Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Welcome to the world of Little Girl Discipline; a world where adults enjoy strictly disciplining little girls' bare bottoms (and other places). I do hope you enjoy this story. I am always looking for inspiration so please email me at and share your experiences / thoughts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- - GRADE SPANKING (MF/g, NC, spanking, ped, oral, anal) I was in the office sitting at my desk; it was just another day and I was getting on with my work. It was not the world's most interesting job, but it paid well. I looked outside the window and saw across the square a pretty young mother with her daughter. The mother looked harassed and was scolding the daughter who looked to be about five years old. The daughter's face was red and she was crying. I idly wondered if, when they got home, the little daughter's panties would be coming off for a very long hard spanking over Mummy's knee. My cock hardened slightly at the thought of that cute little girl being given the spanking of her young life on her bare bottom. I had no doubt she would scream and plead with her Mummy for all she was worth. I wondered if her Mum had a big wooden spoon kept especially for her daughter's cute little bum. Suddenly the phone rang, disturbing my little daydream; I picked up the receiver. "Hi John!" came a female voice, sounding low and rather out of breath. "Oh, hi Barbara!" I answered recognising one of my girlfriends. In my early 40's, divorced and being fairly well-to-do I had no lack of interest from women. I was active in the community where I met at lot of poorer women who more often than not were single mothers. They often saw me as a chance to get out of a hole and were keen to do what they could to please me. When I first met them I always found out two things; did they have young girls, and did they spank? Only those women who caught on quickly and started to talk in detail about how they spanked made it to a second date. When we met for a second date I would make sure we went somewhere very nice and intimate. After a few glasses of wine I would begin to probe a little deeper to discover just how committed my date was to spanking her little daughter. I found out one of the best ways to discover this was to get them talking about how they had been spanked themselves when they were young. At the end of the night I always knew if things were going to go any further. I loved to watch those women who would get red in the face and start to imperceptibly wriggle as they described how they had received the very strictest discipline from their own parents, and how they were keen for their daughters to learn the very same painful lessons. These single mothers always bemoaned not having a man to help with their little daughter's bottoms. With their eyes shining they would try to find out how interested I was. The answer, they found, was very! From there it was only a short step to find out if, when they got spanked by their parents, Mummy and Daddy had enjoyed more than just their parental spanking rights. Those smart women who put two and two together generally figured out what to do next. I was not going to give them any clues and sometimes things didn't go any further. But in a few cases, maybe a week or so later, I would get a call. Before long, often that very same day, I would be watching as a little girl had to show her bare bottom to Mummy's new boyfriend. Whilst I enjoyed a sniffling daughter having to stick her bottom out for Uncle John to look at, Mummy would be choosing something really nasty to spank her with. I had been going out with Barbara for a few weeks now. She was proving to be a very special girlfriend indeed. Quite attractive in her own right, Barbara had a firm body with prominent breasts and a large tight bottom; she loved wearing a bikini or sexy underwear to show her body off to me. It had only taken a short while to find out that there was nothing Barbara liked more than to spank and spank and spank her little daughter Susan, and little Susan was a spankers dream; a shy little 10 year old, Susan had shoulder length wavy fair hair that her Mum always tied up in two pretty bunches with red ribbons when I came to visit. She looked so cute with her hair tied like that and tears flooding down her red face. She had delicate white skin and large prominent bottom cheeks which jiggled as she nervously shuffled from one foot to another. Barbara's parents had been very strict and had enjoyed the most outrageous pleasures disciplining Barbara and her little sister. Now Barbara's own pussy dribbled at the very thought of taking little Susan's panties off ready for the strictest bare bottom discipline. "Hey Barbara, I was just thinking of you." I said. "Hmmmm, why was that?" she giggled. "Just seen a Mum out the window giving this little cutie a real telling off. The kid was crying real bad. I think it was going to be a big wooden spoon when she got home." I said. "How old was the girl?" asked Barbara. "About five, I should say; real cute with a plump little bum!" I said. "Mmmm, lovely!" said Barbara, "If I were her Mum, she would have got her buns busted with a paddle. Good and hard! That's the only way!" "Yes, and all that scampering around afterwards! Can you imagine?" I smiled. "Ooooo, you've really got me going, John!" she moaned softly, "Come round tonight, I'm going to spank Susan's bottom very hard. A little bird has told me that her grades are going to be very bad indeed. I bet she's going to be crying so sweetly, begging me not to hurt her little bum-bum, wanting to be so good for Mummy, and her Uncle too if he's there! Would you like to be there, John? Have her make you feel good? I'd do anything for my Daddy to stop him spanking." "Yes, I remember you saying!" I grinned, my cock getting hard as I listened to her voice, "Tell me about what your Mummy and Daddy used to do to you again." "Are you getting hard?" she asked. "Very! You know how I love listening to how they punished you!" I sighed. "Oh John!" she moaned, "We could be just like them you know, with Susan, doing all the things they did to me and Sis. Oh God, I'm playing with myself now!" "What did they used to do, Barbara?" I smouldered. They hurt our little bums so bad, John. Almost every day we'd have to dress up in little costumes like tiny school uniforms, knee length white socks with short little skirts that showed off our wobbly little bums. We had to wear these little thongs, but didn't even have a name for them back then. Mum used to make them especially for us. They used to cut right into your pussy and between your ass cheeks. Watching us show ourselves off in them used to really make Mum and Dad hot. Dad would get his cock out and put it in our mouths. Mum would be keen to make our bottoms hurt as much as possible and she would rub baby oil into our bum cheeks as Daddy used his cock to punish our throats. Daddy was so strict when he punished with his cock. He and Mum had this saying, `Balls deep or bottoms beat!'. That meant that me and Sis had to get his cock all the way into whichever hole he was punishing or our bottoms would be caned until they were purple splotches. He used to push his cock right the way in until his balls were pressed against us. It used to hurt so much and we used to scream and beg him when he was punishing our pussy or bum hole. But when he was down our throat all we could do was gag and splutter over him. He used to love us doing that. Then Mum would have us get in these spanking positions that had our bums stuck up and our little pussies and ass holes all open and displayed. Mum and Dad would spend a long time punishing us, spanking our little bum cheeks until we wept and squealed for them to stop. Mum would strip down until she was naked and show us how wet her pussy was. She'd stick it in our faces and make us kiss it whilst her Dad decided what to spank us with next. They had all these paddles and canes and stuff, all for spanking our little butts until we howled. When we were really screaming and our bums were all red and swollen, then Mummy's and Daddy's pussy, cock and bum holes were ready for us to really go to work on. Oh yes, they both loved having their dirty bottom holes licked and tongued by their howling daughters. I can still remember trying to stick my tongue as deep as I could get it into Daddy's big hairy hole. He'd moan and his cock would drip sticky cum when me or sis had our tongues in his hole. Mum was just as bad and would wrap her legs around our backs to force our heads between her bum cheeks and our faces deep into her ass. Then Daddy's cock would get busy with our bottom holes. After getting excited watching us being spanked he needed hard vigorous anal sex in a tight little spanked child's bottom. He used to like making us cry and scream all over again whilst Mum used to push our faces into her pussy so we could lick and kiss and suck her like anything whilst she moaned with pleasure. I mean, just think of it, us crying and wailing as they punished us and them crying with pleasure as our little bodies made them cum. "Oh God, John, I'm so hot! I've got my fingers right up me! Mmmmm! Rubbing so hard! Is your cock hard? Are you leaking?" Barbara's hoarse urgent voice came. "Sure is!" I gave a throaty whisper. "Mmmmmmmmm, going to cum now!" she moaned down the phone line, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh God! Yesssssssss!" she shouted as she came. "Love your description!" I smiled. "Mmmm, it makes me so hot remembering." Barbara smouldered, "Oh John, I need a man like you to help me with Susan. I need to punish her like I was, in all her little holes whilst she cries and pleads with me to start her spanking so you can take your cock out of her. Then I'll put her in all of these positions you'll love and spank her and spank her until she begs you to put your cock back into her. I've got this whippy little cane; you should see her when I use it on her bum. The way she squeals and dances; mmmm it makes me so wet. You'll love it, I promise!" "So, a little bird told you her grades weren't good?" I wondered. "Yes, me and her teacher have little understanding. She likes spanking and I don't mind her taking Susan into the stockroom once a week for a little bare bottom reminder. Then of course Susan gets a big reminder from me when she gets home." Barbara confirmed. "An ideal arrangement!" I smiled. "Mmm, yes, apparently her grades are very bad indeed!" said Barbara, "I always spank for bad grades, but this time it is seems like I'm going to have to do something very special! I want Susan's bottom to remember this for a long time to come!" "I think I will come round to visit tonight." I agreed. "Oooo, John, that will be lovely!" Barbara exclaimed, "I'll make it so nice for you, I promise! I know how much you like to see Susan crying! I love it too! I'll make her cry so sweetly for you. And show all her pretty body to you, especially the bits you like best! You need to take plenty of Viagra so you can cum lots of times and your cock can keep on getting hard and hurting her. And I'll spank her for you. I'll spank her and spank her and spank her with my paddles and brushes and canes until she howls and shows you her big red bottom all swollen and blistered, just the way you like it." "Mmmmm, I can't wait!" I said. "John, I wonder if you could do me two little favours?" she asked. "Like what?" I wondered. "Could you be here at four o'clock when she gets home from school? It's just that way you can see it right from the start. You can see her when she starts to cry and plead not to be spanked and when I give her a big enema to clean her bottom up ready for you. She cries and begs so much when I enema her. I bet you'd love to see that!" "I'll be there at four!" I agreed. "The other thing I was wondering was if you could get a few special things for me to use on Susan tonight." she asked, "I could do with a nice big container of baby oil and a jar of glycerin to put on her bottom so the paddle really stings. Then I could do with some cheap aftershave and mustard to put on her bottom after spanking. You should hear you scream and see her dance when I do that! Finally I have a slightly special request that you might need to, well, go to a special shop for. First of all, I think we'll need quite a lot of lubricating gel for you to get inside her holes. I don't think the Vaseline I use for her enemas will let you enjoy her as much as you want to. The second thing I could do with is something like a butt plug so we can really get her little bummy hole nice and open for you. If you could get one of those ones you pump up that would be even better! I'll even let you pump it! I bet you'll love to listen to her plead with you as you watch her bottom hole getting stretched open!" "No problem!" I chortled, "I'll get all the stuff Susan needs!" "Oh John, I just can't wait until later! I'm going to be rubbing myself off all day just thinking about it! Thinking about how red I'm going to make her bottom and how strictly you're going to punish her with your cock!" "Can't wait too!" I grinned, "See you at four!" "Okay! See you then!" she said breathlessly. I checked the time and slipped a couple of Viagra out of my desk drawer; if I took them now, then by four or five o'clock my cock would be more than ready to deal with young Susan. Susan Armstrong looked at the clock on the classroom wall; half an hour to go until the end of school. Susan was not looking forward to this Friday night. She knew that at the end of school everyone would be given their grades. Mummy always spanked for bad grades. Susan knew she was going to get a spanking tonight; the only question was how bad was it going to be. She squeezed her bottom cheeks together, tensing against the desk chair. Maybe if her grades were very good she would just get her panties pulled down and her bottom paddled until she howled. If Mummy didn't think her grades were good enough then she would insist on a very long chat with Susan and all of Susan's clothes would be taken off so that nothing would get in the way of a very severe spanking. It wouldn't just be Mummy's paddles then, fretted Susan! Mummy would want to oil her bottom first so that the spanking felt like fire, then Mummy's canes and switches and straps would all come out to be used on her, maybe even the big bath brush too. And what about Uncle John? Mum's new boyfriend seemed to like watching her being spanked. He always seemed to be round now when Mummy did it. It used to be private between her and Mum, especially when, in order to stop the spanking, she begged to be allowed to eat her Mum's ass and pussy. Uncle John had watched her Mum enjoying herself as Susan, with her bright red bare bottom, desperately tongued at her mother's pussy and bottom hole. He even got out his cock and played with it. Her Mum said that next time he could use his cock on Susan to punish her with. Susan hoped that her grades were good. Her Uncle John's cock had looked really big and scary. Susan watched the minutes on the school clock ebb away; soon it would be the end of school. Miss Gray would hand out all the grade sheets and everyone would find out how they had done. As the last few minutes ticked by, Susan clenched her bottom and crossed her fingers; she just hoped she'd done well. Miss Gray took the grade sheets out of her drawer; each of them was sealed in an envelope. She walked round the class putting an envelope on each desk. When she came to Susan she stopped. "Susan dear," she said, "can you stay behind please. I'd like a little word." Miss Gray finished handing out the grade sheets and told everyone they could go. As everyone left the class Susan walked to the front on trembling legs. Miss Gray motioned for Susan to stand next to her. No one was left in the classroom and Susan put her hands on her head so that Miss Gray could touch her as she wished. Miss Gray wasted no time in putting her hand up Susan's skirt and pulling her panties down so she could play with her bottom. Susan's bottom lip quivered as the old teacher's hand played with her little bottom cheeks and a sharp finger pushed between them to feel her bottom hole. "Oh dear, Susan!" smiled Miss Gray, "I'm afraid you have not done very well. I think your Mummy is going to be very cross with you." Susan felt her eyes prickling as the tears began to form. "These are your worst grades ever, Susan!" her horrible teacher carried on, "I can only hope your Mummy is very severe with you. This nice little bottom of yours needs to be spanked as hard as possible. But," Miss Gray continued brightly, "I'm sure your Mummy will need no encouragement to do that, will she?" "No Miss!" sniffed Susan, the tears running down her face. Miss Gray pulled Susan's panties back up. "Off you go, Susan! Have a nice weekend! And have a nice chat with your Mummy!" grinned Miss Gray, as she sent the little girl on her way clutching the dreaded envelope. Susan put on her coat and tried to dry her eyes. When she left school it was just getting dark. The last thing Susan wanted to do was get home, but she knew if she was late it would just mean even more spanking. Her legs seemed to be on automatic as her mind raced with thoughts about how Mummy was going to spank. As she turned the first corner she saw as small huddled figure. As she got closer she could see it was Mary Jennings from her school and she could hear her crying. Mary had the envelope open and was looking at her grade sheet. When she heard Susan approaching she looked up and tried to brush the tears away. Then she saw that Susan was crying too. "I'm going to get spanked so bad!" sobbed Mary. "Me too!" sniffed Susan. "Mum'll cane me!" wailed Mary, "She'll give me loads! I won't be able to sit for days! I won't even be able to sleep!" Susan shook her head. She couldn't even begin to say what her Mum would do. "I'll get the cane too." she said lamely. Mary gave a brave little smile. "Good luck!" she said. "Thanks." said Susan, "You too!" Susan carried on. She knew that all over town her friends would be crying as panties were taken down and little bare bottoms were spanked and spanked as parents enjoyed themselves with their little daughters. But none would be like her Mummy. Her Mummy loved spanking more than anything. Her Mummy was going to do the most terrible things to Susan's bottom. Susan started crying again; she was going to be home any minute now. I sat back in Barbara's comfortable leather sofa. She had opened a chilled bottle of white wine for us. Susan was going to be home any moment. Barbara reached over and stroked the huge tent in my trousers. "How much did you take?" she grinned, "It'll be worth it though, I promise! I'll let you use it loads of times on her tonight. And thanks for getting me all those things. You won't believe how much oiling her bottom makes it hurt more, and how much she'll scream and dance when I put the mustard and aftershave on her bottom after the cane." We heard the front door being opened. Barbara looked at me and grinned. "Showtime!" she said. Susan walked into the room. She was even prettier than I remembered her. So cute in her little school uniform, a fine fair hair tied in those pretty bunches and her red tearstained face looking at us fearfully as she held out the envelope for her Mum. Barbara took the envelope off her. "I hope for your sake these grades are good, Susan!" Barbara said sternly, "You know what Mummy said would happen if they were bad, don't you?" "Sniff! Sniff! Yes Mummy! That you'd spank me!" Susan blubbered. Barbara opened the envelope and took out the grade sheet. A look of dark fury came over her face. "How dare you, girl! How dare you!" Barbara's angry voice came in a cold whisper, "After all my warnings, this is how you perform! I think your Uncle John and I are going to have to get to the bottom of the problem. And I'm afraid that means your bottom, Susan. Uncle John and I are going to have to be very severe with you. Uncle John's going to get very excited when I spank you. His willy is going to get really hard so he can properly hurt you with it. Take your clothes off Susan, so we can take a good look at this little girl we're going to spank!" Susan made a mewling sound and the tears dripped down her face as she began to strip off. I watched the little girl doing an exciting striptease for us. Her school uniform was slowly taken off piece by piece and folded and put on a chair. Soon Susan only had her little white vest and panties on. Sobbing miserably she took off her vest and then pulled down her own panties so that we could see her little pussy. She put her hands on her head and stood in front of us crying. "Turn around and show us your bottom, girl!" Barbara instructed. Susan turned round and bent over, putting her hands on her knees. She stuck her soft little bottom out at us, its tiny plump white cheeks quivering as her choking sobs filled the room. "Spread it!" demanded Barbara. Susan reached behind her with both hands and grasped her bottom cheeks. She pulled them wide apart opening up her crack until it was stretched as far as she could. Her little anus spread itself for our view, the tight crinkly skin around it slightly darker then the pretty pink of the hole itself. Below her bum hole her little pussy opened itself up so I could see deep into her. My cock jerked; these were two little holes it was going to get to know very well soon. They were going to have to be stretched very wide to take me. I was going to be punishing Susan hard tonight. "What do you think?" asked Barbara. "I think that little bottom is going to look even prettier after a lot of spanking!" I smiled. "Yes." grinned Barbara, "There'll be no shortage of that, I promise! Susan, I think it's time we all went up to the spanking room. Please show Uncle John the way." Weeping tiny little sobs Susan stood up and took my hand. She led me off the sofa and to the door and then upstairs. I enjoyed following her up the stairs, her little bare bottom only inches from my face; so close I could even catch the faint scent of a little bottom sat on a school bench all day. She took me to what I had thought was a spare room at the back of the house. It had a yale lock fitted on it and we waited for Barbara to come with the key. Barbara unlocked the door and switched on the light whilst Susan led me in. The room had boards nailed over the windows and was a cross between a bedroom and schoolroom. This was clearly where Barbara had all her fun spanking Susan. The bed was messed up and covered with dry stains that spoke of Barbara enjoying long vigorous pussy licking sessions from a desperate-to-please little daughter. There was a straight-backed chair and an armchair in the room, a wardrobe, a small chest of drawers and a school desk. On the wall there was a small blackboard and on top of the chest of drawers a dunce's hat. The sight of the room made my cock twitch; I could just imagine Susan's little bottom stuck out to be spanked and paddled and caned in this room, her dancing and shrieking for her excited Mum and then her spending hours pleasuring her mother's pussy and anus. Barbara noticed how excited I was. "This is my favourite room in the house." she smiled, "I spend a long time here locked up with Susan. She gets taught some good lessons in this room." Susan gave a mewling sob as she heard her Mum reinforce what happened in this room. Barbara was keen to show me more of the room's secrets. She went and opened up the two doors of the wardrobe. Hung on the rail were many pretty little dresses and costumes. I could see a majorette's costume, a girl guides uniform, several different school uniforms, some ballet costumes, some swimming costumes and gymnastics leotards. Hung on hooks on the inside of the wardrobe doors were all manner of spanking tools; canes and switches, hairbrushes and paddles, straps and wooden spoons, anything and everything for a strict Mummy to choose from when punishing her daughter's little bottom very severely in order to get just the right degree of squealing and wriggling. Barbara waved her hand at all the little clothes in the wardrobe. "Susan looks so cute in her little spanking uniforms." she said, "We like to play dress-up, don't we darling? It really gets Mummy in the mood to spank. And Mummy has so many things to spank with, doesn't she?" Barbara moved to the wardrobe and lovingly stroked a large bath brush. "This little brush left some blisters." she chanted in a singsong voice. Her hand moved to stroke a two foot long whippy yellow cane. "And this little cane bruised her bum." Her hand moved to stroke a thin leather strap. "This little strap spanked between her bottom cheeks." Barbara moved her hand between her own legs and rubbed salaciously. "And the sound of her squeals made Mummy cum!" Barbara finished her little rhyme smiling. I smiled and clapped at her verbal ingenuity. Barbara took a little bow whilst Susan sobbed with humiliation. Barbara reached over to one of the wardrobe doors and took a large clear plastic paddle off its hook. The paddle had a circular end about the size of one of Susan's bottom cheeks and a flat handle about a foot long. Barbara held it up for Susan to see. "Look Susan." Barbara grinned, "Mummy's going to use her lexan paddle to start off your spanking with. I think the lexan stings the most. Don't you?" "Oooooooo, Mummy! Pleeeeeeeeeeease! Not the lexan!" sobbed Susan, waving her hands is as if trying to ward the paddle off. "Hmm, so you don't want the lexan then, Susan? Why don't you go and have a little chat with Uncle John about it. See if letting him touch you persuades him you don't deserve it." Barbara smiled slyly, motioning for me to sit down in the armchair. Susan's bottom lip quivered as she crossed the room towards me. She stood in front of me, sniffing back the tears, and put her hands on top of her head. She moved her legs about a foot or so apart pushing out her groin slightly towards me. "P..Please Uncle!" she sniffled, "You can touch me as much as you want. I'll be good! I'll keep still while you do it! Pleeeeeeease! I don't want a lexan spanking! It hurts so much!" I reached out and stroked her little pussy, running my finger between the tiny lips. I saw her tense and resist the temptation to pull away. She gave a miserable wail as my finger pushed into her little hole. "It's very hot in here, Susan." I said conversationally, "Have you been rubbing it or something?" Barbara guffawed behind me. "Please Uncle! No Uncle!" she wept. "Turn around Susan and show me your bottom. Pull the little cheeks wide apart so I can see the hole." I instructed. Slowly and reluctantly Susan turned around. She bent over, slightly pushing out her bottom towards me. Then she reached back and pulled her cheeks wide apart, just like she had done earlier, only this time I was just a few inches away from my face. I stroked my finger down her anal crease and felt her shiver as my finger reached the puckered little hole. I played about with the tiny anus as I listened to her crying. "This hole is very dirty, Susan!" I chided, "It looks like you've not been wiping properly after having a poo. What do you think, Mummy?" I asked, looking up at Barbara, "How would you punish a little girl with a dirty pooy bottom?" Barbara smiled happily. "Well, Uncle, I think a little trip to the bathroom is called for. Then I can show you how we clean this little bottom. It's a very deep cleaning indeed." Barbara sniggered. Susan wailed and did a little jig from one foot to another. "Oooooo, Mummy! No! Please! Not that! Not with Uncle here! I beg you! Do it later when he's gone! I'll be so good! I won't make a fuss! Pleeeeeeeease!" Susan pleaded. Barbara's smile became even larger. "Oh Susan, don't be silly! We're going to do loads of things to your bottom hole today and I'm afraid they're all going to be rather painful!" she said. "Oooooooooo, Mummeeeeeeeeeeey! Noooooooooooo!" wailed Susan. I smiled up at Barbara. "I'm afraid I agree with you, Barbara." I said, "Susan is one of the naughtiest little girls I have ever met. She has terrible grades and she even has a dirty bottom. I think only the very strictest spanking will make her start to listen. Of course," I smiled, "once she has started to listen, we can then proceed to teach her a very long lesson that I think she will remember for some time." Barbara went to the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer. Inside was a collection of Susan's more intimate punishment things. Barbara took out a pink plastic lotion bottle and showed it to Susan. The effect on Susan was remarkable; the girl howled and put her hands behind her, protectively covering her bottom as she excitedly jumped from one foot to another making it look as if she were running on the spot. "Yes, Susan!" smiled Barbara, "An extra large dose of spanking oil for you today! Gosh, think how stingy that's going to make the lexan! I wonder if Mummy is going to blister?" "Mummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Noooooooooooo!" sobbed Susan, still grasping her bottom, "Please! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Not the lexan! Not with oil! I'll be good! I will! I promise! I'll do what you like! On the bed!" Susan's eyes looked meaningfully at the bed with its stained sheets, so there could be no misunderstanding what she was offering her mother. Barbara shook her head, smiling. "They'll be plenty of time for that later, young lady." she grinned. Barbara pulled a straight-backed chair into the centre of the room and sat down, then beckoned to Susan. "Come to Mummy, young lady. It's time we dealt with that naughty little bottom of yours. Over my knee and stick that little botty up nice and high. Legs apart so Uncle John can see everything. Really stick it out so I can paddle properly." Barbara told her weeping little daughter. I watched as Susan slowly crossed the room to her mother; desperate not to get there but knowing full well that the spanking would be that much worse if she didn't keep moving. She made tiny little steps and begged her mother for leniency every moment of the way. I saw Barbara repeatedly clenching her thighs together; she was going to enjoy every moment of spanking her little daughter's bottom. When Susan reached her mother I could see that Susan was the same height when she was standing up as her mother was when she was sitting down. The sobbing little girl climbed over her mother's lap. Susan parted her legs and stuck her bottom up, keen to please her Mum and forlornly hoping to avoid some very hard spanks. Barbara took the pink plastic bottle with the glycerin and baby oil mix and dribbled it over the soft little white bottom that was being stuck up and quivered with fear. Barbara smeared the oil over the little cheeks and deep into the groove until the whole bare bottom glistened from the shiny oil. "Pass me the kitchen towel, please Uncle John." she asked me. I tore off a few pieces off the roll of paper towel that she had indicated and passed them to her. She thoroughly wiped the oil off her hands, threw the paper towels on the floor and picked up the paddle. I leaned forward to watch; there is no doubt that Susan's small sensitive bare bottom was going to get an extra hard dose from her strict Mummy's big lexan paddle. Barbara drew the paddle up high over Susan's bottom; this was going to be a hard one. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Barbara wasn't holding back as she swiped the paddle down onto Susan's bottom. The paddle spanked into the little cheeks so hard I could see flecks of the baby oil spitting off each time it landed. The long handle of the paddle made sure that Barbara was able to get some real speed into the end that spanked into Susan's bottom. The combination of the wicked lexan paddle and the glistening oil on Susan's bottom made the spanks excruciating. Susan started screaming and kicking almost immediately. "YAAAAAAAAAAH! MUMMEEEEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOOO! IT HURRRRRRRRRTS! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! STOOOOOOOOP!" she begged. Barbara pulled Susan further over her knee and held her daughter's hands firmly in the small of her back. Susan's spanking with the lexan was only just getting started. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY BUMMEEEEEEEEY! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE! STOP! STOOOOOOOOOOP!" Susan howled. Barbara looked over at me and smiled as she carried on spanking just as hard as before. Susan squealed and kicked her legs wide open showing me delicious sights of her little pussy opening up and her anus on display. Her wriggling bottom was starting to get a hot red colour and show small welts from edge of the paddle. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! NYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" MUMMY! MUMMY! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! IT HURTS! STOOOOOOOOOP! I BEG YOU!" Susan's shrieking voice pleaded. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAAAH! MY BOTTOM! STOP IT! MUMMEEEEEEEEY! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! DON'T PADDLE!" Susan howled. Susan's bottom had started to turn a dark red now. The welts from the paddle edges were swollen and stood out on the burning cheeks. The loud cracks from the paddle and Susan's howling shrieks filled the room. Her shiny oiled bare bottom twisted around in front of me, it's red swollen cheeks causing her to squeal and plead with her Mummy. My cock twitched within the confines of my trousers. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE! I'LL BE GOOD! STOP! MUMMEEEEEEY! I'LL KISS YOUR WEE HOLE! ANYTHING! YAAAAAAAAAAAH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" Susan pleaded. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAA! MUMMEEEEEEEEEEEEY! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! DON'T PADDLE! I'LL KISS UNCLE'S WILLY! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOO! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" Barbara continued to spank her writhing naked daughter with a level of commitment that only a mother who loved to spank could possibly show. Long after a normal mother would have stopped and let her daughter up to rub, Barbara carried on smacking the wicked lexan paddle down onto Susan's swollen crimson cheeks, her screaming little daughter all the time offering to perform increasingly obscene sex acts with her mother and me. But the slow hard cracks of the paddle on sensitive bottom skin carried on for some time longer until Barbara had no doubt that her little daughter would obey us completely. Barbara let go of her vice like grip on Susan's hands and allowed the girl to clamber off her lap. Susan's bottom was bright red and seemed to have swollen to twice its size. Screaming, with tears and snot running down her face, Susan's hands grabbed at her buttocks as she danced and ran about the room. Barbara watched her naked daughter's wild bottom rubbing antics with a lustful glee. "Don't be such a baby, Susan!" Barbara scolded, "That was just a little warm up. Perhaps we should cane you next?" Susan, despite still wailing and pulling at her injured bottom cheeks, fell down on her knees in front of her Mum. "Waaaaaaaaaah! Boo hoo! Please Mummeeeeeeeeeey! Noooooooo! Not the cane! Let me please you! Let me please Uncle! My bottom hurts! It hurts so much! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mummy! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" Susan begged. "Very well, Susan." said Barbara with a grim little smile, "Let's see how well you do pleasing Uncle John. It's a few weeks since I gave you a good oral punishment. Go and see if you can interest your Uncle John in something that might get him to let you off the cane." Barbara smiled at me. "You might like to go and sit on the bed." she said, "I think Susan will be better able to pleasure you take her there." I got up from the armchair and went and sat on the bed. Susan was crying miserably as she came over to me. The prospect of pleasuring a man's big penis filled her with dread, but the thought of the cane whipping into her oiled and severely paddled bottom made her even more desperate to please my willy in any way I wanted. Poor Susan; after the exciting time I'd had watching her being spanked my cock was desperate for release; I was going to be very strict with her indeed. She looked so cute as she stood naked in front of me, sobbing from her freshly spanked bottom; only ten years old with her tiny hairless pussy and protruding red welted bottom cheeks. "Please Uncle," she sniffed through her tears, "can you stand up and I'll take your trousers and pants off." I stood up for her and her little hands were like butterflies around my erect penis as she did my trousers and pulled them down my legs. She grasped the top of my underpants and pulled them down. My cock sprang out into her face. I saw the look of horror as she saw how big it was; to her and must have seemed massive. Barbara took a bucket out of the wardrobe and brought it over. "Oh dear, Susan." Barbara said, shaking her head, "I think you're going to need this whilst Uncle orally punishes you." Susan seemed to be almost hyperventilating looking at the hard bulging vein covered cock in front of her. Barbara took charge. "John, if you'd like to take a seat!" she said, indicating the bed, "Susan, you can stay standing and bend over so your face is down there." she said, pointing at my cock. As her daughter bent over to put her face in my lap, Barbara picked the paddle back up and stood behind her daughter. She touched the paddle to her daughter's bottom. As she did so Susan gave a frightened wail. "Boo hoo! Please Mummy! No!" Susan begged her Mum. "What do we say now, Susan?" prompted Barbara. "Boo hoo! Boo hoo! Balls deep or bottoms beat, Mummy!" sobbed Susan. "That's right, darling." said Barbara, rubbing the paddle across Susan's flinching bottom, "Balls deep! All the way into your mouth! I'll spank you so hard if you don't!" I lay back and rested against the wall that the single bed was next to. It was comfortable and I could enjoy watching Susan carry out her distasteful duty. As her reluctant little hand took hold of the base of my cock, a glob of pre-cum oozed out of the slit at its end. She whined at the nasty thing she was going to have to do. Sobbing loudly she opened her mouth and put my cock into it. Her soft hot mouth enclosed the exposed end of my penis and she began to flick her tongue over the smooth helmet, driving the tip of it under my foreskin. She sucked noisily making huge slurpy sounds. Her lips slipped up and down the top two or three inches of my length. I moaned in pleasure as Susan desperately tried to please me to avoid the cane. But her efforts weren't enough; my cock had been so excited by watching her vigorous spanking that I needed to give her a far more severe oral punishment. Barbara knew what I wanted. She put her hand on the back of her daughter's head. "Balls deep, Susan!" she commanded, pushing her daughter's head down. I felt my cock push into the top of her tight fleshy throat and start to slide further down. Susan gave a muffled wail and her eyes opened wide and tears flooded out. As her mother pushed her head further down, dreadful gagging noises began and I felt her throat convulsing on me; the feeling on my cock was unbelievable and I sighed, pushing up into her mouth. "GAAAAAAK! CURRRRRPH! URRRRRRRRRP! GARRRRRRRK!" Susan gagged over me. Barbara let her daughter up for air. Susan pulled herself up off my cock and used the bucket copiously. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The paddle taught Susan's bottom a harsh lesson in what happens to little girls who don't take their mother's boyfriend's cock `balls deep'. "YEEEEEEOWWWW! MUMMEEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOO!" wailed Susan, dancing about, "I'LL DO IT BETTER! I PROMISE!" Barbara grasped the back of Susan's head. "Open wide, missy! Uncle's going to put it all the way in again. Teach you a proper lesson!" Susan mewled as her Mummy pushed her head down. My cock re-entered her throat and I watched as her mouth slipped down my length until her lips touched the base of my shaft. Her eyes bulged and watered and she started to gag on me, her throat working on my cock and goo dripping down my balls. "UUURRRRRRRRPH! GUURRRRRRRK! GAAAAAAAAK!" the miserable girl sang as my cock orally punished her. Barbara kept her on me for a short while and then let her up. Susan was sobbing and retching and she began to tearfully plead with her Mum. "Currrrrrrph! Boo hoo! Not so deep, Mummy! Urrrrrrp! Pleeeeeeeeeease! I'll be good!" But Barbara had no time for her daughter's delaying tactics and the weeping little girl had Uncle's cock strictly reinserted until her lips were touching his balls again. I lay back against the wall spreading my legs wide and moaning happily with pleasure as for the next ten minutes a little girl's mouth and throat were taught a long strict lesson in how a very hard adult penis can give oral punishment. Poor Susan was in quite a mess as she gagged and drooled over me. Barbara repeatedly fed my cock into Susan's quivering howling mouth and then deep into her throat. The amazing feeling of her mouth and throat slipping over the sensitive surface of my cock started to bring me to orgasm. Barbara noticed the signs as my cock twitched and balls tightened. She took Susan off me for one last gulp of air. "Uncle's going to do his squirts now, young lady. Take a deep breath; this time he's going to want to really punish you!" she instructed her daughter. Barbara grabbed Susan's hair in a bunch with one hand and with the other firmly held the base of my cock. Susan gave a frightened wail as her Mummy calmly forced my cock back into her throat. Then, holding tightly onto the bunch of Susan's hair, Barbara jerked her daughter's head rapidly up and down creating the most delicious friction on my bursting cock. I felt my body start to shake and a tingling in my balls and prostate became an overpowering all encompassing cum as I roared with delight and thrust my cock to meet Susan's mouth as it was pushed down on me. As my cock pulsed and my cum squirted deep into Susan's throat, Barbara held Susan down onto me so that I could get the best possible feeling from my cum. Eventually, when I had writhed and squirted to my heart's content, Barbara allowed Susan up. The howling little girl, her face and chest covered with goo, looked up at me with her red tear soaked eyes. "Boo hoo! Please Uncle! Boo hoo! Did my mouth make your willy feel nice? Did I go `balls deep'? Please tell Mummy not to cane me! Pleeeeeeeeeeease! Boo hoo! I'm begging you, Uncle! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!" she wept. Barbara gave a deep loud laugh. "Oh Susan, you silly! I wasn't going to cane you yet anyway! So no, I won't give you the cane now. I'll give it you later, nice and hard where it does most good! Right here on your silly little bottom!" Barbara and I laughed uproariously as Susan wailed with dismay. Barbara went back to the chest of drawers where she had got the spanking oil from. She closed the top drawer and opened the second drawer down. This drawer was full of different enema paraphernalia. She selected an enema bag, the jar of lubricating gel I had bought earlier and then I saw her take something out of the drawer and hide it inside the folded enema bag. She smiled brightly at Susan. "Time for a trip to the bathroom, my dear. Mummy's going to get your bottom hole nice and ready for Uncle!" she laughed. Barbara went to the wardrobe and reached up to the top shelf. There was a clattering as she grabbed some things. She took her hand down and showed me several fresh green switches. "I cut them every week." she smiled, "I like them nice and flexible; you should see how they wrap around Susan's little bum bum! I'm sure we'll need a few in the bathroom so we can make sure Susan does as she is told!" Barbara handed the switches to me and then the bucket. Susan wept miserably as her mother grabbed her arm and led her across the landing to the bathroom. I followed happily behind, admiring Susan's welted bum as my rigid cock bounced up and down as I walked. All the time Barbara was scolding Susan. "You naughty naughty little girl! Barbara spat, "The worst grades ever! Now Mummy and Uncle John have to spend all their time spanking you! And Uncle John has to make his willy go all hard so he can punish you with it! Don't you ever think of anybody but yourself?" Sobbing with shame Susan kept up her litany of apologies. "Boo hoo! I'm sorry Mummy! Boo hoo! Sorry you have to spank! Boo hoo! Sorry to Uncle John to make his willy hard! Boo hoo! I get good grades next time! I promise! Boo hoo!" "It's no good, Susan!" Barbara continued, "I told you what would happen if your grades weren't good enough! This is all your own fault! Now we're going to have to make sure that you get spanked so hard that you never forget what happens to naughty little girls who get bad grades!" "Boo hoo! Ooo, Mummy! Not so hard! Not so hard that I never forget! Oooo please!" Susan begged. My cock twitched as I listened to the strict scolding. In a few moments we were in the bathroom. Just like the room we had been in, the bathroom had heavily boarded windows and I guessed that this room was also used extensively by Barbara in the strict discipline of her daughter. There was a champagne coloured bathroom suite with wash basin, toilet and Bath. Over the bath there was a shower with a flexible hose attached. Barbara unceremoniously lifted Susan into the bath and, taking the shower head out of the holder, took a few moments to make sure the water was piping hot. Then, matter-of-factly, Barbara showered off the goo, cum and gunk that had resulted from the strict insertion of my penis into Susan's reluctant little throat. As Barbara showered Susan she gave the little girl tremendous smacks from her open hand on her front and back thighs. Against Susan's wet skin in the tiny bathroom the smacks sounded deafening and stung appallingly. Susan squealed and shrieked as she was thigh spanked in the shower. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "You naughty girl! Bad grades get spanking! I'm going to hurt this little bottom so much!" Barbara raged. "YEEEEEEEEOWWWW! MUMMEEEEEEEEY! TT HURTS! PLEASE STOP!" Susan squealed as she twisted about. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "I've barely even started, young lady!" Barbara said, steely eyed, "By the time me and Uncle John's willy have finished with you tonight, you'll be a very sorry little girl!" Eventually Barbara finished cleaning up Susan. She turned the shower off and lifted the frantically wriggling girl out. There were big red handprints up and down the fronts and backs of Susan's thighs. As her mother let go of her, Susan danced about howling on the bath mat, her hands rubbing at her stinging thighs. Barbara picked up one of the switches. "I had a feeling I might need this!" she said grimly. Susan wailed as her mother pushed her until she was bending over the edge of the bath with her face in the wet tub and her legs kicking about. Barbara grinned at me. "This is how we make a little girl do as she is told!" Barbara announced and whipped the bendy little switch into her daughter's red swollen bottom cheeks. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH! YEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!" squealed Susan, oblivious to how wide she was kicking her legs apart and how good-a-view they gave her excited Uncle of her partially open pussy and cute exposed anus. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOOOOOOOOP! MUMMEEEEEEEEEEY! PLEASE! I'LL TAKE MY ENEMA! STOOOOOOOOOOP! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" Susan howled. "Stay there and get those bottom cheeks pulled wide apart!" instructed Barbara. Without question, Susan immediately grabbed her bottom cheeks and pulled hard, separating the cheeks to such an extent that the pink skin around the anus stretched smooth and taunt and the pretty little hole opened a little. My cock jerked; the sight of Susan pulling her little bottom open so the hot welted cheeks framed the tiny stretched anus made me want to punish the little hole. Barbara smiled at my excitement. "Susan!" Barbara whispered loudly, "I think when we've done punishing your bottom hole in here, your Uncle's willy is going to need to give it a very private punishment." Susan gave a miserable little wail at the thought of my willy interfering with her so intimately. The look of fear and distaste on her crying face made my cock even harder. Barbara went to the sink and ran the hot water until it was steaming. Then she took the enema bag and filled it. All the time Susan wept loud frightened sobs as she watched her mother prepare the terrible punishment for the inside of her bottom hole. Then Barbara showed Susan the thing she had been hiding. It was large black plastic enema nozzle in the shape of a penis. It was a good 5 inches long and an inch thick along the shaft. The head itself was maybe and inch and a half thick. As Susan saw her mother reveal the big nozzle, her tears redoubled. She started to plead desperately. "Please Mummy! Not the big one! I beg you! It hurts too much! My bummy can't take it! Please Mummy! Oh please! I'll do anything! Anything you want!" Barbara ignored her daughter and connected the nozzle to the tube from the enema bag and then hung the enema bag on the back of the bathroom door. She opened up the jar of lubricating gel and smeared it liberally over the nozzle. Then she got down on her knees behind Susan and put the nozzle between the spread cheeks of her daughter. The end of the nozzle touched against Susan's anus. There was a mournful cry from Susan as her mother began to firmly push the nozzle into her bottom. I watched entranced as Susan's little hole was pushed in until her sphincter gave way and the head of the nozzle stretched the hole open. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Susan shrieked as her hole was invaded by the big plastic nozzle, "MUMMY! NO! PLEASE! IT HURTS! IT'S TOO BIG! USE THE SMALLER ONE! PLEEEEEEEEASE!" But Barbara kept on pushing and I watched another inch of the nozzle disappear into Susan's burning painful hole. "MUMMY! MUMMEEEEEEEEEEY!" squealed Susan. Barbara pushed the remainder of the nozzle into Susan's anus until all 5 inches were embedded in the little girl's sore bottom. Her bottom twisted and wriggled like a little go-go dancer with her spread cheeks and widely stretched anus being shown off to her mother and me. Barbara turned on the flow of water. There was a terrified howl from Susan. "AAAAAAAAAAAAH! IT'S HOT! IT'S BURING! MUMMY! STOP IT! IT'S TOO HOT! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" she shrieked. "Don't be silly, Susan! Stick that bottom out so the water can go in! Uncle John likes his little girls to have clean bottoms. When I've finished with you, you're going to have the cleanest little bottom hole that any little girl ever had!" Barbara scolded. Susan carried on howling at the hot water filled her little rectum. Barbara squeezed the enema bag to force the water into Susan's bottom more quickly. Susan squealed and kicked wildly as even more of the hot water went up her. As her legs splayed her pussy opened wide for me to see her pretty pink vulva. My cock throbbed at the thought of having a prolonged `Uncle/Niece' chat with little Susan; the kind of chat that would make Susan squeal as my cock enjoyed itself in that little pussy hole. For the duration of her enema, Susan had kept an iron grip on her bottom cheeks to keep them fully parted. I wondered what special punishment her mother had used to teach Susan to keep herself held open like this when she was enemaed. I suspected that the switch had been used to teach a stern lesson on the tender parts between Susan's legs. Barbara checked that all the water had drained out of the enema bag into Susan's bottom. Satisfied it had, she turned off a valve in the tube and then turned to the wailing girl. "Stand up, Susan!" Barbara commanded, "Stand up and show us what a naughty enemaed little girl's tummy looks like!" Susan struggled up from where she'd been bent over the side of the bath. As she stood up I could see that her little tummy was swollen and distended, looking just like she had a tiny pregnancy. Susan could barely stand up straight but clutched her tummy groaning and wriggling about. "Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Mummy! It hurts! My tummy hurts! All that water hurts me! Please let me go toilet! I need to goooooo!" she sobbed and stamped her feet as the pressure of the water behind the nozzle made itself felt. "Don't be silly, Susan!" grinned Barbara, "You know Mr Switch wants to have a talk with your bottom first!" "Mummy! Mummy! Please! No! Not that! Let me go first! Please! Please let me go! I'll be good! I'll stick my bummy right out for the switch then!" "You'll stick your little bottom out for the switch right now!" Barbara corrected her, "Now bend over, hold on to the edge of the bath and stick your bottom out!" Still wriggling from the tummy cramps, Susan bent over and stuck her bottom out. It made such an appealing target with the large nozzle deep between her cheeks and the tube partially hidden between her lower buttocks. Barbara tested the switches to find the most flexible stick, whipping them through the air as she gauged which would deliver the severest sting to her daughter's pretty up-thrust bottom. Eventually she found one that pleased her. She turned and gave me a smile. "I think this one will teach this naughty little bottom the best lesson!" she said. Barbara turned back to Susan "Keep a tight hold of that bath tub, young lady! I don't want you pulling that nozzle out! But you won't do that again, will you? Mummy had to cane your little spread bottom hole every night for a week! Gosh, the way you cried every time you did poo-poo! You don't want that again, do you Susan?" "Please Mummy! Please no! I'll be good! I won't pull it out! I promise! I don't want bottom hole canings!" Susan wept. I watched as the little bottom seemed to stick itself out and up even more. My cock twitched and a glob of pre-cum dripped off it. Barbara reached down and stroked my cock. "You keep this thing nice and hard for her!" she smiled. Barbara stood behind Susan and lifted the switch back above her head. The bathroom was too small for a full swing, but its whippy journey down from above her head would be more than enough to create the most painful thin wheals across Susan's shaking bum. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "EEEEEEEEEEEEE! MUMMEEEEEEEEEY! YAAAAAAAAH! PLEEEEEEEEASE! STOOOOOOOOP!" squealed Susan. The little girl's bottom bucked madly as the switch whipped her little cheeks. Barbara grinned and gave herself a good rub between the legs. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "YAAAAAAAAAH! MUMMEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOO! I GOTTA GO! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!" Susan shrieked. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "SCREEEEEEAM! STOP! I CAN'T STAND IT! IT'S GOING TO COME OUT! LET ME GO! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" Susan begged. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "NYAAAAAAAAAA! STOP! OH STOP! PLEASE! EEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! I'LL DO IT! I'LL CLEAN YOU! AND UNCLE! ANYTHING! JUST STOP! PLEASE MUMMEEEEEEEEEY!" Barbara gave a secret little smile. "You'll clean us both, will you Susan?" she enquired. "WAAAAAAAAAH! YES! YES! BOTH OF YOU! ANYTHING! LET ME GO! PLEASE MUMMY! I'LL DO IT SO GOOD FOR YOU! I PROMISE!" Barbara took hold of Susan by the arm and guided the screaming wriggling child to the toilet. There she positioned Susan crouching with her bottom held over the toilet. Then Barbara took a firm hold of the big nozzle "Ready Susan? Mummy's going to pull it out real quick! "Oooo Mummy! Not quick! Not quick please!" the sobbing child begged desperately. "Get ready!" grinned Barbara. Then, with one fluid movement, Barbara pulled the whole 5 inch length of the nozzle out of Susan's tight anus. Susan screamed as her bottom hole was reamed by the hard plastic tool. After Susan had thoroughly humiliated herself in front of me and her mother by uncontrollably voiding in the noisiest and most childlike way, her mother cleaned her up until her little bottom hole was the cutest, most inviting, I had ever seen. As Barbara spread her daughters bottom cheeks to clean and pry between them, she kept opening up the hole to reveal the little red ring of the sphincter and the dark red of the rectum beyond. My cock ached to give Susan the strictest discipline in her little `bummy'. When she was satisfied that Susan's bottom was clean enough, Barbara reached on top of the toilet cistern and picked up a heavy plastic ruler that was sitting there. It looked like the ruler was left there permanently. Barbara smacked the ruler into her hand making a loud noise that immediately got Susan's attention. When she saw her mother holding the big ruler in her hand she started to weep even more loudly and tried to back away from where her mother was. "Boo hoo! Oh no Mummy! Please! Not that! I don't need to go! Boo hoo! I've just been! Oh don't! Please! Mummy, I don't want it!" wailed Susan. Barbara pointed at the toilet seat with the ruler. "Do as you're told, Susan!" Barbara said sharply. Or you'll be very sorry indeed!" Weeping, with her red flushed face soaked in tears and snot, the blubbering little girl sat on the toilet. She lifted one foot and then the other onto the toilet seat. Then she spread her legs wide apart so her pussy was completely exposed. Barbara stood to Susan's left facing the same way as Susan. Then Barbara held the ruler out in her right hand so it hovered a few feet in front of Susan's pussy. Susan began to get hysterical, her sobs choking on one another, as she watched the ruler ready to spank her tiny defenceless pussy. "Do a wee wee, Susan!" commanded Barbara, "I don't want any accidents when I take you back and give you a real hiding!" "Waaaaaaaaah! Oh please Mummy! I can't! I can't go!" begged Susan. CRACK! The ruler landed forcefully on Susan's exposed pussy. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Susan screamed and clamped her legs shut on her wounded little part. Barbara, with her face like thunder, put the ruler down and picked up a fresh switch. She stood over Susan and began to vigorously switch the fronts of Susan's thighs as Susan sat screaming and kicking on the toilet seat. SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "NEVER!" Barbara shouted, "NEVER CLOSE YOUR LEGS WHEN I'M SPANKING!" SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! SWHIT! "You brought this on yourself, girl!" lectured Barbara as the switch continued to lay one stinging line over another across Susan's little thighs. "You brought those hateful grades into this house! How dare you! You deserve everything that me and Uncle are going to do to you tonight! Now get those legs open wide! NOW!" Squealing, the tears jumping out of her eyes, Susan immediately complied, her legs stretching apart to an almost unbelievable degree. The fronts of her thighs were now covered in red stinging lines that were starting to swell and become raised welts. Barbara took up the ruler again and returned to her position next to Susan. "Now, young lady!" Barbara smiled, "With all that naughty covering up, I think we better have ten hard ones on your little place where it will do most good. We won't cover up again when Mummy's spanking, will we? Mummy doesn't like anything to get in the way of her giving a good punishment!" "Mummy! Please! Mummy! Not ten! Oh please! I'll..." But we never got to hear all the sweet things Susan might have tried to beg off with. Barbara brought the ruler town with a terrific smack that sounded like a pistol shot when it made contact with Susan's cringing little pussy. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Susan howled and her body trembled as she obediently kept her legs stretched apart. Her pretty little pussy lips turned dark red and the welts from the edges of the ruler were beginning to form over its surface. Another blob of pre-cum formed on the end of my cock. Barbara knelt in front of me, stuck her tongue out and delicately licked the pre-cum off the end of my cock. "Lovely!" she grinned, licking her lips. "Are you ready to go yet?" she asked Susan. "Oh please, Mummy! Please! I'm trying!" begged Susan. "Not hard enough!" said Barbara, grimly, standing back up next to Susan with ruler in hand. CRACK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAH! NOOOOOOOOOO!" howled Susan, as another hard whack of the ruler landed on her already inflamed pussy. Suddenly Susan started to make a weird keening noise at the back of her throat, like a small bird in distress. Then a stream of urine erupted from her little pussy into the toilet. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Smiling happily Barbara gave Susan's pussy some more sound spanks with the ruler as the wailing girl wee'd as her mother had instructed. "You naughty girl! Holding back on me! I knew you needed to go! Mummy always knows best! That's it! All out! Every last drop! I'm going to hurt your little bottom so much in a minute. I don't want it all coming out then!" Barbara scolded. When no more wee came, Barbara wiped the screaming little girl's hot burning pussy with a wet cloth to clean it. Then, taking Susan by the arm, Barbara led us back to Susan's very own spanking room. Barbara turned to me as we crossed the landing. "That was just the warm up!" she grinned. When we got back to the room and Barbara had shut the door behind us, she looked directly at me, blushing slightly. "Er John," she said softly, "I think it's time I made myself more comfortable." Barbara slipped off her long skirt and pulled down her lacy panties. I noticed they were completely soaked. Her pussy was shaved and bulged nicely, just the way I liked. It had opened up and the coral pink of her vulva was on view. The whole of her pussy and between her legs was shiny with her juices. "I do get quite wet!" she said, slightly self consciously. Barbara went and sat in the armchair. She shuffled her bottom forward so it overhung the edge of the seat. Then she lent back in the chair and pulled her legs up so her knees touched her chest. She spread her legs wide and linked one arm under each knee to keep her legs back. Her pussy and anus were totally exposed. "Come and clean Mummy!" she instructed her daughter. Sniffing and choking back sobs, Susan went and knelt in front of her Mum. She reached forward and used both hands to further part Barbara's buttocks until her mother's big adult anus was completely spread open. "Tee hee!" giggled Barbara, "Mummy went poo poo and didn't wipe properly! Susan, lick it clean now!" I looked more closely and could see the yellow staining and small particles of toilet paper. Susan gave a miserable wail as just how nasty the task today was going to be became clear. "And what about Uncle John?" smiled Barbara, "I bet he's been sitting at his desk on a leather chair all day, sweating with no chance to wash before he got here! And his bottom's real hairy too! Did you do a poo today as well, Uncle?" "I did!" I confirmed. Barbara gave a light little laugh and Susan sobbed loudly. I couldn't wait to feel Susan's hot little tongue reluctantly cleaning my big bottom hole. " John, would you mind fetching something from the cupboard for me?" asked Barbara, "Only Susan might need a little encouragement! There's a lexan paddle like the clear plastic one I used earlier, but this one's got holes in it. Could you fetch it, please? I find it stings Susan's bottom that much more than the one without holes. But we have to use it sparingly; we don't want any blisters! Well at least not this early in the evening!" she laughed, "Oh, and John, whilst she's doing this for me could you oil her bottom up again, please. It all got washed off, and it just hurts so much more with the oil on, doesn't it, Susan sweetie?" Barbara teased her crying daughter. "Boo hoo! Yes Mummy! It does! It hurts so much!" confirmed Susan. "And John," continued Barbara, "feel free to finger her holes as much as you like while you're oiling her. She hates having that done!" Barbara relaxed and settled back into the chair. She reached forward between her legs and pulled Susan's head towards her waiting anus. "Now clean Mummy's bottom hole like a good girl, Susan, and Mummy may, if you're very good, not cane quite so hard as usual today!" I watched as Susan's tentative little tongue moved towards her mother's expectant anus. Susan screwed up her face and wrinkled her nose. I grinned; this was a good punishment for Susan. Her tongue touched her mother's anus and began to push into the tight puckered folds of the hole. Susan's lips touched the ring and she began to suck and move her tongue in the hole. "Sluuuuuuuurp! Sloooooo! Squisha-squisha-squisha! Sluuuuuuuuurp!" Susan made the most delightful sounds as she began the long task of pleasuring her mother's bottom hole. Barbara groaned with delight, and I could see her pussy rhythmically pulsing with arousal. I fetched the spanking oil and knelt behind Susan. I poured some of the oil into my hand and started to rub it over Susan's red welted bottom that were decorated with dozens of tiny wheals from the switch. When her bottom cheeks were nice and shiny I moved my attention to her pussy and bottom crack. I smothered the oil over her dark red swollen pussy and then deep into the bottom crack. Then I decided to give her a good fingering. First I found her little vagina and started to push my middle finger into her. As I did so, Susan gave a muffled wail into her mother's bottom hole. Barbara groaned as the vibrations from the wail were transferred through Susan's tongue into her anus. The small pussy was tight, but I could feel that Susan wasn't a virgin. I suspected that access to her little daughter's pussy for punishment purposes was important to Barbara. I managed to get my whole finger up the little pussy but I could see that the whole of my cock wouldn't fit. Susan wriggled and let out muffled cries and sobs as I enjoyed a deep exploration of the little hole. Then I turned my attention to Susan's bottom hole. My finger entered the tight little muscular hole and immediately I felt her squeezing herself on me in response to the rude intrusion. Susan whined some muffled words into her mother's anus as she busily tongued and licked away at the sensitive surrounding skin, slurping and dribbling as she cleaned her Mum's bottom. I pushed my finger deeper into Susan's bum. Despite the tightness, I knew that she would be able to take my whole length here. My cock quivered at the thought. I could feel her bottom keep squeezing and relaxing on me. I started to push my finger in and out of the hole. Susan wriggled, trying to avoid the thrusting as she whined some more into her mother's anus. Barbara's pussy was dripping and her clit had erected out of her pussy folds. I could see the mouth of her pussy rhythmically opening and closing and that she was close to cuming. She looked directly at me, put her hand on her pussy, gave herself a few simple strokes and then came spectacularly; groaning and bucking, shouting and writhing. Tiny jets of liquid squirted out of her pussy over Susan's face and head. Clearly Susan knew what would happen to her bottom if she pulled away and so the little girl carried on licking at her mother's bottom as the woman spasmed with joy. When she'd finished she pushed Susan away. "It's what a good Mummy deserves for all her hard work bringing up her naughty daughter!" Barbara said, smiling, "I shall have a few more of those tonight, won't I Susan?" she teased. "Boo hoo! Yes, Mummy! You will!" sobbed Susan. "Your turn now!" said Barbara, getting off the armchair, which now had a big wet patch on it, and offering it to me. I happily settled down into the seat that was still warm and wet from Barbara's cum and Susan's desperate lickings. I took up the same position and Barbara and I watched the unhappy tear streaked face of Susan disappear under my balls as she pushed her face between my bottom cheeks. I felt Susan's little hands each take hold of one of my cheeks and then pull them open. Then I felt her hot breath on my anus. Her hot little tongue touched my bottom hole and started to worm its way up. My cock twitched as her lips touched my hole and she started sucking and slurping over me. Like Barbara, I groaned with delight as Susan's wriggly tongue worked on me and her soft hot little lips slipped and rubbed over my sensitive anal skin. "Slurpa-slurpa-slurpa-sloooooo! Slurp! Slurp!" the loud noises came from between my bottom cheeks. Barbara picked up the lexan paddle with holes I had got out for her and stood behind Susan. She winked at me. "I don't think you're trying hard enough, Susan dear!" she said. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The wicked lexan paddle, with the blister inducing holes whacked into Susan's up-thrust bum. Susan screamed into my bottom hole as her tongue twirled in my sphincter. The feeling of her howling as her little butt was busted was amazing. Every little vibration was carried on her lips and tongue to pleasure my anal hole. Barbara put the paddle down, got up and went to the chest of drawers. She took out the pump-up butt plug I had bought and began to lubricate it copiously. She knelt behind Susan and began to push the plug into her daughter's anus. I could hear and feel Susan's wails of distress as her mother strictly inserted the plug. "Sluuuuuurp! Mmff...don't...mmff...hurts...mmff...yeeeeeowwww! Slurp! Slurp!" I could see Barbara firmly pushing until the plug was fully inserted. There was an especially huge wail from Susan as her own sphincter pulled the last few inches of the plug deep into her anus. "Now Susan," explained Barbara, "this is a new bottom stretcher your Uncle John has bought for you. He needs your bottom to be stretched much more than before so he can fit the whole of his willy up. This stretcher has a special trick! Like this! See!" Barbara pumped the rubber bulb and there was a hiss of air as the plug in Susan's anus expanded. "Mmff...mmff...Ahhhhh...mmff...Yeeeeeeee...mmff!" Susan's muffled wails came from my bottom. "I'm going to let Uncle be in charge of how big this gets your bottom, Susan!" said Barbara, handing me the rubber bulb, "If you want him to stop making it bigger then I suggest you stick your tongue up his bottom as far as you do with me!" Barbara signalled to me to pump the bulb. I did so twice. Susan squealed into my bottom and then her little tongue, which had been licking around my sphincter, seemed to triple in length and to twirl and flick deep into my bottom. I gasped, let out an ecstatic moan and pulled my legs further back pushing out my bum to meet her thrusting tongue. I squeezed the bulb another couple of times as punishment for her holding back on me. In response Susan's twisting little tongue moved even further up my anus and she began to suck and slurp at my bottom with a desperate vigour. My cock was rock solid against my stomach and I watched clear sticky pre-cum continually dribble from the end as Susan worked her tongue in my bottom. My balls tingled and my cock jerked as Susan carried on her anal tonguing. Even the slightest touch to my cock would have had me squirting my cum over myself and the armchair. I resisted the temptation; I wanted to make sure my hard cock did a good job of punishing little Susan's own anus before I came. Instead I kept pumping the bulb as the plug grew ever larger and more painful as it stretched Susan's anus open. As the stretching became worse Susan became increasingly animated, twisting her little bottom and making muffled squeals into my bum. After ten minutes of the most amazing anal pleasure, as Susan sought to give me her deepest and loudest bottom sucking and tonguing, a last pumping on the bulb pushed Susan over the edge. The child let go of my bottom cheeks, grabbed at her anus and rolled over onto the floor on her back. There she rolled about kicking her legs in the air, squealing and trying to pull the plug out of her bottom. Without access to the bulb and the air release valve, her attempts were completely fruitless. For the first time I could see how the inflated plug had completely distended Susan's anus, pushing the hole out and open. It looked like the tight little hole had been stretched by almost 2 inches. Barbara and I watched her screaming writhing display intently as Barbara's pussy made squishy noises between her thighs and my cock jerked and dribbled pre-cum. "How dare you stop like that!" scolded Barbara, "Uncle hadn't finished with you cleaning his bottom! You know never to stop until you're told! You're a naughty bad little girl! I'm going to cane your bottom! Teach you a lesson in manners!" Susan was still rolling on her back on the floor, trying to pull the plug out. "WAAAAAAAAAH! TAKE IT OUT! PLEASE MUMMY! PLEASE UNCLE! YOU CAN CANE ME MUMMY! REAL HARD! I JUST WANT IT OUT! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" she begged, pulling at her little pussy and anus. Barbara smiled at me. "Let's see what a nice job the new stretcher has done with this little bottom hole!" she said. I pressed the air release valve and the plug deflected. Barbara pulled the plug out and we stared in awe at the wide gaping anal hole the plug left behind. Susan wept and tried to soothe her painfully stretched bottom by putting her fingers into the gaping hole. Barbara licked her lips and whispered in my in ear. "That's going to feel so good on you when you put your cock in. I bet you can get it all the way in now, `balls deep'. That's going to be so hot watching you do that. Wait until I've caned her. She won't care how hard you do it then. She'll only want to please you so I don't cane her any more. Just wait until I've got her screaming and begging me to stop, then you can sit back and I bet she'll put that cock up her own butt and work herself on it too. Barbara giggled as she watched my cock jerking in lust at her exciting description. She went to the wardrobe and picked out a thin whippy yellow rattan cane about two feet long. Barbara pointed at a longer thicker cane in the wardrobe. "I might have to use that later!" she smiled. Barbara turned her attention back to her wailing daughter, who still had several fingers stuck in her own bottom hole as she tried to make it stop hurting. "Stand up, you naughty girl!" commanded Barbara, "Legs apart, bend over and put those hands on the floor! I want that naughty bottom stuck right up for the cane!" "Waaaaaaaah! Boo hoo! Boo hoo! Ooooo, Mummy! Please! Not too hard! Boo hoo!" Susan pleaded, as she immediately started getting off the floor to do as she'd been told. Susan spread her legs and bent double, her flexible little body pushing her bottom out to form the most exciting target. Her bottom crack was wide open and her pussy and anus both gaped allowing us to admire the intimate interior of her holes. Barbara positioned herself behind Susan and swished the cane through the air noisily. Susan gave a desperate little wail and stuck her bottom out another few inches, bulging out her cheeks and opening up the crack even more. "That's right!" encouraged Barbara, "Keep it stuck right out! Mummy needs your bummy pushed out like that so she can cane properly!" Susan's bottom was dark red, swollen and covered with multiple thin raised wheals from the switch across its tender surface. It glistened from the application of spanking oil I had administered. I couldn't wait for Barbara to start caning her little daughter. Susan was going to give such an erotic display as she screamed and danced for us. Barbara whipped the wicked stingy little cane across Susan's obediently offered little bottom. The child screamed and her bottom wriggled about madly. She just managed to keep herself from grabbing at the stinging line the cane had left across her sore bottom. Barbara carried on without a moment's hesitation, repeatedly caning her shrieking little daughter. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YEEEEEEEEEEIGH! NOOOOOOOOOO! IT HURTS! STOOOOOOOOP! MUMMEEEEEEEEY!" Susan howled. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "SQUEEEEEEEEEAL! MY BUMMY! THE PAIN! I BEG! I BEG YOU MUMMY! STOOOOOOOOOP!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "SCREEEEEEEEEEAM! MUMMY! MUMMY! ENOUGH CANE! NO MORE! IT HURTS SO MUCH NOW!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAH! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'LL BE GOOD! I'LL DO ANYTHING! STOP CANING! MUMMEEEEEEEEY!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ANYTHING! STOP CANING! ANYTHING! I'LL DO ANYTHING! LET ME RUB! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEAL! PLEEEEEEEEASE! THE PAIN! IT HURTS! STOOOOOOOOP! NO CANE! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!" Susan's bottom was covered by mass of burning raised cane marks. On top of her paddling and switching the cane had stung appallingly and Susan was frantically wriggling her bottom about, desperately trying not to put her hands in the way and so annoy her Mum even more. "You may have a little rub now, Susan!" Barbara announced. To our delight Susan grabbed both buttocks and kneaded them energetically as she jumped about giving us a fine display of her bottom and pretty holes. She screamed and shrieked uncontrollably with the terrible pain in her caned bottom. "Back in position, Susan! Mummy wants to cane more!" instructed Barbara. Susan threw herself on her knees at my feet. "PLEASE UNCLE! PLEASE! LET ME DO NICE THINGS TO YOUR WILLY! YOU CAN PUT IT ANYWHERE YOU WANT! I'LL BE GOOD! I'LL TAKE IT WITH NO FUSS! JUST ASK MUMMY NOT TO CANE ME ANYMORE! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!" she howled. "Yes Susan!" Barbara smiled, "I think Uncle will accept your little offer. Uncle's going to sit on the bed and then you can make his willy feel nice with your little bottom hole." My cock jerked happily; I was so desperate to cum that I knew I was going to be very hard with little Susan. I sat on the bed. Susan, still wailing and feverishly rubbing her bum, came to me. She stood in front of me, her sweet little pussy being wriggled in my face as she rubbed away at her bum. "Turn round with your back to me, Susan, and bend over!" I said, "Then I'll put the end of my willy in your bottom hole. Then I want you to sit in my lap so the whole of my willy goes in!" "Boo hoo! Boo hoo! Yes, Uncle!" she said as she turned her back to me. Susan stuck her swollen welted bottom out at me. Her tiny anus had stopped gaping but I knew she would be nicely stretched. I put the tip of my cock against her anus and pushed. The sphincter was still tight and grippy and I had to push hard to get in. As the sphincter gave way and the first inch of my cock went into her bottom, Susan howled. "IT HURTS!" she wailed. "I know, Susan!" I grinned, "That's why it's a punishment! Now sit in my lap and let's get all of it up you!" Wailing and trembling with fear, Susan backed into my lap and began to sit down. The feeling as my cock moved into her was amazing. Her anus was so tight but yielded to me under firm pressure; its soft walls were muscular and rhythmically squeezed my cock. Susan's pretty crying and pleading excited me even more. "YEEEEEEEOWWWWWW! IT'S TOO BIG! IT'S HURTING ME! PLEASE UNCLE! I CAN'T TAKE IT ALL! PLEASE DON'T!" she wailed. I had only got three inches of my cock in her and I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed her little hips and pulled her onto me thrusting my whole length up her. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! NOOOOOOOOOO!" she shrieked. "Start bouncing in my lap, Susan!" I instructed, "Or I'll send you back to Mummy for more cane!" Barbara swished the cane through the air to emphasise what a thorough job she'd do of giving her daughter the caning of a lifetime if she failed to please her Uncle. Terrified of getting caned even more, squealing and wailing, Susan began to bounce in my lap. My cock slipped in and out of her anus by a good two or three inches each time she bounced. Dirty sucking and windy noises came from her bottom as my cock pistoned in and out of the tight fleshy seal. The firm slippery friction made my cock harder than ever and I encouraged Susan's energetic bouncing by roughly pinching her caned whealed bottom. Susan shrieked and her bouncing became even more pronounced. I lay further back on the bed and watched her little anus milking my cock, her red swollen welted bottom shaking itself in my face. I could feel my cum starting. I grabbed hold of her and began ferociously thrusting into her little hole as I felt my balls contracting and my prostate throbbing as my cum started to squirt into her. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" I screamed with pleasure as I came and my orgasm seemed to last for ever. Eventually I lay back exhausted with my cock still embedded in the sobbing little girl's bottom. I saw Barbara was standing over me holding a little pot and wearing latex hospital gloves. "Look, Susan darling!" Barbara said, holding the pot up, "Mummy's ready to put your special after-spanking lotion on. I hope you don't make a fuss and scream like last time!" Susan looked up, wailing at the thought of how badly her bottom was going to sting when Mummy put the lotion on her. My softening cock was still deep inside her anus and I felt her muscles grip me hard in fright. "Please Mummy! No! Don't! I beg you! Not the after-spank! Please no! It hurts like the cane! It hurts me too much! Please don't!" Susan gabbled, desperate to prevent the dreaded after-spanking lotion being strictly applied to her well whipped little bottom. "Come on, Susan!" said Barbara, "Come to Mummy!" She took hold of her desperately pleading daughter and lifted her off my cock. There was a wet sloppy slurping noise as my cock disengaged from her sperm fluid bottom. Barbara bent Susan over the bed next to where I was lying. Susan's hands were behind her trying to protect her bottom. "Hands on head!" ordered Barbara. Wailing, Susan did as she was told. Barbara opened the pot and poured a large measure of the yellow aftershave/mustard mix into her gloved hand. She rubbed it between her palms and then vigorously rubbed it into her daughter's bottom. The effect was almost instantaneous; Susan screamed the kind of screaming howl that only a truly punished little girl can make. The stinging aftershave and burning mustard soaked straight into the inflamed skin of Susan's welted bottom. The girl shrieked and squealed as she jumped up and ran about, her hands pulling and grabbing at her bottom as she hopped and jumped. Barbara and I looked on at this powerfully erotic sight. Barbara idly stroked her soaking pussy as she watched her squealing daughter with her big red swollen bottom desperately pulling open her pussy and anus as she tried to stop the awful stinging. Barbara turned to me. "John, I wonder if you wouldn't mind awfully if I had a little private Mummy/Daughter chat for a while?" Barbara asked, slyly rubbing her pussy, "Only there are a few things that it's better for a daughter to do to a Mummy in private, where the Mummy won't feel so, well, what can I say, inhibited, about being a little rough and demanding with her little one." "Of course, Barbara!" I said, nodding, "A Mummy has a perfect right to discipline her daughter just as she sees fit!" "I knew you'd understand, darling!" Barbara smiled, "Now, if you'd like to go and wait in Susan's bedroom for a little while, then I can promise you a very special treat!" I left the room, closing the door behind me. I soon found Susan's room; it was quite plain, but unmistakably a little girl's room with pink wallpaper and teddy bears sitting on the pillow. I sat down naked on the bed, my cock drained, but that tingly feeling in my balls was starting, and with the quantity of Viagra I had taken I knew I would be hard again soon. I left the door open and hoped I could hear what was going on. At first I could hear very little. Then there was a muffled `Crack!'; a paddle of some sort on a soft fleshy little bottom, followed by not quite a squeal but something more subdued in volume but just as desperate in tone. Then there was another `Crack!' and the same muffled desperate squealing. A smile spread across my face as I remembered Susan had made a very similar sound when her mouth had been busy with my bottom and I had stretched her tiny anus. I could well remember the tingly little vibrations her squeaks of displeasure had imparted to my sensitive anus. I had every suspicion that her face was buried deep in her mother's pussy as Barbara spanked her daughters bottom with a long handled paddle and thoroughly enjoyed the howls and squeals from the little mouth pleasuring her. Soon another sound was added to the mix; the sound of an adult woman groaning and panting with delight. Then came the muffled sounds of Barbara demanding better performance from her little daughter, accompanied by even louder cracks from the paddle. "Faster girl!" `Crack!' "Lick harder!" `Crack!' "Deeper!" `Crack!' And then, a little later, the squeals of orgasmic delight and roars of pleasure from Barbara as she had the most monstrous cum, no doubt bucking and grinding her spasming pussy into her daughters face. The door to the spanking room opened and I ducked back. I could hear the weeping girl and her mother coming out. They went to the bathroom and the door was shut. I could hear water running and Barbara giving instructions accompanied by the occasional colossal SMACK! and Susan's squeals and wailing pleas. I guessed that Barbara was washing off the mustardy after-spanking lotion and generally cleaning Susan up. After about five minutes the two emerged and I caught a glimpse of Barbara firmly leading Susan back to the spanking room. For a while things were quiet and I could hear the low noise of voices; Barbara's voice low and stern, Susan's voice higher and pleading. Then some more silence, but I thought I could hear Susan crying. A few moments later I heard a dull THWICK! noise followed by screams so loud they were only partially blocked by the door. I wondered if Barbara had made good on her promise to use the big three foot cane. There were five more THWICK! noises, lots of squeals and howls and banging noises that I took to be Susan kicking or jumping about. Then there seemed to be a little period of Barbara lecturing Susan and occasionally Susan's voice uttering some kind of answer to a question her mother had posed. At some point there was a renewable mewling and wailing, but quite how Susan was being punished I couldn't tell. The door to the spanking room opened and I could hear a soft sniffling as Susan sought to control her crying. The door shut. It appeared Susan was on her own. I heard footsteps slowly approaching me and then Susan appeared at the door. The picture Susan presented was incredible. She was naked apart from a pair of small black fishnet tights that were stretched to an unbelievable degree across her bottom. The tights were open-crotch right from the top of her pussy to halfway up her bottom crack. I could see that her pussy and between her bottom cheeks was shiny with lubricating gel. On her head she wore a hair band with two pink rabbit ears stitched on. She also had a white fluffy bunny tail on her bottom. As I looked closer I could see that the tail was attached to an anal plug that had been pushed into Susan's anus. On the backs of Susan's thighs were six dark swollen stripes. In her hands Susan held the lexan paddle, the smaller cane and the large tub of lubricating gel. Susan shifted from foot to foot, the tears running down her face as she seemed to lose her attempt at controlling them. She seemed to try to speak, but couldn't get the words out. She looked behind her fearfully, scared that at any moment her Mum might be coming for her. She stepped in and closed the door to her bedroom; now there was just the two of us. Then, haltingly, she delivered her little rehearsed message. "Boo hoo! I'm Susan sex bunny! You can punish me any way you like! Boo hoo! Boo hoo! Mummy says `the harder, the better!' Boo hoo!" she wept. "Well `Susan sex bunny'," I smiled at her, "I like to punish naughty little girls a lot! Come here stand with your back to me! Touch your toes so I can look at your bottom!" Susan immediately did as I told her and I had a chubby little bottom pushed into my face. Susan's bottom was barely recognisable from the cute little creamy white tushy that had been presented to me a couple of hours ago. Now it was a dark red swollen wobbling mass of cane wheals laid on top of repeated spankings with the paddle. The fishnet tights seemed to emphasise just how red and swollen Susan's bottom was. My cock started to harden. I just needed to have her over my knee to get her really squealing again so that my cock could best enjoy the things that I was sure my little `sex bunny' would beg me to do. I reached out and took a firm hold of the butt plug at the base of her fluffy bunny tail. Susan wailed forlornly as she felt me start to pull. I felt her tense up and, with a slow loud slurpy sucking noise, the butt plug came out of her bottom; it was one inch thick and a good four inches long. Susan's little bum wriggled about in my face and her anus gaped as the plug left her. "Get over my knee, `Susan sex bunny'!" I said, patting my lap, "That little bottom of yours hasn't had enough yet!" Susan put her hands over her bottom protectively, tears running down her face, her eyes looking at my pleadingly. "Boo hoo! Oh Uncle! Please! My bottom's had enough! Honest it has! Boo hoo! I can't bear any more! Do sex things to me! Please! Boo hoo! I'll never get bad grades again! Boo hoo! I promise!" I pointed at my lap and watched with delight as the sobbing girl reluctantly climbed over it and stuck her bottom up high to give me a perfect spanking target. My cock was still getting harder and I could feel the soft skin of her bare tummy pressing on it. I picked up the paddle and rested it on Susan's bottom. "Oooooo! Nooooo! Uncle! Not the paddle! Bwaaaaaaaah!" she wailed, and gave a lovely wriggle on my cock, "Put your willy in me! Anywhere you like! I'll be good! You can put it all in!" "Stick it up, `Susan sex bunny'!" I replied. Wailing, Susan stuck her bottom up at me even more, the cheeks parting so the little gaping anus was on view. I raised the paddle for a strict no-nonsense little girl bare bottom spanking. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "SCREEEEEEEEAM! NOOOOOOOO! STOOOOOOOOP! I BE GOOD! LET ME KISS IT! I'LL SUCK IT ALL! HOWL!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAH! IN MY BOTTOM! ALL THE WAY! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DO IT HARD! NO MORE SPANK! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH! IN MY WEE HOLE! DO WHAT YOU WANT! STOP SPANKING! PLEASE! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ANYTHING! DO ANYTHING! I'LL DO ANYTHING! STOP! I CAN'T TAKE MORE! YEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!" I stopped spanking Susan's bottom and admired the big red globes bouncing about over my lap. My cock was rock hard and ready for a very prolonged session of desperate-to-please little girl sex. "Susan!" I commanded, "Fetch the bucket! I want you to use your mouth on me, `balls deep!" Susan clambered off my lap and, hopping about howling and clutching at her fishnet tight encased bottom, she ran to her wardrobe and pulled out a bucket. I idly wondered for what purposes her mother kept it there. Susan put the bucket under my balls, knelt between my legs and I watched her take my cock into her mouth. Her little eyes looked up at me pleading for a last minute reprieve from this unpleasant task. But seeing none, she began to nod her head rapidly, slurping over my cock as her lips slid up and down the sensitive skin surrounding my helmet. I put my hand on the back of her head and raised my knees. Susan gave a muffled frightened wail and I felt my cock going down her throat. Poor Susan found out that even the exquisite pleasure of her throat on my whole length wasn't enough to make me cum quickly. For a long time her convulsing throat squeezed and stroked my cock as her terrible gagging and retching filled the room. Only when I decided I'd had enough did I lift her head off me. She was a very sorry little girl. She looked at my hard, almost completely rigid, cock with fear. "Please Uncle! Please! I tried my best!" she wept. "Lie on your side on the bed with your back to me, `Susan sex bunny'!" I said. Susan lay down and I lay behind her. I positioned my cock onto her little pussy lips that protruded under her bottom and between her thighs. I began to push my cock into her pussy. "Waaaaaaaah! Uncle! Uncle! Be careful! You're too big!" she wailed. I kept pushing. Susan twisted about and I pushed further up her. Soon I had half my cock up and Susan was weeping and making heartfelt `Owwcheee!' noises. "Work yourself on me!" I commanded. Susan began to wriggle and shake her hips and my cock began to slip in and out of her pussy. The sight of my hard cock in her pussy with her large red bottom cheeks, emphasised by the fishnets, was enchanting. As she used her little pussy to pleasure me with, she kept up a constant stream of pleas for leniency. "Boo hoo! Ooooo, Uncle! It stings in me! It really hurts! Does it feel nice? Will you squirt soon? I'll do it quicker if you like! It feels like it's burning! Yowwweee! It's in too deep! Owwwcheee! It's too big!" I slipped out of her. I knew that after such excessive stimulation during her long punishment, the only thing that would make my iron-hard cock cum now, was long, very vigorous, rough bottom sex. I could see Susan was crying and trembling; I think she had guessed what was coming next. "What does Uncle want now, `Susan sex bunny'?" I asked. She turned and looked over her shoulder at me fearfully. "Boo hoo! Uncle w...wants Susan sex bunny to hard b...bottom sex!" she wept. "Kneel up on the bed, `Susan sex bunny'. Head down, bottom up!" I said, getting off the bed and standing next to it. Susan knelt on the bed and presented her bottom to me, the pretty thing thrust out in all its glory, the tiny anus gaping slightly, ready to give my penis the most wonderful feelings. I carefully lubricated my cock; this was going to be a long hard session. I touched my cock to Susan's tiny anus and took hold of her hips, pulling her back to me as I pushed into her. She squealed as I firmly pushed up. In a few moments I was completely embedded. Susan wept and wriggled, trying to pull off me. "Waaaaaaaaaah! Too deep, Uncle!" she wept, "Take it out a bit! Not so deep! Oh! Oh! It hurts!" I pulled my cock almost all the way out and then slammed the whole length back in. Susan howled. I smiled; this was going to be a very strict lesson for her. Over the next quarter of an hour I taught my new best girlfriend's naughty young daughter just what a proper bottom punishment from a strict man feels like. My cock was pistoning in and out of her anus as she squealed and begged me to stop. Then, once in a while, I would grind myself deep into her, her howls filling the room and my ears. In the end her tiny red-raw anus managed to wring one last lingering orgasm from my solid cock and, gasping with joy, I felt my cock juddering and squirting up her anal passage. In my mind there was no doubt that I would be seeing a lot more of Barbara and her little daughter's bare bottom. POSTSCRIPT Miss Gray sat in front of the television. She was in a reflective mood. It had been fun teasing Susan Armstrong about the spanking she was bound to get at home. Miss Gray wondered if it had been strictly ethical of her to have changed Susan's grades from A's and B's to D's and E's. Then again, Susan's Mum had promised that if Susan ever dropped a grade she wouldn't be adverse to sending little Susan round to Miss Gray for a spot of `private tuition'. A phrase that Miss Gray was confident would cover all manner of activities. Miss Gray wistfully thought of that little cane up in her bedroom that had seen so much action on squealing little girls' bottoms for the first few years of her career. It would be so nice to be able to use it again, maybe on Susan's bare bottom. Maybe she could even get the little girl completely naked. And afterwards, a private `Don't tell Mummy' special session tucked up in bed with nowhere for little Susan to run to and the only possible answer to `no more cane' lying between Miss Gray's ageing thighs. Miss Gray's fingers drifted down and slipped into her pussy; she must remind Susan's Mum about their little agreement. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction not fact. The two are very different.