Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Babysitting My Niece Jessie By LittleDreamer (M/g, ped, inc, cons) When I got to my sister's house I found my niece, Jessie, in pink underpants and white nightshirt playing on the floor in the living room. Her mother told me if Jessie wasn't good I was to spank her bottom then she left for work. I asked Jessie if she was hungry and saw she was playing with a ping-pong paddle. She said yes and I told her to go to the dining room and sit at the table and I'd make her something to eat. She wanted soda I told her she couldn't have soda and she got mad. I told her she was getting cereal and milk and that was it. After she ate, I told her to go play in the living room. I went to the bathroom. When I came out she had gotten the soda and tried to pour a glass and spilled it all over the floor. I told her she was in a big trouble and she ran to the living room. I was very mad and went after her. When I got in the living room I pulled her panties down and grabbed the ping pong paddle and paddled her ass with it. I left her with her panties on the floor and her ass bright red. I then went to clean up the mess in the kitchen. After I cooled off, I went to tell Jessie I was sorry for paddling her bum so hard. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and I said, "I am sorry I lost my temper. Want me to kiss it better?" She nodded `yes' so I kissed her bum and she laughed and said, "More it still hurts." I started tickling her and kissing her and she rolled over and I kissed her little pee-pee. She went silent for a minute and then I spread her legs wide and kissed it more. Here I was kissing my 4-year-old nieces little cunt and loving it. I started kissing her clit and kneading her bum and she said, "Stop that! That feels funny." I picked her up and took her to her room and pulled her nightshirt off and told her not to move. I then went to get something to clean her up. When I got back she was fast asleep. I got on the bed and spread her legs and played with her clit and ate her out. She woke up 20 minutes later saying she had to pee. I got her up and took her to pee. While we were there I got the baby oil and a towel. When she was done we went back to her bedroom. I laid her on her tummy and got some oil and rubbed it on her bum. She spread her legs. I wanted to finger her little asshole, but I didn't want to scare her. So I rubbed some more oil on her bum and on her back. She rolled over for me to rub her tummy with oil. I bent over and kissed her. I asked, "Do you want to play a game?" Her eyes went wide and she said, "Yes." I got up, went to the kitchen and got some whipped cream and chocolate syrup. She was giggling when I said, "Lay down on your back." She did and I put some whipped cream on her chest and licked it off. "Mmmm," she giggled as I gave her a kiss. I then put some chocolate syrup on her little mound and spread her legs wide. She sat up to see and dip her finger in the chocolate syrup. I spread the cold syrup all over her little cunt. I said, "Time to eat you all up," and I started licking her little mound. She giggled. Then I started on her cunny she went stiff as a board. She started moaning as I stuck my tongue in her folds as far as it I could. I started sucking on her little clit and she went crazy with waves of pleasure. After a little while she started breathing heavily and her toes started to curl. I sucked harder and faster. She grabbed my hair and started to pull me to her cunt harder. She wrapped her legs around my head and started to jerk violently! She was having the first orgasm of her life and smothering me in her cunny at the same time. I never know a 4-year-old could have such a violent orgasm! I didn't think children so young were able to have orgasms. When she was able to breath I asked her if it felt good. Her answer was the biggest smile I ever saw. I thought, `If she wants to eat me like I ate her I'd be in heaven.' I got up and took my pants off and asked, "Do you want to eat me up?" Jessie said, "Yes." I was happy to hear that and pulled my prick out of my underpants and put some chocolate syrup on it for her. I was already hard as a rock. She smiled and licked the syrup and started to suck on my prick. Her little mouth was so soft and felt so good I almost had an orgasm right then. I said, "When I cum I don't want it to go on your face or in your mouth." She nodded and I had a feeling she didn't understand but it looked like I wasn't going to have time to explain it to her. I was ready to cum, but she didn't stop sucking and I wasn't able to hold it. She let me go when the first load of cum shot in her mouth and the rest hit her in the face and on the chest. I had to laugh, she looked so cute covered in my cum. I said, "I'm sorry. I guess we'll have to clean you up." She looked at me and said, "This tastes funny," and wiped some off her chest and onto my face and smiled at me. I said, "It's time for a shower," and we went to the bathroom. I got the shower ready for us. "I've never been in a shower," she told me. I said, "It's like being out in the rain with no clothes on." When we were all cleaned she grabbed my limp prick and started playing with it. I got hard fast and she kissed the head of my prick. I said, "Stop that or we will have to clean up again." She laughed and I gave her a little slap on her bum and said, "No more of that for today." We got out of the shower. I dried us and put on my pants. I picked her up and carried her to the living room to sit and watch TV, cuddling on the chair with me fondling her little clit. END