Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Welcome to the world of Little Girl Discipline; a world where adults enjoy strictly disciplining little girls' bare bottoms (and other places). I do hope you enjoy this story. I am always looking for inspiration so please email me at and share your experiences / thoughts. This is one of my older stories and it lacks some of the length and sophistication of my later ones. I think it is still a good read and hope you enjoy it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- AFRICAN TUTOR (M/gg, NC, spanking, ped, oral, anal) The dry African heat followed me as I walked from the house towards the small annex; a separate whitewashed building consisting of three rooms. My retirement plan had taken some time to organise but it had worked out great. I had come to live in one of those few countries left in the world where the spanking of a young girl is not considered unusual. Indeed, it was felt by most to be the obligation of the person looking after the girl. Of course, that person had to be respected and in a trusted position. Luckily with my qualifications and experience that was easily achieved. I had set myself up as a private tutor offering after school lessons to girls, usually before they moved on to boarding school. Scholarship exams were a speciality of mine. This guaranteed a stream of girls aged ten to twelve, their eager parents keen for me to do whatever it took to get their little darlings through the exam. I made no secret of my strict methods and I vetted the parents and girls most carefully. I liked the parents to regard punishment as an essential part of education and the baring of their daughter's bottoms an essential part of the punishment. The best parents actually brought the subject up themselves and encouraged it. Even better if the parents couldn't afford me; then I found that a blind eye would be turned to most liberties I might take. They seemed to be accepted as part of the punishment. The best little girls were those with developed firm little bottoms that jutted out like a pair of jiggling blancmanges, girls whose parents had already taught them to take their knickers off for bare bottom discipline. I had set up a basic schoolroom in the annex. I wanted to girls there to be clear I was their teacher and that what I said was the rule. The room was plainly furnished with a large desk for me at the front and then some eight foot away two smaller desks side by side facing me with about four feet between them. Both desks had sturdy four legged wooden stools behind them for the girls to sit on. I always taught the girls in two's; they could feel the embarrassment of another watching but it was intimate enough for me to enjoy. I insisted that the girls were in class and ready by the time I got there and they not dare do otherwise. I had two of my favourites today to look forward to. Janet was eleven and cute as a button. Sally was twelve and her pretty body was just starting to grow up. I reached the annex and went in. The thick roof meant that despite the heat outside it was cool inside. It was almost four 'o' clock exactly. As I entered the room both girls immediately stood up as a mark of respect. Both girls had taken their knickers off and their thin school dresses were pinned up at the front and back. I was greeted by two cute little pussies and their hotly blushing owners. Janet's little pussy was smooth, bulged nicely and displayed a protruding clit. Sally's had just had the slightest hint of hair and the pink from her swelling little lips was clearly visible. "You may sit." I said. Both girls sat down and got on with the test I had set them. I walked between the desks and stood behind Janet. She knew what was required and shuffled her bottom backwards on the stool until it overhung the seat. I bent over her to look at her work and my hand cupped her bottom cheeks. My finger slipped between them into the deep division and stroked her anus. She shifted uncomfortably as I toyed with her. "That one's not right, Janet." I said indicating one of her answers. I went behind Sally who also had slid back those fleshy cheeks to expose and open them to me. Again I bent over her and felt her firm bum slipping my finger into her rude little bottom hole. Although Sally was the elder of the girls she was the more sensitive and she gasped and wriggled as I intimately played with her. I went back to the desk where the girls' homework books had been left. I spent the next five minutes marking them. All the time the girls kept anxiously glancing up at me from their work. They knew only too well what was in store for them. I finished marking their work, stood up and turned to the wall behind me. Both girls' eyes followed my movements like frightened rabbits. Hung from a line of hooks on the wall was a hairbrush, a cane, a slipper, a strap, a paddle and a yard long ruler. I lifted up the yard long ruler and turned round to face the girls, just in time to see a tear roll down Julie's cheek. Janet wasn't crying yet but she soon would be. The girls knew that the ruler meant they were going to get their hands whacked. Both of them hated and feared it. "I'm very disappointed with both of you." I lectured, "Neither of you paid half the attention you should have done. Hands that do work like this," I indicated their homework, "should be punished to teach them to do better work. I think ten smacks on each of you hands will help you remember. Both of you, stand up and hold your hands out." Both girls did as they were told. Janet's resolved crumbled and as she held out her hands the tears started to slide down her face. I crossed the room to the girls. Janet first I thought; I knew that Sally would be really distressed watching Janet get her punishment. "You first, Janet." I said, "And don't you dare move your hands whilst I'm giving you the ruler. You know it will hurt a lot more if you do!" "Yes Sir." she said quietly, her bottom lip trembling. I stood back and lined up the end of the ruler with the palm of her right hand. WHACK! "Waaaaaaah!" she wailed shaking her hand and then sticking it tightly in her armpit. "I said don't move it, Janet!" I exclaimed, "That one doesn't count and if you do that again you can have ten on your bottom with the cane to match the ten on your hand. Now hold those hands still." "Boo hoo! Yes Sir." she answered holding her hands back up. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Yaaaaaaah! My hand! Boo hoo!" she cried. I moved my aim to the left hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Owwwwwww! Boo hoo! It hurts! It hurts!" she howled. I gave her another five on each hand. "Ahhhhhhhh! Boo hoo! Eeeeeeeeee! Boo hoo!" she squealed sticking her hands under her armpits and jumping around. Then I turned to Sally who was sobbing miserably and twisting her hands together in anticipation of the fate that awaited them. "You now." I said. "Please Sir! Please! I'll try harder! I promise! Not my hands! Please!" she begged. "Do as you're told! Hands out!" I commanded. Miserably she brought her hands up and sobbing noisily she held them out. I started with the right hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Nyahhhhhhh! Wooooooo! It stings! Stop Sir! Please! I've learnt my lesson!" she wailed. I moved to her left hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Ahhhhhhhhh! Stop! Stop! No more! No more! Please!" I moved back to the right. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "AHHHHHHH! IT HURTS! DON'T! NO MORE!" she screamed. Tears were flying off her face now as she twisted her head with the pain and her feet were dancing up and down. I finished with five on the left hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "YAHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHH! NOOOOO!" she howled, her hands clenched into tight little balls as she danced on the spot. Her wriggling legs gave me glimpses of the little pussy between. While the girls were recovering their composure and nursing their hands I took their test papers and marked them. It was not good news for their bottoms. "Sally and Janet, both of you scored a `C'. There is no way on earth you are going to get through your entrance exams with a `C'! You know what this means, don't you?" I said. Both girls' tearful eyes turned to the paddle. Sally was lucky, she had only narrowly avoided a `D'. That would have meant a severe strapping. Usually I would have lowered her score to the `D' and given her the strapping anyway, but tonight I wanted to save her bottom a little; I had special plans for it later. I took the paddle off its hook. It was the size of a child's bottom cheek, made of light plywood but drilled with one inch holes which caused the most intense stinging. I moved my chair to the centre of the room between my desk and theirs and sat down. "Janet first again." I said pointing at the younger girl. "Time for your bottom to learn its lesson." Janet came and stood next to my right knee with her hands on her head. Her little pussy was there for me to touch and play with. I stroked it and spread the lips apart to examine the pink inside. She cried prettily as I humiliated her. Then I put her over my knees. Her soft body weight felt good on me. I took the paddle and rested it against her bum. "Oh please Sir. Don't!" she cried, "Please! The paddle really stings!" Poor Janet, she had such a lovely bum for spanking. The buttocks were firm and very pronounced. The crowns of the cheeks were high up begging to be blistered. I wanted to hear her squealing with hot bottomed pain and see her wriggling her bum and legs to show me that little pink bum hole. I started spanking her hard with the paddle. The pistol shot cracks of it landing on her cute little cheeks echoed round the room. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Yaaaaaaaaah! Boo hoo! It's hard! You do it hard!" she wailed. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Ahhhhhhhhh! My bum! It hurts! Please Sir! Stop!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Yahhhhhhhhh! It burns! It hurts! Oh my bum! Please stop!" But I didn't stop. Instead I carried on very hard. Her legs kicked and flailed while she flashed her open pussy and bum hole at me. The bottom cheeks coloured to a dark red and little blisters appeared. After a good five minutes I let the howling girl up and watched her do her war dance. That lovely display she had given me had made my cock was good and hard. Now it was Sally's turn. "Come on Sally!" I said beckoning to her, "Don't be shy!" Sally wasn't shy, she was shaking with fear after having watched what I'd done to Janet's bottom. The tears flooded down her face and she cried noisily as she came to stand next to me. "Please Sir." she said, "Don't use the paddle on me. I'm really sorry. I'll do anything you want to prove it." I looked down at her pussy and her eyes followed my gaze. She looked at me, her face full of desperate hope. "Please Sir," she whispered, "I'll be good however you want." I smiled secretly to myself; she was really going to regret that offer later. "Right now I want you over my knee with your bottom stuck up for the paddle!" I said sternly. Sally started sobbing afresh as she climbed over my knees. When her prone bottom was stuck up under my nose I took the paddle to her. Like Janet I didn't spare her. But she felt the paddle much more than Janet and her reactions were far more animated. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH! IT STINGS! STOP!" she squealed. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOO! PLEEEEEEEASE!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "WAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAH! NO! NO!" She wriggled and jerked across my lap, her bum was arching and splaying wide for me to see her little holes. Her howls electrified the room bouncing off the plain walls. I made her spanking shorter than Janet's; I didn't want her blistering yet. When I let her up she grabbed her bottom and ran round the room wailing. It didn't matter that her friend was here to see her shameful display. All she cared about was the stinging in her bottom. I returned to my desk. It was time to actually do some teaching. Maths tonight; unluckily for the girls it was quadratic equations. I explained how they worked and how to resolve them. It was sweet watching them sitting there trying to work. Both girls were now only too pleased not to rest their sore bums on the seats of the stools and so sat on their thighs with their red bums stuck out behind the seat. They struggled to make notes with their sore hands, constantly changing the position of their pens. And both of them cried, constantly. Tears dripped down their faces as their soft sniffles provided a backdrop to my lecture. I set the girls some examples to work on. After five minutes or so I lifted the hairbrush off its hook. I was big and sturdy, made of thick mahogany. Just one hard swat with it would make even a tough girl squeal. As I held up the hairbrush for the girls to see the volume of their crying increased. I moved down and stood behind Sally and examined her work. I rested the back of the hairbrush against her thrust out red cheeks. "This is no good Sally." I said, "You know you can do better." Tap! Tap! Tap! went the hairbrush against her bum. She started to blubber incoherently. "You should have taken this here and left this here, shouldn't you!" I explained. "Boo hoo! Yes Sir!" she sobbed. CRACK! "Ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm sorreeeeeeee!" she squealed. I crossed over to Janet and rested the brush on her shaking bum. Tap! Tap! Tap! went the hairbrush. "You're not concentrating! You've missed a stage!" I said. "Please Sir! I'm sorry! Don't....." CRACK! "Yaaaaaaaaaaah! Boo hoo! I'm sorreeeeeeee!" she wailed. For the next twenty minutes I went between the girls. The cracks of the hairbrush on their stinging bottoms and their wails filled the room. I was doing it harder to Janet and her poor little bottom had developed more blisters on the crown of each cheek. Sally's bottom was a dark red but was physically capable of taking plenty more, even if its howling little owner wasn't. "OK girls!" I said, "Final piece for tonight. You have half an hour to complete this history test. There are twenty questions. You know how it works, one with the cane across your bottom for every wrong or blank answer. Good luck!" The girls desperately got to work. Poor Sally, history was her worst subject. She kept turning the paper over, searching for a question she could answer. After fifteen minutes she buried her head in her hands and began sobbing loudly. I let her cry, she would be all the more compliant for it when her turn came. After half an hour I collected the girls' papers. Marking them only took a few minutes. "Well done, Janet." I announced, "You got fourteen out of twenty. That's six with the cane on your bare bottom." "Boo hoo! Thank you, Sir." she sobbed. Six was good but she knew it was going to sting her plenty. "Sally, oh dear!" I gloated, "Only three correct out of twenty. That's seventeen for you! In fact that's so bad I think I'll give you all twenty!" "Oh please Sir! No! Please! Not twenty! I can't! It hurts too much! Please don't!" she babbled. "Sally, what I suggest is that I give Janet hers now, she can go and then I will deal with you. I'm sure that Janet wants to get home and discuss with her Mother how today's lesson went." There was a big blubbering sob from Janet. Her Mum's rule was that anything she got in the classroom she got again at home, but twice as hard. I imagined that little Janet would be sleeping on her tummy tonight and maybe tomorrow night if my knowledge of her Mum's strong right arm was anything to go by. "Sally, go and stand in the corner. Janet, come here and touch your toes." I instructed. Both girls falteringly took their respective positions. Janet was limber and bent over double to touch her toes. "Feet apart!" I reminded her. She shuffled her feet apart by almost two foot. It looked great from the back. That shiny dark red bum with its little blister spots and the cheeks spread open for me to look at her sweet little bottom hole, the pink centre with the darker skin surrounding it. And below that her pussy, gaping open slightly in that position.W I let my hands fondle her bum and both holes for several minutes. She sobbed quietly with the humiliation but she knew better than to stop me. I stood back and lined up the cane. THWICK! A really mean one, right across the sensitive lower cheeks. "YAAAAAAAAAH!" she screeched. THWICK! Hard and about an inch up. "WAAAAAAAAAAH! she wailed. Janet and I knew that the next one would be across her blisters. THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Her piercing scream echoed round the room as she stumbled forward, her hands instinctively coming up to her bum to grab and rub at the burning line. "Back down Janet! Three more to go." I said. Sobbing widely and twisting her bum to and fro she regained her position. THWICK! "AAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP PLEASE!" THWICK! "NYAAAAAAAAAH! IT HURTS!" THWICK! "BWAAAAAAAAAH! MY BUM! MY BUM!" Janet jumped up hopping from foot to foot her hands clamped to her scalded bum cheeks. "You can go now." I said. Still hopping about Janet unfastened her dress and grabbed her knickers. She didn't bother putting them back on but made straight for the door. As she got there she turned to face me and dropped a quick curtsey. "Boo Hoo! Thank you for my lesson Sir! I'm sorry that you found need to punish me!" "You may go." I said and she rushed out of the door. I watched her out of the window. She made a comical sight, running up the path that led from the annex to the gate, tears streaming down her face and both hands rubbing and squeezing her tender punished bottom. I smiled, there would be no sympathetic bottom creaming session for her when she got home; only being stripped naked in front of the rest of her family and then a scary trip up to her Mum's bedroom for a scream inducing whipping with her Mother's cane. From what I heard she was then taken back downstairs to her Father's study where he had his big penis out and waiting. Her Mother would then leave her alone with her Father for him to vigorously make use of her holes. I turned my attention to Sally. "Wait there please Sally." I said and went through the door into one of the other rooms that served as my office. I closed the door behind me and found Sally's Mum's telephone number. I dialled and waited a few moments. The phone was answered the other end. "Yah! Hullo! This is Annie." a woman's voice said. It was her Mother. "Hello. It's Sally's tutor here." I said. "Ah James! It is going well, yah! She is learning good!" "I'm afraid not! She has just got three out of twenty in a test." "No! No, we cannot have that! That is very bad! You have whipped her?" "Not yet. I fear she requires substantial discipline. I would like to suggest she stays overnight?" "Yah! Of course! You will whip her good?" "Yes, I will." "Excellent! She will be good pupil for you then!" "I'm sure she will." "Mr. James, while we talk I know that I owe you money. I will get it soon. I am working hard." "Annie, please, I'm sure you will get it to me." "No please, I owe money. But I wonder, if you like, maybe tonight Sally can help pay you something?" "Annie, what do you mean?" "Oh Mr. James, I know men. Sally has such a nice bottom and she tells me how you touch her. Perhaps you will teach her some new lessons tonight, yah?" "If you agree?" "Yah, of course. You will tell her it is part of the punishment. You will be safe, she hasn't started yet." "Excellent. Thank you Annie." "No. It is good. She will pay for her own teaching. You will tell her that if she does not do what she is told I will whip her with the electric wire I use on her big sister. She will do what you want. I will guarantee it!" "Thank you Annie." "Good night Mr. James. You call if there is any problem." I heard the phone being put down. I was going to teach Sally a really hard lesson tonight. I went back into the schoolroom. Sally was still standing with her nose in the corner sobbing and showing off her red bottom. "Sally, I have just talked to your Mother." I said, "She has agreed that you should stay with me tonight for a severe punishment. She has said that if you do not do everything you are told she will use the electric wire on you!" "Oooooo, please Sir! I'll be good!" cried Sally, "I'll do what you want! Tell Mum I was good, please! The wire cuts my sister! Please Sir! I'll do anything!" "Come with me to the house, Sally. I will punish you there." I said. I led the sobbing girl back to the house across the lawn. There was no one to overlook us. In the house I took her to my bedroom and closed the curtains. "Take all your clothes off, Sally." I instructed. The sobbing girl stripped for me. How lovely her little body was; firm slim legs, cute little budding breasts and that prominent juicy bottom jutting out from the rest of her body. I crossed the room to the wardrobe and took out a long thin whippy cane. It was four foot long, straight with a rope handle and far scarier than the one I kept in the schoolroom; I didn't want any parents catching sight of this monster. I was going to leave the most obscene marks all over Sally's buttocks and thighs. Sally's naked little body started to shake when she saw it. "Oh please Sir! No! Don't use that on me! It'll cut me! It will! I'll do anything! I'll kiss your willy the way my Uncle likes! He sticks it all the way in till I'm sick! You can do that! I'll get a bucket! You can do it as long as you like! You can squirt all your stuff in my mouth!" she pleaded. "OK Sally." I said, "I like sticking my willy in little girls' mouths. There's a bucket in the bathroom next to here." Sally ran out of the room and came back with the bucket. She deftly undid my trousers and lowered them. I stepped out while she pulled down my pants. My cock sprang out coated with the pre-cum that had been leaking out while I punished the girls. Sally opened her mouth and swallowed over half my cock. She gagged and pulled back. Then she pushed her head forward again and swallowed three quarters of its length down her throat. Ten minutes later the front of Sally's chest was covered with a sticky mass of spit and gag that dripped out of her mouth. I was treated to the sensual noises of her slurping coughing gags as she held the whole of the length of my cock in her throat. Nice as it was there was something I wanted to do even more. "Sally, you can stop now." I said, "You've failed to make me squirt. I'm afraid there's only one thing for it now! And that's to see your naughty little bottom getting a severe caning and then to put my willy all the way up your bottom hole. My willy will like that!" "No Uncle! Please!" she sobbed, "I'll try harder! Please put it back in my mouth! I'll make you squirt! Honest I will! Just another minute! Please! I'll keep it right down my throat for ages! You'll squirt for sure!" "No Sally." I said, "It's time for the cane now. Go and put your hands on the seat of that chair now! And stick that bum right out!" Sobbing Sally crossed the room to a straight backed bedroom chair. Keeping her legs straight she bent over, put her hands on the seat and hollowed her back so that her bum cheeks parted showing her precious little holes. I picked up the cane. This was really going to sting. THWICK! The cane seemed to sink into the soft bottom cheeks. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" she screamed. Where the first stroke had landed there was a livid weal. THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she squealed. Her hands came up, rubbing and squeezing to soothe the terrible sting in her little cheeks. I didn't stop her; I had plenty of time to enjoy the spectacle. Slowly her hands moved back to the chair seat. Clearly the thought of her Mum wielding the electric wire had a most persuasive effect. THWICK! "NYAAAAAAAAH! NOOOO! IT HURTS! STOP!" she howled. THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she wailed and started more furious bottom rubbing. THWICK! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" her squeals filled the room. THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP! STOP! NO MORE!" she begged. THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Her blubbering screams were music to me. I started to target the sensitive backs of her thighs. THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAH! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she jumped up grabbing at the injured spot. "Get back down, Sally! I've hardly even started!" I told her, "There's plenty more to come!" THWICK! Right across the backs of her thighs again. "NYAAAAAAAAAAH! I took my time caning her whilst my cock jerked and dribbled pre-cum. After about fifteen minutes Sally's bum and the backs of her thighs were a throbbing mass of raw red lines. Sally had squealed herself hoarse a long time ago and now just emitted soft wailing sobs whilst her hands futilely stroked and touched at the swollen balls of agony that her bottom had become. Between her cheeks that tight hole opened and closed with the pain. I couldn't wait any longer. I smeared lubrication over my cock, put the head of it against her anus and sank in. I used my weight to get all the way up. She wriggled underneath me. Her hoarse cries told me she felt it. I pumped slowly in and out, making it last. Eventually I felt the little stars start to explode in my balls and my prostate throbbing ready to juice. Then I came, squirt after squirt, spasm after spasm, till I was done. I pulled out of Sally's tight anal hole with a plop and stood back to admire the well punished little girl who I was sure would work a lot harder. Given that she was now officially `paying' for her education herself I didn't think it would be too long before I charged my next instalment. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction not fact. The two are very different.