Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. By Little Dreamer Hi my name is Tom, my older brother John and I have bin close sins we were kids and we still are. I go to his house all the time to see him, his wife Allison and their little girl Andrea. Sundays I have dinner over there house and play games with Andrea. She loves to play chess and is very good for a 6-year-old. Last week when I got their Andrea was watching TV in the nude! She normally at least has on her panties. She ran over to me wanting to play a game of chess with me. I gave her a big hug and kiss and carried her into the living room. Allison came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I sat Andrea on the couch. John asked me if I would baby sit for Andrea that night? When I said yes she jumped up and gave me a big kiss on the lips. I had not sat for her in a long time and she mist that. (I mist bathing her, but she was 3 then.) After dinner John and Allison got ready to go out, and Andrea and I started playing chess. She was still nude, I had not seen her naked in a long time, and I could not stop looking at her little cunny. Allison came in the room and gave her a kiss and told her to be good, and then smiling looked at me and told me not to wait up for them. It was 7:30 when they left, at 8:00 I told Andrea to get ready for bed. She looked at me and said she wanted me to give her a bath, like I did when I use to sit for her. I looked at her and she said, "I seen you looking at me all night," daddy's bin looking at me to. (I was looking at her a lot that night.) I said to her lets get you in the tub and I picked her up. She loves to be carried and I love carrying her. I got the tub ready and she got in smiling. She wonted me to wash her cunnie first but with out the washcloth. I started washing her cunnie and she spread her legs wide giggling. When I hit her little clitty she groaned and wanted me to rub it more. (At 6-years-old she was getting off on it.) I started washing her back and ran a finger down the crack of her ass, when I hit her anis she pushed her bum down on my finger and the tip went in her ass hole. She froze and I pushed it in a bit more, she moaned and pushed harder. She wanted it in all the way. I slowly started fingering her anis and she went crazy, she loved it. After her bath I got her dried off and she wanted to sit and watch some TV with me. We cuddled up on the couch, when I started rubbing her tummy she lade her head on my lap and spread her legs. Her little cunnie looked so inviting I started rubbing it. She closed her eyes and didn't say a word gust mmmm. After rubbing her cunnie for 5 minutes or so then not thinking I slid my finger in her tight little cunnie, she squealed. I froze I had my finger in her cunnie up to the first joint. I told her I was sorry and slid it out of her cunnie, and licked it off. Andrea looked at me and said it's ok you just startled me that's all, it... it felt strange but good. I bent over and kissed her cunnie, mmmm that feels even better she said, looking at me with a big smile on her face. Want me to eat you all up I asked her, "YES, EAT ME, EAT ME," she said giggling at the sound of her own words. I started kissing and licking her little cunnie all over; she loved it especially when I stuck my tongue in her little cunnie. Then she asked can I lick your wee wee Uncle Tom can I? I didn't now what to said or do she had never seen her dad or me nude, at least I didn't think she did. No Andrea I told her that's not something a young girl should do. (And I had a massive hard on.) She grabbed my pants, unzipped them and had her hand inside my under pants before I could stop her. What is this Uncle Tom, she asked holding my throbbing prick in her hand. That is my dick I told her boys have a dick and girls have a cunnie. She looked at my dick and licked the pre-cum off the top of it. It tastes salty she said and started licking and sucking on it. God that felt so good I wanted her to suck me off so bad, but she was my niece and only a little girl. I told her to stop but she didn't listen to me, it was all too much for me, I started having an orgasm. The first lode of cum went in her mouth, the next all over her face, and the rest all over me. I looked at her, cum all over her face, giggling I said I told you to stop didn't I. Licking her lips and fingers she looked at me and asked, "what is this stuff it taste salty." I said, lets get cleaned up then we can talk ok honey. We went to the bathroom to clean up. Then I tried to explain about sex and where babies came from to her. She looked at me then at her cunnie and asked, "How dos the baby fit throw that tiny hole." I looked at her and told her your cunnie stretches. I guess it dos she said looking at her fingertip giggling. I gave her a big hug and kiss and said I love you. We snuggled on her bed. I woke to a nock on the door it was the cops. There was an accident involving my brother and Allison. The cop told me my brother was killed instantly, and Allison was in the hospital. He didn't know if she was hurt very bad or not. After the cops left I woke Andrea up and got her dressed. I didn't tell her what happened. I only told her there was an emergency and we had to go to the hospital. She looked at me and started crying and asked if her mom and dad were ok. I told her, her mom was in the hospital. When I didn't say any thing about her dad she looked at me and asked, is daddy ok? I looked at her with tears in my eyes and she started screaming and crying. When we got to the hospital Allison was still in the emergency room. Andrea was still crying and screaming wanted to see her mother.