Bitches Bingo

(MF piv oral anal Fdom voy coll) (meaning?)
by Maracorby, 2016-11-25

Thursday September 24

It's funny. I had expected that when I came back to college this year, everybody would hate me. The Chi Omicron sorority was kicked off campus and a bunch of teachers were fired thanks to my whistle-blowing. I figured that enough people knew about my involvement that I'd be an outcast. Surely the Chi Omicrons would have poisoned everyone against me before their club died out or something. But so far nobody has bothered me about it at all.

Actually, now that I think about it, I seem to be doing better than expected, socially. I've been asked out by strangers three times since the semester began a month ago. Is that a college thing? Guys asking out girls they don't know? It certainly didn't happen last year, my freshman year. Maybe the Chi Omicrons did spread some kind of rumor: "Lexi Green is a total slut who'll do it with anyone, anywhere," or something like that. Whatever. When a guy does ask me out I just politely say no, because I've got a boyfriend - Miles - and he's the most wonderful guy in the world.

This terminal is so fucking slow. I'm writing from a UNIX workstation in the Computer Science lab. The teachers all grade programming assignments according to how they run on these computers, so that cross-platform quirks can't be blamed for failure. That makes sense. They also demand that we use the university's chat program if we want to contact our professors or teaching assistants electronically. It's not a very good chat program.

Friday September 25

Okay, I figured out why that terminal I was using yesterday was so damned slow. It looks like the university fucked up when they wired up the network. For some reason, that workstation and one other one in the computer lab are hooked directly into the wire that carries all of the network traffic from the school library. That must be a mistake - nobody would deliberately set things up that way.

In the course of figuring that out, I made another discovery: that chat program that the university wants everyone to use doesn't encrypt its messages. Everything everyone types is available in clear-text on the network.

Pop quiz: Having discovered a security weakness that puts other peoples' privacy at risk, does Lexi Green: a) Report the problem to the university's IT people, and then patiently wait for a fix; or b) Spend a Friday afternoon eavesdropping on her classmates. Yeah, that was an easy one. I wrote a quick script to show me some of the conversations.

Here's one such conversation:

Check it out - I don't think Shelly is wearing a bra.
So it's fucking hot.
No, it would be hot if she had tits. But she doesn't, so who cares?
She's got tits. Sure, they're small, but she's got them.
No way. She's as flat as a board. You could use her to draw lines on architectural diagrams. Honestly, I don't understand why she ever wears a bra - it's not like there's anything there to support.
Whatever. I like her body.
Yeah, well, you like the body of a twelve year old boy. Sounds like you've got some personal issues to work through.
Oh, just fuck off.

Wednesday September 30

Another chat log.

See that grl? The 1 who just said hi to me?
Shes a cunt
She seemed pretty nice. What's wrong with her?
Shes 1 of those Chi Omicron cunts. Cant get by on studys so they have 2 fuck teachers 2 graduate. No respect.
She had the nerve 2 try 2 pledge our house this semester. All smiles like we didnt know she was a gigantic whore.
They can't all have been part of the sex scandal, can they? Maybe she's innocent.
Dont matter. She was either doin it or covering it up.
Real worlds gonna come knocking for those girls real hard real fast. I bet we see half them selling their bodies on Miracle Mile before the end of year.

They could have been talking about anyone, but it pained me to think that they might have been talking about Hailey. Hailey was my roommate and then my friend last year. She was pledged to Chi Omicron during my investigation, and only became a full member right before I went public about the scandal. Only the full members knew about the sex-for-grades operation; the pledges were completely innocent. They were initiated just in time to suffer with the rest of the house.

Every once in a while I think about calling or writing to Hailey. She probably still hates me for using her. Sometimes I'm tempted to see if her old password still works: to log into her email and read her diary. If I got caught doing that, there's no way she would forgive me, ever.

Enough of that sad shit. I'm going home this weekend, and I'm going to spend most of it with my boyfriend. Life is good.

Saturday October 3

Home is a two hour drive from college, so that was most of Friday night. I would have liked to have spent last night at Miles' apartment, but my mom would have been really hurt if I didn't spend at least some of the time with Dad and her.

Dad informed me that they would be having company for breakfast this morning, and that they would love it if I would join them. I was amused to learn that the guests would be TJ and Andrea Donohue.

I had never met the Donohues - not directly - but I had spied on them plenty. It was the spyware on their daughter's computer that lead me to their "bridge club", where they engaged in group sex while watching secret videos of each others' teen children. Mr. Demarco had shown them, and the other orgy guests, a video of me begging him to fuck me, and then screaming like a fire truck once he did. TJ had asked Mr. Demarco if he could have me once Mr. Demarco was done with me. He also expressed some interest in seeing me in pigtails and a Catholic school uniform.

I couldn't resist. I just couldn't. So this morning I did my hair in twin braids. They're not very long - just down to my shoulders - but that's probably about right for the look I was going for. And then I wore my Saint Frances skirt and a dressy top like the school requires. I don't know if my glasses made me look any more innocent, but considering I can't see without them, they were non-negotiable. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't really tell if I looked like an innocent or a tease.

I played it pretty straight when I met the Donohues, although I was a bit more bubbly than my normal personality. Andrea had a good poker face - I couldn't tell if she recognized me at all. TJ, on the other hand, spent the first half of breakfast very clearly trying to figure out how he knew me.

When Mr. Demarco's name came up in conversation, I dropped an innuendo. "Mr. Demarco's an awesome lawyer," I told them. "I totally trust him. I would do anything he told me to." At that moment I could see the realization in TJ's eyes that I was the girl from the sex video.

A little later, during a lull in the conversation, my mom asked me, "Lexi, I've never seen you wear braids before. Why the change?"

"I just wanted to try something new," I said in a sing-song voice. "What do you think? Does it look too little-girly?"

"I think you look lovely," TJ responded. I wondered if he was sporting a stiffy.

"I agree," my dad said.

I did other little suggestive things, too, like arching my back and stretching to show off my chest. I also made it a point to lick my milk-covered lips while TJ was looking at me.

I still had a back door into their home computer from when I was investigating them, so after they left I hooked in to see if I could spy on them. Their network of secret cameras had been dismantled, thankfully, but I was able to listen through their computer's microphone.

"Tim's fuck doll was a blond, wasn't she?" I heard TJ say.

"Women dye their hair all the time, dear," Andrea responded.

"So do you figure brown is her natural hair, then? Or is she really a blond?" TJ asked.

"Natural blonds don't go brown, darling," Andrea stated. "Wow, she really got to you! How long have you had this hard-on?"

"Pretty much since she sat down at the table," TJ said. "Certainly since I realized she was Tim's girl-on-the-side. Do you think they're still doing it?"

"I don't know. But I want to see it when you ask him if you can borrow her," Andrea teased. "So, should we start right away? Or would you like me to go put on a plaid skirt, brown wig, and my reading glasses?"

"Just... ooooh..." was his reply.

For the next couple minutes all I heard was slurping noises and moans. I imaged that he was sitting on the couch with his pants open, and she was on her knees in front of him, giving him head. Then I heard Andrea, with a fake high voice: "Gee Mr. Donohue, your dick is different than Mr. Demarco's. It's way more comfortable in my mouth. I like sucking yours way more!"

"Oh, god, Lexi, do it some more - swallow my dick!" Shortly after that I heard the unmistakable groans of a guy coming.

"Thank you dear, I needed that," TJ said.

"You know she's barely older than our daughter," Andrea pointed out.

"No kidding. Let's make sure that Kelly never meets Tim, okay?"

I'm writing this from my boyfriend's apartment, while he finishes up his work day. Miles' job consists of playing video games on a live video stream with thousands of viewers.

It hadn't even occurred to me to change clothes or let out my hair before coming over, so when I let myself in and stepped on camera to kiss Miles hello, the chat room immediately started asking who I was. Some of the regular viewers had seen me a few times over the summer, but back then my hair was blond and loose down to my shoulders. I certainly never wore Catholic high school uniforms before.

It was only after the chat room started debating my new appearance that Miles took note. His job requires he pay attention to several things at once, so that's totally understandable. "Why the new look?" He asked.

"It was sort of a joke. I'll tell you the story when you're done with work," I said.

Then Miles' viewers started arguing over whether I looked better with or without the pigtails. I let my hair out for them so they could see both looks, but they remained divided. I asked Miles which he liked better, but he was non-committal.

Sunday October 4

Normally Miles and I would have made dinner together last night, but he had a headache so I did it all myself. After that, we watched the first three episodes of a horror series on TV that everyone's been talking about.

I enjoyed the TV show for a while, but three hours taxed my attention. I wanted to be intimate. Rubbing Miles' thigh and kissing his neck weren't getting much of a reaction, so near the end of the third episode, I stripped down to my underwear and cuddled up to him on the couch.

"You ready to start the next episode?" Miles teased once the one we were watching ended.

"Take me to bed!" I whined. Like a gentleman, Miles took my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

The sex was... I don't want to say "routine", because that has bad connotations. But it was familiar, comfortable. We got naked and kissed on top of the sheets while my hands encouraged his erection. We touched each other in all of our favorite spots, and my nipples grew stiff under his lips.

Then we both just sort of knew it was time to start. I lay on my side with my bottom leg straight out and my top leg curled, ready for our usual way of doing it. Miles knelt upright over my leg and slid his cock into my pussy. Then he started working his hips, and I could feel his body rubbing me in the most wonderful ways, inside and out.

I had missed it so much. I know it had only been six weeks, but I missed my boyfriend making love to me.

A few minutes into our coitus I twisted a little to look up at him. Miles had a strangely contemplative look on his face. Whatever was going on in his head, his body was certainly doing its job - his abs were rippling and his hips were rocking, driving his cock forward and back into me.

"What are you thinking about?" I said with a lover's smile.

"Just... how beautiful you are," he said. There was clearly more on his mind than that, but it wasn't important right now.

After a couple position adjustments, I was getting ready to climax. Miles wasn't far off himself. Out of nowhere, I found myself saying, "I love you, Miles. Make me come." That was actually the first time I'd ever told him that I loved him, although I'm sure he always knew anyway.

Miles leaned forward a little and touched the small of my back in his special way, and like a switch, he turned on my orgasm. "Oh, Miles..." I said while my boyfriend made me come. Somewhere in there, his body shook and he grabbed my ass and my leg, and he pushed his semen up into me.

I fell asleep with my body molded around his, and my arm across his chest.

This morning I made us pancakes. Miles mentioned that his ex-girlfriend, Molly, was going to be in town for a few days this week. Pity I'm going to miss her - I bet she's got some great stories about him.

After that, Miles edited some videos while I did my homework. We weren't doing anything together, but it was nice just being in the same room. Pretty soon I need to drive back to college.

Wednesday October 7

That eavesdropped conversation last week left me curious what people are saying about the Chi Omicron girls, so I modified my script to constantly watch for key words and send me an email when they come up. Here's another one.

How's life in smoochy-town with your new girlfriend?
Um... weird.
I just found out that Allison was in Chi Omicron - that sorority that got busted for prostitution.
OMG! How do you know?
Facebook tagged her in a photo of the some sorority event.
Have you talked to her about it?
No, not yet. Just found out.
But damn. What if she fucked professors for grades? I just don't know what to think about that.
Don't rush to any judgments - just talk to her. A lot of those girls were expelled, and some were arrested. The fact that she's still going to school here means maybe she didn't do any of that stuff.
Or maybe they just didn't have enough proof to make a case.
Just talk to her.
Anyway, even if it is true, maybe it's a good thing. Maybe she's had her sexual horizons expanded, and she'll be willing to do all kinds of sick kinky shit with you.
Like what?
I don't know. Dress up in costumes and let you spank her?
I don't know! Substitute your own fantasies!
You're such a virgin!

I added Mark and Peyton's names to my keyword list. I want to know how this turns out.

Thursday October 8

"I think you should fuck her." That's what I actually said to Miles tonight when he was talking about his ex's visit. Fuck! What was I thinking???

I guess there's all kinds of latent sexual energy still between them, and a need for closure, or something like that. I honestly tried to understand it, but I couldn't. Miles was telling me all this stuff, not because he was asking for permission to fuck her or out of guilt, but because seeing her again brought back all kinds of forgotten feelings.

But really, how could I tell him no? Miles was super understanding when I told him that I had been blackmailed into sex with Mr. Demarco while we were dating. He was even understanding when I reluctantly told him that I had liked it... a lot.

I want to be a good girlfriend. I want to be someone who's supportive and enabling. I don't want to be jealous and clingy. That's what I was trying to do when I encouraged Miles to sleep with Molly. Now, though, jealous and clingy are exactly what I'm feeling.

Saturday October 10

Gah! I can't stand not knowing. I've tried everything to distract myself: 100 rounds at the shooting range. 45 minutes of laps in the rec center pool. I even tried Internet erotica. I had to drive to a remote parking lot and get myself off in my car because my roommate won't ever leave the damned room.

I'm fighting the urge to instant-message Miles. I don't want to be one of those girls.

Sunday October 11

I broke down and sent Miles a message.

Thinking of you. :)

He didn't respond for two excruciating hours. But when he did, it set me at ease.

Love you too, Lexi. :*

Tuesday October 13

Miles did sleep with Molly. He didn't want to tell me at first. He said that he had gotten closure and asked that we leave it at that. I told him that I was more jealous than I thought I would be, and that not knowing was stressing me out. So now I know.

Things were a little weird, talking, after that. I'm not worried. We'll come back into focus as a couple. Okay, I am worried, but optimistic. I watched some of Miles' stream this morning and he seemed happy. I'll be driving back home to visit him this weekend.

Wednesday October 14

Here's the follow-up on that last Chi Omicron dialog.

I talked to Allison - you know, about the sorority thing.
And? Is she still your little snuggle-wumpus?
I hate it when you talk like that.
So yeah, she was in the sorority. Last year was her first year as a full member, and the first year she knew anything about the sex-for-grades racket. I guess there was all kinds of horrible peer pressure at that point. They basically made her do it.
Do what, exactly? I mean, did she tell you?
They made her go to bed with some horrible lesbian professor. She's straight, but somebody had to do it and one of the sisters in charge didn't like her.
So how are you dealing with all this?
I guess I don't blame her. It's not really something she chose. It's just like something bad that happened to her. But here's the thing - she also says that because of this experience, she needs to take some time away from sex. Maybe months.
I mean, I'm cool with taking it slow, for sure. But what happens if I fall in love and it turns out she's permanently broken?
Well, I guess you've got a drawer full of socks for that contingency.
You put your dick in the sock, and then you spooge, and it makes you feel good.
Where do you get this shit?
I read it online somewhere. Why? Do guys not do that?

Those two have a cool relationship. I wish I had a friend like Peyton to talk to.

Friday October 16

Oh god, I fucked up! This evening couldn't possibly have gone any worse!

Miles knew that I was coming in tonight, but I couldn't wait so I showed up early. I had made an effort to be sexier than normal - a little makeup, a miniskirt, a sexy bra just barely visible through a half-buttoned blouse. I even tried a garter, even though it felt sort of silly.

Miles wasn't home when I got to his apartment so I let myself in. I guess I should have texted him to tell him that I was coming in early, but I figured it would be a nice surprise. So I waited for him on his couch, all dolled-up, until he came home.

"Lexi! Wow, okay, I wasn't expecting you so early," he said when he came in and saw me.

"Hello, boyfriend!" I said back.

I didn't waste any time getting his pants off and sucking his dick on the couch. It took a little while to get him hard, but I figured maybe he had jerked off before dinner or something.

"Is there anything you want?" I asked, pausing the lip action I was giving his cock head. "If there's anything that she did that you really liked, I promise I can learn it."

"Lexi, don't worry about her. Let's just be us, okay?" I went back to sucking his dick.

Pretty soon Miles pulled me up onto the couch with him. I was beside him, kissing him, with one leg draped over his lap. He had one hand on the back of my head, firmly holding me in a kiss. With the other hand he loosened my clothing, zippers buttons and hooks, until it was all draped on me in the most tentative of ways.

I let all of my clothing fall off of me as I moved to my hands and knees on the floor - well, everything except the garter and my glasses. Like a good boyfriend should, Miles knelt behind me and, with achingly slow deliberation, stuck his cock in my pussy.

I was loving it, and Miles was definitely getting into the groove, but neither of us was to the point of uncontrolled moaning yet. I took this as a chance for conversation. "You know I would let you do anything to me, right?" I said. "Like, if you and Molly did anal and you decided..."

"Christ Lexi!" Miles said. He pulled out and sat on the couch, leaving me feeling foolish on my hands and knees. "Do you want to know what Molly did for me?" He asked. "She reminded me that it's not supposed to be so god damned difficult!"

I sat on the floor leaning against the couch looking up at him. "I'm... difficult?" I could feel my body getting ready to cry.

"A relationship with you is difficult," he clarified.

"What am I doing wrong? How am I not a good girlfriend?" I asked, sincerely stunned by his accusation.

"Well, pushing me to sleep with my ex and then obsessing about it is one thing," Miles let out.

"I'll stop," I said. "I promise I'll stop." Yep - I was crying now.

"It's more than just that," Miles went on. "Do you know how many secrets you've burdened me with?"

"I thought we were supposed to share everything with each other," I said, somewhat defensively. "Would you rather I kept those things from you?"

"I'd rather they hadn't happened in the first place," he said.

"It's not my fault that these things keep happening to me!" I tried to explain.

"Yes, Lexi, it is," Miles said flatly.

"What the FUCK?!?" I said. Suddenly, I was angry.

"Lexi, you go looking for trouble. I've never met anyone who's as good at finding trouble as you. And instead of trying to get out of it, you dive in even deeper, and end up having to commit felonies and seduce people to get to the end."

"That is NOT fair!" I argued.

Miles ignored me and kept going. "Do you know what it's like knowing that sooner or later you're going to go on another one of your Nancy Drew adventures, and that this time you might end up in jail, or in the hospital? Or, hell, that you might bring home a STD?

My anger was gone. Back to sadness, and crying. "I thought you loved me?" I said.

"I do love you, Lexi," Miles said, and for a moment I had hope. "But that doesn't mean I want to be with you. It's just too hard."

I didn't know what to say. I put my hand on Miles' knee, hoping that the touch could say what I couldn't find the words for. Miles gently moved my hand off of his knee, and then stood up. "You should leave," he said. I sat there looking up at him with my mouth hanging open. "Leave the key I gave you behind. You won't be coming back."

Miles grabbed his pants and went into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. I guess he was giving me some small measure of dignity by leaving me alone as I pulled myself together, got dressed, and left.

I'm at my parents' house now. I zoomed past them, straight to my room. They could see that I had been crying, and that I didn't want to talk about it.

An hour later my mom rapped lightly on my door. "Lexi, I'm going to bed now - unless you want me to stay up so we can talk."

"Goodnight, Mom," I answered.

Saturday October 17

This morning I reluctantly told my parents that Miles and I had broken up. My dad gave me the whole "keep trying, you can't hurry love" pep talk. Thanks, Dad - I've heard the song. My mom took the opportunity to explain that this is why it's important not to give too much of yourself - heart or body - until you're ready to get married. Yeah, eight years of Catholic school but this is what's going to make the abstinence sales pitch stick.

It seems like there should be someone in the city in which I grew up to talk to. But there isn't.

I drove back to college in the morning, against my parents' wishes. I was feeling pretty composed while tolerating their platitudes, but once I was alone with my thoughts on the highway, I became an emotional wreck. At one point I actually had to pull off the highway to cry.

Of course, now that I'm back here, I don't have much to distract me either. Getting really fucking drunk and being by myself seems like the best plan, but I don't know anyone who'll buy me beer. I set my network snooper to scan for mentions of parties, and came up with a few addresses. Getting really fucking drunk and being around other people will have to do.

Sunday October 18

So I did go to a party last night. I didn't dress up - just shorts, sneakers, and a hoodie. There was beer.

I ran into Ian there - one of the boys who had asked me out earlier in the semester. Once he found out that I was getting wasted because I had just been dumped, Ian stuck to me like glue. He was real quick to fetch me my third beer, and my fourth. He would have been happy to fetch me my fifth, but I had to make a decision: keep drinking, or actually be conscious when I inevitably let him fuck me. We took Uber back to his apartment, stopping on the way to buy some condoms.

Ian was a fairly good looking guy: really tall, fairly fit; sharp facial features; dark brown hair with frosted tips. He looked good shirtless. Of course, actually getting us both undressed took a lot of drunken fumbling.

We didn't do any foreplay. Normally I would have wanted it, of course. But this time, I was wet enough and I just wanted to get on with getting fucked. He came at me with his dick locked and loaded, but I closed my legs and pointed at the box of condoms to remind him. Miles' crack about bringing home a STD had really hurt, so I resolved that, if I was going to engage in wanton promiscuity, I'd do it safely.

Out of habit, I positioned myself on my side ready for penetration, just like I used to do it with Miles. Ian was having none of that - he rolled me onto my back and got on top of me, face to face, pinning my arms to the bed. Whatever. His cock invaded my pussy and started thumping around inside. His body pressed down on me, and the bed squeaked with every thrust.

It felt pretty good - at least, once I closed my eyes. It sort of felt like once or twice when I've rubbed my pussy out of habit without fantasizing about anything: nice, physical sensations, but not really the whole package. I was pretty sure I wouldn't come, but what the hell - I was engaging in the only kind of human contact that seemed acceptable at the time.

Ian started saying - or maybe singing - "I'm a fucking sex god" over and over. Some pop song maybe.

I threw out a couple moans to let him know I was enjoying it. Ian shifted some of his weight onto one elbow, and with the other hand, he grabbed my chin forcefully. I opened my eyes to see him grinning maniacally at me.

"You know what would be a really big turn on for us both right now?" he said. "If you let me slap you."

"What?" I said with indignation and disbelief. "No. Just stop talking and fuck me normally." I closed my eyes again.

I felt bad about being rude, so I moaned a little more emphatically for a while. Then Ian got off of me just long enough to flip me over. I was face down with my legs together when he climbed on top of me again and slid his cock back into my pussy. Again, his body was pressing down on me, and again my arms were pinned by his hands. His cock pistoned in and out of my pussy, and it felt nice.

Then a change came. That notion that I wasn't going to come but I was okay with it slowly transformed into the feeling that, yeah, maybe I could come, and that I really wanted to. Ian was fucking me and I wanted to come. I jerked my arm free and, with some difficulty, wiggled it between the mattress and my body until my fingers found my clit. I didn't have the freedom of movement that I normally would have when touching myself, but I managed to wiggle my fingers enough. That's when I started moaning in earnest.

Ian's thrusts became more urgent and he began to groan. I moaned more intensely, too. My own orgasm was a potential reality, but not guaranteed. Every pulse of his cock brought me a little bit closer. I just needed a little more. I groaned with the desire for release.

Then Ian belted out an indescribable noise, his cock twitched, and he fell still on top of me. I lamented my lost opportunity. His cock was still inside me, but unmoving, useless. I kept fingering my clit, but I couldn't move my hand enough to finish the job. Disappointment seemed like the only outcome. I think I whimpered.

Fortunately, Ian rolled off of me almost immediately. My body kicked back into high gear, seemingly on its own: my ass bucked up into the air, undulating; my fingers, suddenly with all the space they needed, worked on my clit like a pit crew. I moaned needfully. I don't know how long that went on - 30 seconds? A minute? I'm sure Ian was watching me and probably laughing, but I didn't care. This climax was going to happen, damn it!

I came. I fell over onto my side, with my legs curling and flexing and my hand still buried between them, still flicking my clit. Waves of satisfaction swept out from my center. Ian slapped my ass pretty hard. I took it as a sort of "good for you".

Ian was asleep by the time I recovered, so I let myself out and took an Uber back to the dorm.

This is my first hangover. My body feels as bad as my heart and my dignity.

Monday October 19

I braided my hair today, like I had done for Mr. Donohue. Maybe it looks stupid - I don't know. I just needed a change.

Tuesday October 20

So there's a part of my brain that keeps suggesting excuses to call Miles: really fucking lame excuses that would never fly in the Court of Relationships. For instance: to argue with the stuff he said four days ago. Or to talk to him, as a friend, about how I'm feeling about breaking up with my boyfriend. Yeah, that one's rich. Anyway, he's not my friend - not any more. I'm too "difficult".

I watched some of his stream. He seems perfectly fucking happy. Like he's glad to be free of the baggage of dating me. Asshole.

I thought about calling Hailey, too. I doubt I'd get much sympathy. Come to think of it, I guess I kinda broke her heart. God, is this what I made her feel like? I really am a fucking monster.

Wednesday October 21

I honestly don't think it's possible for me to feel worse about myself. I broke down and logged in to Hailey's email. I just wanted to touch her, somehow - read her words.

She's still going to school here, so I guess she survived the fall of Chi Omicron. She's got a girlfriend now - someone named Sam. I ran across a picture of them and they look really good together. Hailey cut her beautiful long blond hair: she's got chin-length copper hair now. I guess she needed a change too.

I ran across a chat exchange between the two of them. Sam was ripping on me, saying horrible things about me that she could only have heard from Hailey, and Hailey was defending me to her. It was clear that I was still the biggest catastrophe to ever happen in Hailey's life, but she insisted that I had good qualities too. I guess it's like saying that Joseph Stalin told great party jokes or something.

Saturday October 24

I did it again. Maybe I should be afraid that I'm becoming one of those girls, but honestly I don't regret last night at all.

My plan for the night was innocent enough: stay in my dorm room and study. For some reason, an impromptu party broke out in the hall. Those people just would not shut up! I couldn't concentrate at all, so I left my room, bound for who knows where, hoping they would all go away.

I discovered the problem was bigger than just my hall. The entire dorm, inside and out, was filled with tedious loud people. I sat on the steps of a building away from the noise.

"What are you doing way out here?" a guy asked, as he joined me on the steps.

"At the moment?" I replied. "Wishing I had some earplugs. Or a firearm. Or fake ID."

The stranger reached into his jacket pocket and uncapped a flask, offering it to me. I smelled it and gave him a questioning look when I couldn't identify the smell.

"Apple schnapps," he said. I took a drink and felt the warm glow of alcohol in my belly. I handed it back to him and he took a drink too.

"I'm Kurt," he said. "Not in much of a party mood?"

"No," I replied. "That's one thing they never tell you about college - that you'll be trapped with only a tiny room that's yours. And even that you'll have to share with an unpleasant dimwit who chews her hair. Everywhere you go, you're always surrounded by hundreds of people."

"You don't have anywhere you like to escape to?" Kurt asked.

"I do, actually," I told him. "The shooting range. But you can't go there when you've been drinking, and I'm kinda digging that stuff." He passed me the flask again and I took another drink.

"How about the next best thing?" Kurt asked. "Mini-golf."

I went with Kurt to the miniature golf park, despite being dressed in sweat clothes with no bra. We had a nice time. Our conversations ranged from frivolous to serious and back again a couple times.

"See those two?" Kurt said, discretely pointing at a pair of 30-somethings with their little girl. "I bet they've been married for ten years, but they still don't know each others' secret kinks." We had been talking about the difficulty of relationships.

"What, like he wishes she would walk on his back in high heels?" I joked.

"Yeah," Kurt went along. "And she secretly wishes he was much, much hairier."

"Ew," I laughed.

"So what about you?" Kurt asked. "What secret kinks lurk in Lexi's mind?"

I had to think about that one for a second. "You know," I finally said, "I don't think I've found it yet. I've tried a few things, but most of it didn't feel like me. I'm sure it's out there - some day I'll find some totally sick shit that I'm into."

"What about you?" I went on. "What shameful deviant things have you always wanted to try?"

"Mmm," he began with reservation. "Ask me later tonight, 'kay?"

We ran out of schnapps on the last hole. We hung around inside for a short while, playing skeeball and video games, but the attendant kept giving us the stink-eye. When Kurt said that his apartment was within walking distance and suggested that we continue the evening there, I gladly accepted. I put his arm around my shoulders as we walked.

Back at Kurt's place, there was spiced rum. He used tickling as an excuse to lift my sweatshirt and expose my midsection. Pretty soon he was kissing me there, his lips making random contact all over my belly.

I fell down onto the floor and spread my legs. Kurt moved on top of me and kissed me while dry-humping me. Despite all of our layers of clothes, I could feel him getting hard.

Our shirts came off. He kept kissing me while rolling my breasts around in his hands. I touched the muscles of his shoulders and arms.

I started to take off his pants and then I remembered myself. "Do you have any..." I began nervously.

"Rubbers?" He finished for me. "Yeah. Let's go into the bedroom."

Soon he was lying on the bed and I was kneeling next to him, warming his dick up with my mouth. "So why don't you tell me about these kinks of yours," I said, before trying my hand at a little deep throat. His dick was pretty long - maybe nine inches? Definitely bigger than anyone I had ever been with. Giving him head required a little bit of adaptation.

"Don't judge me," he said nervously, "but I've always kinda always wanted to try slapping. On the face. During sex."

"Really?" I said curiously. I was buzzed, but not so much that it didn't recognize this strange coincidence. Why did all of the boys I was with suddenly want to slap me? Was there some new movie that had popularized it?

"Forget I said anything," Kurt hastily said.

"No - we can try that," I said. "I mean, just a couple slaps, right?"

"Yeah - just one or two. And if you say stop we stop." He was giddy, like a kid on Christmas.

I took charge, making a chair of pillows up against the headboard. Once he was settled sitting half-upright with a rubber expertly unrolled on his flagpole-like dick, I straddled his legs and wiggled forward, trying to fill my cunt up with my prize. Eventually I found a position pretty far back, with my arms braced behind me, where I could buck my hips to drive him inside.

We were doing it, and it was good. Unlike last time, I actually wanted to keep my eyes open. Kurt had such a lovely smile. I mostly just studied his face while our sex parts performed their task.

Then Kurt pulled me toward him and took off my glasses. I remembered his request. "You ready?" he said, with his right hand set to strike and his left thumb below my clitoris. I nodded.

Despite being prepared, my whole body flinched when he slapped me. I bet he could actually feel it in his dick. He started rubbing my clit while the pain subsided, which was a nice gesture, but I wasn't really ready for that yet. "God you're so sexy!" He said.

I kept fucking him and smiling at him. He didn't say anything. I guess he was processing. "Did you want to try again?" I volunteered.

"You don't mind?" He asked, surprised.

"One more. But other side, please," I said. "That is if you want to. It's not really doing anything for me." I figured that having two red cheeks draws less attention than one.

He slapped my other cheek. This time I made it a point to squeeze my pussy as much as I could at the same time. Kurt groaned. "Thanks," he said. "I just - you know - had to try it."

"No problem!" I said sweetly.

We shifted positions to missionary, so that he was above me with all of his weight on his arms. I closed my eyes, enjoying the ride, and moaning in time with Kurt's thrusts. Minute after minute after minute.... It felt good.

Then I opened my eyes. "You know, there is one thing I would like to try," I said leadingly.

"What's that?" Kurt said with a smile.

I wrapped my hands around his neck. My thumbs found his carotid arteries, but I didn't press. "Are you cool with this?" I asked.

"If I don't make it, tell my mom I want to be buried with all my stuff," he joked.

I pushed my thumbs in a little, and then a little more. I wasn't completely stopping the flow of blood, I was pretty sure, just slowing it. Then just seconds later, it happened: Kurt started hyperventilating and fucking hard, and groaning and coming and coming. It scared the crap out of me. I took my hands away from his neck instantly.

A few short seconds later he was lying on his back next to me, panting. "Holy fuck that was intense!" He said.

"Are you okay?!?" I asked.

He put his hand on my the side of my head and said, "I am so much better than okay."

I took the condom off of his fading erection and cleaned him up with tissues, still unsure whether I had just caused brain damage.

"I'm sorry for coming so early," Kurt said once he caught his breath. "It just fucking slammed me like the word of God."

A little while later Kurt insisted on going down on me. He tongued me to bliss twice without stopping, just to make sure I was happy. And I was happy.

After he was done I wasn't really sure what Kurt expected. "Are you going to bed soon?" I asked vulnerably. "Is it... would it be all right if I stayed?"

I spent the night in bed with Kurt, which felt good. Other than that one time with Jeff and Marcie, Miles is the only person I had ever spent the night with. In the morning he dropped me off at my dorm. I'm sure I looked like a complete mess returning to my room, but what the hell - that's part of the college experience, right?

In the evening I sent Kurt a text saying that I'd had a good time.

Sunday October 25

It just can't be a coincidence that boys suddenly want to slap me during sex. Last year I had asked Malik to slap me - I was in a really weird mood at the time. He refused, but maybe he talked to his fraternity brothers about it and the word spread. Do I now have a reputation as a loose girl who likes to be hit? I added some terms to my chat spy daemon to see if people are talking about me.

I watched some of Miles' stream today. There was some Japanese girl with with a thick accent with him on camera. They were playing the game that Miles plays for a living together. She's a streamer too - goes by the name "Peachy of Earth". One of the viewers asked if his girlfriend would mind him working so closely with such a pretty girl. Several other viewers explained that Miles and his girlfriend had broken up. They all seem to think that "Peachy" is a trade up.

Whatever - I'm over it. Well, maybe not totally over it. But I'm over the worst of it.

Monday October 26

How does the expression go? "It's better to be feared than loved"?

You know that girl three doors down? The one with the glasses and the braids?
What, Lexi?
Yeah, her.
I stole one of her bras.
What? When?
Last night. She was doing her laundry, but she left the laundry room. That'll teach her!
Dude, don't fuck with that girl. Don't even look at her. She will destroy you.
Destroy me? What's she going to do? Braid my hair to death? She's a geek.
Last year a girl named Bevin pissed her off. Lexi convinced her to slit her wrists.
No way. And even if it is true, it's not like I'm going to fall for that chick drama crap.
She's the real reason that sorority was kicked off campus. They wouldn't let her join so she convinced everyone there was some kind of prostitution ring going on there.
More chick drama.
Dude, she carries a gun and handcuffs with her everywhere she goes. She's fucking guys at Google and Facebook to get special access to other people's data. She's a sociopath. She's Hannibal fucking Lecter. Just leave her alone and hope she never notices you.

It seems I am missing a bra. I'll have to think about how I want to play this.

Tuesday October 27

I banged on Johnny's door this morning at 7:00 AM. I had my book bag with me, just to reinforce Pete's silly misconceptions about me. Johnny answered the door dressed in a robe, pissed at the early call, but his face changed to surprise when he saw me.

"Give me back what you took from me and there won't be any trouble," I told him sternly. He looked back into the room at Pete, obviously thinking he had been ratted out.

"I didn't say a word to anyone," Pete protested. Then to me he hastily added, "I had nothing to do with this."

"I know, Pete," it was a little weird speaking to him with such familiarity since we had never actually met.

Johnny was standing there looking at me, stunned. "Come on, man," I told him, "if I tell the university authorities about this, they will at least kick you out of the dorm. And that's just the beginning of the trouble it will cost you."

Johnny suddenly looked scared. He went to his dresser and pulled out my bra.

"You didn't do anything to it, did you?" I asked with a sour face when he handed it back to me. He shook his head.

Back in my dorm I inspected the bra. I didn't find any damage or semen stains. I'll definitely wash it before wearing it again, though.

Thursday October 29

My network snooper accidentally picked up my name in some web traffic. The program wasn't written to make sense of that, though, so I couldn't read what it said. I've made modifications, so if it pops up again, hopefully it will make sense.

I haven't heard back from Kurt, so I just sent him a text suggesting that we get together this weekend.

Saturday October 31

My program caught some of a web page with my name in it this time, but not the whole thing. I've made more changes to hopefully fix the bug.

The page I did get seems to be short misogynistic bios of some of the girls on campus. They're arranged in a grid. Here are a few:

Lexi Green: Spooky hot chick who exposed the Chi Omicron sex scandal. Reportedly likes to be slapped during sex. Rumored to be bisexual. Rumored to have no sense of humor.

Cat Nyquist: Champion of every flavor-of-the-month cause that comes along. On record saying that doggy-style is degrading to women.

Audra Harper: President of the campus Christian club. When nobody is looking, she will do a lot to feel loved.

Juliet Sinclair: Sharp-tongued editor on the school newspaper. Publicly and hilariously critical of her exes.

Tori Winchester: Star of the girls' soccer team. Claims to be a lesbian, but has a proven history of craving dick after a few shots of Cuervo.

I guess that explains why so many guys want to slap me. Is this some kind of database of what girls will and won't do, to try to hook guys up with partners for their kinks? Kinda insulting - like we girls are animals being cataloged in a zoo - but whatever.

I still haven't heard back from Kurt. I thought we had a really good time together. I'd like to see him again. And hell - you'd think that he'd be thrilled that he found a girl who was willing to indulge his kinks. Unless maybe I freaked him out with the choking thing. Or I guess maybe I'm just plain and tedious and not worth dating.

On the other hand, maybe he's been studying really hard, or maybe a family emergency came up. I guess I should try not to jump to conclusions.

Monday November 2

I actually ran into Kurt on campus today. He was having a casual conversation with two other guys, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I said hello.

"Hey Kurt!" I said with a little wave as I approached.

"Hey Lexi," he replied. "Guys, Lexi."

"So I, uh," I said, like an idiot, "I had a good time the other night. And if you wanted to get together again some time, I'd like that." Not exactly smooth, but I don't think I messed it up too badly.

"Look, Lexi," Kurt began. It was obviously a let-down voice. "The other night was a one-time thing. Truth is, I'm into someone else. Anyway, you're not actually my type."

"Oh," I said. I was at loss for words. Eventually I came up with a graceful exit: "Well, see you around. I hope it works out with that other girl."

I walked away. Kurt and his friends were laughing right after I left. I don't know if it was about me or not.

That hurt. I know it's stupid - I barely know the guy. It's just that everything that's been happening in my life lately seems to be telling me how unworthy I am.

Tuesday November 3

I captured another trace of web traffic with my name. Like before, it was a grid of girls from the university with brief demeaning descriptions. The order of the girls in the grid was different this time though.

I was able to trace where the web page came from: I had this dreadful feeling that I'm being used for some kind of game.

The home page at that address was password-protected. The HTML had some comments in it that looked suspiciously like some sort of sample code, so I searched for it online. Sure enough, most of the site was ripped off from an online web-building lesson. The lesson code was simplistic - in the interest of brevity, it skipped some fairly important security steps. Whoever built this site clearly didn't get to the later lessons where they covered those. So, after a couple SQL-injections, I was able to log in with admin rights. That meant I was also able to see all of the users' passwords as plaintext.

So yeah, Bitches Bingo is a website for tracking a competition about sleeping with the various "bitches" on campus. Every participant gets a different bingo card, with the same 25 women arranged randomly. He gets an X in a square for screwing the girl named in that square on his card. The first guy to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of five wins the pot - which seems to be $2225 right now.

Each of the girls has a bonus challenge, too. There's a $600 pot for whoever achieves the most of those, regardless of where they are on the bingo card. For the activist chick, it's to do her doggy-style. For the president of the Christian club, it's "bareback" vaginal sex. For me... you guessed it - face-slapping during sex.

On Ian's card, in the box with my name, he had posted, "Fucked her the day after she broke up with her BF. Gotta love pussy with something to prove!

On Kurt's, it said, "18 holes of mini-golf and then back to my place for hole #19. Fucked her. Slapped her. Made her feel special. Heh."

There was similar stuff on other guys' cards about some of the other girls. One guy posted this about Tori, the soccer lesbian: "1st of 2 guys to fuck her at Pablo's party, while her girlfriend watched. The girlfriend was pissed!"

So yeah, it seems that every boy who has asked me out this year has just wanted to fuck me - and slap me - to win a bet. Needless to say, this doesn't help mend my bruised ego.

Thursday November 5

My first thought after learning about Bitches Bingo was to try to come up with some really really nasty revenge. That's exactly what Miles said I always do: dig myself deeper - make myself part of the scandal. Instead, I'm trying to be responsible and restrained. I don't think the game is illegal in any way, so there's no point in going to the cops. The best I can do, I think, is to warn the girls that they're being targeted by shady guys.

My first attempt didn't go well. I started with Tori Winchester, the soccer player, because it was easy to figure out where she'd be.

I waited outside the athletics building to catch Tori after soccer practice. She came out with a couple other girls from the team.

"Tori Winchester?" I asked as an introduction. I knew who she was from pictures on the site.

"Yeah?" she answered curtly.

"My name is Lexi. May I have a word with you in private, please? There's something you need to know."

"No," she said. "Talk or don't, but these are my girls."

"Okay, I guess," I said. I wasn't really sure how to do this tactfully. "I have reason to believe that there's a group of guys trying to get in your pants for nefarious reasons."

Several of the soccer girls laughed. Tori replied, "Let the try - they're not getting in. I play for the other team."

"With respects," I said, "they seem to think that you'll do guys if you're drunk enough."

Tori was visibly irritated. "No - never been raped. I pity the guy who tries. I really don't care what the breeders say about me." One of her friends gave her a high five.

"Well," I went on, trying to get her to take my warning seriously, "one of them claims..."

I was interrupted when a ginger bulldozer of a girl got in my face. "Di'n't you hear the girl? She doesn't do guys. What, are you a homophobe or somethin?"

"No, it's just that..." I tried to explain.

Another girl got in my face: "Listen, 'Lexi', why don't you just fuck off now?" She looked me up and down with obvious menace.

"Yeah, okay," I said, backing away from the angry pack. "I'm sorry I bothered you."

One down, twenty-three to go.

Saturday November 7

The Christian club had a meeting today, so I waited for Audra outside. None of the boys claimed to have fucked her yet, but one of them, Evan, had said that he was very close to "opening her heavenly gates."

Audra was more receptive than Tori had been when I asked to speak to her privately.

"The thing is," I said once we were alone, "there's a group of boys trying to sleep with you and some other specific girls as a sport."

"Well, you know boys," she said dismissively. "It takes some of them a long time to grow into the men they're meant to be."

"Well, yes," I said. "I just wanted to warn you. Some of the guys who might be showing you affection lately might be trying to deceive you."

"Oh, that doesn't matter," Audra said chipperly. "I have a boyfriend. All other men in my life are just friends."

"Your boyfriend isn't Evan McDoughan by any chance, is he?" I asked.

"Yes." She said assuredly. "And he is a perfect gentleman."

"Well, he's one of them," I said. "Just please keep in mind that he might be playing you, and that he might be trying to sleep with other women, too."

"No, I won't," she said flatly. "Look, I know you think you're doing the right thing by saying all of this, but I refuse to let myself be poisoned by doubt and cynicism. That's not the way to grow close to God.

I had no idea where to go from there. Audra took my hand in hers and looked at me with the sympathetic eyes of a true believer. "If you'd like," she said, "I'd be happy to pray with you. I think that if you let a little of God's love in, you can change your whole outlook on life. You can heal the parts of you that are broken."

I took my hand back. "Thanks for your time, Audra," I said, trying to mask my disgust. "I'll think about what you've said. I hope you'll do the same."

What the fuck is with these girls? Look, I'm not anti-religion or anything, but I'm pretty damned sure that God wouldn't want you to be willfully blind to the evils of man. "Pray with me" my ass. I promise you that my relationship with God is a lot healthier than yours is with Evan, bitch.

Monday November 9

My next stop was the school paper. "Juliet? Hi, I'm Lexi. Can I have a word with you in private?"

"Sure - come with me," Juliet told me. She led me to a conference room.

Most girls who wear lipstick around campus usually go for subtle. Not Juliet - bright, wet red. It complemented her complexion really well, though. She sort of had the classic Snow White look: skin as pale as snow, hair like ebony, and blood red lips. Her hair was short and curled; it sort of reminded me of those 1920's flapper girls.

"What can I do for you?" Juliet said in a business-like way.

This time I brought visual aids. I handed her a printout of Ian's Bitches Bingo card while I explained. Ian supposedly fucked her on the second weekend of the school year.

"There are some boys playing a game," I explained, "to see who can make a line on his bingo card by sleeping with the women in the squares. There's also a bonus objective for each girl. For you it's a facial."

I prepared myself for whatever idiotic self-deluding excuses Juliet was going to make. Instead, she was calm. "Huh," she said, looking at the paper more intensely. "How did you find this out?"

I hesitated a moment, while Miles' warning about jail echoed in my head. Hacking the web site had probably been yet another felony.

Juliet clearly saw my doubts. "I'll tell you what - you're now officially an anonymous source for newspaper research. You're protected."

I smiled. "I stumbled upon some network traffic with my name. I followed it to this website and cracked the security."

She furrowed her brow. "Ian... I don't remember sleeping with an Ian," she said.

I showed her a picture of Ian on my phone. "Oh that guy!" she said. "He didn't even try to make it good for me!"

"Yeah," I said, "he didn't exactly leave me with prized memories, either."

Juliet took a spiral notebook and pencil from her bag. "What did you say your name was again?"

"Lexi Green."

"Okay," she went on. It really felt like I was being interviewed by a reporter. "Now Lexi, why are you coming to me with this? What did you hope would be the outcome?"

"I've been going to girls on the list trying to warn them," I explained. "The first two stuck their heads in the sand. I guess I was hoping that you would restore my faith in womankind."

Juliet looked at the bingo card again, going over the names. "Twit, twit, total bitch, bible-thumping sunshine licker. This one is gay.... Twit. Yeah, these girls will all let you down. I'll tell you what: don't say anything to anyone else for right now. Let me do some research. Do you know who any of the other guys are?"

"I'll email you a list," I said.

"Any idea what the connection between them is?"

"I don't know. None that I could find," I confessed. "The whole thing seems to be on the honor system. That suggests that they're friends."

"So I suppose that you're also going to do some research on me?" I asked.

"Oh course," Juliet replied.

"Have fun with that," I said with a chuckle. She gave me a business card with her contact info, and then I left.

Tuesday November 10

Oh what a dream! What a sex dream! If I could only have dreams like that regularly, I wouldn't need to bother with guys and all the complications they bring.

In my dream I was working for some spy agency when my coworker asked me for help. The guy was a tall, well-built, with dark swept hair, glasses, and a little bit of sexy stubble. Hunky, with a sort of Clark Kent vibe. We were both newbies on the job - maybe interns or something - so we both felt a lot of pressure to prove ourselves.

"Lexi, can you help me?" the guy asked. "I'm supposed to determine whether these photos are real or fake, but the software is inconclusive." He showed me some pictures of a couple having exotic sex.

"Hmm, I'm not sure," I said. "What does your experience tell you?"

"That's the problem," he explained. "I'm a virgin - I don't have any experience. The lighting looks good, the depth of field is right. But are those things they're doing in the picture even possible?"

"I don't really know," I said. "Let's test them."

So then we were kissing. It felt so nice. He hiked up my skirt and grabbed my ass. I loosened his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and stroked his abs through his undershirt. I helped position his hands where I wanted them - the back of my neck and the small of my back - and then he dipped me. I've never been dipped in real life.

A moment later we entered the sauna, wearing nothing but towels - because why wouldn't a computer forensics lab have an attached sauna? The guy loosened my towel and took it. His eyes grew wide when he saw my body. I smiled with pride. Then he removed his own towel. His cock was already stiff, and - I can't explain it - there was something just sort of marvelous about it.

I watched as the guy tied our two towels and one more together into a circle. He stepped in close to me and held me. My blood quickened. He put the towel loop over us, hanging from his neck down around my butt. I cooed and wrapped my arms around him as he touched my shoulders.

The guy inched us backward and then adjusted the towel beneath my butt. When he pulled back, there was tension on the towel contraption, and my ass was held like a swing set. Holding my arms, he lowered me down so that my head and shoulders were resting one of the sauna's benches. My lower body was comfortably suspended by the towel swing, my crotch smearing wetness all over his balls.

I grabbed the bench to anchor myself. At the same time, the guy pulled his hips back, taking aim to penetrate me with his cock. His face was one of serious concentration. I was looking back on him with a giggle and a smile.

He made his move with the tiniest, gentlest strokes. Impossibly slowly my body let him in. I groaned at the feeling of being filled up. After a good long wonderful while, his cock was deep in my pussy.

That's when he looked at me uncertainly. Maybe he wanted reassurance, or maybe he didn't know what to do next. "I got this," I told him with a devilish smile.

Wrapping my legs around him gave me the leverage I needed to control the sex. I began with a cycle of pulling myself into him and upward, and then releasing. That was more than enough thrusting to make him gasp. Now his face showed wonder. Is that what guys really look like when they lose their virginity, I wonder?

I continued this back-and-forth motion while we both heated up. I moaned seductively. He gasped. His hands caressed my thighs, but it seemed like he was afraid to touch my pussy. That's okay, it felt great.

"You ready for something different?" I teased.

The towel swing gave me plenty of range of motion, so I tried grinding my pussy into him in big circular motions. His cock was moving in and out and all around inside of me. I was able to be surprisingly vigorous without much energy at all. The guy started panting, and I moaned some more.

We were sticky with sweat and steam. I could barely see out of my glasses. That's when an old bald guy came in and sat down on another bench, wrapped in a towel. He was our boss.

"How's that project coming?" the boss asked in a casual tone.

"We're researching it right now," the guy said, still panting. "I'll have a report for you this afternoon."

"Excellent. Nice initiative," the boss said, seemingly unbothered by the couple having sex a few feet away.

The guy and I smiled at each other and I kept fucking him. "Touch my clit," I suggested.

He tentatively moved his hand toward my center. His hand came to rest on my mound and then his thumb ever-so-gently brushed my clit. Within seconds I was crying out and coming, the regular shaking of my body magnified by the swing contraption.

Almost immediately the guy started groaning too. I could feel every bit of semen he was pumping into me as we came in unison. Five, six, seven spurts and the guy kept coming. Ten, twenty, thirty spurts, and the guy kept coming! At first the unbelievable volume of liquid made me feel even more full. Soon, my pussy had more come than it could handle, and it started leaking out, covering my ass and his thighs, and dripping into a pool on the floor.

The boss got up and left the sauna while the guy and I were still coming and moaning.

I kept grinding and the guy kept pumping out more sticky white fluid. It was bliss.

Maybe it would have ended on it's own - who knows? Instead I awoke with a jolt for no reason. I had overslept. Looking at the clock revealed that I had already missed Linear Algebra.

Thanks for the memories, unnamed nerdy hot guy. I hope your research impressed the boss.

Thursday November 12

Juliet had called yesterday, asking if I would meet her for dinner today. The place she picked out was a nice Italian place. Too nice, maybe - I felt under-dressed when I got there.

"So the Internet has a lot to say about you!" Juliet said as we were seated.

The waiter interrupted us to ask if we'd like any drinks. "Two Chiantis please," Juliet told him.

"May I see some ID?" the waiter asked. Juliet showed him her driver's license.

"And yours?" the waiter said to me.

I was about to explain that I'm underage, when Juliet jumped in: "They're both for me," she said. She winked at the waiter, and that was good enough. It looked like they knew each other.

"The former Chi Omicrons I asked about you had plenty to say, too," Juliet said, continuing her earlier line of thought.

"Oh? Who'd you talk to?" I asked. I had actually liked a lot of the sorority girls.

"Aimee Mason, for one," Juliet told me. "She said, 'Fucking cunt should have minded her own business. I hope she catches a fatal UTI.'"

"I helped fix her computer," I said with a smirk.

The waiter set the two glasses of wine in front of Juliet and took our orders - lasagna for her and eggplant parmesan for me. As soon as he was gone Juliet slid one of the glasses over to me.

"So what I don't get is why you're being such a pussy about these bingo dicks," Juliet said plainly. "The boys at your high school were trading panty shots of your friends, so you found them out, and then you punished them. The professors at your college were trading grades for sex, so you exposed them. Supposedly you doxed your dorm neighbor just for making you look bad in front of a guy. Why aren't you raking these bingo fuckers over the coals?

I sighed. Normally I would have been pretty guarded talking about all this stuff, but for some reason, I wanted to with Juliet. Maybe I needed a confessor?

"I've been reevaluating my choices lately," I explained. "A friend of mine accused me of always looking for trouble, and then escalating the situations. I guess this time around, I tried to think about how he would handle it.

"Was this that video game streamer guy?" Juliet asked. "Fuck him!"

I blushed. Suddenly I felt a bit more vulnerable. "Damn, how did you know about him?" I asked.

"Research," she said nonchalantly. "Well, that and the way you said 'friend' just now."

"Look," she went on, "you can go around telling the other girls about it, and maybe convince yourself it's the moral thing to do. And you will accomplish nothing. Or I can assign a reporter and maybe shame some of the guys into stopping." She stopped to take a long drink of wine - and probably for dramatic effect.

"Or," she said, leaning forward and putting her elbows on the table, "you and I can team up and have some fun teaching these guys a lesson."

I agreed to supply Juliet information so that she could fuck with the boys. Her plan is to lead them on and make them do all sorts of embarrassing and stupid stuff, even if that means possibly fucking them. My own confidence is so far in the tank right now that I can't fathom playing that sort of game with the guys.

When I got home I emailed a list to Juliet of the guys who were likely to ask her out, based on the X's on their cards and how important her square is to them.

Tomorrow I'll add all the guys to my network snooper, and try a few other ways to get info. For now I've got some school work to finish.

Friday November 13

I set my network snooper to look for all of the guys' names. It only covers the library's network, so it's still a fishing expedition, but it's better than nothing.

Of course I can log on to Bitches Bingo any time I want. Day by day I can watch more X's being filled in, signifying more girls being used by these guys for their stupid game.

I guess it's the dishonesty that gets me. I mean, I hate to break it down into a transaction, but any time people have sex, it's because both parties want something from it. Maybe it's just the physical sensations, or maybe it's the emotional ones. Or maybe it's to reassure yourself after a breakup. I mean, whatever his motives, Kurt did give me a pleasant evening. It was only later, when I realized that I had the wrong idea of what it had meant to him that I felt bad. And Ian gave me pretty much what I was looking for the night after my breakup.

I spent a little time trying to log in to the boys' email accounts using their passwords from Bitches Bingo. A couple of them had accounts with email providers too risky to try to access. Of the rest of them, I was able to log in on all but two. People are so fucking stupid. I'll sift through more later on.

A little later I went to the student rec center. I like going on Friday nights - it's never crowded.

Saturday November 14

Juliet sent me an email late last night:

One of the Bitches Bingo guys asked me out today, in the quad. Scott was his name. I politely refused. I'm sure that Juliet would have wanted me to toy with him, but my confidence is still pretty shaken.

Monday November 16

Juliet asked if I could come over to her apartment to talk last night.

The first thing she asked when I got there was if I knew anything about hidden video cameras. Heh. Yeah, I know a thing or two, I told her. She wants to set some up in her place. It's not enough to embarrass these guys privately - she wants proof. We ordered some equipment online.

After that we relaxed with some wine and she told me what she had been up to. For one thing, she found out the connection between the Bitches Bingo players: they're all on the same intramural baseball team.

She said she was still playing hard to get with Jason. Here's what she told him:

You're really lucky you met me after I found Jesus. It wasn't that long ago that I was entirely the wrong kind of woman. I had no respect for myself - I would let guys do just about anything to me. Sometimes two or three guys at a time. A couple times I actually had sexual relations with another girl, in front of guys, just to get them to like me. Once there was even a dog.

If I had met you back then, I would have slept with you right away. I would have done all sorts of depraved things with you to try to earn your affection. You would have had no respect for me, and you would have called me all the names that I deserved to your friends.

I think our relationship really has potential. I'm glad God waited until after I cleaned up my act for us to meet.

I was skeptical. "You said all that, and he had no idea that you were trolling him?"

"I can be very persuasive!" Juliet said with a twinkle in her eye.

"I've also started seeing Seth," Juliet told me. "I have him convinced that I've got a diaper fetish. We've got a class together, and I told him it would really turn me on to know that he was wearing diapers under his pants during class."

"You are a sick, sick woman," I told Juliet jokingly.

"What about you? Still not ready to throw your hat in the ring?" She asked.

"I just don't have the spirit for it these days," I said.

"Well, forget the games," Juliet said encouragingly. "What about just getting busy with a few of these guys for the joy of it? Some of them really do know how to fuck."

"No," I said, "I had a couple questionable post-breakup romps, but now I need to take it easy for a while."

"A couple? Ha!" Juliet opined. "Everyone knows you have to sleep with twelve strangers to get over an ex." I raised an eyebrow, questioning her claim. "I read it in Cosmo," she said, not very credibly.

"Do you think your ex is seeing someone now?" Juliet asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "There was a girl on his stream with him who was acting pretty friendly."

So then Juliet and I watched yesterday's recording of Miles' stream. Juliet declared that Miles and Peachy of Earth are, in fact, fucking. She suggested that I hack his computer and go looking for info, but I explained that I couldn't. I had never left a back door on his home PC, back when I had his trust. Then I remembered that I did have the password to his cloud media service.

I had lost count of how many glasses of wine we'd had by that point. It's hard to tell when it comes from a box. Most of his media files were clips of his stream waiting to be edited, or bits of tournaments he wanted to study. There was one, however: personal/peachyofearth/11-09.mpeg...

It began in Miles' bedroom. Miles was wearing just his red silk boxers with the dragon motif. Peachy was wearing a fancy orange panties/bra set with white lace trim. Peachy sat on the edge of the bed. Miles knelt on the floor between her legs, caressing her thighs.

Peachy kept saying things like, "You are a sexy man," in her thick accent while Miles teased her. I was feeling all sorts of jumbled up feelings as I watched the video of my former boyfriend getting ready to fuck another girl. One of those feelings was arousal. Is that weird? I wondered if Juliet was getting turned on too.

"Now it is time for you to lick my pussy!" Peachy said playfully after a minute. Together they took off her panties and then Miles stuck his face and fingers in and got to work. We couldn't see the details, of course - just the back of his head with her hands on it, shaking around in her crotch.

In a minute, Peachy started moaning in that shrill way that Japanese women always do in animated porn movies. I've never been clear on whether that's what real Japanese women sound like, or if it's just a porn convention somehow. I couldn't tell if she was faking it. I hoped she was.

"That was very good," Peachy said, once she finished coming. "Now I would like to see your penis."

I had been pretty well balanced up until that point. And when Miles dropped his boxers and his dick popped out, I was still pretty cool. But then they got on the bed together, and he positioned her on her side, facing the camera. He knelt straddling one of her legs and holding the other while he inserted his prick into her hairy pussy. Flesh-slapping noises could be heard as he thrust into her and their crotches collided.

That's when I started to cry.

"Hey, Lexi, it's okay," Juliet said, "we don't have to watch this." She reached for the laptop keyboard to shut the video down, but I pushed her hands away.

Miles touched her ass, belly, back - all touches that I knew. He started grunting - I knew that grunt. Peachy started moaning, too - that same shrill moan - and saying some words that I couldn't understand. I watched Miles from this unfamiliar perspective as he fucked with determination, trying to make his new girlfriend come. She started shrieking, but I think she was faking it. Then Miles slapped her ass and grunted, and his hips and abs moved differently. He really seemed to be pushing in for every last millimeter he could manage. He was was inseminating her.

A string of jizz connected their genitals briefly when he pulled out. Then the video ended and I closed the laptop case.

"I'm sorry, Lexi. I shouldn't have pushed you to watch this," Juliet told me.

"No, it's just...," I began, fumbling for words. "I can deal with the fact that he's fucking her. I mean, of course he is. I just always thought of that as our position. I don't even know if there's a name for it, but it's what Miles and I always did." I wiped my eyes. "I guess you can't call dibs on something like that."

It was late, and I was tired and drunk, so I slept on Juliet's couch. Another hangover.

Wednesday November 25

Audra's "boyfriend", Evan, was the first guy to put an X in her square. "Popped her cherry and shot a big wad of jizz up into her baby factory. You guys need to get in on this, so that if she gets pregnant she can't pin it on me. LOL!"

That pisses me off a lot. Look, I know I'm not a good Catholic, but the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy is no joke. Audra bears responsibility for whatever choices she made - assuming it's even true - but this asshole needs a reality check. If a baby does come of this, he had better step up, or I will hound him to the ends of the earth. Hopefully Audra is on the pill.

Evan has X'ed off three other girls, too, since I talked to Audra about him.

I saved a copy of the Bitches Bingo database and all of its files, just in case someone needs some proof some day.

Thursday November 26

Thanksgiving. I decided to stay on campus over the holiday, over my parents' objections. If I went back home, I'd feel like I was going to run into Miles everywhere I went.

Instead, I hung out at Juliet's place. She watched football while I hooked up the cameras and set up a Linux PC with DVR software. We both drank beer. I probably would have chosen more of that boxed wine if it had been up to me, but Juliet was unbending on the notion that Thanksgiving was for football and thus beer.

Juliet gave me a bottle of bourbon as thanks for helping her set up her spy cameras.

I'm back at my dorm now. My roommate is out of town for the holiday. It's so rare for me to have time to myself in here - it feels like a luxury. I think that for the rest of the night, I'm going to sip bourbon, read Dr. Welsh's domination porn, and make myself come.

Saturday November 28

I spent yesterday with Juliet, too. She actually likes that day-after-Thanksgiving shopping chaos. We compromised: We spent two hours at the mall, and then one hour at the shooting range. I did pick up a cute minidress and a new laptop bag. Juliet made a lot of jokes about guns and the sorts of people who own them, but she nonetheless charmed everyone I introduced her to.

Somehow we ended up talking about what I had done on Thursday after I got home. And then we ended up talking about how I'd never used a vibrator. Juliet decided that I absolutely needed to own one. I was reluctant, but she wore me down and we ended up going to a sex toy store.

"Someone might see us," I argued.

"Anyone who's there is there for the same reason, or else for something even kinkier," she said. "Nobody will be judging anyone. Anyway - say some dorky kid sees you walking out of the store with a brand new dildo. Think about how happy you'll have made him as he jerks off thinking about you."

The sales lady was surprisingly approachable. She was in her fifties, and had the bearing of an elementary school teacher.

A big wall-socket magic wand vibrator was the best value, the sales lady said. She still had hers from when she was my age. But when I explained the dorm situation she pointed me to something a bit smaller and easier to hide. It's a little pink 4-inch plastic thing with a curved tip that is supposedly equally good on the clitoris or g-spot.

There were, in fact, a couple fifteen year olds on their bikes, staring at us from a convenience store as we left. Juliet grabbed my hand and pulled me over to them. "My friend here just bought her first vibrator," she told them.

"It's true," I said. I took the box out of the bag to show it to them. "Later tonight I'm going to shove this up my pussy."

The two boys were speechless, so Juliet and I strutted off to my car, arm-in-arm and giggling. As we were getting in, one of the boys shouted, "Do you need some help?"

So then at night I read more porn stories and I teased my clit with the thing. Through page after page of sordid affairs and diabolical plot twists, I kept myself just short of the point of no return. When I did finally let myself come, I came really damn hard. Same thing this morning. I can't believe I waited so long to buy one of these! It won't replace guys, of course - there's more to good sex than just stimulating your clit - but it's nice to have for alone time.

I need to figure out a way to get an apartment next year. This holiday with my roommate gone has shown me just how much I miss having a space of my own. Maybe next year I'll have the freedom to fuck myself to sleep every night.

Sunday November 29

Juliet asked me to come over to watch the video she had made last night with Seth, AKA Diaper Boy.

The video started with Seth sitting on the edge of Juliet's bed, alone. Her voice could be heard from off-camera: "Would you like to take off your pants?"

Seth took off his pants, and he was wearing a diaper: a fact that Juliet immediately commented on. "Why are you wearing a diaper?"

"I want Mommy to be proud of me," Seth said.

"Mommy is proud of you," Juliet answered, still unseen. "Would you like to see Mommy's tits?" Seth nodded, and then his eyes widened and he got fidgety.

"Do you like Mommy's tits?"


"How do they make you feel?"

"They make me excited!"

"I can see that. Maybe you'd like to touch your diaper?"

She had him rubbing the outside of his diaper for a little while. Then eventually she let him unfasten the diaper, while still sitting on it, and jerk his cock. While he was stroking himself, she had him exclaiming things like, "I want to make Mommy proud!". Right before he shot his load, it was, "I'm coming for you, Mommy! Your baby boy is coming!"

"This is pretty heavily edited," Juliet explained once the video was done. "I'm not sure if I like it like this, though, or if it would be better without my half of the dialog. What do you think?"

I thought about it. "Well, it's pretty humiliating as is, but I expect his friends will cut him some slack if it's obvious that he's doing it to get in your pants. I think if you remove that context it will be weirder and more pathetic."

"I think you're right," Juliet said with a nod. "I'll re-edit it tonight."

"So what all did you do with him?" I asked.

"Well, I did suck him a fair amount in there," she said. "Obviously I left that out. But that was the only time he came. The 'money-shot'. You can't see it, but he was actually coming on my face."

"Are you going to see him again?" I asked.

"Nah. I think I'll play it distant for a while," Juliet explained. "Then, when he becomes insistent, I'll tell him I don't want to see him again, because I didn't think he was really in the spirit of the role-play."

"God, you're a bitch!" I teased.

"That's why they call it Bitches Bingo!" She said. "It's not like they weren't warned. Their own bio of me says that I dick over my exes. It's their own fault."

Juliet asked if I'd seen any traces of the guys talking to each other about her or the other girls. She was worried that after this incident with Seth, she might not be asked out any more. I said that I hadn't seen any. The guys seemed to brag after they had done a girl, but not while they were wooing them. I guess they were worried about being cock-blocked by each other.

Tuesday December 1

I caught a chat log between Evan and Jason:

LOL. Audra still hasn't figured out that I'm done with her. She sent me an email. It goes on for a page, but this sums it up: "I don't understand why you're shutting me out. Are you frightened by the intimacy we shared? I know that it can be overwhelming - it had the same effect on me. But I also know that it was right - this is what God wants for us, and it's the beginning of a life-long partnership. Please, talk to me - let me help you through this."
ROFL! That chick is like the mayor of denial-town. She thinks you're getting married? Does she think you were a virgin before her?
Nah. She knows I've been with "a couple" of other women. But that was before she "saved" me. She thinks I'm a one-woman man now, on the track to marriage and heaven thanks to her.
And now you're not talking to her?
Yeah. Haven't talked to her since I fucked her. Think I should tell her that I seduced her to win a bet?
Better idea: tell her that you've lost respect for her. That a woman who would give up her ideals so easily isn't someone you could possibly have a life with. Call her a whore and a hypocrite.

God, what assholes.

Wednesday December 2

I thought long and hard about what to do about Audra. I figured she probably wouldn't be happy to see me again, no matter what. Evan's letter, if he writes it, could absolutely crush her. But maybe if I show her the chat log ahead of time, it won't hurt her quite so badly? She'll know she was used, but hopefully he won't take down her whole sense of self-worth.

She had emailed Evan her class schedule a while back, so I didn't have any trouble finding her after her French Lit class today.

"What do you want?" She asked, completely absent the sweetness of our previous meeting.

"Audra, there's something you should know," I said, as compassionately as possible.

"No - I told you before, I'm not going to get drawn in to your world of deception and malice," she said. "I trust my boyfriend." She very obviously didn't believe her own words.

"He used you," I said, trying my best to sound like a friend or councilor. "And soon I think he's going to try to break your heart as savagely as he can. I hope that by warning you, I can lessen the pain."

I handed her a printout of the chat log. She didn't hesitate to read it. She didn't look up when she finished reading. "He already told me," she said in a shaky voice, barely more than a whisper.

Audra began to cry. I pulled her in to my shoulder protectively.

"He's right though," she said finally, still sobbing. "Even if he didn't mean it, he's right. I'm a whore and a hypocrite."

"You made a mistake," I told her. "Nobody gets through life without a couple of those. Nobody gets a perfect score on virtue." She sniffled in reply.

"As I understand it," I said after a moment, "you two didn't use protection. If you do miss your period... just make sure you've got someone to talk to, okay?"

Audra broke from my embrace and looked at me, full of spite. "How do you even know that?!?" She asked. "Who are you? The Devil? Just stay away from me!" She hurried away.

I swear I'm cursed. Sooner or later, I make everyone to hate me. Everyone.

Friday December 4

"Please? I really need your help!" Juliet and I had been strategizing over the boys' bingo cards and planning her grand finale after her date with Ben. There were a couple boys very close to finishing lines, and Juliet and I were both potential winning conquests.

"Why do you need me? What's your plan?" I asked, talking another sip of her box wine.

She shook her head. "I'm not going to tell you," she said with an infuriating grin. "But I need my penultimate moment with Ben to be in the presence of you, and a guy who'd like a blowjob from a hot cyber criminal who looks like a librarian.

I frowned at her characterization. Juliet gave me a get-real look and defended her claim: "Lexi, if I gave a thousand people a picture of you and told them to put a caption on it, 950 would come back saying, 'sexy librarian'. Own it." I drank more wine.

"I just don't feel like these guys deserve to be jerked around like that," I explained for the hundredth time.

"Not even Evan?" Juliet said. Once she knew she had my attention, she went on: "He wins if he X's your square. He'll be very motivated to try to get in your pants. You'll be able to get him to do almost anything. Don't you want to avenge Little Miss Bible Thumper?"

"Besides," she added to tip the scales of my indecision, "he is really fucking hot. Don't tell me you don't have an itch to scratch.... C'mon! Just agree to one double date and one blowjob. Then if you feel like it at the time, you can humiliate him, or use him, or ignore him and read your computer shit."

So, we made the arrangements. Tomorrow night, Juliet, Ben, Evan, and I will be going out dancing and then hanging out Juliet's apartment. I guess I'm committed to the blowjob, but we'll see how the rest goes.

Sunday December 6

We started off last night at a club. Evan was the kind of charming that usually means he's an asshole. Normally I would have ruled out any physical relationship with him on account of his personality, but I had promised Juliet to see this through at least a little further. I had to admit, though, he did look good. Sometimes while we were dancing, there was something about the way his jacket hugged his chest.

Back at Juliet's apartment we drank and flirted and kissed. Everyone knew it was heading toward sex, but these things take time, I guess.

"Hey, what do you say we go to your bedroom?" Ben asked Juliet. "Get some privacy?"

"I don't know," Juliet said, setting down her drink and standing up. "It would be a shame to break up the party."

Juliet started walking toward me with a sexy stride. She has a tall lithe body with subdued curves. Something about the way she moved seemed like a stripper, about to start her act. "Hey Lexi, have I ever told you how envious I am of your tits?" She stepped in close to me and put her hands on my breasts, lifting them so that they threatened to spill out of my dress. I groaned

"Are you kidding?" I said, playing along. "I would give anything to have an ass like yours!" I reached around behind her, pulling her tight and tugged up the hem of her minidress. I squeezed her smooth bare ass cheeks, wondering if she had on any underwear before my fingers found her thong. The guys were watching with rapt attention. I enjoyed the idea that they were probably getting hard.

"No way - you are way hotter," Juliet said. "I could just..." She pulled my neckline down a little and kissed the top of my breast. Then she kissed her way up to my neck, right behind my ear. I gasped, and this time I wasn't faking it.

I've been with girls before - once as part of a three-way, and once as a means to an end. There were certainly nice elements to it, but the other girls never made me feel truly aroused. This was different - I was completely turned on. The exhibitionism of it all was definitely part of that feeling, but, I don't know, maybe I'm a bit higher on the Kinsey scale than I thought I was.

Juliet rubbed up against me provocatively while whispering in my ear: "We're going to suck them off in a minute. Don't let him come before I've sprung my trap." I giggled mysteriously for the boys' benefit. And then we kissed - long, soft, wet. I was acutely aware of the two boys watching us, their blood boiling with lust. I guess mine was too.

I was disappointed for an instant when Juliet backed away from our kiss. "Maybe we should let the boys play, too," she proclaimed.

So then we each slinked to our boy. I started on my knees, rubbing Evan's thigh, feeling his solid tube down the leg of his slacks. By that time, I wasn't thinking about games or justice: I just felt joyful feminine instinct. I wanted that cock. A moment later his pants were gone and my lips were locked around his hard hot flesh.

I looked up to meet Evan's eyes after a minute or two of sucking, but his head was turned far to the side, watching Juliet sucking Ben off. I repositioned us so that they were directly in front of him.

Evan was blissed out, with his hands in my hair. Juliet got slurpy for a bit, and then she told Ben, "God, I can't wait to swallow your come."

"No," Ben said, "I want to paint your face." I remembered that the bonus challenge for Juliet was to come on her face.

"I've never understood that," Juliet said in a suddenly more conversational, less sultry tone. She did keep working his cock over, though. "What's the appeal? Is it a domination thing?"

"It's just that..." Ben began, quickly trying to come up with an excuse, "a woman is never more beautiful than when her face is covered with semen. It's like totally an artistic thing in Japan."

"Interesting," Juliet said. Her mouth was unoccupied when she spoke this time. "I wonder, then, if a man is 'never more attractive' than when his face is covered with come?"

"Ah...," Ben began, clearly at a loss for words.

"I'll tell you what," Juliet went on. "You can come on my face, if you let Evan there come on yours."

Both guys began to object. "Come on, guys - you don't want to start saying 'no' so early in the evening, do you?" Juliet asked. "Lexi will do all the actual work."

I switched to working Evan's dick with my hand so that I could look back and forth among the parties involved.

"I don't think so," Ben said.

"That's the deal," Juliet said playfully. "Before you can come on my face, he has to come on yours. For science."

The guys exchanged a couple looks. Ben said, "Come on, man...". He must have really wanted those bonus points.

"Fine...," Evan said.

So Juliet positioned Ben on his knees right next to me. I guess Evan's dick got shy, because I was going at him with all my best stuff: spit and lips and tongue and hands, moaning like I was going to come from his cock in my mouth. I couldn't seem to quite get him there.

Juliet picked up on the problem too. She hiked up the back on my dress and slipped her hand into my panties, caressing my butt. When she smacked my ass, Evan groaned. When she rubbed her finger across my cunt and then tasted it, that's what pushed Evan over the edge. "Oh god," he said. His balls tightened and his cock twitched. I was just barely quick enough to aim it at Ben's face before three viscous wads of gooey mess shot out.

Evan fell back into the couch. Ben started to stand up but Juliet pushed him back down to his knees. "Not so fast," she said. "I was to get the right perspective on this." She stood over him, looking down on his come-covered face. She pulled me up next to her.

"What do you think, Lexi?" Juliet asked. "Do you think he looks sexier?"

"Yeah, I think he does," I replied. "A little bit."

Juliet wouldn't let Ben wipe his face clean before she got to work sucking his cock. I don't know if Evan and I planned to watch, but we did - it was too captivating to resist. I've never seen a woman so animated while giving head before. She was on her knees in front of him, bobbing her head like you would expect. But the rest of her body was moving in waves, like a belly dancer. At one point she wrapped both arms under and around his legs and pulled him tight until his cock was buried deep in her throat. She made sounds like she was choking, but I think she must have been faking it, because she didn't make any effort to pull away. Either way, it was obviously driving Ben wild.

By that time, I was sitting on Evan's lap, partially unzipped, with his hand down the front of my dress. Asshole or not, I was pretty sure by that point that I wanted Evan to fuck me. If I could find a way to embarrass him, all the better; but I was going to get laid tonight.

Juliet sucked on Ben's balls for a minute while humming. That seemed to really get to Ben, too. Then she went for the big finish. Feverishly she bobbed back and forth, brushing his cock head with her lips. At the same time, she was squeezing his balls like a lump of play-dough. Ben's hips bucked and his thighs trembled. "Oh fuck!" he said through clenched teeth. "I'm gonna come!"

Juliet inched back and worked his cock with both hands. She thrashed her head from side to side as Ben came, so that each of his come-shot ribbons stretched far across her face, like a set of horrible scars.

She sucked the last couple drops from his dick before standing up and side-hugging him, as if posing for a picture.

Juliet and Ben cleaned up their faces, and all of us had a few more drinks. Juliet managed to pull me into her bedroom briefly. "I've got a present for you," she said, handing me a gift bag from her dresser. Inside I found an eight inch strap-on dildo - realistic looking with all sorts of veins and bumps.

"You guys can use the bedroom. We'll do it in the livingroom," she told me.

Not long after that, Evan and I were in the bedroom, taking off our clothes. Out of nowhere, he pulled me close to him and pulled my hair back, as if to expose my neck to his teeth. I went along with it. "I bet you like it rough, don't you, Lexi?"

"Mmm, sometimes," I said coyly.

"While I'm fucking you, I'm going to slap you," he said. "I bet that turns you on, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it kinda does," I said seductively. "But before we do that, there's something that I want to try."

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

I pointed for him to get onto the bed. Juliet had one of those old-fashioned folding privacy screens, so I ducked behind that to attach my new artificial penis. I exited with a theatrical flourish, showing off the dildo attached to my otherwise naked, otherwise feminine body.

"Oh hell no," Evan said.

I slinked up to him on the bed on my hands and knees. Face to face, I told him, "Oh yes. I'm going to fuck you up the ass." I grabbed his head by the hair this time. "And I'm going to make you like it."

"No way," he said flatly.

"Oh well," I said aloofly, climbing off the bed. "It was a fun evening. I guess nothing lasts forever."

"Hey, come on!" Evan argued. "Can't we just do it normally?"

I climbed back on the bed. "Let me try this, just for a little while, and then you can do anything you want to me."

Evan was silent for a moment while he thought it over. Maybe he was deciding how much he wanted the Bitches Bingo prize money. Or maybe he was wondering if there would be time to beat Ben to the prize, if he even knew it was a close race. Either way, eventually he gave in. "Okay, just a little."

I had him lie on his back and I shoved a pillow under his butt. Then I took position, kneeling upright between his legs. "Spread 'em a little wider for me, baby," I asked.

I rubbed his balls and his reluctant dick with one hand while I worked a lubed finger slowly into his ass. He gritted his teeth. "Hey," I said supportively, "don't get hung up on taboos and stereotypes. I've known plenty of straight guys who are into this. Just lie back and enjoy it!" It was an exaggeration, to be sure, but it seemed to help him relax. Pretty soon, his eyes were closed, his dick was hard, and he seemed to be tolerating two of my fingers stroking in and out of his reasonably relaxed asshole.

I couldn't get the dildo in on the first try, but after applying a hell of a lot of lube, the tip sunk in, and then my faux-cock began its slow journey into his body. Ben groaned after two inches, but he tilted his hips and spread his legs wider to accommodate me. After four inches I figured I had enough clearance to start stroking in and out. I tugged on his cock with the same rhythm.

We heard a laugh from the other room. Whatever was going on in there, Juliet was enjoying herself, loudly.

The harness had a little knobby bit that I guess was supposed to rub against my clit while I fucked my partner. I had assumed it was a stupid gimmick, but between the friction on my clit and the arousal of domination, my pussy was feeling good. My wetness was dripping down my thighs, and the lube was getting all over both of us. Evan even let out a couple soft groans.

Juliet started to moan from the next room, occasionally muttering, "Oh yeah," and, "Give it to me." Evan had a dreamy look on his face and his cock was twitching in my hand, so I knew that he was enjoying himself. I wasn't sure which of the three of us would come first. I didn't want Evan to come, though - I wanted him to be ready to fuck me normally, once this adventure was over. I kept rocking my hips, driving the strap-on into Evan's ass, and in so doing, exciting my real sex organs even further.

Juliet's moans became more excited. "That's it! Do me harder!" We heard her shout. She was going to come any second, and probably wake her neighbors.

"I am so fucking turned on right now!" I said to Evan. I leaned forward, my body mostly flat on top of his, and I let my hips go wild fucking his ass.

Juliet shrieked with pleasure. I was so close! The random chaotic bumping against my clit just wasn't precise enough, but I knew that if I fucked just a little bit harder, I'd come.

Juliet shrieked again, and then Evan got a freaked-out look on his face. "No, wait - I don't want to...," he said with some urgency. I stopped moving immediately, but it was too late. I felt the warm wetness of his ejaculation on my belly smeared between us. Frankly I had forgotten about Evan's cock, but I guess the friction of our bodies rubbing it was enough to make him come.

Evan looked disappointed and embarrassed. "I'm really close," I told him with a hint of desperation in my voice. "Can I keep going?" He nodded dejectedly.

I resumed my action, bucking my hips and driving my silicon toy in and out of Evan's ass. Evan's face reflected surprise, or maybe disgust. I can't imagine how I must have looked to him just then. I didn't care - I just needed a little bit more.

Juliet was coming next door - a long series of moans and gasps, with an occasional grunt from Ben. I closed my eyes, and without meaning to, I imagined it was Juliet beneath me: it was her pussy that I was fucking, and it was my grinding and bumping that was making her call out. I imagined the boys were watching us.

That's when I came. My upper body collapsed on top of Evan, my cheek flat against his chest, but my hips kept bucking while my pussy quivered and my insides shook. The satisfaction of orgasm took hold as my breathing slowed.

After a few seconds, still on top of Evan, still attached to him by the dildo up his ass, I reflected on what a disgusting mess I was lying in. I laughed. "You take the first shower while I change the sheets?" I proposed.

I remembered what a dick Evan was toward Audra while I was cleaning up, and I was feeling pretty satisfied, so I didn't mind when Evan couldn't get it up. In fact, I used the opportunity to be sort of mean to him. "No, no, It's cool. I've just never met a guy who can only get it up twice." And, "I just sort of assumed that you'd have more control than that."

Evan seemed distraught that we weren't going to get to have regular sex any time soon - presumably because of the lost opportunity to win Bitches Bingo. I was sucking his dick, supposedly to help get him hard, but not really, when there was a knock on the door and Ben poked his head in.

"You about ready to go?" He asked. With a sly smile, he added, "By the way - bingo, baby."

Evan and I gave up right after that, and he left with Ben, looking even more depressed. Juliet and I drank more wine and giggled, telling each other what the video cameras were going to reveal the next day.

Monday December 7

The website declared Ben the winner of the main Bitches Bingo prize. The note he posted along with the X in Juliet's square was, "A crazy fuck that I highly recommend."

The website also mentioned that now was the time to post nominations for the bitches of season two.

Wednesday December 9

Juliet did a wonderful job editing the videos. She somehow got a close-up video of Ben taking a come-shot in the face, with none of the rest of us visible. It was low-res from being cropped so much, but it was certainly good enough to recognize him.

Seth's diaper video was re-cut to look like a confessional or something.

Juliet blurred my face for the video of our strap-on session. She also added some effects, like slow-motion and the caption "He just came" at the right moments. She made the part where he couldn't get hard into a separate movie.

I made sure the videos and pictures were posted to a wide enough variety of sites that the Internet would never forget them, and I made sure the search engines knew the boys' names. You'd think I'd be nervous about releasing sex videos of me out into the untamed Internet, but I actually kind of like the idea.

With that done, all that was left was to write a letter to the boys from a throw-away email account.

I guess I'm still not completely over Miles. But maybe Juliet is right - maybe after a few more romps with scoundrels, I will be.

I'm keeping the strap-on. This was the second time I've penetrated a guy's ass, and I'm surprised how much I liked it. I want to explore that kink some more. Maybe if I'm lucky, I can find a guy who's into it and doesn't need to be coaxed.

And then there's Juliet. Who knows? Maybe with a few drinks and the right audience, she and I will find a use for the strap-on.