
Dr. Pace
No, I don't.

Well, I guess you can't blame a guy for his fantasies.

On a whim, I decided to try to get a little deeper and log on to Dr. Welsh's computer itself. Sure enough, he uses the same password for his computer as for his email. Why are people so dumb? I created a hidden login for myself, for the future, and then peeked at his browser history. There were a lot of visits to something called "". It seems to be a porn site full of videos, cartoons, and stories about domination and/or rape. Maybe you can blame a guy for his fantasies after all.

Wednesday October 22

Malik had asked me out on Monday, but I had school work to do, so I turned him down. Everything was cool between us, though - we kept talking after class and stuff. Tonight I finished my homework early, and around nine o'clock I sent him a booty text.

How are you at giving massages?
My hands are at your service. Want to come over? I'll kick my roommate out.
Love to. Where?
Franklin Hall, 513.

I think I surprised him when I immediately stripped naked and lay on his bed. I figured there was no point in false modesty: it's impossible to give a proper massage when you have to keep working around a bra, and we both knew where things would end up eventually anyway.

Malik was very good. He sought out all of my knotted muscles and knew just how to rub them to dissolve the tension. He wasn't shy about working on my butt, or anything like that, but for the most part he kept it non-sexual. Once or twice his hand brushed past my pussy, but it didn't linger. Maybe he was testing the waters, or maybe he was subtly trying to coax me into the mood. I guess it worked. After a while I was completely relaxed, but turned on.

"Would it be horrible if I asked you to do me just like this?" I asked with a dreamy, far-away voice.

"What, just climb on top and stick it in?" Malik asked.

"Yeah. I'm just so comfortable.... Is that okay?"

"Perfect," he replied. "I like a girl who tells me what she wants."

After stripping down, Malik straddled my legs and rubbed his cock along my slit, covering it with my wetness while it grew. When he pressed his body against my back and slipped his dick inside of me, it was like a warm, welcome extension to the massage: as if, now that he had finished my outsides, he was reaching inside of me and rubbing my tense spots from within. God knows my vagina had been tense lately.

He was breathing on my neck. I could feel his abs tightening across my butt with every thrust. His fingers were gently rubbing my shoulders. "God, Lexi, your skin is so soft," he said. He started to pump faster, a little bit more urgently. And then he slipped out. After repositioning himself, Malik entered me again, once more with slow steady strokes. It was perfect - I wanted him to keep doing it to me, just like that, for hours and hours. But then he picked up speed again, pushing into me a little bit harder, and that was good too. I moaned, and he kissed my neck. And then he slipped out again.

"I'm sorry," I said. "Was this a bad idea? Should we do it some other way?"

"It's good. Let me just try a different position." He sat upright, straddling my legs, and penetrated me once again from behind, immediately thrusting at a medium tempo. He was touching deeper inside of me now, although with less pressure on my G-spot. Still, it was definitely working for me.

"Aw, dude, fuck me deep," I breathed. He gave my ass a light slap, and then started thrusting harder, gripping my hips for purchase. I moaned, a low steady sound as I welcomed the echoes of his thrusting rhythm throughout my whole body.

"I'm about to come," Malik announced.

"Just give me a few more seconds," I said. He grunted with the effort to hold back his climax. I didn't actually need to come - the two of us together like this would have been enough. Still, my pussy squeezed his invading member in wave after wave of orgasm, and the feeling of satisfaction saturated my body. Malik came, too, and I could actually feel the warm jets of liquid he was injecting into me.

We kissed and cuddled, and made stupid lovers' smalltalk to each other. Malik's fingers were touching my breasts in a way that was about to ensure another round when his roommate knocked on the door and whined, "Come on, man, it's been an hour and a half."

"Sorry. Just give us a second to get dressed," Malik answered.

On my way out I touched the roommate's arm flirtatiously, and told him, "Thanks for giving us the room. Your sacrifice was very much appreciated."

Thursday October 23

Bevin has been sulking around, not talking to anybody, every time I've seen her lately. Serves the bitch right. Come to think of it, I haven't seen Cricket, James, or Adam together either.

I spotted another interesting chat between Dr. Welsh and Dr. Pace.

Dr. Pace
Looks like I've got a date with Maddie Duncan. Know anything about her?
Dr. Welsh
Lucky - she's got a tight body. Good writer, too.
Dr. Pace
You did her?
Dr. Welsh
Dr. Pace
Anything I should know?
Dr. Welsh
Take her somewhere with good soundproofing - she's a screamer. She'll try to make you wear a condom, but you can talk her out of it easy.
Oh, and she's cool with anal.
Dr. Pace
She wanted you to wear a condom for anal?
Dr. Welsh
Nah. We were going to do anal, but I couldn't get it in. Some girls have trouble with big dicks.
Dr. Pace
Cry me a river!
Dr. Welsh
Hey, it can be a real problem sometimes.

Hmph. Locker-room talk about wanting to fuck your students is one thing, but actually doing it is ethically dubious. I suppose maybe it's okay if she's not taking any of their classes. Facebook says she's a Communications major. And what's her motivation? I can write off doing one professor as naive love, but two? I'm going to have to keep an eye on this.

Saturday October 25

Malik and I tried a proper "date" last night. I put on a maroon dress with a patent leather belt. He wore a dress shirt, slacks, and a red diamond-pattern tie. He looked good. We went to a nice dinner, and then an improv show. We talked a lot; it was easy and comfortable. But it felt just like friends hanging out - there was no romance. Really, August is the only guy who ever made me feel that way. I plan to keep Malik as a fuck-buddy, if he's cool with it, but I'm pretty sure I'll never want him as a boyfriend.

We went back to my dorm room after the show, hoping that Hailey wouldn't be there. She wasn't. I texted her, saying I had a boy in the room, and to please give me 10 minutes warning before she came home.

I asked Malik if there was any particular way he wanted to do it, since I got to pick last time. He was shy about asking for it, but I eventually drew out that he had never had a blowjob, and really wanted one.

"I'll tell you what," I said, licking my lips for effect. "I'm going to take it really slow, and see how long I can make it last. But if you start to get bored, or just can't stand waiting any more, let me know and I'll take you the rest of the way. Sound good?"

"Sounds wonderful," he responded.

The first thing I did after putting on some music was lean over the dresser into the mirror and apply some lip gloss. I figured it might get messy, but if so, it would be messy in a sexy way. I kissed him deeply, and then dropped down to my knees, still wearing my glasses, dress and heels. His cock sprung from his pants, fully hard, when I unzipped him. I put my lips around the crown of his cock-head and puckered, leaving a faint red ring when I pulled away.

I got more serious after that, taking it deeper into my mouth and rubbing the head against my tongue and cheek, sucking and slurping. I grabbed his hands and put them on the sides of my head, to let him know it was okay to handle me like that. The first time he almost came was after I pushed him into the desk chair and bobbed up and down on him while fondling his balls. I stopped to give him time to cool off: I stood up and took off my panties from under my dress, stuffing them in his shirt pocket. Then I straddled him and kissed him fiercely while his eager cock strained helplessly against my bare butt cheek.

When Malik was ready again, I moved him to the edge of the bed and stripped him of everything but his shirt and tie. I unzipped myself enough to move the straps of my dress off my shoulders, and remove my bra. My dress was left dangling, partly open, exposing a limited view of my breasts.

"Shit, Lexi, this is...." he began to say as I licked and sucked his mushroom tip while stroking his shaft. He groaned. I moaned, too, for his benefit. I've heard that guys get really turned on by that, even though it makes no sense during a blowjob. His balls tightened, so I left his cock alone and just sucked his nuts for a while, while running my hands up under his shirt across his chest. I didn't really like the pubic hair in my mouth, but he liked it, so it was worthwhile.

I got ready to go down again. "Don't freak out if I start gagging, but let me know if it's no fun for you, okay? I'm not very good at this part," I said. My mouth moved down on his rod, pushing it into my throat. On my first dive I had to pull back almost immediately, but the gagging wasn't bad. After a few more tries I was managing to keep him deep in my throat for a second or two at a time. Once I got the gag reflex under control, I was basically swallowing his cock - I could feel my throat surrounding it, trying to pull it deeper. Malik kept muttering, "Oh god, oh god," and at one point he put a pillow over his face to muffle a scream.

"I think I'm going to lose it!" Malik said with some urgency, so I backed off. This time I took off the rest of my clothes, climbed up next to him, and just sort of thrust my breasts in his face. He was all tongue and hands, eager to taste me everywhere. I unbuttoned his shirt and played with his nipples as he played with mine. I gathered some of my cunt juice on my fingers and rubbed it on his face, just below his nose.

I climbed on top of him and started sucking his dick again, with my pussy near his face. I could feel him straining to reach me with his mouth, but I wasn't really positioned right for that. I didn't want to give up my angle, and I didn't really want the distraction, so I told him, "Don't worry about me - just sit back and enjoy it."

Twice more I brought him to the edge and then backed off. "God, I can't take it any more," he said with desperation. "I need to come." I tried deep-throating again, proud of my newfound competence, but it was tougher from this angle. In the end, it was plain old licking and stroking that finally drew out his come and made his body shake. Pulse after pulse, I sucked up the sticky white stuff coming out of his dick.

"I've never come like that in my life," he said, breathless. I smiled and kissed him.

Malik had to pee, so he dressed and I threw on a robe, and then he hurried down the hallway. It turned out that Hailey was sitting there on the hall floor, headphones on and browsing the web on her phone.

"Hailey! Why didn't you knock? If I had known you were waiting to get in, we wouldn't have taken so long!"

"No, it's cool. I didn't want to rush you," Hailey said sincerely. She added with a little bit of awkwardness, "If I ever get a boyfriend, I'll be kicking you out all the time."

I helped her to her feet. "If you ever get a boyfriend, I will gladly give you as much time as you want, as long as we schedule it ahead," I said. "But if I come home to find the room unexpectedly occupied, I'm going to knock or text way before..." I stopped to look at the time on my phone. "God, an hour and ten minutes? Thanks, though," I said, and gave her a side-hug.

Malik looked a little relieved to be sent home when he returned to my room. He was tired and in a bit of a daze.

Sunday October 26

Hailey stayed at the dorm today, which is totally unusual for her. When I asked her what was different, she said there was an event at the sorority to which pledges weren't invited.

"What sort of event?" I asked.

"Faculty brunch!" she said with her usual bubbly glee. "The sisters get paired up with teachers and talk over waffles and eggs and stuff. They do it twice a semester."

I frowned. "Is that... fair?"

"Oh, yeah, it's all on the up-and-up. It's been going on for years - it was cleared by the university ethics committee a long time ago," she explained. "Some of the other houses call us suck-ups for it, but nobody considers it a big deal."

It was actually kind of cool having Hailey around, for once; I felt like this was the first time I actually had a chance to talk to her. She's really friendly and fun. Pretty, too: she's skinny, but sort of wiry. She seems like the sort of girl who would be into rock climbing. Her chest is a full-ish A-cup, and her butt is pretty cute. She doesn't have a model's figure, but if you put her in a sports bra and running shorts she would turn plenty of heads.

I shouldn't have, but I did spy on her a bit. I logged in to her email account and read more of the diary emails she sends to herself. Her talk about boyfriends had left me confused and intrigued about her sexual orientation. Her diary answered my questions clearly.

My hopes were dashed last night. I knew that my roommate Lexi was probably straight, but last night I got confirmation as I sat outside our dorm room listening to her do god-knows-what to some boy inside. She must be a hell of a lay, because when the boy came out, an hour after I got there, he looked like he had been trapped on a roller coaster for days.

It's just a stupid crush - it's not like I'm in love with her. I barely know her. But it was a fun fantasy while it lasted. Of course, seeing her naked as she got ready for bed, knowing that just minutes before her pussy had been swollen and dripping, turned me on brighter than the sun. After Lexi fell asleep, I couldn't help but masturbate. I was afraid to make a sound - afraid to even move my arm - so I just kept tugging on my clit with my fingers. It was enough, though. I'm sure Lexi would be horrified at the thought, but she gave me the best orgasm of my life.

Jackie and some of the sisters have been putting pressure on me to go out and meet some boys. They mean well. I should probably just come out and tell them I'm not into boys. Maybe they'd still accept me. But after letting them believe that I'm straight all this time, it feels like I can't tell them now.

Monday October 27

More chatter from Dr. Welsh and Dr. Pace:

Dr. Pace
Damn, you were right about Maddie. What a fuck!
Dr. Welsh
Glad someone had fun. Mine was a cold fish.
Dr. Pace
That sucks - better luck next time. And you were right about the screaming. She kept shouting, "Fuck me, Daddy!" Do you suppose that's what really gets her hot, or is that an affectation for our benefit?
Dr. Welsh
Fuck if I know. College girls are nuts. Did the screaming cause any problems with the neighbors?
Dr. Pace
Non-issue - we did it at XO.
Dr. Welsh
Not sure I'd be comfortable with that...
Dr. Pace
Nate, after a world-class BJ and then being ridden like a teeter-totter, the one thing I am right now is comfortable.
Dr. Welsh
She got you off twice? How long were you there?
Dr. Pace
Just an hour or so. Coeds and Viagra are a magical combination!

So they both had "dates" this weekend. I was just trying to figure out what "we did it at XO" meant, when Dr. Welsh sent out this email, to a girl named Piper:

Dr. Welsh
Piper - I feel the need to convey dissatisfaction in my breakout session after the faculty brunch. The young lady who was assigned to me was moody and argumentative, and participated only in the most passive sense. I will of course fulfill my part of the arrangement; however, next time I will be expecting a more pleasant experience with a different "buddy".

Was this about the "cold fish" with whom Dr. Welsh had had sex this weekend? Hailey had said there was a "faculty brunch" at her sorority, Chi Omicron, on Sunday. The Greek letters Chi and Omicron look just like the Latin letters X and O, so maybe that's what Dr. Pace meant. What did Dr. Welsh mean by, "the young lady who was assigned to me"? And what is the arrangement he's going to fulfill? This is looking scandalous.

Tuesday October 28

Dr. Welsh and Piper exchanged a few more emails:

Dr. Welsh - I'm dreadfully sorry that our sister failed to entertain you. I spoke with Lily about the matter, and it sounds like you two were a bad fit - both figuratively and literally. (Forgive me for saying so, but based on what she told me about you, wow!) Rest assured that for the next faculty brunch, you will be assigned a Chi Omicron sister who is able and eager to take in all you have to offer. Hugs and kisses!
Dr. Welsh
Thank you for taking care of the matter personally, Piper. One more thing - please make sure it's a girl who takes direction well.
I'll make a note of it. Hugs and kisses!

That pretty well confirms that Chi Omicron is pimping out its girls to the university faculty. I wonder what the payment is? Grades, probably. If it were about money, it would be pointless to target teachers. I double-checked, and all of the girls that Dr. Welsh and Dr. Pace talked about are current students and members of Chi Omicron.

Does Hailey know this sort of thing is going on? She's still just a pledge - she hasn't fully drunk the kool-aid yet. She did say that only full members were allowed at the sorority house on Sunday. Still, how do you keep a secret like this? If Dr. Pace is to be believed, there was at least one girl orgasmically shrieking somewhere in the sorority house that day. That would be hard to miss. Is it possible that all of the full members are actually on board with this?

I know this journal was supposed to be about my revenge on Bevin, but I think it has drifted into something bigger.

Wednesday October 29

Malik wanted to go on another "date" tonight. I told him I needed to study, but really I just wanted to cool things down a little. He's developing feelings for me that might complicate things. He wanted to know if I'd come to his fraternity's party on Friday. That will be the end of midterms week, as well as Halloween. I told him I had another party to check out that night - a lie - but that I'd swing by if I could.

Honestly I don't really need to study much. My computer science and calculus classes are remedial for me; chemistry is just about following the recipe in the lab book; and my physics teacher's expectations are so low that I could take the test drunk and bleeding and still ace it. English is the only class I need to put any effort into.

Friday October 31

When I got back to the dorm after midterms, a middle-aged man and woman were carrying boxes out of Bevin's room. Bevin was nowhere to be seen.

Adam got in my face: "It's your fault she dropped out," he scolded me. "You know they've got her on suicide watch?"

"Ha!" I chortled. I stepped into Adam's personal space as a sort of confrontation. "Tell me, did you at least get a piece of that before she went batshit? Or did you not know the requisite knot-work?" Bevin's father was close, so I made sure to say the last part loud enough for him to hear.

Adam was furious. His body was wound tight like a spring; I thought he might hit me. A small hidden part of me wished he would. I taunted him: "Oh, are you going to hit me now?" He nearly exploded with rage, but then he stomped off, punching the cinder block wall on his way.

I tried to read for a while, but I was too wound-up. I tried TV, too, and then a shower; but my body was too agitated to let my mind work. I hadn't planned on going to any parties - at least not yet - but I couldn't think of anything else to do. So I put on some makeup, a miniskirt, a dressy halter, and headed over to Malik's fraternity house.

Socializing didn't fit my mood, so I danced. Malik found me and danced with me, and I couldn't keep my hands off of his chest. Ten minutes later I was whispering in his ear, "Let's go find a place to fuck."

"What is with you tonight?" Malik asked as we were taking off our clothes in a borrowed bedroom. I just smiled and dropped to my knees to warm him up with my mouth. Pretty soon he was sitting on the edge of the bed, and I was sitting in his lap facing him, kissing him, and bouncing up and down on his cock.

"Slap me," I whispered. "Slap my face." He gave my cheek a token tap.

"No, do it for real. Slap me hard. I just want to know what it feels like." I switched to grinding my hips in circles so that I could keep my eyes level with his while he considered my request.

"Lexi, I'm not going to hit you," Malik said plainly.

"Come on! I'm not trying to have you arrested or anything."


I climbed off of Malik and put on my skirt and top, and headed for the door. I left my underwear and shoes behind. Malik scrambled to pull on his boxers and followed. There were three guys playing cards in a common area just outside of the bedroom. I recognized two of them as members of the fraternity.

"You guys are my witnesses," I told them. "Malik and I are going to go have sex, and I want it rough. For today only, if I come out of that room with scratches, bruises, or red marks, it's because I literally asked him to do it. Got it?"

They answered with, "Yeah, okay," and "If you say so." As I pulled Malik back into the bedroom, I heard one of the guys ask, "Who is that girl, again?"

I stripped and spread my legs for Malik on the bed . He didn't say a word. He just stripped off his shorts, pumped his cock in his fist a couple times, and then climbed on top of me and went at it. Soon I was awash with the excitement of sex, again. Getting fucked was exactly what I had needed all evening. I told him, devilishly, "Okay, now do it. Slap me."

He just kept on fucking me, like I wasn't even there, if that makes any sense. He didn't say anything, or touch me or even moan; he just pumped his dick in and out of my hole. I gave up trying to make the slap happen and tried to just enjoy the sex for what it was, but far too quickly he shot his wad and stopped. He still didn't say a word, but just got dressed and left the room.

I took a minute to try to collect my thoughts, but strangely, I didn't seem to have any. I decided that I didn't want to be at the party, though, so I got dressed and just started driving around.

I ended up at a 24 hour shooting range. I hadn't even known there was such a thing. I rented a Glock 19 and a lane, and just sort of got into the zone. A retired cop named Bill struck up a conversation with me, and gave me some helpful coaching. Neither he nor the attendant said anything about my clothes, but I bet they were whispering about me to each other. By the time I drove back to the dorm, my head was clear and calm.

Hailey was getting ready for bed when I came in, brushing her long yellow hair. "You look nice - I bet you were turning some heads tonight," she said. "What's that smell."

"Gunpowder," I said. "I was turning heads at the shooting range." She gave me a puzzled look, so I explained. "I started off at a party. After hooking up with Malik - for the last time ever - I wanted to be alone. So I went shooting."

She was rapt, sitting on the edge of her bed. "Oh my god! Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah, nothing like that," I said. "I just wanted to try some stuff that he wasn't into, and he handled it very badly." I could see her trying to work out the details in her head, but I left it at that.

"This smell reminds me of the Fourth of July," Hailey mused while I changed into a robe.

"It reminds me of August, the boy who taught me to shoot," I reminisced. "The only boy I've ever been in love with. The boy who got away. Ever have one of those?"

"Nope!" She said sweetly. "With me, they're all the one who got away."

"Aww!" I reacted. "You fall really hard, then?"

"Maybe," Hailey told me. "But mostly I just fall for the wrong people."

"Hang in there," I told her. "You're gorgeous and outgoing and fun. He's out there." With some well-calculated afterthought, I added, "Or she."

"He," she clarified.

Saturday November 1

I'm not really sure what to do about this Chi Omicron thing. I tried poking around Dr. Welsh's computer some more, but didn't find anything useful. I think I need to meet these sorority girls, and maybe spend some time on their network.

Since I was already in a peeping-Tom mood, I snooped around in some other people's accounts, too. Remember James, one of the friends I lost to Bevin's attack? He received this email last week from some trollop that he seems to think is his friend.

God, James, I wish you were here - I have so much to tell you! I already told you that I planned to suck off Marcus at Ashley's party, right? Well I did, but it didn't work out like I wanted. He didn't stay to make out, or go down on me. Literally right after he came, he wiped his dick off on my cheek, zipped up, and went back out to the party. Can you believe it?

So anyway, I was pissed and started drinking too much, and hanging all over Will. LOL, I am such a slut without you here to keep me chaste! Maybe Will told you this already, 'cause I know you two are like best friends and shit, but yeah, I decided I needed a do-over on the night's sexual activities, so I was rubbing up against him like a cat in heat and rubbing his junk through his pants. He was like, "Wait, what about James?" but I was like, "No, James will be cool with it. He got over his crush on me a long time ago."

So long story short, we snuck down into the "man cave" where we weren't supposed to be, because all of the bedrooms were already full of other couples fucking, and he laid me out on top of Ashley's dad's pool table. At first he made like he was going to shove a pool cue into my cooch, which I was not cool with, but then instead he started licking me, and it was GOD DAMN FANTASTIC! He made me come, and then he stripped. Fucking hell, James, why did you never tell me about Will's dick? So then he fucked me, and I came again, and he came, and we left a big wet stain on the pool table.

So then Molly and I left the party, and I told her to drop me off at your house because I wanted to tell you all about what a slut I was. I forgot you were away at college. But your brother was there, and he convinced me to tell him all about it. So then he was like, "You know what I think? I think you still want more. I can smell your cunt, and it's dripping." I was sitting there thinking, "Dude, I'm not going to fuck a tenth grader," but then he said, "Take off your shirt." And then he said it again, "Take off your shirt, slut." Something about his confidence made him irresistible. You should get some pointers from Todd - I bet that would solve your virginity problem right away.

So there he was, pinching my nipples and rubbing my pussy through my come-crusted thong - and he was right, it was like a water park down there. And then he led me into your room and bent me over that bean bag chair, and stuck his dick into me, not even removing my thong but just moving it out of his way. He fucked me good - so good - and I was just about ready to come when he pulled something off of your shelf - I don't even know what - and spit on it and shoved it up my ass. My climax was UN-FUCKING-BELIEVEABLE, and I clenched so hard that I probably broke whatever it was he stuck up into me. LOL. After he finished he just left me there, but that's cool because I was all fucked out.

I called Molly to pick me up, and we went to IHOP for pancakes, and then I fell asleep on her couch. And now I'm sipping coffee and writing this all to you, because I just couldn't wait to tell you. And even though my ass is totally wrecked and my panties are crusty and disgusting, I'm getting excited again writing this.

I wish you were here! Have fun at college, and write to me, 'k?

- Mel

Maybe their relationship isn't what I imagine, but I can't help feeling sorry for James and hating this bitch.

Sunday November 2

Last night was Hailey's turn to come home late, all dressed up. I had been home all night in sweats, reading about database normalization.

"Great top," I said when she came in. "What have you been up to tonight?"

"I was out clubbing with some of the girls from the sorority," Hailey told me. Then, with a little hesitation and a little pride, she added, "I got laid."

"Awesome!" I said reflexively. "How was it?"

"It was great!" Hailey said. "I mean, I'll probably never see the guy again, but that's cool. It was just what I needed. Sometimes you've got to scratch that itch, you know?"

I laughed. "Cool. Feel like filling me in on deets?" I asked.

"Not right now, thanks. I'm in the mood to write a letter to an old friend," she said. "I mean, if that won't keep you up."

"Go for it," I said. "I'm just doing some reading."

So naturally, because I'm a horrible person and have no respect for my friends' privacy, I logged into Hailey's email today and read what she had written.

I let a guy screw me tonight. God I hate my life! And I hate myself for making horrible choices like this all the time.

Jackie and Tomiko insisted that I go out clubbing with them tonight, and I figured what the hell. We started dancing with these two guys, and drinking and talking with them, and it was fun - they were nice guys. Jackie was practically drooling over Ryan, and he seemed pretty interested, and I was enjoying talking to Curt, So when Tomiko had to leave and the guys invited us to go to their apartment, we said yes.

As expected, Jackie and Ryan went straight to his bedroom. Curt and I talked more on the couch, and I could tell that he wanted to get physical: he was touching my arm and looking into my eyes and talking smoothly. I tried not to give him any encouragement, but at the same time I didn't want to be rude. Then things got awkward when we started hearing Jackie and Ryan doing it from the other room, and our conversation just stopped.

So I was thinking this was a good time to leave, but Jackie had driven, so I didn't know how I would get home. And just when I was trying to figure all this out, Curt leaned over and kissed me - a long kiss - and then he asked me if I wanted to go to his room. I honestly didn't know how he could think that I wanted that. Had I accidentally been leading him on? The girls are always pushing me to go out with guys, and I started worrying about what Jackie would say when she learned that I had been jerking this guy around. And he was a nice guy, and I knew as I was thinking all of these thoughts that I had to give an answer soon, and so I just found myself saying, "Sure." And then I told myself maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

So then we were kissing and lying on his bed while he took my shirt off, and then my bra, and he was handling my boobs. It wasn't horrible - I just didn't want to be there. I started thinking, the sooner I can get him off, the sooner I can go home - or at least watch TV or something. So I took off his pants and started sucking his penis. That's the most efficient way to get guys off, right? Blowjobs? I didn't know what I was doing, but he got hard and made a bunch of happy noises.

I guess he didn't want to come that way, because he pulled back and said, "Now let's get you warmed up." Then he took off my jeans and panties and started licking my vulva. That felt kinda nice, but I still wasn't really into it.

In a little while he rubbed his fingers up and down my pussy and I realized he was testing it. I bet I was still totally dry, because he said, "Is this working for you? You don't seem ready yet." I was mortified! What kind of freak would he think I was for not getting wet when my pussy we being licked?

"Just give me a little longer," I said, trying to stay cool. "It just takes me a while. It's not you." So then I closed my eyes really tight and thought as hard as I could about Mila Kunis in Black Swan. I hoped that it would get me wet enough to avoid humiliation. And you know what? For a little while there, it actually was a pleasant sexual experience! I just kept imagining it was Mila going down on me, and it did turn me on, and it did feel good. I actually thought that, given a little more time, Curt would make me come.

But as soon as he realized I was wet enough, Curt stopped and climbed on top of me. The intrusion of his penis didn't feel sexy; it felt more like a doctor's test or something. It's funny - if it had been a girl's fingers, or a dildo, or a girl on top of me with a strap-on, I'm sure I would have loved it. I tried to imagine that it was Mila on top of me - or Lexi or Sabrina - but I just couldn't. His body just wasn't the right shape, and I couldn't ignore his whiskers.

Curt kept pushing his thing into me, and his face was tense. And then he asked me, "How close to coming are you?" And that's when I realized that I needed to put on a show. Curt was a nice guy; it's not his fault that I'm not into him. There's no reason he shouldn't have a good time. Anyway, I figured, if he thinks he's doing a good job, he'll come faster, right?

"Mmm. I'm getting there..." I said. And then I wrapped my arms around him and nuzzled his neck. Then I started moaning, a little at first, but more and more.

And then I said, "Come on, Curt, fuck me hard!" I felt like such a fucking idiot! Do people actually talk like that? Would he like it, or would he think I was a horrible cliche? I don't know what people really do - only what I see in movies! But it worked, because then he started pushing into me harder and faster, and he was grunting. My head actually did bump into the headboard a little! Another cliche!

By now Curt's face was really screwed up tight, and he said, "Oh crap, I forgot to ask. Are you on the pill?"

I had totally forgotten about that. I'm not supposed to have to worry about pregnancy! But it was too late to turn back now, so I told him, "Yeah. Come inside me. Give me all your come!" Again, a really stupid thing that probably nobody says. So I figured that he was obviously right about to come, so I kicked my moaning into high gear and did my best to act like I had hit a climax as well.

"Ah!" he belted out over and over while his thing twitched inside me and emptied its payload. I toned down my moans as he did his last few thrusts, and then made "mmm" noises at him.

Jackie and Ryan were still in Ryan's room when we were done, so Curt offered to drive me home. When I got back to my room, Lexi asked how my evening had gone, so I told her that I had had sex and that it was great. The first of many lies about this night, probably. Maybe I should have confided in her. But no, she'd think I was a freak - or at least a liar. What would a girl like that know about bad sex? She's a goddess.

I hope Student Health Services is open tomorrow - I need to get a morning-after pill. I've heard those things make you sick. :(

I feel bad for Hailey. She seems so lonely. I want to help her, but I have no idea how. What am I supposed to say, "I've been reading your diary, so I already know your most private thoughts. Let me know if you want to talk about them!" I don't think that would go over well.

Monday November 3

I got up early this morning to have breakfast with Hailey at the cafeteria. She welcomed the company. Partly, I did it because Hailey's cool and I like her, but partly I wanted to pump her for info about Chi Omicron.

"So what's it like being in a sorority?" I asked between slurps of corn flakes.

"It's good - I'm really liking it so far," she answered. I gave her a look asking her to say more. "For one thing, it's kinda nice to have this sort of pre-built friends network. College is hard - you're in a new city where you don't know anybody, on your own for the first time. I mean, you probably don't have trouble making friends - everybody loves you. But for some of us?"

I laughed. "Really? Everybody loves me? Honestly, tell me what they say about me at the dorm behind my back."

Hailey bit her lip shyly. "They say you're a genius mean girl who gets off on ruining people's lives," she blurted. "But you know what I mean! Some of us need friends more than others."

She looked at me, nervous that she had offended me. "That's cool," I said, and smiled.

"Anyway, there's more to it than that. We've got a great mentor system for helping each other study." With a certain pride, Hailey added, "You know, Chi Omicron has the highest average GPA of any fraternity or sorority on campus." I wondered to myself just how much of that GPA came from studying.

"We also do some charity drives and stuff," she went on. "We've got one coming up to help build wells in third-world countries. And of course there are parties with other Greek houses. Oh, and networking, once you graduate!"

"So are they like, 'friend' friends, or just like people-you're-in-a-club-with-friends?" I asked.

Hailey exaggerated rolling her eyes at me, smiling as she explained. "It's more than just a 'club'! It's all about sisterhood!" I half-expected her to get up from the table and do a cheer.

"That... sounds pretty cool," I said. "Do you think you could introduce me to some of the girls? Like, if there's a party or something? If it's not an imposition?"

"You've got it!" she replied.

All through English today, I couldn't stop staring at Dr. Welsh's groin. Is his dick really as big as the emails suggest? I certainly couldn't tell where I was sitting.

Tuesday November 4

Back when I first started snooping on Dr. Welsh's computer, I had found that he frequently visits a porn site about domination and rape fantasies. As it turns out, Dr. Welsh isn't just reader - he writes the stuff! The story he just posted was about two Victorian era doctors who have a contest over who can "break" their targeted women more completely. It was really well-written, and seriously steamy. It was also kinda rapey.

I guess I need to do some soul-searching on this stuff. I mean, I know I don't want to be raped or hurt for real. But as a fantasy? I have contempt for the women in stories like this, who let these men push them around. But I did make a big deal about wanting Malik to slap me. I can't deny the effect that reading the story had on me. I was diving into my pussy with both hands, not wanting to pause long enough to scroll the text. I got pussy juice all over my keyboard, for fuck's sake. If Hailey had come into the room just now, I don't think I would have stopped - I would have kept finger-fucking myself and told her, "You have to read this!" Just imagine her reaction to that.

I guess I know from my high school experiences with Ethan that I like bossing guys around in the bedroom. So maybe I'm identifying with the men in the story, instead of the women? Or maybe I want to be both - dominant sometimes, submissive others. Is that how it works? Do some people do both roles, or are you just naturally either one or the other? I'm sure I could find discussions about it online, but really it only matters what's right for me. And I just don't know the answer.

I've only read half of the story so far. I need to give my body a break before I finish it.

Maybe I should pledge Chi Omicron and get matched up with Dr. Welsh. Maybe I would let him whip me, and find out just how big his dick is? Heh, not!

Wednesday November 5

Another breakfast with Hailey.

"You're really good with computers, right? Like, programming?" Hailey asked me.

"Pretty good, yeah. Why?" I responded.

"I told you that we have these studying workshops at sorority, right? And that we tutor each other and everything?" I nodded, and Hailey continued, "Well, one of the girls is struggling with one of her classes. She's not a computer major, but they're making her take a programming class, and there's nobody in the sorority who knows that stuff well enough to help her. You had asked to meet some of the girls, and Simone could really use your help..."

"I'd love to help. When and where?" I asked.

"Tomorrow at 7:30 at the Chi Omicron house. We'll go together," Hailey told me. "One thing, though," she added with a touch of seriousness. "She's a senior, and a little embarrassed about being tutored by a freshman, so be tactful."

"Don't worry, I won't make you look bad," I said. "Everybody loves me, remember?"

Thursday November 6

Simone was a tall black girl with a model's body, whose confidence lit up the whole room. She seemed pretty smart - just not about programming. I think I got through to her: toward the end of the evening she was excited about understanding her assignment.

It's unusual for a non-Chi Omicron person to attend these study sessions, I learned: they take pride in supporting their own. But they all welcomed me and thanked Hailey for inviting me. I will be going back to help more next Thursday. Also, several of the girls invited me to a party they're co-hosting with some fraternity tomorrow night.

Obviously, just plain talking to the girls won't reveal the secrets of their prostitution ring. What I need is access to their computers. I bet I can slip some spyware onto Simone's computer next Thursday.

Friday November 7

Hailey and I both had a good time at the party. I went casual - just a ribbed sweater and some denim shorts - no makeup or earrings. Hailey went in a leotard and some baggy shorts.

I was hoping to get Hailey to open up a little more about her sexuality, and I saw my chance when I saw two girls dancing scandalously closely with a guy. I pointed to them and remarked, "It looks like they're in for quite a night. I hope they share as well in bed as they do on the dance floor." Hailey giggled.

"Have you ever done a three-way?" I asked casually.

Hailey blushed. "No! I'm still having trouble with two-ways. You?"

"Once," I answered. "It was a memorable experience."

"How did that happen?" she asked.

"My best friend Marcie kinda went nuts about wanting to lose her virginity, so I helped hook her up with the guy who had been my first, and well, they convinced me to join them." Hailey's jaw dropped. "The guy was all, 'it'll make her first time more special if she gets to share it with you', and Marcie liked the idea. It seemed convincing at the time."

Hailey asked tentatively, "So did you and the other girl do ... stuff?"

I grinned secretively. "Oh, we did lots of stuff."

"And you don't regret it? You're not ashamed?" she asked.

"Not one bit!"

I also flirted a bit more than I should have with a guy - Tommy. We had been dancing and stuff, and he fed me a line about why is a girl as fine as me here without a guy on my arm. I joked, "Well, the guy I was seeing wouldn't handle me as roughly as I wanted, so I had to dump him."

I had meant it as a throw-away tease, but he wouldn't let it go. He started asking what kinds of things I was into and what are my favorite games and stuff like that. I had to backpedal and explain that I'm not really into that stuff, but that I had asked him to slap me once, on a whim, out of curiosity. So then Tommy leaned in really close and pinched my nipple through my shirt, while whispering in my ear, "Come home with me tonight and I'll give you more new sensations than you can handle."

I was shocked by his audacity - and amused. But I did actually think about it. "Not tonight," I told him while removing his hand from my breast. "But I'll think about it."

When Hailey and I were walking back to the dorm, she asked me, "So what ever happened with you and the girl from the three-way?"

"Oh, um, we drifted apart," I said.

"Oh," Hailey said, clearly disappointed.

I explained further. "She started to reexamine her sexuality, and came to understand that she was gay. I was totally supportive - this was a big important change in her life and I wanted to hear all about it. But every time I expressed interest in her sexuality, she used it as an excuse to hit on me. She just wouldn't accept that I didn't want to date her. It felt like every time I talked to her I was walking into a trap. Eventually we just stopped talking."

"So you lost your friend by sleeping with her?" Hailey asked solemnly.

"Maybe," I said. "Or maybe it would have happened anyway."

"Sucks," Hailey said. "I can kinda see where she was coming from, though."

Monday November 10

I think I have to own up to being a total voyeur perv. No, I didn't read Hailey's diary after our party talk - I'm a little afraid of what lesson she might have taken from it. But I did look through some more strangers' emails again.

I caught a girl named MacKenzie in my fake social media trap. She doesn't live in the dorm - I'm not even sure if she's a student - so who knows how she heard about it. She sends all sorts of sexual videos to some guy with a Yahoo email address.

The latest video starts with MacKenzie talking to Davy through the camera. MacKenzie is a tan twenty-something woman with long curly auburn hair, angular facial features, and an hourglass figure. She started off wearing cutoff shorts and a knotted flannel shirt over a tiny black tube-top.

"Davy," she said to the camera, "I wish you could be here. But for right now, let's just pretend that this is you." She held up a really large dildo to show the camera. She licked the suction cup on the bottom of the dildo, and stuck it to the seat of a sturdy wooden chair, and then she started dancing. There was clearly someone operating the camera, because it followed her as she twirled and twerked, giving a lapdance to a man who wasn't there.

MacKenzie tickled the dildo with her shirt, once she removed it, before throwing it aside. After a few more twirls and high-kicks, she pulled her tube-top off, allowing her sizable boobs to bounce free. Those four seconds - MacKenzie's smile, and her boobs revealed - could paralyze half the world if put on a repeating loop. She knelt down and squeezed her boobs around the dildo, rubbing them up and down its shaft and licking its tip. Any normal cock would have been quite well contained in her cleavage, but this toy was giant. "Mmm," she moaned seductively.

She took off her shorts and then threw one leg over the edge of the back of the chair, grinding her crotch against it. Then, standing in front of the camera, she look off her panties and rubbed her clit while muttering seductively, "God, Davy, I'm so fucking hot for you." Her pussy was bare except for a slightly ginger landing strip. She had no tan lines anywhere, except for a pale biohazard symbol on her hip that had been blocked from the sun.

MacKenzie stood over the chair, holding on to the back, rubbing her body against the dildo. At first she rubbed her belly against it, her butt tensing as she crouched and stood over and over; but then she let it slip between her legs and poke out below her butt cheeks.

"God, Davy, I can't take it anymore. I need you to fuck me!" She pleaded. I don't know if her voice is always that sexy, but it really struck me. So seductive. She leaned in and let loose a big wad of spit on the tip of the dildo, and then worked it around with her tongue.

Then she was standing again, facing the chair and steadying herself against its back while she lowered herself down onto the gigantic cock. I would have bet good money that she couldn't fit that thing inside her. At first I thought it was a trick of the camera angle. But she did it - inch by inch I watched the dildo disappear into her vagina, and then reappear as she raised herself up again. The thing was glistening with her fluids as she fucked it, deep strokes up and down for minutes.

Sometimes one hand would move from the chair's back to her clit and she would rub herself hard. "Oh god, Davy, I love your cock. Does it feel as good for you as it does for me?" Her moans sounded completely convincing to me. MacKenzie must be a dancer or some sort of athlete, because she kept raising and lowering herself on "Davy's cock" for several minutes without stopping. I doubt I could do squats for two minutes, even without a giant thing inside me rearranging my organs. You could see the tension in her thighs and ass - not a bit of fat anywhere on them. Her ass must feel like iron. Every once in a while you'd see her tiny brown asshole. I bet that thing is tighter than a vice grip.

"I'm almost ready to come, Davy," MacKenzie said breathlessly as she disengaged herself from the well-endowed chair. I believed her - I think she had sincerely fucked herself just short of an orgasm. Now, facing toward the camera this time, MacKenzie impaled herself again on the giant dildo. Sweat was dripping down from her head and chest. Her left hand rubbed her clit furiously while her right fished for something hanging from the edge of the chair - a fist-sized bulb, connected to the dildo by a tube.

Up and down she bounced, hard, somehow keeping her balance, somehow keeping her rhythm. Her boobs defied her: springy globes lagging behind the motion of her body. She came. "Oh god, oh yes. I'm coming! Fuck me! Come with me, baby!" She squeezed the bulb repeatedly as she shrieked, never slowing down her commando fucking. Soon, rivers of thick white liquid seeped out of her cunt, down the dildo, and onto the chair, as she bobbed up and down, finishing her climax.

"Whew," she said, sitting on the wet chair, exhausted, after prying the dildo loose. She cradled the giant goo-covered thing in her bosom and licked the tip lovingly - softly, like a cat. "Have you got anything to say?" she asked, looking past the camera.

The camera whirled around and showed the face of a handsome shirtless twenty-something man. "We love you, man. Can't wait for you to get back home." The camera panned back to MacKenzie once more, to show her waving goodbye.

I saved a copy of the video: I want to study how she dances, and her voice. If I could learn to be just a quarter as sexy as her....

Wednesday November 12

Breakfast with Hailey has become a regular thing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our schedules don't really line up well the other days.

I've been assembling a spyware package to slip onto Simone's computer over the last few days. I didn't write it all myself, of course - that would take forever. But if you know where to look, you can find pre-made malware kits that you can customize. You just pick which modules you want, adjust a bunch of settings, write a little bit of glue code, and you're ready to go.

Thursday November 13

I went to the Chi Omicron study group again tonight. I helped Simone with her homework again, and it seems like the concepts have finally clicked for her. I helped another girl, too, with some web design stuff. I discretely infected both of their computers in the process.

I confess I did enjoy spending time with the Chi Omicrons. They were a fun bunch of girls, and most of them did seem to take scholarship seriously. I could probably be friends with these girls, if they weren't fucking their way to valedictorian. Hailey joked about me pledging next semester, and I said maybe; but in my mind I added, "...if Chi Omicron still even exists by then."

I'm not really sure what to do once I have the proof I'm looking for. Do I take it to the University? Probably not: you hear about universities covering up embarrassing events all the time. The police? That would be the "right" thing to do. I don't know specifically which laws are being broken by whom, but I'm confident that this is illegal somehow. But police move slowly, and by the time the public heard about it, everyone would have hired lawyers and spin agents. Anyway, I've broken a few laws myself. The only other options I can think of are the newspapers - as if anyone reads them any more - or releasing it all straight to the Internet.

Friday November 14

Tommy called and asked if I was ready for what he had to show me. I said no. Anyway, I wanted to spend the night at home combing through the contents of Simone's computer. The most interesting bit was this email exchange with Piper:

Have you figured out what you're going to do about Professor Haig yet?
Which one is that again?
Lesbian Philosophy teacher. You said that she was unhappy to be off the red list.
Oh, right. When Kelly graduated, we lost our only carpet-muncher. We need to recruit more lesbians. Do any of this semester's pledges lean that way?
No, they're all straight. I guess we need a quota system! LOL! Diversity! Can't you just tell Prof. H. that we don't have anyone for her right now?
No. She's a trouble-maker. We can't risk jeopardizing the whole arrangement over a little thing like sexual orientation. One of the girls will have to just take one for the team.
NOT IT! I've done more than my share, reassuring Dr. Abrams about his micropenis for the last three semesters! (How can a man with that much power be such a whiny baby?)
I know you have, babe, and we love you for it. Hugs and kisses!
Try assigning Allison - she does drive a Subaru, after all! Hugs and kisses!

I looked up Dr. Abrams. He is the dean of the Humanities college, and a member of tons of committees, including the Ethics Committee. Clearly this conspiracy reaches pretty high up. When I bust it open, I'll have to reveal it to outside authorities - I can't trust anyone in the University itself.

It seems like Piper is the administrator of the whole faculty brunch scam. Getting access to her computer - or at least her email account - would be the holy grail. That should provide enough evidence to bring the whole thing toppling down. If possible, though, I'd like to get some video footage of some of the teachers and students getting it on, to really seal the deal. I can now tap into Simone's webcam, as well as that other girl's, but they use laptops so I don't think that will help. How many people leave their laptops open and pointed toward the bed when they're doing the deed?

Saturday November 15

Hailey said, "Hugs and kisses!" to me as she was about to leave this morning.

"I keep hearing that," I said. "What does that mean?"

Hailey giggled. "It's just sort of an unofficial motto for the sorority. Chi and Omicron are written like X and O. XO - hugs and kisses - get it?"

I worry about how deeply Hailey is getting into this sorority thing. I want to warn her to pull away - that bad things are heading Chi Omicron's way that she doesn't want to get mixed up in. But I don't dare. I need her, and I can't risk tipping them off to my investigation.

I ran into Tommy heading in to the rec center today. He suggested that we skip our workouts and instead go burn off calories at his apartment. "Check with me after I've done my laps," I told him. "Maybe the endorphins will make you irresistible." He was waiting for me outside of the locker room when I was done, and he surprised me with a kiss. Maybe it was the exercise high - for whatever reason, I went home with him.

We goofed around in the living room a little bit, wrestling and kissing. He swatted my butt a few times. And then he pulled me by the arm - practically dragging me - into the bedroom.

"Strip," Tommy commanded, and so I did. He did too. He pushed me down to my knees, and grabbing a fist full of my hair, pulled my face up to his junk. "Okay, I know how to give a blowjob," I thought to myself as I coaxed his serpent to life; but once he was hard, he took complete control of the experience. Holding my head firmly with both hands, he thrust his hips into my face, fucking my throat whether I was ready or not. I panicked at first when he didn't pull out as I was gagging. I was worried that I was going to suffocate, or bite him, or both. He did pull out, just before I started to seriously freak; and then he pushed it back in again. This sequence repeated until eventually I was overtaken by a ninety second coughing fit.

"Fuck, man, that was horrible!" I said. "Did that actually feel good for you?"

"Let's just say it needed to be done," Tommy said with a twinkle in his eye.

Next I was lying on my back, with Tommy leaning over me. He had one hand on my face, pushing it away from him, while the other groped my breasts roughly. I was going along with it, entertained by the novelty of being man-handled. Soon he left my breasts alone and used the hand that wasn't in my face to explore my pussy. He pinched, poked, and stroked all over, and, perhaps despite my intentions, my body became aroused.

"You like that?" He said, flipping me face-down. "Is your pussy throbbing, eager to entertain some cock? Eager to get fucked?" He twisted my arms behind my back and rubbed his cock-head against my pussy lips. "Well too bad, because I'm going to do you up the ass." Cold liquid appeared in my ass crack out of nowhere.

"Wait - hold on a second here..." I said, struggling in vain.

I've never known what to make of anal sex in the past. It doesn't seem like it should be enjoyable, but I know lots of people - men and women - who really like it. One girl I knew said she comes harder with anal than vaginal. So I always figured that sooner or later some guy would want to do it and I'd agree to try. But I never pictured that it would be like this.

"Oh, this is happening!" Tommy said as he separated my ass cheeks with his cock. I was alarmed at being trapped, but I knew in the back of my mind that if I told him to stop, he would. It took a moment for my head to catch up to my body and realize that I wanted this to happen, despite my nervousness. Then Tommy shoved it in - all the way in - and I felt my ass being ripped apart.

It hurt so bad! That's all I could think about for the first minute, while Tommy grooved in and out, muttering, "Oh yeah, that's right." The pain lessened, though, and then it felt... weird. Apart from the burning, ripping feeling in my sphincter, it was like one part taking a dump, one part vaginal sex, and one part being punched in the belly by a child.

"Are you feeling it yet?" Tommy asked, while continuing his leisurely ass-fucking. And I was. There will probably be blood in my stool for days, I thought, but I didn't want him to stop.

"You could have taken it slower, mother fucker!" I chastised him.

Tommy let go of my arms and grabbed my hips. "When you look back on today, you'll be glad I did it the way I did," he lectured. "Now come on and admit it, I'm making you feel goooood..."

"Yeah," I muttered in defeat. Soon I was moaning and the weird squishy feeling in my ass was pushing me higher and higher in excitement. I reached under myself and rubbed my clit, for even more stimulation.

"You getting ready to come, little girl?" Tommy asked condescendingly.

"Yeah," I answered with unintended vulnerability.

"You dirty, dirty girl," Tommy said, breathing harder and thrusting faster. "Your ass is being violated and it's turning you on. This unnatural act I'm performing on your body is going to make you come." I was on the edge. I just wanted him to keep fucking me - fucking my ass - just a little bit harder to flip my switch and set my orgasm free.

"I'm going to come, too," he said. "I'm going to shoot buckets of my jizz, way up deep inside you. You're going to be shitting white for a month." His words were crass, but there was something so manly about how he said them, that I came. My asshole squeezed his cock tight, in time with my quivering pussy. Time slowed and the pain and pleasure took on a new sharper focus while I experienced my orgasm. Tommy roared and came, too, and I could feel the spasms of his dick inside me.

I was expecting we'd hold each other afterwards, but again Tommy surprised me. No sooner had he slipped his still-hard dick out of me than he was thrusting it in my face and saying, "Lick it clean."

"No," I said firmly.

"Do it!" He said and he pushed it against my lips.

I jumped to my feet, producing a renewed stabbing pain in my ass, and said, "Absolutely not." I stomped into the bathroom, locked the door, and took my time cleaning up.

When I came out of the bathroom, Tommy studied my face. "Not your thing?" He said, sounding like a regular college peer for the first time since the party. I was surprised to see him so understanding.

"It was a new experience - thank you for that," I said. And then, shaking my head, "But we will not be doing that again."

Thursday November 20

More studying with the Chi Omicrons. I probed the network while I was there. There were three devices that looked like they were probably normal desktop computers. I figured that if I was lucky, they would have webcams that I could use to capture some faculty brunch sex action. That is, assuming I could get access to the computers in the first place. One of them is named PIPER-PC.

Luck was on my side. Since I'm now known to the Chi Omicrons as a computer expert, Nelly asked me to look at her PC which had been freezing a lot lately. Nelly was the girl whose thongs Dr. Pace had obsessed over. I mused at the irony as I cleansed Nelly's computer of all sorts of malware, and then added my own. Her computer did, in fact, have a webcam - a model that I can record from without activating the recording indicator LED.

I told Nelly that I was a little worried about one of the viruses I had found - that other computers on the house's network might be affected, and that desktops were much more vulnerable. She brought me a panicked Aimee, who begged me to "fix" her PC as well. Aimee did not have a webcam.

Of course, after that I was obliged to examine another dozen laptops. Be careful what you wish for.

The next faculty brunch is set for December 6th, right before finals. Piper's accounts are still out of my reach, and I'm running out of time.

Saturday November 22

Hailey and I went to a party at the Chi Omicron party tonight. I figured this would be my last, best chance to get in to Piper's room and hack her computer. Unless some opportunity presented itself, I only had one card to play to accomplish that.

I dressed up as nicely as I could this time: a silver-blue draping backless halter top with a black circle skirt, stockings, and my shiny red clutch. I'm usually not a makeup girl, but I did up my lips and eyes as well as I could. Hailey dressed in a flower-print dress. She accepted my offer to braid her hair, and between her guidance and online videos, she ended up with a really pretty waterfall braid. That's how I began my seduction.

We had a couple beers at the party, danced, and socialized, staying together the whole time. I let on that I was drunker than I was, and I touched Hailey's arms a lot.

A loud techno song came on, which gave me the excuse I needed. "This place is too loud. Can we go somewhere quieter?" I asked. As Hailey thought about my request, I added, "I heard that Piper has a queen bed. Can we go there? I would love to stretch out on a nice big bed for once."

"Lemme ask," Hailey said, and left me on the couch to go talk to Piper. Piper gave Hailey a puzzled look at first, and then looked over at me. I smiled and gave her a twinkly wave. Piper shrugged and nodded and then Hailey led me up the stairs. I held her hand as we walked.

Once in Piper's room, I threw myself at the bed. "Come on, stretch out with me!" I told Hailey as I pulled her onto the bed with me. She seemed unsure about what was going on. "No, you're doing it wrong," I said, and then positioned her arms stretched out in one direction, and then pulled her legs out the other. Her dress rode up a little when I pulled on her legs. I took off both of our shoes and threw them on the floor.

Beside her again, I spoke to her. "You know how alcohol loosens your inhibitions?" I said. She nodded, still clearly confused about what was actually happening. "I think some of my inhibitions have been too tight for too long." I rubbed my stocking-clad foot along her ankle to complete my message.

"Are you sure?" Hailey asked tenderly. I kissed her in answer.

Truthfully, it wasn't totally an act. I certainly exaggerated the romantic mood of the moment, but I did like the kissing, and I liked seeing my friend so happy. We took our time, just making out, for quite a while.

I did have an agenda to pursue, though. Hailey's dress was bunched down around her waist. Her little pink nipples were stiff, having been aroused by my fingertips. My mouth was an inch away from one of them, and Hailey's back was arched in anticipation of my kiss. That's when I told her, "I have a thought."

It took some convincing - more with my hands than with my words - to persuade her that recording our love-making was a good idea. "We'll watch it together, once, when we're sober; and then destroy the recording," I told her. She agreed and I set the computer up to record us through its webcam, which was already positioned conspicuously well for the bed. I also installed my spyware package, of course.

When I returned to the bed, Hailey became more aggressive, undressing us both until we were down to our panties, and in my case, my stockings and glasses. Her fingers were so delicate on my shoulders and lips. The way she touched my breasts was like a potter shaping clay - there was something artistic about it. She joked that I would give her a navel-gasm as I circled her bellybutton with my little finger while kissing her chin.

When I removed Hailey's panties, I was shocked briefly by the size of her labia. I didn't know they got that big. It was still a perfectly nice pussy - it just caught me by surprise is all. I knew that her self-confidence would be shattered if I expressed any hesitation, so I dove right in. I had never gone down on a girl before, and it's not like I could see what was happening when it had happened to me, so I had to figure stuff out fast. Fortunately, Hailey was cool with helping me along: sometimes with a pleasant grunt, sometimes with a more complete thought ("No, not so hard."). She didn't seem to like my fingers in her vag, so I mostly held her hands while I licked her pussy.

There was such a sense of need to her moans, as she approached her peak sensation. "Please, Lexi! Please don't stop!" she said, squeezing my hands tightly, as if she was truly worried that I might walk away at any second. Her whole body was trembling. I wanted to tell her that I was there for her, that I would go the distance with her, but I worried that stopping to talk would completely derail the feelings she had built up. Instead I hummed a noise that was meant to be reassuring. She gripped my hands even tighter.

A minute later she was still teetering on the edge of climax, but couldn't quite make it over. I decided to try something. Freeing my hands from hers, I spread her lips with my thumbs, pulling back her clitoral hood and leaving her clit completely unprotected from my tongue. That did the trick. She gushed, and gasped, pumping her hips up into my wet face over and over while she came.

When she was done I joined her at the head of the bed and touched her flushed face. Her eyes got wide when she saw my face covered with girl-come, glasses smudged to the point of uselessness. "I am so sorry..." she began.

"Relax!" I said, stroking her cheek. "I liked it!" I don't know if that's really true, but I didn't dislike it, and she needed to hear it. I had always thought that girls squirting was just some artificial gateway fetish for guys, but I have to admit that I got a weird sense of accomplishment from it. I cleaned my glasses with some tissues from the nightstand.

A few minutes later, Hailey was doing a damned fine job licking my pussy when the door opened and Piper stepped in. "Oh, god, I'm sorry. Um, take your time!" she said, exiting. I asked if Hailey wanted to stop; I was glad she didn't.

There wasn't much left of Hailey's braid, so we let her hair fall loose before returning to the party. Our dalliance hadn't gone unnoticed: over the next few minutes we got a slow-clap and a couple "way to go, Hailey!"'s. Simone even told us she had always thought we were cute together. Piper teased Hailey, "Good for you for getting some. But you are going to wash my sheets."

I gave Hailey the thumbdrive with the video on it. Whatever she wants to do with it is fine by me.

Monday November 24

Having access to Piper's computer is not the same as having access to her email. Part of my spyware package includes a software key logger that records everything she types. But the fact that she leaves her computer logged in all the time means that she pretty much never types her password. I'll have to think about this one.

I am ready to capture webcam video from Piper's machine whenever I want to. It occurs to me, though, that since Piper is basically the madame of this brothel, she might not service the customers personally. Her bedroom may go unused.

Wednesday November 26

I figured out what to do about Piper's email. I just need to corrupt her browser cookie files - then she'll have to re-enter her password the next time she uses her email. I'm not sure when to do it though - I would hate for her to get suspicious that things are going wrong with her computer after I spent time in her bedroom. Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow, and after that there's only one week until the faculty brunch.

I'm staying on campus for Thanksgiving. My parents are going to Wisconsin for their alma mater's football game. They asked me to go with them, but football bores me, their college is foreign to me, and I think they were looking forward to some kid-free traveling themselves. Go have hotel sex, you empty nesters, you!

Saturday November 29

I destroyed Piper's browser cookies. I was able to connect to the Chi Omicron WIFI from a gas station parking lot near by, and delete the files remotely. If she even notices anything unusual, it's unlikely that she'll blame me.

I went back to the gun range on Friday - I sure as hell wasn't going near a mall on the day after Thanksgiving. Bill was there and he remembered me. "And this time you're dressed like one of us!" He said, taking note of my sneakers, jeans, and collegiate hoodie.

Bill asked why I was so interested in shooting. I told him, "Would it be pathetic if I told you it was about a boy?" He gave me a look that said yes. "Well, that's part of it," I explained. "But also, I want to work for the FBI some day. I thought that maybe knowing how to shoot would give an edge over the other candidates." He warned me that the FBI would be far more interested in my education and analytical abilities, but I told him that I had that covered.

Also, Hailey and I talked on the phone for like an hour today. It was totally friendly and casual - the sex doesn't seemed to have made things awkward.

Thursday December 4

I finally got into Piper's email. It took longer than I had expected due to some of her email provider's security policies. I had to do some research, and then sneak onto the Chi Omicron network in the middle of the night to route access through her computer. But I've got it all - correspondence with the teachers, which girls they're matched with, notes about teachers' preferences and trustworthiness. I couldn't read as much as I wanted to - with finals just around the corner, I've got papers to write. But it looks like 14 faculty members will be getting some sorority tail this weekend.

The Chi Omicron pledges are scheduled to be sworn in as full sisters on Sunday - the day after the faculty brunch. I keep looking for ways to suggest to Hailey that she shouldn't be a member, but I'm not getting any openings. She's in too deep. She loves the sorority even more now that they know that she's "bisexual" and still accept her.

Saturday December 6

I staked out the sorority house from the gas station parking lot, taking pictures of all of the people who entered and exited the sorority house. The pictures aren't great - I was pretty far away, and my camera is cheap - but when combined with Piper's notes they should be pretty incriminating.

Teachers started showing up a little before 11:00. The bulk of them left around noon; these were the "green listers" - faculty who only got pancakes out of the event. There were about twenty of those. Five couples left at that time, too - teachers accompanied by sexy giggling sorority girls who probably remind them of their daughters. Simone and Dr. Abrams were among this group. I haven't figured out yet why some hookups occur in the sorority house and some elsewhere. I guess some of these guys can't hide a hotel credit card charge from their wives. The rest of the red-listers left, one by one, between 12:20 and 2:00.

I knew that Hailey would be away the whole day, doing some big final activity with the rest of the pledges, so I was free to examine the video. I got audio and partial video from three of the computers I had subverted. The cameras mostly weren't pointing in the right direction most of the time. People wandered on camera and off, sometimes clothed, sometimes not. There wasn't any visible sex action, but the participants' faces could be seen well enough to be identified. When combined with the audio, there was no doubt that sex was going on.

One of the teachers gave me a good sound bite: "So are you ready to earn some extra credit for your sorority sisters?" The girl answered, "Mmm-hmm!", and dick-sucking ensued.

The video from Piper's room was in a totally different league; it would hold up as top-notch amateur porn. Dr. Welsh did, in fact, get his chance to spank Jenny Hu's ass.

Jenny was wearing a plaid skirt and fitted button-down shirt, with her hair in high pigtails with bows. She was clearly going for the Asian schoolgirl look, but Dr. Welsh didn't seem to care. He told her to strip and sit in the desk chair. He took off his own clothes, too, and held his dick in hand, near her face. Even soft, his member completely overflowed his hand. "This is what I'm going to be fucking you with, and I'm going to be rough," he said. "Do you think you can handle it?"

"Mmm, I can't wait!" Jenny said, licking her lips.

Dr. Welsh stood Jenny up and moved her beside the bed. He secured her hands to the bed frame, sort of low so she had to bend over, with some pieces of fabric that he took out of his pants pockets. I don't think he could have tied a knot that fast, so I bet it was velcro. He doubled-over his belt and put it in her mouth. "You may bite on this as much as you like, but don't let it fall from your mouth. You may make any sounds you like, but no words. If you want to stop at any point, we'll stop - but then we'll both leave here very disappointed." Jenny nodded.

Dr. Welsh sat on the edge of the bed and put one arm around Jenny's waist. She was already bent over from the way she was tied, so his other hand had easy access to her pussy. He started rubbing her vulva, sliding the entire skin of her pussy around in vigorous circles. "In a moment I'm going to hit you, and it's going to hurt," he told her.

"Mmph," was her reply. It sounded like acceptance to me.

He spanked her, and she yelped. His cock, previously flaccid in his lap, twitched and began to grow. He alternated between rubbing her cunt and swatting her ass, time after time. Every time she cried out, his dick grew larger. Jenny was clearly getting excited, too - she was soon moaning hungrily, and fucking his hand with her hips. Finally he gave her five hard fast strikes and rubbed her twat at lighting speed, and she exploded. She cried out, her climax muffled by gritted teeth and the leather they held. Her legs shook uncontrollably, and I think they actually gave out, leaving her supported by Dr. Welsh's arm around her waist.

"Let me show you something," Dr. Welsh said, once Jenny had her feet under her again. He untied her and led her to the mirror - although the mirror itself wasn't visible in the video. He turned her so that she could see her ass in the reflection. Both of her tight round cheeks were completely red, a stark contrast to the light brown of the rest of her body. "This is my mark," he told her. "This is what earned you the orgasm you just experienced." She was undeniably beautiful - I could see why the professors fantasized about her - but she also looked rather pathetic with the belt still in her mouth. It gave her a sort of sad puppy look.

Jenny's eyes drifted to Dr. Welsh's enormous horizontal rod. He smirked while he gave her time to marvel at it. It was big - porn star big. It wasn't quite as large as the dildo that MacKenzie had fucked in her video, but it was big enough to give any girl pause. I wondered what it would be like to take that thing inside me - if I even could. Would I like it more than the mere average guys I've slept with so far? Would it hurt? After my experience with Tommy, I had to admit a certain appeal to being stretched out.

Dr. Welsh lead Jenny to the bed and bent her over a mountain of pillows, her ass in the air and her face against the mattress. He tied her hands behind her back, but then made sure that she was comfortable, giving her butt a couple tiny shoves to make sure her position was stable. Then he took his place behind her and heaved his cock into position. He invaded her body slowly, sinking in the first third of his monster before he stopped. He withdrew some, and then pushed in deeper, eliciting a whimper from Jenny that made Dr. Welsh grin with satisfaction. Twice more he pulled back and then dove deeper, until Jenny's groan told him that her body would yield no more. There was still an inch or more between their bodies.

He went on fucking her, his eyes frequently shifting between Jenny's inflamed ass, bound hands, stuffed mouth, and helpless eyes. Jenny whimpered with every thrust - not really with pain, more like a reflex. I imagine it was similar to the repeated punch-in-the-gut feeling that I felt when Tommy ass-fucked me a couple weeks ago: uncomfortable, but accompanied by other, very pleasant sensations.

Jenny's whimpers became moans, louder and louder, while Dr. Welsh worked his hips back and forth, fucking her into their pillow mountain. I was two fingers deep into my own vag while watching this, desperately wishing I owned a dildo. Finally Jenny screamed through gritted teeth, clenching her fists and curling her toes. For a moment she was quiet, save for labored breathing through her nose. Dr. Welsh just kept pumping into her, like a machine.

Jenny came again, a few minutes later - a repeat of the previous show. That was too much for me. I made myself come, imagining that I was the one tied up and sprawled across those pillows, being used by my English professor.

I was just wondering how much longer Dr. Welsh could keep going when he spoke: "Spit out the belt and talk dirty to me," he commanded.

Jenny eagerly ejected the leather from her mouth and started babbling. "I didn't know sex could be like this! Other guys have made me come, but never anything like this! I don't know how I can study after this! I will never stop thinking about being punished by your giant cock!" Dr. Welsh threw his head back and gasped, without ever changing his rhythm. Jenny kept talking: "Oh god, is that your come? Are you coming? Oh god, yes, give it to me! Give me all you've got. My body wants your come."

The first thing Dr. Welsh did after pulling out of Jenny was to inspect his belt - I guess for bite marks. He looked happy with the result. I wondered if he has a trophy room somewhere - a closet full of belts, marred by the teeth of college girls that he has subjugated.

Once he untied her and lay down, Jenny scrambled to lick the juices from his softening member. She was kneeling over him, with her ass and pussy facing straight into the camera, and her hole was so wide that with better lighting you could have seen inches inside of her. As she slurped, come leaked out of her sex cavity and onto the pillows.

Sunday December 7

I confronted Hailey today - badly. She was fidgeting, pacing, passing time today, unable to wait for the initiation ceremony where she and the other pledges would become full members of Chi Omicron.

"Hailey, don't go. Don't become a member of Chi Omicron. You don't want to be mixed up with them," I blurted, not knowing how to begin.

"What are you talking about?" Hailey asked. "Of course I do - I've been working hard for this all semester."

"I wish I could tell you more. There's stuff going on at Chi Omicron. Bad stuff. I'm trying to protect you." I pleaded with her. "Just trust me."

"Lexi, you can't honestly expect me to walk away just because you say, 'bad stuff'," Hailey reasoned. "You never hated the girls before. Why the change? Is this ... is this about what we did? At the party? Are you jealous? What's going on?"

I decided I had to tell her everything. "Hailey, they're running a prostitution ring. They're fucking professors in exchange for good grades for all of the sisters. That's the real reason Chi Omicron has the best GPA of all of the sororities. That's what the faculty brunch is - a giant sex party."

Hailey got defensive. "Hey, we study hard for those grades! You've seen us! Anyway, how could they possibly keep something like that a secret?"

That question had bothered me. "I don't know; I haven't figured that out yet." I went to my laptop and pulled up the video of Jenny and Dr. Welsh. "Here, let me prove it to you."

I could see some doubt in her eyes as she watched Jenny get naked. "Okay, so Jenny fucked some old guy. That doesn't mean it's some big conspiracy. Wait a minute - is that Piper's room? How did you get this video?"

"I hacked Piper's computer so that I could record from her webcam," I confessed.

"When?" Hailey asked, her voice becoming steely.

"I did it at the party, when you and I hooked up," I told her.

"So that's the reason you wanted to go to Piper's room? That's the reason you wanted to record us? So you could mess with her computer?! Did you use me so that you could spy on my sisters?!"

"Yes," I said softly.

"Holy fuck, Lexi! That was my first time! And it didn't mean anything to you? If you only knew what it meant to me..."

"It did mean something to me," I started to say. But then anger flashed in Hailey's face and she cut me off.

"Wait, you didn't know what it would mean to me, right?" She asked accusingly. "You didn't hack my computer, too, and read my emails, right?!"

"I did," I confessed. "Look, it didn't mean the same thing to me as it did to you, but that doesn't mean I don't treasure it. Hailey, you're my best friend and we had a really special moment together, and I'm glad for that. It's just ... the way it came about was unfortunate."

"Unfortunate?! Best friend?! Lexi, you violated me - probably in more ways than I'll ever know. You are not my friend." She left.

I went for a run, but I was still too messed up emotionally to be able to do anything normal. So I went back to the shooting range. A couple of the guys there asked me why I kept crying. I told them I didn't want to talk about it.

After, I sat in my car for an hour, breathing in the gunpowder smell from my clothes and thinking about August. I thought about other friends I've lost, too. Why can't I keep friends?! Why do the people I love the most always hate me in the end? I asked myself that, over and over, as if I didn't already know the answer.

It's really late, and Hailey hasn't come back to the dorm yet. I hope she doesn't say anything to the sorority about my accusation. Maybe we can work out a deal where they shut the operation down quietly. I just need time to come up with a plan.

Tuesday December 30

I'm writing this entry from a brand new laptop, from my parents' house, during winter break. My old laptop was taken from me when I was assaulted.

I was on my way to my physics final when a guy grabbed me and pulled me behind the building. He and his friend beat the crap out of me, and only after did they bother to take my wallet and computer. One of them whispered in my ear, as I was face down on the cement, "Forget what you think you know." They gave me two cracked ribs, three strained fingers, one hell of a shiner, a cracked tooth, and a concussion. I missed my physics final but still got an A in the class.

The thugs' goal, I assume, was to get rid of any evidence I had, and intimidate me into silence. It didn't work. I always back up everything to the cloud. And fuck them. The newspaper people were happy to have a nice juicy story all wrapped up in a bow, complete with video - although they still had to do interviews and fact-checking before they could print it. I made a deal with the editor, too: he has to give me a positive reference when I apply to the FBI, praising my investigative skills, without mentioning any law-breaking on my part.

The article got national attention, and school's chapter of Chi Omicron has been suspended. There's talk about the University losing its accreditation.

There's also talk about the University revoking all credits earned from the guilty teachers' classes for the last few semesters. If that happens, some students' graduations will be delayed. Some will have to take on additional debt.

I suspect that when I get back to the dorm for the Spring semester, everyone will know that I was involved. They'll blame me. It's going to be difficult to make new friends.